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Lucky Mark Walkthrough V 18.0

Welcome to lucky mark walkthrough,we’ll guide you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

V.18 (Final version)

By CulayTL & NanoNani


Attractiveness:Cleanliness, physical fitness and self-confidence.
Charisma:Learned by looking in mirror in your room.
Imagination:Learned by watching fantastic film in your room.
Persuasion:Learned on computed course for $75.
Education:Learned by reading book in your room, and writing coursework for 4+ hours (Allows
helping Chris with coursework).
Programming:Learned on computed courses for free, and working for 4+ Hours (Allows you take jobs
from Bill. At 20 database $150, at 40 errors $350 and at 60 application $1000).
Hacking:Learned on computed course for free. (You need 60 for photo hack jobs.)
Massage:Learned on computed course for $50.
Erotic Massage:Learned on computed course for $100.
Photo:Learned on computed course for $75.

Notes: Below skills that are hidden:

Style:Learned by watching fashion show on TV and on ViewTube on computer.
Luck:Learned on ViewTube. By default you have 75; you might want to raise it to 100, if you
want to use “Wait a little longer” when spying.


(Can have once a day.)

Bill: Sex, Politics, Food, Travel, Cars and Money.

Elena: Sex, Fashion, Travel, Fitness, Cars and Party.

Christina: Relationship, Horses, Fashion, Music, Travel and Books.

Zari: Weather, Family, Music, Food, Travel and Money.

Annie: Family, Horses, Music, Food, Science and Books.

Gifts: (As many as money allows.)

Bill: Whiskey.

Elena: Truffle candies. Christina: Plush toy.

Zari: Flowers.

Annie: Books.

Some of sympathy requirements

Bill: None.


  • To start Oil for tanning event: 30
  • To start Company for the evening event: 100


  • Help with homework: 10
  • Wash hands at bathroom: 30
  • Help with coursework: 30
  • Help with workout: 50
  • To start Work at home event: 50
  • To start Secret Party event: 70

Annie: None as far as I know.


  • Date with Zari:
    • Massage at spa: 100
    • Sunbathe: 200
    • Pool: 350
    • Jacuzzi: 500

Mark events – lucky mark walkthrough

Interesting Journey:

  • Complete Elena event Breakfast under the Table.
  • Find Elena and ask her: “Learn more information about Bill” (Can be asked anywhere).
  • Complete Bill event Good Boss.
  • Talk to Bill about Annie.
  • Talk with Annie on Phone.
  • Talk to Bill about tickets.
  • Call Annie and Transfer $1500 for tickets.
  • Talk to Annie again.
  • Wait for Annie Arrive.
  • Tell Bill, Annie arrived.
  • Talk to Annie.
  • Buy books and give to Annie.
  • Talk to Bill.
  • After journey to Cheng on Friday take the new work from Bill.
  • Keep doing hacking jobs and talk to Elena (Hint: Elena has to be interested in photos for Bill to show up in the morning) before giving it to Bill.
  • On Monday morning at 8:00 Bill will talk to you.
  • Meet Bill and Cheng on Sunday at 18:00 in the hall.
  • Question Bill about Christina.
  • House party event open now.
  • Ask Jess to persuade Chris to meat Cheng in Real gentlemen event.
  • Persuade Chris to meet Cheng in House party event.
  • Talk to Bill “Christina and Cheng”
  • On Sunday at 14:00 go to hall. (Just for shits and giggles.)

Talent show:

  • On Thursday enter theatre at 20:00 and sit down.
  • Look for Elena.

Sunbath for two:

  • On Saturday watch Elena and Chris on balcony at 14:00.
  • Repeat.


  • Talk to Bill “Christina and Cheng”
  • On Sunday at 14 go to balcony.
  • Try | 80 lust.
  • Steps:
    • Look at her.
      • Keep silent.
    • Hands on her loins.
      • Don’t rush things.
    • Touch her ass.
      • Squeeze.
    • (Req. 50 Self-Confidents.)
      • Friction movements.
  • Take off her shorts (6 Stars.)
    • Tough her breasts
      • Squeeze her nipple.
    • Spank her ass.
      • Spank her hard.
    • Tough her pussy.
      • Penetrating motions.
    • Take her by breasts and pussy (Req. 70 Self-Confidents.)
      • Focus on her pussy.
  • Whip my dick out (12 Stars.)
    • All the way.
      • Speed sex.
    • Make out.
      • I am the only one who needs to feel good.
    • Light penetration
      • Be self-centered.
    • Anal (Req. 95 Lust.)
      • Don’t put it in deep.
    • Cum inside.

Bill Events- lucky mark walkthrough

The best worker:

  • Just progress through game it will complete itself.

Good Boss:

  • On Thursday evening enter the kitchen at 22:00 (Elena will reject you).
  • Finish Breakfast under the Table.
  • Find Elena and ask her: “Learn more information about Bill” (Can be asked anywhere).
  • Talk with Elena again: “Party on Thursday evening”.
  • On Thursday evening enter the kitchen at 22:00 again.
  • Join them in a pool at 23:00.
  • Keep progressing every Thursday.

Elena Events


“Good Morning” at 9:00


“Beautiful view” at 16:00

“Very interesting movie” at 21:00


“Partner for Training” at 12:00

“Oil for tanning” at 14:00

“Skillful fingers” at 14:00

“Good masseur” at 15:00

“Good Night” at 22:00


“Breakfast under the table” at 10:00

“Good masseur” at 15:00


“Company for the evening” at 1:00

“More than needs” at 1:00


“Dream come true” event opens up after last scene of “New maid” event.

Partner for Training:

  • Started by talking to Elena in gym at 12:00. (Req. 20 fitness)
  • On Wednesday and Saturday join her at the gym.

Breakfast under the table:

  • Join her at breakfast on Saturday at 10:00
  • Drop the fork. (Twice.)
  • Chose Following: (You need to repeat a lot to finish event)
    • “Of cause I can!”
    • “Not really”
    • Look above
    • Pickup fork
  • Repeat steps you did before but this time:
    • Look above
  • Do not move her leg
    • Pull out the fork
  • Repeat steps you did before but this time:
  • Do not touch
    • Look below
    • Pull out the fork
  • Repeat steps you did before but this time:
    • Get closer
    • Do not lick
    • Give fork
  • Repeat steps you did before but this time:
    • Pick up fork
    • Pull out fork
    • Take the fork
    • Lick
    • A bit more…
    • “Can I taste that?”
  • Join her again at breakfast:
    • Drop the fork
    • “Of cause I can”
    • “As you say”
    • Lick
  • Repeat as many times as you like.

Oil for tanning:

  • Buy oil.
  • On Wednesday at 14:00 go to balcony.
    • Come up
    • Talk
    • “I wanted to help you oil your back (Req. 30 Sympathy)”.
    • “You have a very delicate skin”
    • “Yes I have”
    • Oil
    • Massage|10 Mass
    • Shoulders|10 Mass
    • Back|30 Mass
    • “I would like to…”
    • Ass|10 E. Mass
    • Take out dick|50 Lust

Good Morning:

  • Visit Elena in master bedroom bathroom on Monday at 9:00.
  • Follow the steps:
    • Turn the water on.
    • Wait.
    • Come closer.
    • Massage.
    • Caress, kneading.
    • Caress, kneading, acupressure.
    • Acupressure, kneading, caress
    • Caress, rubbing, acupressure, kneading.
    • Touch.
    • Squeeze.
    • Keep.

Good Night:

  • Visit Elena in master bathroom on Wednesday at 22:00.
    • Look
    • Watch longer (Based on luck)
    • Admire
    • “I want to wish you a good night…” (Ends event)
    • “I wanted to make sure…”
    • Kiss (req. 100 Sympathy,) (Ends event)
    • Slap|10 Lust (Req. 250 Sympathy)
    • “For your bad behavior…”
    • “With your character, I’m…”
    • “Then you deserve…”
    • Lower the panties | 20 Lust

Beautiful view:

  • Ask to join her on Tuesday in pool at 16:00
  • At 100 Sympathy:
    • Enjoy the View
  • At 200 Sympathy:
    • Come closer
    • “What else do I violate”
    • Kiss
    • “Do not blame yourself!…”
  • At 350 Sympathy:
    • Come closer
    • “What else do I violate”
    • Play with tits | 20 Lust”
    • Take off” (based on luck)
    • “Because you are a girl…”

Very interesting movie:

  • On Tuesday hide in theatre at 21:00
  • Buy sleeping pills.
  • Next Tuesday add them to the wine at the hall at 14:00 and hide in theatre again at 21:00
  • Enjoy.

Good masseur:

  • Enter spa on Wednesday or Saturday at 15:00
  • After spying get masseur card in master bedroom.
  • Call him between 8:00 and 12:00.
  • Visit spa on Wednesday or Saturday at 15:00.
  • Place $500 and get ripped off.

Skillful fingers:

  • Event Oil for tanning completed.
  • Buy oil.
  • On Wednesday at 14:00 go to balcony.
    • Come up
    • Talk
    • “I wanted to help you oil your back (Req. 30 Sympathy)”.
    • “You have a very delicate skin”
    • “Yes I have”
    • Oil
    • Massage|10 Mass
    • Shoulders|10 Mass
    • Back|30 Mass
    • “I could replace…”
  • Next week on Wednesday at 14:00.
    • “I want to replace…”
  • Make sure you have oil.
  • Go to the Spa at 15:00.
  • To successfully complete event have at least Massage at 50ptn, and E.Massage at 30ptn. (I’ve failed having higher, game hates me.)
    • Come closer
    • Move hair
    • Oil
    • Shoulders
    • Back
    • Take down
    • Down, Up (Do it a few times, otherwise you’ll fail)
    • Legs”
    • Take up
    • Spread legs
    • E. Massage
    • Put in
    • Jerk off

Company for the evening:

  • On Saturday night (1:00 Sunday) talk with Elena near the pool several times (Req. 100 Sympathy to start).
  • Just do what she tells you.

More than needs:

  • Buy vine.
  • Event Company for the evening completed.
  • On Saturday night (1:00 Sunday) talk with Elena near the pool.
  • Conversation as follows: Fashion, Travel, Sport, Cars and Party.
  • Suggest her to drink vine.
  • Next time do it again with two bottles.
  • Next time with three bottles.
  • Make sure you have 70 lust or you wasted money.
    • Carry to bedroom
  • You can figure out what to do next.

Double agent:

  • Complete second illegal work for Bill.
  • Talk to Elena before giving the work to Bill.
  • Enter master bathroom on Wednesday at 22:00.
    • Talk
    • “I want to get a reward…”

Dreams come true:

  • Event opens up after last scene of New maid, and if you took money from Bill.
  • Next day Elena will visit you in the morning. (On Monday.)
  • Take a photo when Bill forcing Annie at 12:00 Sunday
    • Admire
    • Watch
    • Take picture
  • Talk to Elena and give her photos.
  • On Wednesday massage her in spa and ask for blowjob instead of jerking off.
    • “Open your mouth up bitch!”
    • Come on face

Queen of blowjobs:

  • After event Dreams come true.
  • Ask for blowjobs:
    • On Monday morning in master bathroom at 9:00.
    • Repeat event Good morning.
      • “Why don’t you take…”
    • On Tuesday in pool at 16:00.
    • Repeat event Beautiful view.
      • Come closer
      • “What else do I violate”
      • Play with tits | 20 Lust
      • Take off (based on luck)
      • “Because you want me…”
    • On Wednesday on the balcony at 14:00.
    • Repeat event Skillful fingers (Persuasion needed at least 75).
    • Instead of taking out you dick, click continue.
      • “Can I also undress?”


  • On Wednesday in master bathroom at 22:00.
  • Do photo hacking job and talk to her about it.
    • Click on mouth
  • On Saturday in Kitchen at 10:00.
  • Join her at breakfast.
    • Drop the fork.
    • Blowjob.
  • After Elena wakes you up in morning, wait till Tuesday and go to her bedroom at 14:00.
  • Talk to her “Discuss our relationship”.
  • Buy camera.
  • Visit her on Tuesday at 14:00 again.
  • Talk to her “Photoshoot”.
  • Visit her on Tuesday at 14:00 again.
  • Talk to her “Photoshoot”.
  • At the studio or whatever…..
  • Fuck me; that outfit reminds of good old Aion days…. Damn you creator.
    • From the front:
      • Change angle
      • Take a photo x2
      • Change angle
      • Take a photo x3
      • Change angle
      • Take a photo x 1
    • From the back:
      • Change angle.
      • Take a photo x 2.
      • Change angle.
      • Take a photo x 3.
      • Change angle.
      • Take a photo x1.
  • Nurse outfit.
    • From the front, first set:
      • Take a photo x 1.
      • Change angle.
      • Take a photo x 1.
      • Change angle.
      • Take a photo x 1.
      • Change angle.
      • Take a photo x 3.
    • From the front, second set:
      • Take a photo x 4.
      • Change angle x 2.
      • Take a photo x 2.
      • Change angle.
  • Latex outfit.
    • Just take photos.
  • Visit her on Tuesday at 14:00 again.
  • Talk to her “Photoshoot”.
    • Of cause!
  • In a car:
  • Put your hand
  • Deeper
  • Touch pussy
    • At apartment:
      • Answer however you want, your choice. (Sorry, blonde.. may be in next life)
    • In bedroom:
      • Look
      • Choose whatever. (Save before and explore.)
    • Visit her on Tuesday at 14:00 again.
    • Talk to her “Photoshoot”.
    • At not so cheap motel?
      • Pick whichever.
      • Next pose.
      • Pussy, ass
      • Next pose
      • Agree.
      • Put in.
    • You can repeat photo shoots on Tuesdays at 14:00 again.

Christina Events:

A delighted student:

  • After talking to with girls at breakfast about homework help her in bedroom on following days at 12:00: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
  • Sympathy Req.:
    • Up (Req. 100 Sympathy).
    • Touch ass|10 Lust (Req. 250 Sympathy).
    • Take off her panties (Req. 400 Sympathy).

Hot cheerleader:

  • After talking to with girls at breakfast about Chris’s cheerleading.
  • On Wednesday at 18:00 at the gym.
  • Suggest to have a snack

Time to sleep:

  • Need to complete parts of Look and repeat event to progress.
  • Enter Chris bathroom at 22:00 on following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and talk to her.
  • After watching “Majezi” (Req. 100 Sympathy, 10 Lust).
    • Take shower
  • After watching “Bracelet” suggest her to take the shower first (Req. 200 Sympathy, 20 Lust).
  • If you want to see alternative end do the following:
    • Ask Chris to shower first
    • Peek | 20 Lust
    • Peek
    • Peek again, look 4 times and jerk off
    • Peek again, look 5 times and jerk off
    • Peek again, look 6 times and jerk off
    • Peek and jerk off 3 times
  • After watching “Her sweet hand”, ask her to take the shower and click join (Req. 350 Sympathy, 30 Lust).
  • Backrub.
  • Ask for blowjob.

Selfless instructor:

  • Have conversation at breakfast on the Monday at 10:00 about Chris training.
  • Talk to Elena about Chris’s training.
  • On Saturday at 18:00 enter gym.
  • Join training
  • Handstand|30 FIT
    • “I just want you to have no health problems”
    • (To remain silent)
    • Hold|10 Lust
    • Don’t use Hold |20 Lust
    • “Today you’re well done”

The secret party:

  • First talk with Chris on the Friday at 10:00 during breakfast
  • Talk with her (About your weekend, Req. 70 Sympathy)
  • On Friday at 18:00 go to the hall and talk to her.
  • Chose following:
    • “Your dress if beautiful, but I think I can see your panties…”
    • “You’re Beautiful! And I really can’t see your panties!”

Work at home:

  • Talk with Chris during breakfast on the Friday at 10:00
  • “How’s your visit to Vicky? | 50 SYM”
  • Go to her bedroom on Saturdays at 12:00 and 13:00
  • On Sundays from 11:00 to 13:00, 18:00 and 19:00
  • Use your computer to write tasks.
  • Give her the tasks.
    • Elementary task, education 20
    • Medium task, education 40
  • After giving her medium task:
    • “Maybe if I had a little motivation…”
    • Following choices: (Second option is based on luck.)
      • 1: On your ass
        • “Could you just a little pull down your shorts?”
      • 2: On your chest
        • “Could you just raise your top a little?”
      • 3:On your back”
        • “Your top closes all your back…”
  • Hard task, education 60
    • Buy cat suit.
    • After giving her hard task:
      • “Let it be different this time!”
    • Buy Glasses and lenses.
      • “Let it be different this time! (If there a cat suit)”
      • “Not so fast” (Req. 500 Sympathy)
    • “I want more!”

Look andrepeat:

  • Talk with Chris and Bill on the Sunday during breakfast at 10:00
  • Next talk with Chris on Friday during breakfast at 10:00
  • One week later talk with her again buy first movie “Majezi”
  • On Sunday at 00:00 ask Chris to watch the movie. (Req.: 100 Sympathy)
    • Star 1: Count 5 images when the yellow circle appears.
    • Star 2:6 images.
    • Star 3:4 images.
  • Repeat next Sunday
    • Star 1: Count 5 images when the yellow circle appears.
    • Star 2: 10 images.
    • Star 3: 5 images.
  • Buy second movie: “Bracelet” and ask to watch. (Req.: 200 Sympathy)
    • Star 1: Count 16 images when the yellow circle appears.
    • Star 2: 5Images.
    • Star 3: 15 Images
      • Put your finger in her mouth|10 Lust
  • Buy third movie: “Her sweet hand” and ask her to watch.
  • Event Job for two hands now open.

Sweet dreams:

  • Complete event Look and repeat.
  • On Saturday at 01:00 in the pool, say you already seen her boobs.
  • Add sleeping pills to vine.
  • Go to her room.

Job for two hands:

  • Event Look and repeat completed.
  • At Saturday 1:00 talk with Christina.
  • Ask her about movie.
  • Next week do it again (Req. 500 Sympathy).

Good night kiss:

  • Talk to Christina in the kitchen at 23:00 Tuesday or Sunday (Req. 100 Sympathy).
  • Kiss her (Req.250 Sympathy).
  • Touch her
  • Kiss her lips (Req. 350 Sympathy and watched “Majezi” movie).
  • Handjob (Req. 500 Sympathy and watched “Job for two hands” movie).

Imagination on the school theme: (part 1, 2 and 3)

  • During an event A delighted student click imagine.
  • For the first, do:
    • Touch
    • Up (Req. 100 Sympathy)
    • Fantasize | 30 IMAG
  • For the second:
    • Touch
    • Up
    • Put your hands
    • Touch ass | 10 Lust (Req. 250 Sympathy)
    • Fantasize|50 IMAG
  • And for the third:
    • Touch
    • Up
    • Put your hands
    • Touch ass | 10 Lust
    • Take of her panties (Req. 400 Sympathy)
    • Fantasize|75 IMAG
  • You have to watch each 3 times.

House Party:

  • Opens after you “Question Bill about Christina” during Interesting Journey event.
  • Two routs: Go for Christina or Jessica. We need Jessica first.
  • On Friday get car keys from Zari in the morning at 9:00 or 11:00. (Finish Zari’s Date with Zari


  • Talk to Chris in hall at 19:00.
    • “Can you invite them…”
  • Jess steps:
    • Introduction
    • Start conversation!
    • Be surprised at Jess…
    • Continue!
    • Win Chris…
    • Continue!
    • Make Chris fall
    • Continue!
    • Give Jess a ride…
  • Go to garage and click on Jess.
    • Make Rick leave
    • Hit”
  • Jessica’s event Real gentlemen open now.
  • Chris steps:
  • Finish event Real gentlemen.
  • First we going to have Chris agree to meet Cheng for Interesting Journey event.
    • “Start conversation!”
    • “Tell you own…”
    • “Continue!”
    • “Let both girls win”
    • “Continue!”
    • “Lose first”
    • “Continue!”
    • “How about we continue at the bar?”
  • Fun stuff:
    • “Start conversation!”
    • “Praise the intelligence…”
    • “Continue!”
    • “Win Jess and…”
    • “Continue!”
    • “Make Jess fall”
    • “Continue!”
    • “Make a declaration of love” (Req. 700 Sympathy)
  • Star points:
    • Look her in the eyes…
      • If you want to…
    • Ask her to tie..
      • Your comfort…
    • Make out
      • If you are going to…
    • Take of jewelry (Req. 20 Education)
      • Concern with …
    • Ask to take of top
  • Twelve stars:
    • Kiss her hand
      • Just repeat..
    • Touch breasts
      • Cup her breasts…
    • Place her hand…
      • And for a while already!
    • Take off pants
  • Eighteen stars:
    • Lubricate my…
      • Use your tongue.
    • Slap it on the tongue
      • Now I’m in charge.
    • Slide across lips
      • You need to…
    • Lick the shaft (Req. 50 Cleanliness)
      • More saliva.
    • Continue
  • Six stars again:
    • First penetration
      • Give her time
    • More lubrication
      • Hold it…
    • Try it with your tongue
      • Complement
    • Agree on final (Req. 50 Confidence)
      • You will swallow
    • Continue
  • Twelve stars:
    • Relax
      • Not being rough
    • Mouth wider
      • Moan louder!
    • One hand
      • Answer with compliment.
    • -Don’t close your eyes (Req. 50 Charisma), didn’t have enough.

    • -Continue
  • Eighteen stars:
    • Warm up
      • Slowly.
    • Throat
      • It was you…
    • Full immersion
      • It’s better to…
    • Play with pussy (Req. 75 Persuasion)
      • It’s hard to be…
    • Finish however you like.
  • Opens Girlfriend event.
  • Steps below leads to truth or dare game:
    • Start conversation!”
    • Tell your own…
    • Continue!
    • Let both girls win
    • Continue!
    • Lose first
    • Continue!
    • Of cause I’m with you
  • v. 14.0 (Buy dildo first, and persuasion skill at 100.)
  • Finish Girlfriend event.
    • “Do you swallow or spit”
      • Show her vibrator
    • “Do you like when guy cum on you”
      • Show her vibrator
      • Try to persuade
    • Star steps:
      • Warming up.
        • Complement Christina
      • Enjoy the view
        • Watch in silent
      • Two hands
        • Hell, yah, girls, do carry on!
      • Grab Jess’ butt (Req. 60 Charisma)
        • Squeeze Christina’s butt
    • Continue (6 stars)
      • Chris, start with kisses
        • Appraise Christina
      • Put it into Christina’s mouth
        • Look at me
      • Chris, make Jessica do it.
        • Let her handle it.
      • Ask Jessica to help Christina (Req. 80 Charisma)
        • Any choice
    • Continue (12 Stars)
      • Your choice.


  • Get blowjobs at following.
    • During Hot cheerleader event.
    • During Time to sleep event.
    • During Work at home event.
    • During Good night kiss event on Sunday.
    • After all that done; Friday morning in her bathroom at 9:00.
      • “You know what, Chris… Work your mouth…”
    • Monday 23:00 Chris’s bedroom
      • Seduce
      • Touch
    • Stars points:
      • Stroke her legs
        • Focus on the inner side of her loin
      • Stroke her ass through the wardrobe
        • Stroke gently
      • Spread her legs
        • Don’t disturb her
      • Feet massage (Req. 75 Massage.)
        • I focused on giving her pleasure
    • Pull up her bathrobe (6 stars)
      • Spank.
        • More sound.
      • Spread out her ass
        • That’s enough
      • Touch her clitoris
        • Focus on the clitoris
      • Slide a finger into her ass (Req. 70 Lust.)
        • One is enough
    • Take dick out (12 stars)
      • Smack her ass with my dick
        • Call her an A-student
      • Slide dick across her anus
        • Slide dick touching the vagina
      • Acting out anal sex
        • Move slowly
      • Acting out vaginal sex (Req. 800 Sympathy.)
        • Push hard all the way
    • Try her in the ass (18 stars)

Zari Events – lucky mark walkthrough

The virtue itself:

  • In the kitchen at 11:00 every day.
  • Just help washing dishes.

Beyond reality:

  • In the kitchen at 9:00 every day.
  • Chose watch and fantasize.

– 10, 20, 30, 50, Touch, Up

Family debt:

  • Complete Good Boss event
  • Talk to Asher in garage on Wednesday at 12:00.
    • “I know your name, Asher”
  • After Annie arrival talk to Asher and go shopping.
  • Talk to Asher again and give him $3000. (Garage on Wednesday at 12:00)

Date with Zari:

  • On Friday talk with Zari at 9:00 or 11:00.
  • Suggest to spend more time in the house
  • Complete Family debt event.
  • On Friday talk to Zari: Suggest to spend more time … at 9:00 or 11:00.
  • At 13:00 go on a date:
    • Ask to drink at the bar.
    • Req. 100 Sym.:
      • Foot massage at the spa
        • I took special…
        • Don’t spared knees.
    • Drink at the Bar.
    • Req. 200 Sym.:
      • Get bikini in Chris bathroom.
      • Sunbathe (give Chris’s bikini).
    • Drink at the bar.
    • Req. 350 Sym.:
      • Swim in the pool.
  • Now you have two choices : get car keys or continue the date:
    • To get keys:
      • Go to garage and sit in the car with Zari (also completes One good turn deserves another event).
  • Continue date:
    • Drink at the bar.
    • Watch the movie in theatre.
    • – – Req. 500 Sym.:
      • Join her in Jacuzzi tub.
  • At 16:00
    • Swim at the pool
      • Kiss |40 Lust
    • Stars points:
      • Come down with the words.
      • – This way you well enjoy it way more.
    • Kiss her neck.
      • Lick.
    • Kiss the bosom.
      • Lick her nipple.
    • Kiss her though underwear (Req. 60 Charisma.)
      • Kiss around.
    • Continue (6 Stars).
      • Lick her mink.
        • Touch her clitoris lightly.
      • Kiss the inner side of her loins.
        • Suck it.
      • Kiss her vulvar lips.
        • Be more patient and just enjoy it.
      • Touch finger to the clitoris (Req. 70 Charisma.)
        • I am just stocking your clitoris.
    • Lay Zary down on her back (12 stars).
      • Use tongue.
        • Blow worm air on her clitoris.
      • Use lips.
        • Penetrate deeper inside her with your tongue.
      • Use the lips and tongue together.
        • Make stops giving her a brake.
    • Continue (18 stars).
      • Simulate her clitoris
        • Use her lube.
      • Put a finger in.
        • Make her a compliment.
      • Put 2 fingers inside
        • Find the G-spot.
    • Change position (24 stars.)
      • Lick.
        • Focus on her pussy.
      • Kiss.
        • Try not to touch her with my dick.
      • Suck on it.
        • Now I’m going to eat you.
    • Continue (30 Stars.)
      • Slide dick into her mouth.

One good turn deserves another:

  • Sit in the car with Zari during a date.

Annie Events – lucky mark walkthrough

Online sister:

  • Chat with Annie on the phone between 21:00 and 1:00 a few evenings.
  • Transfer $500 for dress.
  • Chat some more…

New maid:

  • Progress though Interesting journey event.
  • Talk to Asher (in garage on Wednesday at 12:00).
  • Meet Asher at 8:00 in the house for servants.
  • Go to Annie’s room on Sunday at 21:00.
  • Next day watch Annie dressing at 10:00.
  • Watch Bill bedroom on Sunday at 12:00.
  • Go to Annie room on Sunday at 21:00.
    • Look
  • Next day watch Annie dressing at 10:00.
  • Watch Bill bedroom on Sunday at 12:00.
  • Go to Annie room on Sunday at 21:00.
    • Look
  • Talk with Annie.
  • Watch Bill master bedroom on Sunday at 12:00.
  • Interrupt Bill.
  • Go to Annie room on Sunday at 21:00
    • Look
  • On Monday morning take money from Bill.
  • Watch Bill master bedroom on Sunday at 12:00.
    • Admire
  • Watch Bill master bedroom on Sunday at 12:00.
    • Admire
  • Watch Bill master bedroom on Sunday at 12:00.
  • Find Elena and talk to her.
  • Come back to master bedroom.
    • Listen

Morning Fun:

  • Talk to Annie between 18:00 to 21:00
  • Buy porno magazine.
  • Throw in drawer.
  • By dildo.
  • Throw in drawer.
  • Find dildo at 9:00 in her bed
  • Talk to her at 8:00 next day. (Make sure you eat at 23:00, otherwise you will wake up hungry and can’t talk to her.)
    • Pull off blanket

Morning surprise:

  • Wake up at 8:00 on Monday and click look.
  • Do the same next two Mondays.
  • Buy glue and pour on the floor
  • Wake up at 8:00 on Monday and click look (fake sleeping)
  • Wake up at 8:00 on Monday and click look (fake sleeping)
  • Wake up at 8:00 on Monday and click look (fake sleeping, twice)

Sleeping princess:

  • Go to Annie’s bedroom at 23:00
  • First night, kiss her goodnight.
  • Second night, kiss her boobs.
  • Third night, jerk off.

Jessica Events – lucky mark walkthrough

Real gentleman:

  • Follow the steps from House party event until you in a car with Jess.
  • First date.
  • Star points:
    • Talk about education
      • Admiration
    • Talk about relationship
      • The guy should…
    • Talk about sex
      • There’s a chance…
    • Talk about admirers (Req. 50 charisma)
      • A present should be useful
    • Close contact
  • Twelve Points:
    • Look her in the eyes
      • Celebrity
    • Kiss her hand
      • Continue kissing
    • Look at her breasts (Re. 250 Sympathy)
      • Chose any
    • Persuade Christina to meet with Cheng
  • Second date.
  • Repeat everything you did first time.
    • Put a hand on her leg
      • Squeeze harder
    • Kiss her in the lips
      • Chose any
    • Kiss her neck
      • Kiss tenderly
    • Touch her breasts (Req. 350 Sympathy)
      • Cup it
  • Third date. (Buy phone)
  • Repeat everything again
  • Continue 18 start + Gift
    • Were you a good girl?
      • Be a bad girl!
    • What reward is in store for me?
      • Tell her that you have a boner.
    • Excite me without using your hands
      • Chose any
    • Offer for her to unbutton her top (Req. 450 Sympathy)
      • Tell her about her nipples
  • Take your dick out
    • Slap her on the ass
      • One more slap
    • Take her breasts
      • I like to be subdued
    • Dick to her lips
      • I hope you have waterproof lipstick
    • Jack off in front of her (Req. 40 Lust)
      • Tell the truth
  • Give her a present
  • You can buy another present and repeat…

v16.0 Lucky mark WALKTHROUGH


1. Scene Christina and Elena on the balcony

3. Addition the scene with Anya “Girlfriend” Event – Christina “Sunbath for two” Eevent – Mark

Sunday at 12:00 (I think it works any other time when she’s alone there.. anyway!) talk with Elena about Christina.

She’ll tell you to come back on Wednesday at 14:00 when she’s sunbathing and no one is going to be at home.

So yeah, go there on Wednesday and click Talk not Come Up (Make a separate save here, not repeatable)

Go to your sister room at 23:00 until you get the option to take the photo, it’s random, it took a few tries for me.

Make the photo and Fuck her mouth if you want (d’oh).. Speak with Elena again in the living room

You should make separate save here if you want to play the event later on (Make another separate save here, not repeatable)

Saturday at 14:00 go and talk whit Elena and Chris in her balcony. Join don’t Wait

Look Ask

Follow the dialogue and enjoy!

2. Scene with Christina in the MC room “Interesting Journey” Event – Mark

First you have to finish the scene Christina and Elena on the balcony.

Second you have to talk with Bill (your boss) anytime, anywhere, when he is alone and ask him about the new job.

(Make another separate save here, not repeatable)

If you did this 2 you can go to sleep anytime midnight or 2AM , Chris will come next day at 8AM

  1. Addition the scene with Elena after the party check “More than needs” Event – Elena

Make sure you have he Wine in your inventory, Sunday 01:00, talk with elena at the pool, select: Fashion Travel Cars and Party,


Skip if you don’t want to watch the old event again Take her to her bedroom

Wake Her Up

Enjoy! 250 SYM need it with Elena

  1. Addition the scene with Elena in the SPA check “Skillful fingers” Event – Elena

Make sure you have the Oil in your inventory, Wednesday, 14:00, go to Elena’s Bedroom- Balcony, Talk with her, ask her to replace masseur.

Go to the Spa room. Come Closer

Move Hair Oil Shoulders Back

Take Down

Down-Up a few times Finish

Legs Take Up

Spread Legs Ero Massage Put In

and Anal

From here enjoy!

v17.0 Lucky mark WALKTHROUGH

Follow this guide only if you completed all the previous updates. Scene with Crhis and Kat:

  1. Talk with Bill when he is alone and ask about Katerina appears.
  2. Go to sleep, event triggers automaticly, don’t use cheatmod to skip the day (may fuck the event, not tested).

You ll go with Chris at Kats home, have chit-chat, go to sleep, wake up early in the morning to get a glass of water in kitchen.. well.. you ll guess what will happen (maybe..). Everything it’s automaticly, no hidden features.

  1. Back to your bedroom, select top or bottom, your choice.
  2. Back at Bills House. Talk with Bill again when he is alone about Result of the trip to Kat. The end for this Version

Scene with Annie:

After you did the event in v16, fucking Annies mouth you should have a dream with her while you sleep.

  1. Talk with Annie in her room about your bad dreams.
  2. Use your phone and Call the Doctor.
  3. Go to sleep, event will trigger automaticly next day.

When you wake up you’ll go with Annie at the doctor and from there you can enjoy the event, no choices, no hidden features etc.

End of this Event.

v18.0 Lucky mark WALKTHROUGH

  1. Scene with Katerina
  2. Scene with Christina
  3. Scene with Elena
  4. Scene with Zari

Your PC – Compromising material on Bill… Talk to Bill and give the photos with Katerina Pick any.. same ending.

Go to sleep

Watch the Kidnap Scene Watch the Katerina Scene Watch theWedding Scene

Bedroom with Chris, click on Champagne (on your left, table thing) Don’t stop if you want to rewatch the bj or go to the bed

Take her virginity Aim Dick

Insert Head Insert Insert..

Repeat/Doggy Finish

Watch scenes…

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