Bare Witness Walkthrough & Guide

Bare Witness Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Bare Witness Walkthrough & Guide, best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Intro – Bare Witness Walkthrough & Guide

Important choices and their consequences will be highlighted. All the flags in the game will be marked as [Flag]. Some flags are purely cosmetic or result in minor changes in dialogue, while some have consequences in the story. Some flags have no effect in the current version but may become relevant in the future so choose wisely. Gallery scenes will be marked as [Gallery Scene X].

Chapter 1 – Bare Witness Walkthrough & Guide

Meeting Zenda

1a. Join her

+1 Zenda Love [Zenda Phone Number] [Zenda Train]

Don’t join her


1b. Compliment her



+1 Zenda Love

Meeting Mora

2a. Ask for her number

+1 Mora Love [Mora Phone Number]

Say goodnight


Meeting Athena

3a. Shake her hand

+1 Athena Love

Hug her


Odd Noises at Night

4a. Investigate

+1 Heidi Love [Heidi Peek] [Gallery Scene 1]

Not my business


Next Morning

If [Heidi Peek]:

5a. Yes

+1 Heidi Love



Heidi to Go Dancing

6a. Sure

+1 Heidi Love [Heidi Dance]

No thanks


Telling Valeria Your Hobby

7a. Reading

[Val Read] (Possible +1 Mora Love later in the story)

Video Games

[Val Video Games] (+1 Athena later)


[Val Exercising] (+1 Heidi Point later)

Val’s Indecent Proposal

8a. No

Nothing (You can still get on Val’s path later)


+1 Val Love [Val Path] [Bar Sex] [Gallery Scene 2]

Embarrassed Athena

9a. Ask about the game

+1 Athena Love

Don’t ask


Hanging out with Heidi or Athena

10a. Head to my room

[Solo Room]

Visit Athena

+1 Athena Love [Athena Hang]

Visit Heidi

+1 Heidi Love [Heidi Hang]

If [Athena Hang] then:

10b. I’m not


I am

+1 Heidi Love

Actually, I’m more interested in you

+1 Athena Love

Both of you

+1 Heidi Love +1 Athena Love [Heidi/Athena Path] If [Heidi Hang] then:

10c. Kiss Her

+2 Heidi Love [Gallery Scene 3]

Say Goodnight


If you kissed Heidi then:

10d. I like her too

+1 Heidi Love +1 Athena Love [Heidi/Athena Path]

I understand


Note: Heidi’s route is better for total points. Athena’s only gives you +2 Athena +1 Heidi, while Heidi’s gives you +1 Athena and +4 Heidi. Heidi’s route also has more extensive and interesting dialogue about Heidi’s background.

Mora offers Coffee Date or Meeting Zenda

11a. No, thank you

Nothing (You will meet Zenda instead)


+1 Mora Love [Mora Coffee]

Note: Zenda will still offer to take you on the date later in the story even if you have coffee with Mora, so Mora is generally the better choice

If you didn’t get [Mora Coffee] then:

11b. I’ll do it

+1 Zenda Love [Zenda Dinner] [Zenda Path]

I’ll pass

[Zenda Reject Date]

Chapter 2 – Bare Witness Walkthrough & Guide

Meeting Val Again

12a. If you’re not on [Val Path] then:

Let her down


Accept her offer

+1 Val Love [Val Path]

Note: Last chance to get on Val’s path.

Mora Wants to Hang Out

13a. I’m not going to have much free time


I’d love to hang out

+1 Mora Love [Mora Hangout]

13b. If [Mora Hangout] then:

I’ll give it a shot

+1 Mora Love [Mora DnD]

That doesn’t sound like fun


Discussing Heidi’s and Athena’s Sex Life

14a. Sure thing


Probably not going to happen

+1 Heidi Love +1 Athena Love

Reflecting on Sadie

15a. I’m glad she’s here

[Happy Sadie]

This could go badly


Athena Boobies

16a. Take her up on it

Nothing (except maximum boobage)


+1 Athena Love

Zenda Asks on Date

If you met Zenda on the train and had coffee with Mora, Zenda will call you:

17a. I’ll do it

+1 Zenda Love [Zenda Dinner] [Zenda Path]

I’ll pass

[Zenda Reject Date] (End Zenda Path)

Athena Offers a Lift & Game

18a. I’ll pass



+2 Athena Love

18b. I can’t


Let’s do it

+1 Athena Love [Athena Video Game]

If [Val Video Game] then +1 Athena Love

Running with Sadie

19a. I really can’t



+1 Sadie Love [Sadie Workout]

If [Sadie Workout] then:

19b. Tease her


Let it slide

+1 Sadie Love

Heidi Offers Dancing Again

If you don’t have [Heidi Dance], last chance to accept

20a. Sure

+1 Heidi Love [Heidi Dance]

I’ll pass


If [Heidi Dance] then:

If [Val Exercising] gain +1 Heidi Love

20b. Kiss her

+1 Heidi Love [Heidi Path]

Don’t kiss her


If you kissed Heidi and Heidi Love is 6 or higher, then [Heidi Sex] [Gallery Scene 4] and:

20c. Cum inside

[Heidi Inside] (Potentially gain an extra point later in the story)

Pull out


Date with Zenda or Move Night with Heidi and Athena

Note: this is the first critical choice of the story. Going on the date with Zenda will lock you out of the Heidi/Athena/Mora (quadrouple) path. Staying with Heidi and Athena will lock your out of the Zenda path. It is still technically possible to remain on the Zenda, Heidi/Athena (solo or throuple), and Mora paths all separately, but you will be forced to pick in Chapter 4.

If [Zenda Dinner] then:

21a. Cancel date with Zenda

+1 Heidi Love +1 Athena Love (End Zenda Path)

Don’t cancel date

(Go to Date with Zenda)

Movie Night with Heidi and Athena

If Heidi Love is 7 or more and Athena Love is less than 7:

22a. I do

+1 Heidi Love

It isn’t just her I like

+1 Heidi Love +1 Athena Love

If Athena Love is 7 or more and Heidi Love is less than 7:

23b. She deserves it

+1 Athena Love

I can be sweet for both of you

+1 Heidi Love +1 Athena Love

If both Heidi and Athena Love is less than 7:

24b. Can I

+1 Heidi Love +1 Athena Love



Mora Brings Pizza

25a. Say Goodnight


Invite her in

+1 Mora Love

If Heidi and Athena Love is 8 or higher and Mora Love is 4 or higher then [HAMSandwich], start of

Heidi/Athena/Mora quadruple path

Heidi and Athena Sex

If Heidi and Athena Love are 7 or higher and you invited Mora in, you will fool around with Heidi and Athena and can watch them have sex:

26a. Keep going

[Heidi/Athena Official] [Gallery Scene 6]

Stop them

[End Heidi/Athena Path]

If Heidi and Athena Love are less than 7 or you didn’t invite in Mora: 26c. Go watch

+1 Heidi Love +1 Athena Love

Go to bed


If you watched:

26d. Whip it out

1 Heidi Love +1 Athena Love [Gallery Scene 7] Note: [Gallery Scene 7] will only unlock on the less than 7 route.

Date with Zenda

27a. Leave

[End Zenda Path]

Wait for her to finish

[Zenda Date Kiss] [Zenda Wait]

Cut in

+1 Zenda Love [Zenda Cut In] [Zenda Bar Sex] [Gallery Scene 5]

Sex with Val

If you’re on [Val Path], [Gallery Scene 8] and:

28a. Cum Inside

+1 Val Love [Val Inside Couch]

Pull out


Sadie Wants to Hang Out

29a. No



+1 Sadie Love

If you hung out with Sadie:

29b. Absolutely

+1 Sadie Love

I can’t commit to that


DnD with Mora

If [Mora Hangout]:

30a. Kiss her cheek

+1 Mora Love

Just say hi


30b. Hold her hand

+1 Mora Love [Mora Hold Hand]



30c. Don’t kiss Mora


Kiss her

+1 Mora Love [Mora Path] [Gallery Scene 9]

Chapter 3 – Bare Witness Walkthrough & Guide

At the start of chapter 3 there will be a montage showing which paths you are on: Heidi, Athena, Heidi/Athena, Mora, Heidi/Athena/Mora, Zenda, Val and/or Sadie.

Workout at the Gym

If [Sadie Workout] then:

31a. Sure

+1 Sadie Love [Sadie Help]

No thanks


If [Zenda Path] then:

31b. I can’t

[Zenda No Gym Sex]

Let’s do that

+1 Zenda Love -1 Heidi Love [Zenda Gym Sex] [Gallery

Scene 10]

If [Zenda Gym Sex] then:

31c. Cum Inside

+1 Zenda Love [Zenda Gym Inside]



Heidi invites you to the Bar

31a. Nah



+1 Heidi Love +1 Athena Love [Bar Trip]

Hangout with Mora

If [Mora Path] then:

32a. No



+1 Mora Love [Mora Drive Hang] [Gallery Scene 11]

Bar with Heidi and Athena

If [Bar Trip] then:

33a. Sure

+1 Heidi Love [Halloween Party]

No thanks


33b. Get involved

+1 Heidi Love +1 Athena Love [Bar Knockout]

Let Athena handle it

[Athena Handle]

Athena Injured

If [Heidi/Athena Path] or Athena Love is 11 or higher, [Athena Carry] 34a. Head to your room

[Athena Leave]

Stay with her

+1 Athena Love [Athena Stay]

If Athena Love 8 or higher, [Athena Path]

Sadie’s Massage

If [Sadie Workout] then:

35a. I’m sorry, but no

[No Massage] (Ends Sadie’s path)

I’d be happy too

+1 Sadie Path [Sadie Massage]

If [Sadie Massage];

35b. Okay

+1 Sadie Love [Sadie Finger] [Sadie Cum] [Gallery Scene 12]

I’m not comfortable doing that

[Sadie Massage No Cum] [Sadie Massage Deny]

Athena and Adrian or Val

Note: While choosing Val over Athena here isn’t technically necessary to continue Val’s path, you miss out a huge amount of Val’s backstory if you don’t go on this date. Keep in mind you need at least 8 Val Love to get her good ending in Chapter 4.

36a. That sounds fun

+1 Athena Love [Lan Party]

Maybe another time


If [Val Path] & [Lan Party]

36b. Yes

[Athena Over Val]


+1 Val Love -2 Athena Love [Val Over Athena] [No Lan Party]

If you went with Val, [Gallery Scene 13]:

36c. Cum Inside

+1 Val Love [Ch3 Val Cum Inside]

Pull out

[Ch3 Val No Cum Inside]

If you stayed with Athena and Athena Love is 11 or higher, [Gallery Scene 14] and:

36d. I’ve already fallen for you

+1 Athena Love [Told Athena Love]

I’m not ready

[Athena Not Ready]

Zenda Invites to Ball

Note: this is the second critical choice of the game. You must go with Zenda to continue her path, but not going to the Halloween party means you cannot get on the Heidi/Sadie duo path if you are aiming for it.

If [Zenda Path] & [Halloween Party]:

37a. I can’t

-15 Zenda Love [Zenda Ball False] [End Zenda Path]

I’d love to

+1 Zenda Love -2 Heidi Love [Zenda Ball] [Zenda Over Heidi]

If [Zenda Path] & not [Halloween Party]:

37b. I’m not feeling it

-15 Zenda Love [Zenda Ball False] [End Zenda Path]

I’d love to

+1 Zenda Love [Zenda Ball]

38a. Extricate yourself

+1 Val Love [Nicole Reject]

Go for it

[Nicole Sex] [Gallery Scene 15]

(You can get a Val point later if you go on her date and agree not to have sex with Nicole anymore)

Coffee with Sadie

If [Sadie Finger] then:

39a. No

[Sadie Cousin] [Sadie Coffee Deny]


+1 Sadie Love [Sadie Path] [Sadie Coffee Love] [Sadie Relationship]

Bookstore with Mora

If [Mora Path] then:

40a. Buy it for her

+1 Mora Love

Don’t buy it for her


Overnight Trip with Zenda

If [Zenda Path] then:

41a. Of course

+1 Zenda Love [Mr Lover Boy]


[Can’t Commit]

[Gallery Scene 16] [Gallery Scene 17]

41b. Don’t

[Zenda Pussy]

Take her ass

[Zenda Ass]

Text from Mora

If [Mora Path] then:

42a. I can’t


Of course

+1 Mora Love [Talk Mora Ex]

If [Talk Mora Ex] then:

42b. Yes

+2 Mora Love [Mora Official] [Mora Confession]

I don’t know


If [HAMSandwich] and Mora, Athena and Heidi Love is 10 or higher, gain [Mora Moving In] and [HAMSandwich Official]

If [Mora Official] and Mora Love is 10 or higher, gain [Mora Said I Love You]

Talk with Athena

If [Athena Path] and Athena Love is 10 or higher, or [HAM Sandwich Official] or [Heidi/Athena Official]

43a. Let’s keep it casual

Ends [Athena Path] and [Heidi/Athena Official]

I want to be with you

+2 Athena Love [Athena Official]

If [Heidi Path] and [Heidi Dance] then:

44a. I really can’t


I’d love to

+1 Heidi Love [Dance Competition] [Heidi Official] If [Dance Competition] then [Gallery Scene 18] and:

44b. Pull out


Cum Inside

+1 Heidi Inside

If [Heidi Inside] (Chapter 2) then +1 Heidi Love

Sexy Time with Athena

If [Heidi/Athena Official] or [HAM Sandwich Official] or [Athena Official] then [Gallery Scene 19]

Val or Mora Date

Note: the choice of either Mora or Val isn’t critical here, you can remain on both their paths regardless of what you choose. But in Chapter 4, being on both on Mora’s and Val’s path will default to

Mora’s/HAM/MASH path in Chapter 4. Get Val’s ending in Chapter 4 you can’t be on both Val’s and Mora’s path here.

If [Val Path then]:

45a. Of course

+2 Val Love [Ch3 Val Date]

No, thank you

[Val Reject]

If [Mora Path] then:

45b. Not tonight

[No Mora Dinner]

I’d love to

[Mora Dinner Date]

If [Ch3 Val Date], -2 Val Love and [Ch3 Val Date] = False

Date with Val

46a. Make something up


Tell the truth

+2 Val Love [Truth Teller]

If [Nicole Sex] then:

46b. I won’t do it again

+1 Val Love [No More Nicole]

I can’t guarantee anything

[Val Jealous]

Dinner with Mora

47a. Brainiacs





+1 Mora Love [Inconceivables]

If [Val Read] then +1 Mora Love.

Unlock [Gallery Scene 20]

Halloween Party

Note there are two major variations of the Halloween Party. The first version is if you attend the party with Heidi and are in a relationship with her, the second version is if you attend the party with Heidi and

aren’t in a relationship with her or rejected Heidi’s invitation and attended by yourself.

If not [Zenda Ball] nor [Halloween Party] then:

48a. Nah stay home


Sure I’ll go

[Halloween Party Solo]

If [Halloween Party] & not [Heidi Path] then [Halloween Party Solo] If [Halloween Party Solo] & [Sadie Path] then [Gallery Scene 21]

If [Halloween Party] and [Heidi Path] or [Heidi Official] and [Sadie Path] and not [Heidi/Athena Official nor [HAMSandwich Official] (if you’re on the Heidi Solo and Sadie paths) then:

48b. You

[End Sadie Path] [Heidi Solo]


[End Heidi Path] [Sadie Solo] [Sadie over Heidi]


If Heidi Love is 14 or lower, then [End Heidi Path]

If Heidi Love is 15 or higher, then [Heidi/Sadie Path] and [Gallery Scene 22]

Ball with Zenda

If [Zenda Ball] then:

49a. Sure

+1 Zenda Love [Drugs Are Good]

No, thanks


Unlock [Gallery Scene 23]

If [Drugs Are Good] then:

49b. No, I just want you

+2 Zenda Love [Zenda Only]

Yes, I want it

[Zenda Threesome]

Chapter 4 – Bare Witness Walkthrough & Guide

Chapter 4 does not contain many choices but is mostly the culmination of all your previous choices in earlier chapters. For this reason, I will not be structuring the walkthrough like previous chapters, there are simply too many combinations and scene variations.

The available paths are:

Each girl’s solo path (Heidi, Athena, Mora, Sadie, Valeria, Zenda)





You must already be on the throuple/harem paths from previous chapters, you can’t switch onto them this chapter. The only exception is if you managed to get Heidi’s and Athena’s individual solo paths but not their throuple path in the previous chapters, this will automatically become the throuple path at the start of the chapter. Each of gallery scenes is easy to get if you follow the relevant path.

To get on the pregnancy paths for any of the paths involving Heidi you must have came inside Heidi twice in the previous chapters.

Throughout the chapter you will be give opportunities to commit or breakup on the various paths if they are incompatible. Committing to one path/girl will automatically cause you to break up with everyone else. These choices are self-explanatory and straightforward, and I wonpt be listing them all here.

The only exception is Val – to get Valps ending/continue her path you must be on her path and her path only. You will automatically amicably

break-up with Val if you are on any other path. It is possible to break up with Heidi, Athena and Zenda early in this chapter before reaching the critical point with Val, but not the other girls, so you have to breakup with them in the previous chapters or not be on their path in the first place.

Now, to the relevant choices that are in the chapter:

Zenda and Val Date Clash

If you are on both Zenda’s and Val’s path:

50a. Keep Zenda date

+2 Zenda Love [Zenda Over Val]

Switch plans

+2 Val Love -2 Zenda Love [Val Over Zenda]

If you switched plans:

50b. End things with Zenda

-50 Zenda Love [Ends Zenda Path] [Broke Up Over Phone]

Make Zenda your focus

[Made Zenda Focus]

If Zenda Love is 11 or higher gain [Zenda Focus Agree]

Otherwise: -50 Zenda Love [Ends Zenda Path] [Broke Up Over Phone]

Note: These choices don’t really matter unless you want to break up with Zenda earlier. You will still end up going on both dates with Val and Zenda (if you didn’t break up with her). You still will have an opportunity to break up with Zenda on the skiing trip/date, which happens before Val’s date.

Athenaps Sled

51a. Offer your sled

+1 Athena Love [Athena Goodman Thank You]

Donpt offer


Skiing with Zenda

If you got [Zenda Threesome] in Ch3:

52a. Ipd rather it just be you tonight

+1 Zenda Love [No Maddie Threesome]

Then we should follow through

[Zenda Skiing Threesome] [Zenda Maddie Threesome] If [Zenda Skiing Threesome]:

52b. Pull out

+1 Zenda Love

Cum inside

[Cum Inside Maddie]

Valps Big Request

53a. Yes

[Val Pregnant]

If you’re on Val’s solo path, then +2 Val Love


-1 Val Love [No Baby]

Nicoleps Booty Call

If you had sex with Nicole in Ch3:

54a. No, thanks

[Nicole Deny]


[Nicole Sex Ch4]

Note: having sex with Nicole here will end any relationship you have with Val

If [Nicole Sex Ch4]:

54b. Pull out

[You’re Such a Pussy for Pulling Out]


[Nicole Pregnant]

Getting Val Pregnant

If [Val Pregnant] or you’re on Val solo path but didn’t agree to get her pregnant, and you didn’t fuck Nicole, then you have a sex scene with Val, which may or may not be to get her pregnant. Additionally, if you’re on Val’s solo path then:

55a. Tell her your love her

If Val Love is 8 or higher and you agreed to get her pregnant: +2 Val Love [Val Ending] [Val Solo Exclusive] [Val Exclusive]

Otherwise, Nothing

Let the moment pass

-100 Val Love [Ends Val Path] [Didn’t Confess]

Heidips Dance Competition

56a. Yeah, letps go


No, wepre staying

+2 Heidi Love [You’re Not a Pussy]

Sadieps Date

If you’re on either Sadie’s solo path or MASH:

57a. Inside

[Sadie Pregnant]

Pull out

If you’re on the Mora/Athena/Sadie/Heidi Path:

58a. Letps do it

[Gallery Scene 37]

We really shouldnpt

[Gallery Scene 38]

i.e. each choice gives you a different sex scene.

End of Current Content

Difficult Gallery Unlocks – Bare Witness Walkthrough & Guide

Most of the gallery scenes are simple and obvious to unlock, simply follow that character’s path as much as possible.

The only three that are difficult are [Gallery Scene 7] (Jerking it to Heidi and Athena) [Gallery Scene 21] (Sadie Solo Blowjob) and [Gallery Scene 22] (Heidi/Sadie Blowjob).

To unlock [Gallery Scene 7], you must have less than 7 points with both Heidi and Athena during the movie night.

To unlock [Gallery Scene 21] you must be on [Sadie Path] and attend the Halloween party by yourself, either by not being in a relationship with Heidi, or rejecting Heidi’s offer at the bar.

To unlock [Gallery Scene 22], you must be on Heidi’s Solo path (no Heidi/Athena or HAMSandwich) and be on Sadie’s Path and have 15 or greater love points with Heidi.

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