Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga Consuela Route

This Summertime Saga Consuela Route, will Guide you how to play all the character events, Unlock all the Scenes, and what to do when pregnant.

Consuela Route Requirements

  • Rump estate unlocked and open through the main story up to step 28
  • Charisma up to 7
  • $6,000

Summertime Saga Consuela Story

 The first three steps cannot be played if you’ve already finished the second part of the main story. If so, the walkthrough must be followed directly from the fourth step called Get a Job.

Mistress and Maid

  1. Next day, there is no question of leaving the maid to her sad fate, so come back in the morning and have a talk with Melonia about her. Ricky awaits you in the estate backyard in the afternoon to discuss the replacement.

This Is the Droid You’re Looking For

  1. Head for Pink store, in the shopping mall. Ivy promotes a robot designed to be the mayor’s perfect new help. Thotbot costs, however, $1,000.
Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. Bring the package from Pink to the Rumps’ residence. Consuela’s dismissal gets you all the blame!

Get a Job

Meet Father Keeves at the church on the weekend if his introduction hasn’t already been done.
Wait for the next weekday.

It’s on the sidewalk of the shopping mall that you find the Latina, begging for a new job:

  • The search for a new employer takes you to the church where you mention Consuela to the priest. Go back to her. Unfortunately, the later meeting between the applicant and the clerics turned out to be a fiasco!
  • Accompany the woman to the school; but here again, she refuses the post when confronted with her own daughter’s intransigence.
  • Last choice is the hospital. Third time’s a charm… well, not really, since this job imposes a somewhat interview with the receptionist in the second‐floor storage room…

Thanks to your sacrifice, Consuela has now a new position. But her story doesn’t end here!


Who’s the Boss?

  1. Acquire the beachhouse for $5,000.
Allow 1 week to pass.
  1. Enter the beachhouse and sleep in the bed on the second floor.
  2. Next day, you get an impromptu visit from Consuela and Martinez. To show her gratitude, she becomes your housekeeper.

Living Loving Maid

  1. Next day, in the afternoon, Consuela is already at work, singing and waddling the bottom in the kitchen. Check on her.
Allow 1 week to pass.
  1. As usual, the maid is in the kitchen in the afternoon. But her dedication to the house cleanup extends now to its occupant.
Allow 1 week to pass.
  1. Your awakening in the beachhouse is interrupted by the exclamations of Martinez, who doesn’t share the same consideration for you.
  2. Next day, in the afternoon, Consuela unveils an unobstructed view of her, enough to take away all your self‐restraint. Options let you judge if she should or shouldn’t be dressed for housework.

Summertime Saga Consuela Pregnancy

For more information about the feature, see Pregnancy Guide.

Sex with Consuela provides the option of making her pregnant. One week later, read the phone message and visit the beachhouse for the announcement. A new message ends the fifth week and notifies she has given birth; read it and meet the Latina woman at the hospital. It takes another two weeks until the newborn is sent to daycare and you can resume normal activities with Consuela.

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