Horton Bay Stories - Jake Walkthrough

Horton Bay Stories – Jake Walkthrough

Welcome to Horton Bay Stories – Jake Walkthrough, which guides you through all the choices and routes to unlock all the scenes in the game.

Getting Started – Horton Bay Stories – Jake Walkthrough

The main stats are…

Stamina – Is used when performing certain actions. Can be replenished by sleeping/resting or ingesting certain items.

Fitness – Determines how healthy you are overall, and also governs your maximum stamina. Can be increased by physical experience or ingesting certain items. Can also decrease due to laziness or poor health!

Intelligence – How smart you are. Can be increased by reading, attending classes and also by helping the girls with their homework.

Hygiene – Determines how clean your body is. Certain actions require you to be clean! Can be replenished by washing yourself or using deodorant.

Decreases naturally over time and when certain actions are performed.

Morality – Determines what type of personality your character has been displaying. Certain Objectives or actions are dependent on your Morality. Can be increased by knocking before entering a bedroom & being helpful. Decreases when entering someone’s room without knocking and not being helpful!

Money – Fairly obvious. You’ll need money to pay for things around the world. Can be obtained by finding, stealing, or working for it.


Every character that you can build a relationship with will have a relationship score. That score consists of the following…

Friendship – This is your main stat. It determines how much a character likes you as a person and has an impact on how much you can interact with them. Being nice will increase friendship. Being rude or nasty will decrease it.

Attraction – Characters that are open to having more intimate relationships with you will have an Attraction score as well as Friendship. It determines how much they’ll do with you sexually.

Cheat Mode

Can be found on your phone under Settings. Activating cheat mode will turn on features to help you manipulate your stats and relationship scores. These can be found on your phone in the relevant sections. If you use CheatMode, you do so at your own risk! The game is NOT meant to be played with cheats and some changes can potentially be game breaking.


However we do realize that sometimes people get impatient or just want to test things out. So the option is there for those people. With Cheat Mode active, you will see several new options listed below…

Force Freeroam Toggle – Toggles freeroam on or off. This is mainly for troubleshooting and is not intended for use in game. Use at your own risk!

Stat Decay Toggle – Every weekend, you lose a little intelligence and fitness by default. This option turns that feature either on or off.

Lucas Toggle – Early in the game, this allows you to make it so Lucas is no longer Christine’s boyfriend, which allows you to see more of her content.

Adel Virginity Toggle – Allows you to either reset Adel’s virginity, or take it away to open up different content.

AutoHide Location Map

This toggle simply lets the Location menu stay on the screen after you move rooms when turned of. It’s on by Default. Disabling it can be useful if you want to quickly scan rooms. With the toggle of, when you wish to close the LocationMenu just click the ‘x’ at the corner of the screen.

NTR Toggle

For those who are not aware; NTR is an abbreviation of Netorare, which is essentially a term for cuckolding. In the case of many games, including this one, this does not strictly affect only your partner/spouse. But also any given love interest or simply someone close to you, such as a family member or a good friend.

If you are not the sort of person who wishes to see this kind of content, you can turn it of via the phone settings, or main options. However, be warned, you will be missing out on some game content by doing so, though in many cases, you will see an alternative scene instead.

Main Story – Horton Bay Stories – Jake Walkthrough

Explore Horton Bay & discover secrets, scandals and many more. Meet many beautiful girls and potential friends or enemies. The town is here for you to explore!

Meet your new housemates

In order to complete this objective, simply visit each of the girls’ bedrooms on the upper floor of the house and talk to each of your new roommates. You will also need to speak to Lucas and he is located in Christine’s bedroom.

Find out about the guy who lived in the room before you

Once you have spoken with everyone and introduced yourself, you will learn that the previous tenant of your room was kicked out of the house for being a pervert! In order to complete this objective you should search your room for any information on the previous tenant. You will find Rupert’s Diary in the chest of drawers next to the door. If you also look under the bed there will be some money left from Rupert as well.

Speak to your housemates once more

You’ll find Christine in the kitchen, Adel in the living room & Gemma in the backyard. To complete this objective you should speak to Christine or Adel first and then talk to Gemma.

End Of Prologue /Beginning of Episode 1

Spend the rest of the day as you see fit, then head upstairs and go to bed. Episode 1 will begin when you wake the following morning.

Going to the Book Store

After arriving at the bookshop with Adel, free roam will once again be activated. However, before you leave the bookshop, you should speak to Justin about finding work. Once done, and you go back home, you should head to your bedroom.

Optionally, you can also buy the plushy toy for Adel to advance her relationship. Justin will charge you £300for the toy! If you have the money you can buy it. Alternatively, he will offer you up a deal;A photo or video for a discount!

There are several ways to obtain a video or photo this early in the game.

Check Gemma’s bedroom or the recycle bin on your PC.

Wait for the party coming up

After arriving at your room, Lucas will come to see you and tell you all about the party on Saturday. During his visit, he’ll make remarks about your mother. Depending on your response will affect Lucas’ friendship stat.

Party Night!

On Saturday the party will begin. It’s split into 3 stages.

Stage 1

This is simply an introduction scene and there is no choice to be made, just let the story play out.

Stage 2

Freeroam opens back up and you can wander around the house to speak to everyone. Once you’ve completed all events in all of the rooms you move on to stage 3. If you’re stuck, try to revisit all areas of the house again.

Stage 3

First thing you should do is visit the kitchen, followed by Christine’s bedroom. After that you should head back to your bedroom.

(at the end of the night, if you’ve beaten Gemma in a race, you’ll get a bonus scene)

Visiting the local pub

Gemma will wake you up and drag you to the pub with Claire. You’ll head to the bathroom where an event will play out. Then you’ll strike a conversation with Adel. When she leaves you’ll head back where Jackson has spiked Claire’s drink. They leave together, and you’ll trail behind them. A

scene will occur depending on your choice and Claire’s relationship will get affected depending on which choice you made. Regardless of the choice prior, you’ll bring Claire home with you, where you’ll have another choice to make.

First Day at the University

After meeting with the girls downstairs and discussing the events of last night, you will all head to the University. When you arrive, all the girls will head to their classes and the receptionist Shelley will give you a tour of the school.

If you have had sex with Lillie during the party, you’ll get to spend more time with her after Art Class. Also if you gave Molly a joint at the party, she’ll give you special attention during Science Class.

Saving a damsel in distress! (Night Club Unlock)

On your way home from Uni, you’ll hear a girl screaming at a nightclub. You recognize the voice of Crystal (The hooker) and you run to help her. You end up fighting with horace (The bouncer) and you’ll lose the fight. He’ll then take you to the club owner’s office. Pie will have a conversation with you and you’re then recruited for a job that you don’t know about. Crystal then apologizes for dragging you into her situation.

Meeting Christine at Burger Baps

You decide to visit Christine at her place of work after not talking much after the party. While there, you can also talk with Abigail about her and Lucas that night. On your way out, you’ll get a call from Roy (your friend), inviting you over to his home.

Francis meets with Pie

Francis announces his return to Horton Bay and you discover the two king pins having a history together. Pie offers a gift to Francis and decides you’ll be delivering it as part of your new debt.

Meeting with Bear

You’ll receive a phone call from Sandra (Pie’s right hand). She’ll instruct you to deliver a box to the Cinema. At the Cinema you’re greeted by Bear. Who works for Francis Dean and he’ll take the package from you. After a friendly conversation you leave and are now able to buy drugs at the Cinema during the evenings.

Calling Carly Back

When going to bed, you’ll notice you had a couple of missed calls from your ex girlfriend, Carly. So you decide to call her back. (This scene is different depending on if NTR setting is on or of). After you hang up the call with Carly, the girls will rush into your room, you’ll have four choices to take. None will affect the overalls story, so pick whichever.

Go straight to bed – No requirements.

Gemma’s scene – Must have completed her story up till the conversation about the pills in the bathroom.

Adel’s scene – Must have completed her story up to the Bank job.

Christine’s scene – Must have completed her story up to the argument with Lucas in the kitchen.

Chatting with Gemma about money

The following morning, you’ll find Gemma in the hallway. She receives a phone call with some bad news about her finances. You can choose to help her when it comes near the time for rent.

(nothing will happen immediately. But at some point, Gemma will come to you)

Jackson Needs a Re-Up

After speaking with Gemma, you’ll cut to a scene with Jackson’s cousin at Lumptech Biolabs. Jackson phones him and asks for more serum, but he’s told there is a price this time.

Adel’s forgotten phone

At noon, while in your bedroom, you’ll receive a phone call from Adel. She’s calling from work and wants you to bring her phone. After you hang up, she’ll have a conversation with Thomas. Depending on previous choices, this can result in two of them organizing a date to the pub.

If Adel accepts Thomas’ invitation, the next time the clock hits 21:00 you’ll get a text from Lillie. She’ll tell you that Adel & Thomas are at the pub together. At this point you can either rescue Adel or choose to ignore it. If you chose to go to Adel,

you’ll be given another choice upon finding the two of them at the pub. The other choice leads you to leave them be, heading downstairs for a drink instead. By choosing this option, an hour will pass and you’ll be prompted to go back upstairs, you find them no longer at the table. If you explore the area a little, you’ll find them kissing and Thomas will have his fingers inside of Adel.

Confronting Jackson

After leaving the bank annoyed, you come across Jackson in an alley behind the Bank. You argue with him about what he did to Claire. Upon realizing he might be able to convince you to not go to the police, he offers you a potential solution to being expelled.

Meet Jackson at Lumptech Biolabs

During the morning, head to Lumptech Biolabs. It will now be available to the town map for fast travel. You’ll speak to the receptionist who will send you upstairs to meet Dr. Orson Reines, Jackson’s cousin and the man responsible for creating this serum. Jackson and Orson lie to you about the serum’s true nature and convince you to donate a sperm sample in order to create your own bottle. Afterwards, you and Jackson go your separate ways and your next task will be to speak to Miss Smithers, your Head Mistress at the University.

Facing the Music with Miss Smithers

Visit the Head’s office at Uni between the hours of 14:00 & 16:00 on a weekday. You are invited in by Miss Smithers and begin to explain yourself when you are interrupted by a knock at the door. While Alicia goes to deal with this, you slip the serum into her coffee, which she drinks when coming back to talk to you. It takes effect instantly and will present you with some options.

Sub Route – You’ll become Alicia’s plaything and she’ll treat you like such.

(Route ends with a blowjob)

Dom Route – She will fully submit to you and allowing you to have your way.

(Route ends with a blowjob, if your morals are low enough (40) you’ll be given the extra option of fucking her on her desk at this point)

Parents Visit

Just after you leave for Uni, your parents arrive on the door step! Luckily, Christine hasn’t left yet and greets them.

If NTR is off, they will simply leave a message for you and be on their way.

With NTR on, you have a choice. Either let them leave a message, or decide to stay in the house and wait for you to return.

Your father is not keen on waiting around an empty house all day and decides he’d rather go catch up with Nigel. He asks Christine if she’ll show him where the townhall is and they leave the house, with your mother waiting behind. After chatting while they walked together to the townhall, your father will ask Christine if she’d like to hang around for a few more minutes as he’d like to get to know his son’s house mates better. If Christine’s corruption points are at zero, she will politely refuse and head straight to Uni. If they are one or more, she will stay and chat some more with him, leading to an awkward moment for them both. Back at the house, your mother searches around your room and eventually goes back downstairs to wait. While she sits in the dining room, Lucas arrives.

There are two possible scenarios here:

If Lucas is still Christine’s boyfriend, and you have not yet confronted him about ANY of his cheating, he will simply introduce himself and be on his way.

(Alpha Path Included) However, in every other case, he will offer your mother a nice cup of “tea”, and things get very steamy – and recorded.

Parent’s Visit Part #2

Visit the motel and speak to your folks. You discover that things are less than perfect for them and their marriage and after being subjected to one of their feuds, you decide to leave and let them try to talk it out in private.

A Trip To The Flicks

Bored at home (your bedroom during the evening), you decide to go to the cinema. On your way out of your room, you run into Christine and invite her to join you. As you arrive, Bear will call you over to speak to Francis, who will give you a job. You are to spy on Pie’s buisness with the pretence of delivering packages to him from Francis, and eavesdropping on his conversations.

However, Pie does not trust you enough to allow you to hang around at first. Keep doing the delivery job until Pie tells you to help Sandra out at the bakery for an hour each day. After this, you will be able to stay and listen for a few extra minutes each time and bring intel back to Bear for more money.

Working at the Bakery will not grant you any pay, as Pie considers this part of your ‘debt’ to be repaid.You do however get the benefit of spending time with Bethany and Sandra, increasing their relationships as you do so.


Abrahms comes to town!

You will be prompted to go to your bedroom after mid-day. A cutscene will begin showing that Abrahms have arrived in town with his family, who are not exactly pleased to be here …


Side Quests – Horton Bay Stories – Jake Walkthrough

These are quests that don’t have to be done to finish the game. This is just extra content for you to discover and can lead to more spicy scenes!

Rupert’s Cameras

Search the chest of drawers in your bedroom to find Rupert’s Diary. After reading it, check your PC and click on the Cam Viewer icon. To continue this objective, you must choose to spy on the girls.

(You will get more chances later if you decline at this point, but you must lower your morality in order to do so.)

Declining at this point grants you 5+ Morality, Accepting at any point will grant you -5 Morality. After choosing to activate the cameras, you must find them all. There is one in each room of your house, plus one outside in the back garden near the sauna. All cameras except for the ones in the girls’ bedroom can be activated immediately when found. To activate the girls’ bedroom cameras you must first find (or guess) the passwords that unlock their PC’s. (See Finding Girls’ Passwords) After Activating all cameras you’ll get a live feed on your PC in your bedroom.

Finding the Girl’s Passwords

To be able to access the girls’ cameras you must find their passwords. Once you’ve entered the correct ones you will not be needing to re enter them ever again. You have an option to guess it yourself or find it. These are the locations of the passwords.

Christine – Bedside Drawer in her room.

Gemma – Her diary under the sofa, in her room.

Adel – Her jewelry box. (look left while in her room near the floor)

(Alternatively, when prompted to guess the password, you can type password for all three!)

Turn up the heat!

Upon entering Christine’s room during the night while she or Lucas are drunk, you’ll discover that Lucas has taken the bed sheets and Christine is uncovered. At this point you will acquire the side quest to turn up the central heating so that Christine is more comfortable. And as an added bonus, the girls may decide it’s too hot to wear too many clothes… The central heating control is in the Utility Room next to the Kitchen.

(You can also start this quest by visiting Gemma or Adel [or Christine while she’s on her own] and try to peek at them while they’re sleeping.)

Rent Day

Every Friday (with exception of the first week) you have to pay £150 to Nigel for rent. As soon as you wake up, Nigel will come into your room to collect. If you do not pay, he will come back the following week and expect £300 to cover the week you missed. However if you do not pay a second time, he will add an additional £50 totaling £500 for the 3 weeks worth of rent due. Not paying for a third time will result in Nigel taking ‘other’ steps to get what he is due. At this stage (and for each future missed payment) Nigel will tell you to meet him at the pub and to bring one of your house mates with you.

If NTR is turned on, Nigel will recoup his lost money by allowing the girl that you choose to ‘pay’ for you.

If NTR is turned off, You’ll still go to the pub but the girl will leave before Nigel gets a chance to collect.

Doctor Jones’Camera

After visiting Dr. Jones to get your contact lenses during Episode 1, you notice a camera setup behind a curtain in his office. To view the contents of the camera, you need to sneak into his office while he’s on his lunch break at 12:00pm. However, you’ll find that the door is locked while he’s not there. After speaking to the receptionist, you’ll discover that he usually eats lunch on the boardwalk. If the boardwalk location has not yet been unlocked, speaking to Brenda will unlock it now. Go to the boardwalk at 12:00 to find

Doctor Jones and his wife. After a conversation, they leave and you notice his keys on the bench where they were sitting. After picking them up, you will now be able to access his office and the camera within, while he is not there. Also, having now met his wife, you can speak to her on the beach at 11:00 every day to begin her relationship arc.

After certain events throughout the game (providing that the requirements for each have been met), Doc Jones’ SD card will start filling up with more recordings.

The University

In order to improve your grades, you must attend at least 4 classes for any given subject per week. You will notice any changes to your grades on the following Monday morning. Buying textbooks from the Bookshop for any subject will automatically grant you +1 Grade (a week’s worth of lessons) if you don’t want to spend your time in class. These books can only be purchased once per week, per subject. But they’ll hurt your wallet if you rely on them too much!

Arriving outside Uni at 09:00, you will be given the choice to attend all classes at once, saving you from navigation between them every time. This will advance time

to 14:00 after each class has been completed. 4 or more attended classes will increase your grade by 1. 3 classes will render no change. 2 or less will result in losing a grade.

During Uni hours (09:00 13:00), you can visit the girl’s toilet stalls for random encounters.

The Gym

After attending your first day at University, you will be able to join Didi’s Gym. To start this content you must first speak to Didi. Ask her about a gym membership. She will tell you that it costs £500 for the year, and only staff members get any kind of discount. You then ask her about getting a job at the gym and she mentions that they currently need a new masseur. If you have not earned any massage skill points yet, you cannot progress further until you do. At this point, if you do not wish to wait, you can still pay the £500 to become a gym member to make use of the facilities. If you have at

least 1 point in massage skill however, you can apply for the position. Didi will then take you to the massage room in order to judge your skill by letting you massage her. If your massage skill is 10 or more, you’ll get the job. If not, she’ll tell you to come back and try again once you’ve had more practice.

There are already several ways to improve your massage skill outside of the gym. You can go to these locations at those times to improve your massage skill by +1.

Christine (23:00 Christine’s Bedroom)

Maddy (11:00 Beach)

Claire (21:00 Backyard)

You can also read massage skill books from the bookshelf in your room if you have purchased any.

Once employed you can start to earn money from giving massages at the gym between the hours of 14:00 and 22:00.

As a gym member (or employee), you will be able to use the facilities. Any workout at the gym will grant up to a max of14 points to Fitness (5 more than working out elsewhere). You can currently workout in the Weights Room and by taking yoga classes (17:00). You can also use the Sauna at any time while the gym is open (08:00 22:00) as well as the shower in the changing room. There are currently up to 7 random encounters in the Sauna. (Leaving the Sauna and re-entering will trigger a new dice roll)

You can now also receive massages from Marie (receptionist). To do this, simply visit reception and ask her.

Once you have progressed the main story past speaking to the Uni Head Mistress about not being expelled and are working at the gym, a new colleague, Frank will arrive. Frank will be taking the position of Personal Trainer and can be found in the weights room.

Night Club

After saving Crystal from Horace, the night club becomes available to visit from the hours of 18:00 – 02:00. To get in, you need to pay for a ticket at

the front desk. This gives you access to the club for that night only. From 18:00 – 20:00 there’s usually a ‘Ladies Night’ event with male strippers and horny housewives. They will be found at the booth seats in the main room of the club. From 21:00 – 23:00 there will be girls dancing on the main stage. Before each girl goes up on stage, you can find her getting ready in the dressing room upstairs. Immediately after each girl gets off the stage, you’ll find her in the Private Dance hallway waiting for a customer. You can also buy drinks at the bar. However, drinking too much will result in a trip to the clinic.

Extra Content / Tips – Horton Bay Stories – Jake Walkthrough

This portion of the walkthrough is just here to help you out on some things and understand the game mechanic a bit.

Morning Bathroom Encounters (Weekdays)

During the morning (07:00 and 08:00), there is a chance that when you try to enter the bathroom in your house, someone will already be in there. If this is the case, you will have 3 options available to you.

Knock – You knock on the door and whoever is inside will respond

according to your relationship score with that person.

Walk In – If you do not have a good relationship with whoever is inside, this choice could be quite bad for you. However, different outcomes are available with higher relationship scores.

Leave – You do nothing.

There is a 40% chance upon entering the bathroom to find someone inside. It can be any one of the girls or even Lucas if he is in the house.

Finding / Taking Pictures

Throughout the game will be several photos and videos that you can either find or take/record yourself. These are mainly for the sake of completion. However many of them can actually be used during gameplay for various reasons.

Locations of current photos / videos (will be updated as game progresses)

Intro scene with Abrahms

Gemma’s Bedroom (by her desk)

Your PC (recycle bin)

Helping Christine to Bed While Drunk (<60 Morality)

Roy’s bedroom (Johnson’s House)

Celeste and Amber’s bedroom (Johnson’s House)

During the Episode 1 party, Lucas and Abigail. (Need Utility Room spy-cam) During the Episode 1 party, Lucas and Abigail, Reenter the Utility Room Spy on Christine at night while Lucas is there. (need spy cam)

Spy on Christine at night after Lucas has gone. (need spy cam)

Complete the side quest“Doctor Jones Camera. ”

Complete the Main Story“Calling Carly Back. ”

Invite Regan and Lana back to your place (Skatepark 15:00), then stay with Lana when Regan goes inside (Requires Regan Shower scene at Gym). Let Marcy sleep on your sofa and go take a closer look at her.

Sex & Pregnancy

Once you have had vaginal sex with a girl who is capable of getting pregnant by you (not everyone can), you will be presented with a few options. Firstly, if you cum inside while the girl is not protected by contraceptive pills, you will be given the choice to not only buy some for her, but also give her an emergency morning after pill to avoid her getting pregnant from that encounter. If she’s already on the pill (or pregnant), you have nothing to worry about. Contraceptive pills last for one week. After that, you’ll need to buy her some more in order to continue having safe sex.

If she is not on the pill and you don’t provide her with the cash to buy a morning after pill, or give her one yourself within a week, she can become pregnant! You’ll also notice that in the relationships tab on your phone, any girl you’ve had sex with will now have a new notification when you hover them. This will give you any relevant information about her contraceptive or pregnancy status.

A note about pregnancy itself: If you (or maybe someone else!) get a girl pregnant, you will not see any physical change to her right away. Infact, any pregnancies will not be visually apparent until much later in the game. Pregnancies will mainly affect how the game ends for you, but there will be a little actual pregnancy content as well as the story comes to a close. Also something worth mentioning is that ifa girl is pregnant, she’ll no longer mind if you cum inside of her.

Buying Drugs and Rolling Joints

After unlocking the Cinema during the Main Story, you’ll be able to visit Bear at the Cinema during the evening. He’ll be located in the coffee shop to

the right as you enter the building. Bear will sell you bags of weed and ecstacy tablets. To roll the weed into joints, you’ll first need some rolling papers which are available to buy at the Petrol Station. The Petrol Station is automatically unlocked on your map after meeting Bear for the first time, however to get there on foot, head to the Cock and Ball Pub, walk south to the supermarket, then west from there. Once you have both weed and rolling papers in your inventory, click on either one to roll 3 joints.

You can currently sell these joints to the campers found on the Beach in the Secluded Cove from 21:00 to 02:00 (More locations to be added later).You can also choose to hang out with the campers for extra scenes.

Character – Horton Bay Stories – Jake Walkthrough

Adel Reynolds – Horton Bay Stories – Jake Walkthrough

Buy the toy for Adel – Horton Bay Stories – Jake Walkthrough

During Episode 1, you will visit the bookshop with Adel. She spots a large soft toy and you promise to buy it for her. However, Justin will not simply let you have it that easily. You can either pay him £300, or a photo (or video) of one of the girls and some money off depending on what you give him.

As soon as you have either the money, and/or the photo, you can purchase the toy, completing Adel’s first relationship quest.

Accompany her to her job interview

(requires 9 attraction points & main story complete up to unlocking the Night Club)

NOTE: If you have already taken Adel to her job interview before reaching this point in Adel’s arc, you can skip ahead to “Ice Cream at the Boardwalk.” to continue.

After reaching the requirements above, you’ll be prompted to find Adel in the dining room at home during the afternoon. You’ll offer to go with her to her job interview and she accepts. After an interview with the manager, she gets a job at the bank and can now be found there during her working hours.

(Adel’s maximum attraction points are now 14)

Later that night, you’ll go to find Adel to see how she got on during her first day, but she’s not home. You’ll then switch to Adel’s point of view and find out what happened.

There are several outcomes during this scene and they all depend on how you’ve been treating Adel up to this point. The most notable factors are if you let her blow

you at the party, if you fucked her at the party and whether or not NTR is on or of.

There are more minor occasions where Adel’s corruption is affect, but these are the big ones.

Ice Cream at the Boardwalk

(Optional If you haven’t yet done so, while eating dinner with the girls at 18:00, speak to Adel. If her attration points are more than 9, she’ll invite you out and the Boardwalk location will unlock if it hasn’t already.)

After Adel gets her new job, you can now meet her on the boardwalk at 10:00 for ice cream. You’ll have a brief romantic date before she has to head off to work and can build attraction points up to 14.

Sharing the shower

While it’s possible to try and join Adel in the shower at any point prior to this, now is when things can start getting interesting. You can either go to the bathroom during the morning for a random chance to catch Adel in the shower, or wait until 20:00 and she’ll always be there.

Another new toy for Adel

After unlocking the boardwalk dates and increasing Adel’s attraction points to 14, make sure the evening dishes have been washed then go visit Adel in her room at 22:00. You can now ask her how she’s doing. She’ll let you in on a secret she’s been keeping and asks for your help. From this point on, if Adel’s corruption increases, you’ll start finding new videos on Doc Jones’ camera as it goes up (NTR path only).

Next, go to the Sex Shop in town and buy a dildo. You’ll need at least £150 in your wallet to buy it. The Sex Shop is open from 14:00 – 21:00. Afterwards, head back home and make sure you have done the evening dishes again then visit Adel in her room at 22:00.

Adel’s Date with Thomas (NTR On Only!)

Regardless of whether or not Adel accepts Thomas’ first invitation for a date, if her corruption points exceed 5, she will meet him at the Cock and Ball every Wednesday at 21:00, providing she does not hate him.

By showing up and intervening, you can reduce her corruption points by 1.

If you show up and leave them to finish their date, her relationship with Thomas will begin to grow.

Visiting her while she’s undressing for bed

While this has been an option for some time, it is now possible to sleep with Adel and even spend the night in her bed, providing she has already lost her virginity (to you or anyone else).

Movie Night with Adel

(Requires unlocking Ice Cream on the boardwalk)

While in your room at 23:00, select the TV and invite Adel. The two of you will spend an hour together on your sofa watching a film.

After unlocking “Another new toy for Adel”, things will begin to heat up and the before the movie has ended, Adel will have jerked you off. If at this point, you have already had vaginal sex with Adel at least once elsewhere, you can fuck her now as well.

Gemma Rey – Horton Bay Stories – Jake Walkthrough

Beat Gemma in a Race!

In order to start this quest, you can either visit Gemma and Claire at the

hot tub in the evening where she will challenge you, or simply meet her in the park at 14:00 on a weekday.

In order to actually win the race, you must have at least 30 current stamina points available. Any less and you will lose.

There are several ways to build your stamina. Swimming, helping Gemma exercise in the morning at 08:00, or asking for Gemma’s help with your workout in her room at 22:00 on weekdays.

After winning, you will have completed Gemma’s first relationship quest.

Gemma’s Pills

(Requires 9 attraction points and main story up to unlocking the Night Club)

After reaching the requirements above, you will be prompted to step into the upstairs hallway at home. You’ll find the bathroom door open with Gemma inside. Discovering that she’s been taking weight loss tablets in order to stay in shape, you argue and convince her to stop. Gemma will eventually relent and hand over the pills. There’s no choice to be made here. Even at the lowest possible morals, the MC won’t be THAT guy!

(Gemma’s maximum attraction points will now be 14)

Fun in the shed!

During Gemma’s morning excise at 08:00 in the back yard, you can now take things a step further.

After reaching over 10 attraction points, Gemma will now start to get a lot closer to you during your evening training session.

Gemma’s Rent

After unlocking ‘Gemma’s Pills’ and completing the main story up to speaking with Alicia Smithers about not getting expelled, when rent day comes around (Fridays) and Nigel leaves your room, you’ll jump right into a scene where he visits Gemma. Gemma can longer afford her rent, as she mentioned to you previously when you spoke to her in the hallway after the phone call with her parents.

She will come to you asking if you can loan her the cash to make up what she’s missing (£50). If you have £50 on you (not just in the bank – must be in your wallet), you can choose to loan it to her now. Alternatively, whether you have it or not, you can choose not to pay her.

(Note: Both routes can be played in the same playthrough)

Nigel Route: (NTR switched on.)

Next rent day, after Nigel leaves your room, you must check the camera in Gemma’s Bedroom when promote to continue this route. (Spy Cam required)

By not loaning Gemma the £50, she will not be able to pay Nigel. So he will begin taking his payment in favors instead. On the first missed week, he will ask for a hand job. The second, a blowjob. The third, he will ask for anal sex. The fourth, he will fuck her in the pussy. After that, he will let her choose.

BEWARE: Repeated vaginal sex can result in Nigel knocking her up if she’s not already on the pill!

If you did not have (or refused to give her) the £50 on you when she asked for it on Thursday, but now you do (or changed your mind), you will have the option to rush into Gemma’s room and give her the cash she needs, sending Nigel away in a sulk and saving her from him.

If NTR is disabled, you can still choose not to pay her, but Nigel won’t ask for any sexual favours.

(If I have time later I will add a non-NTR friendly version of events that allow her to make up the money in another way ~ Taka.)

Gemma’s Debt to You Route

If you decide to help her out and lend her the money, she will be grateful and want to pay you back. After giving her the money on Thursday (when she asks for it), the next day (Friday) at midnight, she will come to your room.

(Requires you being in your bedroom at 00:00 Friday night/Saturday morning).

She explains that she cannot afford to pay you back in cash but offers sex instead.

How far she will go with you depends on how much she currently owes you. There are two ways in which you can increase her debt to you. The first is to tell her ‘Not Tonight’. This will send her away without her doing anything with you, but will mean that the £50 she already owes you will stack up with any future loans you give. It’s recommended that you choose this option for at least the first time she comes to you.

Because as soon as she owes you at least £100, the second method of increasing her debt will unlock. The second method is by altering her diary (found under the sofa in her room). Gemma will keep a record of how much she owes you here. And every time you unlock a new scene related to her paying you back, you’ll be able to sneakily add to her debt here.

£50 – She’ll give you a hand job and £50 will be removed from her debt. £100 – She’ll give you a blow job and £100 will be removed.

£150 – She’ll let you fuck her in the ass and £150 will be removed.

£200 – She’ll let you fuck her pussy and £200 will be removed.

In a future update, you will have an opportunity to help Gemma get a part time job, thus negating this entire event (OPTIONAL). While Gemma remains jobless, she will come to you every Thursday morning, asking for money.

Gemma’s Gym Membership

While working out with Gemma in her room at 22:00, you ask her why she doesn’t go to the gym. She tells you she can’t afford it so you offer to buy her a membership using your staff discount.

Speak to Didi to arrange it. It will still cost you £250, so make sure you have it in your wallet. Once you’ve paid Didi, go speak to Marie at reception and she’ll ask you to call Gemma in to give her information. You will now find Gemma in the Boxing Hall at 14:00 during the weekdays instead of at the Park.

To win her challenge, you’ll need at least 14 Fitness points.

Fitness points can only be gained after 9 at the Gym. You’ll gain a point with Gemma if you win or lose. You can also train in the weights room.

Movie Night With Gemma!

(Must Complete Gym Membership)

After finding Gemma in the bathroom with the weight loss pills, you will now be able to invite her to watch TV with you in your room at 23:00.

If you’ve already had vaginal sex with Gemma at least once, you can do so again now. If not, the scene will end after you make each other cum with your tongues.

This is the end of Gemma’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Christine Samson – Horton Bay Stories – Jake Walkthrough

Help Christine to bed

While this quest isn’t technically listed in the objectives screen, it is infact the first of Christine’s relationship quests.

To begin, visit the livingroom at 22:00 on a weekday. After speaking to either Christine or Lucas, you will offer to make them a coffee. Once in the kitchen you are presented with options on how exactly to make their drinks. Each combination will yield it’s own results, some favourable, some not so much.

However, in relation to completing this particular quest, make sure Christine is very drunk, and Lucas is either sober or sick. After getting Christine to her room, your morals will play a factor in how the scenario ends.

Without spoiling it too much, the tipping point is 60 morality (Neutral = 100)

Walking in on an argument!

(Requires 9 attraction points and main story complete up to unlocking the Cinema)

After reaching the requirements above, the next time you go home you will hear Christine and Lucas fighting in the kitchen. You are given a choice to either take Christine’s side, or Lucas’.

This choice depends entirely on your current relationship with Lucas and also if NTR is enabled or not. If you’ve already made an enemy of him or NTR is OFF, you will not be able to take his side.

Sticking up for Christine can end one of two ways. If you’re friendly with Lucas, he’ll brush it off and walk away. If you’re not friendly with him, he’ll threaten you again making Christine stick up for you in return, and he storms off angry

If you are friendly with Lucas and NTR is ON, you can choose to take his side. Doing so will make Lucas happy with you and Christine extremely confused. Your relationship with Lucas and Christine now takes a new turn. Lucas makes Christine apologize to both himself and you. He then forces her to kiss you in front of him, beginning Christine’s corruption and sharing route, and putting Lucas one step ahead of you as the Alpha of the house.

Note: You’ll still have the choice to get rid of Lucas at a later time, but for now, he’ll think of you as his bitch.

On either route (Christine’s maximum attraction points will now be 14)

Dealing with Lucas!

After reaching the requirements above and attaining at least 14 attraction points, you will receive a new objective to visit the kitchen at 16:00. This is usually when Adel is making herself a cup of tea, but today she is nowhere to be seen. There is however an empty mug next to Lucas’ vial of serum. Fearing the worst, you go search for Adel.

If NTR is enabled, you will be presented with 2 options. You can either go straight to where Lucas and Adel are, getting to them in time to stop Lucas from making the most of his serum, or you can go searching the house. You’ll find them eventually, but you’ll be too late.

If NTR is disabled, you’ll simply get to saving her right away.

At this point in the game and with NTR enabled, you will be faced with 2 very different paths to take, assuming you have met the requirements.

Path A [Get rid of Lucas]

After finding him with Adel, you decide enough is enough and go get Christine. She’ll see what he’s been up to and end their relationship. Christine will now be single and her maximum attraction points will go up to 19. Other than Lucas being out of the picture (for now), nothing much else around the house will change, other than having more options during Christine’s events as you advance her relationship arc.

Path B [Lucas becomes the HouseAlpha] (NTR on only)

This requires that you have maintained a good relationship with Lucas and you took his side during his argument with Christine in the kitchen.

Lucas will now start having relationships with Adel and Gemma (WIP) as well as continuing to date Christine. Using his serum to keep the girls on side, he becomes the man of the house.

This path is in very early development so don’t expect too much too soon.

Christine’s maximum attraction points will go up to 19. You’ll still be able to see Christine’s additional content on this route (as if you’d gotten rid of Lucas), but it’ll play out a little differently.

Christine’s Beach Date

You can now invite Christine to the beach at the weekend. To do so, you must speak to her during the week in order to arrange the date. You can ask her during the following times and places:

Her room – 07:00

Her room – 15:00

Dining room – 18:00 (until relationship progresses further)

Living room – 22:00 (if Lucas is no longer her boyfriend)

Once the date has been arranged, meet her in her room at 12:00 on Saturday.

Hanging out with Christine at work

At 19:00 or 20:00, you can visit Christine while she’s working at Burger Baps. She’ll offer you something to eat and you ask if she’ll join you. After sharing a meal together, she is called back to work.

(If you’ve already seen her argument with Lucas in the kitchen and her attration points are less than 14, you will gain a point here.)

Movie Night with Christine

After witnessing Christine & Lucas arguing in the Kitchen, you will be prompted to invite Christine to watch TV with you in your room. At 23:00, use the TV in your room and invite Christine.

(Scenes are dependent on your relationship score with Christine)

Clubbing With The Christine

After all previous events have been completed at least once, Christine will now come to you in your bedroom at 18:00 on Saturdays. This event can play out several ways. There are in fact 7 diƦerent endings with multiple interchangeable scenes throughout.

The variables for this event are as follows:

Give / Don’t Give Ecstasy tablets (requires at least 2 in inventory).

Determines if the girls will get frisky with you or anyone else tonight.

Get Christine’s Drink Correct/ Wrong.

Adds a favour point for Chris if you get it right.

Get Caroline’s Drink Correct/ Wrong.

Adds a favour point for Caroline if you get it right.

Sit with Caroline / Christine.

Adds a favour point for Caroline if you sit with her.

Join Christine on Dance Floor/ Help Steve at the bar.

Assuming Ecstasy has been given: If either girl’s points end on 0 past the point where they can be gained, that girl will find someone other than you to spend the rest of the evening with. (NTR)

If NTR is disabled, any outcomes that could have resulted in NTR, will instead result neutrally and the girls will simply follow you home.

If either girl ends with 1 point, they’ll go home with you, but nothing will happen. If either (or both) girls end the evening with 2 points, they’ll not only follow you home, but also to bed.

This is the end of Christine’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Lucas Channing – Horton Bay Stories – Jake Walkthrough

Note – Scenes only appear if NTR is Toggled ON & you pick the right choices

Where’s Adel?

(Must Complete Christine &Main Story Past Argument)

Once Christine’s relationship is high enough, you will be prompted to go find Adel in the kitchen at 16:00. You can search the house (NTR) or go straight to the Utility room.

(If you go to MC’s room and log into the computer you’ll get a video)

Confronting Lucas!

(Choices Matter!!!)

When confronting Lucas about what he did to Adel, you can tell Christine everything and then she will kick him out of the house


You can allow him to do as he pleases which will officially start the Alpha Male route and he will continue having relations with Adel. (NTR)

(If you go to the MC’s room and log into the computer you’ll get another video)

If you chose the NTR choice, You will have a chance to see a scene with them at the Hot Tub, Shower, & Adel’s Bedroom.

Lucas wants a bigger HAREM!

Lucas will try to get Gemma into the Harem. And he will try 4 times to get her to join. The interactions are in the Backyard at 8:00, Gemma’s Bedroom at 16:00, the Utility Room at 17:00, and the Living Room at 19:00.

(Once you view all the scenes go to the MC’s bedroom and a scene will occur)

You will now get an objective to go to the Cock & Ball at 20:00.

If you turn to speak with your teachers, you will trip and fall ruining Lucas’s attempt to include Gemma in the Harem, And he will get his revenge that later night.

If you ignore them, You will take the drinks directly to the girls and Gemma will then have strong feelings to Lucas. And you will discover them having relations in the Men’s Bathroom.

At this point, there is a chance that Lucas can now be found in the living room at 22:00 with either all 3 girls or just Christine & Adel

(Depending on previous choice)


Lucas Getting Handsy With Gemma

 After Gemma digests the serum she can be found at the hot tub at 21:00 fooling around with Lucas. And Lucas will now start helping her with her morning workouts at 8:00 as well as helping her study at 16:00 on weekdays in her room.

 This is the end of Lucas’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Abigail Coney – Horton Bay Stories – Jake Walkthrough

The Apology!?

(Must have completed Party Night!)

After the party, you’ll be prompted to go speak to Christine at Burger Baps where she works. While there, you will speak to Abigail, who also works there. She explains that she regrets what she did with Lucas and doesn’t understand why she let it happen. Begging you not to tell Christine before she gets the chance to do it herself, she implies that she’d be willing to do stuff with you in exchange for your silence.

You can now chat to Abigail whenever she is behind the counter at Burger Baps and spend some time with her. She’ll take you to the gents toilets, where she sucks your dick. Continue this until reaching 4 attraction points.

Once you have reached the part in the main story where you discover the truth about the serum, you will now have the option to tell Abi that Lucas more than likely used it on her, thus negating her responsibility for any of what happened during the party. Appreciating your honesty, Abi tells you that even though she no longer ‘NEEDS’ to keep doing this, she wants to continue anyway.

At 21:00, you will find her standing outside the front of Burger Baps having a cigarette after her shift has ended.

If you have told her about the serum, you will be able to talk to her. She’ll invite you out for a drink, so you both head to Salty’s Beach Bar and have a good night out. Drunk, she asks you to take her home. You can either drop her off at the door and go home, or head inside with her. Once inside, you discover she shares the flat with Stacey and Trent, who are both students in your english class. Abi asks you to wait outside her bedroom while she gets changed.

This event leads to two outcomes!

(1) If NTR is enabled and you go say hi to Stacey, she will ask your opinion on a music class project that Julie needed advice about. Stacey gives you a set of headphones and turns up the volume. Meanwhile, Abi is now ready for you and calls out. Not hearing her due to the loud music, you stay right where you are. However, Trent hears Abi calling out and believes she is talking to him instead.With her back turned, they start fucking. All the while Abi believing that Trent is infact, you. After taking off the headphones, you say goodnight to Stacey and go see if Abi is ready yet.Seeing her and Trent fucking, you simply go home, disappointed but unsurprised.

(2) By waiting for Abi, she will call out to you, telling you to come in, where she is laying on her bed, naked and ready to fuck.

Regardless of who ends up fucking Abigail, her maximum attraction points will now be 9. When speaking to Abi while she’s working, your trip to the toilet can now be taken further and you will fuck her in the stall after she sucks you of.

Amber Johnson

Daily Visits

Roy’s little sister. After meeting her at Roy’s house, you will be able to spend time with her at the beach (ocean) at 16:00.

Amber’s Stream

After meeting Amber and visiting her at the beach at 16:00 at least once, she will call you and invite you to watch her stream. Afterwards, visit her at the beach again at 16:00.

No Privacy?

After meeting Bethany, you can now interact with Amber while she’s

showering at her house at 17:00.

This is the end of Amber’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Bethany Benson

The Friend?

Complete the main story up to your parent’s visit and visit Amber on the Beach. Watch Amber’s stream. Visit Amber on the beach at 16:00.

This is the end of Bethany’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Working at the Bakery

(Must have complete story up to The Cinema)

 Work at the bakery part-time from 09:00 – 17:00. You will get “closer” to Bethany when you do this.

This is the end of Bethany’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Claire Bosworth

Wanting to know the BFF better

Meet her at either the Hot Tub at 21:00 or during the party in episode 1. After a couple of times she will want your help home. When helping her you will be given a choice to stand up or be blunt.

Being Blunt will make her angry and you can apologize to her outside the music room at Uni, or you can stand up and sh will reward your bravery.

Once Claire’s points are high enough, you’ll be able to walk her home after done in the Hot Tub. The scene will be extended after the first time.

This is the end of Claire’s current content, more to be added in later updates.


Freelance worker lifestyle

Crystal is a prostitute that you’ll meet during the course of Episode 1. You can meet her at the pub at 19:00, 20:00 or 21:00 outside the toilets.

If you’ve got some money in your pocket, you can hire her ‘services’ for an hour.

(Up to 4 Affection points)

This is the end of Crystal’s current content, more to be added in later updates.


Personal Training

After getting the job at the gym, Frank will turn up one day to fill the job of personal trainer. This will trigger after meeting with the Head Mistress in her office for the first time during the main story.

You will find him in the weights room once a day with a client.

(Visit him for several days to further the scene with the client)

This is the end of Frank’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Jenna Rose

Only scene as of right now is in the prologue fucking Abhrams.

This is the end of Jenna’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Jenny Landon

The Dancer

Jenny is another dancer at the club. For now, she follows the same

progression as Suki. You can find her at these locations and times.

In the dressing room at 21:00

On Stage at 22:00

Private Dance Hall at 23:00

This is the end of Jenny’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Julie Compton

Let’s Play Some Volleyball!

She can found in the public beach shower at 16:00.

Choosing to give them some privacy will grant +1friendship point to both Loretta and Julie.

This is the end of Julie’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Lana Goodman

A dip in the pool

Meet her at the Skate Park at 15:00. Have a beer with her group and gain Friendship points with everyone. If you’ve already given Regan a massage at the Gym, you can invite everyone back to your place to hang out by the pool. After completing Regan’s shower event at the Gym, you can now give Lana a massage by choosing to stay with her, rather than following Regan upstairs.

If you’ve already had sex with Regan, Lana’s massage can be taken further.

This is the end of Lana’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Lillie Michaels

Getting to know Gemma’s friend

After having met Lillie at the party, you can now speak to her at the skate park at 14:00 (she’ll be there before you’ve met her, but you won’t speak to her). You can ask for a go on her skateboard. IF you accepted her advances during the party, this will grant you an affection point (up to 9). If you did not, you’ll only build friendship points. You can also use this time to give her contraceptives if required.

If you are on Lillie’s relationship arc, you can have sex with her after Art class at Uni. This is repeatable once a day during Uni hours (09:00 – 14:00).

This is the end of Lillie’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Lola Johnson

Getting closer with the Johnson’s!

Wait until Roy invites you over to his house and go visit him. After dinner you can go directly to Lola’s bathroom and catch her taking a bath.

(Locked until you get a gym membership and massage Betty at least once)

Wait until Roy asks you to come over a second time, and give Lola what she wants. After completing the event at least once, you can now visit her in her room at 20:00 for another round.

This is the end of Lola’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Louise Sampson

The Groundskeeper

To begin Louise’s relationship arc, go and visit her in your back yard at 09:00 during weekdays. She’ll be working in the shed. Help her with the garden each

day until she asks you for a favour. She’ll want you to hold her ladder steady while she cleans off the large lamp over the barbecue.

Catch her when she falls to progress (You can let her fall, but it’ll set you back a few days). From now on, she’ll invite you inside for a drink after you’re done mowing the lawn. Keep doing this until you’ve reached 9 affection points.

After using the shower or bath at home, you’ll bump into Gemma as you’re leaving the bathroom. Your towel drops to the floor and Gemma takes the opportunity to snap a photo.

You can now find Louise having some fun with your photograph in the shed at 9:00.

This is the end of Louise’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Lucy Channing

Lucas’ Sister?

You first meet Lucy during maths class at Uni, where you learn that she is Lucas’ sister. An arrogant little brat if ever there was one! You can meet her outside of Uni by attending yoga class at the gym (17:00).Going back for a second class starts a new event. Preventing her from falling over during this event will grant up to 4 Affection points.

This is the end of Lucy’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Marcy Trevean

Trying to get by

You’ll find Marcy, a homeless girl, outside of the Town Hall at 08:00, 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00 everyday.

Giving her £10 will increase her Friendship points by 1. You can donate to her once a day (irrespective of the time). Getting her Friendship points to 5 will allow you to begin her relationship arc whereby you’ll offer to let her use the shower and wash her clothes at your house.

After bringing her home, you can spend some time chatting with her. Do this until her Affection points reach 4. At this point, she will tell you a little more about herself and how she gets by. She lets you know that in order to get a bed at the motel, she has to make the manager ‘happy’.

If your Morals are high enough (100+), you can offer her your sofa instead of going to the motel. If you do not, you can find her in the managers office of the motel during the evenings (NTR ON).

After witnessing Marcy at the Motel with the manager more than 3 times, he will start to fuck her without protection. If Marcy has at least £50 (donated by you) she can afford to buy a morning after pill. If not, she can become pregnant if she doesn’t get the pill within a week. You can keep visiting her outside the TownHall to donate more money to her until she has enough to buy one before it’s too late.

After offering her a place to stay and giving her your old phone to use, there is now a 50% chance that Marcy will text you while you are in your bedroom at midnight, asking to stay over (if you don’t receive a message, wait for next day).

If you tell her no, or you ignore her, she can be found once again at the Motel that night. If you say yes, she’ll come right over and you’ll set her up on your sofa for the night.

If you’re looking to increase Morals, simply go to sleep when prompted. However, you can also get a closer look at Marcy after she falls asleep, but this will lower your Morals stat. Whichever you option you choose will have the same overall impact on Marcy’s progression, so it’s up to you.

Once you’ve reached 9 attraction points and Marcy is sleeping on the sofa, you’ll be woken up by her, naked in your bed. You’ve had a bad dream so she’s trying to comfort you.

After letting her sleep in your bed with you, you’ll now have the option to let her share your bed in future, as opposed to making her stay on the sofa.

When asked, pretend to be a couple to increase attraction points (up to 14) This is the end of Marcy’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Margot Simmons

House Party

During The House Party:

Greet her warmly

Let her pull your dick out in front of Adel

*No longer neccessary to progress Margot’s relationship – Can make up later after unlocking the Randall’s House.

Meet the twins at 16:00 in their backyard and hang out.

Meet Margot in her room at 17:00 and catch her ‘practicing’ something fun.

This is the end of Margot’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Marie Prescott

Getting a massage

She is the receptionist at the Gym. After your job interview, you learn that she is Didi’s daughter and you can ask her for a massage.

(Up to 4 Affection points)

This is the end of Marie’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Marley DeWitt

Daily Visits

You can meet Marley in Amber’s room & you are able to visit her at the beach (16:00).

Friend Got GAME!

Visit Amber at the beach at 16:00 and stay behind. Marley will then appreciate it and give you a surprise.

This is the end of Marley’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Mika Colton

Getting to know your neighbor!

After meeting Mika at Uni, she tells you that she lives next door to you. At 15:00, you can now find her waiting outside your house. She’ll invite you to her place to hang out. Spending time with her grants +1 Friendship.

At 5 Friendship points, things will begin to heat up (up to 4 Affection points). After reaching 4 attraction points, you can now invite Mika to the Arcade for a game of Air Hockey instead of watching TV. This game is all about RNG, so just let it play out. Unless you have cheat mode activated, in which case you can decide who will win.

Play against her twice, and on the third game she’ll ask if you want to make it more interesting. Essentially, the loser has to give head to the winner in the toilets (up to 9 Affection points).

After having played Air Hockey with Mika at least once, you can also choose to

go back to her place instead for an extended scene on the sofa (up to 9 Affection points).

This is the end of Mika’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Stopping Brett’s Intrusions

You will now have the option when speaking to Mika outside of your house to ask about Brett’s work.

After doing so, you’ll wait around outside of Mika’s house for him to return so as to discover which vehicle brings him home each day.

The building site will now become unlocked on the map (if not already) and     you may now go there at 14:00 during the week to sabotage Brett’s ride home, causing him to be late.

With Brett’s untimely interruption now postponed, you can safely take things much further with Mika while watching TV at her house. Mika’s max attraction points are now 14.

This is the end of Mika’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Molly Simmons

The Fun Twin

 During the party event in Episode 1, you will have the option to give Molly a joint that you get from Steve. If you let her have it, you’ll be able to ‘work’  more closely with her during science classes at Uni.

During the house party:

Find her in your room

If morals are low enough, comment on her tits.

Don’t rat her out to Gemma for snooping.

After asking Steve for some weed, let her have a joint.

*No longer neccessary to progress Molly’s relationship – Can make up for this later and still keep Steve happy*

At Uni: During Science Class, work with Molly.

Progress with your job at the gym until you unlock the Randall’s House via Betty’s massage sessions.

Meet the twins at 16:00 in their backyard and hang out. Meet Molly in her  room at 17:00 and give her a joint (requires rolled joint in your inventory).

This event is extended if you chose not to give her a joint during the party. Allowing you to progress Molly’s arc while still being able to get free weed from Steve.

This is the end of Molly’s current content, more to be added in later updates.


Regan Collins

New Friends?

Meet her at the Skate Park at 15:00. Have a beer with her group and gain Friendship points with everyone. If you’ve already given Regan a massage at the Gym, you can invite everyone back to your place to hang out by the pool.

Once you’ve reached 4 attraction points, you’ll be prompted to check out the showers at the Gym. After the shower event, Regan’s maximum attraction points will be raised to 9 and there will now be more content available when bringing the girls home to the pool.

(NTR)Leaving regan alone to go to the bathroom may trigger a scene in your bedroom with Lucas

This is the end of Regan’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Rhea Cox

Getting help from the librarian

After unlocking the Library, you can meet her there between 15:00 and 18:00 during the weekdays. You’ll find her at the back of the library in the Study Area. By speaking with her, you can ask her to help you with your Maths home work. If you skipped Maths Class at Uni that day, you can make up your attendance score by studying with Rhea now instead.After unlocking the Library, you can meet her there between 15:00 and 18:00 during the weekdays.

This is the end of Rhea’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Rosie Stevens

The bartender

After meeting Rosie at Uni, she’ll invite you to Salty’s Beach Bar during the evening. This unlocks the location (if not already) and enables you to buy drinks from the bar. Be careful not to drink too much (5 units of alcohol), or you’ll wind up taking a trip to the clinic!

Whiskey contains 2 units, and Beer contains 1 unit.

This is the end of Rosie’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Samantha Stewart

The dancer

Samantha is another dancer at the club. For now, she follows the same progression as Suki and Jenny. You can find her at the locations and times.

In the dressing room at 22:00

On Stage at 23:00

Private Dance Hall at 00:00

This is the end of Samantha’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Stacey Price

Playing Some Volleyball!

Find her playing volleyball on the beach at 15:00 weekdays.

(Requires at least 1friendship pointfor Amy, Stacey, Loretta OR Julie tojoin in.)

After Amy’s accident, choose to play with the rest of the girls instead of checking on Amy. This will put Amy in a bad mood and she will eventually leave in a huƦ, and Loretta and Julie will leave with her. Stacey will decide she wants to hang back with you for a while longer and asks if you’d like that. You can either leave or stay.

If you stay, she’ll take you to a private area of the beach where you hang out   for a while. Each time you do this, you’ll get to know each other a little better and things will start to heat up. Soon enough, she’ll mention her English homework assignment and ask you for help.

She’ll ask you to come to her flat (Towerblock Flats, 6th floor) at 21:00. If you haven’t already visited her flat with Abigail, the location will unlock now, and you’ll also discover who she lives with. After enough visits, Stacey will ask you to help her with sun lotion.

Once Stacey’s maximum attraction points reach 14 (and current points equal 10 or more) you’ll be able tofuck her in the sand.

This is the end of Stacey’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Steve Randall

Dreaming Of Girls 

During the house party:

When Molly asks for weed, don’t give her any. *Can be rectified later after unlocking the Randall’s House.

Assuming you kept your word to Steve at the party, after finding him in his bedroom at 15:00, 16:00 or 17:00, he will give you 1 free joint per day.

(Requires The Randall’s House unlocked)

As he’s asking you to leave if you gave Molly weed during the party, he tells you he’s about to get high and jerk oƦ while thinking about girls from Uni. If  you keep walking back into his room, you’ll catch him in the act. And the girls he’s fantasising about may come as a surprise.

This is the end of Steve’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

Suki Sato

The dancer

Suki is one of the dancers at the night club. To get in her good books, you’ll need to tip her cash either while she’s dancing on stage or during a private dance session in the back.

To get her to do more than just a strip tease for you, you’ll need to have given her at least £100 in tips (lifetime total). To improve her relationship after this, and get her to do more with you during a private dance, simply keep visiting her. As her attraction points go up, so will her willingness to please you. You can find her at these locations and times.

In the dressing room at 20:00

On Stage at 21:00

Private Dance Hall at 22:00

This is the end of Suki’s current content, more to be added in later updates.

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