Alternate Existence Walkthrough & Guide

Alternate Existence Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Alternate Existence Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Episode 1: Humble Beginnings – Alternate Existence Walkthrough & Guide

1 Alley sex

1.a) Respect

1.b) Look

► watch a sex scene

2 Samara offers a kiss to cheer you up

2.a) Kiss

► Samara gives you a kiss

2.b) No kiss

3 Talking with Anne

3.a) Respect

► listen to Anne

3.b) Look

► daydream and get warned

4 Anne showering

4.a) Respect

► leave the bedroom with a glance

4.b) Look

► have a good look at Anne showering

5 Moaning from upstairs

5.a) Peek

► watch a threesome sex scene before going to bed

5.b) Don’t

Episode 2: Making Friends – Alternate Existence Walkthrough & Guide

6 Gabi’s cleavage

6.a) Don’t

► actually Gabi wanted you to check her out

6.b) Peek

► Gabi was happy that you checked her out. What a cougar!

7 Anne in the fitting room

7.a) Don’t

7.b) Peek

► have a look at Anne in the booth

8 Andrea or Tania

8.a) Beach

► start of Andi-path

8.b) Lake

► start of Tania-path

9 Greet Summer and her friend

9.a) Say hi

► meet Charmane and start of Charmane-path

9.b) Don’t

► chat with Asami, meet Honey and start of Honey-path

10 Visiting Honey

10.a) Stay

► have sex

10.b) Leave

11 Visiting Charmane

11.a) Stay

► have sex

11.b) Leave

Episode 3: Becoming Acquainted – Alternate Existence Walkthrough & Guide

12 Janitor’s closet (only after 99..aa)))

12.a) Stay

► have sex with Charmane

12.b) Leave

13 At the gym

13.a) Kiss

► kiss Andi

13.b) Don’t

14 Decide what to do next

14.a) Visit Honey

► have fun with Honey

14.b) Go to bed

15 Gabi’s invitation

15.a) Accept

► go to Gabi’s place and have sex. Start of Gabi-path

15.b) Don’t

► watch RedLolipop69. Start of Amber-path

Episode 4: Questions & Answers – Alternate Existence Walkthrough & Guide

16 At the gym, again

16.a) Kiss her

► show Andi some extra affection

16.b) Don’t

17 Meet Lorraine in the park

17.a) Accept

► Lorraine gives a special lesson. Start of Lorraine-path

17.b) Don’t

18 At the bus stop

18.a) Kiss her

► show some love to Tania

18.b) Don’t

Episode 5: Family & Friends – Alternate Existence Walkthrough & Guide

19 Pool or gym, that’s a dilemma…

19.a) Pool

► become closer with Summer at the pool

19.b) Gym

► help Anne to stretch at the gym

20 Meet Gigi Anel in her office

20.a) Accept

► the dean thinks you’ve been a naughty student. Start of Anel-path

20.b) Don’t

Episode 6: Emancipated

22 Summer wants to use your exercise machine.Summer wants to use your exercise machine.

22.a) Let her
► you decide this isn’t the place and the time to fight her
22.b) Say no
► you decide to finish your set

23 Houston, we have a major “problem”…Houston, we have a major “problem”…

23.a) Front
23.b) Back

24 The bully appeared out of nowhere but this time she’s too normalThe bully appeared out of nowhere but this time she’s too normal
24.a) Calm
► play along and see what she’s up to this time
24.b) Upset
► ask straight up why she’s bothering me with her thoughts
25 Do as she wants or play safe?Do as she wants or play safe?
25.a)25.a) InsideInside
25.b)25.b) StomachStomach
26 Which hole?Which hole?
26.a) Pussy
26.b) Anal
27 Should I hide the evidence or not?Should I hide the evidence or not?
27.a) Mouth
27.b) Body

Episode 7: Contemplate

28 Destination is?Destination is?
28.a) FaceFace
28.b) PussyPussy
292Spend some time with Sam or alone?Spend some time with Sam or alone?
29.a) Samara
► go to the beach with Samara
29.b) alone
► take some to time to yourself and meet Roselind at the beach

Episode 8: Gears in motion

30 Do I want more muscle mass or endurance?Do I want more muscle mass or endurance?
30.a) Pool
► spend quality time with Summer
30.b) Gym
► help Anne to train properly
31 Am I an alpha male?Am I an alpha male?
31.a) Stay
► let a dude watch
31.b) Away
► I like privacy
32 Where to deposit?Where to deposit?
32.a) stomach
32.b) pussy
33 Out or in?Out or in?
33.a) outsideoutside
33.b) insideinside
34 Finally nailing the blonde! Where to leave my stake?Finally nailing the blonde! Where to leave my stake?
34.a) stomach
34.b) pussy

Episode 9: Run to the hills

35 Anne or Uni?Anne or Uni?
35.a) Uni
35.b) Anne
► have a morning workout in the shower
36 A fleeting art piece or a protein breakfast for Anne after the workout?A fleeting art piece or a protein breakfast for Anne after the workout?
36.a) body
36.b) mouth
37 Maybe get closer to Amber’s mom…Maybe get closer to Amber’s mom…
37.a) stay
► get the pool steaming with Diana
37.b) Go
38 Which Diana’s hole to explore?Which Diana’s hole to explore?
38.a) pussy
38.b) anal
39 A lovely end for a night out with Dani…A lovely end for a night out with Dani…
39.a) face
39.b) pussy


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