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Summertime Saga Ms. Dewitt Route

This Summertime Saga Ms. Dewitt Route, will Guide you how to play all the character events, Unlock all the Scenes.

Ms. Dewitt Route Requirement

  1. The master key from Mrs. Smith’s office

Summertime Saga Ms. Dewitt Route Story


  1. Meet Ms. Melody Dewitt and her “ladies” in the music classroom.

Get a Flute

  1. Next day, the music teacher promises you to help you if you give a hand for the talent show. But first you need an instrument: take a look at the checkout sheet in the locker, then find Judith in the left hallway and question her about the flute. With the master key, open Judith’s locker (the one with COW note on it). The flute is in such poor condition that Erik advises you to make a new one. Go to Raven Hill and take the stick on the floor. In your home garage, take the drill on the shelf by the left and use the workbench by the right. Report to Ms. Dewitt.

Find Volunteers

  1. Next day, Ms. Dewitt expresses her concern about the talent show. You are of course roped in and have to find two other volunteers. Eve is your first choice, so tell her about the show. She agrees to pass an audition with the help of Erik’s karaoke machine. Wait for the evening and meet your friends in Erik’s basement. Win the minigame and… boobs!
  2. Next day, wait for the afternoon and go test Kevin about the talent show at the cafeteria; he could be your guitarist if you find him the instrument. Convince Erik that Mr. Johnson’s guitar can be replaced by a fake one. Moreover, you did make a flute! Get the wood planks from the treehouse, then go looking for the paint. First search your garage: nothing. Ask Debbie where the paint is, then do the same with Diane. You can now enter the shed in her garden and grab the precious paint. Go back inside the garage and use the workbench. Make the change in Erik’s basement… or you could have just asked Mrs. Johnson politely.
  3. Next day, give the guitar to Kevin and you got him in the band! Inform Ms. Dewitt the show must go on.

Clean the assembly hall

  1. Next day, in the music classroom, everybody is talking about the talent show. Head to the assembly hall: the place is a ruin. Follow the trail to Principal Smith’s office and look through the keyhole to find the culprits. The music teacher is saddened when you talk to her in the classroom. Meet the rap gang at the park this evening. Beers will encourage them to clean the assembly hall. Head to Erik’s house. While your best friend is playing in his bedroom, talk to him about beer. Take the beer case in his basement.
  2. Next day, enter the assembly hall where the little gang is already at work. Find the teacher in the music classroom and come back for the surprise. In her office, Ms. Dewitt demonstrates her twerk skill to her students.

The Sticky Plan

  1. Next day, meet Eve and Kevin in the music classroom, then in the science classroom. The adhesive works perfectly. But the courage of your comrades ends there, so urge Erik for his help. Make sure you have taken the master key. Wait for the evening and meet him in front of the schoolyard. Follow the strange robed people in the left hallway then continue your mission on the third floor inside Principal Smith’s office. Be evil.

Talent Show

  1. Next day, see how the plan is going in the principal’s office. In the meantime, the talent show has begun in the assembly hall. Join your band, Eve and Kevin, and give the long‐awaited concert. The show is a success, and Ms. Dewitt shows you her gratitude in a rather unique way during the thank‐you speech.
  2. Talk to the music teacher in the classroom, then wait for the evening and enter her office. Melody rewards you very generously.
You get the achievement Music taste.

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