My Secret Fever Walkthrough & Guide

My Secret Fever Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to My Secret Fever Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

0.0.1 – My Secret Fever Walkthrough & Guide

Every morning, there is a girl in the bathroom (optional).

During the day, you can chat with Diane in different places of the house (optional).

In your room you can switch the time (morning / day / evening).

Go to the “Delivery Service”, and ask Samantha what is the job of the day (when there is no mission, you must deliver flyers).

Go to Karma’s (the place where you have to go appears at the end of the dialogues).

Consult the phone after delivery, drop off the scooter, and go to Nadia’s house (you can go to see her everyday – optional).

The evening, Go to “West Coffee” and see Kevin.

Go to the “Red Light District”, and go see the bouncer.

Return home, if Diane sleeps in front of the TV, go to her room and get the costume back in the drawer. If Diane is in her room waiting for the next day, during the day and recover the suit.

In the evening, Cynthia leaves her door open (optional).

If Diane does not sleep in front of the TV, Barbara is smoking in the garden (optional).

Go to the “Delivery Service” and retrieve the webcam in the reserve.

You can install the webcam in the day in Barbara’s room or in the evening when she smokes. To watch the video on your computer, she must be in her room at night or in the morning. When did you see the video, return to Kevin at “West Coffee”.

In the evening go to “West Coffee” and read the poster. Go see Vanessa (unblocks the job “clipper”).

Then return to the “Queen Club” to see Karma. You can go see Karma or Marlene at night.

The next day go “Delivery Service” and make the delivery to Eden.

Drop the scooter and go to Vanessa’s. Mow the lawn and go home. Go in the hut and retrieve the hammer and nails.

Go back to Eden and enjoy.

0.0.2 – My Secret Fever Walkthrough & Guide

Go to the “Delivery Service” and do the Janice mission.

After that answer the phone.

Go see Eden on Saturday night at “West Coffee” and enjoy.

In the park, call Nadia to pick her up.

The next day go to “Electronic Store” to buy the game. Return in the evening, buy the game and go the next day at Nadia (it will make you happy everyday when you return).

Go to the “Delivery Service” and go back to Janice. Go see her on the balcony, through the window.

Go to “West Coffee” and see Kevin. On Friday night, go to the metro to see Klaus. Buy aphrodisiac. Back home, when Barbara is smoking, go see her and bring her a drink fruit juice (in the fridge of the kitchen).

Return to the room and watch the video.

The next night go see Kevin.

0.0.3 – My Secret Fever Walkthrough & Guide

Go to the “Delivery Service”, go see Jane, and go see Summer.

Go to “Electronic Store” to buy the battery (you must have finished the Nadia mission), and return there after 3 days. Return to Summer.

Go to the “West Coffee” and read the poster. Go see Vanessa (unblocks the job “West Coffee”).

The morning, go to the alley next to the West Coffee to do the job.

Go to the “Delivery Service” and go back to Janice. Go see it at night. Enjoy.

After Janice, saturday afternoon Robert is at home.

The next night (sunday), go to see Diane’s room.

Talk with Diane in the mornings (in the kitchen and in the living room the next day).

In the evening, Cynthia asks you for help.

Go mow the lawn at Vanessa’s. Chat with Gianna. Repent until she asks you for help. The night, Go see her in the garden’s hut.

Go to the “Delivery Service”, made the delivery of Ruth. Go back to see her until she tells you to spend the evening.

0.0.4 – My Secret Fever Walkthrough & Guide

Go see Kevin. In the evening, go see Barbara when she smokes. The next day, go see Ruth and bring back the cake.

Go see Barbara again.

In the bedroom, watch the webcam, and see Barbara in her room.

Go back to the room and go see the video. Go see Kevin the next day.

Go for a ride with the $ 2,000 in the Red Light district.

Go back home, and chat with Summer. Check out the electronic store and see Kirsten.

Go make the delivery for Gianna, and go back to Kirsten. Make her delivery and return to see her to recover the computer. Go see Summer in the evening and enjoy.

Go home, chat with Cynthia and Babeth. Go to the West Cafe, chat with Vanessa, and go to the grocery store. Return to the girls with vodka. Enjoy.

The next day after noon, go home, and look for Diane. Once found, enjoy.

0.0.5 – My Secret Fever Walkthrough & Guide

New scene with Cynthia if you find her in the bathroom.

Get out of the house. On your return, the day, Jennifer comes to talk with Barbara.

Go make a delivery. You will see Gordon. Make the delivery for Eden.

You can go see her every night when her husband is not there.

Take the scooter back and look in Jane’s office.

Pick up the webcam in Barbara’s room and go see Jane. Back home read the text on your phone.

The next day go see her at the office. Hide the webcam behind the fountain.

Check the webcam until you see Jane and Robert.

Go to The Electronic Store to send the message and see Kevin in the evening.

Barbara is waiting for you on the stairs.

The next day, leave for the shooting.

Go to bed and go see Diane.

The next day Robert appears when you come home.

Go see Nadia.

Read Diane’s text message.

0.0.6 – My Secret Fever Walkthrough & Guide

The next day, on waking, Barbara moves.

Read Janice’s message, go see Klaus on the subway Friday night, go to the sex shop, and fuck with Marissa to get the lube.

Go see Janice and enjoy.

The next day, leave home. When you get back in the day, you’ll have a text message from Cynthia.

Take the metro at night and go to the caf?Ludovico.

Go get the webcam the next day night. Jane turns you.

The next day, see Samantha at her office. Find her at home in the evening.

Go home and go read the message in your room.

Go sleep in Nadia’s home.

The next day acquainted with his mother and enjoy.

Call Samantha and wait for her the next night in your home.

0.0.7 – My Secret Fever Walkthrough & Guide

During the day, go to all the doors of the building.

When you leave, you have a message from Barbara. Go see Nadia to take you away.

Pick up the scooter and go see Barbara. Enjoy.

Bring back the scooter and go home. Kirsten is calling you in the morning. Install the webcam on the host in the kitchen.

Go to the Caf?Ludovico in the evening and enjoy.

The next day watch the webcam and go see Kirsten. Go to the garage and take the car.

Read Diane’s text message and go to her place. Enjoy.

0.0.8 – My Secret Fever Walkthrough & Guide

Wake up the next morning and call Cassandra. Go to Ruth to buy a cake. She is out and recommends a florist near the park. Go to the park. Ask for directions. Go to the florist. Buy a bouquet and pick up Cassandra at Barbara抯 place. Go to the beach. Enjoy.

Return home. Fanny arrives. She asks you to look at their plumbing tomorrow and asks if you will look at her computer too.

Next morning go to Megan and Fanny抯 apartment. Go to Vanessa抯 and borrow a pipe wrench. Vanessa ask抯 you to help clean the night before the holiday. You agree. Return to Megan抯 apartment. Fix the shower. Enjoy. Megan interrupts.

Next evening, go to West Coffee. Vanessa is closing and asks you to wait. Have fun with Vanessa and Gianna.

Return Home to find Cynthia waiting outside your door. She tells you Diane wants to leave the area. (End of 0.0.8)

(I suggest it would be good to continue playing more game days to build up his cash. I ended with him at $145. I will probably get him to $1000 or more if possible.)

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