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Summertime Saga Jenny Route

In this Summertime Saga Jenny Route, will Guide you how to play all the character events, Unlock all the Scenes, and what to do when pregnant.

Jenny Route Requirements

  • Intelligence around 5
  • Strength up to 7
  • A working computer
  • $1,700–$2,060

Summertime Saga Jenny Route Story

  • In several steps, you need Jenny to be in the shower, the dining room or the backyard. If the girl is not in the right location, you have to wait for another morning.
  • The way you reply to your housemate changes how she treats you, from disdain to respect, and how much money she asks. There are four choices where you can face her▲ or submit yourself▼. This does not add or remove any scenes.


  1. Peep Jenny under the shower in the morning.
  2. Next day, wait for the afternoon and go down to the entrance to eavesdrop and learn more about her financial issue.
Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. Have breakfast in the morning with Jenny in the dining room.

Big Daddy

Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. In the evening, go to the upstairs hallway. Jenny is talking in her room about a… big daddy? Actually, she’s having a good time watching a movie. Buy her silence with money.

Hot Photos

Allow 3 days to pass.
  1. In the morning, go to the dining room to share another breakfast with the girl. She is absorbed by a social media called Sluttygram. What wouldn’t she do to please new followers? You’re embarking on a new career as erotica photographer.

Dear Diary

  1. Next day, in the morning, enter her bedroom while she washes. Read the naughty thoughts inside her diary. Then open the bedside table where you try to steal the panties. Jenny catches you in the act! Refuse▲ or consent▼ to pay to see the photos.

Indecent Proposal

Allow 3 days to pass.
  1. Join up with your cotenant for breakfast. She is still glued to her phone screen. Deny▲ or agree▼ that Jenny is hot. Follow her in her room for a new deal, this time about her boobs.

Electro Clit

Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. Jenny rushes into your room in the early morning. Once in her bedroom, she requires a special toy to continue her business. Go to Hillside Mall, then to the sex shop called Pink. Fortunately for you, the librarian is not satisfied with the purchase and you get the Electro Clit back on the shop counter. Wait for the afternoon and give Jenny the toy. She lets you admire her forms in the simplest outfit.

UltraVibe 2000

Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. In the morning, Jenny and Debbie are in the kitchen talking about the girl’s new job. Confront her▲ or let her go▼. Depending on your answer, continue respectively in the hallway or the dining room.
  2. Next day, Jenny is at the entrance, ready to go shopping. After negotiation, you accompany her to the mall where you encounter Grace. In the sex shop, take the blue‐and‐white ringed dildo.

Computer Snooping

  • Next day, your curiosity leads you to spy at Jenny’s journal again. Wait for her to be in the shower and sneak into her room. Looks like Jenny has become a camgirl! The journal discloses an interest for a particular sex toy. Check the laptop but you don’t have enough time; delay until the evening and return. Type BADMONSTER as password to log in. Her emails indicate she has an account for both LiveCrush and Pink Channel. Next, open the CAMslut app and click on the Videos button. Privacy is outdated, so connect both computers (requires around 5 in intelligence). Well done! Now go on your computer; you can enjoy her previous CAMslut videos via the remote access.

Is It a Gift? (the Bad Monster)

Allow 3 days to pass.
  • In the morning, check for new video on your computer. Time to get that famous Bad Monster: purchase the big and very green dildo at Pink. Give the present to the camgirl in the afternoon.
  • Next day, a new video awaits you on CAMslut. The girl uses her expertise to make two toys disappear at once!

A Porn Star Is Born

Allow 2 days to pass.
  • As usual in the morning, Jenny is eating breakfast in the dining room. She requisitions you for a favor and grants you a payment in kind. The redheaded guy at the back of the gym is Cedric, talk to him about Jenny. His refusal doesn’t make it any easier for you, and you must now report to his crazy ex‐girlfriend.
Allow 3 days to pass.
  • Wait for the evening and get out of your bedroom. You surprise Jenny chatting completely naked, which leads you to experiment the Bad Monster in another way!
  • Next morning, use the telescope to watch Mia. Jenny busts you and exposes your anatomy. You are hired for the next show! Wait for the afternoon and enter her bedroom where she insists you hide your face. Go to the mall where a replica of Pink Cyclone mask is available at Cosmic Cumics. Back in Jenny’s bedroom, the girl gives you an appointment for the following day.

First Camshow: Manual Handling

  • Next day, in the afternoon, go back to Jenny’s room. The girl takes charge of things for your first porn video.
  • Next day, in the morning, receive your earning from Jenny in the dining room; this also unlocks a camshow option in her bedroom.

Pink Channel

Allow 2 days to pass.
  1. In the evening, catch Jenny masturbating in the living room. You are invited to the party dedicated to foot lovers! You can now use her login (L6bv12R) and password (12345) to watch Pink Channel on the TV in the evening whenever you want.

Second Camshow: Mutual Pleasuring

  1. Next day, Jenny wakes you up with all the delicacy that characterizes her. In the afternoon, come into her bedroom as agreed: no time to waste, “Princess Jenny” is ready for the shooting!
  2. Next day, Jenny gives you your part during the breakfast.
  3. Next day, ogle Tammy… and Erik through the telescope. This view inspires Jenny, and she has a naughty idea.

Third Camshow: Bdsm, Cheerleader, Raw Sex

  1. Next day, in the dining room, Jenny informs you the next show is scheduled today. Say something▲ or remain silent▼. First, get her old cheerleader uniform from the attic: take the small key in the entrance, the stool in the garage, then open the trapdoor in the hallway, and bring Jenny the clothes. Both properly dressed and undressed, you’re up for a new camshow. If you faced her (▲) in the previous choices and if you have at least 7 in strength, you can break the handcuffs for more raw sex.
Do not make Jenny pregnant in order to progress further in her route.

Exciting Movie

Wait for Saturday or Sunday morning.
  1. In the entrance, you are asked to call Jenny for breakfast. Head to the backyard. But a creepy guy is observing you and the only lead you get on him is a ticket. The stalker, whose name is Mr. Bubbles, is at the theater counter in the mall. In the afternoon, use the free tickets you get for the trouble, to date Jenny at the cine, and witness her vengeance! Since the movie is terrible, she imagines another way to entertain herself, which involves your hand and her crotch. The girl carries on the affair in your bed that night.
  2. Next day, find Jenny and Debbie in the dining room. You can enjoy new interactions with Jenny in the shower!
You get the achievement Prolific camshow.

Summertime Saga Jenny Optional scenes guide

The Girlfriend Experience

Allow 3 days to pass.
Have a little talk with Jenny in the hallway, in the morning.
Next morning, get ready for another look in Jenny’s diary. Her feelings for you are becoming conflicting. The perfect gift to seduce her is a necklace from Cupid store in the mall; buy and give any one of them to Jenny. The surprise results as expected, the ex‐cheerleader being more convinced by cash. Tonight, accept her new experience, which begins on the couch and ends in your bed!

Happy Meal

In the morning, eat breakfast with Jenny in the dining room. When you suggest her to fool around, she seizes the day to satisfy her sexual appetite.

In Bed with Jenny

Invite yourself directly into her bed at late night, and Jenny will be easily convinced to go further.


Wait for Saturday or Sunday morning.
As Jenny is relaxing by the pool, offer her to fool around with you in the water; what follows is a blend of sexual intercourse and drowning.

Summertime Saga Jenny Pregnancy

For more information about the feature, see Pregnancy Guide.

Sex with Jenny provides the option of making her pregnant. One week later, read the phone message and visit her bedroom for the announcement. By the third week, attend the discussion between Debbie and Jenny in the kitchen; two more weeks and you find Jenny in the bathroom. A new message ends the fifth week and notifies she’s in labor; read it and meet the women at the hospital. It takes another two weeks until the newborn is sent to daycare and you can resume normal activities with Jenny.


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