Selena: One Hour Agent Walkthrough & Guide

Selena: One Hour Agent Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Selena: One Hour Agent Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Intro – Selena: One Hour Agent Walkthrough & Guide

Other Scenes

(Automatic part of the story. New scenes become available depending on Selena’s morality)

Photoshoot 1: Selena in her regular clothes

Photoshoot 2: Selena in a bikini

Photoshoot 3: Selena and Reidria

Photoshoot 4: Selena and Lola

Mr. Gray Blackmail 1: Slutty Dress

Mr. Gray Blackmail 2: Public Pictures

Mr. Gray Blackmail 3: Enjoying Some Air

Mr. Gray Blackmail 4: Nurse Selena

Hoodie Voyeur: Changing at the Beach

Harassment NPCs

(Scenes escalate with each visit if Selena’s morality is low enough)

Park Newspaper Vendor

Guy in front of the Neighborhood Bar

Guy in front of the Convenience Store

Neighborhood Hot Dog Vendor (will cost $100 each time after the first visit)

Policeman in front of the Police Station

Crowd at the mall admiring Selena’s billboards

Pink Helmet Girl

Pink (helmet girl) is next to the Luxury Beauty clothing boutique and will sell rumors for $500 each.

1. Living Clothes at Slide:

Dress in “Zaressa’s” Clothes and walk around the slide in the small park in the mall map.

2. Ghost at the Bus Stop:

Dress in Stewardess Outfit and walk around the bus stop below the bank in Selena’s neighborhood.

OHA Tool Store (Bob)

(Having certain tools during cases might unlock scenes or alternative ways to solve the case.)

Screwdriver ($500. Can also get from Joe on Selena’s first case or from Bob in a later case.)

Crowbar ($?)

Super-Cleaner 3000 ($5000)

Hand Flame WZ ($6000)

Climber Deluxe ($6000)

Costume Store (Melissa’s)

(All outfits can be unlocked by making certain choices in cases. Lower morality may be required.)

Stewardess Outfit ($4000. Also unlocked as a possible reward for the Car Commercial side quest)

“Zaressa’s” Clothes ($2500. Also unlocked by seducing the VIP in the Zaressa blackmail quest)

Bikini ($2500. Also unlocked by Selena participating in a 2nd photoshoot with Aitor)

Maid Outfit ($?. Also unlocked as part of the ‘Maid “Training”‘ side quest.)

Major Case: Murder of John Brown (warehouse boss).

tools: screwdriver (from Joe).

statue: red: search the container crate near the fire extinguisher.

Talk to the suspects. Search the offices until you need to check the vent.

(Save 01-I).

Speak to Joe to borrow/get a screwdriver.


Get up (+perm screwdriver).

*Just a bit (-1 morality99, +temp screwdriver)

Speak to Mark to get the toilet key.

(Save 02).


Claim to be police -> Ask Angry Policeman for badge (Leads to jail scene later, -4 morality).

Not police -> Show tits (-2 morality).

*Not police -> Voyeur (Leads to voyeur choices).

(Save 03).


Tell Cassidy Mark wants a photo -> owe Cassidy.

He dropped it (-2 morality) -> Open the door (Leads to vent scene with Mark).

*He dropped it (-2 morality) -> take 2nd pic (-2 morality95, leads to longer VIP scene in the Zarissa club case).

Talk to the suspects again and show your new evidence.

Go into the restroom, check the vent, and use the office chair to climb into the vent.

(Save 04).

Trial: Fire Extinguisher, Pin, ask Eugen about him & Brown, Eugen, Old Chair, Cigars.


Speak to Orange between the red brick apartments at the bottom right of the home map.


Side Case: OHA Store Membership.

tools: screwdriver (optional, can obtain during the case).

Talk to OHA store owner, Bob.

(Save 05).

Go talk to the North newsstand vendor.


Remove the Screw -> If no screwdriver, talk to Bob (-1 morality, -$500, +screwdriver)

*Find the Key -> Talk to Ass-Lover in the bank (Ass-Lover choices and Home Despot side case).


Pay $1000.

*Lift Skirt -> bank scenes (-2 morality93, bank ban (reversible for $2000 later)).

Wait (-10 minutes).

Return to Orange.


Drive to Aitor’s studio to take the OHA ID photo.

Optional: Can get a loan from the bank (+$5000, repay $6000 later).

Talk to Orange to start the next case.

Case: Theft of Construction Equipment.

tools: crowbar (optional, can obtain from OHA store if you have enough $).

Talk to construction workers and then everyone in the convenience store. Talk to the delivery man.


Blame the workers (-1 star).

*Offer soda (from the vending machine, -$100).

Talk to the convenience store manager.

(Save 06).

Talk to the cashier.


*Try the cashier’s plan (-2 morality91, Store Manager scene).

Force open the trapdoor (needs crowbar)

Climb the fence to enter the side door (-1 star).

Enter the basement, check the manager’s computer, and take pictures of the equipment.


Talk to the OHA store owner, Bob, to join (-$5000, +Screwdriver).

Case: Missing Kid in the Park.

tools: none.

Talk to grandmother, newsstand vendor, reporter, kid in blue, Tom. Talk to kid in black, Skinny Joe.

<<bug: Don’t talk to the newsstand vendor a second time.>>


Pay $500 (-$500, -1 star).

*No -> Rock Paper Scissors game (must win to continue, -$50 to rematch).

Chase the girl, Shaira, around the slides and into the women’s restroom.

Pick up a spider from the 1st stall.

(Save 07).

Go to Shaira near the water fountain.


*Punish her (Shaira will get revenge soon, -2 morality89).

Don’t punish.

Talk to Skinny Joe, watch the door scene, and follow the path to the missing kid, Pete.

Talk to Orange, talk to Aitor. Go to Aitor’s studio.

(Save 08).

Photoshoot 1: Selena in regular clothes (morality<90, +$200).

Go to the museum, pay $100, talk to Mustache OHA.

When Selena leaves, the Art Expert will stop her and offer $500 for each colored statue (+$500).

Side Case: Clean Graffiti.

tools: Super-Cleaner 3000 (obtained from the OHA store for $5000 or a favor).

Talk to Cassandra at the police station parking lot.

Go to the OHA store and talk to Bob about a Super-Cleaner 3000.

(Save 09).


Buy It (-$5000, gain perm Super-Cleaner 3000).

*Don’t Buy It (-3 morality86, gain temp Super-Cleaner 3000).

Clean graffiti at three locations:

Red brick apartment near Orange’s usual location.

Wall above the construction workers in the convenience store parking lot.

Police station parking lot wall.

Talk to Cassandra inside the police station and return the Super-Cleaner if it was borrowed.

Prepare for the next case before going home.


Auto-start next case.

Auto-Save (Save 10).

Major Case: Murder at Grace’s School.

tools: crowbar (optional), screwdriver (only for the statue).

statue: green: after the restroom break, use a screwdriver to open the stall if needed.

Talk to forensic scientist, Diane. Talk to the students, Susan, Grace, Bruce, and Dylan.

Talk to Susan, especially about Bruce, Dylan, and Norman (the murdered teacher).

Talk to Grace, especially about herself and Norman. Get code 733x.

Talk to Dylan, especially about Bruce.

Talk to Bruce, especially about Mizuki and searching.

(Save 11).

-Optional: Talk to Bruce again about training (lose underwear). Get code 7339.

Go to the rear schoolyard. Go to the fountain to get the Knife evidence and take it to Diane.

Show the knife to Bruce. Go back outside to the side fence.

(Save 12).

Selena will need to ask for help to get over the fence.


Angry Policeman (-$500).

James (-1 Star).

*Diane (morality<90, -4 morality82, no underwearlonger scene and leads to Reporter).

Go back to the students and Angry Policeman will say the girls need to use the restroom.

Talk to James to get a clue.

Talk to teacher Monica, especially about Teachers building and Class dismiss.

Ask Monica about the Toilet. Go back to the students and then the restroom.

(Save 13).

Susan will ask about improving her ass.


*Show (morality<90, -3 morality79, Susan will unlock the green statue stall).

Don’t show.

Go back to the bathroom to get the bloody cloth evidence and the green statue.

If Susan didn’t unlock the stall, Selena can open it with the screwdriver (-4 minutes).

Go into the Teachers building using the USB drive and Code 7339.

Go to the teacher’s lounge and get Cake evidence

(Save 14).

Enter the dark storage room and Susan will have to open the window.



Alone (-5 min).

James (-1 Star).

Move the heavy box to get the Murder Scene evidence.


Alone (-10 min).

Monica (-1 Star).

*Diane (-3 morality76, longer scene if Selena lost her underwear).

Talk to teacher Laura Lopez, especially about her birthday and Mizuki.

Talk to Mizuki. Get a call from Diane about the blood.

Show Laura the cake and then the knife. Diane will call about the knife.

Auto-Save (Save 15).

Trial: Knife, No Weapons, Exception, Exam, Mizuki, Pendrive, Knife, Cloth, Monica’s, Susan, Dylan, Owe Her, Mizuki Hates Her, Blood Test.

(Save 16).

Prepare for the next case before going to Club A-7 at the bottom-right of the city map.

Case: Zaressa Blackmail – Selena: One Hour Agent Walkthrough & Guide

tools: Super Cleaner 3000 (optional).

Talk to Leticia, Zaressa, and Leticia again.

(Save 17),

Talk to the bartender, Cassidy.


*Seduce the VIP (morality<?, -2 morality74, VIP scene, unlock Zaressa’s clothes).

(VIP scene changes depending on how Selena treated Cassidy in the first case.)

Pay $3500 (-$3500).

(If Cassidy is friendly with Selena, she will only charge $1500.)

Tell Leticia (-2 Star).

Talk to Cassidy, Zaressa, and then the suspects.

White Shirt VIP – works at night, Paragraph 4.

Woman with Orange Hair VIP – new to the city, Paragraph 1.

Glasses Man VIP – working on the concert, Paragraph 2

Talk to the Pink Shirt VIP who wants an autograph from Zaressa first.

(Save 18).

Ask Zaressa for an autograph.


Sign my chest (-2 morality).

Pay for it (-$1000).

*Use the Super Cleaner 3000.

Insist (-1 Star).

Pink Shirt VIP – scared of the Owens, Paragraph 1.

Dark Clothes VIP – suspect.

Talk to Dark Clothes VIP again, talk to Cassidy, talk to Grace, talk to Cassandra.

(The following side case is only unlocked if Selena met the Reporter during the school case.)

Side Case: Car Commercial.

tools: none.

Go to the TV station, go up elevator to talk to boss, talk to camerman in the lobby.

Go to the front of the black car to get changing scene.

(Save 19).


*Yes (-2 morality72, +$200, leads to commercial).


Getting the commercial correct leads to an extended scene and unlocks the stewardess clothes.

Talk to the cameraman to start the commercial:

GTH Korda, Crouch.

115 hours, Bend over the car.

105 mph, Lay on back.

$59,990, Surprised near the camera.

Wave to the camera.

Go home and talk to Grace, talk to Orange, go to museum, talk to the guard.

Case: Museum Theft.

tools: Crowbar (optional).

statue: yellow: after the case, return to the basement by going to the lobby’s metal locker.

(Save 20-I).

Go to police interrogation room, talk to Crazy Man, drive back to home neighborhood.

Enter door #10 of the red-brick apartments, take the elevator to the 2nd floor, right door.



Lockpick (-5 min).

Ask for help (-1 Star).

Search the bookshelf to the left of the statue to get the silver safebox. Return to the Crazy Man.

Control Grace and head back to the Crazy Man’s apartment.

<<bug: ignore the end-of-version message>>


(Save 01-II).

Have Grace go to the Crazy Man’s silver safebox.

Selena will have to persuade the Crazy Man for the safebox code.

(Save 02).

Have Grace go to the grate near the top-left corner.

Selena will have to persuade the Crazy Man for a way out of the basement.

Have Grace go to the locker in the top-left corner to leave.

Selena will need to persuade the Crazy Man for the sword’s location.


*Accept (morality<?, -2 Morality70).

No (-2 Stars, leads to a successful end of the case but only $1000 reward).


Grope shine (tits scene).

Look at modesty (exposure scene).

Control Grace and go to the playground fountain.

(Minigame mention: Have Grace go to the Danger! sign.)

Don’t forget the yellow statue.

(Save 03).

Photoshoot 2: Selena in bikini (morality<75, +$200, unlocks bikini).

(The following side case is only unlocked if Selena met the Ass-Lover during the construction case.)

Side Case: Ass-Lover Simon and Home Despot.

Talk to Simon in front of Selena’s home. Go to Home Despot next to the OHA store. Talk to Simon.

(Save 04).


*Yes, help Simon (morality<75, -1 morality69).


Talk to the customers, talk to Susan.

Side Case: Babysitting Ethan.

Go to Ethan’s house near the bottom-left corner of town.

(Save 05).

Go to Ethan’s room and speak to him


*Punch him.

Let him touch you.

Speak to Edwin Bauman and return home to talk to Grace.

Major Case: Spa Day With Grace.

Tools: Super Cleaner 3000 (optional).

(Save 06).

Talk to Grace and drive to the Spa at the top of the town map.

Talk to Landon, the male employee at White Nights spa.

Go to the locker to change where Landon will examine the sisters.


*Allow it (scene with Selena and Grace).

Not my sister! (morality>80, longer scene with just Selena).

Go to room and read the pamphlet.

Go to sauna, meet Leticia, go into the sauna, go to the pool room.

Talk to the black-haired woman, Gaja.

(Save 07).

Go to the massage room for Selena to get a massage.


*Continue (morality<?, -1 morality68).


Control Grace and exit the pool room to start the case investigation.

Go to the hot springs and speak to Diane.

Go back and speak to Cassandra.

(Save 08).

Talk to the suspects, Leticia, Landon, Amelia, and Reidria.

Talk to Landon, especially about Amelia.

Talk to Leticia, especially about Candance.

Talk to Amelia, especially about Wet Brigade and Candance.

Go to the hallway and try Leticia’s room. Then ask her about the key for the Closed Room.

Go out the front door and check the cave and the cliff. Go into the cafeteria. Talk to Zaressa.

(Save 09).

Talk to Zaressa again to get Leticia’s key.


*Check yourself (-1 morality67).

Ask them to show you.

Go back into the spa, go to the sauna, and get Leticia’s key.

Enter Leticia’s room and check the trash next to the desk for the Contract.

(Save 10).

Go to the pool room, walk towards the brown door, use the locker to swim to the piece of the Contract.

Go through the brown door to the outdoor pool. Go right to get to the maintenance room.

Turn the two valves that are next to the door. Get a piece of the Contract.

Go to the hot springs, go to the front gate, and go back to the guest rooms.

(Save 11).

Talk to Diane for Selena to earn her robe back.

Talk to Leticia about the Contract.

Talk to Reidria to learn what she wants: Gaja’s daughter’s name. Last concert date. Band’s full names.

Talk to Amelia about Spa Information to learn more about the cave.

Go to the hot springs and talk to Diane about the cave. Take the Cliff Path to the right.

Go investigate the cave to find Candance’s key card.

(Save 12).


*Ask Diane (morality<80, -1 morality66).

Ask Grace (morality>90).

Ask Sherri (-1 Star).

Alone (-12 minutes).

Super-Cleaner 3000.

Go into the cafeteria. Talk to Gaja to learn her daughter’s name, Melinda.

Talk to Grace and go to the hot springs and Cliff Path again to get the evidence.

Go back inside and head towards the hot springs. Talk to Diane.

Go search Candance’s room for the Whiskey on the table and the band Poster in the back.

(Save 13).

Talk to Reidria and answer her questions:

Melinda, Atlantis City, look for Branwen Li (A) for the band’s names.

Reidria will want you to kiss Cassandra.


*Do as she says (-1 morality65, Leads to Sherri kiss).

Intimidate her.

-Choices (Sherri kiss, Leads to Reidria kiss scene):

*Be honest to Grace about kissing Sherri.

Lie to Grace about kissing Sherri.

Show Reidria the Contract evidence.

Talk to Reidria, especially about the Wet Brigade, Leticia, Candance, Ogre City, and the Contract.

Talk to Zaressa about Candance’s medication.

Show Amelia the Whiskey evidence.

Talk to Amelia about Candance’s medication.

Talk to Diane about Candance’s medication. Talk to Cassandra to start the trial.

(Save 14).

Trial: None, The Water, Whiskey, Medication, Leticia, Cliff Path, Contract, D (signatures).


Visit Selena’s dad’s grave (the obelisk on the left), return to the others, leave the cemetery.

(Save 15).

Go to Grace’s room.


*Buy a new one (-$500, Grace will wear a bikini at the beach).

Have fun. (Grace will wear a blue one-piece swimsuit at the beach).

Go to the police station. Talk to Chief Donald to promote to a Level 3 OHA.

Prepare for the next case and talk to Orange.

Don’t forget Selena can sell statues for money.

(Save 16).

Case: Bank Heist.

tools: Climber Deluxe (optional).

If Selena is banned from the bank, Orange can lift the ban for $2000.

Enter the bank and talk the the bank manager.

Blue switch, yellow switch x 3, red switch x 2, green wall button, yellow ground button.

Yellow wall button, blue ground button, red switch, yellow switch, green wall button.

Follow the bank robbers. Ignore the spider web.

Selena can choose between a frontal attack in the middle of the map or go up the ladder on the right.

(Save 17).


*Frontal Attack (-1 morality64, paizuri scene).

Elevated Attack (needs Climber Deluxe hook, grappling scene).

Report to Orange.

Case: Beach Bikini Bandit.

tools: none.

costume: swimsuit ($2500 if Selena hasn’t worked with Aitor).

Drive to the beach and talk to the pirate, Vorris, near the top-right corner.

Talk to the woman on the pink towel in front of the beach club.

Talk to Aitor on the pink towel below her if Selena has worked with him before.

Go to the next beach area. Talk to the two women on pink towels on the bottom left.

Return to first beach area. Talk to Grace. Try three empty beach towels.

(Save 18).

Talk to the couple and convince them to move.


*Accept (morality<75, -2 morality62, blowjob scene).

Convince them (strip scene).


Chase him.

*Follow plan (-1 morality61).

(Save 19).

Photoshoot 3: Selena and Reidria (morality<?, needs Zaressa’s clothes, +$2000).


*Revenge (morality<60, but seems to work with morality<65??).

Keep Going.

Side Case: Maid “Training” at Cassandra’s.

tools: none.

costume: Maid Outfit (free from Melissa’s costume store).

Go to mall area, go to costume store, Melissa’s, south of the mall.

Talk to Melissa to pick up the Maid outfit.

Go to door #26 of the white residential tower at southwest of map.

Go to Cassandra’s apartment. Clean.

(Save 20-II).

Talk to the surprise guests and decide what to do with the guy.


Knock him out.

*Follow the plan (-2 morality59, cunnilingus scene).

Cassandra will return home.

Report to Orange.

(Save 01-III).

Case: Cemetery.

tools: Hand Flamer WZ (optional), Crowbar (only for the statue).

statue: purple: on tomb level of mausoleum, needs crowbar.

Talk to Bauman at his house, go to cemetery (right of the museum), talk to Ethan, go into the mausoleum.


*Use Hand Flamer WZ.

Use two rocks (-15 minutes).

Read grey stone on top left.

Check knight statue, 1 step down, 8 steps left until you are under the burnt banner.

Go up to the burnt banner and down to the flame to open the ladder door.

Walk on all the red buttons, including top-left button twice, to activate them to unlock the gate.

Walk towards the purple box for a short scene.

Use a crowbar to get the purple statue from the purple box.

Walk to the hole in the bottom wall and Selena will get stuck and need Ethan’s help.

(Save 02).


*Don’t tell him (-1 morality58, blow job scene, Ethan will be punished).

Tell him (leads to choice of how to light the torch).

-Choices (light the torch):

Use the tool (ass scene with a nicer Ethan, Ethan will be praised).

Use the rocks (ass scene with regular Ethan, leads to Selena’s report choice).

Check the tombs, head through the hole in the wall, approach Blue.

(Save 03).

-Choices (If Selena told Ethan about the torch and to light it with rocks, she can decide what to report):

Punish him (Ethan will be punished).

Save him (Ethan will be praised).

Selena can then ask Edwin Bauman two questions about her father’s death:

Q: How did my father know about the trap?

A: Anderson figured it out himself.

Q: How did you know the police had fallen into your trap?

A: There’s a spy in the police who was killed by another traitor.

Q: Why did you want the three families to lose power?

A: We were getting in the way of the growth of the city.

Q: Do you feel guilty for what you did?

A: Stupid question. No.

Q: Was my father’s death part of your plan?

A: No, but there’s a traitor in the police.

Report to Orange. Go to the cafe (blue martini glass sign) and talk to Level 5 OHA, Mandred Thorginson.

(Save 04).

If Selena borrowed money from the bank, it is due.

Repay the loan (-$6000).

<<no punishment (yet?) for not repaying>>

Return Selena home to end the day.

To start Mandred’s field trip, Selena will need a crowbar. She can do a pharmacy side job for $1500.

(The following side case can only be completed if Selena met the reporter and gained access to the television studio).

Side Case: Pharma Girl.

Talk to the pharmacist to start the first delivery.

The first customer is the police station receptionist. Talk to Cassandra.

Return to the pharmacist and deliver to the other customers.

Neighbor in red brucj building #10, 1B (Floor 1, left door).

Beach pirate, Vorris.

TV station, guy in red.

(Save 05).

Cassandra’s building, white tower #26, 4th floor. The guy will refuse to open the door.


*Strip (morality<75, +$500).

Kick the door.

Return to the pharmacist to receive $1500 pay.

Talk to Mandred and go on the Sewer field trip. This opens several sewer maps and sewer fast travel.

Selena can also access an unfinished sewer map by using the Hand Flamer WZ on the spider webs.

Go to the police station, talk to Cassandra, talk to Joe. Leave the police station.

Cassandra will tell Selena about a murder at the Beach Club.

(Save 06).

Go to the beach and enter the club.

Major Case: Beach Club Cyanide.

Tools: none.

Selena will listen to Cassandra’s briefing and get evidence Bottle.

Talk to the suspects. Check the bottle in top right VIP room to add evidence Dalmory (Dalmore).

Talk to the witnesses. Get evidence Syringe in women’s bathroom plant.

Check debris under restroom camera to add evidence Camera.

Talk to Cassandra to report the Syringe.

Talk to Julia (purple-haired sprite), especially about Thania and the Victim.

Talk to Dana (red-haired sprite), especially about Elevator^1 (^ is useful information, 9 total).

Go outside and check the rope for evidence Elevator and trash bin for evidence Old Key.

Talk to Guard, especially about Thania and Witnesses (leads to Cassandra selfie scene).

(Save 07).

Talk to Simon for an ass and close call scene.

Talk to Cassandra for the selfie scene.

Talk to Thania (orange-haired sprite), especially about Herself^2, Julia, Justin, Financial, and Outside^3.

Talk to Guard about witnesses.

Talk to Sarah, especially about Thania^4, Justin, Julia, Guard’s Favor (unlocks black cap girl, Krystal).

Show Sarah the Syringe^5.

Talk to Cassandra to learn about Justin (unlocks Justin).

Talk to Julia about Smoking^6 and Key.

(Save 08).

Talk to Simon to begin his Ass Parade task.

Ass Parade^7 – Julia, Sarah, Dana, Thania. Thania will resist.


Pay $1000 (-$1000).

Intimidate Her (-1 star).

*Blackmail (morality<70).

Persuade (morality>70).

Go to the Guard and show him evidence Camera. Report to Cassandra and return to the Guard.

(Save 09).

Show the Guard evidence Camera again. He will demand a blowjob from Selena for the security footage^8.

Talk to Cassandra to learn about Syringe^9.

(Save 10).

Optional: Question Justin before Krystal and the scenes will have Selena with her top on.

Talk to Krystal, especially about Justin and the Victim.

Talk to Krystal again and ask about Numbers (Selena will lose her top). She will ask if Selena is a virgin.


*I’m a virgin.

I’m not a virgin.

Most characters will now have a text reaction to Selena being topless.

Get dice from the cabinet at the bottom-right corner of the room.

(Save 11).

Talk to Krystal about Numbers again. Selena will choose how to roll the dice.


*Careful…[Lose] (extended Selena scene).

Let it Roll!…[Win] (extended Krystal scene).

(Save 12).

Go outside and then to the lighthouse. Go up to the roof. Go back inside the lighthouse.

Go to bottom-right dark spot of the lighthouse.

Selena will ask Sarah to help her get evidence Money.

(Save 13).

Talk to Justin. He will demand Selena let him foldle her.

-Choices (CGs depend on whether Selena is topless):

*Accept (-1 morality57, Justin will fondle Selena while she talks to him).

Decline (Selena will strip for Justin).

Talk to Justin, especially about VIP Room. Talk to him again and ask about the Victim.

Show Justin the evidence Money. Ask him about the Victim again to get evidence Victim’s Information.

Talk to Cassandra to start the trial.

(Save 14).

Trial: Whiskey, Syringe, Testimony, He didn’t touch the bottle, Dana, Camera, Old Key, You’re a Whore.

Chase Dana to the lighthouse roof.


Save Her (morality>??, bad end for Dana).

*Let Her (different bad end for Dana).

Selena will meet with the club owner, one of The Ogre’s lieutenants, Tony Hernandez.

(Save 15).

Mr. Gray Blackmail 1:

Exit the apartment to automatically talk to Mr. Gray.

Go up the stairs to the roof. Check the blue bag and go back to Mr. Gray.

Talk to Orange.

Case: The Meth Lab Next Door.

Tools: none.

Go back to Selena’s apartment up the stairs. Select 1F Alexander to talk to him. Go to the pharmacy.

(Save 16).

Talk to Drugstore Owner. Selena will try to stall for time.

(Save 17).

Enter the lab to start a stealth mini-game. If Selena is caught, she will fight the guard and hide.

The clock starts at 0:43. Fighting a guard will reduce the clock to 0:27.

Fighting a second guard will reduce the clock to 0:11. Fighting a third guard will cause Game Over.

There are two different fight CGs.

Sneak to the bottom-left, blue wall panel to unlock the first gate.

Sneak past the guard near the stove to the phone at the top-center of the room.

Right after Selena triggers the phone, sneak past the stove guard to the boxes in the center of the room.

Sneak past the sitting guard to the blue panel on the top wall.

Sneak past the sitting guard again and the guard patrolling the right side of the room.

Access the computer in the top-right room to finish the case.

Selena will reward herself.

Answer the front door. Thomas, Grace’s friend, will get a reward too.

Report to Orange. Go to the police station and talk to Cassandra.

Drive to Diane’s Lab.

(Save 18).

Side Case: Diane’s Lab Monkey.

Enter the lab, talk to the receptionist, change clothes, and talk to Diane.

Go to the east warehouse. Talk to the warehouse Worker.

(Save 19).

There are three rooms to get items from. The search is timed.

<<bug: Game freezes if any search is failed>>

Top-Left room: Wireless Keyboard, Radio, Chalk, Bottle of Luminol.

Keyboard and radio are next to and on top of the microwave.

Chalk is in the drawer. Luminol is next to the desk lamp.

Bottom-Right room: Red Tape, Mouse, Small Vials, Analgesics.

Red Tape in center column, #4 (bottom) row.

Analgesics in center column, #2 row.

Mouse in left column, #3 row.

Small Vials in right column, #2 row.

Central room: Big Vials, Sugar Pills, Bottle of Luminol, Crowbar.

(Columns start with A on the left, Rows start with 1 on the top).

Big Vials in D1.

Sugar Pills in F2.

Luminol in B1.

Crowbar is blue and in E4/E5.

(Save 20-III).

Selena will resist the Worker’s advances. Return to Diane for some relief.

Return to car to get a call from Cassandra. Go to Cassandra’s apartment.

(Save 01-IV).

Case: Dr. Rapemurder.

Tools: none.

Talking to Cassandra will start the case. Drive to the medical clinic. Talk to the receptionist.

Dr. Clarence Finn’s wife, Clara, is a gynecologist. Selena will talk to her before entering the exam room.

(Save 02).

After Dr. Finn’s exam, Selena can look for clues to the 4-digit computer password.

Check the desk drawer to learn the 1st number is Dr. Finn’s lucky number.

Check the small silver cabinet to learn Dr. Finn’s lucky number shows up a lot on his medical license.

Check the brown bookcase to see Dr. Finn’s license and learn his lucky number is 8.

The desk drawer clue also says to check the painting with the boob.

Go to and check the painting with the exposed breast.

The clue talks about the number of works of art in the office, 5.

The clue also says to check Briane’s birthday.

Go to and check the calendar next to the receptionist.

The clue says ‘recipients’, the 2nd number is the only odd, and the 4th number is smaller than the 2nd.

Go back to the exam room and check the item next to the green seat. There are 6 empty vials.

The last number of the password must be 2 or 4.

Enter the password: 8564.

(Save 03).

Exit the clinic to bump into Sarah.

Selena and Cassandra will solve the case.

Grace will suggest that Selena go to the gym.

Go to the gym in the mall, change in the women’s locker room, and talk to Kate.

(Save 04).

Clark arrives. See what Clark and Kate are up to in the men’s locker room.

Change in the women’s locker room and leave the gym.

Selena will bump into internet-star Julia Brookes and reporter Amber.

Amber will refer Selena to another acting job at the TV station. Go to the TV station.

Side Case: Cleaning Spray Commercial.

tools: none.

Talk to reception, then the boss, then the film crew.

(Save 05).

Getting the commercial correctextended scene (free maid costume if Selena doesn’t have it already?).

Talk to cameraman to start the commercial:

Surprised – “Oh no! Where did I put my BEAUTIFUL ass this time”

Look at my butt – “Gosh… I hope that he doesn’t SPANK me again…”

Epic pose – “But not this time! Because I have the new Stain DESTROYER!”

Remove panties – “Spray them a little and wait for 50 seconds.”

Look at camera – “$10.99”

Talk to the client and collect $3000.

<<bug??: The client will still say Selena made 1 mistake>>

Talk to the cameraman to return to the studio. Talk to the studio boss.

Return to the apartment.

(Save 06).

Selena goes to sleep in her bed.

Viktor cutscene. Control Blue as he investigates the Ito lab.

(Save 07).

Mr. Gray Blackmail 2:

Exit the apartment to automatically talk to Mr. Gray.

Go back to Selena’s wardrobe and change to Slutty Dress.

Go up to the rooftop and check the blue bag.

Change back to regular clothes.

Talk to Alexander and the crowd near the pharmacy to see what happened to Selena’s pictures.

Talk to Orange. Go to the mall and go down the escalator to the mall’s underground parking.

Case: Mall Parking Murder.

(Save 08).

Talk to the Angry Policeman to start the case.

The Angry Policeman will want something for the case info.


Threaten him (-2 stars).

Pay him (-$1000).

*Do it (morality<80, -1 morality56. gives him Selena’s panties).

Read the case notes about the victim, Naomi (unlocks Building 26).

Check skid marks.

Check the white car.

Check inside, search the glove compartment (unlocks Morgue).

Talk to the witness, vlogger Julia Brooks (unlocks Police Station).

Julia will want to prank Selena. The scene is extended if Selena still has her panties.

Check the case notes again to travel between locations.

Go to Building 26, the victim’s workplace.

Talk to the old lady and enter the closet behind her.

Check the locker in the closet to get the car key.

Travel back to the Mall Parking, go to the car, and open the glove compartment to get the victim’s phone.

Go to the Police Station.

Speak to the Angry Policeman.

Speak to Joe for a short scene thanks to the Angry Policeman. Different if Selena still has her panties.

Travel to the Morgue.

Speak to officer, check the lockers, speak to officer again.

(Save 09).

Speak to the bald coroner to try to get the victim’s things.


Bribe him (-$500, leads to Selena plays dead scene).

Threaten him (-1 star, leads to Selena plays dead scene).

*Enter naked (morality<80, -1 morality55. leads to Selena hides scene).

Examine Naomi’s body to find the cafeteria ticket (unlocks Cafeteria).

Selena will need to hide but will also learn about Viktor.

Selena’s decontamination scene. Speak to the officer to get Selena’s clothes back.

Go to the Cafeteria. Talk to the owner. Exit the back door.

(Save 10).

Talk to the homeless bum, Aiden. Selena will have to convince him to help.


Knock him out (morality<75, -1 star).

Threaten him (morality>75, -1 star).

Pay him (-$1000).

*Do it (morality<70, -1 morality54. leads to Aiden scene).

Go to the Police Station and talk to Joe.

Selena will auto-travel to the suspect’s apartment. Head towards the bedroom.

Talk to Orange. Aitor will call. Go to his studio.

(Save 11).

Photoshoot 4: Selena and Lola (morality<75, +$4000).


*Push her (morality<70, -1 morality53).


Return to Selena’s home. Talk to Sarah.

Side Case: Gordon Anderson’s Last Clue.

Selena and Sarah will change into matching uniforms and enter Gordon Anderson’s study.

Open the green window curtain.

(Save 12).

Search laptop for Gordon’s last message to Selena.

Search the papers for riddles. (Press X or right-click to backspace. Lower-case letters only.)

Left Papers (3 letters):

4 feet but not a single shoe, a head but not a thought for you.

Answer: bed

Right Papers (4 letters):

Stiff is my spine, my body is pale.

But i will never die, while i can tell a tale.

And if you want me, you will need help.

Answer: book

Bottom Papers (4 letters):

I stand up fighting your monsters, but it doesn’t matter how many i defeat, i will always live in the shade.

Answer: lamp

Check the bed for password 8732 to open the brown box for clue “K”.

Check the lamp for password 9944 to open the metal box for clue “A”.

(Save 13).

Check the bookshelf with Sarah’s help.

Important choice regarding the Sarah relationship arc! Does Selena want Sarah to visit again?


*Invite her again.

Say goodbye.

The bookshelf password 3459 will open the red box for clue “0”.

Diane will call with a clue about the blackmailer.

Drive to the shops at the bottom of the map, to the right of the Bauman house.

(Save 14).

Talk to the clerk to work at the clothing boutique.

Living mannequin Selena will have to endure Thomas.

Talk to the clerk again and Selena will collect her $1000 pay.

Cassandra will call. Go to Cassandra’s apartment and find her in her bedroom.

(Save 15).

Selena will help Cassandra with her accident.

Selena will call Joe to cancel dinner and then help Cassandra.

Important choice regarding the Cassandra relationship arc! Is Selena unwittingly flirting with Cassandra?


*Think about it.

Forget it.

When Selena leaves Cassandra’s, Orange will call.

(Save 16).

Case: The Ogre’s Lair.

Drive to the Abandoned Mansion at the top-right corner of city.

Listen to Orange and enter The Ogre’s abandoned mansion.

Selena will be ambushed by Olympia, leading to the chain scene.

The Ogre’s lieutenant, Tony, will show up to rescue Selena and lets her have one hour to search for clues.

(Save 17).

Go to 2nd Floor-Central Room-Owen’s bedroom.

Papers on the table: literature.

Cabinet to the right of the bed: receive item Big Key.

Glass door cabinet left: lore entry 1. The Ito Family is trying to steal Owen’s secret, life-saving project.

Glass door cabinet right: receive item Black Dog Statue.

Go to 1st Floor-Right Room-unlock with Big Key.

Book on table: literature.

Papers on table: lore entry 6. Everything about the subject has changed. She is stuck as a teen.

Cabinet: receive item Metallic Key.

Go to 2nd Floor-Right Room-Owen’s study.

Papers on table: lore entry 2. Subject is a kid. There is a secret walkway from the Central Room to the Left Room.

Book on table: clue about the dog statues.

Angry Glory fought brother Pain. Sadness got inbetween them to try to stop them.

Victory stood at east gate waiting for their master.

Fireplace: receive item Green Dog Statue.

Go to 2nd Floor-Central Room-Owen’s bedroom again.

Check the curtains to the right of the glass cabinet and enter the secret walkway.

Go to 2nd Floor-Left Room-Subject’s room.

Papers on desk: lore entry 3. Subject still alive but in intense pain. Her hair is turning white like Owen’s.

Locker: receive item Red Dog Statue.

Cabinet: literature.

Go to the jail door and unlock it with the Metallic Key.

Metal drawers on the right: lore entry 4. The subject is no longer sick but now has to survive the cure itself.

The doctor has moved to the attic. The attic code is to the right side of 1st floor fireplace.

Metal drawers on the left: receive item Blue Dog Statue.

Go to the 1st Floor-Right Room and get the attic code.

<<bug??: attic code does not seem to be necessary for this case>>

Go back to 2nd Floor-Left Room and out the door. Go up the stairs to get to the Attic.

Dog statues order, L to R: Red Blue Green Black.

Go into the Attic.

Papers on small table: lore entry 7. What have I done!

Papers on long table: lore entry 5. The Ogre is happy. Viktor is creepy.

Mr. Owen has a hidden place. The access is a hole in basement wall.

Go back down to the Basement.

Check the hole/pipe on the wall to open the secret room.

Selena and Tony will enter and see what’s inside.

Gordon Anderson was entrusted with the Pandora’s Box to maintain the truce between the three families.

Tony has a safe house in the red buildings near the Anderson home, Portal (Building?) 13, Floor 3.

Selena will report to Orange and return home.

(Save 18).

Mr. Gray Blackmail 3:

Exit the apartment to automatically talk to Mr. Gray.

Selena will enjoy some air on the roof of her building.

Leave the house and Selena will get a call from her gym owner friend, Kate.

Go to the mall.

Talk to Justin, meet the mystery gym member, and meet Chihiro.

Kate will ask for help recruiting new gym members.

Talk to Grace at their home.

(Save 19).

Go to Diane’s lab. Diane’s test subject needs some help.


Fine… (morality<70).

*No, thanks (different scene).

Check the beach for Sarah. The Hoodie Voyeur will get secret pictures of Selena when she leaves.

Go to the new school in the center of town.

(Save 20-IV).

Meet the PE teacher, Roma. (Alex is from the Halloween mini-game)

Roma will need Selena to investigate the women’s locker room.

<<bug??: talking to PE teacher again skips to the pool>>

Go to the women’s locker room and Selena will meet a familiar face.

Report to Roma. Talk to Sarah at the pool.

Go to the police station.

(Save 01-V).

Speak to Joe. Meet his new police coworker and Selena’s new rival, Jada.

Jada will suggest a competition at the shooting range.

Best-of-3, just point and click. Purposely lose twice to see more.

*If Selena wins the competition, Selena and Joe celebrate in front of Jada.

If Jada wins the competition, Jada and Joe will celebrate in front of Selena.

Go to the mall map and then to Cassandra’s home.

(Save 02).

Cassandra will need Selena’s help with her “maid” training and it will get out of hand.


*Let her kiss Selena.


Go home and Selena will get a call from the clothing boutique.

Access the store computer and Selena will get the encrypted customer data.

Selena will model and collect $500.

Go home and talk to Selena’s tech-savy neighbor, Alexander.

Ito and Viktor cutscene.

Selena will get a call from Tony to meet him at the red buildings near Orange.

Go to building number 12 and take the elevator to the 4th floor.

Selena will learn that Viktor is probably working for Maria Owen

<<bug: Selena’s character picture might be stuck on the screen. Talk to Grace and it will go away.>>

Go to the gym.

(Save 03).

After Selena, Grace, and Susan change, talk to the other people at the gym.

The short-haired mystery woman in blue is Corey Williams.

The twins are Anna (in blue) and Lara (in white) Lester.

Go to the yoga room. After Selena’s class, exit the room.

Selena will bump into Chihiro. The Twins stole something from her.

Talk to Cassandra. Diane will show up while Selena is lifting.

Go to the yoga room. Talk to Sarah. Exit the room and talk to Justin.

Zach, Kate’s associate will arrive. Talk to Joe. The Twins will steal something from Sarah.

(Save 04).

Talk to the new arrivals, Mike and Roma. They will trick Selena into a wager.


*Do it (morality<70, -1 morality52).

Refuse (morality>70, works if morality<70 too??, The Twins will steal something from Selena).

Talk to Sarah, check the right box to find one of the Twins, Anna.

If Selena’s gym shorts were stolen, Selena will wear Sarah’s leotard and Sarah will wear Selena’s shorts.

(This changes the scenes for the rest of the case.)

Cassandra will interrupt and the next case will start. Zach has been found murdered.

Major Case: Gym Reopening Murder – Selena: One Hour Agent Walkthrough & Guide

(Save 05).

Go inside the women’s locker room and speak to Diane.

She will provide evidence3 Murder Weapon, evidence2 Love Letter, evidence1 Report, and a loose screw.

Check the shower vent to find evidence5, a treble clef Card.

Speak to the suspects.

Show Sarah evidence Card.

Talk to Cassandra, especially about the victim, other suspects, and Ito and clef symbol^1.

Talk to Joe, especially about Zach blackmail^2, and Justin expulsion (unlocks Justin).

Talk to Justin three times. He will demand a pair of panties to explain the love letter.

(Save 06).


*Kate (-1 morality51).

Chihiro (-6 minutes).

Jada (-1 star).

Return to Justin.

Talk to Grace in the yoga room then talk to Justin again.

He will demand Selena speak to Kate while compromised.

Talk to Chihiro, especially about the victim and other suspects.

Talk to Corey, especially about other suspects and her relation with the twins^3.

Talk to the twins, especially about Corey to get evidence4 Gym’s Key.

Go into Kate’s office check the lockers to get evidence6 Blueprints and evidence8 Stolen Things.

Talk to Justin. Go into the Men’s locker room.

(Save 07).

Check the third locker from the left to access the secret passage. Click again to enter the passage.

Approach the bloodstain and then exit the passage to receive evidence7 Secret Passage.

Diane will conduct some exams and result in some information about some of the women^4.

Talk to Kate, especially about her boyfriend^5.

Talk to Chihiro about an argument^6.

Talk to Justin again.

He will demand Selena collect some fluids with the panties.

(Save 08).

Go to the yoga room and speak to Roma.

Roma will ask Selena to help him along.


*Continue (morality<65, -1 morality50).

<<bug??: choosing to Continue does not -1 morality>>

Stop this.

Return to Justin to get information about the mall and why the major families are involved^7.

(Save 09).

Speak to officer Jada to start the trial.

Trial: Passage, A woman, Card, Report, Love Letter, Corey, Card.

(Save 10).

Exit the gym and walk towards the black car.

Selena will meet an old foe, Olympia, an Owen family lieutenant.

Case: The 12 Labours of Selena.

Selena will need to collect twelve letters that make up the passcode.

Exit the cell and the bald thug will remove Selena’s gag and provide letter #1 “O”.

Go to the storage room (2nd from the left) and speak to the thug in blue.

Walk towards the desk and the thug will provide letter #2 “R”.

Collect the magazine next to the computer (don’t think too hard about how Selena will carry this).

Talk to the pink-haired guard at the gate. Talk to the arguing thugs behind her.

Go to the infirmary (1st from the left) and talk to the nurse.

(Save 11).

Go to the archive room (bottom right) and talk to the bald thug.

After his confidence improves, the thug will provide letter #6 “E”.

Collect the white pages on the counter before leaving the room.

Return to the infirmary and they will provide letters #7 “P” and #12 “A”.

Return to the arguing thugs to bring peace.

They will provide letter #9 “T” and #3 “A”.

The pink-haired guard will get a taste and provide letter #11 “I” and unlock the gate.

Use the stairs to go to the next floor.

Ignore the thug in front of the brown door. He won’t reveal anything until Selena has 11 letters.

Go to the bathroom (bottom right) and talk to the suffering soldier.

He will provide the 8th letter “Y”.

Go to the barracks (bottom middle) and speak to the poker player.

He will provide the 10th letter “H”.

Go to the garage (top) and grab the rope.

Go back to the stairs and go to the room next to Selena’s cell (2nd from right).

The mirror is a hint that Selena needs to arrange the two cells to mirror each other.

Place the magazine and rope on the desk and the papers next to it.

Push the chair to the very right and the room will go dark.

Check the mirror again and it will reveal the 4th letter is “C”.

Go back to the stairs and speak to the thug in front of the brown door.

(Save 12).

Enter the room with the brown door.

Selena will run into Tony and meet Martin “the Ogre” Owen.

After Selena is saved, the thug will give her the 5th letter “L”.

Go to the keypad. Press ‘X’ to delete.

Click the proper code (all lower case!): oraclepythia

Click OK and enter the room.

(Save 13).

Try to exit through the top right door and Tony will have to save Selena again.

After Selena returns home, exit and Mr. Gray will call her.

(Save 14).

Mr. Gray Blackmail 4:

Drive to the hospital.

(Save 15).

Enter the elevator through the door at the top left corner.

Talk to Mr. Gray and Selena will help him out.

Mr. Gray will let Selena keep the nurse’s outfit.

Go see Alexander and he will hint at a future case.

The clothing boutique, Luxury Beauty, will call.

(Save 16).

Drive there and talk to the clerk for Selena to work as a living mannequin again.

Selena will have to endure an old friend’s fun.

Drive to the police station.

Talk to Donald. He will tell Selena that she needs the approval of a Level 5 OHA to promote to Level 4.

He will introduce Selena to a Level 5 OHA named Katherine “The Lucky”.

Drive back to Selena’s neighborhood. Head towads the white bank building and enter the left door.

(Save 17).

Go upstairs and enter the first room.

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