Summertime Saga

Summertime Saga Ms. Bissette Route

In this Summertime Saga Ms. Bissette Route, will Guide you how to play all the character events, Unlock all the Scenes, and what to do when pregnant.

Ms. Bissette Route Requirements

  • Strength up to 2
  • A working computer
  • A library subscription
  • The master key from Mrs. Smith’s office
  • $500

Summertime Saga Ms. Bissette Route Story

French Dictionary

  1. Enter the French classroom and talk to Ms. Bissette about the private tutoring, you receive the mission to get a French dictionary. Go to library and talk to Jane, the librarian. Check the bookshelf and take the dictionary. Inform the librarian of the pages ripped off. Report to Ms. Bissette. The french teacher suggests you borrow a classmate’s dictionary. Talk to Judith in the left hallway to obtain her (you may need to comfort her in the girls’ locker room first if not yet done). Go to the computer lab, try the printer and ask June for help. “Fixing” the printer requires 2 in strength. Return to French classroom to start the first lesson. Don’t forget to give the dictionary back to Judith.

French Food

  1. Next day, find Principal Smith yelling at Ms. Bissette in the classroom. Your next homework is about food. Visit the library and talk to Jane. She orders your book in exchange for help: 3 overdue books have to be returned from Erik, Martinez and Dexter.
  • Talk to Erik: he has lost it in his bedroom. During the day, go to his house and check under the bed for the first book.
  • At school, go to the left hallway where Martinez makes fun of you. Follow her in the boys’ locker room. Open her backpack to pick the second book up while the Latinas are busy in the showers.
  • In the afternoon, meet Dexter at the basketball court. He’s not much of a talker either. So, head to the right hallway, open the beaten up locker and collect the third book (requires the master key). For sure Dexter has school difficulties!

Report to the librarian and get the book from her. Go home and do the school work on your computer.

  1. Next day, enter the French classroom. After the class, the teacher introduces you to her special reward.

French Romance

  1. Next day, you receive a new assignment from Ms. Bissette, writing a romantic poem in French. You know what to do: go to the library and talk to Jane. Wait for the afternoon and Mia appears at the library. Speak to her, then take the French romance book in the library back room. At home, use your computer to finish the homework.
  2. Next day, head to the computer lab and use the printer. Hand your poem to Ms. Bissette in her classroom. She invites you to recite it with a partner for the class. How embarrassing for Roxxy! The French teacher gives you one last private lesson.

Save the Cheerleader, Save the Test

  1. Next day, wait for the evening and go to Ms. Bissette’s office on the third floor. She pleads for convincing Roxxy to attend the upcoming exam.
  2. Next day, talk to Roxxy. She accepts on the condition that you retrieve her pom‐poms. Make your way to Coach Bridget’s office in the morning, open the locker and take them. Quickly hide inside the locker for an extra scene when you hear the coach coming back. After returning the pom‐poms, you offer Roxxy Jenny’s help for her routine. Go home, find Jenny in her bedroom and pay $500 for the help. Go back and speak to Roxxy. Wait for the next afternoon. At home, go downstairs and welcome the cheerleader. Make sure the girls are “training” in Jenny’s bedroom.
  3. Next day, wait for the evening and deliver the good news to Ms. Bissette in her office.

French Quiz

  1. Next day, enter the classroom and pass the French quiz test. Join Ms. Bissette upstairs in the evening; she proves to you the French make the best lovers!
You get the achievement Excellent français.

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