Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga Debbie Route

In this Summertime Saga Debbie Route, will Guide you how to play all the character events, Unlock all the Scenes.

Debbie Route Requirements

  • Charisma up to 5
  • $150

Summertime Saga Debbie Story

 In several steps, you need Debbie to be in the shower, the entrance, or the kitchen. If the woman is not in the right location, you’ll have to wait another morning.

Lawn & Order

  1. Next day, go down to the entrance. Your landlady suggests the lawn could use some work. Try starting the mower in vain in the garage. Visit the mall and buy a gas tank at the general store called Consum-R. Pour gas inside the engine, get to work. Since your clothes are dirty, head down to the basement.
Allow 4 days to pass.
  1. Next day, meet Debbie and Tammy who are chatting outside home.

Fix the Pipe

  1. Next day, at the entrance, Debbie prompts you that a pipe has broken. Rush inside the shower to find yourself face-to-face with a wet Jenny. Close the water valve in the basement and come back. At least, your housemate is now showing some gratitude. Buy a wrench from Consum-R and fix the pipe inside the shower.
  2. Next day, peek Debbie while she’s in the shower.
Allow 4 days to pass.

The Chores

  1. After a couple of days, you will wonder if you can help Debbie around the house when waking up. In the morning, help her with the vacuum in the entrance.
  2. Wait a couple of days again, then when you ask yourself if you can help Debbie some more, in the morning, help her with the dishes in the kitchen.
  3. Next day, in the afternoon, help Debbie with the laundry in the basement. The landlady requires the lotion which is in her dresser; grab it and go back in the basement. Give Debbie a last help to unlock a sexy massage with her.

A Panty Named Desire

  1. Next day, enter Debbie’s bedroom, open her dresser, take her underwear and use the bed. Congratulation, you’re officially a pervert! In the evening, meet Debbie in the entrance, she invites you to watch TV together in the living room. Do it. It’s now your turn to enjoy a massage.

Learn to Kiss

  1. Next day, Debbie is waiting for you in the entrance. Accept to accompany her and get to the car in the garage. Once at the mall, go to the second floor then to the store called Cupid. Offer a necklace to Debbie. Join her in the dressing room to end the shopping with a kiss. This night, you have a naughty dream.
  2. Next day, weird sounds are coming from Debbie’s bedroom. Of course, you have to take a look to make sure she’s okay. She is doing very well by herself, as you and Jenny can testify. This night, you have a wet dream.
  3. Next day, try a direct approach with Debbie in the kitchen and convince her to teach you how to kiss. You need 5 in charisma to do so.
  4. Next day, enter into the shower while Debbie is having a wash.

Fix the Car

    1. Next day, a mechanical breakdown troubles the landlady in the entrance. Head to the garage and find the car in poor shape. Report to her, then go back to the car. While you call the dealership, Josephine explains the warranty has expired. You can either pay $8,000, use your charisma or friendship with her, to make the repairs free of charge. Wait 24 hours for the mechanic to finish and get Debbie’s touch inside the car.

Debbie’s Charity

    1. Next day, don’t hold back your desire anymore: steal Debbie’s panties inside her dresser and masturbate on the bed. Your act is justified because you like her and she agrees to let you finish. This night, in your bed, Debbie gives you a hand, literally.

Man of the House

  1. Next day, go outside. The bad guys are back for a final warning. Be a hero and protect Debbie. One bloody nose later, you are inside the shower and both naked…

Sleeping in Debbie’s Bed

  1. Next day, meet Debbie in the evening while she is in the hallway. Follow her inside her bedroom and sleep with her (among many others options).

Chit‐Chat with Diane

  1. Next day, wait for the evening and overhear Debbie confiding her feelings for you to Diane in the kitchen. Let’s hope she follows Diane’s advice!
  2. Next day, you run into Debbie in the hallway during the evening. Join her in the living room where she shows you how excited she is. Debbie finally succumbs to temptation.
  3. Next day, after getting to bed, you’re awaken by outside noise. Take a look in the backyard to surprise two drunk and horny chicks in the pool. Bring the towel from the shower and “warm up” Debbie. Again, you find her in your bed for an enjoyable moment together.
  4. Next day, meet the lady in the basement in the afternoon. Invite her to your bed. This evening, replay the previous scene.

Debbie’s Ambush

  1. Next day, a note has been left on your computer, read it. Collect the laundry basket in Debbie’s bedroom and go to the basement. Have wild sex, the washing machine has seen worse!
You get the achievement End of the chores.

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