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Summertime Saga Roxxy Route

This Summertime Saga Roxxy Route, will Guide you how to play all the character events, Unlock all the Scenes.

Roxxy Route Requirements

  • Charisma up to 7
  • Dexterity up to 3
  • Strength up to 5
  • $400

Summertime Saga Roxxy Route Story


  1. Go to the third floor of the school and find Roxxy arguing with the teachers.
  2. Next day, spy on the conversation between Roxxy and her friends in the girls’ locker room.

The Shower

  1. Next day, go to school. Eve and Kevin tell you that Roxxy and Dexter have a dispute at the basketball court. Watch the show.
  2. Next day, go back to school; Erik tells you Coach Bridget is waiting for you. After a physical exercise at the courtyard, enter the boys’ locker room. Talk to Becca and Missy: you need 5 points in charisma to access the showers. The next scene proves that Roxxy has nothing to hide!

Lollipop for Homework

  1. Next day, go to the French classroom. Roxxy needs your homework so bad she gives you her lollipop in exchange. Go get the French homework from your locker and give it to her.
  2. Next day, go to school where you get confronted by Dexter.
  3. Next day, go to school. Ms. Bissette assigns you the task of helping Roxxy. Wait for the evening, and go to the trailer park, the new location has been unlocked on the left side of the map. Approach the trailer, she lives here with her mother Crystal and her cousin Clyde. Go back to your home’s entrance where Debbie welcomes the girl. Study together in your bedroom.

Roxxy’s Uniform

Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. In the school hall, Roxxy is talking with her best friends: she is missing her cheerleading uniform. Accompany her to the trailer. Talk with Crystal at the trailer and with Clyde at the tractor. Win the shooting minigame. Find Clyde’s pet Dogeek in the shack. What a strange dog! Next stops are the trailer and the trailer bedroom. Then back to school, Roxxy thanks you for your help.

Fake ID

  1. Next day, enter the French classroom, Eve informs you that Roxxy and Dexter are arguing again at the basketball court. Go over there to attend the scene. Return into the classroom and talk to Roxxy about drinks. Do the same with Erik; he tells you that a guy makes fake IDs at the pier. Report the good news to the girls. The pier is a new location near the beach. Inquire with Captain Terry about the fake ID. Again, return to Roxxy and agree to meet her at Hillside Mall. So go to the mall, then to the photo booth on the second floor. You get a photo of you both.
  1. The compromising picture

Make sure you have $400, the price of the fake ID. Return at the pier where the girls meet Terry. Enjoy the next sexy scene (the choice doesn’t matter)!

Crystal in Jail

Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. Go to school, Roxxy takes you to her mobile home. Read the message on the trailer’s door, go find Clyde at the tractor. Go home, have a discussion with Debbie and Roxxy about the situation. Now that the building has been unlocked, enter the police station and head for the office. Talk to Earl, the chief officer eating a donut, then go talk with Crystal imprisoned in the basement. Go to the trailer park and ask Clyde what he thinks about Crystal in prison and Roxxy. Convincing him to help requires 7 in charisma.

Selling the Meth

  1. Talk to Roxxy at school. Give another visit to Clyde and make him agree to sell the meth. Wait for the evening and meet him at Roxxy’s trailer: time to deal some drug with Pilly, the suspicious guy near the left bench at the park. Go to sleep.
  2. Next day, go to school. Roxxy thanks you.

Vodka for Becca

Allow 3 days to pass.
  1. Back in Ms. Bissette’s classroom, have Roxxy’s insight into how is everything going. The beach party is tempting, but first you need to get on Becca’s good side. Seek advice from Missy at the basketball court: bringing a GoldSchwagger vodka will do the job. Captain Terry offers you the liquor free of charge.

Spin the Bottle

Wait until Saturday afternoon.
  1. Party time! Go to the beach and play to spin the bottle with the girls.

The French Exams

  1. In the French classroom, Roxxy convinces you to steal the exams. How to refuse in the face of such arguments! Wait for the evening and go to Principal Smith’s house, on the left side of the school. Go upstairs, enter the bedroom and look behind the painting above the desk. With the key, open it and take the exams. Go out the window.
  2. Next day, give the exams to Roxxy at school. Enjoy the locker scene.
  3. Next day, Ms. Dewitt requisitions you to put stuff in the assembly hall. Once there, you witness Dexter harassing Becca. Telling Roxxy what has happened or remaining silent doesn’t change anything. You’re now invited to the bikini contest.

Bikini Contest

Wait until Saturday afternoon.
  1. The bikini contest is here! Go to the beach water and speak to Captain Terry who is on stage with Miss Sara. Then to the girls who are next to it. Follow Roxxy into the changing room after her bikini broke. Fortunately, Miss Sara left her own bikini hanging off the stage; give it to Roxxy. Go take the massage oil in the beach tower, and bring it back to her. Enjoy the massage session. Thanks to your efforts, Roxxy wins the contest.


  1. Next week, go to school. Erik takes you to the school courtyard where Dexter challenges you in a new push‐ups minigame. Its difficulty is based on your strength stat (it determines how fast your bar fills up: strength at 1 makes it possible but 5 is recommended since you’re going to need it later on). Beat Dexter.

Picnic with Roxxy

  1. Next day, go to school and accept Roxxy’s invitation. Meet her in the trailer park in the afternoon. The dinner is ruined by the rain, so follow Roxxy in her bedroom inside the trailer. Dexter surprises you while you kiss his girlfriend. How could it be any worse?

Challenges Accepted

  1. Go to school. Dexter is waiting for you at the courtyard. Humiliate him at basketball.
  2. Next day, go to school. Make sure your stats are high enough before you continue. Dexter challenges you in a fight that requires at least 5 in strength and 3 in dexterity to give you enough time to press the correct buttons. Give him a lesson. Roxxy wants to hang out in the evening, so go to the trailer’s bedroom where you can finally have sex with her.
You get the achievement You’re the man.

Optional scenes

Fun in the Locker

Hang out with Roxxy in the trailer one more time; then on the next day, go to school. The gang is discussing how good you are in bed. This unlocks further progress for the beach minigame. The alpha bitch takes you in the locker for some enjoyable action.

Spin the Bottle

Wait until Saturday or Sunday evening.
Join the girls at the beach and play the minigame. Where the bottle stops gives you a different scene. If the spin points at you, then the best reward is yours!

Mother like Daughter

Hang out with Roxxy in the trailer one more time; then on the next day, talk to Crystal during the day.
Summertime Saga Roxxy Route

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