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Big Brother Walkthrough

Welcome to Big Brother Walkthrough, this guide helps you unlock all events and character relationships.

Game mechanics – Big Brother Walkthrough


Some of the opportunities required curtain level of relationship. Try to maintain it as high as possible.

Mom (Good→Warm→Friends)

+1 – make successful food massage (Cunning plan, step 7)

+1 – make 5 back massages and talk to her (Cunning plan, step 10)

Alice (Acquainted→Not bad→Good→Warm→Friends→Flirting)

+1 – give her “Little black dress” (Party girl, step 1)

+1 – give her “Black lingerie” (Blog, step 3)

+1 – give her the book “Prime minister” (Special books, step 4)

+1 – give her the book “Story Of O” (Special books, step 4)

+1 – persuade her to strip in front of the camera on the web (Blog, step 6)

Lisa (Acquainted→Not bad→Good→Warm→Friends)

+1 – start helping her with homework without conditions (Schoolgirl, step 1)

+1 – help with her homework 7 times without mistakes (Schoolgirl, Helping with homework)

+1 – give her “Red swimsuit” (Swimsuit, step 2)

+1 – give her “Silk bathrobe” (Schoolgirl, Helping with homework)


Terrible←Very bad←Bad←So so←Neutral→Not bad→Good→Very good→Awesome

Some of the opportunities required curtain level of mood. Try to maintain it as high as possible, especially for Lisa.

Alice (v. 0.8)

  • wash the dishes at 10:00 or 11:00 (↑1)
  • give her “Little black dress” (↑3)
  • give her “Black dress” (↑2)
  • give her “Set of black lingerie” (↑2)
  • give her “Black body” (↑2)
  • blackmail her for smoking for the first time (↓1)
  • not blackmail her for smoking for the first time (↑1)
  • blackmail her for smoking – $20 without success (↓1)
  • blackmail her for smoking – stop wearing panties without success (↓1)
  • blackmail her for smoking – smoke topless without success (↓1)
  • not blackmailing her for smoking (↑1)
  • frame her for smoking (↓2)
  • not frame her for smoking (↑1)
  • spank her hard at the pool (↓1)
  • spank her hard in the living room (↓1)
  • spank her gently in the living room, choose “We’re done” (↑1)
  • spank her gently in the living room, choose “grope her breast with left hand”, “remove the hand” (↓1)
  • spank her gently in the living room, choose “grope her breast with left hand”, “do not remove the hand”, “Sorry, it was an accident” (↓1)
  • throw spider on her while sunbathing (↑1)
  • kill the spider after helping her with it – successful blackmail (↑1)
  • throw the spider outside after helping her with it – successful blackmail (↓1)
  • take the spider after helping her with it – successful blackmail (↓2)
  • throw the spider outside after helping her with it – unsuccessful blackmail (↓2)
  • take the spider after helping her with it – unsuccessful blackmail (↓3)
  • give her the book “Loving ruby” (↑1)
  • give her the book “Prime Minister” (↑1)
  • give her the book “Be A Doll” (↑1)
  • give her the book “The Big Book Of Orgasms” (↑1)
  • give her the book “Story Of O” (↑1)
  • speak with her for the bathroom scene after the club before aunt Kira arrives, choose “Oh, then I’m sorry I guess” (↑1), every other choice (↓1)

Lisa (v. 0.8)

  • at 10:00 in My Room “open the door” (↓1)
  • wash the dishes at 20:00 (↑1)
  • help her with homework with or without making mistakes (↑1)
  • help her with homework – choose “Oh, there’s so much … Another time” (↓1)
  • help her with homework – persuade to show you her tits without success (↓1)
  • give her “Silk bathrobe” (↑2)
  • give her “Red swimsuit” (↑3)
  • send her to see Mom and Erik in Lounge (↓1)

Max’s authority

Some of the opportunities required curtain level of Max’s authority. Try to maintain it as high as possible.

Zero→Very Low→Low→Listens to you→Trust→Respect To increase Max’s authority:

  • Make mistakes in Lisa’s homework (Schoolgirl, Helping with homework)
  • Set up Alice with the cigarettes (Cigarette smoke, Related Events)

To decrease Max’s authority:

  • Mas has to be punished for spying on Mom, Alice or Lisa, or for other offence.

Eric’s influence

Eric’s influence has to be maintain low.

If Eric has more than 50% over three of the girls (Mom, Lisa, Alice or aunt Kira) and Max is in war with Eric, on the next morning at 09:00:

Mom – “Max, we have to talk. I hope you’ll take this seriously…”.

She will give him another chance. The influence has to decrease. Otherwise after a week the same conversation will appear. Max will insist for another chance (Luck). In case of success, he will have another final week. After that – a military camp and game is over.

Mom (v. 0.8)

  • ask her to order groceries (↓5%)
  • order groceries (↓5%)
  • tell her you’ve order groceries (↓5%)
  • ask her to buy cosmetics (↓5%)
  • give her cosmetics (↓10%)
  • ask her to clean the pool (↓10%)
  • clean the pool (↓5%)
  • tell her you’ve cleaned the pool (↓5%)
  • doing yoga (↓10%)
  • paying $350 for private punishment (↓30%)
  • paying $700 for private punishment (↓40%)
  • paying $1000 for private punishment (↓50%)
  • at 10:00 enter her room and choose – “I just want to watch” – available after day 22 when Max refuse to leave and walk into Mom’s room while she is with Eric (↓5%)
  • ask her to give you money – $15 (↑5%)
  • when Eric is at home – Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (↑30%)

Alice (v. 0.8)

– give her $15 (↓5%)

– give her $30 (↓10%)

– give her $70 (↓15%)

– give her $200 (↓25%)

– give her $350 (↓40%)

  • throw the spider outside (↓5%)
  • kill the spider (↓15%)
  • watch TV with her (↓5%)
  • successful leg massage (↓5%)
  • successful leg massage using candy (↓10%)
  • every Wednesday when Eric is in her room (↑40%)
  • after Alice and Eric having sex (presumably) at 03:00 am Friday (↑20%)

Lisa (v. 0.8)

  • help her with homework with mistakes (↓5%)
  • help her with homework without mistakes (↓10%)
  • send her to see Mom and Erik in Lounge (↑5%)
  • taking lessons from Eric on Thursday night (↑40%)

Kira (v. 0.8)

  • kissing lesson (↓10%)
  • BJ after catch her using the sex machine (↓30%)
  • HJ at the pool (↓10%)
  • catch Kira and Eric having sex at 03:00 am on Thursday (↑25%)


Massage skill

Foot massage ($100) – 10 points for every lesson – total 30 Hands massage ($200) – 10 points for every lesson – total 30 Doing foot massage to Alice – 2 points (1 if is partly finished) Doing foot massage to mom – 1 point

Doing back massage at the pool – 5 points

Sensual massage – needs 100 points of Massage skill to unlock it Doing sensual massage at the pool – 8 points

Doing back massage to mom – 6 points

Persuade skill Human’s senses ($200) – 10 points for every lesson – total 30

Communication basics ($400) – 10 points for every lesson – total 30

No limits ($800) – 10 points for every lesson – total 100

Camera’s income

I am using only two cameras – the main in the living and the second at the pool. They provide enough money.

Actions which do/don’t increase the number of the viewers/incomes:

– Lounge (living room)

Punishing Alice for smoking – keep viewers the same for one more hour – do not have effect Helping Alice or Lisa with the dishes – do not

Watching Mom and Eric – do not

Watching Mom and Eric (turn on the light) – do not Watching movie with Alice or mom – do not

Doing leg massage to Alice – do not

Doing leg massage (with candy) to Alice – do not

– Pool

Doing yoga – increase

Catching Alice smoking – do not, doesn’t matter the option Using sunblock – increase

Massage – do not

Doing chores

From day 1 Max can do chores. When he talk to Mom: “Could you give me some money, Mom?”, you can directly choose “I could do some chores instead of just asking for money…” or first get $15 – “I’m sorry, but I really need the money…” and then choose “Maybe I could do some chores to earn money?”. They are 3 options:

  • Maybe I could clean the pool?” – get $40. Max can clean the pool at different hours. Before aunt Kira arrives – on Monday-Friday at 11:00, on Saturday-Sunday 11-13:00 and 18:00. After aunt Kira arrives – on Monday-Friday at 14:00, on Saturday at 18:00, on Sunday at 13:00 and 18:00. Next time Max can ask is 6 days after he cleans the pool;
  • I could order groceries online!” – get $60. Max can “order food” from the laptop for

$50. The profit is $10. Next time Max can ask is 2 days after the order.

  • Maybe you need some cosmetics I could order online?” – get $115. Max can buy “Cosmetics set” from online shop for $100. The profit is $15. They will be delivered on the next day at 15:00 by the courier. Then Max has to give them to Mom – “Here’s cosmetics you asked for”. Next time Max can ask is 8 days after he gives cosmetics to Mom.

Private punishments

To trigger the private punishment – Max asking Mom – “Mom, I wanted to ask you to stop punishing me in front of my sisters.” you have to do 2 things – first Max has to be punished at least ones and second – do chores. Every chores gives you points:

  • order food – 1 point;
  • clean the pool – 5 points;
  • buying cosmetics and give them to Mom – 10 points.

You need to get at least 51 points. You can do only 1 or combine all 3 chores depends on your gameplay. There are lot of combinations. In a normal gameplay when you need money and don’t want to buy cosmetics, the fastest way is to order food 16 times (16pts) and to clean the pool 7 times (35pts) – 38th day. Regardless of that, if you use cheats and don’t need to bother about the money the fastest way using cosmetics is to order food 1 time (1pt), to clean the pool 4 times (20pts) and to give cosmetics to Mom 3 times (30pts) – 21st day.



With this Max will agree to be punished in private. A new dialog will appear – “Here’s the money, mom…”. He can pay $350 per week, $700 for 2 weeks or $1000 for a month.

Max punish his sisters – see here.

Private punishment of Alice 🙁New job, Related Events); Private punishment of Lisa: (Mentor, step 36-37)


From Saturday at 11:00 (day 25) Max can go shopping with mom and his sisters – “Wait mom, I’ll come with you!“:

  • call Alice“, “Do you want to try something on?“:
    • “enter” – he will see her naked but covered; she will kick him out, then is the same as next option;
    • “wait”, “What’s taking so long?” and enter – she will show Max 13 different dresses. If Max like it and have enough money (between $300 and $500) he can choose to buy it the dress – “Let me buy it for you”. He can stay while she is changing and will see her naked but covered and then topless. Now he can decide not to buy the dress.

After byung her Set of black lingerie (Blog, step 4) she will be naked in dressing room, HJ.

After Max talks to Alice that he has convinced mom about Kate (Cunning plan, step 17) she will be full frontal naked and he will get BJ.

  • call Lisa“, “Have you picked something?“:
    • “enter” – he will see her naked; she will kick him out, then is the same as next


“wait”, “Lisa, are you soon?” and enter – she will show Max 15 different dresses. If

Max like it and have enough money (between $150 and $350) he can choose to buy it the dress – “Let me buy it for you”. He can stay while she is changing (Persuade) and will see her naked and then topless. Now he can decide not to buy the dress. If the persuasion is not successful he cannot avoid payment.

After first successful kiss with her (Mentor, after step 8) there is no need of persuasion and Lisa is full frontal naked when Max enter without waiting. (no more progress if you are in Olivia girlfriend path).

Probably after advanced with Mentor – HJ and BJ. Not tested yet after which step these two are available.

  • call mom“, ““Do you like anything?“:
    • “enter” – he will see her topless; she will kick him out, then is the same as next


    • Okay, mom“, “How is it, mom?” and enter – she will show Max 15 different dresses.

If Max like it and have enough money (between $400 and $600) he can choose to buy it the dress – “Let me buy it for you”. He can stay while she is changing (Persuade) and will see her topless. Now he can decide not to buy the dress. If the persuasion is not successful he cannot avoid payment.

After Cunning plan, step 7 there is no need of persuasion.

After first HJ by mom (Cunning plan, step 14) Max can stay while she is changing and get HJ.

After 3rd movie (New job, step 26) – BJ.

Big Brother Events Walkthrough

Hidden cam (0.8)

(Expenses – $100)

Triggers from the beginning of the game. At 11:00 Unpack Boxes in My Room.

  1. I’ve found an empty box of a hidden cam. It’s probably installed somewhere in the house. I should try to find it, what is someone has been watching us all thistime?

 – go to Lounge, speak with Alice, wash the dishes and look for the camera.

  1. I’ve found the hidden camera in the living room. It’s mounted in the wall, I can pull it out without damaging it. It’s not connected to anything, maybe I should look up ways to fix that, it could be..

 – go to My Room and “read about the cameras” on the web.

  1. Here’san idea: I could earn some money by streaming live feed from the hidden  Too bad I don’t really know how to set everything up. Maybe I should look it up on the web?

 – go to the online shop and order the book “Web standards”. It will be delivered at 15:00 on the next day by a currier.

Start reading the first part (1/5) of the book. It takes 4 hours before you can read another 20%. After finishing the book, open the laptop and “do your website”. It will cost $100.

  1. Finally, I have my own streaming website! Now I need to increase my audience to earn more money. And for that I need to advertise my website somewhere, which will cost money. Also audience will grow when something exciting happens on the
  1. 8 – Attention: You’ve reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game

Gather money to buy new cameras. The best place for the second camera is the pool. Third camera – My Room or Alice’s Room … (for me two cameras are enough).

Related events:

–   When Max gives $700 to aunt Kira for the photoshoot with Mom (New job, Before step 1), he tells her – “There’s a bunch of hidden cams in the house streaming the show on the web”.


Mentor (0.9)

(Expenses – $670 + $20 to buy coffee)

Triggers in the morning on the second day when Max wake up with a boner.

  1. Looks like Lisa doesn’t know anything about male psychology. She was so surprised by my morning wood, maybe she hasn’t even seen porn. Maybe I should give her some sex ed. I’ll start by talking to

 – at 07:00 talk to Mom about the boner (optional). In My room (08:00) at the earliest talk to Lisa and apologize.

  1. I talked with Lisa and she doesn’t respect me enough to listen, I need to fix that before continuing with my lessons. Easier said than done, though. Maybe if I lower her self esteem my authority will increase…

Attention: Your minimum requirement for authority is “Listen to you”.

 – talk to her – “About my help” (requires Max’s authority “Listen to you”). Wait with this step until war with Eric or until blackmailing him – see step 3-3.1.

  1. Lisa agreed to my lessons. The problem is, before teaching something to my sister I really need to learn something by myself. And of course I can’t afford to lose my authority, or she’ll refuse.

 – talk to her on the second morning – “So, should we start a lesson?”.

Important – If you choose peace path with Eric, he will talk to you after first dinner, that he wants to learn Lisa by himself. If you choose to abandon Lisa, you will not go further in this opportunity until go to war with him. Every time he teaches her, his Influence will rise which can lead to the end . If Max is in a war with Eric, Eric cannot steal Lisa.

  • Somehow Eric learned and hijacked my “sex-ed” plan. I had no choice but to comply. Now he is going to teach her himself… Too bad, I had great

 – Best way is either to wait with step 3 until go to war or wait until take a photo of Eric jerking off in front of Alice’s room (Alpha, Effect on Lisa).

  1. Well, I’ve offered to start Lisa’s education. And somehow she immediately put me in a weird situation. I was supposed to teach her something, but I don’t even know how to kiss!. I have to find someone willing to help me out. Easy tosay…

 – talk to mom – “Mom, how do people learn how to kiss?” (optional). Talk to Alice – “Do you know how to kiss?” (optional).

Talk to aunt Kira at 10:00 at the pool – “Aunt Kira, I need to learn how to kiss”.

  1. I think I have found help and it’s my aunt Kira! It’s a bit weird, but she’s definitely an expert. I would be happy anyone will to teach me anyway, and she’s perfect! Aunt Kira said weshould talk it over in more intimate  Like when she’s watching TV at night.

 – go at 03:00 am Wednesday/Sunday in Lounge and choose “Aunt Kira?”, “Not at all!” or “Please continue, I’d like to sit here and watch”. Ask her for kissing lessons – “I want to ask you if this is a good time for kissing lessons.”.

  1. Aunt Kira is the best kissing teacher ever! She agreed to teach me sometimes. Who knows, maybe she’ll even teach me somethingmore…
  2. Now I can start practicing with aunt Kira and then apply my skills to Lisa. Now I just have to convince Lisa she needs mylessons.

 – requires Kissing skill 15, mood – “Not bad” – take another kissing lessons from aunt Kira. Talk to Lisa on the next day – “So, are you ready Lisa?” and start the kissing lesson (Persuade).

  1. I have talked with Lisa about her training. She have set some requirements I have to fulfill, one of which is “no touching” rule. Well, it’s a

 – continue kissing Lisa every day – “Are you ready?” until make 1st successful kiss (Persuade, Kissing). Max can train with aunt Kira to improve the skill.

  1. I have managed to impress Lisa with my kissing prowess! I may not be a master, but Lisa liked it! Aunt Kira is great teacher. I need to keep

 – make another 7 successful kisses. Lisa will want to teach her some theory.

  1. Lisa licked my kissing so much she hinted on teaching her something new. I think she want me to get her some theory. Maybe I should buy some anatomy book so she’ll learn about psychology and won’t reach so badly on my morning wood or erection around beautiful ladies around

 – buy the book “Sex education” – $50, give it to Lisa – “You like to read, right?”.

  1. I gave Lisa the book that should answer some of her questions. I should’ve read it too, to be honest, but I was too

I should ask her about my present in a couple of days.

 – wait 3 days and talk to Lisa – “So, did you like the book” – requires Max’s authority “Listen to you”.

  1. I have talked with Lisa about sex ed book. Lisa has managed to pleasantly surprise me. She said she liked the book and she wouldn’t mind to read something else, namely porn mags. I should order somethingpronto!


 – buy Playboy magazine – $20. After 3 days talk to her – “I got what you asked…”.

  1. Lisa have took my porn mag but refused to read it in from of me. I guess she’s shy? I should fix that. She also hinted on convenience of modern technology. My guess is she wants to look at some porn from her phone. I have no idea how would one go about going around provider’s firewall. I should look it up on theweb.

 – on the laptop “learn how to evade provider’s block”.

  1. Turns out our provider is a tough cookie, but there’s another way. I can buy a special hacked SIM card with unlimited Internet option. It will have another provider, so no parental control.

 – buy Sim card – $100, talk to Lisa on the next day – “So, you want to be able to browse any website?”.

  1. I gave Lisa a new SIM card and now she can browse anything she wants, so now she can watch porn without any limitations. I hope she’ll be doing it all the

 – wait 3 days and talk to Lisa – “So, how is the internet working”. Requires “Not bad” mood.

  1. I’ve came up with a great next step with Lisa’s education: I need to lower her shyness! Then I’ll be able to convince her to sleep without underwear. At least without top. If I’ll manage to do that I’ll be able to stare at her tits as much as I want. That would be enough of a reward for all the trouble I went through, and maybe it will get me somewhere even further…?

 – talk to Lisa the next day – “So, have you changed your mind?”. Requires “Not bad” mood.

Talk to her on the next day – “So, are you ready to sleep naked?” (Persuade)


  1. I did it! Lisa agreed to sleep in nothing but panties. She also demanded for me to sleep naked, hoping I wouldn’t go along … But of course it’s a good thing for me, now she’ll get used to sight of my naked dick in front of her. So win-win for me! I hope mom won’t catch us, I’m not sure I’ll be able to come up with an excuse for such

 – wait 4 days and when go to sleep will wake up and see Lisa watching porn on her phone and masturbating.

  1. I have noticed how Lisa touching herself at night. And I was sleeping in the same room! I pretended I didn’t see anything. I wonder where will it lead…

 – wait 3 days – second time Max catches her watching porn – choose “let Lisa know I’m watching her”.

  1. Lisawas touching herself again, but this time she realized I was watching her … And she didn’t stop! She refused my help,

 – wait 3 days and when Max catches Lisa for the 2rd time choose – “continue”.

  1. Lisa was touching herself at night right in front of me. And this time I was doing the same. We are doing it in front of each

Attention: Further progress will depend on your choice in the “Classmate” opportunity.

If you choose path 3 in “Schoolmate” this will be the end “Mentor”. If you choose the 1st or 2nd paths:

 – on the next (at the earliest) talk to Lisa – “Have you decided to be my girlfriend” (Persuade). Try every day until you succeed.

  1. Something incredible happened! Lisa agreed to be my girlfriend! Of course, she has a new set of requirements, but it doesn’t matters is she’s my girlfriendnow!

I can’t touch her, and she wants to keep her virginity, but now I can … wait, what exactly can I do?

 – talk to Lisa after 2 days – “Hey, Lisa, you’re my girlfriend now, right?”.

  1. Lisa has agreed to be my girlfriend and now she’s ready for … something. But I need to find a tutor to teach us sex, preferably with practical lessons. And I know just the person for the

 – talk to aunt Kira – “I have a question for you”.

  1. Kira has gladly accepted to teach Lisa and me! Couldn’t dream about a better teacher. Now I just have to wait for her visit and see where it will go fromhere…

 – go to sleep and Max, Lisa and aunt Kira will have a conversation.

  1. Aunt Kira come over at night. In a slutty teacher costume! Lisa didn’t like it much, as usual. But I think I’ve seen some funny spark in her eyes … Maybe I’ll be able to convince her to give the lessons atry?

 – talk to Lisa on the next morning – “About aunt Kira…”.

  1. Lisa’s agreed to the lesson pretty quickly. I think she wants them as much as me, if not even more! Now I just tell the news to aunt Kira, so she’ll visit us asain somenight…

 – talk to aunt Kira – “About tutoring”.

  1. I’ve told aunt Kira about Lisa’ change of mind, now I can wait for a first lesson. I wonder what will happen… We will jump straight to sex or will have some theory lessons first … All I have to do is wait

 – go to sleep – first lesson – HJ.

  1. Well, that was the best lesson in my life. If we are learning this stuff in schools I’d stay in school forever! Lisa was jerking me off in front of aunt Kira! I’ve never even dreamed about thishappening!

Aunt Kira has given us some homework: we should continue practicing when she’s not around. I’m all for this, of course, but I’m not sure about Lisa.

 – talk to Lisa on the next morning – “Do you remember aunt Kira’s homework?”.

  1. I’ve convincing Lisa to jerk me off sometimes. But not for free. I’ll have to help her with the homework. But since she’ll be giving me a hand, I’m all for

Before leaving aunt Kira has told us we should practice several times before getting to the next phase of our education. I can’t imagine what will be next. Can’t wait!

 – when you do her homework, choose “I’ll do everything perfectly if you’ll do something for me…” and then “You have to give me a hand“. She will give Max HJ. Do this 3 times and then go to sleep – BJ by Kira, Lisa don’t want this yet.

  1. Second lesson was even better! Aunt Kira gave me a blowjob in front of Lisa! I’m in Heaven! Lisa has declined to blow me, though. I’m not even sure she wants to continue our lessons. I have to convince her

 – talk to Lisa on the next morning – “We need to talk”.

  1. Well, I’ve managed to convince Lisa to continue our lessons. Didn’t took all that much convincing either. Is she really going to blow me in front of auntKira?

 – talk to aunt Kira – “I think I’ve convinced Lisa”, go to sleep – Lisa give Max BJ.

From now on Max can enter/peep Lisa in the Bathroom in the mornings and open the door in the evenings and will receive BJ.

  1. Yes! Lisa did it! She blew me and she even swallowed! She showed contempt on every step of the way, though … Oh well. She has to learn, right! And Kira has told us to practice again! Now I just have to convince Lisa

 – talk to Lisa on the next morning – “I think it’s time…”.

  1. I’ve made a deal with Lisa to train her blowing skills on me. She’s only willing to do this when I’m taking her punishments instead of her, though … Blowjob is worth it, but lost of authority is not a good-side effect … But thereward!

And I have to do this several times to push our lessons forward.

What to do:

First option: make mistakes in Lisa’s homework. When she is punished on the next day, choose “This is my fault, not Lisa’s!” and Max will be punished instead of her. Go to My Room and talk to Lisa – “I’ve held my end of the deal…” – she will do BJ. – requires Max’s authority “Listen to you”. Do this 3 times, go to sleep.

Important: It is advisable before this step, to ask mom to be punished in private in order to avoid reducing the authority (Game mechanics, Private punishments).

Second options – go to the bathroom when Lisa is there – 3 BJ.

  1. Fourth lesson was pretty surprising. I had to give some pleasure to aunt Kira and Lisa with my tongue. Luckily, they both liked it very much. Lisa was even embarrassed, but she let me touch her anyway. I wonder what else she’ll letme?

 – on the third night go to sleep and aunt Kira will come naked – anal with her.

  1. Fifth lesson was even better! I fucked aunt Kira in the ass! And we put a buttplug into Lisa! Fucking both of them doesn’t seem like such a crazy dreamanymore!

 – after 3 nights aunt Kira come back – again anal with her.

  1. Sixth lesson was better still! I still haven’t fucked Lisa, but aunt Kira was perfect, as always. And she blew me in the end! I have the best aunt in theworld!

 – after 4 nights almost anal with Lisa, after two nights anal with Lisa.

  1. Yes, yes, yes! I’ve done it! I fucked my little sister in the ass! And come … she didn’t like thatpart at all … What was I supposed to do, not cum? I was dreaming about this for so long

… This was the best day in my life!

 – after 4 days talk to aunt Kira at the pool – “Do you have any plans for tonight?”.

  1. I can now invite aunt Kira for … special lessons. Obviously, she only does this to fuck and doesn’t really cares about education much. And I’ll get to fuck Lisa too! My dream has cometrue!

 – from now on Lisa will sleep naked.

Do 3 more anal lessons (every 4th night) and do not forget to ask aunt Kira before that “Do you have any plans for tonight?”.

After the 3rd sessions talk to Lisa at 21:00 – “Aren’t you hot in the underwear in the house?” – she will think about it. (Requires mood above “Neutral”). After 4 days talk to her again at 21:00 – “Do, what do you think about not wearing panties?” (Persuade). When you succeed she will be without panties at home.

Get rid of Eric (Alpha, Get rid of Eric) and have 4 breakfast conversations – the last one is when mom cannot find a new job. Talk to aunt Kira – “Penny for your thoughts?”. When reach this moment and do another anal lesson a new dialog with aunt Kira will appear – “I want to talk about our lessons…” From now on after dinner Max can go to Lounge at 20:00 and talk to Lisa – “Do you know Kira gave me a special exercise?” – anal.

Only in Lisa’s path – path 1 or 2):

Mom will agree to punish sisters after dinner (New job, Related Events). When Lisa has to be punish, choose to punish her after dinner. Go to My Room and talk to her – “I think someone deserves a punishment…”.

On the 4th punishment he can touch her pussy. Same night at 00:00 you can “Play with Lisa” in My Room – see Related Events.

  1. Something interesting has happened when I was punishing Lisa, she became aroused. But why? Was this because I was punishing her or was it simply because we were alone and she was completelynaked?

 – next punishment – touch her pussy. Max can “Play with Lisa”again at night. Talk to Kira on the next morning – “What do you know about … punishments?”.

  1. I’ve talked to aunt Kira about Lisa’s strange behaviour. Turns out Lisa ‘s also interested in it, and she, too, discussed it with aunt. I don’t know the details, but aunt Kira has decided tohelp us get to the bottom of  I think our next nightly lesson should be very interesting.

 – after 3 days ask aunt Kira to come at night – a new lesson will start at the same night.

  1. We had an illuminating lesson where we learned Lisa is turned on from the feeling of helplessness. Does she really like being taken? Don’t mind if I do! Now I need to buy handcuffs and have some fun next time we have a privatepunishment…

 – talk to Lisa on the next morning – “So, you love to be dominated?”. Buy Steel handcuffs ($500).

  1. I have a great use for the handcuffs: use them on sleeping Lisa, so I can … use her. And the best part is, she lovesit!

 – talk to Lisa on the next morning – “Do you like it?”. Talk to aunt Kira – “I want to thank you for the handcuffs idea”.

  1. I had a conversation with aunt Kira where we talked about Lisa’s

Aunt Kira has recommended me to ask Lisa why she’s so insistent on keeping it, so that’s what I’ll do.

 – talk to Lisa – “I have a personal question for you…”.

  1. I had an interesting conversation with Lisa about her virginity. Looks like she’s actually waiting for the one and only … Or at least she wants some romance in her life. And I think I may have a chance to give her what she wants. But where would Istart…?

 – Talk to Lisa after 3 days – “About the romantic relationship…“, “I want romance!

  1. I’ve decided to try romantic relationship with Lisa. I’m not sure it will lead anywhere, but why not? I just lose my ability to have sex with my sister at any time and also have to go on dates and give her presents. Best deal ever, right. We’ll

Anyway, the decision is made and I should see where it will lead me. I should start with meeting her at her school around 15:00.

 – At 15:00 go to the pool and “leave the house” – 1st date with Lisa. Max can go on date only on Monday-Friday when she is at school.

  1. I finally had a good reason to leave the house. I met Lisa after school and we went to the coffee shop. Lisa said she’s not sure our romantic relationship will work and she doesn’t want to give up our games. So now I have both our games and romantic relationship. Now it’s definitely best deal

 – after two days (if it is Monday-Friday) at 15:00 go to the pool and “leave the house” – 2nd date with Lisa.

  1. Lisa and I had another talk and she said she wants to keep our relationships open. Sounds good I

What’s more, turns out Lisa has a voyeur fetish and wants to see me fuck someone else. So she’s going to try and set me up with Vicky.

 – after two days (if it is Monday-Friday) at 15:00 go to the pool and “leave the house” – 3rd date with Lisa. Start “Hot Coffee”.

  1. Lisa got to know Vicky and learned a lot about her. I think Lisa is more interested in my sex life than in her own. I wonder why she cares somuch…

Related events:

  • After step 36 at 10:00 on Monday-Friday go to My Room – “open the door”- Lisa’s nakedass;
  • After step 36 at 10:00 on Monday-Friday go to My Room – “peep into the window”- Lisa is completely
  • After step 37 a new option is available when Lisa is sleeping – “Play withLisa”:
    • take off your shorts” choice will lead to touch her pussy. You can use it every other day. When Max has handcuffs, “Play with Lisa” is available every night – BJ;
    • 3 days after step 42 Max will wake up handcuffed and Lisa will do BJ. This will repeat every 6days;
  • After buying the handcuffs, the punishment after dinner will be with them – BJ. Next time you can choose – spanking or with


Special books (0.8)

(Expenses – $110)

Triggers when Max talks to Alice while she is reading on the Terrace: “What are you reading?” (available from the first day).

  1. Alice is reading some secret books she doesn’t want to talk about. They don’t look like porn, what could it possibly be? I should

 – go to Alice’s Room and find the book in the wardrobe.

  1. I found the book, but the name is vague and I don’t want to waste my time on reading it. I should look it up on the

 – “learn about the Alice’s book” on the web.

  1. Wow, I was almost right! It’s not porn, but it’s definitely erotica, and it’s not shy either! I guess Alice likes love stories with an erotic touch. Maybe I should gift her some and see her reaction.

 – order “Loving Ruby” – $20. It will appear in the online shop on the next day. Give it to Alice (increases the mood with 1 level).

  1. Judging by her reaction she liked my present. I should frequent the e-book store every once in awhile to look for new

There are 4 more books to buy:

– “Prime Minister” – $20 – accessible 3 days after delivering of the first book –

Relationships + 1;

– “Be A Doll” – $20 – accessible 3 days after delivering of the second book – Mood + 1;

– “The Big Book Of Orgasms” – $25 – accessible 4 days after the third book – Mood + 1;

– “Story Of O” – $25 – accessible 5 days after the fourth book – Relationships + 1.


*Cannot order a new book before Max gives the previous one to Alice.

Related events: none


Cigarette smoke

(Expenses – $0)

Triggers when Max go to the pool at 13:00 (available from day 2) – “Alice, are you smoking?”. He has an opportunity to blackmail her for $10 – choose “And what do I get for leaving?”, “Maybe I’ll go, but…”, two paths:

  • Well, yes. Do you know what mom will do to you if she’ll find out?”, “We can reach some agreement…” , “You can pay for my silence”, “Sure”,“Deal”;
  • We can work something out”, “You can pay for my silence”, “Sure”,“Deal”.
  1. Turns out Alice is a smoker. And she tries to smoke when no one is around. I could use this… Tell mom the truth or frame Alice so mom will figure out everything herself? Or maybe it could improve our relationship? So many options, what should Ichoose?

 – before dinner mom will smell the smoke. There are two options:

You can frame Alice (bad option) – “No, it was Alice” or “I think you imagined it”, “Okay, it was Alice. She was smoking

2.1 Mom learned about smoking and Alice got a harsh punishment. Mom slapped her naked ass in front of everyone. Unfortunately Alice knows I ratted her out so she probably hates me. I’m not sure if I’ll ever earn her trustagain

This decision will decrease the mood of Alice with 2 levels. It will stop any future events or possibilities with the cigarettes.

You can cover Alice (better option) – “No” or “I think you imagined it”, “No, mom, there’s nothing to tell

2.2 Mom noticed smoke but I didn’t rat Alice out. I could still frame Alice in a way that wouldn’t implicate

Or maybe I could improve my relationship with Alice This decision will increase the mood of Alice with 1 level.

Related Events (after step 2.2):

  • From now on you can look for cigarettes in Alice’s Room (when she is not there) and set up Alice. This will trigger the punishment before dinner (increase Max’s Authority with 1level);
  • From the third day at 13:00 you can talk to Alice at the pool about the cigarettes. From now one they can be ordered from the online shop for $10. Give them to Alice to increase her mood with 1 level if you needit;
  • Next time Max catches Alice smoking at 13:00, he can blackmail her. There are 4 options but there will be no success of either of them. To have a chance first you have to set up Alice with cigarettes in her room. This can be done in Friday (3rd day)аt the earliest. She will be punished. At 13:00 on Monday (6th day) the dialog at the poll will be the same, but you have chance of success (Persuade):
    • You can buy my silence for $20”. Then if you choose “Fine, $10 will do” Max will get $10, if you choose “No, give me $20” (Persuade) he will get $20 if you succeed or $10 if not. Every time try to persuade. Helping her with the dishes at 11:00 increase the chances ofsuccess;
    • I won’t say anything if you won’t be wearing any panties“ – if you succeed she will be without panties when she get punished by mom – this option is no longer available after arriving of aunt Kira (day18);
    • I won’t say anything if you going to smoke topless“ – she will smoke topless but covered from nextday;
    • I won’t say anything if you will allow me to spank you“ – Max can spank her at the pool or in the living
  • After Eric is gone, Alice will stop smoking at13:00.

Also there is a possibility to catch Alice smoking weed (Weed, Related events).



(Expenses – 1st path – $1000, 2nd path – $2455, 3rd path – $0 or many times $50)

First Max has to talk to Lisa at the pool after school on the first day (16:00) – “About school…”. The fastest way is to choose these questions: “How was your first day?”, “Well, who is he?”, “More details please?”, “So, do you like him?”.

Note that you can skip this conversation. It is optional.

 – requires mood “Not bad”. Wash the dishes after dinner to increase her mood to “Not bad” – go to Lounge at 20:00 – “About dishes…”.

Talk to her after that (21:00 in My Room) – “About your boyfriend…”.

  1. Lisa is obviously in love in her schoolmate Alex. She told me he has a girlfriend Olivia, the most beautiful girl in the school. I can help Lisa by suggesting her next

I can see three options: tell her to forget all about him, suggest she fights with Olivia for him or maybe we could channel Olivia’s attention onto someone else…

Oh, and it looks like Lisa only talks about him when she’s in a good mood.

 – Requires mood “Not bad”. Talk to her about Alex on the next day. From now one there are three paths:

PATH 1 (Lisa Girlfriend) – I think you should forget about him


  • I told Lisa to forget about Alex and she followed my advice. She’s very upset, but maybe it is for the best? Maybe now she’ll focus her attention on someone close andsafe?

 – requires Max’s authority “Low”. Talk to Lisa – “Have you given up on Alex?”.

  • Looks like Lisa has given up on Alex. Now I have the chance! She also told me she loves buff guys. I think I should start working out. And what could be the better way to do it except in the mornings with mymom?

 – requires Max’s authority “Listen to you”. Talk to Lisa – “How are things in school?”. Wait 2 days and talk to her again: “So what do you think about my proposal?”.

  • I think I may actually have a shot with Lisa! She came up with some demands, but I’ll manage.All I have to do is keep exercising twice a week and give her $1000. Easy as

 – give her $1000 – “I have the money!”.

  • I’ve met Lisa’s demands and gave her $1000. Exercising is not big deal either, only two times a week is easy. She asked for more time to come up with new demands. I wonder what she’ll asknext?

Attention: Further progression requires some progress in the “Mentor” opportunity. Also, wait at least couple of days before asking her again.

 – Continue with Mentor, after step 19. This will lead to the end of this path – Lisa will become Max’s girlfriend.

Talk to mom “Do you take students?” – from now on Max can do yoga with mom at 07:00. This is accessible from step 1.1. Do yoga at least twice a week. It is important not only now, but for all further advances in the story. If you forget, Lisa will want $350 as a punishment.

PATH 2 (Jewelry path) – I think you should fight for him!


  1. I convince Lisa she should fight for her happiness. Now I just have to came up with a plan and reach thisgoal!

 – requires Max’s authority “Low. Talk to her – “Any news about Alex?”.

  1. Lisa learned something about Alex’s girlfriend Olivia. Turns out she stops acting shy when she’s alone with someone. Looks like she’s a two faced

What I care about. Though, is the fact Olivia doesn’t wear any underwear. Maybe that’s why all the guys keep chasing her. This is a great opportunity to start doing the same.

 – talk to her after 5 days – “Did you learn something new about Olivia?”.

  1. This time I learned something even more interesting about Olivia and Alex. Looks like she’s loaded. Lisa assumed it’s the reason they are

I suggested to Lisa she could pretend she’s from a rich family too. We already have a nice house, now I just need to get her some jewelry.

Couldn’t she see that the guys who are going to chase her family money are not the boyfriend material? At least she will be happy every time I’ll give her some presents.

 – buy all the jewelry – $2455 (350+375+500+400+450+380) and wait 3 days. Talk to Lisa – “Do you like jewelery?”. Give them to her (all at once or one by one). Talk to her – “So, any effect from the jewelry?”.

  1. Lisa told me the presents really attract attention, but unfortunately, not from Alex. Whole bunch of guys are hitting on my little sis! I hinted I could be a good boyfriend, but she took is as a joke. Maybe I should keep giving her

 – talk to her after 2 days at the pool – “Anything about Olivia?”.

  1. Look like Lisa gave up. She’s not going to chase this Alex guy anymore. And now she’s thinking about becoming my secret girlfriend. I’m not sure she’ll agree, but it would be so great.

Attention: a certain progress in “Mentor” opportunity is required to continue. Also, Lisa will be thinking about the offer for a couple of days.

 – Continue to advance with Mentor, after step 19.

PATH 3 (Olivia Girlfriend) – I have an idea, but it will be hard to pull off…


  • I’ve come up with an idea that would make everyone happy. Lisa will have to befriend Olivia, introduce me and then I’ll seduce her… Well, try to. But if I succeed I’ll get a girlfriend andLisa will get  Now, how would one go about seducing the prettiest girl in school?

 – requires Max’s authority ”Low”. Talk to her at the pool – “Report progress to our cunning plan”.

  • Lisa agreed with my super “let’s break Alex and Olivia up so we can have them for ourselves” plan. For start we have to figure out how to get close to Olivia. Lisa will try to befriend some guy who likes Olivia, so she will be able to get some intel on her…

I would never come up with this idea, but Lisa not only offered it, she also thinks I’m the one came up with the idea!

 – talk to her after 5 working days – “So, have you learned anything new about Olivia?”.

  • Lisa learn something interesting about Olivia: she doesn’t wear any underwear! It’s not much, but it’s a start. I told Lisa she should talk to Olivia about it. Maybe she’ll learn something

 – Talk to her after 3 days – “So, have you learned something about Olivia’s panties?”.

  • My genius super plan is shaping up! Lisa learned why Olivia doesn’t wear any underwear, turns out she is from family of naturist. And she also loves pools, but their one doesn’t work for some reason. And Lisa, being a good girl, she is, invited Olivia for a swim nextSaturday!

 – wait until next Saturday 16:00 – Olivia at the pool naked.

  • I’vemet Olivia and she’s even better that my wildest dreams! Ase doesn’t shy away from her nudity at all! I completely lost my mind and couldn’t even talk properly, though. But it’s just a start. I’ll leave a better impression next time! And I did menage to leave some impression, even if it wasn’t my personality,

 – – talk to Olivia at the pool on Sunday at 16:00 – “Yeah, don’t overexpert yourself. Can I talk to Olivia?”.

  • I’ve menage to talk some more with Olivia. Turns out she’s not as dumb as I assumed. She’s funny, cheerful and she has a sharp tongue … I’d love to tasteit…

 – talk to Lisa on next Sunday morning – “How is your relationship with Olivia?”.

  • Lisa and I have decided to invite Olivia and Alex overnight. Olivia loves the pool, and Alex loves Olivia. I think this is a great plan! Let see what will come out of this…

 – talk again to Lisa after 3 days (Wednesday) – “Have you talked to Olivia?”.

  • Lisa says Olivia and Alex will come over if no one else is in the home. In other words, we have to be alone, no mom, Alice orKira…

 – depends if Eric is still in the house:

  • Eric is still in the house – wait until Friday night, when only Max and Lisa are in the house;
  • Eric is gone – Talk to Lisa on the next day (Thursday) – “What about Olivia?”. This dialog can appear if Eric is gone after any of the next steps. Talk to Mom – “Mom, I wanted to talk about having some people over”. Talk to Lisa again – “I’ve talked to mom…” – decide to use sleeping pills. Buy them – $50. Talk to Lisa on the next day after get the pills – “I’ve got sleepingpills”.
  • Olivia and Max come over. Interesting couple. We spend some time in the pool and they left. Looks like this may be a tradition. Who knows where it may leadus…

 – wait until next Friday night or if Eric is gone, buy pills and wait 5 days (Tuesday) and talk again to Lisa that you have the pills – she is topless.

  • This time our meeting was pretty good. First, we convinced Lisa to take her top off~Just the sight of my sister’s tits was worth it! Second, Olivia and Alex stayed overnight. Too bad they left so early I missed

Turns out Olivia is afraid of dark and sleeps with the lights turned on. Ans since she also sleeps naked, this make a great combination!

 – wait until next Friday night or if Eric is gone, buy pills and wait 5 days (Sunday) and talk again to Lisa that you have the pills – Olivia make HJ and BJ to Alex.

  • This time was even better. I’ve had an interesting talk to Olivia, but the best part happened at night. Olivia blew Alex! With the light turned on! Is it possible she just wanted to give us a show? Lisa was sleeping, but I didn’t miss athing!

 – wait until next Friday night or if Eric is gone, buy pills and wait 5 days (Friday) and talk again to Lisa that you have the pills – Lisa is naked, Max and Lisa watching Olivia and Alex having sex.

  • This time Alex’s alcohol was … strange. I guess the pills took their effect. Lisa undressed completely! And we are almost spooning in the bed in our sleep … And by sleep I mean watching Olivia and Alex fuck while Lisa jerking me off. This visits are getting better and better!

 – wait until next Friday night or if Eric is gone, buy pills and wait 5 days (Wednesday) and talk again to Lisa that you have the pills – Olivia and Max sleeping together naked.

  • Lisssa undressed completely and flirted with Alex the whole night. They even left  alone for some time … And then she proposed to switch partners for the night. And Olivia has agreed! We slept together, completely naked … We didn’t do anything, though. Olivia is very serious about her relationships, even as doomed as her relationship with

 – talk to Lisa after 2 days – “About Olivia…”.

  • Lisa told me that she heard Olivia and Alex breaking up. Looks like my plan worked! What will happen with our night pool tradition,though?

 – talk to Lisa after 4 days – “Have you talked to Olivia?”.

  • It’s official. Olivia and Alex broke up. Interestingly, they are fine with keeping our tradition, but Alex will come over to Lisa and Olivia to me. Will I finally have a girlfriend? End what we will do all four of us in the sameroom?

 – wait until next Friday night or if Eric is gone, buy pills and wait 5 days and talk again to Lisa that you have the pills – Olivia and Max – BJ and sex, Lisa trying to make BJ to Alex.

  • Olivia is now my official girlfriend! Well, mom doesn’t have to know about her, and neither should Alice … Or Kira … Whatever, the main thing is Oliviaknows!

Talk to Lisa after 2 days – “Did something happen?”. Talk to Lisa after 3 days – “How are you and Alex?”.

Wait next Friday or if Eric is gone, buy sleeping pills and tell her on the same day – Lisa watches Max and Olivia making sex. (I prefer to buy the pills in advance and talk to her that I got them after every dialog. It will allow me to not wait every time 5 days).

Talk to her on the next morning – “I wanted to talk about Olivia…”.

Wait next Friday or if Eric is gone buy sleeping pills and tell her after 4 days – Max licks Lisa’s pussy while Olivia make BJ.

Talk to Lisa after 2 days – “About Olivia…”.

Talk again to her on the next day – “About Olivia…”.

Talk again to her on the next day – “Let’s talk about Olivia…” (Persuade).

Wait next Friday or if Eric is gone, buy sleeping pills and tell her after 4 days – BJ by Olivia, then both play with Max’s penis, sex with Olivia and fingering Lisa at the same time.

Talk to Lisa on the next morning – “About our relationship…”.

Wait next Friday or if Eric is gone, buy sleeping pills and tell her after 4 days. Wait for the night – choose different options – repeatable event.

Related Events

  • Olivia is lying naked at the pool with Lisa every Saturday and Sunday at15-16:00.
  • On Saturday after step 3.4 talk to Lisa – “About Olivia and panties”. After 2 days talk to her again – “Have you decided to stop wearing panties in school?” (Persuade). After you succeed go to My Room at 10:00 and “open the door” to see Lisa’s naked ass or “knock”, “You don’t wear them anymore, right?”`- Lisa will show Max that she is not wearing



(Expenses – $0) Triggers on the second day at breakfast.

  1. Lisa’s grades took a drive. Looks like the new school requires higher level of education. This is a good opportunity to show my knowledge and help out my little sister… Or sabotage her grades and see how mum will punish her. Or maybe ask for something in return for my help? But first I have to talk to Lisa and see her thoughts on the

 – talk to Lisa at the pool after school (16:00) – “About your grades…”. There are two options:

convince her to sleep without pijama (bad option)

  • I think I convince Lisa to listen to me under fear of punishment. Now she’s sleeping in t-shirt and panties only. And that’s only thebeginning!

Now under pretense of helping I can fail her homework so I can see her get punished… Who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to get further?

  1. 0.8 – Attention: You’ve reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game

offer her help without conditions (better option) Relationship + 1


  • I talked with Lisa and promised to help with her studies. For free. Just cause. Of course, it’snot very typical of me, but I may improve relationship with my sis and earn her

 – Actually after the first punishment, talk to Lisa – “So, have you changed your mind?”. He will convince her to slip without pijama. So, there is no point to use the first option.

Related events:

Helping with homework (accessible from day 3). Talk to Lisa at 23:00 on Monday-Friday or 17:00 on Saturday – “Do you want some help with your homework?”, “Let’s take a look”:

  • Yeah … (make mistakes)” – making mistakes (Persuade) with successful persuasion willlead to punishment on the next day and increase Max’s authorities with 1 level;
  • You can take a break, I’ll do everything myself! (without mistakes)” – make her homework without mistakes 7 times – Relationship+1;
  • No problem!” – this option is available if you choose step 2.2 to offer help without condition. Do not use it because Max will do homework without mistakes, but thiswill

not change the relationship after 7 homework. The option disappears after Lisa got punished and Max convince her to sleep without pijama – see step 2.2;

  • Oh, there’s so much … Another time” – her mood will decrease by 1level;
  • I’ll do everything perfectly if you do something for me”. This option is available after buying the silk bathrobe – Relationship +1 and have Max’s authority at least “Low” At the beginning there is only one continuation – “Show me your tits” (Persuade). AfterMentor, step 27 a new continuation is available – “You have to give me a hand

– HJ.



(Expenses – $200)

Triggers when Max talks to Lisa at the poll while sunbathing at 18:00 (available from the first day): “Why are you sunbathing like this?” – step 1. If he doesn’t talk to her, it triggers on Saturday after girls are back from shopping – directly to step 2.

  1. I noticed Lisa always wearing some one-piece swimsuit. How is she supposed to tan in that? She agrees, but she doesn’t have anything else to wear, everything got lost in the moving process. Maybe I can help her outsomehow?

 – wait until Saturday. Girls will go for shopping and Mom didn’t buy a swimsuit to Lisa.

  1. Mom forgot to buy a new swimsuit for Lisa. Now she has to wait for the next weekend when Eric will take everyone shopping. This time Eric promised to buy one himself. Maybe I should beat him toit?

 – buy the red swimsuit ($200) before Eric. It has to be ordered from the online shop until the 9th day. Give it to Lisa on the 10th day when she is at the pool (16:00).

Choose “Well…” from the dialog and then “I’ll give you if you’ll let me see how you’re trying it” – Relationships + 1.


  1. Igot enough money to buy Lisa the swimsuit she  I think she really appreciates it.

If do not succeed to give Lisa the swimsuit in time:

  • I couldn’t buy Lisa the swimsuit that she wanted before Eric. I think their relationship improved.Too bad I couldn’t give her that stupid swimsuit so Lisa would be grateful to
  1. 8 – Attention: You’ve reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game

Related events: none



(Expenses – $1990) Triggers on the second day during the dinner conversation.

  1. Looks like Alice is terrified of spiders. And the climate here is very good for that kind of insect… Catching one and dropping it off to Alice should be hilarious! Now how would I get one?

 – “read about spiders” on the web.

  1. I looked it up on the web, and there’s a local type of spider that would be perfect for my goal! It’s completely harmless and pretty big. Looks like I can try and catch one in the morning when spiders check their nets for

 – go to the pool and search for a spider at 10:00 or 11:00.

  1. I’ve got myself a huge spider, turn’s out it is quite easy if you know what are you doing. Now I just have to test this monster on my sister. Where would be the best place for my experiment…

What to do:

  • Hide the spider in the Alice’s Room – put the spider on her bed at night – preferable after 22:00 (Stealth). 00:00 for best results. Go to sleep and Alice will wake Max and ask for his help with the spider. You can choose to help without conditions – “Fine, where is it”, or you can blackmail her – “What do get for this?”- 4 options(Persuade):
    • Give me $10“(Persuade);
    • Show me your tits“(Persuade);
    • Take your top off“(Persuade);
    • Uh, nothing. I’ll catch it for free…” – same as “Fine, where isit”.
  • Throw the spider on Alice at the pool – 2variations:
    • Throw the spider when she is lying at the pool with full swimsuit (when you progresswith the story she will be topless all the time and this option is inaccessible);
    • Throw the spider when she is lying at the pool topless (further in the game) or when you put cream on her and remove the
  • Throw the spider on Alice while she is taking a bath – she has to be alone in the bathroom in the morning. If your peep on Alice is successful (Stealth) you can throw the spider. The opportunity is available before aunt Kira arrives. After that they will take a shower
  • If you use the spider, a new one can be found after 5


hide the spider in her room and choose – “Okay, but I want something first” – she is getting naked (requires relationship “Warm”).

  1. Alice is so afraid of spiders she agreed to get naked just so I will kill one in her bed. I’m so lucky spiders keep climbing into Alice’s bedroom for no reason … Anyway, I wonder what else I can get from Alice for killing the..

hide the spider in her room and choose – “Okay, but I want something first”.

  1. I’ve killed another spider for Alice and asked her about staying in her room to guard her. She turn me down. I guess she needs more spiders in her bed to change hermind…”

hide the spider in her room and choose – “Okay, but I want something first”.

  1. I think I may worsening Alice’s arachnophobia. Alice is starting to think about letting me into her bed. She still didn’t let me sleep in her room, so I think I should keep

hide the spider in her room and choose – “Okay, but I want something first”. Max will sleep in Alice’s Room.

  1. Alice has finally let me sleep in her bed! Moment of silence for all the spiders who sacrificed their lives so this tremendous achievement. Step one is over, now I just have to keep

Related events:

  • After step 7 there is a new item that can be purchase in online shop – “Spider Bait” ($1990). It allow Max to find a spider every day from 07:00 to18:00;
  • After step 7 the dialog changes – “Okay, but I’m going to stay in your room” – Max can touch her breast and take off her top. After several tries he can take off her panties – HJ – repeatable


Party girl

(Expenses – $220) Triggers on the fourth day during the dinner conversation.

  1. Alice asked mom for a new evening dress. Usually mom would say no, but this time Eric said he’d buy her one on the next shopping trip. I should hurry if I want to beat him to it and give her a present

 – buy the little black dress ($200) before Eric. It has to be ordered until the 9th day. Give it to Alice on the 10th day when she is at the pool at the earliest (15:00) and watch how she is trying it Relationship + 1.


If Max do not succeed to give the dress to Alice in time and he did not order the dress:

  • Now this is bad luck. I tried so hard to buy that dress, but in the end I didn’t even matter. Not surprising, Eric’s loaded, he certainly can afford it. Now his relationship with alice has improved.

If Max do not succeed to give the dress to Alice in time and he did order the dress:

  • Now this is bad luck. I’ve spent so much money on a beautiful short dress for alice, but Eric has beaten me to the punch. And of course he got her same kind of dress, so I can’t just give mine to
  1. 0.8 – Attention: And now you’ve definitely reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of the game

If he succeed:

  1. Yes! I did it! I’ve manage to give the dress before Eric! Alice is grateful, now she can go to nightclubs.

 – requires “Warm” Relationship with Lisa – try your best to do this as soon as possible. A new dialog will pop up with her – “You look weird…”. (Persuade) After success she will tell Max that Alice will get drunk after small amount of alcohol.

The goal is to make it happen before aunt Kira arrives (day 18).

  1. Lisa told me some juicy secret. Turns out Alice can’t hold a drink. Or more accurately, drinking drastically changes her

Which is why she never drinks. Maybe I can come up with some idea?


 – buy Candies ($20).

  1. Well, I got myself a box of chocolate liqueurs. They should be subtle enough for sis to miss alcohol. I wonder if that would be enough for her to …change

Attention: You’ve reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game


 – on Friday (before aunt Kira arrives) at 20:00 enter Alice’s Room. Choose “I have a present for you” – give Alice the chocolate. Now after she comes back at 03:00 am go to the bathroom and knock (Persuade) – BJ. Requires Max’s Authority “Trust”.

  1. Everything worked out fine. And quite … unexpectedly. Can’t tell anyone about this. I guess Alice lost her inhibitors and got herself drunk in a nightclub. Let’s hope she won’t remember anything, or I’m agoner…

Note that if Max do not give candy to Alice before aunt Kira arrives, step 4 is the last one.

  1. 8 – Attention: And now you’ve definitely reached the end of this opportunity in a current version of thegame

On the next day you can speak with her: “About that time in the bathroom at night…”. Related events:

  • From now one every Friday (after aunt Kira arrives) Max can give candy to Alice and wait for her to return at 03:00 at the pool. He will take her to her room (Persuade) – BJ. The event stops if you are on Olivia’s path and she starts to visit you and your sister at the pool every Friday night. Nevertheless the event is available after Eric is gone and Max do not use sleeping pills (Schoolmate, Olivia’s path, step.8.);
  • Later in the game if persuasion of Alice (after step 4) is not successful (Max has to hadsex with Kira before that), he will return to the pool and Kira will give him HJ;
  • After finishing the first massage course, every night at 22:00 or 23:00 (except Friday) Max can do leg massage to Alice. After buying candies, Max can use them – “Do you want some candy before the massage”. Choose “I’m just super nice, that’s all”, “That’s for a desert”, “continuemassage”.



(Expenses – $2269)

On the first day at 11:00 go to Lounge and speak with Alice about the blog (optional). Triggers on the second day at the dinner conversation.

  1. Alice has told me about her blog and the “lack of clothes” problem. Now she has nothing to show, nothing to wear in the blog and she’s heartbroken. She’s desperate for any kind of help, even from me! Maybe I should look on the web forsolutions?

 – “read about blogs” on the web.

  1. After searching the web I learned that the most popular blogs have female hosts, and their popularity directly correlates with the size of their breasts and how revealing their outfits are. Ican’t really do anything with Alice’s cup size, but her outfits … Maybe I should talk to her?

 – requires mood “Not bad”. Go to Alice’s room and talk to her – “About the blog…”.

  1. I talked with Alice about her blog and tried to tell her she could advertise lingerie. Amazingly, she agreed. Now I just have to buy her some lingerie, so she’ll be able to build a new audience and attract some

 – after aunt Kira arrives (day 18) buy Set of black lingerie – $399. Talk to Alice – “I have something we’ve talked about” – Relationship +1.


  1. I gave Alice a cute lingerie set. She loved it. She even tried it on in front of me! I didn’t get to see much, but the experience was very exciting anyway. And the best part is, she gave me a hint I could buy her something eversexier!

 – buy Black Body – $350.

  1. My new gift didn’t quite had the effect I was hoping for. She said she’s not going to wear a topless body for a blog and instead she’ll wear it for someone, but refused to give me the details. So manysecrets…

Oh, yeah, she also told me she was approached by some advertiser. They’ll send her lingerie and they will pay for wearing it! She doesn’t need me anymore, though.

 – wait 1 week until you can ask her “How is your blog”.

  1. As it turns out, she’s not going to earn much money for those guys, because the lingerie they send counts as her salary. And she was hoping she would earn big money. I suggested advertising adult toys, but she didn’t like the idea. I think she may agree to strip on the camera, though. Now I just have to convince her to do

And If I manage to do this, it may snowball into something great… I shouldn’t go ahead myself, though…

 – wait 2 days and ask her – “Have you decided something about your blog?” (Persuade) – try every other day until success – Relationship +1.


  1. Finally! I’ve managed to talk Alice into stripping in front of the camera. To be honest, it kind of seemed she was into the idea herself. I wonder if all women have a this side ofthem

… This is great news!

She’ll start from undressing, then she’ll pay with herself … who knows how far this thing will go?

 – wait 2 days until you can ask her “How is your blog”.

  1. I’ve asked Alice about her blog and turns out she has managed to do everything be herself. She has found the website, set everything up and even had a trial translation! She’s great! I wonder if she forgot to lock the translation on our region, so someone she knows couldn’t seeit…

Now I have to find her stream … Maybe I need to install some spying program on her notebook? I should do it when she’s not at home, though, just in case

 – wait until he is out of home – Friday night, Saturday morning or Saturday-Sunday afternoon and install the keylogger in Alice’s Room.

  1. I’ve done it! I install a keylogger on Alice’s notebook while she was away. Now I have to wait until she’ll go to the streaming site and logs in, then I’ll be able to findher!

 – peep on Alice’s Room at 20:00-21:00. Go to My Room and on the laptop “spy on Alice”.

  1. NowI know what site Alice is  And her username is Melissa. Kinda sound like Alice

… I think I should watch her stream from my notebook…

 – on the laptop look into “Alice’s site”. Do not give her $30, it’s pointless.

  1. My older sister is flirting with perverts on the Internet… I’ve created an account with username Mike and looked around the site she uses. I can chat with her and ask her to do stuff for money!Interesting…

 – next evening look into “Alice’s site”. Do not give her $150 as she wanted. Next time give her $70;

Next time pay $200;

Next time pay $350;

Next time choose “ Take everything off”, “Deal, undress” and pay $150, “Sure, here!” and pay $50, “Too bad”, “Deal, here!” and pay $150.

Note that she is not online in Wednesday and Friday night.

  1. I’ve managed to convince my sister to completely undress in front of me! Well, in front of Mike … in front of the camera … Doesn’t matter. What’s important is she was completely naked!

They say if a woman is willing to do anything for some money then she’s willing to do anything for a lot of money! Or something …

 – Again go to the Alice’s channel and pay $150 + $50 + $150.

Last time go to the Alice’s channel and pay $150, $50 more and then do not pay $150 but choose “I’m afraid I’m busy right now … Another time” and go to her room.

  1. I did a great prank on Alice! Mike pretended to leave on business and while Alice was waiting for him naked, Max (me) barged into her room! It was risky, but seeing her reaction was worth it! I wanted to offer a couple stream, but she didn’t let me finish. I should find a better moment for this

 – talk to her on the next day – “About your blog”.

  1. I’ve talked with Alice about my idea for the next step in her blogging career, but she told me off. She’d earn a lot more money with my help, especially if I’ll be giving her my share. Well, except my sister’s sweet ass and gentle lips … I should keep trying to change her mind.

 – talk to her on the next day – “Have you changed your mind about the show?” (Persuade).

  1. I’ve managed to talk to my sister into a trial couple stream with me. WIll I finally have an opportunity to fuck my sister? I can’t

 – go to her room on the next day – HJ.

  1. Alice has jerked me off in front of … someone. The important this is she she did it! And she was touching herself right in front of me too! This was a great idea. Now I just need to wait for new clients with more interesting demands. Maybe I’ll get..

 – go again to her room – Cunnilingus.

  1. Alise has asked me to eat her pussy! Incredible! Well, technically it was her client, but who cares about the semantics… She smell incredible … And the main thing is she liked it! I think I saw an unasked question “why did you do this before” in her eyes. I am always willing to do this again when she wants..


 – go again to her room – Sex.

  1. Yes! I fucked my sister! Right in front of viewer … Or viewers. Who cares. I fucked her! Without any alcohol, blackmail or tricks! … I could repeat itforever!

 – go again to her room.

  1. Alice has laid some ground rules. No more than one client per day, Alice doesn’t want to turn what we have in a routine. Se we’ll have to have pauses between fucks. This is the best thing that ever happen to me! And the things to come are…
  1. 8 – Attention: You’ve reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game

From now one Max can enter her room every day – HJ, Cunnilingus, Sex – one per day in that order.

Related events:

– After Max and Lisa start doing anal (Lisa’s path) she will enter when Max and Alice have sex. Talk to Lisa on the next day – “Alice and I…” (requires “Good” mood)



(Expenses – $0)

(Expenses to get rid of Eric using Kate’s mom – $5500) Triggers on the 4th day during the dinner conversation.

  1. I’ve met this Eric, mom’s boyfriend. Can’t tell anything good or bad about him, but I don’t like him. He asked me to choose between friendship and war. Now why would I want to be friends with him, what would that achieve? Same goes for war… What could he do to me? Anyway,he gave me a week to  I guess I’ll have to think this through and decide.

 – wait until the breakfast on Tuesday (day 7).

  1. Eric i definitely a change for the worse. First, he suggested to send me to some military camp. “To build some character”. I have a hugecharacter!

Then he convince mom we should have a new punishment system. Why couldn’t he suggest something good… Anyway, from next week we going to be spanked in front of each other! Naked! It’s humiliating. What kind of pervert would come up with this idea? It will ruin my authority! I have to do something immediately!

 – on 8th day at 20:00 go to Alice’s Room and see her posing to Eric. After that Mac can talk to Alice – “You’re taking gifts from Eric?”. (these two are optional and do not reflect on the opportunity progress).

Wait until dinner on Saturday (day 11) when Max will speak with Eric and can decide to go on war or peace with him:

Peace – choose “I think it makes no sense to fight” and then agree with his conditions.

  • I feel like I made a deal with the devil. Eric promised to pay me some money and gave me permission to peek after him and mom having sex. On my part, I have to let him corrupt my family. Who knows, maybe he’ll let me participate in someaction…
  1. 0.8 – Attention: You’ve reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game

If you want to start war later, go to talk to him – “Our friendship is over!

War – choose “I hate you

  • Screw him! I declined his dubious offer and not going to work with him.I won’t get anything he offered but my conscience is clear and my family is in myhands!

After starting the war there are two ways to get rid of Eric:

Using a hacker: (Wallet, step 6.4-11.4). Using Kate’s mom:

Wallet has to be finished with endings 1, 2 or 3. Also Kate has to visit Alice for 11th time. (Cunning plan, Related events). Talk to aunt Kira – “Aunt Kira, I really need your advice!”. Talk to Kate after buying her weed (Weed, step 6) – “Actually, I need your help.” Buy “a big package of weed for $500”. Give the weed to Kate – “I have a big package”. Now Max can go to the laptop and “call Kate’s mom”. She will ask for

$5000 and to fuck Alice while Kate is filming. Next Wednesday or Sunday at 01:00 am go to Alice’s Room and Kate will film the sex scene between Max and Alice. Gather the money and again call Kate’s mom. Give $5000 and after 2 days Eric will disappear.

  1. Eric? What Eric? Never heard about him … Like he was never there. And I won’t miss him!

Attention: You’ve reached the end of this opportunity. Congratulation! Related Events:

Effect on Alice:

  • At the 15th day (20:00) go to Alice’s Room to see her make second show to Eric. There are 6 more only on Wednesdays while Eric’ Influence is low – 22, 29, 36, 43, 50, 57th
  • If Eric’s influence is above 60% the shows are replaced by a
  • If Eric’s influence is 100% there is a second massage – he is without
  • After Eric is gone, Alice will stop smoking at13:00.

Effect on Mom (while in peace):

  • Next time when Max spies on Mom and Eric in her room (day 13 at the earliest) she will catch
  • Talk to Eric (day 15 at the earliest) that you were punished – “Eric, we agreed!”. After that when Max peep on them mom will not see
  • Next time Max peeps “Control” opportunity will start (day 16 at theearliest).
  • After 2 more peeps Max refuse to leave and walk into the room (day 22 at the earliest). From now on every time Max go to Lounge to spy on them they do not care. From now on when enter Mom’s Room at 10:00 she will let Max to see how she is changing;
  • Next peep – mom is bound by Eric. The situation will stay the same until Max blackmail Eric (Wallet, steps 6.4.-11.4.). Max can talk to mom on the next day – “Is Eric abusingyou?”.

Effect on Lisa (while in peace):

  • On the next evening afterMentor, step 3, Eric will steal Lisa and start teaching her by himself every Thursday night. To get her back, start spying on him when he is at home at night – 02:00 am Tuesday/Thursday. Buy photo camera before that (Favourite aunt, step 4). If he is jerking off in front of Alice’s Room take, a photo (Luck, Stealth). On the next evening talk to him – “I think we should talk”, then “I want to teach Lisa sex ed!”. Talk to Lisa – “About our education…”.

Effect on aunt Kira: see “Sacrifice” opportunity. Related Events:

  • Watch Mom and Eric in Lounge at 21:00 -BJ;
  • Peep them at 22:00 at Mom’s Room (Stealth) -BJ;
  • Peep them at 01:00 am while sleeping at Mom’s Roomnaked;
  • Catching Eric while jerking off in front of Alice’s Room (02:00 am Tuesday and Thursday).Choose “make some noise”, “I have some conditions!” (Stealth), “I want

$20 allowance increase!” (Persuade) – if you succeed will get from now on $10 more, if not – only $5;

  • Peep Eric and Mom while taking a bath at 06:00 or open the



(Expenses – $0)

Triggers during the 3rd peep on Mom and Eric (on 16th day at the earliest) after Max becomes friend with him (peace with Eric).

  1. What was that? Mom just caught me peeking after her having sex with Eric, but before she could punish me Eric told her to stop and she listened! My mom, who wouldn’t even left me watch some soft erotica just accepted my presence at that! It’s incredible! Either Eric is a wizard or there is something else going on and I have to get to the bottom oftat.

But first I have to talk to my sisters and check whether they notice s any changes in mom’s behaviour.

 – talk to Lisa or Alice first.

Talk to Lisa first – “About mom…:


2.1. I am very concerned by my mother’s behaviour.

I talked about mom with Lisa and I’m not sure she believed me. She probably thinks I made everything up. Maybe I should talk to Alice?

 – talk to Alice.

3.1. I talked with my sisters about mom, but they think Eric is making her happy. Don’t they see that mom is completely under his control? I think I need help to figure it out, but who isn’t charmed by Eric?

Talk to Alice first – “About mom…:


2.2. I am very concerned by my mother’s behaviour.

I talked to Alice about mom and she had no idea what I was talking about. She also didn’t believe me when I told her about permission to watch when they have sex… I don’t know what to do, I guess I should try Lisa next?

 – talk to Lisa.

3.2. I talked with my sisters about mom, but they think Eric is making her happy. Don’t they see that mom is completely under his control? I think I need help to figure it out, but who isn’t charmed by Eric?

When you get rid of Eric (Alpha, Get rid of Eric):

  1. Eric? What Eric? Never heard about him … Like he was never there. And I won’t miss him!

Favorite aunt

(Expenses – $500)

Triggers on 18th day at the earliest when aunt Kira arrives and Max talks to her at the pool at 10:00 – “Care for some company”.

  1. Aunt Kira, Mom’s younger sister lives with us now. She wasn’t exactly shy before, but now she’s so… so… and she also saw my dick in the first day here! Kind of awkward. And her swimsuit is so open I’m not even sure it qualifies as one. She also said something about my dad. Were they … close. I want to learn

 – make another 2 conversations with her on the next 2 days – “Care for some company”.

  1. I’ve told aunt Kara everything about Eric. I’m not sure she believed my every word, but she promised to look into the situation. Maybe she’ll even talk to

 – talk to her again on the next day – “Care for some company”.

  1. My aunt is a porn star! I live in a same house with a porn star! Now I understand why I’m drawn to her so much. She practically emits sexaura!

She also caught me jerking off to her in the shower. It’s an awkward situation … On the other hand, she’s a porn star, she’s used to that and much more! Not me, though. I have to get closer to her. Much closer.

 – talk to her again the next day – “Care for some company?”.

  1. Aunt Kira have offered me to become her photographer. I have to get myself a camera, though. She probably won’t pay me enough to break even on the camera. Let alone have some profit, but there is a chance she’ll show her gratitude in some other..

 – buy a camera ($500). Talk to Kira on Saturday at 11:00 – “About photo session…”- 1st photoshoot.

  1. I didn’t get any. First, she was almost fully dressed. Some porn star… Second, she didn’t offer me anything kinky for a job well

 – talk to her on the next day – “Care for some company”. You can get $300. If not continue with step 6.

  • Aunt Kira give me a choice between the money and more work. I chose the money. I’m not sure if I made the right

She told me if I change my mind I can always give her money back.

Later Max can gives money back if you want to continue with the opportunity. Talk to her – (“I’ve changed my mind about the money”).

  1. We agreed on another photo session next Saturday when no one else will be at home. I wonder what she’ll wear next time? Maybe I’ll even convince her to pose naked? Ah, if only…

 – wait until next Saturday at 11:00 and talk to aunt Kira about the second photoshoot – “Care for some company” – 2nd photoshoot.

  1. I’m not a virgin anymore. Aunt Kira showed herself to be a passionate woman with unhealthy interest in my cock… Which I’m extremely happy about! Some ropes were involved, but makes it even better! I wonder where it will leadus…

 – talk to her after the photoshoot – “I wanted to talk about…”.

  1. I’ve talked with aunt Kira after my first time and she said she really liked it too, but it was a veryspecial occasion because she’s afraid to get caught, which will result in

Bu she’s open to the possibility of more sex if no one is around! And so am I!

 – talk to her on the next day – “What do you think of mom’s behaviour?”.

  1. I’ve talked with aunt Kira about mom’s behaviour and she gave me a hint about something in mom’s past. There was some kind of incident which allegedly explains things, but aunt Kira want tell me without mom’s approval. Or maybe mom will tell me everything herself. Anyway, now I have to go and ask mom about the incident in the

 – talk to mom – “Mom, aunt Kira send me to me…”.

  1. Mom definitely won’t tell me about the accident. It has to be important, but there’s no point talking to mom about it. I guess I have no choice but ask aunt Kira, maybe she’ll change her mind and decide to tell me the story afterall?

 – talk to aunt Kira – “I wanted to ask about that incident…” (Persuade).

  1. I’ve finally convince aunt Kira to tell me about the accident. She told me the what happened with mom when she was a kid. Obviously, the kidnapper gave her some serious psychological issue, which shaped her into the person she is now. And I guess Eric triggered something that makes her act so
  1. 8 – Attention: You’ve reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game

Related Events:

  • After she arrives, Max can see her masturbate every Wednesday and Sunday at 03:00 am. He can see her taking a bath at 03:00 am on Tuesday and Friday. Also he can see her swimming naked at 03:00 am at the pool on Monday andThursday;
  • On Sunday (day 26) the courier delivers a sex machine to aunt Kira. Now when Max watch her masturbate, you can choose “continue” and see her use themachine;
  • After the second photoshoot when Max watches her playing with the sex machine – BJ (if did not choose that, they both can watchporn);
  • After the second photoshoot if Max goes to the pool – HJ. Same happens after aunt Kira and Alice return from the club (Party girl, steps4-5).



(Expenses – $0)

Triggers after 12th time Max go to Alice and Kate. They draw him out. Talk to Kate after that at the pool.

  1. Kate asked me to get some weed for her. In exchange she’ll let me on her fun with Alice. Looks like the deal is definitely worth it! Where could I get a weed?

 – “read about weed” on the web.

  1. I did some search about weed, but I couldn’t find a simple way to get it. And I can’t just order it online, I’ll guess I’ll have to ask someone~? Maybe Lisa? People push sell in schools,right?

 – talk to Lisa on the next day – “Lisa, I need your help with some delicate problem…”.

  1. I asked Lisa about weed. She looked at me funny. She disapproves, but that’s fine. She said she’ll ask around, but she’s afraid she’ll be expelled if teachers will found out. Let’s hope for the

 – Talk to Lisa after 5 days – “So, have you asked around in school?”.

  1. I have a good news/bad news situation. Good news: Lisa wasn’t expelled. Bad news: she couldn’t find anyone stupid enough to sell drugs at school. I any case this is a dead end. What other options do I have? Maybe aunt Kira? I’m not sure asking my aunt for this is a good idea … I don’t know how she’ll react to my

 – talk to aunt Kira on the same day – “I have some problem”.

  1. Aunt Kira was totally fine, like I just ask her for some gun … Weird. She said she’s going to ask around and will let me know… Now I

 – talk to aunt Kira after 3 days – “Do you have any news on … you know…”.

  1. Aunt Kira has told me she knows someone who sells weed online for his close friends. And now I’m one of the! She gave me the website address, now I just have to order some weed for Kate. I hope it will be what shewants….

 – “buy some weed” on the web, give it to Kate at 02:00 at the pool on Wednesday or Sunday. This will allow Max to enter while they are together – repetitive event.

  1. Kate appreciated me as the guy who can get it for you and now I have … access … to Alice. I really hope no one will catch me with allthis…

Related Events:

–   Next time when Max catches Alice at the pool at 13:00 she will smoke weed. There is a new scene with naked punishment if you choose this option. If you leave her alone this will increase her mood.


Cunning plan

(Expenses – $20)

Alice starts to meet with another girl (Kate) at night – 01:00 am on Wednesday and Sunday when mom is not at home.

The opportunity is triggered after the 5th visit of Kate – Max has to peep on them every time and speak after that with Kate at the pool.

  1. Kate has told me that she has no choice but sneak into Alice’s room in the middle of the night when my mom isn’t home because she’d disapprove of their relationship. I volunteered to help out. Now all I have to do is simply convince my mom that girl love is perfectly

 – talk to mom on the next morning – “Mom, I wanted to ask your opinion about something…”.

  1. I probed around to see mom’s opinion and she’s a bit extreme on this issue. Now I can seewhy Alice wasn’t even trying … What could I do now? Maybe I should ask aunt Kira?

 – talk to aunt Kira – “I want to discuss something…”.

  1. Aunt Kira was amused by me volunteering to help Alice and Kate, but she said she’ll talk to mom. I don’t know what to expect .. Last time mom was quite clear she doesn’t approve this kind of

 – talk again to aunt Kira after two days – “Have you talked to mom about…”.

  1. Look like the talk between aunt Kira and mom didn’t went to well. But aunt Kira is still confident she’ll be able to help me. She said she’ll think more about her next move and  worst case scenario there’s an “all in” option … I’ll see what she will come up with…

 – talk again to aunt Kira after two days – “So, have you came up with something about mom?”.

  1. Aunt Kira come up with funny idea. She’s really eager to help too, like she’s personally invested in this whole..

Aunt Kira come up with a cunning plan to gradually corrupt my mom. The idea itself is great, but I’m not sure if aunt Kira can actually can pull it off…

 – talk again to aunt Kira after two days – “So, have you come up with a new plan”.

  1. Aunt Kira has finally solidified her plan, it involves three stages. First, we have to do something with mom shyness, and for this aunt Kira will try to easy mom into naturism. Second, aunt Kira wants to create juicy situation. And the third phase is the original plan: get mom drink and sleep with

The main problem with the first stage is me. I have to do something so mom to get used to be half naked around me, so I have to learn sensual massage.

 – learn sensual massage (requires 100 points on Massage skill) and talk to Kira after that – “I’ve completed the course”.

  1. I’ve told aunt Kira I’ve completed the sexual massage course. She said I should start practising on Alice while she tants. Then aunt Kira will tell mom I’m good at it and Alice’s recommendation will add fuel to the fire. The I’ll have to find a good moment to start massaging I things the evenings after the shower in her room will be great for this.

 – start doing massage to Alice after removing her stripes at the pool. If before the massage you choose “Why so gloomy, Alice?” and give her money, it can increase the chances to finish the massage successfully or at least get further and get more skill points. Try all different options and choose the one with more progress. Try every day.

After the first successful sensual massage, go to Mom’s room and ask “Are you tired, mom?”. Make leg massage (Massage). If Eric is still here, you can do this on Saturday and Sunday (relationship is peace) or every day except Tuesday and Friday if relationship is war and Alice give him anti-potency pills (Wallet, Related events). If he is gone – every day.

If the massage is unsuccessful:

  • Momhas agreed on my  I’m not that good, though … But I’ll try! Sooner or later I have to do a good job…

When it is successful – Relationship +1:

  1. Yay! Mom has enjoyed my leg massage. I wonder if I’ll manage to convince her to do something else … Maybe massage her back, breasts, or maybe even more! Wouldn’t that  be nice … But still have to go on. She has to get used to my..

 – do 3 more successful leg massages. On the 4th time Max will offer her back massage.

  1. I think mom is ready to try a back massage! She agreed to try next time. I really hope she’ll like it … But even if I fail for the first time, I can always try again,right?

 – next time mom is with a white towel – after a successful leg massage (Persuade) she still don’t want back massage.

  1. Mom really enjoy I massage her back! I should do this more often. I’m think I’m on the right path. Just a little bit of progress and … Hmmm. I already got more than I had hope for, to be honest. She’s wearing nothing but a towel! Well, towel and panties … Will I manage to get something more out of thosemassages?


 – next time make the 1st back massage. Talk to her – “I wanted to say sorry about the massage…”. She may doesn’t want to talk to Max at first.

Make 2nd successful back massage. Talk again to her – “I wanted to say sorry about the massage…”. (Persuade).

After the 5th massage go talk to her and this time she offers to be without panties during the massage. Relationship +1

On the next massage Max will “peek under the towel”.

From now on Max can massage mom while she is completely naked.

  1. What’s better than mom in nothing but panties? That’s right, only mom without them! Looks like mom thinks the more she hides her body the more she stimulates me …She is deadwrong!

 – Talk to aunt Kira – “Why are you so happy?” and again – “I wanted to talk to you about my progress with mom…” – aunt Kira will sunbathing topless. All the girls from next day will sunbathing topless.

  1. Aunt Kira came with another crazy idea about some carpet syndrome. I don’t know what kind of disease doesn’t let you jerk off … If I’d actually had something like this I’ll be really perverted, I’d probably go completely bonkers…

Anyway, for now I just have to wait couple of days until aunt Kira talks with mom…

 – talk to Aunt Kira after 5 days – “Any news?”.

  1. Incredible, I still can’t believe aunt Kira convince mom to help me out … I guess there’s only one way to find out … But if this works I can’t even begin to imagine how to repay aunt Kira

 – do massage to mom – HJ.

  1. I have no words … Mom is so good … se gentle … She obviously has a lot of experience in this. Life’s good! I wonder what kind of syndrome do I need so she’d … you know…

 – 3 days after New job, step 10 talk to aunt Kira – “Do you remember the origins of your plan?”.

  1. Aunt Kira and I suddenly remembered why we started the whole plan in the first place. Originally we wanted to convince mom her daughter can date a lesbian in our house … But then we kinda lost focus … Not without aunt’s personal interest, of course. Now that is done, we can finally reach the original

Aunt suggested to talk to mom about Alice when we’ll be watching the right movie. I should give it a try.

 – Buy the movie ($20) and the next day watch it with mom – “I have a movie with me” – HJ by mom.

  1. When, that went well. I didn’t expect everything working out so incredible! We didn’t see much of a movie and mom wasn’t really surprised to learn about Alice. Maybe she suspected it already? The important thing is mom gave me a handjob right in the lounge, and she was completely naked! Someone could walk in on us, that would befun…

Now I have to ask something from Alice. I didn’t do all this hard work for nothing, right?

 – Go on the next day at 22-23:00 in Lounge. A new dialog will appear when ask Alice what she’s watching – “I want to talk about Kate” – she will remove her panties. From now on you can massage her legs while she is without panties.

  1. Ha! I tricked Alice into a great deal! Now she’s having to walk around the house bottomless! I can enjoy the sight of her beautiful ass any time! I’m a genius! Now I just have to ask something from Kate. She was the one most interested in herlegalization…

 – Talk to Kate – “I have news about my mom” – Max will convince her to participate in their game once a week.

  1. I’ve managed to get one visit per week from Kate. We see how exactly are they going to pay me back. But now I definitely won’t be tied to a chair. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be one incharge…

 – go to Alice’s Room on Monday, Wednesday or Saturday at 23:00 – BJ by Alice and fingering Kate. From now on Max can do this once per week.

  1. Idefinitely like the change! Girls show me a lot of  Well, mostly Alice did. I’m not complaining, though! We’ll see what they do next time…

 – go to Alice’s Room next week at the same time/day – sex with Kate.

  1. Now this was a nice surprise! Turns out Kate isn’t a hardcore lesbian as I thought! She had some guys before … but the best part I fucked Kate! Right in front of my sister! I guess they have a lot to learn about eachother…

 – go to Alice’s Room next week at the same time/Day – sex with Kate or BJ by Alice – your choice.

  1. I definitely like the new deal! I can ask Alice to blow me or can fuck Kate. I’m living in a fairy tale! I can only do this once a week, but it won’t get too repetitive! I think I’ll be able to get more from them … Much


Related Events:

  • 7th  visit  of  Kate  –  when Max peep on them. he can enter the room for the 1st

Talk to Kate after that;

  • 8thvisit of Kate – peep again – HJ by  Talk to Kate after that;
  • 9thvisit of Kate – peep again – BJ by  Talk to Kate after that;
  • 10th visit of kate – peep – onlywatch;
  • 11th visit of Kate – peep – BJ by Alice. Talk to Kate afterthat;

– 12th visit of Kate – peep – he will throw out. Talk to Kate – start “Weed”;

  • Afterstep 14 when “peep from outside” at 10:00 while Mom is in the bathroom – HJ;
  • After step 20, Max can go at 22-23:00 in Lounge. A new dialog will appear – “Are you happy Kate come over any time now?” (Persuade) – BJ by Alice. Next time when doing leg massage a new dialog will appear – “How about we continue instead?” (Persuade) – BJ by Alice. From now on the two BJs will be available from time to time.



(Expenses – $0)

Triggers when Max catches Eric and Kira having sex at 03:00 am on Thursday. Before that Kira has to give Max BJ in the living room (Wednesday/Sunday at 03:00 am) and HJ at the pool (Wednesday/Sunday at 03:00 am) which are available after the second photoshoot. Also Max has to be in peace with Eric. They will continue to having sex even after starting a war.

  1. This is bulshit! Eric is fucking my aunt! And she obviously gave her consent! What the hell is going on. I have to get to the bottom of thisquickly!

 – talk to Eric – “What the hell, Eric!”.

  1. I’ve asked Eric and he sent me to aunt Kira. He said she may not even tell me what’s going on … I fucking hate him somuch!

 – talk to aunt Kira – “What the hell happened that night?”.

  1. I’ve talked to aunt Kira and turns out Eric is blackmailing her, so she’s doing it for me. She’s afraid if Eric will show the video then I’ll go to the camp and she’ll get thrown out of the house. And mom probably won’t forgive aunt Kira after that. Anyway, I should talk to Eric and try to fix the

 – talk to Eric – “I’ve talked to Kira…”.

  1. Somehow Eric turned out to be even bigger asshole than I thought … He clearly isn’t going to stop having sex with Kira … Except one option I can’t possibly choose .. He’s willing to shift his focus to Alice, if I’ll tell him a way to get close to her … What should Ido?

 – talk again to Eric – “About my choice” – the only option is to give him Alice and tell him about the alcohol problem she has. From now on he will have sex with her and leave aunt  Kira.  Max  cannot  tell  him  about  the  alcohol  before  Lisa  told  Max  about  it  (Party girl, step 2).

Important – if you finish “Wallet” before Max talks to Eric or even before you trigger “Sacrifice”, “Sacrifice” will end automatically and Max do not have to give up on Alice.

If do not speak with Eric, next time Max can see different sex scene between Eric and aunt Kira.

  1. I’ve made a deal with Eric. He shouldn’t touch Alice, Lisa or Kira anymore. Now he’ll focus his entire attention to mom. Not the worst deal, to be

He’s an asshole, but he kept his word. Let see how long he’ll be able to hold himself in check, since my sisters love to flirt without thinking about consequences…

When Max get rid of Eric (Alpha, Get rid of Eric):

  1. Eric? What Eric? Never heard about him … Like he was never there. And I won’t miss him!

Attention: You’ve reached the end of this opportunity. Congratulation! Related events: none



(Expenses – depends on the option)

Triggers after aunt Kira arrives, when in war with Eric and Max has $500 or more in cash. After dinner mom and Eric will speak with Max about the stolen wallet.

  1. I fucking hate Eric so much! He has accused me of stealing his wallet! And claim there was such a huge amount in there, I can’t possibly give it to him … He said I have a week to give his money back. What should Ido?

 – talk to aunt Kira on the next day – “Do you know what Eric has said about me?”.

Warning – if don’t extend the period, after a week mom will send you to the military camp. For that talk to Eric – “I need more time!” – it will cost $300 per week.

Important – from now on if Max has $1000 in cash, he can talk to Eric – see step 5. After he gives the money, the opportunity will finish directly with step 7. It is better to wait with this after Max finds Eric’s wallet – step 5.

  1. I’ve talked to Kira and she pointed out the fact that I, allegedly, stole the wallet I’ve never seen in my life! Which means I just have to findit!

Either Eric has lost it or he hid it and he’s blaming me on purpose.

Maybe if I sneak into their room at night while they’re sleeping I’ll be able to find it?

 – go to Mom’s Room after mom and Eric are sleeping (00:00-03:00 am) and “sneak into the room”.

  1. It was a decent plan, but Eric woke up when I was rifling through his stuff … I think he has figured out what I was trying to do. I’m not sure I have any chance to save my money and prove my innocence anymore…

Maybe I should talk to Kira again?

 – talk to Kira on the next day – “I think I’ve ruined everything…”.

  1. Looks like aunt Kira always has a great plan for any situations. She advice me to buy some sleeping pills and a beer, then pretend I’m offering peace and give him a beer with sleeping pills inside. I’m not sure if I’ll manage, I need a lot of agility for..

 – buy “Can of beer” – $2 and “Sleeping pills” – $50. Talk to Eric at 20:00 (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday) – “I have something for you…”, “I’m tired of fighting and came with a peace offering…”, “I have some beer” (Persuade, Stealth). If you not succeed, Max has to buy beer again and try again next time. After the success, go again while they are sleeping and Max will find the wallet.

Important – In Thursday at the latest offer him to return the money ($1000) – see next step. Otherwise in Saturday Max will be sent to military camp.

  1. I have found it! Just as I thought, Eric has his wallet all along! But there was no money inside. Only the driver license on some Victor! I wonder what I could do with this situation .. I think I just hit ajackpot!

 – talk to Eric at 20:00 – “I’ve found your wallet…”:

  • I want you to leave this house forever!“ – doesnothing;
  • I want you to leave my family alone!“ – doesnothing;
  • I want you to leave my sisters and my aunt alone!“ – if you choose “Yes” Max will give all his money in cash and the wallet – step 6.2 – ending 2, if “No” – continue with step 6.1 – ending1;
  • I want a lot of money!“ – if you choose after the amounts “You’re such an asshole…” it’s the same as the previous option. If you choose “How about I just keep mymoney

– step 6.3 – ending 3.


Best option – if you have $1000 and choose another conversation with him – “I didn’t took your money!”, “I want to give you “your” money back”” (this is available after step 1), wait until next Saturday/Sunday morning and there will be a conversation with him and mom – Max will give the money. But now Max has Eric’s wallet – go to 6.4. – ending 4.

Ending 1 – 6.1. I’ve asked Eric about Victor Moro and the ID … He offered to give up on my sisters, aunt and he’ll say that he found a wallet in exchange for his wallet. All my money and me letting him to do anything with my mom … I refused. Now I owe a lot of money, everyone thinks I’m a thief, he won’t leave my sisters alone … And he took his wallet and ID! This sucks…

 – wait until Saturday/Sunday morning and Eric and mom will ask Max do he has the money, choose “Here…”. The other option is the end of the game.

7.1. Eric has demanded his money back, and I had to give it to him, in front of entire family like I’m some kind of thief. I hate him so much. Why couldn’t I came up with something? I feel like a loser…

Ending 2 – 6.2. Eric and I have made a deal. I won’t mention Victor Monro. I gave him all my money and I’ll let him do anything he wants with my mom. For all this Eric has left my sister and aunt alone. Also he told everyone he has found his wallet.

This will automatically finish “Sacrifice” opportunity.

Ending 3 – 6.3. I’ve exchanged the wallet for my money. The conflict about the wallet is over.

Ending 4 – 6.4. Eric has demanded his money back, and I had to give it to him, in front of entire family like I’m some kind of thief.

What Eric doesn’t know, though, that I have his wallet and IF. I guess he thinks he lost it, and it’s not like he can accuse me in stealing his “already stolen” wallet…

I’ll definitely get to the bottom of this Victor Moro situation…

 – wait until Wednesday and go to Mom’s room at 20:00. Will catch Eric speak on the phone.

7.4. What the hell!? I’ve listened on a very bizarre Eric’s phone conversation. He spoke to some woman and called her “honey”!?

And he called my mom bitch? I’m going to fucking kill him! I have to tell someone right away. Maybe aunt Kira?

 – Max can check on the laptop – “look up for Victor Moro” but will not find anything (optional).

Talk to aunt Kira – “I’m sorry to ask you again, but I really need your help!”.

8.4. I’ve told aunt Kira everything about Eric’s ID … or, more accurately Victor’s ID. anyway, she took this seriously. She took the ID and promised me to find out whether it’s real, and some information about him. Now I just have to wait a bit.

 – wait 4 days and talk to her again – “Any progress?”.

9.4. Aunt Kira has confirmed the ID is real, which means tis bastard isn’t even Eric, he’s Victor Moro. that’s all she could find, though.

Thankfully, she knows a guy. She gave me some contact information of a hacker who can find anything.

 – go to the laptop and “call to the hacker”.

10.4. I’ve talked to the hacker. Shady guy, but he didn’t ask for any money in advance. I gave him all the info on ID and he promised to get back to me tomorrow. His standard fee is

$500, if there’s nothing criminal. I wonder what will he find.

 – go to the laptop and “call to the hacker” on the next morning at the earliest and give him $2000.

12.1. Jackpot! Oh, the information that hacker gave me … Now I can do with victor whatever I want! I can demand anything I want or I can get rid of him through the contact the hacker gave me. Only I decide his future fate! Finally! Now, what would be the best next move…

 – talk to Victor – “We need to talk”.

11.4. That’s it, this bastard Eric … Victor is mine now! He won’t be causing any problems anymore and he’ll do everything I do from now on. For a start he left my family alone, I’ll think of something else later. And if he’ll ever try something funny I can always get rid of him by ratting him out!

In any time Max can “call to Victor’s enemies” on the laptop. The next day Eric/Victor is gone.


Related events (only after step 11.4):

  • Talk to Eric – “I want something from you”, “I want your help with mom”. Go to Mom’s Room at 22-23:00 and will watch them. Talk to Eric again – “I want some more help with mom”. Again talk to him – “I still demand you to let me touch my mom!” (Persuade).Second time Max enters Mom’s room he can touch  talk to Eric again

– “About mom…”. Next time Max enters Mom’s room he can touch her again (different positions). talk to Eric again – “I want to talk about mom again.”;

  • After Ending 1, 2, 3 or after 6.4. of ending 4, talk to aunt Kira on the next day or any day after that – I need an advice about Eric– Kira will advise to give Eric “Anti-potency pills” which Max can buy for $150. At 18:00 talk to Alice – “Could you please do something for me?”. She will want $60 (twice $30). Eric will not get BJ at 21:00 or sex with mom after that. At 23:00 he will be at the bathroom and mom in her room. This will give Max an opportunity to massage her if it’s needed to advance with “Cunning plan” (Cunning plan, from step 7). The second time when Max asks Alice to drug Eric she needs persuasion (Persuade) and $20 if the first leg massage to mom is unsuccessful (Cunning plan, from step 7). When Max succeeds with the massage Alice will not want money anymore. Requires mood at least “Notbad”.


New Job

(Expenses – $2150)

How to trigger the opportunity?:

Get rid of Eric (Alpha, Get rid of Eric).

Talk to mom after that – “Why are you so sad, mom? Did something happen?”. After 5 days – Breakfast – mom tells that she is worry where is Eric.

Max can talk to Alice – “I want to talk about Eric…” – she told him that there was nothing between her and Eric (optional).

After 2 days – Breakfast – Alice tells that she’ve sign up for a course in a college. After that she is no longer at the pool.

After 4 days – Breakfast – mom tells that she was fired.

After 4 days – Breakfast – mom tells that she cannot find a new job.

After 2 days – talk to aunt Kira – “Penny for your thoughts?” – she wants Max to make a photo session with mom.

After 2 days – Breakfast – mom told that the money is not enough. From Monday the next week a new dialog with mom will appear – “I want to help with the bills, mom”.

Max can asks mom – “Mom, I think you should help me with my authority in the house”. On the next day talk to mom – “I know what I want!”:

  • I don’t want to punish me. Ever!“ – mom agrees and Max will not be punished anymore.Later there is an option in this dialog that Max want to be punish again;
  • I want to punish my sisters when they screw up” – she agrees. From now on Max can choose to punish his sisters. When the dialog with mom “I want to help with the bills, mom” appears, he has to give her $500 to have an option to punish his sisters until the end of the

For further progress (New job, Related Events);

  • MaybeI could sleep in your room?“ – mom agrees (this is the end in this version).

Talk to aunt Kira – “So, did you convince mom?”.

On the same day talk to aunt Kira and mom at the pool (12:00) – “What’s up?” (Persuade). If succeeded – first photo session with mom.

On the next day – talk to aunt Kira – “About last photo session…” – give her $500. Talk to them again (12:00) – “Sunbathing?” – mom will get $500 from aunt Kira.

After 5 days – talk to aunt Kira – “What do you think about mom?”.

After 2 days – talk to mom and Kira at the pool (12:00) – “Hey, good looking!” – second photo session.

On the next day – talk to aunt Kira – “About mom…” then again – “About the money for session…” – give her $700.

Talk to them again at 12:00 – “How are you?”. Talk to mom – “Mom, I wanted to talk about photos…”.

After 4 days – talk to aunt Kira:

  • So, have you convinced mom?” – choose next dialogfirst;
  • Hey, I want to ask you about your reason to help me with mom” – she tells him that he can be part of a adult movies, also she wants to have sex with mom. Max give an idea that she can move to sleep with Mom’s

Go to Mom’s room on Friday 03:00 am – They sleep together dressed. On the next day talk to aunt Kira – “So, you’re sleeping with mom now?”. Next week on Friday 03:00 am peep them again – aunt Kira is naked.

On the next day talk to aunt Kira – “So I guess mom didn’t kick you out?”.

After 4 days (Tuesday) talk to aunt Kira – “So how is sleeping with mom going?”. After 3 days (Friday) talk to aunt Kira – “Any news about the new photo session?”.

  1. Kira has shown mom’s photos to the right guy and he like them. Now Mom has to go to a casting for a porn studio! She’ll have to do it with Kira! Of course, Mom would have to get ready for this … by having a trial casting in front of a live audience -me!

 – after two days talk to aunt Kira – “How are things with mom?”.

  1. Everything is going great! Kira has managed to seduce Mom. I think they both loved it. Now they have to just do the same thing in front of me! They won’t have to ask twice to watch … Kira said I should go to them Thursday

 – go to Mom’s room on Friday at 03:00 am – lesbian scene with aunt Kira and Mom.

  1. Itwas incredible! Mom was totally fine with fucking her sister in front of me! I think the idea got her even hotter! Anyway, |’m willing to watch them forever.! And not just watch…

Now I just have to wait for a good moment to do the casting. Kira said she’ll let me know when everything’s ready…

 – talk to mom on next day – “Any news about the casting?”. Go to talk to both of them at the pool after 3 days – “Sunbathing?.

Talk to mom in the same day at 15:00 – “So, how was the casting?”.

  1. I’ve talked to mom about the casting. She things it was a disaster, but everyone from the studio liked it … Which is great! Looks like mom will be able to earn money with this! Which means I’ll probably get somethingtoo!

 – talk to aunt Kira on the next day – “So, how was the casting?”.

  1. I’ve talked to aunt Kira about casting. She’s certain everyone went great! Everyone loved mom, she was convincing and she has every chance to have a great

But the most interesting topic of the conversation was the suggestion to do porn for me! Maybe they’ll even pay me, but I’m willing to pay the money myself to fuck some actress!

 – talk to aunt Kira after 2 days – “Any news about new shooting?”.

  1. Aunt Kira gave us some not so good news from the studio. Turns out practically everyone is busy with some mega project. She was asked to do it too, but she turn down because she wants to try herself i a director’s seat. I wonder what will come out of allthis?


 – talk to them after 4 days – “What’s up?”.

  1. My aunt is incredible! She wants to make a video with her, me and … my mom! All of us together in porn! And she gave me the text I have to memorize if I want to get the whole payment. Here are mylines:
  • I’m home, mom! I had a classcanceled…
  • Where are you mom! I wanted to talk toyou…
  • I guess mom is upstairs and didn’t hear me… goquietly

Looks like mom is mad at our maid, she looks busy .. I should wait till they finish (…wait for a right moment…)

  • Mom and Martha? I wonder if dadknows…
  • Okay,mom
  • What would father think aboutit?
  • You can try to convince me to be quiet …somehow
  • So you want Martha to .. convince me right in front ofyou?
  • You can show how much you needit
  • Too early to say, depends onMartha
  • That’s not very..
  • That’sbetter!
  • Yes, he doesn’t have to know anything …today

 – talk to them after 3 days – “Hey, good looking!” – follow the steps.

  1. Well, what can I say … I fuck my aunt … in front of my mom! The story was pretty basic, but who cares about the plot in porn,right?

 – talk to mom after the movie – “About the movie…”.

Talk to aunt Kira on the next day – “What do you think about the movie?”.

After that when he asks mom to join doing Yoga `(only in Lisa’s path) – “Aren’t you hot mom?” – she will do yoga topless. Lisa will notice.

Talk to mom and aunt Kira after 3 days – “Sunbathing?”.

  1. Aunt Kira has told us some good news. Mom has earned $2000! I think she just gave mom her own share … I didn’t get as much, but so what? I’d pay even more to be able just to watch, but I did a lot more … I fucked my aunt right in front of mymom!

 – talk to aunt Kira on the next day – “Have you given mom her share?”.

  1. The story is getting better! Aunt Kira has said the director wants us to make a whole series of movies like that with an incest genre. And the best part we need a young actress to play my sister. I wonder who could thatbe…

 – talk to them after 3 days – “What’s up”.

  1. Kira has another great idea about the next movie. And this time I’ll do it with mom. I guess this time she’ll do more than just look … except mom’s not too hot on the whole idea. When did that ever stopped me? I just have to change hermind…

 – talk to aunt Kira on the next day – “About your idea…”. Talk to mom – “About the video…” (Persuade).

  1. Yes, I’ve convince mom to do porn with me! Now I have to report to aunt

 – talk to aunt Kira – “Mom agreed!”. Talk to them on the next day – “How are you?”.

  1. Aunt Kira thinks we should have a test to make sure mom will actually go through with it on the set. Of course, I’m not against the idea of mom sucking my cock, why would I be? I’ll just have to be in her room at the right time. Thursday night at 3 A.M., here Icome!

 – go to Mom’s room on Thursday at 03:00 – BJ by Mom.

  1. Everything went great! Mom sucked my cock in front of aunt Kira, Best. Day. Ever! Will it get any better? She’s going to do it again when we’ll be shooting ourmovie…

 – talk to mom on the next morning – “About … the test run”. Talk to aunt Kira – “Do you think everything went okay?”.

Talk to them after 3 days – “Sunbathing”.

  1. Everything’s ready for the shooting. Now I just have to memorize my lines: Isn’t mom supposed to be alone? Dad should be atwork…

This is mom colleague .. What is his name, Boris? Se, he’s afraid of his wife, huh? I have an idea!

What if I send a text to his wife? Let’s see… It worked! He left my mom tied up!


(Use a situation I wonder what that means?)

I loved it, mom!

 – talk to them after 4 days – “Hey, good looking!” – second movie (you can lick mom’s pussy, if Max try to fuck her, Kira will stop him).

  1. What can I say … second movie was great! I don’t know how good was my acting, but making it felt incredible! I face-fucked tied-up my mom!Unbelievable!

 – talk to mom – “About the last scene”.

Talk to aunt Kira on the next day – “About the scene…”. Talk to them after 3 days – “What’s up”.

  1. Aunt Kira has told us the new movie is even better than the previous one. We should all get together at 9 P.M. Friday to watch the movie together. Two beautiful women watching porn with me, let’s see where it leadsus…

 – watch the movie on Friday at 21:00. Alice will interrupt them.

  1. The movie was great, but Alice has caught us of the middle of watching it. Wasn’t she supposed to be in the club? I guess she changed her schedule because usually she goes with aunt Kira, who didn’t go this time. In any case, it was kindaawkward…

 – talk to Alice on the next day – “About that movie…”.

  1. Looks like Kira has this under control. I don’t know how she’s done it, but not only Alice isn’t freak out about mom sucking my cock on camera, she wants in on the job! I have the best family in theworld!

 – talk to mom – “Have you talked to Alice?”. Talk to aunt Kira on the next day – “About Alice”.

Talk to mom and aunt Kira after 5 days “How are you?”.

  1. Aunt Kira had another idea for a new movie, but she decided to keep everyone in the dark.All I know is Alice will be debuting as my  We’ll see what I get this time…”

 – talk to aunt Kira on the next day – “About the movie…”.

  1. Aunt Kira said I need some props for the movie, slutty school uniform for Alice. Oh, also heels and stockings. I should talk to Alice about

 – talk to Alice – “About the movie”.

  1. Alice like the idea with the uniform, but she’s not going to provide any of her stuff, even shoes and stockings. I’ll have to buy everything, but at least I won’t have any worry about Alice biting my head off for ruining her clothes after the

 – buy “Slutty school uniform” ($500), “High heels” ($350) and “Black stockings” ($100).

Talk to Alice on the next day after the courier – “I bought everything!”.

  1. I bought everything for the movie. Alice liked it and took it from

 – talk to aunt Kira on the next day – “I’ve bought everything!”.

  1. Everything is almost ready. I just have to wait until aunt Kira writes the script. I hope I’ll understand what the movie will be aboutthen…”

 – talk to them after 3 days – “Sunbathing?”.

  1. Aunt Kira still wouldn’t say any specifics about the movie … Anyway, here are my lines: (onesurprise)

(3 denials) But mom…

I don’t anything under the towel! But my sister is right here!

But mom…

Can’t you turn around? Ow, it hurts

It’s because you’re watching. It’s not my fault…

  • Wait,mom!

It’s her cigarettes!

I’m telling you it’s hers! I’m telling you it’s all her! Thanks, mom

Do you mean… Fine, you’re forgiven

 – talk to mom – “About the movie…” (optional).

Talk to them after 3 days (except Saturday and Sunday) – “Hey, good looking!”. – 3rd movie – anal sex with Alice

  1. I think the last movie we made is the best one yet. I definitely love making it! I understand why she didn’t tell me anything beforehand, there’s no way I’d act surprised as believable as I was when I first heard what’s coming. And I really liked how mom … helped me out at the end. It felt so great I came in Alice’s ass almost immediately. I wonder if it was in thescript…

 – talk to Alice – “About the movie”.

  1. Alice didn’t like her role much. Told me she can barely sit. What, I was just following my script … Maybe she didn’t deserved so much punishment, but at least the movie should be great … Fucking my sister’s ass for the movie is a sacrifice I’n willing tomake…

 – talk to mom – “About the movie…”.

  1. I’vetalked to mom and found out the finishing touch was her  It felt incredible! I’m so glad mom has this initiative. I have the best mom ever!

 – talk to aunt Kira on the next day – “About the movie…”.

  1. Aunt Kira loved our work too. Especially mom’s idea. Now I have to wait for the money and aunt Kira will start working on our new project. I wonder what’s going to be init…

 – talk to aunt Kira and mom after 3 days (except Saturday and Sunday) – “Sunbathing?”.

  1. We got plenty of money for the movie. Alice is especially happy, she always needs the money for one thing or another … Now aunt is thinking about our next project. And now that our family is so … open, it should be pretty good … So far every next movie is better than the last

Related events:

  • After the first time Kira slept in Mom’s Room (New job, before step 1) go to Mom’s Room at 06:00-07:00 on Friday – “peek inside” – Kira is sleeping dressing with a lingerie.
  • After the second time Kira slept in Mom’s Room (New job, before step 1) go to Mom’s Room at 06:00-07:00 on Friday – “peek inside” – Kira is sleeping
  • Maxcan “peep into the window” – Mom and aunt Kira making lesbian sex on Friday at 03:00 am. Next time when peep on them they are sleeping
  • 10% chance (according to Dark Silver) after the conversations about Alice to take part of the future movie, Max to caught mom making the breakfast without panties at 08:00
  • After punishing sisters twice each of them, talk to Mom – “I know what I want”, “I’d like to punish sisters after dinner. By myself …” She will not agree at first. Talk to her on the next day – “I still want to punish sister after dinner” (Persuade). Do not have to pay Mom $500 every week to punish them afterdinner:

Alice – private punishment:

  • When she has to be punish choose to punish her after dinner. Go to Alice’s Room at 20:00 – “Punishment time!” (“Guess why I’m here” on Wednesday) or in Lounge at 22-23:00 and choose from the dialog – “Do you mind some company?”, “What are you watching?”, “Punishment time!”. Do not set up to punish Alice inFriday!
  • On the 5th private punishment Max can choose different option – “Then I have an option for you…” – make sex with her. (The punishments have not to be made in Alice’s Room while she is on herblog);
  • After step 18 in “Cunning plan” Kate will be at home with Alice every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday after 23:00. Punish Alice in those days in her room (23:00) while Kira is watching. The 4th punishment in front of Kate is different – “What do you have in mind” – Max can fuck Alice. From now one Max can decide – spanking or sex. After that Max can “peep from the balcony”- they sleep

Lisa – private punishment: (Mentor, step 36-37).

Sleeping with mom:

  • Talk to aunt Kira 2 days after step 30 – “Aboutmom…”;
  • Talk to mom – “Aunt Kira is sleeping in the loungeagain…”;
  • Talk to aunt Kira – “About momagain…”;
  • At 00:00-03:00 enter Mom’sRoom;
  • After 2 days at 00:00-03:00 enter Mom’s Room – she will allow Max to sleep in her room;
  • Next day at 00:00-03:00 enter Mom’s Roomagain;
  • Next day at 00:00-03:00 enter Mom’s Room, take offshorts;
  • Next day at 00:00-03:00 enter Mom’s Room, take off shortsagain;
  • Next day at 00:00-03:00 enter Mom’s Room -HJ;
  • Next day at 00:00-03:00 enter Mom’s Room – HJ, she is topless from nowon;
  • Next day at 00:00-03:00 enter Mom’s Room -HJ;
  • Talk to aunt Kira – “I think my mom called me a quickshot…”;
  • At 00:00-03:00 enter Mom’s Room -HJ;
  • At 00:00-03:00 enter Mom’s Room, she is naked, HJ – repeatable;Kira:
  • 2 days after Max talk to Kira “About mom again…” (see Sleeping with momabove) he can talk to her – “Aren’t you hot?” – aunt Kira will sleep naked from now on. After 4 days on breakfast Lisa will tell she is notice that aunt Kira is sleeping

Alice – private punishment: she can be punished on Friday at 20:00 when she’s getting ready for the club.


Hot Coffee

(only available in Lisa’s girlfriend path, expenses – $20 for coffee) Triggers during the 3rd date with Lisa.

  1. I met an interesting girl Vicky while I was on a date with Lisa. Lisa decided to help me out and got to know her to learn something

Vicky is looking for a new chief. I’m not sure I can just learn a new profession and impress her, but Lisa thinks I should try, so…

Oh, and I can leave the house to meet Lisa or go to the coffee shop to Vicky.

 – next day between 13:00 (12:00 if it’s Saturday or Sunday) and 17:00 “leave the house” and go to the coffee shop.

  1. I went in the coffee shop and talked to Vicky. She’s a cheerful nice girl. She said she’s also looking for a bartender. I had a good time and I don’t think I’ll have to learn anything to get closer to

 – next day “leave the house” and go to the coffee shop.

  1. Well, I was wrong. Vicky was just flirting with me without any desire to go further. Now I think becoming a bartender might be the only way to get close to her. Maybe I will be able to do something once we’re both behind the counter? Now I just have to learn to become a bartender somehow … Where do I even start? I should ask

 – talk to Lisa after 3 days – “About Vicky”.

  1. I got a lucky break for once. Lisa said she heard one of her classmates talking about some online bartender classes. She promised to learn more and tell me the details. Another good thing is Vicky probably won’t be the only one appreciating my bartender skills. I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity to use it around the
  1. 9 – Attention: You’ve reached the end of this opportunity in the current version of the game

 – talk to Lisa after 5 days – “Do you learn anything from Vicky?”.


Other events



  • Peep while she is sleeping alone (01:00-03:00 am except Saturday and 06:00-07:00 am) – every day when she is in the house withoutKate;
  • Peep or open the door while she is taking a bath (08:00 am) -everyday;
  • Peep while she is taking a bath (00:00) – everyday but Friday at 03:00 am until aunt Kira arrives;
  • Peep while she is going out (10:00 or 14:00) – Saturday, (11:00) –


  • Peep while she is taking a bath (07:00 am) -everyday;
  • Peep or open the door while she is taking a bath (22:00 pm) -everyday;
  • Peep or open the door while she is preparing for school (10:00) – Monday-Fridayor

dressing for shopping on Saturday;

  • Open the door on Saturday (10:00 am) while she is dressing for shopping – topless from behind, covering her


  • Peep while she is sleeping alone (00:00-03:00 am) – every day when she is in the house without Eric orKira;
  • Peep while she is taking a bath(08:00);
  • Peep while she is taking a bath(20:00);
  • Knock and enter while she is taking a bath (20:00) and Eric is not at home – Knock – choose “It’s me, Max”, “Can I come in?”, Enter, “I want to take a shower before going tosleep”;
  • Peep or open the door while she is preparing for work (10:00) -Monday-Friday;
  • She is doing yoga (dressed) (07:00) – every


  • Go to Lounge at 03:00 am on Sunday/Wednesday and “watch” while she is masturbating. If you go after Day 26 (when she get a sex machine) there is a new option – “continue” – she is playing with the machine. After the second photoshoot (Favourite aunt, Relatedevents);
  • Go to the Pool at 03:00 am on Monday/Thursday – she is swimming After the second photoshoot (Favourite aunt, Relatedevents);
  • Go to the bathroom at 03:00 am on Tuesday/Saturday – she is taking a bath (Max cannotjoin).


Big Brother v. 0.8 events Walkthrough


  1. Continue with Mentor – Lisa like to be dominated (Mentor, step37-42).
  2. “Play with Lisa” while she is sleeping – available afterMentor, step 37-42. Choose “take off your shorts” – will touch her
  3. “Play with Lisa”while she is sleeping using handcuffs – available after

Mentor, step 39.

  1. Max with handcuffs – available afterMentor, step 39. Use them on Lisa once. Next three nights choose “leave her alone” instead. Max will wake up
  2. Continue with “New job” – 2nd movie with Mom (cunilingus and twice BJ) and HJ by aunt Kira (New job, step11-19).
  3. Punishing Alice after dinner (New job, Related events,Alice).
  4. PunishingAlice after dinner while Kate is watching (New job, Related events, Alice).
  5. Punishing Lisa after dinner (Mentor, step36-37).
  6. Mom making breakfast withoutpanties – According to Dark Silver 10% chance after

New job, step 19 Max to caught mom at 08:00 am.


Big Brother v. 0.9 events Walkthrough


  1. Continue with Mentor – dates with Lisa (Mentor, after step 42) (available only in Lisa’s girlfriendpath).
  2. Continue with New job – 3rd movie with Alice (New job, after step19).
  3. Start sleeping in Mom’s Room – HJ (New Job, Sleeping withmom).
  4. Continue with Arachnophobia – Alice get naked (Arachnophobia, after step3).
  5. Start sleeping in Alice’s Room – HJ (Arachnophobia, Relatedevents).
  6. Max can buy “Spider Bait” and find a spider every day (Arachnophobia, Relatedevents).
  7. Start Hot coffee opportunity – meet
  8. Enter My Room while Lisa is preparing for school (10:00) – watch her changing (availableonly in Lisa’s girlfriend path). Requires relationship “?” (remain to be seen).
  9. Enter Alice’s Room while she is preparing to go to the course (12-13:00 Monday-Friday) or to her friend (11:00 on Sunday) – watch her changing. Requires relationship“Friends”.
  10. Enter Bathroom while mom is taking a bath at 20:00 – HJ (availableafter

Cunning plan, step 14).

  1. Alice – new private punishment: she can be punished on Friday at 20:00 when she’s getting ready for the
  2. Max can go shopping with mom and his sisters(Shopping).


Big Brother Strategy example Walkthrough

(for the first 6 weeks)

First week


  • Start Hidden book – finish it in the first threedays;
  • Start Special books – continue to step 3 – do not order the 1st book yet (opportunities Swimsuit and Party girl need money and are moreimportant);
  • Start Swimsuit – has to be finished until day10;
  • StartSchoolmate;
  • Every day ask mom for money (+$15).Also:
    1. to clean the pool (+$40) – ask and clean it everyweek;
    2. to buy groceries (+$60) – order every otherday;
    3. to buy cosmetics (+$115) – do not order them fornow;
  • Peepall girls in the bathroom every morning to increase Stealth and Persuasion skill;
  • Start Mentor – continue up to step 3 and wait until take photo of Eric jerking off in front of Alice’sRoom;
  • Start Schoolgirl – finish it in oneday;
  • Start Cigarette smoke – use it to get money ($10-20) every possible day (Cigarette smoke, Relatedevents);
  • Start Blog – and continue to step 3 – do not order “Set of black lingerie”yet;
  • Start Arachnophobia – use it to get money ($10) every possible night (Arachnophobia, step 3). Take the spider, do not kill it (save it for the next nights), but notice that Alice’s mood will drop because of
  • Start helping Lisa with homework (23:00 on Friday, 17:00 on Saturday). Do not make mistakes 7 times (choose “You can take a break, I’ll do everything myself”) – this will increase Relationship with 1; It’s important if you want to catch Alice in the bathroom after the club (Party Girl, step 3). If not, you can make mistakes (she will be punished) and Max’s authority will increase. This will help to continue with Mentor and Schoolmate Note that they will be stopped (“Lisa Girlfriend” path) by Eric if Max is in peace with him, until take photo of Eric jerking off in front of Alice’s Room. Only “Schoolmate” can be continued in “Olivia girlfriend” path. Me personally prefer to not make mistakes atfirst.
  • From day 4 start advertising the site – $50 every other

Week 2

  • Continue to ask mom for money, do chores (do this nextweeks);
  • Continue to peep all girls (do this nextweeks);
  • Continue to use thespider;
  • Continue to get $10-20 from Alice at thepool;
  • Continue to set up Alice with the cigarettes (do this nextweeks);
  • Continue to make advertisement every other day (do this nextweeks);
  • Continue helping Lisa with homework without mistakes. From Saturday (17:00) start making mistake in Lisa’s homework. If you succeed, talk to her on Sunday at 20:00 to sleep without pijamas. If did not succeed, talk to her next week after the first successfulmistake;
  • Monday, Thursday and Friday at 22:00 or 23:00 “peep from outside” Mom and Eric (do this nextweeks)
  • Wednesday 20:00 – spy Alice and Eric at her room (do every week on the same day to see differentresults);
  • Buy the dresses for Alice and Lisa on the ninth day. Give them on the nextday;
  • On Saturday morning talk to Lisa – “You look weird…” and try to convince her to tell you about Alice’s problem with thealcohol;
  • On Saturday choose peace withEric;
  • On Saturday start the first massage course and finish it – make the first message to Alice – 22:00 or 23:00 (try both hours – one may besuccessful);

Week 3

  • Continue to use the spider for money if you want to see her topless or to increase her mood with killing thespider;
  • Continue helping Lisa with homework – make mistakes – needed to increase the authority and continue with Mentor and Schoolmateopportunities;
  • Order candies before Friday. Give them to Alice before she lives for the club (20:00) and wait until she is back at 03:00 and enter the bathroom (do this every week but go to thepool);
  • Get money from Eric every night at 20:00 when he is at home (do every possible day until starting thewar);
  • Spy on Mom and Eric on Monday. Then talk to him on Wednesday – after two more spying startControl;
  • On Tuesday (or Monday if it’s possible) order sunblock and start use it onAlice;
  • You can start buying books toAlice;
  • Continue doing massages to Alice every possible night – try with candies (do this everyweek);
  • On Saturday and Sunday talk to aunt Kira – start Favouriteaunt;
  • If you want, you can throw the spider on Alice when she is sunbathing or taking a bath at the morning. This will end the

Week 4

  • Continue helping Lisa with homework – makemistakes;
  • From now on if need to increase Alice’s mood you can talk to her – “Why so gloomy, Alice?” and give her money. This option also may increase your chance with the massage to be
  • Start first communication skill course fromMonday;
  • Spy mom and Eric at her Room – on Wednesday Max will enter theroom;
  • Talk to aunt Kira – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday then buy the photocamera;
  • Talk to Lisa after increase Max’s authority (Low) to continue withSchoolmate


  • When get “Listen to you” authority with Lisa do not talk to her – “About my help…” This will continue Mentor opportunity with one step, but Eric will stop it and will start teaching her by himself. So, wait until take photo of him jerking off in front of Alice’s room;
  • Start doing yoga with Mom after you ask her – “Do you take students?” (available only in Lisa’spaths);
  • Saturday 11:00 – talk to aunt Kira at the pool – make 1stphotoshoot;
  • Sunday – talk to aunt Kira and agree for second photoshoot – nextSaturday;
  • Sunday 14:00 – the courier deliver sex machine to aunt Kira – you can spy on her every Wednesday and Sunday at 03:00

Week 5

  • Gather money and buy new hidden camera – install it at thepool;
  • From Tuesday at 02:00 try to catch Eric jerking off in front of Alice’s Room and take the photo – quicksave at 00:00 and see if he is at her room at 02:00, if not, reload and try again until he is there. It can be done in Tuesday and Wednesday. Very low chance and it may take time for success – my personal record is success at 32% Stealth;
  • Continue doing yoga and gather $1000 to continue with Schoolmate opportunity (if you are on Lisa’spath);
  • Saturday – second photoshoot with auntKira;
  • Sunday 01:00 am – first visit of Kate. Talk to her at02:00;
  • Sunday 03:00 am – BJ byKira;
  • Sunday – talk to aunt Kira and after that to Mom about Mom’s behaviour and something happened in the past. Try to convince aunt Kira to tell you every day. This will end Favorite aunt

Week 6

  • Monday 03:00 am at the pool – HJ by auntKira;
  • Monday – buy Set of black lingerie and give it toAlice;
  • Monday – start second communication skillcourse;
  • Wednesday 01:00 am – second visit of Kate. Talk to her at 02:00 am at thepool;
  • Buy Black body and give it toAlice;
  • Thursday 03:00 am – at the Lounge Max caught Eric and aunt Kira – start “Sacrifice” opportunity – talk to Erik, aunt Kira and again with Erik. Do not talk to him for 3rdtime

– “About my choice…” because he will start sex with Alice. Better is to finish with “Wallet” opportunity which will ended “Sacrifice” without giving up on Alice;

  • Sunday 01:00 am – 3rd visit of Kate. Talk to her at02:00;
  • After doing a lots of shores Max can ask Mom to be punished privately (Game mechanics, Privatepunishments);
  • Consider if you have enough money to start war with

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