Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide, which covers every aspect of the game. Including every girls’ scene unlocked, and every quest completed.

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Stats – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Slice of Arts Cards – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Along your game you’ll fall across collectible cards. There are different ways to gather them (some can be unlocked right away, some need you to finish the first part of the card collector quest (having Chie asking you to gather the full set). Here are all the possible ways in the game to get cards and what they’ll grant you (knowing that when you’re not given a booster pack and just a single card, the card rarity is always the same, but the card given is random).

Inside boxes (In the dump, ice-cream restaurant backalley, construction site, elementary school, retirement home and female restroom in the train station) Common cards

(except restaurant backalley Super rare card.)

In the shelf of the job agency 今 Uncommon card.

Gashapon Machine in the ice-cream restaurant 今 Common card & Uncommon card. All cards from those two rarities can be obtained through that machine.

Finishing the Quests #8, #16 & #17 -> Super rare card (#8) & Ultra rare card (#16 & #17)

Removing more than 400 weeds during the park job 今 Ultra rare card.

-At the festival, you can play at the shooting stand. It’s possible to get better outcomes by reading a special book at the library (on the bottom right shelf) except for Naomi as her winning rates are more random than the sisters:

-Yuki (Book not read):-30% chances of losing


-40% chances of getting a Common card

-20% chances of getting an Uncommon card

-10 % chances of getting a Rare card

-Yuki (Book read):– 10% chances of losing


-20% chances of getting a Common card

-30% chances of getting an Uncommon card

-20 % chances of getting a Rare card

-20 % chances of getting a Super rare card

– Ayame (Book not read):-30% chances of getting a Common card


-20% chances of getting an Uncommon card

-20 % chances of getting a Rare card

-20 % chances of getting a Super rare card

-10 % chances of getting an Ultra rare card

– Ayame (Book read):-10% chances of getting a Common card


-20% chances of getting an Uncommon card

-30 % chances of getting a Rare card

-10 % chances of getting a Super rare card

-30 % chances of getting an Ultra rare card

– Naomi:
  • 40% chances of losing
  • 30% chances of getting a Rare card

-30 % chances of getting an Ultra rare card

Buying booster packs through Ayame’s PC (only available after Chie asks you too)今 Booster packs.

The Jigsaw Guy in the park (only available in endless mode):

-Easy mode 12 pieces: Common card.

-Easy mode 48 pieces: Uncommon card.

-Easy mode 192 pieces: 1 Booster pack.

-Normal mode 12 pieces: Uncommon card.

  • Normal mode 48 pieces: Rare card.

-Normal mode 192 pieces: 3 Booster packs.

  • Hard mode 12 pieces: Silver card.

-Hard mode 48 pieces: Super rare card.

-Hard mode 192 pieces: 5 Booster packs.

Status Window & Earning Stats – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

The status window allows you to keep track of a lot of information. Most are self-explanatory. Reiko’s frustration and Atsushi’s corruption will disappear from the window when you’ll have finished the first part of the game.

Now, let’s focus on the upper part of the screen. The girls have stats in the game that allows them to perform (or not) the recipes they’ve come up with. They both start with a total of 20 spread through 6 different statistics and the maximum amount is capped at 50 per stat. There are several ways of gaining stats in the game. Here they are:

  1. Evening activities

Each evening (with some exceptions), the girls can perform different actions. Most of them will grant them bonus points in a given stat. Here are the different activities and the points you’ll earn.

For Ayame:

Go on Wikipedia:

Read a book: Masturbate in bed:

Read mails:

Watch bestiality videos: Have fun with Mat*:

For Yuki:

Have fun with Mat*:

Read a manga:

Watch already downloaded videos:

Do homework:

Search for new porn videos:

Lose time on 2chan: *You’ll need to finish the “Me, Myself and Mat” quest to be able for both sisters to raise those missing stats during evening. Check the Side Quest section for that.

On top of that, there are some cases where you’ll win more or less stats. Here’s the list:

For Ayame:

Read a book for the 3 rd time: Imagination +4

For Yuki:

Search for new porn videos a 2nd time: Perversion +0

Lastly, you can also spend time with Naomi. Unless it triggers a particular event, both girls will use their evening time and they earn +2 in a random stat (the stat being the same for both girls).

It is recommended to finish the “Me Myself and Mat” quest asap to avoid having one stat left behind.

  1. H Scenes

Most H scenes will grant you a stat bonus when they’re finished. You’ll find the list of the bonuses earned in the H Scenes list (if nothing’s written, it means that the scene doesn’t give stat bonuses). As a general rule the videos give stats while the family scenes (so scenes involving Reiko, Atsushi, Yuki and/or Ayame that are not filmed) don’t. There are exceptions though.

  1. Special Events

There are some events in the game that grants the sisters (or at least one of them) a boost of stats. Here are those particular events:

-Watching the hentai baker’s DVD:

Curiosity + 3 for the girl who watched it.

  • Ayame and Yuki’s evening conversation with Atsushi after the car scene:

Curiosity + 5, Lust +3 and Self-Assurance +3 for Ayame.

  • Kabeer’s card exchange conversation in the ice-cream restaurant:

Self-Assurance +1 for both girls.

  • End of the Komodo quest (after the 3rd scene):

Curiosity + 3, Perversion +4, Self-Assurance +5 and Masochism +2 for Yuki.

  • Eating a dick-shaped bread from the hentai baker:

Perversion +1 for Ayame.

-Eating the cum-filled bread from the hentai baker:

Masochism +1 for Ayame.

-Eating the smegma bread from the hentai baker the best way possible:

All stats + 2 for Yuki.

-Getting Yuki’s bonus during tissue selling (20% chances to happen):

Self-Assurance +2 for Yuki.

  • Getting Ayame’s bonus during tissue selling (20% chances to happen):

Self-Assurance +2 for Ayame.

-Getting Yuki’s bonus during club cleaning (10% chances to happen):

Curiosity +2 for Yuki.

  • Getting Ayame’s bonus during club cleaning (10% chances to happen):

Masochism +2 for Ayame.

  • The first conversation with Chie at the shrine:

Self-Assurance +1, Perversion +1 for both girls.

  1. The Shrine’s Saisen

Another way to get stat points is the shrine. After having talked to Chie once, you can put 100 Yens in the saisen (the wooden box in front of the shrine). You can only do it once per day, though. The percentage is calculated this way. You have 25% of getting nothing. On the remaining 75% you can get 15 different outcomes:

  • Ayame gets + 1 in a random stat (one outcome per stat)
  • Ayame gets + 1 in ALL stats.
  • Yuki gets + 1 in a random stat (one outcome per stat)
  • Yuki gets + 1 in ALL stats.

-Both sisters get +1 in ALL stats (best outcome possible)

  1. Kabeer’s Card Exchange

Giving your spare cards to Kabeer can grant you stats, yeah. You first need to witness the scene between him and Hana and to have reached the half of the “Card Collector” quest (basically having Chie placing the card binder in front of the shrine). Once it’s done, Kabeer will spawn at the ice­cream restaurant and will be able to make your stats grow depending on the rarity of the cards you gave him:

5 Common cards = + 1 in a chosen stat for both sisters

5 Uncommon cards = + 2 in 2 chosen stats for one of the sisters.

5 Rare cards = + 4 in a chosen stat for both sisters.

5 Super rare cards = + 4 in 2 chosen stats for both sisters.

5 Ultra rare cards = + 5 in all stats for both sisters.

It is possible to sacrifice cards you have a single exemplary of. But it’ll mean you’ll have to get it again to reach the 100% completion (which is longer than reaching 50 points in all stats, especially considering the endless mode’s existence).

COMBINATIONS – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Here you’ll find all possible element combination to create recipes in the game. Refer to the Element chapter if you want to know where to find an element. Keep in mind that sometimes, a combination isn’t possible unless something has been triggered before. If it’s the case, the trigger will be written next to the combination.

Yuki & Ayame Combinations – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Yuki + Hand + Penis + Hospital

Yuki + Hand + Penis + Train Station

Yuki + Hand + Penis + Dump

Yuki + Hand + Penis + Construction Site

Yuki + Hand + Penis + Playground

Ayame + Hand + Penis + Convini

Ayame + Hand + Penis + Train Station

Ayame + Hand + Penis + Elementary School

Ayame + Hand + Penis + Construction Site

Ayame + Hand + Penis + Playground

Yuki + Mouth + Penis + Hospital

Yuki + Mouth + Penis + Train Station

Yuki + Mouth + Penis + Dump

Yuki + Mouth + Penis + Construction Site

Yuki + Mouth + Penis + Playground

Ayame + Mouth + Penis + Convini

Ayame + Mouth + Penis + Train Station

Ayame + Mouth + Penis + Elementary School

Ayame + Mouth + Penis + Construction Site

Ayame + Mouth + Penis + Playground

Yuki + Penis + Vagina + Stray Dog

Ayame + Penis + Vagina + Stray Dog

Ayame + Penis + Ass + Stray Dog

Yuki + Mat + Tongue

Yuki + Ayame + Mat + Mouth + Penis

Ayame + Mat + Penis + Mouth

Ayame + Mat + Urine

(Needs to have finished the “Ayame’s Training Part 1” quest)

Ayame + Penis + Urine + Elementary School

Ayame + Penis + Urine + Playground

Ayame + Penis + Urine + Mouth + Elementary School

Ayame + Penis + Urine + Mouth + Playground

Yuki + Hand + Penis + Panties + Construction site

Yuki + Hand + Penis + Panties + Dump

Yuki + Foot + Penis + Mr. Dekai’s Apartment

Yuki + Exhibitionism + Dump

Ayame + Hand + Hair + Penis + Convini

Ayame + Hand + Hair + Penis + Playground

Ayame + Hand + Hair + Penis + Elementary School

Ayame + Breasts + Penis + Retirement Home

Ayame + Breasts + Penis + Urine + Retirement Home

Ayame + Breasts + Penis + Stray Dog

Ayame + Armpit + Penis + Retirement Home

Ayame + Nipple + Penis + Retirement Home

Ayame + Nipple + Penis + Urine + Retirement Home

(Needs to have finished the “Ayame’s Training Part 2” quest)

Ayame + Penis + Vagina + Retirement Home

Ayame + Penis + Ass + Retirement Home

Ayame + Penis + Ass (or Vagina) + Urine + Retirement Home (Needs to have finished the “Ayame’s Training Part 2” quest)

Ayame + Penis + Vagina + Zebra

Ayame + Penis + Ass + Zebra

Ayame + Penis + Vagina + Urine + Zebra

(Needs to have finished the “Ayame’s Training Part 1” quest)

Ayame + Yuki + Futanari + Vagina + Ice-Cream Restaurant (Needs to have triggered the “Rhythm’n cock” quest)

Ayame + Yuki + Futanari + Hand + Ice-Cream Restaurant (Needs to have triggered the “Rhythm’n cock” quest)

Yuki + Ayame + Penis + Mouth + Giraffe

Naomi Combinations – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Naomi + Mouth + Penis + Stray Dog

Naomi + Mouth + Penis + Mat

Naomi + Mouth + Penis + Urine + Stray Dog

Naomi + Mouth + Penis + Urine + Mat

Naomi + Scat + Stray + Mouth

Naomi + Pussy + Dildo + Rhinoceros

Naomi + Monkeys + Randomness + Exhibitionism

Naomi + Boar + Penis + Pussy

Naomi + Boar + Penis + Pussy + Urine

Eri Combinations – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Eri + Elephant + Penis + Breasts

Eri + Elephant + Penis + Vagina

Eri + Elephant + Penis + Ass

Eri + Elephant + Penis + Urine

Eri + Zebra + Vagina + Tongue

Eri + Zebra + Anus + Tongue

Eri + Zebra + Hand + Pussy

Eri + Zebra + Mouth + Pussy + Urine

(Needs to have unlocked the pharmacy in the festival)

Eri + Zebra + Futanari + Vagina

Eri + Zebra + Futanari + Ass

Eri + Zebra + Futanari + Vagina + Urine

(Needs to have unlocked the pharmacy in the festival)

Eri + Zebra + Futanari + Ass + Urine

(Needs to have unlocked the pharmacy in the festival)

Eri + Zebra + Feces + Mouth

(Needs to have unlocked the pharmacy in the festival)

Eri + Zebra + Feces + Futanari

Eri + Zebra + Feces + Futanari + Vagina

Eri + Randomness + Abandoned Toilets + Exhibitionism

STORY EVENTS – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

This chapter will detail the important events of the game. Of course, listing every event is useless as they’re automatic. If you want more details about bad endings and how to avoid them, check the Bad Ending section. The details of stats earned by some of these events are written in the Earning Stats section.


01/10: Unlock the CONVINI during the school conversation. Unlock the elements HAND and PENIS during Reiko’s conversation.

03/10: Unlock the possibility to upload videos on the internet site.

05/10: Unlock the element STRAY DOG during Naomi’s phone conversation.

06/10: Unlock the DUMP during the conversation with Reiko.

09/10: Hana’s recruitment. Allow you to start the quest “A wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

13/10: Unlock the element NAOMI during the conversation with her.

16/10: Diner with Atsushi’s boss. Important event. Check the Bad Endings section.

22/10: First meeting with Kabeer.

25/10: Atsushi’s Bad End day. Check the Bad Endings section for more information.

26/10: Kanon will meet the girls in front of the school gate to threaten them to reveal everything to their school if they were to win against Suzuko.

28/10: Meeting with Suzuko and Kanon. Eri will decide to join the group (but only after the first good ending has been reached)


01/11: If you’ve completed the “A New Collaborator” quest, a scene will trigger that particular day.

02/11: Final day of the first part of the game. If Reiko’s bad end has been avoided, it’ll trigger the first good ending. Additionally, you’ll unlock the NIPPLE element from Naomi as well as the NIPPLE FUCK AMULET.

05/11: Unlock the element ERI. Important moment of the game as it’s the day where you’ll get the biggest boost in sale with Eri’s announcement and Atsushi’s recruitment. Don’t forget to give a maximum of videos to Eri before that date because you will double your current amount!

09/11: Naomi will give you the FUTANARI AMULET allowing you to unlock the FUTANARI element. If you didn’t finish Hana’s quest, Eri will come and see you and you’ll lose 30% of your total gains.

11/11: A parcel will be accessible on the dining room’s table. It’ll contain a nice present from a past game.

30/11: Final day of the game. You need to gather the 500 million before that date.

Bad Endings – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

  1. Reiko’s bad end

Reiko’s bad end works in two steps. First, you need to relieve her frustration to postpone the date of her revelation. Not doing it will lead to her revealing everything to Atsushi on the 20th which is way too soon (Atsushi needs more time to be corrupted). Here’s how things work for Reiko. Reiko starts the game with a sexual frustration of 0. Each passing day raises her frustration from 5 points. When it reaches 100, Reiko’s Bad End triggers (Making the 20th the first potential day for this ending to happen). To avoid it, you need to cool down her frustration. That’s why the only way to do so is to trigger hentai scenes with her. Here are the current values of effects of hentai scenes:

  1. Masturbation on the bed (-10)

Simply click on her door while she’s masturbating (available right from the second day in-game).

  1. Dildo scene on the bed (-15)

Check the “Item” section to learn how to get the pink dildo. When you have it, simply click on her door to trigger that scene.

  1. Yuki pussy eating scene (-25)

Another straightforward one. Simply click on Reiko when she’s in the kitchen after the two previous scenes have been unlocked.

  1. Ayame toilet scene (-25)

This one doesn’t even need input. It just needs you to wait 6 days after the previous scene and it’ll trigger automatically during a night. To be on the safe side, don’t trigger the previous one too late, though.

It’s important noting that this is only the first part. Normally you’re also working on avoiding Atsushi’s bad ending. There are some elements that require actions on Atsushi’s side to avoid Reiko’s bad end. The goal is to finish the “A New Collaborator” quest. Here’s how to do it.

  1. After the car scene, spend a 3rd evening with Atsushi.
  2. Then go and talk to Eri to get a rendezvous.
  3. Spend a 4th and last evening with Atsushi so that Eri and Atsushi can meet.

You only have between October the 26th and November the 1st to do this so make this your main priority.

  1. Atsushi’s bad end

Atsushi’s bad ending doesn’t require much work to avoid. You basically need to do two things: Spend time with him AND make one key scene is executed correctly. Here’s how to avoid the bad end step by step:

  1. Spend 2 evenings with him,
  2. Have a successful result during the diner with Atsushi’s boss (see the “Argumentation Battle” quest).
  3. Spend a 3rd evening after the boss diner (but before the 25th)

That’s actually all you need to do to avoid Atsushi’s bad end. He needs more interactions but those are meant to avoid Reiko’s bad end.

  1. Eri’s bad end

Eri’s bad end is way more straightforward to avoid than the two previous ones. It will occur if you fail Suzuko’s break in. To learn how to succeed in it, check the “Ocean’s 4” quest in the Story Quest section, right after.

  1. Yuki’s bad end

Yuki’s bad end is the most evident to see: it happens if you fail to reach the 500 Million Yens OR didn’t trigger the “Ocean’s 4” quest (but that’s not implemented yet since I realized it the day before the release :x)

The current best way to make sure to avoid this bad ending is to shoot as many scenes as possible (making sure you have as much as possible when Atsushi’s hiring increases the total amount by 100%). The goal is to spend November in shooting + Earning money through jobs. With the money, buy as many booster cards as possible. When you’ll get 60 different cards, Chie will boost your total amount by respectively 5%, 15% then 25%. Making the real needed goal a bit less than 400 Million. Of course, wait the last minute before talking to her to have the boost operating on as much video sold as possible.

Story Quests – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

There aren’t many quests linked to the scenario. Most of the time, it’s more a question of doing the right thing at the right time. It might sound obvious, but those quests don’t count towards the “Playing Sherlock Holmes” trophy.


The goal of this quest is to convince Atsushi’s boss to handle to advertising campaign he’s been hesitant to tackle. To do so, you have to convince him through different choices proposed during the dinner. The answers you give can lead to two outcomes. Either you convince him to accept the ad campaign or you fail to do so. If you fail to convince him, you’ll be locked into Atsushi’s Bad End.

Each answer you give during the conversation gives or take points on Oosaki. To convince him, you need to reach 7 points or more. Here are the values of each answer:

-Yes (grants you the possibility to keep on)

-No (Oosaki will refuse taking care of the campaign leading to Atsushi’s bad end.)

-It is (+3 points)

-It’s not (+1 point)

-It’s true (+1 point)

– It’s not (+3 points)

-That’s YOUR way of seeing things (-1 point)

-That’s your COMPANY way of seeing things (+1 point)

-That’s SOCIETY way of seeing things (+3 points)

-Porn actress isn’t a bad job (+3 points)

-Sex isn’t something evil (+1 point)

-Of course, not (+1 point)

-Yes, we did (-5 points)


That quest is technically optional, but it’s linked to the main scenario, so it’s better to handle it as a mandatory one.

This quest is about Hana and her behavior. First of all, you’ll need to have two different conversations with Hana after you’ve met her. You’ll find her in the train station during week days and in the shrine during weekends. She won’t appear near the shrine until Naomi has met Eri, though.

After you’ve had those two conversations, make sure you’ve unlocked the zoo and met Kabeer (it’s automatic, if you haven’t you’re too early in the game), then go back to the shrine another weekend and check the lantern in front of which you found Hana before.

If you’re tackling that scene later in the month of October, you might already have unlocked the festival. In which case you can check it during a week day. If it’s not the case, you can search for festival posters around the town (Train Station, Elementary School, Ice-Cream Restaurant Backalley).

Go to the festival during a week day to find Hana and Kanon talking. When you’ll be prompted a choice, choose not to follow Hana, as it’ll lead to the best outcome for the quest.

This quest has 3 different outcomes:

  1. Do not pay attention to Hana and let November 15th pass. Hana will flee with a part of your money, resulting in a loss of 30% of your total sales.
  2. Try to stop Hana at the festival. She’ll run away. You won’t lose nor gain anything except the fact you have unlocked the festival sooner than the Chisame way.
  3. 今 Letting Hana leave will grant you a H scene, a video to sell, a trophy, as well as a boost of 15% on your total sales.


After going through the scene between Atsushi and Ayame in the car you need to spend one more night with Atsushi. After that, go and see Eri. She’ll tell you that the site doesn’t have enough exposure and they need someone to handle the advertising part. From here on, spend another evening with Atsushi and wait for 1st November. If you avoided Reiko’s bad end and reached the 2nd November, Atsushi will reveal he’ll work for Eri the 5th November. Making this quest complete.


While this quest is technically missable it would require you to basically never talk to Eri during November, which is a bit stupid. You simply need to talk to Eri after November 5th (after Atsushi joined her and she agreed to shoot films for/with you). The sisters will then tell her that they saw Kanon and will explain what she said.

After that conversation you simply need to wait 5 days. It can extend to 7 days if the 5th or 6th day is a weekend day (as the rest of the quest needs to happen a week day).

Eri will come and find you in front of school and will tell you she has prepared everything for the break in. Kabeer will come as a support. Don’t forget to save when asked to: You can’t save inside the building.

Now about the quest itself. The goal is to find a compromising piece of evidence against Suzuko. That alone can determine how the quest can end. But there are other elements that can play against you even if you find the right element but didn’t do what’s needed.


Those things are required to get away safely with the proofs. You need to hide the H mangas in the hall of the building, block the elevator with the fire extinguisher and find the safe’s combination before you run out of time.

Not hiding the mangas, will lead to Kabeer reading them and not seeing Suzuko arriving with her boys. Not only will he die but the girls won’t be able to escape as he didn’t warn them she’s coming.

Not blocking the elevator with the fire extinguisher will lead to Suzuko arriving with her boys in the apartment. Since they have guns, even Kabeer can’t do shit against them leading to the bad end.

Not finding the proofs also leads to the bad end.


In addition to what’s written above, you can push the sofa in front of the main door in the hall to buy more time to find the safe’s code.


First of all, you have to know that the timer won’t trigger unless you’ve clicked a first time on the safe. So as long as you don’t click it, you have unlimited time to search. And it happens that during that time you can find 3 of the 4 numbers in her apartment.

Here’s the riddle detail for those of you who had the courage to AT LEAST try:

-In Suzuko’s shelf, you find books from William Shakespeare. One of them is titled “Much do about nothing”. As Eri suggest, the title isn’t exactly this. The real title is “Much ado about nothing”. So there’s an A missing.

-On the piano partition, Eri says that the C (Do) is missing. We’ll keep that for later.

  • The computer needs a password to be accessed. This one can be found in Suzuko’s drawer. Once you’ve found it, just write it on the computer and you’ll find an empty text file where the word “Kyu” is written. As Eri states, it can mean 9 in Japanese.

-In the bathroom, Eri proposes to turn on the water. If you choose to let run hot water, and wait for a full minute, the steam will show something on the mirror. The 4 words are “Music, Literature, Divination and Programming”.

-This is, of course, the clue to tell you in which order put the numbers. 1st the piano one, then the book one, then an unknown one and lastly, the computer one.

  • Considering the Piano has a “C” missing, the number corresponding is 3 (third letter) and the book has an “A” missing, the number corresponding is 1 (1st letter)
  • The code is now 3 1 ? 9
  • As the mirror reads, the last number must be guessed (hence the “divination”)

-The final code being 3 1 6 9

As soon as you’ve opened the safe, if the requirements in 1) have been respected, you’ll have finished this quest which is mandatory for the good ending of the game.

SIDE QUESTS – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

This chapter will explain how to trigger and complete the side quests of the game. You will also be explained what rewards you get from completing them. Those quests are sorted chronologically, from the earliest triggerable to the latest one. Quests leading to an item or an element are already listed in their sections. You won’t find them here. Quests that are necessary to make the main story progress are listed in part IV.


The first quest you’ll have to face is the one to try to get access to the construction site. It’s pretty straight forward. You need to first unlock the recipe “Ayame Giving a Handjob at the Construction Site”. After that, try to enter. You’ll be refused access. You need to find the slacking guy. He’s lurking in front of the Elementary School. Just talk to him. After that, go back to the construction site and you’ll be granted access.


You can start that quest as soon as the first weekend of the game. You’ll find a guy selling different kind of bread at the playground. One loaf of bread is 200 Yen. The first part of the quest consists in simply eating ten of them. Note that you will randomly eat one of the ten possible loaves available. If Ayame eats the one shaped like a dick, she’ll get +1 In Perversion. Once you’ve eaten 10 loaves, the baker will congratulate you and will offer you an 11th loaf. Eating it will grant Ayame +1 in Masochism and more importantly, you’ll get the DVD, allowing you to unlock the MOUTH element.

The quest isn’t totally over though. If you go back to the playground the next weekend, you’ll find him again. Here, the goal will be to eat a steaming hot loaf of bread filled with smegma. You have different ways of eating it, but most will result in Yuki LOSING stats. A few outcomes will make her earn one or two points in a particular stat. But we’re looking at the perfect outcome to get all the stat bonuses as well as the trophy. The right action order is the following:

Press it, Smell it, Open it, Lick it. From here on the “Chew it” choice will automatically transform into “Blow on the two pieces” which is the only choice. Once the scene is over, Yuki will gain +2 in all her stats and +4 in Masochism and you’ll get the trophy.


That quest can be started pretty early depending on how you deal with the first few days. To trigger it you need to do two things: check the bathtub in the 2nd floor of the Minazukis’ home and wait four days. Once those two conditions are met, you can trigger the first scene between Yuki and Ayame.

They’ll both gain +1 in Imagination.

Those scenes are making the sister closer to each other. We’re looking into the possibility to trigger the 3 available scenes. Keep in mind that none of those scenes are unlockable if Naomi’s around (so during weekends).

The second scene is very easy to get. Just go to the Shrine after watching the first bathtub scene. Everything will be automatic. From here on, just click on the Bathtub again to see the second scene and make the sister earn +1 in Perversion.

The last scene is the trickiest to get as it requires the “Stop Fucking Everyone!” quest to be finished. Go and check if you haven’t done it yet. Once this quest is finished, go into the women toilets of the Train Station. You’ll witness a scene between two girls. After that, you’ll need to wait a day. Once it’s done, just click on the bathtub in the bathroom and you’ll get rewarded with +2 in Masochism for Ayame, +2 in Imagination for Yuki and more importantly, you’ll get the URINE element.


That quest is long but it’s worth it. To trigger it you simply need to talk to Eri during a weekend (the earliest being the first one in the game). That will trigger a very important scene with Suzuko that will make you lose 10% of your total money earned on the site. After that, you will be asked to gather the items needed to bribe the board of directors of the zoo. You can find how to get those in the Collectible section.

Once you get your hand on all of them, just go and see Eri. It will unlock the zoo and the possibility to shoot videos there as well as the Komodo quest. It’s not really a quest though as you just have to follow what’s said. Completing the Komodo quest (having sex with Choppi) will grant Yuki + 3 in Curiosity, +4 in Perversion, +2 in Masochism and +5 in Self-Assurance. You will also get a +15% bonus on your total money earned on the site.


That’s a pretty straightforward quest but it needs to be done as soon as possible to grant you the possibility to raise each possible stat with the sisters during the evening.

As soon as Atsushi will have brought Mat home, you’ll be able to talk to the dog on the 1st floor. Doing so a first time will trigger you going out with him for a walk. Once back, Atsushi will ask you to clean him. You simply need to talk to Naomi during an evening where she’s here to do it.

That will grant you the MAT element. Upon getting this element you can create recipes that will make you get videos and stats bonuses. After watching the scenes made with the recipes “Yuki Kissing Mat” and “Ayame Blowing Mat”, you’ll get the possibility to have fun with him during evenings, making you earn a trophy as well as the possibility to raise the two “missing” stats for the sisters (Masochism for Ayame and Curiosity for Yuki).

2 weeks after Mat’s first shower, you’ll witness an automatic scene during an evening between him and Naomi.


This quest needs you to perform things before you’re told about its existence. Through the flow of the game you should do them without even trying: you need to shoot 3 videos with 3 different guys (1 video per guy and the videos don’t have to be shot by the same sister). Once you’ve done it, go and see Eri. She’ll explain you that people prefer seeing the sisters focusing on fewer guys. It will prevent you from shooting anything more than handjobs and blowjobs for the Train Stations guys (both Yuki and Ayame), the convini guy (Ayame), the playground boy (Yuki), the worker (Ayame) and the old man (Yuki).

Keep in mind that finishing this quest unlocks other stuffs (it’s mentioned in the guide when needed, don’t worry.) Also, note that the conversation with Eri is the END of the quest (not its beginning.)


The main goal of this scene is to trigger two new scenes between Yuki and Mr. Dekai. The ultimate goal being to reach all the construction site scenes between the two so that you can unlock Mr. Dekair’s apartment. What you have to do is simple. You need to give a blowjob to the worker on the Construction Site as Yuki and wait a day. But that’s not all. You must also have finished the Komodo quest. Once those two elements are combined. Go talk with the worker at the construction site to trigger the first scene. From here on, it’s pretty straight-forward. Wait a few days and come back to see him. You’ll unlock the second scene.


The goal of this quest is to unlock the FECES element. For that you’ll need to have 3 conversations with the naked man in the back alley. The first one is easy. You’ll find him as soon as you’ve unlocked the back alley (he won’t be there on weekends though. Be careful, if you wait too long, he’ll disappear (you have until the 22nd October). His second conversation is trickier. You need to do two things: 1) Having seen at least one scene between Naomi and the strays 2) Having met Kabeer. Once it’s done, you’ll find him during week days, at the same place. The third one is basic, you have to wait the first November weekend (because Naomi needs to be here). And after the scene you’ll get the feces element.


This quest needs some prerequisites. First of all, you must have taken Mat out and washed him with Naomi. You must have the URINE element. And lastly, you must have triggered the two paizuri scenes with stray dogs and Ayame. Once all those elements are done, talk to Naomi during a weekend evening. After the conversation you’ll unlock the possibility to create a very specific recipe (Mat + Urine + Ayame). Create it and watch the two scenes linked to that recipe (they must be done on weekends since Naomi’s required). After you’ve finished watching the second scene, you’ll unlock the possibility to add urine in animal-oriented recipes with Ayame (there are none for the moment).


There’s another part to Ayame’s journey into watersports paradise. Once you’ve unlocked the Retirement Home, you’ll be able to trigger different scenes with Yoshifumi. If you trigger the Anal sex one, Ayame will enjoy internal urination and it’ll be possible to create recipes including this feature with her.


You’ll come across collectible cards in the game. But you won’t have any use for them unless you trigger this quest. First of all, you need to talk to Chie at the Shrine. After she explains you her power, she’ll tell you that she can help you, but you need to make people visit her shrine for that. You need to find something to attract people. At the zoo entrance, you’ll find an otaku who’ll explain that the cards you’ve been finding belong to a rare set of cards and that many people are after those. Go back to tell it to Chie to unlock the possibility to collect those cards to make her raise your total amount of money earned through your videos.

But this is only half of the quest. After doing this, make sure you wait enough time so that Kabeer gets to have sex with Hana. After this scene, you’ll find him in the ice-cream restaurant. He’ll tell you that he’s interested in bringing back those cards to the Underworld and propose you to give him spares in exchange of some stats boosts (you also get the ARMPIT element in the deal). Now, collecting cards has a double goal: getting the full collection for Chie and giving spares to Kabeer to improve your stats.

Your quest will be finished once you’ve collected all cards. Here are the rewards you’ll get based on the % of different cards you’ll have in your inventory:

+5% bonus of your total site income

+15% bonus of your total site income

+25% bonus of your total site income

The Joys of Sex vol. 10

The Souvenir book (allowing you to replay non-video scenes)


This quest is very straightforward. After shooting the first scene with the zebra, go and talk to Eri in her office. She’ll launch a poll in which people will get to choose something they’ll want one of the sisters to shoot. Wait one week. If it’s during a week day, Eri will pop up at the school entrance (if it’s a day where there are no scenario-related event) to explain you what won. You’ll gain the recipe directly rather having to create it.

If you’re a weekend day after the 7 days, no worries, just talk to Eri in her office, she’ll also give you the recipe. Simply trigger it to access it (it can be triggered any time of the week).


After unlocking the Retirement Home, you’ll see a salary man sitting on the same bench than Yoshifumi during week days. Talk to him to listen his problems. You’re gonna need someone’s testimony and you’ll find the right girl at the shrine. She’ll accept to testify against 3,000 Yen and an expensive mascara out of stock everywhere. If you don’t have the money spend an afternoon working. The mascara is easy to find. You just need to check the shelf in the Minazuki’s bathroom on the 2nd floor to find it. Then ask Reiko the permission to take it and bring everything to the girl. After she gave you her testimony, report it to the salary man who’ll give you the EXHIBITIONISM element.


This quest can only be started after the first good ending (so after November 2nd). You’ll find an arcade machine near the slot machine in the ice-cream restaurant. Check it to see that Yuki actually enjoys playing it. From here on, you can pay 200 Yens for a game. You can’t play if Naomi’s around though. The goal of this quest, is to make Yuki play regularly so she can be better at the game.

Each time you’ll make her play she’ll gain one level (Knowing that the triggering scene of the quest (the very first play) doesn’t give her any level).

The message will change when she really improved. Those occur after a certain number of plays. She improves after:

-2 Plays

-5 Plays

-10 Plays

-13 Plays

-16 Plays

– 20 Plays

Playing the arcade game 20 times will make her reach the possibility to train on Extreme difficulty.

The final goal is to allow Ayame to use the recipe “Yuki + Ayame + Futanari + Vagina + Ice-cream Restaurant” as she needs Yuki to be fully focused on the game to assault her easily. You can create the recipe as soon as Yuki will have tried the game at least once, but you can trigger the scene only after Yuki’s level has reached at least 20.

Note that if you keep making her progress, she’ll keep gaining one level per play, but for now, it doesn’t give any bonus.


To trigger this scene, you need to have done three things. 1) Have Chie giving you the horse dildo (Check the item list to know how to do so) and the rhino element 2) Have seen Ayame’s cum bath 3) Have seen both Ayame watersports scenes with Mat. Once all that is done, go the zebra pen to discuss with Chisame. Through the conversation the idea of Ayame taking a piss bath will arise and Chisame will tell you that she’ll need diuretic medicine for it to be possible. If you already have unlocked the festival through Hana’s quest, you’ll simply need to go there. But if you haven’t, you’ll need to find a poster of a festival to locate the pharmacy she’s mentioning. You can find one of those posters near the Elementary school, at the train station or behind the ice-cream restaurant. Once it’s done, you’ll have unlocked the place and you’ll be able to buy diuretic medicines. Buy four of them to be able to trigger the recipe and voila!


Starting November, you’ll find someone sat on the bench at the festival. He’ll tell you he’s a fan of Eri and would like to shoot something with her. Go talk about it with Eri and after a few dialogue choices (you can’t lose), the girls will find a new place: The Abandoned toilets. Unlocking them is the first part of the plan though. You also need the “Randomness” element (that you can get by reading the Anthology N°7) and the “Exhibitionism” element. Once it’s done create the following recipe “Eri +

Randomness + Abandoned Toilets + Exhibitionism” to create the recipe. After that go back to the fan and talk to him about Eri’s plan and from here on, you’ll be able to trigger the recipe during evenings.


As soon as you’ve unlocked the park, you’ll find two people talking in the bottom left corner of the map. One of them states that he’s looking for a video game that is sold-out everywhere. To find clues about a potential place to buy it, you’ll need to find the otaku. If he’s still at the entrance of the zoo, he won’t help you (he doesn’t trust you enough). However, if you manage to get him to the shrine (you need to collect 10% of the total Slice of Art cards), he’ll share that piece of information with you. Go near the elementary school to find VG-Sensei. Tell him that Viola-chan is the best waifu and pay him 7,600 Yens for the game. When handling back the game to the father, you have the choice of either mentioning the real price or not. If you do, he’ll pay you the extra 1,600 yens. If you don’t he’ll give you a random Ultra rare card. The choice is yours.


This is the main quest about Mio. To trigger it, you need to have watched the first scene between Naomi and the Rhino. After that, you’ll find Mio in the Northeast wing. Talk to her to get the envelope. Then bring it to the reception desk nurse of the hospital. After this talk to the guy at the bottom left of the map. Ayame will lose some self-assurance (-4). Once it’s done you can go back to Mio to yell at her. As a compensation she agrees to lower her price to let you access the boar pen. Pay her now (or later) to finish the first part of the quest.

Let a few days pass (4 days) then go back to the zoo’s underground passages. This time, you need to check the male toilets that are in the southeast wing of the zoo. After watching the scene, go and talk to Mr Iori to learn a bit more about Mio. From here, go to the hospital again and talk to the desk nurse. Now, the fact you can or not continue the quest depends on how much Yuki had fun with Mr Hirako. If you want him to help you, you have to give him his two handjobs and his blowjob. Only after that, you’ll be able to ask him to help you. After the conversation talk to the desk nurse again then wait another 4 days. Go back to the nurse and let the events happen. Once everything is finished, you’ll find Mio at her usual spot. She’ll give you access to the giraffe pen as a reward as well as a random ultra-card.


As soon as you’ll unlock the park, you’ll find a nun in front of the pond. Talking to her will make her give you a paper with a phone number on it. Using it through the inventory will automatically teleport you to the confessional where you’re supposed to help the distressed woman. The goal is simple: Each answer you give the woman will raise or lower her amount of trust. Try to reach the best possible amount.

Choice #1

-Present yourself (-1) 一 Repeat your question (+1) — Change the subject (-1)

Choice #1b (only if you presented yourself in the previous choice)

-Repeat your question (+1) 一 Change the subject (-1)

Choice #2 -Try to convince her (+1) 一 Play the bad cop (-1) – Talk about you (+2)

Choice #3

-Blatantly ask “What kind of urge?” (-1) 一 Try to guess what those urges are (+1) 一 Ask about the periodicity of those urges (+2)

Choice #4

-Tell the truth (+1) 一 Lie (-1) 一 Answer with another question (+1)

Choice #5

-Use the priest as an excuse to speed things up (+1) 一 If she reveals her secret, you’ll reveal one of yours (+2) 一 Try to bribe her (-1)

Once you’ve finished, depending on the girl’s trust level you’ll get 4 possible outcomes:

Trust level < -3 She won’t reveal her secret and will leave.

Trust level < 1 She’ll reveal her secret and raise your total sales by 5%

Trust level < 6 She’ll reveal her secret and raise your total sales by 10%

Trust level > 5 She’ll reveal her secret and raise your total sales by 15%

Even at the worst outcome, the quest will be considered cleared for the corresponding trophy.


This quest concerns the librarian. To start it, you’ll have to meet 2 requirements: having shot at least 3 scenes with the school boy and Ayame and having the park unlocked. Once both are done, go on the park during a weekend to find the librarian sitting on the bench on the top right of the map.

The conversation will end differently depending on whether you’ve shot all possible scenes between the school boy and Ayame. In any case, you must do it. There is a total of 7 scenes to unlock (2 handjobs, 1 blowjob, 1 hairjob, 2 watersports and the last one isn’t triggered by recipe, you’ll unlocking by visiting the school during a week day after having watched the previous two watersports scenes).

Once all the scenes have been unlocked, you can ask Shinya if he’s interested in having fun with the librarian. He’ll agree. However, you’ll come across another problem: you need a place for them to have fun. If you haven’t unlocked the Abandoned toilets, now’s the right time (complete the “For My Fan!” quest to do so). Once they’ll be unlocked, go and see the librarian during week days (or else Shinya won’t be available) and watch the rest unfold.

As a reward, the librarian will grant you a 10% boost on your total sales.


This quest is the follow-up of the “I Can Go Further” quest. Once you’ve completed this quest, you simply need to shoot two scenes between Ayame and zebras (A vaginal one and an anal one). Once it’ll be done, simply go to the zebra pen to trigger the end of the quest. You’ll get 3 super rare cards as a reward as well as a trophy.

MISCELLANEOUS – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

In this part, you’ll find all the information that couldn’t be implemented in other parts of the guide.


In November, in the Ice-Cream Restaurant the slot machine will unlock. You can play it by exchanging money against coins from the newly arrived maids. You can use this machine as a mean to earn money without losing time. Saving is recommended though as winning isn’t a given. However, you can play 1, 10 or 100 coins per line (and multiply the same way your gains) if you want to speed up the process.


Though you need to unlock some scenes with Reiko and Atsushi in order to finish the game, there are more scenes you can unlock without having to wait for the endless mode.

Ayame/Reiko scenes:

  • First one: It’s automatically triggered a few days after Yuki/Reiko’s first scene.

-Second one: You need to click on the toilet door on the 2nd floor when you’ll see Reiko there during November.

-Third one: Drink 3 cold teas the same day. It’ll trigger automatically during the night.

Ayame/Atsushi scenes:

-First one: Occurs automatically on October 25th

  • Second one: Talk to Atsushi after he’s been hired by Eri.

Yuki/Reiko scenes:

  • First one: Talk to Reiko a few days after you’ve scene her second masturbation scene.
  • Second one: Talk to Reiko when you see her in the kitchen.

Yuki/Ayame scenes:

  • First 3 ones: Complete the “Piss and love” quest

Yuki/Reiko/Ayame scenes:

  • First one: Watch the first and second scenes between Reiko and each of the sisters (as well as the third with Ayame). Then go to the bathroom to find her.
  • Second one: Wait at least one day after the previous scene then click on the toilet door on the first floor during a week day.

Reiko/Atsushi scene:

-During November, if you go home the 6th, 13th, 19th or 27th, you will find them having sex at home. If you miss it, you can still find them during endless mode all Tuesdays.


The game features scenes that are meant to be seen only after the game has ended.

  1. Non-evening scenes:

Here’s a first list of endless-mode only scenes that need to be triggered during the day:

Reiko alone:

During endless mode, if you’ve unlocked all 3 masturbation scenes with Reiko, you have 10% chances of seeing Reiko masturbating in her bedroom once more. Check that 4th scene to get a trophy.


-After shooting all 4 scenes at the arcade between Yuki and Ayame, make Ayame drink 3 cold teas and play the arcade game again.

  1. Evening scenes:

Once you’ll be in endless mode, if you try to leave the girls’ bedroom, you’ll be confronted to choices you didn’t have before. By choosing one of those options, you’ll spend the evening with different people. Each of those options can lead to a H scene. Sometimes you need to fill some pre-requisite before the scene can trigger. And they’re filled, you have 90% chance for the H scene to trigger (if not, a small text will appear to describe the evening).

Here’s the list of possible evening scenes and their pre-requisites if there are any:

Ayame alone:

-First scene: Have all stats at 50, Have sex three times with the stray dog in the backalley (2 vaginal, 1 anal), have Ayame okay with internal urination as well as animal watersports and have at least one diuretic medicine in your inventory.


  • First scene: No pre-requisite.
  • Second scene: “Ayame’s training Part 2” needs to be finished.
  • Third scene: You must have seen the second car scene between Ayame and Atsushi.


  • First scene: No pre-requisite.
  • Second scene: Needs to have seen both Yuki/Reiko/Ayame scenes explained in part VI.B.

Yuki alone: -First scene: Have all stats at 50, Have sex twice with the stray dog in the backalley, have watersports enabled for Yuki (see Yuki/Ayame part), have at least one diuretic medicine in your inventory.


  • First scene: No pre-requisite.


  • First scene: Need to have seen the second scene between Yuki and Reiko in part VI.B.
  • Second scene: Needs to have seen both Yuki/Reiko/Ayame scenes explained in part VI.B.
  • Third scene: No pre-requisite.


  • First scene: Need to have both sisters at 50 in all their stats.
  • Extra non-hentai scene: There’s a special conversation you can trigger between the sisters if you’ve seen the extra arcade scene at the ice-cream restaurant (check the Non-evening scenes part). The girls will have a small talk and it’ll unlock the possibility for Yuki to trigger watersports-related scenes. Those are just for end-game content. No need to try and create recipes with it.


First scene: Needs to have seen both Yuki/Reiko/Ayame scenes explained in part VI.B.

SCENES – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

This section is here to help you keeping track of the scenes you’ve already seen or not. You can print this page and tick the scenes you’ve already seen to avoid them in further playthrough. Keep in mind that scenes involving the sisters with Reiko or Atsushi do NOT grant stats growth.

Yuki’s Scenes – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Yuki Handjob Old Man 1Curiosity +1
Yuki Handjob Old Man 2Curiosity +2
Yuki Handjob Worker 1Perversion +1
Yuki Handjob Worker 2Perversion +2
Yuki Handjob Young Boy 1Self-Assurance +1
Yuki Handjob Young Boy 2Self-Assurance +2
Yuki Handjob Hobo 1Masochism +1
Yuki Handjob Hobo 2Masochism +2
Yuki Handjob Tourist 1Lust +1
Yuki Handjob Tourist 2Lust +2
Yuki Blowjob Old ManCuriosity +2
Yuki Blowjob WorkerLust +2
Yuki Blowjob Young BoyImagination +2
Yuki Blowjob HoboMasochism +2
Yuki Blowjob TouristPerversion +2
Yuki Stray Dog Fuck 1Lust +2
Yuki Stray Dog Fuck 2Perversion +2
Yuki Ayame Bathtub 1Imagination +1 (Each)
Yuki Ayame Bathtub 2Perversion +1 (Each)
Yuki Ayame Bathtub 3Masochism +2 (Ayame), Imagination +2 (Yuki)
Yuki Komodos 1X
Yuki Komodos 2X
Yuki ChoppiMasochism +2, Curiosity +3, Perversion +4, Self-Assurance +5
Yuki Mat 1Imagination +1
Yuki Ayame MatSelf-Assurance +1 (Each)
Yuki Cockslap Dekai 1Imagination +1
Yuki Cockslap Dekai 2Masochism +2
Yuki Pantsjob DekaiPerversion +2
Yuki Pantsjob HoboLust+2
Yuki Footjob Dekai 1Self-Assurance +2
Yuki Footjob Dekai 2Perversion +2
Yuki Ayame Giraffe BlowjobImagination + 2 (Yuki & Ayame)
Yuki Ayame Park scene 
Yuki Stray Dog Park scene 

Ayame’s Scenes – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Ayame Handjob Old Man 1Perversion +1
Ayame Handjob Old Man 2Perversion +2
Ayame Handjob Worker 1Curiosity +1
Ayame Handjob Worker 2Curiosity +2
Ayame Handjob School Boy 1Masochism +1
Ayame Handjob School Boy 2Masochism +2
Ayame Handjob Convini Guy 1Self-Assurance +1
Ayame Handjob Convini Guy 2Self-Assurance +2
Ayame Handjob T. Stat. Guy 1Imagination +1
Ayame Handjob T. Stat. Guy 2Imagination +2
Ayame Blowjob Old ManPerversion +2
Ayame Blowjob WorkerCuriosity +2
Ayame Blowjob School BoyMasochism +2
Ayame Blowjob ConviniSelf-Assurance +2
Ayame Blowjob T. Stat. GuyImagination +2
Ayame Stray Dog Fuck 1Perversion +2
Ayame Stray Dog Fuck 2Lust +2
Ayame Mat 1Masochism +1
Ayame Hairjob Convini GuyImagination +2
Ayame Hairjob Old ManLust +2
Ayame Hairjob School BoyCuriosity +2
Ayame WS Old ManCuriosity +2
Ayame WS School BoyLust +2
Ayame Piss Drink Old ManSelf-Assurance +2
Ayame Piss Drink School BoySelf-Assurance +2
Ayame Piss Drink School BoysPerversion +2
Ayame Paizuri Old ManSelf-Assurance +2
Ayame Paizuri WS Old ManMasochism +2
Ayame Paizuri Stray Dog 1Curiosity +2
Ayame Paizuri Stray Dog 2 
Ayame Watersports Mat 1Imagination +2
Ayame Watersports Mat 2Masochism +2
Ayame Armpit Old ManCuriosity +2
Ayame Nipple Fuck Old ManLust +2
Ayame WS NF Old ManPerversion +2
Ayame Vaginal Sex Old ManLust +2
Ayame Anal Sex Old ManImagination +2
Ayame WS Sex Old Man 1Masochism +2
Ayame WS Sex Old Man 2Self-Assurance +2
Ayame Vaginal Sex ZebraLust +2
Ayame Anal Sex ZebraPerversion +2
Ayame Intravaginal Piss ZebraMasochism +2
Ayame Zebra CumbathCuriosity +4, Lust +4
Ayame Zebra Piss BathMasochism +4
Ayame Yuki Futanari SexImagination +2 (Ayame), Masochism +2 (Yuki)
Ayame Yuki Futanari Sex 2Perversion +2 (Ayame), Lust +2 (Yuki)
Ayame Yuki Futanari Sex 3Curiosity +2 (Ayame), Self-Assurance +2 (Yuki)

口 Ayame Yuki Futanari Sex 4 Self Assurance +2 (Ayame), Masochism +2 (Yuki)

口 Ayame Yuki Futanari WS

口 Ayame Stray Dog Park

Naomi’s Scenes – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

  • Naomi Blowjob Stray Dog 1

口 Naomi Blowjob Stray Dog 2

  • Naomi Blowjob Mat 1
  • Naomi Watersports Stray Dog 1
  • Naomi Watersports Stray Dog 2
  • Naomi Rhino
  • Naomi Scat play Stray Dog 1
  • Naomi Scat play Stray Dog 2
  • Naomi Scat play Stray Dog 3
  • Naomi Mat Fuck
  • Naomi Mat Watersports
  • Naomi With Monkeys 1
  • Naomi With Monkeys 2
  • Naomi With Monkeys 3
  • Naomi With Monkeys 4
  • Naomi With Monkeys 5
  • Naomi With Monkeys 6
  • Naomi With Monkeys 7
  • Naomi With Monkeys 8
  • Naomi With Monkeys 9
  • Naomi With Monkeys 10
  • Naomi With Monkeys 11
  • Naomi With Monkeys 12
  • Naomi With Monkeys 13
  • Naomi With Monkeys 14
  • Naomi With Monkeys 15
  • Naomi With Monkeys 16
  • Naomi With Monkeys 17
  • Naomi With Monkeys 18
  • Naomi With Monkeys 19
  • Naomi With Monkeys 20
  • Naomi With Monkeys 21
  • Naomi With Monkeys 22
  • Naomi With Monkeys 23
  • Naomi With Monkeys 24
  • Naomi With Monkeys 25
  • Naomi Boar Sex
  • Naomi Boar Watersports

Reiko’s Scenes – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

口 Reiko Masturbation 1

口 Reiko Masturbation 2

口 Reiko Masturbation 3

口 Reiko Masturbation 4

口 Reiko Yuki Kitchen 1

口 Reiko Yuki Kitchen 2

口 Reiko Yuki Kitchen 3

口 Reiko Yuki Futanari Blowjob 1

口 Reiko Yuki Futanari Assjob

口 Reiko Ayame Toilets 1

口 Reiko Ayame Toilets 2

口 Reiko Ayame Toilets 3

口 Reiko Ayame Toilets 4

口 Reiko Ayame Futanari Blowjob 1

口 Reiko Yuki Ayame Futanari Scene 1

口 Reiko Yuki Ayame Futanari Scene WS 1

口 Reiko Yuki Ayame Futanari Scene 2

Eri’s Scenes – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

口 Eri Elephant Paizuri

口 Eri Elephant Fuck

口 Eri Public Use 1

口 Eri Public Use 2

口 Eri Public Use 3

口 Eri Public Use 4

口 Eri Public Use 5

口 Eri Public Use 6

口 Eri Licking a Mare

口 Eri Rimming a Mare

口 Eri Fisting a Mare

口 Eri Drinking Mare Pee

口 Eri Fucking a Mare 1

口 Eri Fucking a Mare 2

口 Eri Ass Fucking a Mare 1

口 Eri Ass Fucking a Mare 2

口 Eri Pissing in a Mare Pussy

口 Eri Pissing in a Mare Ass

口 Eri Eating Mare Shit

口 Eri Smearing Mare Shit

口 Eri Scat-Fucking a Mare 1

口 Eri Scat-Fucking a Mare 2

Atsushi’s Scenes

口 Atsushi Ayame Car 1

口 Atsushi Ayame Car 2

口 Atsushi Ayame Car 3

口 Atsushi Ayame Fuck 1

口 Atsushi Ayame Fuck 2

口 Atsushi Yuki Fuck 1

口 Atsushi Yuki Reiko Fuck 1

口 Atsushi Eri

口 Atsushi Reiko

Other Scenes

口 Kabeer Hana

口 Minazukis Orgy

TROPHIES – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Unlocking trophies doesn’t bring anything else than the sake of completeness but they’re cool, so here they are:

Bronze Trophies – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

That’s iust a warm up. Simply create your first recipe.

Getting the hand of it. Awarded at your 10th recipe.

Think, Act, Cum, Repeat. Reach 25 recipes for that one.

This is gonna be hard.・・ Spend one evening with Atsushi.

But we’ll do it! You need the diner with Atsushi’s boss to be a success.

And we’ll succeed! Spend a total of 4 evening with Atsushi. The 4th one HAS to be after the boss diner.

No matter what! Successfully avoided Atsushi’s Bad End.

Hand Pass. Awarded for being granted the access to the construction site.

Star Debut. Upload your first video at Eri’s office.

It’s gonna be a long trip. Earn your first million.

Halfway through! Earn 250 million yens.

Discovering the town. Unlock 10 different places.

True Love. Unlocked after the 3rd Bath scene between Yuki and Ayame.

French Palate. You need to finish the second part of the “Hentai Baking” quest.

Veterinarius Perversa. Awarded automatically when Naomi decides to help you.

Mima Luxuriosus. Awarded automatically after Eri joins you.

Come at me, Miku! Play the rhythm game 20 times.

Swiss-Army Guy. Have Kabeer improve your stats 3 times.

A nice souvenir. Open the parcel on the dining room table after November 11th.

Calcium and Protein are faster… Awarded after unlocking the possibility to spend the night with Mat for both Ayame and Yuki (each).

Oh! A rare! Find an ultra rare card.

Looks like it does attract people. Find 50% of the card set.

Not as lucrative as prostitution. Do each job at least once.

She’s not that mean. Complete Mio’s side quest.

Unbreakable family bonds. Spend 15 nights with Atsushi and/or Reiko with one of the sisters.

Number 1 Fan. During endless mode, after you’ve unlocked the first 3 masturbation scenes with Reiko, you have 10% chance to see her in her bedroom for a 4th and last scene.

Speleologist. Watch 10 scenes with the X-Ray mode on.

Come to the beast side! Complete Chisame’s side quest (#20 “Unexpected Corruption”).

Not what I expected… Watch the 1st scene between Yuki, Ayame and Reiko during an evening on endless mode.

Silver Trophies – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Lewis Carroll would be proud. Unlock 50 recipes.

Nerd. Spend 20 different days on the PC with Yuki.

Come Hell or High Water! Awarded for reaching the 1st good ending.

Take that, bitch! Earn 500 million yens.

Compulsive buyer. Buy booster packs 5 times on the Internet.

I can’t do it without a guide! Buy all anthologies.

Like the back of my hand. Unlock all places.

Playing Sherlock Holmes. Complete 15 side quests.

Gods can also enjoy themselves. Get the best outcome by making an offering at the shrine (+1 in all stats for both sisters).

Ace in the Hole. Find interesting private information about Kanon.

They’re not lacking ideas. Watch all scenes between Naomi and the monkeys (scat scenes excluded.)

Collectors move in mysterious ways. Collect 100% of the card set.

Unexpected twist. Yuki can now participate in watersports scenes.

Elderly’s Idol. You’ve watched all the scenes between Ayame and Mr Yoshifumi.

Bad girls need to be punished. Finished Hana’s quest the best way possible.

Post-Game Lover. Spend more than month during endless mode.

Gold Trophies

Can’t make an omelette without eggs. Find all the elements in the game.

Hentai Doctorate. Unlock all recipes.

Best way to use a zoo. Have sex at least once with each possible animal in the zoo.

It’s far from being over. Finish the game with the best ending.

Platinum Trophies – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Completionist. You’ve watched all the hentai scenes of the game. Congratulation!

UPDATE – Slice of Venture 2 Walkthrough & Guide

In this new part you will see the list of the new scenes contained in that update as well as how to unlock them. I’ll try to be as less spoilerish as possible considering the content. Unfortunately, since I have to write the conditions to unlock those scenes, the conditions are often a bit spoilerish. Most of those scenes occur during the evening, when you get the possibility to go out so they’re post-game scenes.

The scenes with the same title but a different number follow each other. You can’t see 2 if you haven’t seen 1. The extra conditions are written on the right side. There’s also a new item to get for some of those scenes:

Naomi’s dildos: Given by Naomi after you’ve spent an evening with her after the end of the game. Necessary to unlock two new scenes.

New Scenes

Yuki Exhibitionism 3See the two previous scenes (cosplay with the hobos) + Have all her stats maxed out and then spend the evening alone as Yuki.
Yuki & Reiko 5Spend the evening with Reiko after seeing all the previous scenes.
Yuki & Reiko 6Have Yuki okay with watersports and spend the evening with Reiko after seeing all the previous scenes.
Yuki & Reiko 7Spend the evening with Reiko after seeing all the previous scenes.
Yuki & Reiko 8Have Yuki with all her stats maxed + scat activated and spend the evening with Reiko after seeing all the previous scenes.
Yuki & Atsushi 2Spend the evening with Atsushi.
Yuki & Atsushi 3Have Yuki okay with watersports and her masochism at max level and spend the evening with Atsushi.
Yuki & Reiko & Atsushi 1Have Yuki okay with watersports and spend the evening with Atsushi & Reiko.
Yuki & Reiko & Atsushi 2Have seen Yuki & Atsushi 2 and spend the evening with Atsushi and Reiko.
Yuki & Reiko & Atsushi 3Spend the evening with Atsushi and Reiko.
Yuki & Ayame & Reiko 4Spend the evening with Reiko & Yuki as Ayame
Yuki & Ayame & Reiko 5Spend the evening with Reiko & Yuki as Ayame
Yuki & Ayame & Reiko 6Spend the evening with Reiko & Yuki as Ayame
Yuki & Ayame & Reiko 7Have the two sisters with max self-assurance and spend the evening with Reiko & Yuki as Ayame.
Yuki & Ayame & Reiko 8Have the two sisters with max stats everywhere and spend the evening with Reiko & Yuki as Ayame.
Ayame & Reiko 3Spend the evening with Reiko as Ayame.
Ayame & Reiko 4Spend the evening with Reiko as Ayame.
Ayame & Reiko 5Spend the evening with Reiko as Ayame.
Ayame & Reiko 6Have Ayame’s perversion at max level and spend the evening with Reiko as Ayame.
Ayame & Reiko 7Have scat activated and spend the evening with Reiko as Ayame.
Ayame & Reiko 8Have scat activated, two laxatives, public toilets unlocked and Ayame all stats maxed and spend the evening with Reiko as Ayame.
Ayame & Mat 1Spend the evening with Mat as Ayame (Be careful, the goal is to go out with him (so NOT clicking on him (which results in staying in the bedroom))
Ayame & Mat 2Have Ayame okay with animal watersports and spend the evening with Mat
Ayame & Mat 3Have the Nipple Fuck Amulet and spend the evening with Mat
Ayame & Mat 4Have Ayame okay with internal watersports, have her perversion at max level and have 1 diuretic medicine in the inventory then spend the evening with Mat.
Ayame & Mat 5Have Ayame with max perversion and masochism and spend the evening with Mat.
Ayame & Strays 1Have Ayame okay with both watersports’ constraints (animalsand internal), have all her stats maxed, have Naomi’s dildos and click on the small dog in the back alley during a week day.Have 2 diuretic in the inventory, have Yuki okay with watersports and click on the same small dog on a week day.Have 2 diuretic in the inventory, have Yuki okay with watersports and click on the same small dog on a week day.
Ayame & ZebraHave Naomi’s dildos in the inventory, be after the end of the game, have seen all zebra scenes with Ayame and click on the immobile zebra on the right (near the fence) during a weekend (This scene has two different outcomes, but only plays once. To see the other outcome, use the souvenir book.)
Eri & ElephantFinish the game, have the sisters’ stats maxed, Eri elephant fuck scene seen and talk to Eri during a week day (provided nothing else is going on.)
Eri Public Use 7Just trigger the recipe a 7th time to get that final scene (remember that you have to get the file, give it to Eri so it can be viewable through her laptop.)

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