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Summertime Saga Mia and Helen Route

In this Summertime Saga Mia and Helen Route, will Guide you how to play all the character events, Unlock all the Scenes.

Requirements – Summertime Saga Mia and Helen Route

  • Proceed through Ms. Bissette’s route up to step 2
  • Charisma up to 7
  • Strength up to 2
  • A library subscription
  • $1,670

Story – Summertime Saga Mia and Helen Route

Guess Who’s Coming to Study Tonight

You must have completed the first tutoring lesson with the French teacher.
  1. Wait for the evening and study with Mia at her house. When she asks if you also like her, the good answer is “Yes” of course.
  2. Next day, meet Mia’s parents, Helen and Harold, at their home during the afternoon. Come back in the evening; her mother busts you in the stairs and orders you to stay away from the daughter.
Harold’s favorite donut is random


  1. Next day, in the science classroom, Mia tells you how to get her father’s good side. Go to the police station and question his coworkers, Earl and Yumi, about his favorite donuts (it’s random). Buy the donuts box at Glazie’s, the donut shop. Return to the station and offer him the donuts.
You get the achievement Donut craving.

The Tattoo

  1. Next day, talk to Mia in science classroom. Then sneak into her bedroom in the evening. She wants you to draw a tattoo.
  2. Next day, go to the art classroom, click on the easel. Choose the purple butterfly. Another evening, another visit to Mia; show her your drawing.
Wait until Saturday morning.
  1. Meet Mia at Sugar Tats. Encourage her and contribute to the tattoo price.
Wait until Monday morning.
  1. At school, Mia invites you at home in order to show her tattoo. But you get caught by her mother in an embarrassing situation this night!

Mia’s Rescue & Aftermath

  1. You receive an urgent text message from Mia. Read it on your phone. Then run to her house, head to the second floor, and open the left door with the key you will find on the statue in Helen’s room. Liberate the captive before her parents arrive and quarrel.
Allow 4 days to pass.
  1. Harold can be found in the afternoon outside Mia’s house with his belongings under his arm. This is not good news. Enter inside the house and talk to Mia at the entrance. Then go upstairs and have another talk with Helen this time.

Helen’s Penance

Wait for Saturday or Sunday morning.
  1. Go to mass at the church. With the upper door, enter the reserved bedroom and take the priest’s chasuble. Go back downstairs; in the confessional, convince Helen to change (requires 3 in charisma). Put the habit back in its place and, in doing so, meet Sister Angelica. This afternoon, report your progress to Mia at her house, and get a kiss for your effort.

Harold is Missing

Allow 3 days to pass.
  1. You receive another message from Mia, read it. In the afternoon, find both the girl and her mother who are worried about Harold. First investigate his colleagues at the police station and take a look at the photo frame on his desk. All clues lead to Raven Hill. Speak to Mia’s father over there, then reassure the two women.

Convince Helen

Allow 3 days to pass.
  1. Sister Angelica gives you a visit to remind you of the agreement you’ve reached together. More information is provided at the church during the evening: the clergywoman is looking for a lost sheep and Helen is a natural choice. Next afternoon, inveigle Helen into taking part in the ritual (requires 5 in charisma). Wait for the evening and introduce Mia’s mother to the sister at church. The ancient sacrament begins now.

Harold’s Sunglasses

  1. Next day, Mia is waiting for you at school. Your new mission is to deliver the sunglasses to her father. The policeman asks you to go to the basement where a catfight is raging between Yumi and Crystal. Harold’s backup is needed.

The Red Corset

  1. Next day, in the afternoon, you surprise Helen in her bedroom while she is indulging herself. Do her a favor and bring her the ruby corset that is on sale at Pink.

Ancient Sacrament: the Whip

  1. Next day, Sister Angelica is back at your door. She professes that a whip is necessary for the ritual, an item also available in the sex shop. Wait for the evening and give the tool to the religious. Sister Angelica does not have a light hand when it comes to expiate the sins!

Stolen Goods

Learn more about the bag origin during Tammy and June’s route.
  1. Next day, in the afternoon, be sure to visit Helen to inquire about her condition after the whipping. Mia is planning a family dinner as she explains to you. Harold is too busy, so you have to talk to him and retrieve the thief’s bag for him, it’s behind a tree in the park, grab the golden key in the meantime (requires 5 in charisma).

Ancient Sacrament: the Strap‐on

  1. No two without three – Sister Angelica is again in your entrance the next morning! Have a last talk with Harold before buying the strap‐on at Pink. Back to the church, the sister and the sinner are exposing their nudity to God… and your eyes: should you proceed by yourself or let the religious impregnate Helen with holy seed? The route’s ending depends on this choice.
Save here for the branching.

Branch 1 – Make Helen Your Sex Slave

  1. Have sex with Helen.
  2. Next day, go see Harold at the police station; he made his decision and he’s leaving his wife. Mia and her mother confirm your doubts. You can now enhance Helen’s purification in afternoon in her place and at night in church.
You get the achievement Repentance.

Branch 2 – Take Mia’s Virginity

  1. Watch Sister Angelica use the dildo on Helen.
  2. Next day, visit Mia’s house to enjoy the picture of a reunited family. Wait until evening and join Mia in her bedroom; this night belongs to you! (Anal sex with the girl requires 7 in charisma)
You get the achievement Not a prude.

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