A Goblin's Tale Walkthrough & Guide

A Goblin’s Tale Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to A Goblin’s Tale Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Tips – A Goblin’s Tale Walkthrough & Guide

-if you press and hold space the text will scroll quickly (it’s works also in combat)
-After that Linda get pregnant you can make money easily by cuming in a jar in the cave of the Linda’s house. You can cum in the jar 2 times by day (cum in the jar, go out of the cave and repeat)
one jar is worth 150 Golds
-In Optins you can enable “Always Dash”
-Quest Journal give you helpful hint for the game progression

early game – A Goblin’s Tale Walkthrough & Guide

talk to the armored woman (Linda) on the top right of the village
Quit the village to the right and kill 3 bats
Wait till the evening near to the fireplace
Go to the cave and go to sleep
Choose stay up
Go upstair and go to the daughters’ rooms for some sex scene
Go to the mom’s room for another sex scene
Now back to sleep
Go to breakfast
Kill 5 bats again
Return to the Linda’s house
After quiting the house go to the forest to the left of the village
Sleep to the camp fire
At the mornig found the cave to the top, explore it
Then wait to noon and go to the castle (to the top of the village)
If Linda see you she will kill you and it’s a game over
So spy her behind the pilliar
Repeat the same shit tommorow
Repeat again
Linda will see you and she will chase you, so run to the camp fire
She will collapse, then rape her in the cave
Go to sleep and rape her again
Go out of the cave and talk to Ciri, if you fight her, you’re dead so just flee and talk to Linda
Return to the Linda house

Linda – A Goblin’s Tale Walkthrough & Guide

For make Linda pregnant fuck her at night on his bed. You have a percentage of success and if it’s works you will be noticed.
My strat : fuck her 5-10 times in a row each night and if it’s not work reload your save and do it again.
2 days after her belly will grow. Go to the breakfast for a scene between the mother and the daughters.
buy a sexy outfit in the shop on the botom left of the village, it’s cost 70 Golds, put the outfit in the cabinet
go to the stool in the kitchen for a new sex scene wit the outfit, and go to the breakfast
aftre several days by doing this, the Laura boobs wil grow (be patient)
Don’t forget to fuck her at Afternoon when she’s pregnant to the left inside the house.
after 7 days(I guess :/ ) the belly will be bigger
after many days your children with LInda will born, you will be teleport to a wooden cabin on a tree. Return to the house
talk to Linda to the left, your daughter her name is Elizabeth and you can access to her room throught the box behind Linda.
After Linda give birth, you can fuck her in the bassement.
You can also fuck her at Afternoon to the left inside the house.

Elizabeth – A Goblin’s Tale Walkthrough & Guide

visit her and buy her some candy, you can buy candy at the outfit store it costs 40 golds
bring her candies
Go to the Laura’s room at afternoon, Elizabeth is with her.
For next sex scene with her developpe your relationship with Laura and Emely
talk to Elizabeth in her room, she’s an adult now. (if she’s not here, increase your relationship with other girls)
sleep with Laura, Elizabeth will suck your dick. ( you can sleep with Laura if your relationship is increase enough)
talk to her in her room.
Stay up at night and fuck her in her bed
And that’s all.

Laura – A Goblin’s Tale Walkthrough & Guide

stay up at Evening and go to her room for sex scene
Talk to Laura in front of the house afternoon
repeat this again and again, you will develop yoga scenes
do the same shit again
Soon you will can choose the yoga pose.
Now you must increase the cum addiction of Laura for go further (by jerking in the breakfast).
When you rich 10, go to the Laura’s room at evening.
go talk to Linda
you unlock new yoga scenes
go see her afternoon again and again.
At evening go to her room, she will suck you.
For next sex scene with her developpe your relationship with Emely
go to the breakfast, she will notice that Emely is not here.
Tomorow cum in his breakfast. And give her some extra milk.

Emely – A Goblin’s Tale Walkthrough & Guide

go to the right to the village where you kill bats at the noon
Spy her here
tomorow talk to her in her room at afternoon
go to the windmell go to the sparks and trigger the scene, talk to the old guy and beggin the quest
go to the bat cave. You can find it in the zone where you kill bats, kill the boss and talk to the windmell owner
now you can continue with Emely.
go to the right to the viilage where you kill bats at the Noon and spy Emely again.
(you unlock a new scene with Laura )
rape her every morning in the cave of the house (think to use some instrulent). Rape her until she get pregnant (you can fuck her many time at the morning).
tomorow her belly grow, go buy a new outfit for her.
At Evening you can fuck her near to library
You can go see her at Night.
Take the breakfast with girls for a scene.

Eva – A Goblin’s Tale Walkthrough & Guide

talk to her in front of his house and find his fucking cat in the village.
At night go in her house throught the left window. Rape her.
Do it again other nights and try all choises.
Personaly I was obliged to do the “egg quest” for unlock the rest of Eva sex scene, so talk to this chiken:
refuse to figh the chicken, or she will destroy you. Find her egg in the tree with the hole in the village
In 6.1, I was obliged to do some other quest with other girls for unlock the rest of Eva story.

At noon go to her stand, talk to her and then cum to her apples
do it again nest day
At evening check her house. (You will see sparkles at the left of her house)
Now you must find a tool for pierce a hole in her house, talk to the outfit merchant.
The merchant give you a quest, find the talking tree in the bats zone.
The tree is in fire, go to the sparkles near on the water and return to the tree.
Return to the merchant, get the tool, pierce the hole and trigger the sex scene.
Tomorrow at eveening do it again and again until a new scene
buy a new outfit for her
Go in her house at Evening for a new sex scene

Female Bandit – A Goblin’s Tale Walkthrough & Guide

She is in the map where you find the cave.
and engage the fight
use your special cumspalsh on her (unlock at lv 3)

Maid – A Goblin’s Tale Walkthrough & Guide

go to the mayor’s house at noon, talk to the maid in the kitchen
return at night and find the contract (throught the water well, you must do the egg quest)
go to her house and impregnate her
return to see her at night she will be pregnant
tomorow go to the mayor house at Afternoon
look how she’s doing in the evening (at her house)
do it again and again for unlock new scenes

Ciri and Triss – A Goblin’s Tale Walkthrough & Guide

Go to the map to the bottom of the bat zone, guards will let you enter to the goblin’s village if you’re lv 3
Talk to the ancient goblin.
Go to the zone to the bottom of the village go to the South again. go to the hole for go in the witch’s tower.

trigger the scene and you will be the prisoner of the witch.
For escape trigger the wooden box
and break the wall.
At noon go where you find the cave and trigger the sex scene
spy Ciri
next do the same thing, then trigger sparkles
Talk to Linda at Afternoon for make a new room for your futur pet Ciri
At Noon go to see Ciri again
You can enter in Ciri’s room by walk throught the canvas near the bed where you sleep
At the morning you can feed her.
Do it again and again
You can train her throat
then you can fuck her

Mayor’s daughter, Helena – A Goblin’s Tale Walkthrough & Guide

You can sneak into her room At night and jerk off in her.
Talk to her at Noon on her bed
At Evening talk to hetr on the bench near to mayor house
Talk to Linda i your house at Evening
At Evening in front of your house, trigger the scene
Do it again and again and again

The queen – A Goblin’s Tale Walkthrough & Guide

Now you can enter in the castle at Noon
Talk to the queen
Find another entrance ti the castle. On left, check the vines under the window
At Evening go here again and enter in the princess’ room
Seach the book about goblins
END of this version.

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