the Agency Walkthrough

The Agency Episode 1 Walkthrough

Welcome to The Agency Episode 1 Walkthrough, best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.


Dani Breakfast scene:

Dani love points+

• Why didn’t you wake me up

• Maybe I am expecting more…/What a good sister right?

School WC Door scene:

• Check it

• Keep watching

• Go closer

• Fuck classes try to join them

• What a beautiful view

• Look this is a good opportunity…

• C’mon I am big guy …

School Anna classroom scene:

• I am really sorry miss?


• Yes Mrs. Rowen but, you seem so young…

• We are lucky to have such a…

• Are you bothered…

• Sorry just I couldn’t keep my words to myself…

• Can’t wait to see you again…


• Yes I was thinking about lessons

• No just thinking next ones. They are going…

• Not just great teacher I bet…

• Can’t wait to see you again…

Afternoon choices

*If you like NTR

* You will get different scenes in blackmail route if you pick this option.

• -Call Mark

*If you don’t like NTR

• -Go to WC

Check Ash:

• Make a sweet entrance

Check Debb:

• Pick whatever you like

• Hey where did you go again?

• -Check Ash

• -Check Debb

• Sleep.

************************************* Day2

Dani breakfast scene:

• You are so beautiful sis.

Wander around school:


• Hey my sisters hot friend


• Ash told me about…

• Are you single?

Text Kelly:

• Hey babe where are you?



Dani bathroom scene:

• Peek

• Keep watching

• Trying to find someone as hot as you

• Make you blush/Trying to make you fall…

• Yeah.

Molly scenes:


• Hey I like your cosplays.

• Of course just say it when.

• Okay see you tomorrow.

Megan scenes:


• Who are you?

• Okay let’s give her a chance

• Pick whatever you like and save game here.

• Ask for more

• Hentai/Porn scenes if you like!


• Yeah I like roleplay

• Pick whatever you like and save game here.

• Ask for more

• Hentai/Porn scenes if you like!



Study room:

• I like your smile

• Yes.

• Lord of the rings

Mollys house:

• Yes.

• Pick whatever you like.



• Wander outside

• Open the door

• So I won’t bother you then

Spend time with Ash:

• Yes.

Night with Ash:

• Be polite.

• My precious.

• Ask her for drinks.

• Compliment her.

• Talk about school.

• Question the man behind Ash.

• Talk about relationships

• You are too beautiful to be alone.

• Last drinks.

• Let her.



Important choice here save the game.

Uncle paths:

Pick whatever you like you will see different scenes depends on the choice.

Day7 Home mom scene:

• Say you found good friends…

Day7 Dani scene:

• Keep watching.

• Keep watching.

• Say sorry.

Day7 Ash scene:

Check private folders and history.

Corruption path:

• Let her go

(Fuck her pussy = game over but there is a scene )

Romance path:

• Go to your room.

• -Go to jogging with Dani

• -Take Revenge (It’s important choice)

• Mom scene: Go inside



Megan text:

• Helllo babe, I am doing good, you?…


Day8 school

Jeanne panties:

• Take her panties

Kelly text:

• Yes after school?

• Say smell it.

• Go meet with her sister.

• Just pick 1st option until you see Drop your keys.

• Drop your keys.

Blackmail route:

Uncle phone call:

• Ask for 100K

Megan text:

• Say I like her too.




• -Ask her to apologize for being late


• Wander around.

• I just wanted to know what you are hiding.

• Please don’t get this wrong…



Talk with Auntie path

• Pick your fantasy.

Talk with Mom path

Diana home:

• Heavy Metal way:Metallica

• Rock way:Led Zeppelin

• Pop way:Queen


• The Dark Knight

• The Pianist

• The Shawshank Redemption


• You are a wonderful private investigator.

• It was a pleasure to seeing you like that.

• You are more beautiful than a young girl.



Talk with Auntie path

• Call Vanna for scene


Mom scenes:

• Hug her tighter

• Smell her pussy

• Grab her hair to help her.

• Pull her hair

• Run your hands over her body

• Don’t

• Squeeze her waist



Talk with Auntie path:

Be dominant or Sub pick whatever you want.




• Yes.

• What is the baby’s gender?

• Watch the scene.


Day 17


• Let’s punish her.


• Yes.

• I liked you when I was little.


Day 18

You can play ash corruption path and Ayse love path at the same time.

Make Reagan to apologize


• Caress her belly.

• Don’t


• I didn’t know you were working


• Don’t worry, you are a beautiful girl…

• You can talk with me…

Episode 1 Ends here

Thank you for


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