Black Souls 2 Walkthrough

Black Souls 2 Walkthrough & Boss Guide

This Black Souls 2 Walkthrough will cover every aspect of the game. Including every lady’s scene unlocked, and every quest completed.

Game Version: DLC2 , v1.13

Intro – Black Souls 2 Walkthrough

  • Fulfill the conditions required to get every ending ( A / B / C / D / E / F / G )
  • Get all 14 RRH dialogues with minimal SEN manipulation ( 1 annoying time )
  • Collect every Fairy Tale / Folk Tale for the Fairy Tale Archive
  • *ZERO* Grinding for levels / money whatsoever; only level via Dream Souls

    • End the game at lvl 160 via Dream Souls only; use 0 Colored Souls
    • Spend the souls gained from bosses on items; no grinding!
  • “Easy” to follow/use Boss Guides which assume minimal stats / gear

    • Guide only picks up gear that we actually end up using
    • Defeat every boss and “secret” boss with real, non-cheese strats !
    • *NEVER* use a Rabbit’s Pocket Watch !!
  • Gets some “extra” scenes and dialogue along the way ( but of course not all )
  • MAKE SURE TO STAY AT >100 SEN UNTIL I SAY SO; don’t kill little white rabbits
  • We need 863,446 “liquid” souls ASAP; do not needlessly spend and do not lose souls
  • We will be avoiding *every* fight that isn’t absolutely necessary
  • RED dialogue options are usually bad; choose WHITE options unless stated otherwise
  • Starting class doesn’t matter; choose whichever sprite you like the most
  • There are 2 different translations for this game; hopefully this isn’t an issue

    • I may use the names of either translation, and I may mix / match them
  • If you want to do extra grinding or exploring, that is perfectly fine !!


— The door on the first floor beneath the Library opens after SP1

— It’s basically a roguelike, or Ancient Cave from Lufia

— If you begin a “Space Time” Dungeons and exit, you get all starting equipment

— You can get basically any item in the game here, easily becoming overpowered

— I highly recommend playing, because it’s fun, but it is not assumed that you do

— Might be best to beat the game first before trying it though, since you can get OP

— a good way to get more weapons / armor, since this guide does not get them all

BEGIN – Black Souls 2 Walkthrough

— use the Black Ash Key Item like it’s Dark Souls to return to the Library

— Doing this keeps your “Human” status, but you always lose all souls by doing it


— examine the red book on right hand side multiple times for SILVER RING

— light the bonfire; warp back to Crash Chamber


— bang on the door until the key arrives; DONT KILL WHITE RABBITS !!

— Walk up, talk to cat, walk away, talk to cat — choose CANDY

— Go up and to the right; fight the Black Knight and run, or wait for him to pace and sneak by

— Use the item on the table, then check upper right drawer for RABBIT KEY; exit upwards


— Head right, grab bonfire; go up/left and loot SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER

— Go straight down and loot MASTER KEY ; continue down/right and drop down the waterfall

— Once down the waterfall, loot the sparkly immediately to your left for a CANDY

— Talk to NPC in middle; exhaust her dialogue, exit the screen, then come back

— Use SOUL OF A NAMELESS SOLDIER; Pledge / Covenant the NPC, then talk again

— Gain Skill “ RUN LIKE DODO “ ; toggle it on via the SKILL menu to RUN FAST

— Equip her for now; exit the screen right, follow the path, grab the bonfire


— Exhaust NPC dialogue; get an HERB FLASK, nice!

— Use Bonfire to return to Pond of Bloody Tears

— Head *all* the way right following the wood, then go up and grab the bonfire


— DO *** NOT *** TALK TO NPC ( but if you want to save, talk, then reload, that’s fine )

— From bonfire, head up to the next screen, then up, a bit to the left, then right

— There is a tricky, hiding enemy here; sneak by him for WIND GOD’S RING

— Wrap back around, loot the other visible sparkly for a MASTER KEY

— Make your way to the VERY TOP RIGHT exit of this screen

— Continue up/right, grab the bonfire; loot sparkly on the right for HUNTER’S BOW


— Head left; there is a hidden enemy behind the mushrooms, so dodge him

— Keep going left, then up; you need to make a detour to the left and fight an enemy

— Run away from him; continue up, which requires going right a bit and dodging an enemy

— Once in the top left corner, loot the sparkly at the top for INVISIBLE PEPPER

— Die to something so that you’re in ghost form, then warp back to Spore Forest

— Head left, then down, then right; loot the corpse for MIRACLE [ PROVIDENCE ]

— Use Black Ash then warp to Crash Chamber


— We should now have TWO (2!) MASTER KEYs, so let’s go use one

— Go back to the Red Door to the left of the Cat; use Master Key to open it

— Make your way up and to the right; grab the bonfire and exhaust NPC dialogue


— Head *all* the way left and then up; examine bone pile for 5 HOMEWARD BONE

— Continue left, then all the way up; admire the WONDERFUL architecture and take elevator


— Get off the elevator to the right ; make your way down, then right

— When you come to the lava waterfall, go behind it from the right hand side

— Grab the chest for a FAIRY TALE / FOLK TALE [ JOAN OF ARC ] [ JEANNE d’ARC ]

— Head right, grab the bonfire, and then head down and to the left to loot the chest

— After you loot ARMOR OF THE SUN, head all the way right and SAVE by the Fog Gate

— Walk up to the fog, USE the INVISIBLE PEPPER, and head all the way to the right

— Take the elevator down, then head down and to the left

— Before you leave, examine corpse in the chair for SORCERY [ HIDDEN BODY ]

— This is *** VERY *** important, and from now on I assume you are always using it


— Save scumming is very useful here; the blue fish enemy is fast and hard to see

— Make your way left and then all the way up; loot the sparkly MERMAID’S VOICE

— From here, head a bit left and all the way down; look for a bloodstain that marks a corpse

— Examine the corpse for SORCERY [ DISPEL ] ; from here go straight up

— Head up/right, down a bit, and then right again into a new screen

— Go all the way right here; examine a corpse for WHITE CROW RING

— Return left, then straight up/left; loot the MERMAID’S VOICE, then go to the door on the right

— Head all the way left, grab the bonfire, and exhaust the NPC’s dialogue

— Go upward through the door, all the way right, then down the stairs


— Once inside, head right, then down; use our last Master Key and grab the bonfire

— Loot the sparkly by the Cat for CANDY; loot sparkly in bottom right for APPLE RING

— From bonfire, go up, then right, then down; examine the corpse for CANDY

— Black Ash out, and warp to Liddell Cemetery


— from the bonfire head *all* the way left/up, then up into the cave entrance

— Make your way up, up, right, up, and all the way to the left, then save your game

— There is a Dark Matter enemy that looks like a rock here, and we *need* to kill it

— Get into the fight and use Triple Shot; you will get a CANDY when you kill it

— from there, head straight down and loot the sparkly for RING OF BLADES

— HOMEWARD BONE out, because now we have souls


— Return to the first area, except this time we’re fighting the boss

— Make your way up, then all the way left, then all the way up, up, up

— Equip yourself, save if you want, and when you’re ready, enter the Fog Gate



— We have good gear now, so it’s a pretty easy fight; “Attack” the rabbit first

— “Break” him when he gets an “Aura” buff, and heal yourself if necessary

— Immobilize is good to start with, then spam Triple Shot on CD, or when Broken

— When he’s dead, DO *** NOT *** WALK FORWARD; just use Homeward Bone




— Notice that at the top of the Library, one of the lights is now lit; this measures our progress

— Node the NPC is here now; talk to her, max out her pledge (Lvl 3), and equip her Pledge

— It is assumed that you will be using Node’s Pledge for the entirety of the game

— Go downstairs and immediately to the left ; the Fairy Tale Archive is now open

— Save, then enter the Fog Gate to fight the first Fairy Tale Boss of many

— He’s easy; just Immobilize, Break his “Sword” buff / yellow “Aura” buff, and Triple Shot

— When he’s dead, we receive FAIRY TALE [ RASCAL ] ; go up and examine the bookshelves

— When you deposit / return a Fairy Tale, you get a “Dream Soul”, which gives 5 level ups

— After depositing our TWO Fairy Tales, use our 2 Dream Souls; we are now level 11 !!

— Go back upstairs to the bear, and sell your RABBIT’S KEY for 25k souls

— Buy 11 of EVERYTHING , and 94 of BLOOD VIAL

— Return to Node and “KILL” her; afterwards, go to the bonfire, and Warp to Library again

— This will cause her to respawn; repeat this process and KILL her until you have -10 SEN

— Node is one of the few NPCs where it is perfectly fine to KILL or RAPE her; she likes it

— Because of this, she is the easiest / fastest way to manipulate SEN for right now

— ( Also, the Chaos Dungeon downstairs is open now, if you want to go try it out; it’s fun! )


— Make your way to where we killed the boss, except this time proceed forward

— You will come to a bridge; make sure you have 0 SEN or less before you pass the mirror

— We are also HUMAN now, and we *need* to stay HUMAN for a Phantom / Nightmare


— You will see a very familiar NPC here, and it is absolutely necessary that we see them here

— Continue down, ignore the other NPC, use a Master Key, and grab the bonfire

— Examine bottom left corner for 5 Candy; go down to intersection, then right, up, then up/left

— Head straight up, examine sparkly to collect FAIRY TALE [ THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL ]

— Return to the previous screen; head down, then left/down, and use a Master Key

— Go straight down then slightly right; go down the stairs, loot the sparkly, fight the Phantom

— ( The Phantom *can* instant-kill you, so it’s a good idea to save here )

— Winning should give RING OF FEAR; walk up the stairs, then go all the way right

— Keep right, head down some stairs, then all the way left; you can Rape this girl

— ( Doing so gives you +1 SEN; we will be gaining +5 more SEN and we need to stay <0 SEN )

— Head down; head right until an intersection, then head up and use a Master Key

— Grab this bonfire; it’s called Foggy Park, and remember that it’s near “Brothel Street”

— Head back down the stairs, go slightly right, and enter the doorway marked with blood

— Ignore the Monster for now; just hug the right side of this bridge to get a RABBIT’S KEY

— Run back across the bridge and out, continue down/left, and go down the ladder

— Once in the sewers, head all the way left and loot SILVER REVOLVER

— Make your way up and right, then climb the ladder and head all the way left

— KILL Toy Frog for [ FAIRY TALE FRAGMENT THREE ] ; head up the stairs

— Immediately hug the left wall for a “shortcut” ; go left then slightly up

— Go up through the archway, then straight up and into the Mental Ward


— Head up and to the right, open the door, continue up and grab the bonfire

— Head right, down, left, and into the door; grab the PRESCRIPTION DRUGS on the table

— Go to the back of the room and flip the switch; stuff changes, and we have monsters now

— Exit the room, head all the way right and up; open the door and follow the path right

— In the room after that there are lots of mental patients; make your way to the first door

— Entering this room gives you +5 SEN, which is why we wanted -10 SEN; stay <0 SEN

— In this room, open the chest for a STORMRULER, and then exit out the top door

— This will take you back to the previous room; Homeward Bone out



— If you do, you should see a familiar NPC at this bonfire; exhaust their dialogue

— ( You can also rape this NPC any time you want with no consequence; try 4 times )


— Talk to the new NPC; exhaust their dialogue

— Equip STORMRULER, then go down the well for a fight; Guard until all 8 appear

— When all 8 are on screen, cast Storm Ruler; get FAIRY TALE [ WOLF AND THE GOAT ]

— Head up out of the well, straight up and through the Cemetery gates

— loot VIPER’S CLOTHING on a grave to the left; loot MYSTERIOUS SHARD in the top right

— enter the cathedral in the middle once you have both of those

— ( do NOT enter the fog gate in the upper left corner )


— Once inside, go right, up, up, and grab the bonfire

— Talk to the NPC; exhaust their dialogue

— go down and slightly to the left; fall on the bookcase for HERB FLASK (M)

— Homeward Bone out


— Talk to the new NPC; exhaust their dialogue


— Talk to the new NPC here; exhaust their dialogue


— Talk to the new NPC; exhaust their dialogue

— ( Interestingly, you cannot Rape them here )


— Talk to the new NPC; exhaust their dialogue

— The door to their right is open at <0 SEN; go inside, and use PRESCRIPTION DRUGS

— At >0 SEN, you can now see a corpse; examine it for RING OF THE RECKLESS HERO

— Exit downward and bonfire to Dream LIbrary


— Go to the book in the bottom right corner, talk to the bubble to disable H-scenes

— Rape Node until you have >100 SEN , then re-enable H-scenes if you want


— Now that we have Master Keys and Hidden Body, we can get some stuff here

— Head left, then down to the next screen; loot the MYSTERIOUS SHARD in the top right

— Head down and out the bottom-middle; continue down and use a Master Key

— Examine the corpse to loot RED TEARSTONE RING ; Homeward Bone back


— Head down and slightly to the right, back to the bridge; talk to the NPC

— Exhaust their dialogue to receive MYSTERIOUS SHARD

— Fall through the bridge on the left side this time; go downward to exit

— Make your way upward through the sewer, exit, and hug the left wall shortcut again

— Go all the way left, then up; talk to the NPC, exhaust dialogue, and sell RABBIT’S KEY


— Head down, right, down, left; open the door to Charles Tavern, the Lutwidge Bar

— Talk to all NPCs, *** EXCEPT *** the one in the top left by the chest; exhaust their dialogues

— Buy 11 GOLDEN MEADs from the Bat Lady shopkeeper barkeeper thing

— KILL the Rude Grasshopper on the bottom left; get [ FAIRY TALE FRAGMENT TWO ]

— Go out, right, and straight up into the Mental Ward

— Walk up to the NPC sitting in the chair behind the desk; buy 11 PRESCRIPTION DRUG

— Homeward Bone out and to the Dream Library


— Deposit our TWO Fairy Tales and use our 2 Dream Souls; we’re now level 21 !!

— Head *all* the way right, then up; Trade the crow for 2 MYSTERIOUS SHARD

— Return to the bear and upgrade to STORMRULER+5 ; we use this for a long time


— Head all the way right and up, then right, then up, right and up, etc etc

— In the room with several different doors (no more mental patients) enter the top right door

— Immediately exit the door down, then back up; run to the back to pick up HERB FLASK (M)

— Enter house, watch scene, get FAIRY TALE [ WIZARD OF OZ ]; loot SORCERER’S STAFF

— Exit downward, downward, exit left, then go through the door on the right, then up the stairs

— Continue forward; summon the Dream Spirit, and enter the Fog Gate


— Start with Gun Break, then cast Supreme Storm Ruler; it might one-shot her

— If she has an Agility buff, Dispel it first; she can kill you with it

— If she gets a Frenzy buff, Dispel it ; if she does a Fly / Dive, then Guard it

— You do stupid amounts of damage this early, so she’s probably just dead

— After the boss, run all the way back down, down the stairs, down through the door

— On the right there is a Hidden Door; blood stain even says it, so examine the wall

— Walk in, talk to the NPCs, max Pledge; if you want to Sex, please save first

— ( If you get caught, then they will kill each other, and we don’t want that )

— Homeward Bone and head to Foggy Park


— Head to the right; loot the corpse for a BUNKER SHIELD weapon

— Head to the left; play with the Cat to get CHESHIRE CAT’S RING

— Make your way carefully left/up for a while, but eventually we need to go up/right

— The pic below is the key point; from there, go up and to the right and you’re set

— ( There’s only *one* bloodstain that is up/right from a lamppost, so it should be obvious )

— But first, from the point in the pic, head all the way left for HORNET RING, then return


— Just entering this place increases the Progression, so we’re at 3 lights now

— Head upwards a bit and to the right ; there should be a bench and a sparkly on the right

— On the left of the bench is a Flea; KILL the Missing Flea for [ FAIRY TALE FRAGMENT ONE ]

— ( DO *** NOT *** go up the small staircase because a Phantom / Nightmare will murder you )

— Go left to the 2nd staircase, then head up; examine the corpse for SKY KNIGHT’S CAP

— Continue up and use a Master Key on the door; go inside, up, up, and examine the curtains

— This is a Fairy Tale fight; when it’s your turn, use Gun Break + Supreme Storm Ruler

— Receive FAIRY TALE [ BOY WHO CRIED WOLF ] ; continue right/up to the bonfire

— Use 4 BLACKWELL’S BLOOD VIAL to lower your SEN to <0

— Talk to the NPC, and exhaust their dialogue; don’t worry, nothing bad happens


— Time to deposit our FOUR Fairy Tales and use our 4 Dream Souls; we’re now level 41 !!

— While we’re here, buy 11 of *EVERYTHING* from the bear to restock, then continue


— Use 4 PRESCRIPTION DRUGs so that we can understand the Boss coming up

— Exit the building downward; head left, up, up, and into the Fog Gate


— You do way too much damage, but he could still easily kill you, so watch out

— Start off slow with Gun Breaks and regular Attacks; if he buffs his AGI, Dispel it

— To make the fight even more annoying that it already is, he will heal himself

— When he’s just above half HP, use GOLDEN MEAD for Madness; go for the kill

— For this reason, save Supreme Storm Ruler for ~half health with Madness

— ( If you kill him outright before halfway, you miss his half-health dialogue, so try Gun Break )

— Gun Break his Shield / Guard / Aura ; Dispel his Frenzy / AGI buff

— If you get silenced and you need to use a skill, use one of our MERMAID’S VOICES

— ( We picked those up specifically for this fight ; he’s one of the worst fights imo )

— Keep yourself healed and play safe, or you could try to basically one-shot him also

— When he’s finally dead, continue upward and grab the bonfire


— Use 4 of BLACKWELL’S BLOOD VIAL to get to 0 SEN

— Grab the bonfire on the left; talk to the NPC and exhaust their dialogue

— Head *all* the way to the right, in the door, and down the elevator

— ( This elevator can FREEZE sometimes, so save before going down )


— Just keep going down; when you can’t go down anymore, head all the way right

— Grab the Ball of Fire, then head up, grab the bonfire, and talk to the NPC; exhaust dialogue

— Head left, grab the first shiny on the rock to get MYSTERIOUS SHARD

— Continue left, go down the stairs; save, and then examine for a Fairy Tale fight


— You *need* to go first (or survive) and you need all crits

— it might take a few tries, but you really just want to one-shot him

— GOLDEN MEAD ( Madness ) + Gun Break + Supreme Storm Ruler

— Receive FAIRY TALE [ GREEDY DOG ] when he’s dead

— Rest at the bonfire, then head all the way right

— Talk to the NPC, exhaust their dialogue, DO NOT KILL THEM

— Summon the Fairy Tale, then pass the Fog, and head up


— Start with Madness + Gun Break + Providence

— Make sure everyone is healed, then, do Gun Break + Attack

— Finally, go for Gun Break + Supreme Storm Ruler

— Basically, take it slow until around ~65% HP, then burst him down with Storm Ruler

— When he’s dead, receive FAIRY TALE [ DOG OF FLANDERS ]

— Run back down to the Rabbit, talk to him, and give him an Herb Bottle

— If you don’t have an Herb Bottle, go refill at the bonfire and then come back

— exhaust his dialogue, then Homeward Bone back


— equip EDITH’S RING, walk up to the gate, then unequip it once you’re over

— do *NOT* look into the telescope yet, since it messes with your SEN

— Just go straight up and inside, but if you do explore stay at -1 SEN or lower

— Once inside, head to the right and examine the 6th painting for a secret room

— Inside, collect the “ Ball of Fire “ , then grab the 5 CANDY from the bottom left corner

— Exit the room, head to the left, up the stairs, all the way left, then Pray to the statue

— Receive some Miracles and RING OF OSTENTATION ; go *all* the way to the right

— ( You can Rape the girl hiding behind the bookshelf, which gives +1 SEN; stay below 0 SEN )

— Head up the ladder into the familiar library, and fight the mini boss


— Use GOLDEN MEAD to gain Madness, then Gun Break + Supreme Storm Ruler

— If that doesn’t straight up kill, it will be very close, or you can reload and try again

— Go to the secret passage that was revealed, summon the Fairy Tale, and pass the Fog


— If you still have Madness, cool; if you don’t still have Madness, we *want* Madness

— He starts with Frenzy, so Gun Break + Dispel it ; Gun Break + Supreme Storm Ruler after

— If he steals your MP, it’s smart to only replenish it to Dispel or Supreme Storm Ruler

— Keep everyone’s health up, and Break the purple Book buff if/when he gets it

— After defeating, receive FOLK TALE / FAIRY TALE [ SAINT OF ALEXANDRIA ]

— Walk up and through the door into…


— Walk up, grab the bonfire, then go up and grab the Ball of Fire at the table

— Return to the bonfire and head back to Dream Library


— Trade in your Boss Souls for some cool stuff including MANSLAYER’S SHOTGUN

— Also, SORCERY [ OMNIBLESS ] and SORCERY [ RAMPAGE ] — ( which is “Berserk” )

— Deposit our THREE Fairy Tales and use 3 Dream Souls; We are now level 56 !!

— Now we want to have 100 SEN, and there is a cool way to do it

— Head to Oxward; go all the way to the telescope in the back

— “Peer”, then wait for a second, then walk forward until your SEN goes up

— Heal up, go to the right, and kill a Dark Matter for MYSTERIOUS SHARD

— Homeward Bone, and head back to Endless Tea Party

— ( If you are lame, you could just use 4 PRESCRIPTION DRUGs to get to >100 SEN )


— Speak with the NPC on the right; pledge, and max the pledge

— Continue upwards into the clock tower


— Pretty straight forward and linear; just go through it

— When you get to the “crazy” gears, save, and go to the left to find an ORE SLAB

— Continue on and eventually light the bonfire, summon the Fairy Tale, and enter Fog Gate


— Start off with Providence; next priority is getting to Omnibless x2

— Break his “Book” buff; if he’s broken and low HP, you can try Madness + Storm Ruler

— Keep everyone at max HP ; renew buffs if they have a “2” remaining

— Use Supreme Storm Ruler + Berserker for damage if everyone is buffed up

— Dispel Frenzy ; otherwise just attack, and hopefully get a Break for nice damage


— Rest at the Bonfire then continue forward; go in the door on the left

— You can examine the painting and try the puzzle… or the code is [ 1852 ]

— Summon both Fairy Tales, and then enter the Fog Gate

— We want to KILL her, so keep choosing that; she must die


— You can’t Dispel her Madness since it counts as a debuff, so don’t worry about it

— Start off by putting Madness on *both* you *and* your Summon helper Rabbit

— Gun Break + Supreme Storm Ruler ; Gun Break *her* only if she has a “Heart” buff

— If Supreme Storm Ruler is on Cooldown, cast Omnibless x2 or Dispel her AGI buff

— Remember to Gun Break her Heart buff if/when you get the chance to

— Keep everyone healed up and try to keep buffs up if you can, but it should be over fast


— You will get GEAR OF MADNESS which lets you set your SEN to 0 or 100 at will

— It’s very, very useful; oh, and you also get FAIRY TALE [ PETER PAN ]

— Homeward Bone, then go to Carroll River


— If you’ve been good and using GREEDY SILVER RING, we should have 1mil Souls now

— If not, then surely you have Soul / Colored Soul / Rabbit’s Key items you can sell

— from the bonfire, go down then all the way left; talk to the NPC

— Give them at least 863,446 souls ( 900k is easiest ), choose anything, then KILL

— Get *all* your souls back, as well as FAIRY TALE [ GOOSE THAT LAID GOLDEN EGGS ]

— Head right, and take the 2nd bridge upwards; go left, down, and take the boat

— Go straight forward, talk to the NPC; buy SORCERY [ FROZEN MAGIC BULLET ]

— While we’re here, buy 51 of EVERYTHING in the store, cuz why not?

— Also, there are quite a few SCENT OF A GIRL items here, so pick them up

— ( Try examining things in this “Town” at 0 and 100 SEN to see differences )

— ( The Sheep also sells Mermaid’s Voice at 0 SEN, but we don’t need it ; don’t buy )

— Homeward Bone back to a bonfire and head to Lutwidge Town


— Head down, left, down, down, and left into the Charles Tavern ( Bar )

— Buy 51 GOLDEN MEAD ; Homeward Bone and warp Ripon Grand Cathedral

— ( If you want to Sex bunny girl, go to Foggy Park, then head down, right, and up )


— Talk to the NPC ; buy 51 of EVERYTHING from her

— Take the bonfire to Spore Forest


— From the bonfire, head up, and then up/left into a maze

— The path for the maze is LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, UP — it’s just a box

— Talk to NPC, then start to leave; they will call you back, so go back and max Pledge

— Once maxed, choose “Pledge” then “Smoke” ; do this *** ONLY *** 4 times !!!

— ( I think you can Smoke one more time without killing her, but I like easy numbers )

— Thanks to smoking some shisha with Shisha, we are now level 60 !!

— Homeward Bone back and warp to Mushroom Village


— Set SEN to 0 ; make your way to the top-right of the map where there will be a path

— Head straight up the wide pathway, and then up and through the Fog Gate


— This is a very tedious fight, but perfectly doable right now

— Start by Double-Item buffing yourself, then cast Providence; save Madness for later

— Reapply your buffs with items or Omnibless when they’re at “2” ; same for Providence

— Berserk and/or Supreme Storm Ruler him, which should apply Poison II

— When you have free time, throw a “ Dung Pie “ at him for Poison

— Break his yellow Aura buff ; this is when you should Madness + Supreme Storm Ruler

— Once he’s out of Break, cleanse your Madness, and always stay Max HP

— Dispel his Frenzy, if/when it happens ; Guard his purple Aura, but you should live anyway

— As long as you stay max HP and buffed, it should be an easy, yet tedious fight

— Set SEN back to 100 when you’re done, then Homeward Bone out and proceed onward


— This time, head all the way left; exhaust the NPC dialogue, summon Fairy Tale, pass Fog

BOSS — SP 10

— Boss is super easy, Gun Break + Supreme Storm Ruler

— Receive FAIRY TALE [ KNIGHT IN ARMOR ] , then head left and up the stairs


— Walk up, talk to the Chicken, enter the house, and fight a Phantom / Nightmare

— It can be tricky, but stay healed up, and when you get to the “boss”, use item buffs

— Gun Break the Shield icon ; Dispel the Frenzy ; Supreme Storm Ruler

— ( or you could also dodge to the left and try to sneak by them )

— When that’s done, head straight upwards, and then into the room on the right

— Continue right; set SEN to 0, examine the wall, and “ Put arms inside “ for GOAT MEAT

— Exit the room and head up/left ; ( examine the picture in the up/left corner @ 0 / 100 SEN )

— Head left, then take the top-left pathway ; head downstairs and enter Infinite Food


— Set SEN to 100 ; head down the stairs, right, then up/right to grab bonfire

— Head left/up/right/up through the winding path ; when you reach the teacup, go up

— Head into the pumpkin house and grab a MYSTERIOUS SHARD on the right

— Talk to NPC; this is the end of his quest, so you can kill him for his ring if you want

— Go upstairs; the guy on the right makes flasks, and you want ~30 of each

— Homeward Bone back to the bonfire after you have ~30 of each HERB FLASK

— Head down, then all the way right; grab the MYSTERIOUS SHARD in the pool on the right

— Keep going up, and in the next screen make your way all the way right, then down

— Go down a bit, then left into the open room and go all the way down

— Summon the Fairy Tale and head through the Fog Gate

BOSS — SP 11

— Suuuper easy; one Berserk + Supreme Storm Ruler should do it


— Once finished, head up, then left, then up to come to a shortcut way out

— Head up the ladder, then right, then up the ladder


— Head down, left, up the stairs, up the stairs again, right, up, then left

— Grab the bonfire, set SEN to 0, talk to the NPC, then set SEN back to 100

— ( You can also head right and to talk to the NPC; try with 100 and 0 SEN )

— Exit the room; make sure your SEN is 100, then enter the Fog Gate

— Once through the Fog, choose “Give Up / Calm”, then “Give Pepper”, then “Give Meat”

— keep talking to NPC; exhaust dialogue, then Pledge and max out the pledge

— Buy 1 of each of her Magic Books before you leave if you want

— Homeward Bone, and go to Liddell Cemetery

— ( If you go to the lower-right boss room of infinite food, you can find the chef )

— ( He gives you an auto-battle ring that you cannot get in Chaos Dungeon )


— Head right one screen, summon the Fairy Tale, and enter the Fog


— This is no longer really even a boss for us

— Just Supreme Storm Ruler and they should die


— From here,head left, left, pet the thing if you want to, and then max the Pledge

— ( keep talking to NPC; there is a cute scene if you go to Shisha, then back to Dodo )

— Continue up/left into the cave; make your way up, up, right, up, left, up, through the cave

— On the left wall near the exit is a door; use a Master Key, then go inside and kill Fairy Tale

— Should be very easy ; receive FAIRY TALE [ BLUEBEARD ]

— Homeward Bone then warp to Ripon Grand Cathedral


— Examine the note ; our friend, it seems, has gone mad

— Make your way to the basement, because we’re going to pull a lever

— Save, then head right, then straight up; we’re going to kill our once friend


— We need to get the first turn, and we basically need all crits

— Once you get first turn, use CARPENTER’S SCREWS x2 + Madness

— Gun Break, then Supreme Storm Ruler ; if that doesn’t kill, try again

— If RNG hates you, she’s not necessary to kill, or you could always come back later

— Once you kill them or sneak by them, pull the lever, then Homeward Bone

— Go down, left, and up into the middle area; go inside the giant hole in the wall

— ( A Phantom may stop you; if you kill it you get Sorcerer’s Staff, if you want it )

— Watch scene, then talk to NPC ; exhaust dialogue, max pledge, choose ALL WHITE options

— ( If you Kiss, Service, Love the NPC, exit, and then re-enter, there will be a new NPC )

— ( You can also Kiss / Love this new NPC and get its blood; DO NOT KILL )

— ( Do these things, then exit and re-enter one more time for some cute boxed lunch )

— Before you leave, buy 1 of each Magic, then exit the cathedral and head left and up

— Pass the Fog Gate; choose “ Show Pass “ , “ It was given “ , then grab the bonfire

Garden of Hearts — #RRH12

— Use GEAR OF MADNESS to set SEN to 0; talk to NPC, then set SEN to 100

— Make your way to the top right exit, and we need to grab a item on the way

— On the way, open the chest with TARGET SHIELD; it’s like right-up-mid-ish

— When you enter top right, talk to NPC and fight the enemy for a Fairy Tale

— It’s pathetically easy, but has 3 forms; collect FAIRY TALE [ THE FOX AND THE GRAPES ]

— Head back into the maze, and this time make your way to the top left exit

— BEFORE YOU EXIT, head straight down; examine corpse for PHANTOM THIEF MANTLE

— Now you can actually leave up through top left; head up and grab the bonfire


— Set SEN to 0, talk to NPC, and leave SEN at 0 for now

— Once you enter, head right; the “different” angel marks a hidden room, so enter it

— Open the first chest on the left for a MYSTERIOUS SHARD ; exit the room and go left

— ( If you continue left, there is a Dark Souls 2 homage, and a fun white rabbit to figure out )

— From the entrance, head up the stairs, all the way right, then up into a Garden

— Head to the top right corner, make sure SEN is 0, then grab the Ball of Fire

— Set SEN back to 100; do the puzzle ( or talk to the NPC on the bench at the entrance )

— Once the door is open, exit out the upper top left door, and up through Sen’s Fortress

— Head all the way left, summon the Fairy Tale, and go through the Fog Gate

BOSS — SP 13

— Barely a boss at this point; Supreme Storm Ruler kills them


— Pledge if you want to; she’s not necessary, but don’t Kill / Rape her yet

— Exit the room, talk to the NPC; exhaust their dialogue, then Homeward Bone


— First thing’s first, go to the left and kill the giant thing for FAIRY TALE [ MT. KACHI KACHI ]

— Double-Item buff + Madness; spam Gun Break, Supreme Storm Ruler, and Berserk

— After that, head to the right, summon both Fairy Tales, and enter the Fog Gate

— Make sure you *aren’t* invisible, because we’re finally fighting this thing

BOSS — SP 14

— Double-Item buff, Gun Break, then Dispel her Frenzy

— The “Dung Pie” item mentions her name specifically, so might as well use one on her

— Keep using Gun Break, but then I like Providence + Omnibless for this fight

— When the game gives you teammates, I like to let them do most of the work

— Gun Break her Sword buff ; Receive FAIRY TALE [ ROBIN HOOD ]

— After the fight, follow her inside and do whatever you want with her; Pledge, Kill, or Rape

— If you Pledge, you get a Devour Corpse skill which is… neat, I guess

— Kill for her Boss Soul/weapon, which I never use

— Rape to keep in your sex dungeon

— For this guide, I will Pledge now, then Rape at the end of the game, then go and Kill her

— ( Use the Gear to set SEN to 0, check the Snowman, then set back to 100 )

— When you’re done, head out and to the right, then take the elevator down


— Immediately when you enter, go down and slightly to the right

— Fight the Monkey, then follow it to the freezer looking place; touch the bonfire

— ( Buy 51 Polluted Fish from the RED fish guy on the way up !! )

— Once inside the freezer place, fight the monkey again; follow him all the way left and up

— Finally fight the crab to get FAIRY TALE [ THE CRAB AND THE MONKEY ]

— Homeward Bone back to the Bonfire in Billingsgate Fish Market

— Exit to the right, then head down and to the right, back to where we got the ring before

— Above the house is a Book and a Fog Gate; summon the Fairy Tale and fight the boss


— Keep yourself healed and spam Gun Break, Supreme Storm Ruler, and Berserk

— Dispel his Frenzy at half HP, and Break his Aura buff; he should be pretty easy

— If he summons some ghosts, don’t worry about it and just attack him

— After he’s dead, receive FAIRY TALE [ ADVENTURES OF SINBAD ]

— Head up and into the next area, and grab the bonfire


— Set SEN to 0, talk to the NPC

— If you have talked to her at every location and raped her at least once, we get a choice

— Choose “Yield” / “Accept”; this is the “completion” marker

— Talk to the NPC again, then head down a little bit and grab the Ball of Fire

— Set SEN to 100; go up to the house and use a Master Key on the door

— Go inside; grab the MYSTERIOUS SHARD in the top left

— Pester the NPC until you can Pledge; max Pledge and buy 1 SEA TURTLE SOUP

— ( if you exit the re-enter you can get a weapon from her, if you want it )

— Return to the bonfire ; go left and examine the bubbles


— Head left until you see a giant squid, then head up and into the temple

— Go all the way to the back, examine the statue, and prepare for a fight

— Use ATK buff + Madness + Gun Break + Supreme Storm Ruler ; it should kill them

— Once you get your SORCERY [ REQUIEM ] , go back to the giant squid

— Take middle path on left; grab the MYSTERIOUS SHARD, then return and take bottom path

— Grab the bonfire; head left, down, left, down the stairs, and grab ORE SLAB on the right

— Head all the way left and open the chest for GRIM REAPER’S RING

— Go up the stairs; talk to the NPC and exhaust their dialogue for WALRUS RING

— ( If you have Deep Sea Helmet from Chaos Dungeon, you can Pledge now, but dont )

— Head left, down, left, and then take the elevator all the way down; grab the bonfire


— We need to run past the fish, and it requires the RUN LIKE DODO skill to do so

— Go in the door, save, and then sprint all the way out, left, up, and across the bridge

— Once you successfully make it past the fish (it’s not hard) continue up into the door

— In this room, you can be as slow as you want, but don’t walk into the “open” area

— Examine the corpse on the left of the open area to pick up UCHIGATANA (!!)

— Head left, up, right, and examine the Hidden Door on the wall; enter for cutscene

— ( You need 100 SEN for cutscene ; 0 SEN has a bloodstain message on the way out )

— Have RRH service you if you want, then continue down, out the exit, then all the way down

— Grab the stairway shortcut at the end of the bridge, and that’s all we need for now

— Feel free to Homeward Bone / Bonfire out, or keep exploring if you want to


— Set SEN to 100 ; we want to understand the Boss and see an NPC later

— Head down, then to the right, *not* up the stairs, and into the door

— Summon the Fairy Tale, and enter the Fog Gate


— Use the item buff for ATK x2 + Madness, then Gun Break + Supreme Storm Rule

— This will probably kill; receive FAIRY TALE [ MUSICIANS OF BREMEN ]

— Homeward Bone back to the Slaughterhouse bonfire, then head upwards this time

— Proceed to the right, talk to the NPC, and choose all of the WHITE options

— The NPC will give you 30 CANDY for this, nice!

— Homeward Bone back to the bonfire; warp to Dream Library


— It has been a long time since we’ve been here, so we have a lot to do

— We have at least 10 Lights lit, so Node is standing at the top door; talk to her

— ( You can beat the game now if you want, but we still have more to do, so don’t ! )

— Deposit our FOURTEEN Fairy tales and use 14 Dream Souls; we are now level 130 !!

— Head *all* the way right and up; trade 30 CANDY for RING OF THE BLACK GOAT

— Go back upstairs to the Jack-in-the-Box and Trade all of our Boss Souls

— Buy 99 BLOOD VIAL, buy 41 of each ORE, and then buy 21 of EVERYTHING else

— Upgrade Sorcerer’s Staff to the +10 version ( WAND OF CREATION )

— Upgrade Bunker Shield to the +10 version ( GUARDIAN BUNKER )

— Upgrade Vorpal Blade to the +10 version ( VORPAL SWORD )

— Upgrade Uchigatana to the +10 version ( KISHINGATANA )

— When you’re all stocked up here, go to the bonfire and warp to Carroll River


— Go all the way right again, but this time go all the way up also

— Equip VORPAL SWORD, then summon the Fairy Tale, and enter the Fog Gate

— Walk inside and KILL ( don’t Pledge ) because we need the Boss Soul / weapon

( If you summon the Rabbit, you can get a weird scene if you say “Wrong”, then choose “Rape” and lose the fight. You can’t get the Boss Soul this way, which we need, but if you choose “Help Me”, you can still finish the Rabbit quest for his Fairy Tale, which is pretty cool. It is worth doing it once just to see, or if you already have ROTTEN SCYTHE JABBERWOCK )


— Any fight where we have a summon, I really like playing White Mage with Heal / Buff

— It’s easy, and you get to see more of the moveset that the NPC has, which is cool

— Anyway, I like Gun Break + Providence, then Gun Break + Omnibless x2

— Keep Providence + Omnibless up, and spam Gun Break + Three Slashes

— ( Or, you could also just let the Rabbit do the killing, since it’s more his fight, imo )

— After you win, run back down and check the note where the Rabbit was standing before

— Warp to Rabbit Hole, talk with him, and get FAIRY TALE [ BLACK RABBIT OF INABA ]

— ( So… his moveset is Beasthunter Saw + Vorpal Sword… but he drops Moonlight Sword? )

— ( My favorite “good” NPC with my favorite Souls weapon, but I don’t like it in Black Souls )

— ( It feels more like Stormruler is the “Moonlight Sword “ of Black Souls, imo )


— Head left, then all the way down, and completely through the next screen

— When you see the Fog Gate, set SEN to 0, and go through

— It you choose “ Surprise Attack “ the fight is *MUCH* harder

— In that version of the fight, she destroys you with status ailments like in Black Souls 1

— I will be covering *that* version of the fight, but the strategy works for both versions


— ( We need to use WAND OF CREATION to cast spells if we use Black Goat Ring )

— For the first phase, just worry about Providence + Omnibless x2, not damage

— For the 2nd phase, Sleep doesn’t work on you, but use Goddess’ Blood for other debuffs

— When you’re all buffed up, switch to KISHINGATANA and spam Kazenagi / Iai

— Gun Break her Book buff ; recast Omnibless at “2”, or if you get stat debuffed

— Like always, we want to heal our teammate up so that they live, ideally

— When the fight is over, pick up the FOLK TALE / FAIRY TALE [ ELIZABETH BATHORY ]

— Jump into the mirror


— Set SEN to 100 so you can see the deer and also the corpses we need to loot

— Go down, to the right, and grab the bonfire, cuz why not; the shortcut sucks though

— ( We also need WAND OF CREATION to cast Hidden Boddy from now on )

— Head left, then all the way up; wrap around right and get ANGEL’S RAIMENT

— ( Equip Cheshire Cat’s Ring here, for cliffs, cuz this place sucks otherwise )

— Return to previous room then go straight down until you come to a cliff

— Go to the left to loot a sparkly RING OF THE ABYSS, *then* fall down the cliff

— Go left, and before the next small cliff, examine corpse on the right for IGOR’S MASK

— From the corpse, head straight down to another small cliff and fall down it

— Head right, and when the path splits up or down, go up and through spiderwebs

— Go up/right and then straight down through some poison and some blobs

— Go all the way to the left until you see archways going up; follow them up

— There is a darkness enemy thing; prepare to fight for a Fairy Tale


— It’s possible to get unlucky “Stun” locked to death, which sucks

— Because of this, you may need to try a couple times, but it’s otherwise easy

— Start with Double-Item buffs + Madness + Resins ; Gun Break + Kazenagi / Iai spam

— Break the Shield icon if they get one, and Dispel the Frenzy if you think you need to


— Head back down, then go all the way left


— Walk up, grab the bonfire

— The NPC sitting on the bench is a Pledge from Black Souls 1, but she is not necessary

— ( if you want her, talk to her, then take the train and come back at the next bonfire )

— ( It is a very long segment, but if you disable H-scenes it is instant )

— ( Also, if/when you sex her, you will lose 5 levels and 50k souls )

— ( For the sake of the walkthrough, I am doing this *once* )

— ( I advise against this, but it’s a good way to lower yourself back to level 1, I guess )

— ( And remember to use SCENT OF A GIRL to turn back to Human form )

— When you’re done, “Show your ticket”; grab the MOSQUITO RING on the right, then exit

— Go left, then up, then let yourself get taken to Anor Londo


— Go up, grab the bonfire; DO NOT TALK TO THE NPC ON THE BENCH

— ( If you talk to the NPC on the bench, they will KILL Lorina )

— ( Lorina is a not a required Pledge, but maybe you like her )

— ( I will be sexing this NPC, following her to the castle, and then following her to the beach )

— ( You need 1 Sea Turtle Soup for this Threesome ending, and Lorina dies )

— On the very right, a clown sells CANDY; this will be useful later

— When you are done, head up and into the fairgrounds

— Hidden on the left near the middle is an ORE SLAB

— Right one screen, on the very right, there is a DREAM SOUL for 5 free levels

— Back on the main screen, there is a Hidden Door in the middle with a Mini Boss


— As long as you go first, or survive 1 turn, it should be pretty easy

— Double-Item buff ATK + Madness + Gun Break ( + Iai + Iai )

— You get a ring and a chest with 10 CANDY way in the back

— When you’re done exploring, head up into the castle

QUEENSLAND — Inside Castle — #FIRE6

— Go into the clown tent on the right, set SEN to 0, grab the last Ball of Fire

— ( Also, open the chest at 0 SEN while you’re at it )

— Set SEN back to 100, exit the tent, and go in the door to the right; grab bonfire

— Return to the previous room and open the chest for 3 MYSTERIOUS SHARD

— Go to the left side of the room and enter the clown tent on that side

— Talk to the Yellow Bear for a Fairy Tale fight

— Double-Item ATK buff + Madness + Gun Break + Kazenagi / Iai spam

— After (maybe) a few tries, you will receive FAIRY TALE [ POOH BEAR ]

— ( If you set SEN to 0, you can fight the big brown bear in the middle also )

— When you’re done, exit, then go in the door to the left; follow the hallway

— Go through the first door on the top of the hallway, jump in the mirror, then jump back

— ( This NPC is a Pledge; she is not required, but she is best girl and has CONTENT ring )

— ( Max her, take her on a date and run straight down to immediately end the date )

— ( Go through the mirror, talk to her again, get the ring, equip the ring; take her on a date )

— ( Very left is a maze; go inside and run back and forth on the long hallway until cutscene )

— ( You can only read this red text with Prickett’s Ring equipped )

— ( There is also some text in Ending F / G which may only be read with the ring equipped )

— Anyway, when you’re done, exit, enter door on the right, summon the Fairy Tale, enter Fog


— Double-Item buff ATK / AGI + Madness + Gun Break + Kikokushushu x2

— Finish them off with Gun Break + Kazenagi / Iai x2 , or hopefully your summon will

— Receive FAIRY TALE [ DADDY-LONG-LEGS ] ; go up/right, then head downstairs

— You will find a familiar NPC from Black Souls 1 all tied up; “Help her out”

— Rape and Sex are fine, but do *** NOT *** “Punch her stomach” or “Kill”

— When done, manually confirm the “Leave” option to get LEAF’S RING; we *need* this

— ( Once you have Leaf’s Ring, then you are free to do whatever, even punch or kill her )

— Homeward Bone back to the Queensland bonfire

— We need 30 CANDY ; you should have at least 15, so buy the rest you need from the clown

— Once you have the 30 CANDY, then go to the bonfire and warp to Dream Library


— Deposit our FIVE Fairy Tales and use 5 Dream Souls; we are now level 155 (or 160)

— Head *all* the way to the right, then up; Trade 30 CANDY to the crow for Black Goat RIng

— Once you have your 2nd Black Goat Ring, go back upstairs and trade in your Boss Souls

— Upgrade our new Boss Soul weapon to ROTTEN SCYTHE JABBERWOCK+5

— When you are ready, teleport to Ship Graveyard; we are going to the Deep Sea


— We got the shortcut earlier (hopefully) so this will be pretty short

— Head left, slightly up, and right; take the stairs / shortcut on the top right

— On the next screen, we need to run past the fish also, and it’s kinda tight

— You need to hug the bottom side of the top pathway in order to pass

— Once that’s done, just proceed through the ship; it’s pretty linear

— By the way, every enemy here sucks, so you probably *especially* don’t want to fight these

— Just keep going and you’ll eventually come out the bottom of the ship


— Save here; you might need to reload, especially if human cuz there’s a phantom

— We only want RING OF GUILT / SIN, which is left/down from where we came out

— The location of this ring is pictured below, which hopefully helps a little bit

— ( If you’re having trouble, it’s probably easier to die and become ghost form for this )

— Make your winding way left/up, left, then down, then down/right, then down/left, and down

— Eventually you’ll come to a long path/bridge thing, then examine the end to get to the bonfire

— Grab the bonfire, then head back up, because we need to kill a Dragon / Whale first

— From the bonfire, head up, past the bridge, and then up/right ; it looks like a Dragon


— Just “Attack” him, and heal when you get to about half health so that you don’t die

— When he’s dead, Homeward Bone to the Deep Sea bonfire, then walk up

— Summon the Fairy Tale, freed from the Whale, and enter the Fog Gate


— This fight is tedious, but it’s not really that bad; gear is *very* important

— You *need* this stuff; there’s only 1 Ring’s worth of leeway here

— All you are going to do is spam JABBERWOCK skills + Ghostfire the whole fight

— If all abilities are on Cooldown, throw in an Omnibless / Attack; Dispel him if he stat-buffs

— Don’t worry about self buffs, and you don’t even really need to heal your team either

— ( you’ll lose some time with extra menuing to heal, save some time with extra damage )


— Same thing here, except he also gets a purple aura buff + Indignation

— You will survive even without Requiem, but cast Requiem if you want to feel safe

— Spam JABBERWOCK abilities + Ghostfire; if everything on Cooldown, Omnibless / Attack


— When that fight is finally done, continue forward and find a new NPC

— This NPC is a Pledge, but is *NOT* necessary and costs 1.75 million Souls to max

— For the guide, we will *not* be maxing her, and I recommend that you do *not* max her

— Her Pledge is [ Bonus Action 50 % chance / Attack Count +1 ] , which is good, BUT!

— If you kill her, she drops CELESTIAL RING, which gives [ +100% ATK, -100% MATK ]

— I like her ring more, and I always use Node’s Pledge anyway; she’s also stupid expensive

— If you want to kill her for her ring, I will cover that later, so just continue for now

— ( If you make babies with this NPC, apparently NPC dies, but that didn’t happen for me )

— ( It’s sad, cuz octopodes die after watching over their eggs IRL )

— Once you’re done, Homeward Bone to the bonfire, and the warp to Ship Graveyard


— Go right, and up through the door, up the elevator, and all the way to the NPC

— Now that we have the Deep Sea Helmet, we can get this Pledge, WHICH IS REQUIRED

— Max the Pledge, and then keep talking to her if you want an extra little scene

— ( If you maxed Kuti and need more souls, sell something or do Chaos Dungeon )

— ( You could also do an Optional Boss or two, then come back and max her out )

— Once we’re done here, Homeward Bone, and then warp to Dream Library




( You are able to unlock all endings right now, which you might want to do later )

( You may even wish to make multiples of this save file )


— Trade the Boss Soul for a weapon if you want; it’s kinda good

— ( You should have 5 Mysterious Shards ; upgrade whatever you want to )

— Go deposit our final ONE Fairy Tale, and Node will enter the room and ask you a question

— “Ring” is the “best” answer, but you can choose “Swimsuit” and then reload save to see it

— Use 1 Dream Soul; we are now — at the end of the game — level 160 ( or 165 ) !!

— We are now able to get *any* of the endings in the game, yay!!

( for some optional bosses, skip ahead, then come back for endings )

( I recommend doing at least Miranda / Meryphilia, if you aren’t doing other optional bosses )

( even if you aren’t killing optional bosses, restock your supplies; spend your souls )

( Buy 99 Rabbit’s Pocket Watch if you want; go to Lutwidge Town bar, buy 99 Golden Mead )

( Buy 99 Resins ; go back to Christmas Town in Carroll River for buff items )

( You can also Rape / Kill anyone you want with no consequences now )

( You can’t mess it up anymore; feel free to do *anything* before ending )

( There is an optional boss fight in Endings F / G, which requires fighting Miranda at least once )


— Ending A: Go through the White Door, fight the boss, win, and Love

— Ending B: Talk to Node, Pledge, Make Love, and then follow the prompts

— Ending C: Go through the White Door, fight the boss, lose the fight

— Ending D: Go through the White Door, fight the boss, win, and Kill

— Ending E: Set SEN to 0, go through the White Door, fight the boss, win, Kill


— These require doing the 0 SEN and LEAF’S RING stuff that we did

— After getting Ending A/B/D/C/E, use Crystal to “ Start a New Lap “

— ( Highly recommend to equip Prickett’s Ring before talking to Crystal )

— DO NOT SKIP OPENING; when asked who Alice is to you, press “Cancel”

— Choose the only option, then go through the ending; it’s linear

— These endings give the password to the “secret.rar” in your game folder

— Password is 6 digits, and it should be pretty obvious

— Ending F: Choose Leaf

— Ending G: Choose Red Riding Hood ( unlocks 100% completion )

( You are also able to buy additional sprites after this ending )


— Double-Item buff + Madness + Resins ; Gun Break + Kazenagi spam

— Gun Break her “Book” buff if she gets it ; cast Providence / Requiem if you want “safe”

— Should be a pretty easy fight unless you get unlucky “Stun” lock by her

— If doing Ending A or Ending D, you can continue on and do Ending F or Ending G

— If doing Ending E, you will fight another Boss before being able to do different Endings


— ( Forced into same gear as the previous boss fight, but you could change weapons )

— Double-item buff + Madness + Resins ; Gun Break + Kazenagi spam again should kill

— Switch to Sorcerer’s Staff to cast Providence + Omnibless x2 and/or Requiem to be “safe”

— Continue on and go to Ending F or Ending G if you want to


— You don’t get any Pledges here, which sucks cuz you have a lot less HP

— ( You can just Hidden Body sneak around everyone, but we’re killing them )

— Same general strats as before ; Item Buffs + Gun Break + Kazenagi / Iai spam

— Sorcerer’s Staff + Providence + Omnibless x2 and/or Requiem if you want to be “safe”

— Gun Break every “Aura” buff or “Shield” icon ; Dispel Frenzy or stat buffs if you need to

— If there are multiple enemies, you can go to Kikokushushu instead of Kazenagi

— For a “shell” enemy, Dung Pie + Orange Marmalade + Nightmare Lantern + Bleed + Guard

— If you can’t “Break” an aura, you might just need to Requiem and/or Guard/Dodge

— Remember to Cleanse debuffs on yourself, and to Dispel buffs on enemies if needed

— DoTs and waiting for an opening and/or a Break might be necessary

— When you get the chance, buy 99 of everything and upgrade whatever, cuz why not?

— Talk to the NPC to get MIRACLE [ RAISE ] ; not the *most* useful, but learn it anyway

— I highly recommend triggering the next Optional Boss fights; they’re pretty cool

— It requires fighting Miranda / Meryphilia at least one time back on the Beach


— Kishingatana + Kikokushushu works, but we’re using Vorpal Sword for flavor

— If the bird gets a “Heart” icon, be sure to Gun Break it

— Item buff and/or use Madness if you want to, but it’s really not necessary

— Just spam Three Slashes and keep your team’s HP / MP up; it should be over quickly


— Kishingatana still works here, but again we’re using Vorpal Sword for flavor

— I think her attacks are mostly unavoidable and %hp, so the fight is very annoying

— If you get unlucky and you get insta-killed, that’s no good, and the ring doesn’t prevent it

— Luckily, you can retry infinite times with no penalty, except 1 SCENT OF A GIRL

— If you die, best to use SCENT OF A GIRL, restock items, save, then reload from there

— Double-Item Buff ; Gun Break + Stone Flesh + Three Slashes

— Next turn, Madness + Gun Break + Three Slashes + Three Slashes

— If you cast Requiem, she just Dispels it, so there’s not really a point to it imo

— Don’t bother trying to Dispel her Frenzy; it comes with a Reflect Magic

— It may take a few tries, but this is the easiest way that I found to kill her ( with Vorpal Sword )




( From this point, you can get both Ending F and Ending G )

( Save here and then reload it, or else just make a separate save )

( Only Ending G gives you 100% cutscene completion in the History Book )

( You might also want to run back to the bear to restock on items before the end )

ENDING BOSS — ROUTE F ( Choose Mary Ann / Mary Sue / Leaf )

— Start with Gun Break + Stone Flesh + Requiem

— Switch to KISHINGATANA; Madness + Gun Break + Kazenagi spam until dead

— This should probably kill; if not, heal up and keep spamming Kazenagi or Iai


— Walk on a bit, talk to the NPC, then enter the next room; walk up and talk to NPC

— ( Recommend to equip Prickett’s Ring so you can understand the NPC )

— Same thing as before; Item Buffs + Gun Break + Stone Flesh + Requiem

— Then after, Madness + Gun Break + Kazenagi / Iai spam

— END; does *not* unlock 100% scene completion

— ( Recommend to get Ending G before playing any further )

ENDING BOSS — ROUTE G ( Choose Red Riding Hood )

— Double-Item buff ; Gun Break + Stone Flesh + Requiem

— Switch to KISHINGATANA ; Madness + Gun Break + Kazenagi / Iai spam


— Gun Break the Book buff ; continue with Kazenagi / Iai spam

— Dispel the Frenzy if you think you need to



— Double-Item buff + Madness ; spam Kazenagi / Iai while staying healed up

— Break the yellow Aura buff if/when it happens, but you probably wont see it


— Dispel the Frenzy as long as she isn’t also charging the purple Aura buff

— So basically, you’ll probably do Dispel + Stone Flesh on the first turn

— Make sure you keep your item buffs up ( especially AGI ) and Stone Flesh

— You might get 1-2 turns while she has her purple aura buff; Iai her down

— When it’s *definitely* going to be her turn next, switch to GUARDIAN BUNKER

— spam Attack with Guardian Bunker while Stone Flesh is up until she attacks

— Once purple Aura buff is gone, switch to Kishingatana and Iai her down again

— Repeat this every time she gets the purple aura buff; the attack can easily kill you

— If/when she gets a “Heart” buff, do ***NOT*** Break it!!! It will heal you !!

— Or, if you want, you can Break it for extra damage, especially if you can kill from it

— Just damage her down and repeat the process until she is dead

— TRUE END; unlocks 100% completion in History Room

— ( You can now proceed to the NG+ Optional Boss if you want )

— ( You can also Rape or Kill the Cheshire Cat in the Basement !!! )

— ( She disappears after you progress the story, so take advantage now ! )


— Set SEN to 100, equip Vorpal Sword, then head on up and fight the first Rabbit boss

— His attacks, as far as I know, are unavoidable, so don’t even bother with Evasion

— Immune to stat-debuffs, but Poison, Poison II, Bleed, Burn, and Stun all work

— When the fight starts, immediately SWITCH TO GUARDIAN BUNKER WEAPON

— Similar to Miranda, just “Attack” him down and stay healed up

— At half health, he starts actually doing damage; he can do like 45k in one turn

— If you are able to Break his yellow Aura buff, then do so

— Just keep at it, and the fight should be over quickly as long as you stay healed up

— Trade his Boss Soul for Heroic Vorpal Sword; you cannot upgrade this weapon, it seems

— Its Skill does Unavoidable attacks, and it has 15% “Instant Kill” chance; pretty cool


— Go left, then up, then right, then up; go up to the NPC and choose “ KILL “

— ( You *need* the first turn, or at least to survive; start with Stormruler to help )

— ( If it’s *really* not working, then equip Dodo’s Pledge / Covenant to help even more )

— As soon as you get a turn, cast Requiem ; recast it every time it shows “2” left

— She gets so many turns that Requiem is *always* available; she practically kills herself

— Very easy and surprisingly fast boss, just get that first turn and she’s dead

— You get WAND OF R’LYEH for this, which gives 30% Magic Evasion, and a good skill


— From Bonfire, go all the way up to the NPC ; “Kill” or “Rape” to start the fight

— You need to go first or survive a turn; use Stormruler to help

— Same as the Oyster; just use Requiem and recast Requiem when it has “2” left

— Her and her tentacles get so many turns that it’s always available to cast

— If you aren’t casting Requiem, cast Jabberwock skills; Dusk of Resentment doesn’t work

— Leave her tentacles up and don’t even attack them; we want their turns to count

— If she Dispels Requiem, then try again ; I think she only Dispels near the beginning

— For winning, you get a CELESTIAL RING; gives ATK +100%, MAT -100%, nice !


— The giant fish; you *can* kill it, but it’s very long and tedious

— You are just going to press “Attack” for a very long time

— He only has one attack that can hit you, and it does ~20k hp, so heal afterwards

— Eventually, he will start using Acrobatics, which gives him 70% phys and magic evade

— This is very annoying to deal with

— Best thing to do is to switch to WAND OF CREATION and use Ghostfire

— After using Ghostfire, you can try to Dispel but it will probably miss

— Because of that, it might be better just to switch back to Scythe and spam Attack

— Keep doing this, alternating to WAND when he casts Evasion / Acrobatics, then switch back

— Once he is low HP, he will cast Requiem; Dispel it or wait for it to run out

— If you just keep Attacking and healing, maybe switching to WAND, he will eventually die

— You can trade his Boss Soul for GOD FISH’S RING, which is not very good imo


— Making a Cameo from Black Souls 1, you can fight Miranda / Meryphilia here

— Fighting her once is required for an Optional Boss in Ending F / G

— The strategy for beating her 9 times is just… “Attack”, and stay healed up

— That’s it; there’s nothing fancy to it, it’s very long, and it’s very boring

— There is the very real possibility that you will run out of Herb Flasks or Blood Vials

— If this happens, just go back to the bonfire or the bear and refill / restock

— Beating her 9 times is very long and tedious, but you get Miranda’s Axe for it

— MIRANDA’S AXE never misses and ignores defense (or guard?), kinda like Stormruler


— Walk up, KILL the train conductor

— Double-item buff ATK + Madness + Gun Break ; this alone might kill him

— If he’s still alive, just use Iai ; it’s not that difficult

— You get his Scythe for killing him ; its special does 36k damage guaranteed


— You can go kill / rape best girl if you want to

— You don’t get anything, but it’s interesting ; she has a “dice” mechanic

— I’m not really sure what most of the dice do, but “4” quadruples everything

— There is a neat “effect” after you kill / rape, but you don’t actually get to do either

— Afterwards, you keep the pledge / covenant, but she’s gone for this playthrough


— Go to the NPC Pledge; make sure you have Kiss, Service, Love the NPC before

— Leave and re-enter after you Kiss, Service, Love if you haven’t already

— There should be a new NPC on the table if there wasn’t before

— You can Kiss / Love this NPC, and also receive some blood

— KILL the NPC if you want a Key Item Homeward Bone ( that we get in Ending G anyway )

— There is also an… “added effect” to the game for killing this NPC; I’ll let you find out

— Madness + Gun Break + Iai should kill


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