Goblin Burrow Walkthrough & Guide

Goblin Burrow Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Goblin Burrow Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

INTRODUCTION – Goblin Burrow Walkthrough & Guide

This is the walkthrough/guide to goblin burrow, take note that since goblin that we breed are random, so our result might not be same, however since we’re going for ending 2 (80 days pass without meeting other requirement), we actually have a lot of extra time to mess around,

I didn’t play this DLC at all before, and I heard that magic was greatly nerf, but still I will try it.

without further ado, here we go.


Tutorial, just follow along, pressing the “F” button can skip dialog.


`Anvil breed with gen 1 goblin,

`Set trap with 1 Chicken Egg for days 5 invade,

`Go Forest Road to do some looting, save before doing this, since sometimes you get an error during battle, so save often.(afterward I discover that you won’t bugged when looting for 1st time, so as long you don’t loot twice in a battle it will be fine)


`[Village] is available.

`Nothing to do really, so just go fight Jada at the Village, 4 Goblin is enough.

`[Jada fight] Focus on bringing down the Vigilante first,
If your front row Goblin left with 1 or 2 pack unit, then stop attacking with it and do some looting instead, the reason with this is, if you attack, the pack unit will get wipe out in the counter attack, then the main attack of the enemy can kill your Goblin leader, so leave your pack unit alive to block another attack to let your backrow have time to deal more damage.

This fight shouldn’t be much of the trouble.

`Cutscene about Sophie, hmm didn’t see this before, before DLC it was Chloe the thief girl.


`Sophie give born to gen 2 goblin, I didn’t get any special goblin, so I just mark one random goblin, give it food (fruit wine x2,Dokan x1), also give Jada some command food (CMD) to increase her SAN value, food that give command is useless since it doesn’t help the next generation.

`Sophie breed with gen 1 goblin, let Anvil rest because we want her to breed with the gen 2 goblin next day.

`Since we only have Goblin, continue looting at Forest Road, remember to refill your dead goblin at the armory.

`Seem like pillage can trigger the bug easily, well that’s too bad, either went on without it or just save often.


`Sophie cutscene, [Woods] is available.

`Anvil breed with the gen 2 goblin that you mark with food last round, we’ll keep doing this forever.

`Since I don’t have special goblin, I’m gonna keep farming Forest Road for now, also I found out the first pillage usually won’t crash the game, usually the second pillage.

`Enemy enter the burrow, one Vigilante, easy, always make sure to let the heal trap heal you so you loss minimum goblin.


`Jada breed with the gen 2 goblin that we marked.

`Set a Shiroishi trap + Chicken Egg for Day 7 enemy.

`Loot at Forest Road.


`Ilari cutscene

`Anvil give born to gen 3 goblin, sadly, no special goblin, keep doing the feeding though, didn’t have any magic item so feed it with (Salad x 1, Wild Boar x2 ), I also give Anvil 1 Human Flesh for that -10 SAN to let her get into nasty state faster, someone said girl in nasty state give more stats bonus, but I’m not sure, but it doesn’t hurt to try.

`Oh before I go outside to loot, Jada actually give born to a Lord (name Goblin Road, which is weird), should be able to deal with Sophie easily now.

`[Sophie fight] Should be very easy as long your team doesn’t consist of 4 basic goblin and Shaman that only know healing.
The front row focus on Sophie(as long you’re not champion), the back row focus on enemy frontline.

`Ilari come in to fight, 4 basic goblin can easily deal with her.


`Anvil breed with gen 3 goblin.

`Sophie breed with the gen 2 goblin lord because I wanna see what her skill does.

`Now onto the looting at the Village, to save some goblin, I put goblin lord at front without pack unit (example choosing shaman as pack unit without having any shaman available ), those Vigilante can’t really kill Goblin Lord, you can do this with Paladin too, not sure about Champion and Hob.

`The reason to go Village instead of Woods is because to unlock the next map, you need to clear Village once normally.


`Chloe cutscene, [Mountain Path] unlocked.

`Jada breed with gen 3 goblin.

`Ilari breed with gen 2 goblin lord.

`I can do Mountain Path with Goblin Lord, but usually I won’t have Goblin Lord, so I wait until I got my usual Shaman with Secret of Wood before I proceed, so as for now, looting in Woods.


`Fourth generation…*sigh* still no special goblin, whatever take one gen 4 goblin and do the same, this time give food with total of +10 Magical, continue feeding Jada some food but not other two, I want them dead at 0 SAN.
`As for the reason for killing Sophie and Ilari, it’s not because I want to use the stats boost item I can get from killing them for stats, but rather use them to have a better time getting ending during 2nd playthrough (easier to get girl into nasty state), so if you don’t want to kill them it’s okay, it’s just that you might need to play longer to get all ending.

`It’s turn 10, set trap with 1 Shiroishi +1 Chicken Egg.

`Continue farming at the Woods.


`Anvil with gen 4 goblin

`Jada with gen 3 goblin, it might be late to said this now, the reason to not let Jada breed with gen 4 goblin is so that I won’t get confuse and get it wrong when they both give born to gen 5 goblin, I want to lead gen goblin only have Anvil genetic in it, so it always only have Healing Track skill, this will continue until I acquire the best spell in this game.

`Looting in Woods.


`I never check any newborn unit except for the one Anvil Breed, so it turn out I have a Champion and HobGoblin in my party now.

`Sophie with gen 3 hob.

`Ilari with gen 4 champion.

`Well this team is strong enough for Mountain Path, sadly still don’t have my Shaman, but I think it’s time to take them down.

`[Chloe fight] she mostly spent her first 3 turn doing useless attack buff that only benefit one merchant leader since the other 2 are out of range, so kill the merchant leader at the front first, she does counter attack to range so don’t try to hit her with normal attack, unless you’re champion or paladin.

Use secret of the wood to kill Merchant leader pack unit, they are useless without it.

I defeat Chloe with Champion alone, Lord and Hob with secret of wood deal with other 3 merchant leader easily.


`Anvil still refuse to give me good goblin, good thing Jada have her covered, keep on feeding the gen 5 goblin(Magical +6 Defense+4), give Anvil 1 more Human Flesh to let her goes into nasty state.

`Jada with gen 3 hob, was trying to get more hob on the board at this point.

`Farm at Mountain pack, with 0 pack unit with Champion and Lord at the front, always remember to kill off merchant pack unit first, the main unit won’t deal much damage as long the pack unit are gone.

`Simona cutscene.


`Anvil with gen 5 goblin, there should be chain on her now (nasty state)

`Chloe with gen 4 hob, basically at this point, a work flow can be seen, Anvil creating newer generation that is strong in magic, Jada give those generation her secret of wood skill, and other girl just try to breed more hob/shaman that has Jada skill.


`Simona cutscene, [Woods 2.5 star] unlocked.

`It’s Day 15, time for trap, 1 Shiroishi + 1 Sheep meat, and 4 goblin can do the job

`Jada with gen 5 goblin.

`Without Shaman it’s hard to deal with Simona, so continue the farming at Mountain.

DAY 16

`Now behold, our Shaman has finally come !

`Continue do the feeding thingy. (HP+5 Magical+4 ATK+6)

`Sophie with gen 4 hob because I still didn’t get a goblin with her skill.

`Farming at Mountain Path.

DAY 17

`Anvil with gen 6 Shaman.

`Chloe with gen 4 Hob, saving Jada to breed with Shaman tomorrow.

`Oh make sure your battle unit doesn’t select Shaman as pack unit (but since you marked the unit it won’t be used so it’s fine), Continue farming at mountain.

DAY 18

`Jada with gen 6 Shaman.

`Ilari with gen 6 Hob.

`We’re now just waiting for Shaman with Secret of the Wood, so continue farming at mountain.

DAY 19

`Hmm Anvil didn’t continue to make Shaman, but it’s okay all that important now is that we have a Shaman that can breed with Jada, Anvil continue to do her thing, and we still have Hob.

`Gen 7 Hob (Attack + 12), feed the girl some food, I want them die but not this fast, at least until we have enough girl to keep the breeding rotation going on, between every feeding section those who keep breeding will lose about 5 SAN, so just keep them above that, and of course when feeding, always feed food that give command.

`Chloe with gen 6 Hob.

`Continue to farm at mountain, also I got new Paladin and Champion, I put them on the defense.

DAY 20

`Anvil with gen 7 Hob.

`Jada with gen 6 Shaman

`Set trap with 1 Shiroishi and 1 Sheep meat.

DAY 21

`Cutscene with Sayuki, she attack at the end of this day, should be easy with some special goblin you have, make sure to replace them with newest generation.

`Chloe with gen 6 Hob, I didn’t let her breed with gen 7 Hob because those hob don’t have secret of wood skill.

`Set trap with 1 Sheep meat and 2 Belladonna Flower.

`Running out of Shiroishi so I go farm Village a bit, usually by this point I can get better trap but my Shaman come too late.

`[Sayuki fight] not really a problem with Paladin and Champion at front healing back to full each turn.

`Well Ilari can died now, the better girl always breed more goblin so there is no reason to keep Ilari unless you want the ending that include her, but I’m not doing that now, but also, no reason to kill her now, can always kill her later since all we want is the skull for 2nd playthrough.

DAY 22

`We finally have it (next turn that’s it).

`Anvil make gen 8 Hob, well continue feeding it (HP+7 Magic +9).

`Sayuki with gen 7 Hob.

`Last farming at the Mountain.

DAY 23

`Anvil with gen 8 Hob.

`Sophie with gen 7 Shaman.

`Time to fight Simona, look at my glorious team.

All with Secret of Woods and Healing Track.

`[Simona fight] all 3 Hob blast the merchant leader packunit away, and Shaman focus on hitting Simona, heal himself if hit by Simona, retreat on the same turn where Shaman run out of mana.

First fight is pretty good, should be able to win at next combat. (RIP that one HobGoblin)

DAY 24

`Sayuki with gen 7 Shaman.

`Chloe with another gen 7 Shaman.

`Champion and Paladin on the front, 2nd round of Simona.

`Champion can deal a lot of damage to Simona once her pack unit run out, and Paladin can single-handedly tank the Merchant leader, yep, easy fight.

DAY 25

`Set trap, 2 Crossbow and 1 Sheep meat, you should have crossbow from Simona map, if not, 2 Shiroishi.

`Well Anvil back to breeding Goblin, oh well, feed that gen 9 goblin (Magic +4 Defense +10).

`Simona will replace Jada at this point… and somehow her skill name change to Wind Dumpling? I can’t even remember her skill name before, was it Wind Cutter ?

`Well we have one action left, and unlocking new map come first, so go do Woods 2.5 star, if you have multiple Shaman, even just one, have it become pack unit for your Shaman, so that your Shaman can wipe off those 50 pack unit in one secret of wood.

`Now for a little tips about using trap like crossbow which trigger for multiple turn, if the trap can wipe off your enemy next turn, then just pass and let your goblin heal up.

DAY 26

`Vivian cutscene, the best girl that make magic build broken before DLC, not sure about it now lol. [Animal trail] unlocked.

`Anvil with gen 9 Goblin.

`Simona with gen 8 Hob.

`Time for Vivian 1st round, since I have a lot of Hob(15) laying around, I let my Hob pack with Hob, and since Hob have low command value, I won’t lose much Hob even when they died, now with my experience, with enough magic power, you can defeat Vivian herself on round 1, make your life easier when you come back later, so pack all unit with each other to maximize the damage output.

Shaman at third so the Hob at last can decide when to retreat.

`[Vivian fight] focus down Vivian at all cost or she’ll wipe all your pack unit, you will suffer casualty, but it’s worth it.

Oof that’s harsh that she left with 1 hp, now I need to commit the last attack instead of retreat and comeback later.

Welp two Hob dies, but it’s okay they are easy to replace, Shaman remain unharm.

DAY 27

`Sayuki with gen 8 Shaman.

`Jada with gen 7 Shaman.

`Back to Animal Trails, Vivian will come back with 0 pack unit and 1 HP, so anything can defeat her in one hit.

`Easy peasy.

DAY 28

`Anvil back to breeding Shaman now, feed it some food, oh before feeding let me report a bit of my Shaman/Hob progression, my Shaman has 65 Magic and Hob has 33, okay back to feeding (Magic +3 , Defense + 12)

`Vivian with gen 8 Hob that only have Healing Track, to make sure the new generation get her skill.

`Farm at Woods 2.5 with Paladin/Champion that has no pack unit, do not farm at Animal Trails as they have ranged attack.

DAY 29

`Anvil with gen 10 Shaman.

`Simona with gen 9 Hob.

`The goal for now is to get Shaman and Hob with anger of tree ability, before that, just keep farming Woods 2.5.

DAY 30

`Vivian with gen 10 Shaman.

`Set trap, 2 crossbow and 1 large beef meat.

`Woods 2.5

DAY 31

`Feed Gen 11 Shaman (Magic + 12)

`Simona with gen 10 Shaman.

`Woods 2.5, today I get my first Hob with Anger, let see how it does now…wew 0.5x, pretty bad now, but still manageable.

`With that being said, let’s skip the day where I basically just do normal breeding.

DAY 34

`Anvil give birth to Gen 12 Shaman, feeding (Magical + 12)

DAY 35

`Hibiki appear

`Set Trap 2 Crossbow and 1 Beef Meat, you should have easy time beating her.

DAY 37

`Anvil give birth to Gen 13 Hob, feeding (Magical + 16)

DAY 40

`Automatically trigger Diana cutscene, this one can trigger manually by complete Animal trails normally once after you captured Vivian.

`Anvil Gen 14 Shaman, feeding (Magical + 12)

`Set trap 2 crossbow 1 beef meat.

DAY 41

`[ Animal Trail 3.5 ] unlocked, I’m still having bad luck breeding Hob with Anger of Tree, like Vivian just refuse to create Hob when breed with Hob, and others girl just keep making generic goblin.

DAY 43

`Anvil make Gen 15 Shaman, feeding (Magical + 12)

DAY 45

`Set trap 2 crossbow 1 beef meat.

DAY 46

`Anvil make Gen 16 Shaman, feeding (Magical + 18)

DAY 48

`Iris cutscene.

`And finally today, I got my team complete.

`Gosh it take 48 days !? to make this team, usually I done by day 30+ or something, the late hob/shaman and Vivian refuse to cooperate play a big part here.

`Now onto the Diana fight ! at Animal Trail 3.5

`Since Anger of Tree People been nerf now, so what you do ?

`Well…you do THIS !

Hob has really low command stats, as long it’s not 0 command, Hob will benefit greatly from this, this also mean even the pack shaman get killed, it’s only a few amount, however you don’t really lose much if you can just finish them off quickly.

Are you ready for this Diana ?

Kaboom and Poof and you’re gone, zero casualty.

DAY 49

`Iris cut scene [Street] unlocked.

`Melanie cut scene, she attack today.

`Set trap 2 Kerosene and 1 Beef Meat

`Gen 17 Shaman was born, feeding (Magical + 10, Defense +8)

`Now go Street and fight Iris, Iris has really high magic defend, so put Shaman to act first.

`Should be like this after the first magic barrage, the final Hob can bring her down to 32, she will then healed up, we lack the damage to finish her off, so retreat next turn and come back tomorrow.

`Alright she choose to attack me when I was retreating, so don’t need to change formation, move Shaman to 2nd or 3rd unit in case her pack unit refund a bit.

`Melanie should be easy with all the trap and only 2 attack each turn from her team.

DAY 50

`I always tend to forget that there is an invasion today, but not when I’m writing this guide, so put your trap up, 2 damage 1 healing.

`Go deal with Iris and bombard her with your magic.

DAY 52

`Cutscene about Olivia since I do Street yesterday.

`Gen 18 Shaman, feeding (HP + 9, ATK +9, DEF +10) run out of magic item *sad noise*

`Because I’ve been saving goblin since early on, I have 400+ Goblin now, so I do the battle training which kill 200+ of my goblin and raise 2 magic stats (this action take out all action of the day so do it on last action)

DAY 53

` Oliva cutscene [Fort] unlocked.

`Attack the Fort .

`[Olivia fight] use the same layout that you fight with Iris, but replace the last Hob with a Hob that use single target magic spell.






.Image below.


`Remember to fight at Fort again tomorrow to unlock cut scene for next area.

DAY 55

`Gen 19 Shaman (Magic+8 Defense+16)

`Trap 2 damage 1 food.

`Fort battle.

DAY 56

`Rikka scene [City Gate] unlocked.

`Charge into City Gate with formation of Shaman, Hob with single target spell, 2 Hob with Anger of Tree, of course, all pack with Shaman.

`Shaman clear out all pack unit except Rikka, Hob clear Rikka pack unit with single target spell, remaining Hob clean out mob with Anger.
`Then Rikka attack, but fear not, one good thing with focusing on Magic stats is that you take almost no Magic damage, still take some, but small amount.

`Blast Rikka 2 more time with Shaman and this is the result.

`We lost a lot of Shaman, can’t help it, but it was all worth to bring Rikka into our breeding zone, where we can finally get the strongest area spell in the game (or not, because that was before DLC, maybe there is a new stronger spell now)

DAY 57

`Now, our leading generation has stay clean until now.

`It’s time to grant him the second skill, Rikka’s Ice Prison, too bad our Anvil is currently breeding the 20th generation, so we wait for that, Rikka can have a rest in the mean time.

`This mean that starting from 21st generation, all goblin will born with healing track + ice prison, and then all we have to do is keep breeding them with skill-less heroine like Melaine and Diana.

`Day 63 is on the way, I’m not sure if I’m prepared to fight Zoe now, we’ll see how it goes.

`Also I got a Lord, which has greater magic stats than Hob and can use magic 2 times, so I will be using him, the downside is that he has so much command stats that he will bring all Shaman I have into the battle, I will be careful about that.

`Keep doing battle on latest map to unlock next area.

DAY 58

`Patrizia cutscene

`Gen 20 Shaman was born (Magic + 24)

DAY 59

`Patrizia cutscene, [Forest Temple] unlocked, I don’t think I will have enough damage for them, will challenge them after my team has been replaced with stronger area magic.

`Rikka Donna with Gen 20 Shaman.

`Keep doing City Gate in the meanwhile for that possible +10 Magic Drug.

DAY 60

`Set trap 2 damage trap (result in 30 damage total) and 1 heal

DAY 61

`No Shaman for some reason but we got ourself a Hob. (Magic+20 Defense+10)

.`Now that the Rikka genetic is already in it, let Anvil continue her job, meanwhile have Rikka to breed non-stop with other goblin.

`I want to speed out the speed I get these goblin, so I have other skill-less heroine breed with gen 21 goblin, when they are born just check the one whose magic is higher and that will be the Anvil one, even if you get it wrong it’s okay, since the skill set were not corrupted.

DAY 63

`Oh boy it’s Zoe, usually I’m confidence enough to deal with her, but this time I don’t even have Shaman with Ice Prison (I get them, but on next day).

`Anyway, set trap, 2 highest damage trap you have, and 1 highest healing trap, invincibility is only good if you have the damage you need.

`Put your best team on defense just for today, actually is easy to deal with as long the golem and Zoe don’t hit the same target.

`Erm…so I was putting out Shaman, Lord and 2 Hob with Ice Prison to defend against Zoe, turn out I forget to press that accept button so I went in with weak team, but then I still win thanks to the almighty trap, so yeah I think I was just overthinking about the power of Zoe.

DAY 64

`Gen 22 Shaman is born (HP+21 , Magic+10)

`Alright 16 day left till the end, better start killing the girl with low SAN.

`Damn Ice Prison only 0.7x now? That’s sad… , still, it’s about 40% increase compare from Anger.

DAY 65

`Set Trap 2 damage 1 heal.

`Let’s go to bring the Elf Queen down.

`What nice now is that the Goblin that eat food can actually participate in the battle now, don’t worry about it dying since if the Goblin can fight, it mean that you can already mate it with Anvil and have the next generation in her belly.

`I go with Lord , Hob, Shaman , Hob, all with Ice Prison and Shaman pack unit.


`Welp that was easy, zero casualty.

`Keep doing this map later to unlock new area.

DAY 67

`Wew, after we bring down the Elf Queen, and now we have Dark Elf Queen Zara, character from DLC, which I had never fought before.

`Gen 23 Shaman was born (HP+9, Magic + 10, Defense +10)









DAY 68

`Cutscene of Zara, [Animal Trail 6.0] unlocked.

`Now let’s go try out Zara

`So erm she does this buff thing which significantly increase the defense of the ally, and it’s really significant ! my Shaman previous hit her for 140+ , after the buff it’s only 40+, and she start with 200HP and 200 pack unit.

`But it’s too bad we go first… before she does the buff thingy all her troop and ally already been bombard hard by our Ice Prison Force…

`All we need to do know is keep defend until she run out of MP and defeat her with Shaman.

`Or if you don’t mind about wasting time, retreat and comeback tomorrow and blast her to the ground before she even has the chance to cast the buff.

`I remember having one more DLC character, so keep attacking this place afterward.

DAY 70

`Introduction of Giovanna, the Holy Knight, which probably my last enemy.

`Gen 24 Shaman is born (Defense + 30)

`Set Trap 2 damage 1 healing.

`And so erm….

`I was Shocked

`There is a cut scene of Giovanna

`It was then I realize…


`I thought she will be in a new area !! since I trigger the cutscene right after doing a normal clear on Animal Trail 6.0 (which is also the start of turn 70)

`And since turn 70 is a multiple of 5 so I thought it was normal enemy

`Yeah turn 70 is a multiple of 7 too so it make sense, but usually Heroine come every 14 day, so it should be on day 77 !!

`Well whatever I think I’m fucked, since my defense aren’t my strongest team.

`Trap is OP, what else can I said?

DAY 71

`With that…can I say I pretty much already beat the game?

`Sure there is Day 75 enemy and Day 80…they don’t really put out much of a threat though…especially since you had your OP TRAP, well we’ll keep going on just for a little bit.

`And…Zara give defense buff to all ally, Giovanna give huge attack buff to herself…that mean, Rikka’s Ice Prison is indeed, the strongest area magic in this game.

`There is pretty much nothing else to do now, put your strongest team in defense, and keep breeding new generation.

`Oh, I had 400+ goblin, time for another training, always do magic training.

DAY 73

`Gen 25 Shaman is born (Magic+10 Attack+18)

DAY 75

`Set trap 2 damage 1 heal.

DAY 76

`Gen 26 Shaman is born (Magic+6 HP+18)


`Gen 27(Final Generation) of Shaman is born (HP+27)

DAY 80

`The Last day, gonna end this with a cheesy strat.

`Put Shaman alone for the defense, use trap 1 invincibility + 2 damage.


`Nest Destroyed (END 2)


`The objective is to see all the ending, the ending will happen as long the require girl enter nasty state (where she will have chain around her).

`Girl will enter nasty state after a certain loss of SAN (reaching 0 SAN will just died though) , giving food to increase SAN will not affect the nasty progression.

`Mating,Pregnant and Giving Birth all -1 SAN.

`Go ahead and start straight on 5 Star difficulty, with the Magic Goblin we breed it is not a problem.

`Now, let me list out every heroine and requirement amount of loss SAN to enter nasty state.

Anvil : 25

Ilari : 25

Jada : 25

Sophie : 25

Chloe : 30

Sayuki : 30

Simona : 55

Hibiki: 30

Vivian : 30

Diana : 35

Iris : 35

Melanie : 65

Zoe : 40

Olivia : 40

Rikka Donna : 40 (She doesn’t have chain show up when mating, but has one when giving birth)

Patrizia: 90

Giovanna: 50

Zara : 50


`You don’t need to wait 80 days for the ending to happen, it happen at the end of the turn when the requirement has been met.

END 1 : Lost to enemy invasion.

END 2 : 80 days pass.

END 3 : Sayuki and Hibiki reach nasty before you catch Diana.

END 4: Anvil, Ilari, Jada, Chloe, Vivian, Diana, Iris, Zoe, Olivia and Rikka Donna reach nasty.

END 5: Simona and Patrizia reach nasty.

END 6: Sophie, Iris and Zoe reach nasty.

END 7: Patrizia, Gionvanna and Zara reach nasty.

// End of this Guide //

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