Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga Ms. Ross Route

This Summertime Saga Ms. Ross Route, will Guide you how to play all the character events, Unlock all the Scenes.

Ms. Ross Route Requirements

  • Charisma up to 3
  • Dexterity up to 3
  • Intelligence up to 5
  • Strength up to 6
  • The master key from Mrs. Smith’s office
  • A library subscription

Summertime Saga Ms. Ross Story


  1. Enter the art classroom. The teacher, Ms. Barbara Ross, welcomes you with compassion. Grab the block of clay on top of the closet. Because Principal Smith canceled the art supplies, you are now enrolled in an art contest.

Partner & Artpad

  1. Next day, in the art classroom, Ms. Ross suggests Mia as your new partner. Go in the science class in the morning and talk to Mia about art sessions (requires 3 in charisma). The teacher requests now an artpad. Wait for the afternoon, and meet Eve in the school right hallway. It would be too easy if her artpad wasn’t in the backpack she left in the park. Bring it back to Eve after you took it, but… no artpad inside! Chad is the thief, and thankfully he is also next to you, speak to him. Eve’s drawing will be his bargaining chip. Open Eve’s locker with the master key, take and give it to him. Report to Ms. Ross. Phew, it’s done!

The Search for Magazines

Next day, Ms. Ross asks you to find three stacks of magazines. Go to the library and talk to the Jane. Still empty‐handed, search around the school:

  • Go to the teachers’ lounge on the second floor. Convince Ms. Dewitt to give you a small stack of magazines (requires 5 in intelligence).
  • Wait for the afternoon and go on the basketball court. Grab the nude magazines here and look like a freak (requires 3 in dexterity).
  • Still in the afternoon, find Kevin reading a “men” magazine in the cafeteria.

With a huge stack of magazines in inventory, go back to the art teacher for the collage and find out one of her secret talents.

Easel & Nude Modelling

  1. Next day, talk to Ms. Ross: she needs a new easel. Head to the treehouse behind Erik’s house and take wood planks. In your garage, use the workbench on the right side. Report back to hear bad news: the nude model won’t come. Convince Judith to be the new model and return to Ms. Ross. Barbara’s brownies may be special, but everyone is now relaxed enough to follow the art teacher’s advice. The principal surprises you all naked. She made an offer you can’t refuse: if you paint her, Ms. Ross won’t be fired.

Linens, Ink & Painting

  1. Next day, Ms. Ross sends you to the church. There, talk to Sister Angelica to get old rags. Report to Ms. Ross, the paint is missing. Eve is the first person you need to talk, then go to the tattoo parlor in north of town. Grace, Eve’s older sister, agrees to give you some ink if you help her with the boxes. Do it (requires 6 in strength). In the art classroom, Ms. Ross tells you you’re almost ready, the colors have to be mixed:
  • Blue + Yellow = Green
  • Red + Yellow = Orange
  • Blue + Red = Purple
  • Red + White = Pink

The Queen and her slave are coming for the posing. With a such beautiful vision, create a masterpiece.

First Prize

Allow 1 week to pass.
  1. Enter the art classroom. You are awarded the first prize by Iwanka, the daughter of the mayor. Ms. Ross wooes you to join her in her office in the evening. Do so and enjoy the body painting lesson!
You get the achievement Painting in the nude.

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