Wings of Roldea Walkthrough & Guide

Wings of Roldea Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Wings of Roldea Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

General Guide – Wings of Roldea Walkthrough & Guide

I recommend going with Ilmeia (the guy who initially helps you) both to the forest and then to the plains map later, since without him you only meet Frei from the castle at a later date, and I suspect it completely locked me out from the good ending in the main questline during my first run. And while with him, you might as well take advantage and open up as many maps/dungeons as you can, since you can’t die with him, could level up pretty quickly, but will part ways as soon as entering Noble city.

Leveling up is done by actions, which means you score points in offense by finishing the enemy with your weapon/magic, and level up defense by taking hits, same with thieving that is done by trying to rob/unlock chests. When you gain a level only takes effect (and all score gain stops) next time you sleep, so sleep often. Your partner effectively adds up their skill level to yours (defense and weapon only), so always take a companion if you feel the need for it. But most importantly, leveling up your equipment makes the most difference, so make sure you save money to upgrade your weapon/magic/heal slots. Speaking about that, you only have the one sword to upgrade, but you can get three different magic spells in total, wind has good range, flare does damage closer to you but is stronger, and the last one lightening has a really good damage rate, they are all hard to hit sometimes, so it takes a bit of practice, but don’t neglect them since they are great for eliminating a larger group of enemies.

Vitality-VIT represents your unrest, and goes down with time as well as doing activities, but specially when cumming or getting raped, when your health depletes you go down and get raped, but you only faint after depleting VIT. There are a few exception to this though, the enemies that capture you when you go down, bandits mostly that take you to their lair for a rape scene. Estrus-EST, represents how horny she gets, it goes up by getting groped and spit with aphrodisiacs, I think the higher it is, the easier for her to orgasm-ORG, or at least level up the lewd stats faster. It goes down naturally, so fast that it doesn’t even matter, that is, until you get the succubus curse, which makes it go up permanently and can only reduce by using an item you get by doing lewd stuff, either masturbating, getting raped, or prostitution.

However when EST is high and VIT is low, your stats get severely affected, making it much harder to fight through the dungeons (affecting stamina/mana/health recovery rates), so in a way you’re forced, as a succubus, to do ecchi to keep your strength up. That being said, its quite easy to keep on top of it, just make sure you’re rested and satisfied before going out on dungeons. Also always make sure to eat hearty meals, and bringing in some backup items before going out. Which brings me to my final point, I went for a virgin run and can’t see any real reason for keeping her virginity, it seems that after the curse, the more of a slut you are the less the EST item takes effect (starts with -100 and goes down from that). There is also egg pregnancy, that atm doesn’t to have any effect in gameplay, you’ll just wake up the next day with a inflated belly, go to a bed and deliver it (also note that not all costumes have a pregnant variant yet).

Main Quest – Wings of Roldea Walkthrough & Guide


  • You start off being rescued by Ilmeia, just after receiving the first Roldea blessing (the prologue).
  • Go with him to the cave help the little girl, then go with him to the south plains.
  • Go to Noble city, talk to Frei and get offered the house there.
  • On the pub in Noble you can unlock the sewers and go investigate with Ilmeia.
  • From this point on you’re pretty much free but you can:
    • Help with the bandit request from the barracks in Noble, helps with some early on cash and leveling up.
    • Go to the temple to find Iriza and start her questline.
    • Go back to the south plains and find Rita (red haired knight).
    • Open your way to the Trade City Dominia which has the adventurers guild (for extra money) and the succubus questline.
    • Find the southern town of Tarlette and hear the whereabouts of the vampire.
    • Or explore east to find the desert Goldoria city.

Iriza’s Pendant – Wings of Roldea Walkthrough & Guide


  • Find her in the Noble temple first.
  • Then find her on the left side of Dominia business district for the first thieving event.
  • She follows the thief back to the southern plains.
  • Go to Dominia adventurers guild and get asked to investigate the cult, Ilmeia and Iriza join up.
  • At some point you can find her again where they stole from her.
  • At the mining town of Gold Berun, at night you can find a thieving succubus familiar.
  • Follow the familiar to the south desert plains (Berun Wst South).
  • You should find her again at Noble’s temple after completing some other main quest branches.
  • Follow the familiar once again to a dungeon.
  • Once you finished Helior’s quest, you find her pendant in his house and bring it back.

Succubus Curse – Wings of Roldea Walkthrough & Guide


  • In Dominia residential districts, find a succubus familiar on the act on the southern edge.
  • Watch the scene and then eventually follow her to a dungeon Revna Ruins.
  • Beat the dungeon and watch her resurrection, here is where you get the curse.
  • One of the shops in the Dominia market district offers you a cure, but only after you acquire 100 semen for another shop next door (this also unlocks the prostitution).
  • One easy way to get all 100 semen is play the “brothel” events, that is, get caught stealing and run away from the guards on either city (but honestly you do not need to hurry it).
  • After getting the semen, return to the shop guy and he will say another thing is needed.
  • Go back to Carlo village (the initial one), find a dungeon and get the item there.
  • Return to the shop to get your cure, now you can de/activate the curse at your leisure.

Helior Quest – Wings of Roldea Walkthrough & Guide


  • At some point Helior will approach you while eating a meal at the Dominia pub (still unsure what triggers it, but I think being a succubus and progressed on Iriza questline).
  • He will show you his house and tell that he likes to collect vintage items, like old books.
  • At Carle village (the one north from the initial), there is a maid talking about her previous work on a mansion.
  • Find that mansion going through Atele’s forest, its also a good point to get the other events here (a blessing and Rita).
  • Go through the mansion and find everything, there should be a book for Helior and a token for the previous maid.
  • Go back to Helior and sell him the book.
  • Take the token to the maid, sleep in the Inn, you should now wake up in a otherworld dimension.
  • Ilmea and Iriza joins to beat through this dungeon, eventually you find Helior and the Succubus and find a way to get back.
  • Not sure if you need this to be done before or after the above otherworld event, but you can find him for some lore talk, first at the Lastella’s Altar (northern passage), then at Lucilia Ruins (southeast from Goldoria).
  • Having also finished the thieving familiar events, you should finally find Iriza’s necklace at Helior’s house.

The Blessings – Wings of Roldea Walkthrough & Guide


  • There are five blessings in total, and you don’t need to get them in any particular order, but granted some are harder to get, Frei also mentions that you don’t need all of them.
  • The first is given in the prologue, the forest of Romenia.
  • There is one Atele’s forest, close to Dominia, if you skipped Ilmeia’s help at the start, you can only talk to Frei after getting this blessing.
  • Another one is in Astella’s Altar, going through Razen valley, this is also where you get the “Storm” magic.
  • One is given at the Phantom Castle, that is accessible after talking to Melnira, the skeleton dragon at the picture above (someone in Tarlette is village talks about it).
  • The last one is found in Lucilia’s Ruins.
  • After getting at least 4 you can return to Dominia’s city, where Frei will offer you to take the Roldea ritual, giving the necklace back to Iriza determines if you get ED1 or ED2.

Freeing Romenia – Wings of Roldea Walkthrough & Guide


  • At the Goldoria pub, you will find the detective Lane who asks for help on a case
  • She opens up the slums, where you can go through the dungeons and find some missing girls.
  • After a while she will be missing from the pub, go and search for her.
  • note: this is the only part of the game where you can actually miss a GoR, since this becomes inaccessible later.
  • Rescue her and negotiate with the lord to help with the bandits.
  • Now the armored knight at the Inn asks if you want to help retake Romenia from the bandits.
  • You first need to clear forest dungeon and break the magic seal (you can’t use magic before that).
  • Now you finally rescue Zelfina and free the castle from the prologue, this is ED3.

Rita questline – Wings of Roldea Walkthrough & Guide


  • You first meet her in the southern plains (you may need to be alone for this).
  • Meet her again in the Dominia adventurers guild.
  • You can now follow her to the west cave, partner up and beat the dungeon (this is where she gives you the flare magic).
  • Find her again in the Tarlette town, in the place where people line up to try a legendary sword.
  • Find her again in Carle village, where you can see her take up a quest from the elder.
  • Follow her to Menil’s forest (very hard), where you can rescue her and follow up until she gets the fruit.
  • Find her again with the elder at Carle village, from here on you can find her at the Dominia guild a recruit as companion (for free)(this also may be a requirement for the otherworld event at the Inn).

Elmia questline – Wings of Roldea Walkthrough & Guide


  • This is the weird girl at the pub in Dominia, you can take her with you, but she is pretty weak and goes away easily if you take too much damage.
  • In the residential district, there is a library where you can ask about Toelna.
  • With her in the party go to the Lastella’s Altar, in the northern cave there will be a event with white ropers coming out.
  • Return to the library to investigate about the white ropers.
  • Take her again to the Carle village, talk first to someone in the Inn, the talk to the old man in the furthest house.
  • This opens up Elau Ruins just nearby the village, you don’t need her there and its pretty hard, find the key item.
  • Finally with the key item and her in tow, go back Lastella cave and open the gate to the old capital.
  • After beating you get ED4, though she will still be available for joining up at the pub.

Vampire’s questline – Wings of Roldea Walkthrough & Guide


  • Around Tarlette’s town you will hear about a vampire tomb called Riegel ruins
  • After going through the dungeon you pass a place where he can call you.
  • Walking around Tarlette at night you may encounter him and the blonde vampire.
  • After that (not sure the triggers), he will come to in you in your sleep and ask you for a treasure.
  • At some point in residential part of Dominia (where you met the first succubus event), there is a event with the female vampire, she asks you something but I don’t think it affects anything (this is mentioned as being optional).
  • The treasure is in the Mezlea ruins, after freeing the mines of Gold Berun and going through Dile cave.
  • He will show up again in your sleep to take the treasure and ask you to go on another dungeon.
  • The last dungeon called Riegel temple on the southernmost part of the map (pretty hard)(also where you meet the half lady half tentacle monsters).
  • Beating this grants you ED5.

Kurumi’s questline – Wings of Roldea Walkthrough & Guide


  • First meet her in the southern plains, then join up while doing the bandit fortress in the main quest.
  • After this she will be at the pub in Dominia, where she talks about some mirror wall dungeon.
  • Apparently you can also meet her in the gold caves east of Dominia (good place to farm gold)(maybe optional?).
  • Find her first at the Menil’s Border ruins, next to the orb portal thing.
  • Go through the Voz labyrinth, to eventually reach the statue puzzle room.
  • Interact with the statues according to a memo (you got from bandit fortress), imagine the position of the statues on the memo.
  • With the key in possession, talk to her again at the Inn, now she can take you to the Mirror Wall dungeon.
  • Notice that this is about the hardest dungeon in the game, even with her in tow, and whenever your health gets too low she teleport you back.
  • At the end you can find the rainbow crystal and get ED6, the crystal is used for the final upgrade to your sword.

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