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Naedoko Demon’s Ground Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Naedoko Demon’s Ground Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the collectibles of the game.

Souvenirs – Naedoko Demon’s Ground Walkthrough & Guide

1- Wood Carved Wolf – Twilight Cape – Chest in the cave on your way to the Pregnant Princess Village

2- Energy Clump – Forest Path – Chest in the first room inside.

3- Picture of a Beauty – Pregnant Princess Base – Get it from Seig after giving her a crystal.

4- Island Plate – Go to the lever room and flip the lower left lever. Exit that room and step on the circle in the lower left corner.

5- Smooth Wood Ball – Pregnant Princess Base – Given to you by the girl you saved in the forest.

6- Cherry Blossom Kimono – Given as a reward for giving Kakae an egg.

7- Hermit Fruit – Twilight Forest – From the haystack that you land on, go up the path on the right 1 screen. It’s in the chest.

8- Fermented Liquor – Swamp Village – Buy it from the vendor for 1000 YG.

9- Red Castle – Inside the cave that was guarded by a scorpion at the start of the game. Can’t get it until some point later.

10- Intact Shell – Bottom of Well (Cloudy Swamp) – Behind the “boss” at the bottom of the well.

11- Pirate Orange – Pirate Ship – Captain’s quarters. Box on the left hand side of the room.

12- Navy’s Cannonball – Pirate Ship – Lower quarters, beside stairwell going up where you caught up with Jard.

13- Sulfur Stone – Pregnant Princess Hot Springs – Before climbing the stairs beside the dragon statute, check the dirt near the water on the right.

14- Dragonfly – Pregnant Princess Hot Springs – Play the minigame. Go up the left hand side. It’s all the way at the back.

15- Premium Cure Banana – Pregnant Princess Hot Springs – In the onsen area on the right hand side.

16- Crystal Art – Spectre Ruins – First area. Take the path down the left hand side. It’s hidden behind the blue crystal at the end.

17- Exploration Crab – Ruins Fishing Place – Same place where you caught the small fish. Keep fishing. You can also get Eliza’s Pantys here (I used them for the rest of the game).

18- Spiritual Miracle Drug – Tower Middle Layer – Follow Jard. When you run into her she’ll give it to you.

19- Golden Torii Gate – Tower Middle Layer – After regaining control after the boss fight, go back into the boss’s room and enter the door on the left.

20- Lamentation String – Near Middle Layer – After beating Eve Trooper, it will be on the ground to the right. It looks like rolled up rope.

21- Crimson Root Vegetables – Upper Jungle – After visiting the ruins and going back into the jungle, it’ll be on the left hand side across a bridge.

22- Kitsune Muffler – Tower Upper Layer – In the room where Jard is kidnapped by fairies. It’s the box on the bottom left.

23- Demon’s Chili – Knight’s Residential Area – In the base on the counter next to the monster that lets you switch your party.

24- Yamabiko’s Echo – Knight’s Residential Area – Inside the warehouse (reminder: short quest to gain access). Box on the left just inside the door.

25- Iron Ball Stake – Knight’s Pub – In the kitchen area, inside a box in the lower right hand side of the room.

26- Mystery Canned Food – Knight’s Factory – Boss room on the left hand side before the long broken bridge. Box is upper right, near the lava.

27- Phantom Fish – Knight’s Residential Area – Screen with the vendors. Use Loveswim to “fish” it out of the water.

28- Natural Lava Statue – Knight’s Factory – Use Cokeball to retrieve the chests across the lava on the right and left. Left = YG, right = souvenir.

29- Large Charcaoal – Upper Layer Outer Circumference – Outside of the cave where you spent the night with Hannon, to the right.

30- Slimy Octopus – Upper Layer Outer Circumference – Screen where the stairs leading to the “Inside a Monster” area. Up the first flight, left hand side – it looks like a trap.

31- Tentacle Agate – Inside A Monster – Stay to the left as your moving up the dungeon. It’s guarded by a “boss”.

32- Hyoro Yam – Futanari Fairy Village – In the building where you run into Jard, box up by the bed.

33- Wet Vegetable – Futanari Fairy Village – In the shopping area. Box is on the far left, up near the counter for the vendor.

34- Snow White Root – Futanari Fairy Village – Inside the building where you trade things for Mimi’s upgrade item. Box up near the bed.

35- Monster Fur Rug – Knight’s HQ Executive Area – Trade 5 Beast Fur to the lady in the lower left section.

36- Fluffy Futon – Knight’s HQ Executive Area – Trade 5 Fluffy Hair to the lady in the lower left section.

37- Sun Lantern – Inside Artificial Sun – Longest room with pools going up the left and right. Box is in the upper right.

38- Gritty Paper – Knight’s HQ Executive Area – Same room room where you traded fur/hair for #35/36. Box is in the lower right corner.

39- Red Coral Decoration – Pregnant Princess Hot Springs – With Snow-tan in party, talk to the wisp in the room to the right as in the residential/hotel area (or whatever it is).

40- Osafune – Almost anywhere – Deep World Transform No-Face.

41- Millenium Sake – Asura’s Domain – From the starting point go: Left, Up, Right, Up, Up, Right, Right, Right. Talk to the water witch, then fill the cup on the right hand side between the pillars.

42- Empire Pastry – Adventure’s Rest Area – Guild building. After figuring out what currency is used, talk to the lady behind the counter on the right.

43- Beautiful Warrior’s Harness – Knight’s HQ Executive Area – After defeating Pufiru, go back in the fight room and pick up the dropped armor. Give it to the lady at the top of the area where you did #35/36/38.

44- Flame Wheel – Adventurer’s Rest Area – Take Peccaros to see the blacksmith (upper right building).

45- High Class Tokkuri – Adventurer’s Rest Area – Take a Kunoichi Ticket (minigame at hotsprings) to the vendor in the blacksmith’s building (upper right building).

46- Life Sized Doll – Adventurer’s Rest Area – Take Zashiki to see the puppet maker in the blacksmith’s building (upper right building).

47- Fossilized Flower – Asura’s Domain – Chest to the south of where you saved your cousin. Have to save the cousin before the vines will go away allowing you access.

Costumes – Naedoko Demon’s Ground Walkthrough & Guide

-Bath Time – Pregnant Princess Hot Springs – Get it when you visit the onsen area of the hot springs. [Main Story]

-Bunny – Knight’s Pub – Work in the pub. [Main Story]

-Cursed Panties – Twilight Cape – From the cave where you start, there is a lady washing clothes in front of a bridge. It’s in the chest to her left.

-Eliza’s Clothes – On top of Yamana – After beating the first “final boss”. [Main Story]

-Knight’s Armor – Tower Upper Layer – Room where Jard is kidnapped by fairies. Box is in the upper left corner of the room.

-Kunoichi Garb – Pregnant Princess Hot Springs – Beat the minigame.

-Light Adventurer – Swamp Village – In the doctor’s house in a chest in the lower right corner.

-Magical Seraph – Akurem HQ: Prison Facility – Take Troymel to the lady staring at the statue looking for ideas. Go back to base, sleep and return to the lady.

-Plant Bikini – Twilight Forest – Made by Jard at the campsite before facing the Magical Touch Thundercloud. [Main Story]

-Simple Animal – Pregnant Princess Base – Given to you at the beginning of the game. [Main Story]

-Swamp Witch – Swamp Village – Given to you by Kakae as a reward for an egg.

-Tentacle Suit – Inside A Monster – Cutscene with Michelle. It allows you to progress in the dungeon. [Main Story]

-Onihime Miko – Anywhere – DWT Onimiko.

-Imp Maid – Anywhere – DWT Beelzebub.

-Take Off – Pregnant Princess Base – Just listed here to be complete. You get the ability to remove your clothes at the same time you get the “Simple Animal” costume. [Main Story]

Swimsuits – Naedoko Demon’s Ground Walkthrough & Guide

-Goldrush – Knight’s Residential Area – Show 100,000 YG to the adventurer selling jelly of the building where everyone’s looking for jars.

-Machinery – Tower Exit – After beating Crystal Engineer Liezel and Knight Cherny, wait to regain control of your character then go back in the fight room and talk with Crystal Engineer Lizel.

-Nomad – Residential Area Dungeon – Chest in the lower right area (south of where you can go upstairs or into the factory).

-Passion Beat – Pregnant Princess Base – Gifted to you from the girl you save in the Twilight Forest by giving a Return Petals.

-Ranger – HQ Store – Given by the Bed Manager Princess when you sleep in the store.

-Sling Ring – Twilight Cape – Beside the lady washing clothes. Not there initially but should be after visiting the base for the first time.

-Starfish – Pregnant Princess Base – Given to you by Toto after you show her 45 companions.

-Sunset Beach – Adventurer’s Rest Area – Purchased after beating the game and figuring out what the currency above-ground is.

-Twin Heart – Pregnant Princess Base – Given by Sieg in return for the recording crystal.

-Swimsuit – Anywhere – DWT Dromog.

-Ninja Girl – Anywhere – DWT Ningirl.

-Insect Swimsuit – Anywhere – DWT Red Lady.

-Snow Cross – Anywhere – DWT Snow-tan.

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