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Superpowered Walkthrough & Guide

Here’s the Superpowered Walkthrough & Guide, we’ll guide you to unlock all the events and scenes , and answers to Common questions.

The walkthrough references only the base game. No mods are discussed. It is a great resource for a more in-depth explanation of any particular aspect of the game.

This walkthrough is going to focus on getting Billy up and active as quickly as possible. The game has no time limit so feel free to wander off script if it starts feeling tedious!

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How you Lose the game

Billy’s behaviour is monitored by the government. If he fails to maintain basic behaviour, he receives a demerit. Too many demerits and he ends up reclaimed by the Initiative.

Note there is no display of how many demerits Billy has! The rules aren’t particularly onerous and it is easy enough to avoid receiving (almost) any demerit points.

Currently, Billy gets demerits from two primary sources:

  • If he fails to maintain his grades at a appropriate level (>75), he gets a demerit.
  • If he is caught in public sexual acts (public masturbation, public sex, combat sex), he gets a demerit.

Principal Larson can erase one demerit received at school as a professional favour once a week. Apparently, demerits also expire over time (about 2 months).

How to Graduate from school-Superpowered Walkthrough

It is barely possible to graduate the first year if you rush, but you can’t get both Derek and Tamara in your club and do so. The NCHDL plot is simply too long even assuming bug-free optimal play.

In order for Billy to graduate all the following must be true:

  • It is the first 5 days of May
  • Billy attends school
  • Billy’s grades are >= 70
  • The NCHDL plot line is complete. Caution: with perfect play, this plot line takes more than 6 months to complete AFTER the club is formed. Depending on Billy’s attributes, club formation can take a few months and you can’t start until the first week of October.
  • The player agrees to fill in the paperwork when asked

If you reach May 6 without filling in the paperwork, you cannot graduate until the next May.

School Year

The school year runs from Aug to May. Graduation is in May.

Game calendar

The game uses an alternative calendar of 13 months with 28 days each and an extra day that exists between years. Google International Fixed calendar for more details.

There are 2 month-long breaks: Dec and April. The three months of Jun-Jul is another break between school years. Currently, the breaks are announced and grade changes and awarding school influence are omitted for those months. All other activities (going to class, meeting people at school, working) continue as normal.

Currency Types

This is a game of resource collection and allocation. There are a variety of currencies with some limited conversion between the types.

Money ?A basic currency, each person other than you gets $40 pocket cash every week. You can use ‘borrow a few bucks’ for 2 charm and a hit to their Favor to get $20 or earn cash working a job for a time period. Money is stand-alone; you cannot convert other currencies to or from money though Globex influence can buy discounts on power purchases. The two main expenditures of cash are taking buses around town at $2 per ride and buying power shots from Globex. Powers come in 3 price ranges.

  • Utility powers (enhanced senses, flight) cost $250, * rank for a shot ($250, $500, or $750). 25 Globex influence expenditure provides a $125 discount.
  • Cheaper powers (SymPathic Link, Psychosism, Mercurial Speed, Kinesis) cost $500 * rank for a shot. 50 Globex expenditure each shot reduces the cost by $300.
  • Expensive powers (Mind Control, Polymorphism, Armor of Terra) cost $750 * rank per shot with a $500 discount from 100 Globex expenditure.

Assuming Globex expenditure for every power shot other than the utility powers, you’ll still spend over $17,000 acquiring your powers and probably another $1,000 or so busing around town.

Until most of the powers are obtained, money is the secondary bottleneck.

Global influence ?a basic form of influence gained from gossip, and awarded from a variety of other actions ?like public Ops, completing certain personal goals,and successfully working a job. This influence can often substitute for a more specialized form of influence at a 5:2 ratio. It cannot substitute for Initiative Influence for discipline shots, unlocking Public Ops, or for Globex influence for power discounts. The principal can convert 250 Global influence into 50 of a more specialized type. Since you can’t spend part specialized and part general, this helps consolidate your gains into a sum large enough to spend. Note the consolidation is less efficient than simply spending Global much of the time!

School Influence ?A basic form of influence, it can be spent at school adjusting the environment or converted into other specialized forms of influence at a 2:1 ratio. Global influence can be substituted directly at 5:1 ratio for all uses. For the walk-through, it is assumed you’ll spend all the influence buying other types.

  • You gain Influence at a graded (i.e. non-break) month-end if your grade is high enough maxing at 100 influence for 96 or better grade
  • Critical success at a tier 1 or 2 school job earns school influence
  • A regular success at a tier 3 school job earns school influence
  • Completing some personal goals can also generate a school influence award
  • Completing NCHDL missions often grant some school influence

Globex influence ?The only purpose of this influence type is to get a discount on power purchases. The only source of the influence is conversion from school or global influence. If you buy discounts for every shot other than the utility powers, you’ll need 1,500 Globex influence which costs something around 600 school influence + 6,000 global influence. Note the major bottleneck is Initiative influence for Discipline shots. After the first few powers, acquiring a discount on cash is a convenience only.

Logistics Influence ?This influence type is used to acquire new jobs and to receive pay raises at those jobs. Global influence can be substituted directly at 5:1 ratio for all uses. The only sources for this influence are critical successes at the teacher’s aide job if you have mind control power and conversion of school/global influence. Never convert Global influence (other than necessary to complete a personal goal); it is worth more spent directly at the Logistic office! Pay raises are of limited value and there are at most 4 jobs to acquire so you’ll spend less than 1,000 Logistics influence. Note that acquiring 150 Influence is necessary to open the Globex jobs.

Initiative Influence ?This influence type is used to open public ops, gain discipline shots, and train your attributes. The only option that allows Global substitution is attribute training. The first two require Initiative influence. The primary method of Initiative Influence collection is Public Ops. The minimum expenditure is 3,700 of to acquire enough shots to get all powers and open Public Ops. Training attributes gets very expensive quickly. To get all attributes to the maximum of 5 takes about 10,000 Initiative influence or about 50,000 global influence! Initiative influence is the primary bottleneck in the game. Collection of it competes with personal training, studying, and earning cash.

Starting choices

Primary Trait: Social. Rationale: The primary focus of the game is Billy’s social interactions. Each point of social grants 2 charm per period that can be used to sway a target. The primary early use — asking the target to gossip on your behalf — consumes 2 charm as does asking for a few bucks. 6 charm is good starting point. Additionally, conversation gains depend on the Social attribute and +3 vs. +2 means a lot when you are trying to collect 14×80 points!

Secondary Trait: Mental. Rationale: physical interactions are primarily combat and that can be avoided trivially until you have power sets to let you win. Additionally, Mental talent controls how much experience you earn from personal training and how much Tamara earns from your tutoring.

Swapping the Social/Mental works fine as well. I recommend Physical be the weak attribute.

Starting perks explained

Your choices are 30 experience in a talent, having your sister at home all the time (as opposed to home at school breaks), or being hung like a horse. The sister is extremely valuable as a source of influence, cash, and energy after Mind Control and Sympathic Link are acquired and can’t be acquired any other way.

Well endowed offers some value in maintaining lust inside your harem and can only be emulated thorough a specific choice of Polymorphism that can be better spent getting bonuses to a skill category.

3 perks: Strongly recommended: Good Brother and 30 experience in Nerd (bonus Concentration). The third choice is less vital. I recommend well-endowed. Persuasive (bonus Persuasion), or Charming Boy (bonus Personality) are decent alternates. Well-endowed offers the largest long-term benefit.

Why these talents

Concentration is the skill used in two important areas: It augments your chance of critical success and it is the skill used to determine how much experience you receive in the primary skill from personal training. In effect, the higher your concentration, the faster Billy will increase other skills. Further in the future, Concentration also factors into the two primary mind control abilities: Break Will and Dominate. For Break Will, having a Concentration + natural Mental >= 10 is excellent and for Dominate having a Concentration + natural Mental >= 11 is excellent.

Persuasion, like Concentration, determines how much experience Billy earns in a secondary skill from personal training. Persuasion also reduces the Favor cost of various requests ?such as personal training.

Personality determines how much Favor Billy acquires from meeting people at lunch and gains from physical interactions. A early score here helps get the girls to the 60 Favor necessary to ask for their phone # and to gossip on Billy’s behalf.

General Notes

Pay attention to your personal goals and try to complete all except 揥ords are like bullets? Influence is precious at the beginning of the game and sacrificing 100 school influence or 250 global influence for Logistics influence isn’t justified by the award offered. Complete it after you have mind control and can afford to take a breather.

X-Ray Vision

Using x-ray vision on girls you are attracted to converts willpower into energy. Using x-ray vision on girls that you are not attracted to grants willpower. There is no cost to using the ability, but you can only use it once per time period. Family is a great source of extra willpower mornings/afternoon in the early game. Energy generated by a desirable target depends on the number of fetishes the target fits and the ranks invested in the powers that granted the fetish.


The basic shower grants a decent sized energy award once a day with no period change. Two time periods have a chance of a special event. Taking a shower in the morning may conflict with your sister’s schedule. Letting her go first earns you 10 Favor and costs you nothing. Taking a shower in the afternoon may conflict with your mom and cost you Favor and reduce her inhibition slightly. Later on, as your relationship with the women change, other scenes become available with their own rewards.


The basic TV action grants both energy and willpower once a day with no period change. TV at night is often altered. Monday it is shared with Stephanie and her friend Danni. You get a small Favor award with each of them and a small energy award. Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday, it is shared with Stephanie. Early on, you can either refuse to provide a back-rub and collect a decent willpower award or grant one for a smaller willpower and energy awards. Sunday night is shared with your mother. Instead of the typical willpower/energy awards, each option gives something different. Early on, watching a comedy for 10 Favor is very helpful.

Time Periods

There are 4 basic periods of the day: Morning, Day, Afternoon, and Night. Learn what actions cause a period change and try to spend all your charm each period.

  • Morning starts at home. Travelling to school DOES NOT change periods. You see a random assortment of girls before the period changes. Keep all or at least most of your charm to spend on the girls at school in the morning.
  • Travelling home from school DOES change the period. Spend all the charm you can before heading out.
  • Night has more limited set of interactions. You can only spend charm though the phone. Other actions and destinations are limited. Essentially, you can invite girls over for a booty call, go patrolling, OR hope to have a random event Wed or Saturday. Only one event will happen on any given night.

Improving Billy


Attributes go up every time a superpower rank is purchased and through High Intensity Training (HIT) at the Initiative. The total Attribute is adjusted by superpowers and is used occasionally by the game. Natural Attributes are capped at 5. They affect the total and are used directly by a fair number of calculations in the game. HIT requires 3 training sessions per increase. HIT starts reasonably cheap, but every training increases its cost as does every increase earned (so the cost rises 4 steps for every +1 gained).


Class attendance: Billy receives 1 point if he is distracted, Natural Mental + 1 if he pays attention, or 2 * total Mental on a critical success.

Personal Training: Billy receives (Natural Mental + Concentration) in one talent and (Persuasion) in another. The talents depend on the personality of the trainer. Note there is no random element in this improvement choice and the amount gained gets quite large. Towards the end of improvement, Billy is getting 15 points in one talent and 10 in a second compared to 6 for a normal success and 16 for a critical success in class. My playthroughs rely heavily on personal training. Since there are better things to do at school after the first few weeks, attend class only if a game element is triggered (such as club plots), if you want to see the vignettes, or if a normal success will trigger an increase in the talent.

Mind Control training: similar to Personal training, the Favor cost is reduced but so are the rewards. Only use this option if something better isn’t available.


There are two steps to acquiring a superpower.

1) Get a Discipline injection at the Initiative. The cost is 100 * number of shots prior (including Enhanced Senses) Initiative influence. In addition to allowing the purchase of a new power, each discipline shot reduces Willpower loss from desirable women and increases Willpower regeneration from sleep.

2) Buy the power from Globex. Each power has 3 ranks.

Powers come in 3 price categories. A rank costs its level (1-3) multiplied by a base cost. Cheap powers cost $250, mid-range are $500, and expensive are $750.

Globex influence provides a flat discount to that cost. Cheap powers use 25 Globex to save $125. Mid-range powers use 50 Globex to save $300. Expensive powers use 100 Globex to save $500.

You do not need to complete the purchase of all ranks in one superpower before acquiring a new one. The guide is written in a way that encourages that implicitly, but there may be times when getting a new power offers material benefit (extra rank in an attribute or other minor ability) towards completing your longer-term goals. Note that the best abilities are found in the last ranks of a power. The only times I would urge you to complete a power as quickly as possible are Flight (for the extra energy boost), Mind Control (rank 3 is vital to long term use), and Armor of Terra (the passive shield prevents almost all damage in every fight).

If you are running excess Discipline shots or have the Initiative Influence to purchase one, consider the possibility of grabbing a low-rank in Polymorphism (extra personality, extra charm, and a body alteration (+1 to 3 talents link to an attribute)), Armor of Terra (armour), or Mercurial Speed (+1 Reflex). This is less likely with the changes to Public Ops, but is still worth considering should you end up with excess Initiative influence.

The walk-through assumes you followed the advice of the first set of choices (sister, well-endowed, bonus to Concentration).

Grade Mechanics

The weekly period for grades is Friday morning until Thursday evening. Your grade is updated Friday morning on Billy’s stats page and officially reported on Saturday morning at month end.

There are four basic ways to earn grade increases: critical success taking a class grants a point, being tutored adds 3 points, study at college library adds 3 points, and self study adds 1 point. If you haven’t earned at least 5 points so far this week, self-study grants a second point.

  • Tutoring costs $25 and 20 energy.
  • Studying at college costs either energy, cash, or Favor to get there plus 40 energy. It is only open Saturdays and Sundays during the Day and Afternoon periods.
  • Self study costs 40 energy.
  • Taking a class costs 20 energy, but critical successes are random and somewhat rare.

First 2 weeks

Your first goal is to fix your grades. You have 2 weeks in which to raise the grade to a minimum of 80. Since you get school influence at the end of every month, your actual goal is 96 to get the maximum award. You start off with a 70 and automatically lose (6-book smarts) level each week. Getting a level in book smarts is trivial so you need to gain 36 points over the two week period to take your 70 to 96.

Secondary goals include getting at least one additional level of Enhanced Senses (to acquire Book smarts and x-ray vision). Hopefully you will get your family members to at at least 80 Favor each, and Sandra’s phone number.

My strategy is to earn 6 points from 2 college study periods on the weekend (day or afternoon periods). Spend the second week’s Monday-Thursday periods at school being tutored. Assuming the enhanced senses are purchased the first week, this gives a 96 grade.

This leaves most of the first week and the last Friday free for classroom instruction. With luck, you may get one or two critical successes and save a self-study period.

Gaining Favor

The initial method of gaining Favor with a person is to chat. There are 9 subjects. Each personality type has 4 favoured chat options. These options are always the same for anyone with that personality type. Work out what 4 options the target responds to and select those and only those when chatting. Chatting one of these four options will gain Favor equal to Billy’s Natural Social score. As Enhanced Sense ranks are purchased, the personality type is made apparent on the phone as their Interests. Make note that if you alter the personality type using Mind Control , the preferred topics change. Low Favor (<40) means the target will only allow a single chat exchange. Higher Favor (>=40) allows as many as Billy has Charm to offer.

Some social interactions also offer the chance to gain a mixture of Favor and Love. It tends to cost more charm and offer awards similar to chatting (the Favor award is based on Billy’s Leadership score). Personality types also influence which social interactions are acceptable. Later, when Billy’s Charm is double-digits, it can useful to use these interactions once the 4 chatting options are tapped. Since these Favor gains are based on the Leadership talent, it can be advantageous to use them instead of chatting once the Leadership score is decently larger than Billy’s Natural Social attribute.

Once a small favor is available, ask for the phone number. This gives direct text access to the target and access to their “Bookface” account.


Texting can be done once per time period per interest type (Favor, Love, Lust). Texting also offers the “Invite Over” request. If the target has a high enough lust (60 with well-endowed, 80 otherwise), they’ll agree to a booty call that night. Each night can only have a single event: booty call, random event (Wed, Sat), or patrolling.


Like texting, Bookface offers 3 choices Favor, Love, and Lust increases for the cost of a single Charm. Bookface can be used as much as Billy has Charm to spend. The only downside to using Bookface is the target is randomly determined from all contacts in the phone. The good news is it is randomly chosen every time the app is opened. If you don’t like the current target, close and reopen the app.

Favor thresholds

40 <– minimum for the non-family non-professional subject to chat more than once per session

60 <– non-professional subjects will give small favours like phone # and gossip

80 <- professional subjects (principal and nurse) chat more than once per session and give small favours like phone # and gossip, non professional will help train or perform large favours

100 <– professional subjects perform large favours

Week 1 -Superpowered Walkthrough

Remember to use all Charm each time period! Use X-Ray vision on family and other unattractive targets (Chelsea, Allie, Principal Larson) to regain willpower! Keep track of your Willpower masturbate in your room in the afternoon when it gets particularly low! Shower in the mornings!

Note that when attending a class, if Billy manages to pay attention, you will also encounter a specific classmate before the time period changes. Consider saving some charm to talk with her.

First Day

Day: Chat with mom. Bus to college. Chat with SuLynn. Text/Bookface with sisterx4 Study.

Afternoon: Chat with sister x 4. Bus to college. Chat with SuLynn. Text sister. Study.

Evening: Shower, TV (comedy). Text mother and sister. Bookface with mother until she’s 60+ Favor then Bookface the rest with sister. Sleep.

Monday: Take a few bucks from mother. Go to school and work on Personality for both periods, go home, spend a Charm on Danni. Save a Charm to use with the nurse! take bus to Globex and buy Enhanced Senses 2. Spend extra Charm each period Bookfacing/texting with Mom (until she’s 60+) then sister.

Tuesday: Take a few bucks from mother; remember to use all unspent Charm each period raising Favor back to 60+ and then on sister until she’s 80+. Spend 2 periods at school working on Personality until you have at least 10 experience then switch to Persuasion, go home, save a Charm to use with the nurse, take bus to Globex and buy Enhanced Senses 3

Wed-Friday: spend 2 periods at school each day. Work on Personality until you have at least 10 experience then switch to Persuasion. With luck both will hit 1 by the end of the week.

Wednesday afternoon: train with sister (select sister, Interaction menu, ask for help with training) if willpower is decent and Favor is 80+ otherwise jerk off

Thursday afternoon: Masturbate in your room.

Friday afternoon: as Wednesday, or Thursday depending on Willpower level and sister’s Favor.

Weekend: Go to the college library 4 times and study twice. Might as well gain as much Favor with SuLynn as possible There’s nothing else to do. Spend your Charm! If you have extra energy, study another time to free up a period at school.

Charm expenditure -Superpowered Walkthrough

Concentrate Charm expenditure on sister until she’s at 60+ Favor. You can spend up to 5 Charm (4 topics plus messaging) per time period she’s present and 1 Charm per period she’s not. Bookface is your friend at this point as there are only 2 contacts in your list.

Keep mother at 80+ Favor; you’ll need a ride at one point. Get sister to 80+ Favor so you can ask for personal training, Get Sandra to 60+ and get phone number.

Keep as many gossips working as possible. Since most girls at school will barely talk to you, spend some Charm before heading to school.

Borrow a few bucks when you can afford the Favor loss. Check the target still has cash first!

Get girls to 60+ Favor so you can get their phone # and start using them as gossips ?Sandra starts at 40 so concentrate charm spend on her when she appears.

Activate personal training with sister (she grants Concentration primary and Awareness secondary) as frequently as you can afford the Favor loss. She’s available every afternoon other than Thursday.

Charm left over, especially in the evenings, can be spent on raising Favor, (and once you have an appropriate target) Love, and Lust. Once a target’s Lust is high enough, Invite Over is a better Willpower boost than jerking off. Well-endowed reduces Lust lost from inviting a girl over to 20 from 40, but you probably want to set up a few girls to use on rotation as you restore their Lust with sexts.

Week 2

Monday-Thursday: All periods at school receiving tutoring. You can drop one tutor session for every extra (more than 2) college study periods on the previous weekend and every 3 critical successes on classroom activities (round down)

Friday your choice of class room activities: top up Persuasion if it didn’t get 10 xp yet or start working on Reasoning

Afternoons, repair Willpower, get training in Concentration from sister

Weekend: From now on, you need to alternate 2 or 3 self-study periods every weekend. If your grade is 96, take 3 and earn one extra grade. If your grade is over 96, take 2 and lose a single grade. Alternatively, spend one period at the college library and one period self-study every weekend to consistently maintain your grade. Consider studying at the college anyway as that’s the only opportunity to interact with SuLynn until you get her phone #. If you have less than a 98 grade, study at the college twice to get +1 grades for the week. If you have 98 or more, study once and lose a 2 grades in the week.

The following is broken up into months. These time frames are aspirational rather than prescriptive. I have done it in the time provided (or less), but a lot depends on random chance: how often you succeed vs. fail in the classroom, how many public operations appear, what random events occur, which girls are available each period at school, etc.

October — Acquire Flight, try to get phone #s for a few girls

The first couple of mornings are interrupted by being summoned to the principal. If everything went well, you receive a letter to Logistics Office and can now gain a job at school. The Logistics Office is only open when school is open and can only be accessed with Flight (which you don’t have yet) or getting ride with mom. Getting a ride is a button on the upper right corner of the map away from the other travel mode buttons. The second interruption is Larson giving you a new non-negotiable task: act as tutor/liaison to three new powered students. Tell the students the truth when you are accused of being a narc. It”ll make acquiring Tamara less tedious.

A quick note about the Night City High school Defence League (NCHDL):

Currently it is not possible to complete the story arc fast enough to graduate the first year. The author assumes the timing will be dealt with sometime in the future and as the arc is a requirement for graduation (as well as a lot of fun), references to it are kept in relevant sections. Just note that if something slips or gets forgotten for a few weeks, there really is no impact right now.

The bad news is you lose the Monday Afternoon time slot tutoring Freddy. The first few weeks it is strongly recommended you consistently tutor him. The interactions are scripted; the first couple of weeks not much happens and no choices are offered. The third session you choose a target for him to investigate. Choose Tamara. The 4th week, you again can make a target choice and a choice of how to distract Freddy as Billy shadows Tamara. If you want Tamara in your club, I recommend picking the ‘red herring’ choice with respect to how to distract Freddy. Choose Derek as Freddy’s target and keep Freddy after Derek from then on. See their respective sections in the footnotes with specific details on how to persuade them to join the club.

First order of business is acquiring the power of Flight. Before you are allowed a new power, you need to improve your Discipline at the Initiative. That requires 100 Initiative Influence. The only way to gather that right now is through Influence conversion at school. 100 school influence or 250 global influence can be converted into 50 Globex, Logistics, or Initiative influence in the Administration office. You have 100 school influence from your month-end assessment and should be close to 250 Global, depending on success in acquiring and running into gossips. Getting the shot completes a personal goal “Viva la Resistance!” and grants… 100 Initiative influence! Spend this influence on unlocking public operations. This is now your primary method for acquiring Initiative influence!

Acquiring a second power completes one of your goals and awards you 200 Global influence. Improve flight to rank 3 as quickly as you can. Not only does the cost of flying drop, rank 3 grants extra energy from most actions that provide it. Realistically, you can acquire Flight and complete its ranks within the first 2 weeks of October. Again, the award is very timely. Hopefully, the +200 pushed you over 250. Convert to 50 Globex influence to reduce the cost of the next 2 ranks. Cash is very important right now.

The next order of business is acquiring mind control. Why mind control? It is the linchpin power for the game; it allows you to adjust all the girls to generate more cash each week and spend less charm gathering it from them. It changes your relationship with your family. It allows you modify the personality (and thus the talents offered in personal training) of your family members. Finally and probably most importantly, it is fun.

You need a second discipline shot for 200 Initiative Favor. You need 100 Globex Favor + $250 cash to get the first shot, 100 Globex + $1,000 for the second, and 100 Globex + $1750 for the final shot. All told, the cost is $3,000 + 300 Globex. Now the grind will begin. Note this next section directly conflicts with getting the NCHDL running quickly enough to graduate. If that is your goal, you basically need to spend every school period tutoring Tamara.

Unintuitively, you are going to start be spending Initiative and Global influence raising Natural Mental to 3. One of the more efficient methods of generating cash is getting a better job. There are a few choices available. The two Billy as designed here are best suited for are Hall Monitor and Teacher’s Aide. Hall monitor requires Social + Leadership >= 6 and Teacher’s Aide requires Mental + Reasoning >= 6. It is slightly harder to reach Teacher’s Aide, but it is more rewarding.

Spend Initiative (and as necessary Global) influence training your natural Mental to 3. This allows the purchase of Teacher’s Aide with only 3 ranks of Reasoning. The increased pay ($70 per period vs. $50) substantially reduces the number of work periods necessary from 40 to 28. It also speeds Tamara’s tutoring and increases gains in personal training. This requires 3 trips to the Initiative and payments of 40, 60, 80 Initiative (or 200, 300, and 400 global) influence. Confirm Reasoning is 3 and take a few final classes to put you over the top. From here on out, class attendance is minimized; there is so much more valuable stuff to do when school is open to attend class!. Collect 250 Global influence and go to Logistics and get the job; remember Logistics is only available during school hours and you need to either fly or get a ride.

  • Collecting 200 Initiative influence is not terrible. Fit in public Ops missions most afternoons and each day on the weekend. Delay Concentration training a bit. Just note that the discipline shot cost keeps rising and your collection amount does not.
  • Keep attending school, but not necessarily classes; working a job is more important as is tutoring Tamara, and converting influence to Globex and Initiative.
  • If a girl has 76 or more Favor, take some cash otherwise take global influence via gossip. Spend all spare charm buying Favor to 76
  • Acquire more phone #s. Keep the gossips working.
  • Beg money from mom every week.
  • Keep training with your sister until Concentration is maximized (probably sometime in December/January) when you either can’t afford the energy to run an op or one isn’t available.
  • Start working your job. It’s expensive in energy, but helps with your cash flow. Do not bother getting a pay increase; the only job you’ll work enough to pay back the time lost and global influence is Security. Start saving! Try to work a job at least one period every day. Cash is king!
  • When you have spare time, but insufficient energy to work, tutor Tamara. Persuading her to join your club takes a fair amount of time so you might as well fit it in as you can.
  • Morning showers often give a gift of 10 free Favor with your sister. Since her Favor is a bottleneck to Concentration training, arrange morning showers as frequently as possible.
  • Gaining a 3rd discipline shot hits a breakpoint and is highly recommended. That’s another 300 Initiative influence. Initiative collection is becoming the new bottleneck. Don’t worry, it gets worse.

When Mind Control is purchased, Billy acquires the Incest fetish and mom becomes desirable. The first consequence of this is using X-Ray on her goes from building Willpower to consuming Willpower. Maintaining Willpower becomes a bit harder, but you have a new source of energy at home.

You almost certainly can acquire the discipline shot and first rank of mind control in very late October or first week of November. Remember, there are 3 aspects: 2nd discipline shot, $250, 100 Globex influence. The next section will focus on completing mind control.

The first rank grants a 2nd level of book smarts and another Concentration point. Grades can now be maintained with 2 self-study periods on the weekend but I suggest you continue college study — one if grade is over 97, 2 otherwise.

November / early December — Complete Mind Control

This month is going to focus on the additional $2,750 needed to buy the next two ranks of mind control. This is the toughest 6 weeks in the whole game.

You need about $2,800 this month (2,750 for the ranks plus bus money and maybe the occasional lunch). Your two income sources are working your job and begging money from family and friends in $20 increments at the cost of Favor. Beg $40 from your mom every weekend. Beg from school mates as frequently as your Charm and their Favor will allow (beg when their Favor is >= 76 so their Favor stays at or above 60 to allow gossiping to continue!) Consider begging from your sister whenever you are running a Ops mission rather than training Concentration.

If we assume you can get $200 a week from begging, you’re still trying to acquire around $2,000 from work. minus however much you already have banked. That’ s 28 shifts in 20 weekdays. In other words, work every school period unless you don’t have the energy to do so. Realistically, you won’t manage to collect all the cash until early December.

Keep saving cash and converting Global/school influence to Globex and get the Mind Control ranks as you can afford them. The 2nd Mind Control shot gives another Concentration point. The 3rd shot raises your Reasoning. Once you have the 3rd rank, you are ready to move into the next phase. I’ll discuss Mind Control use in the next month.

Get your 3rd Discipline shot as soon as you can collect 300 Initiative influence. The extra resistance and increased Willpower recovery go a long way to compensate for having the mother erode rather than rebuild Willpower. Since cash is comparatively hard to acquire, you may get the third shot before finishing Mind Control.

Consider forming the superhero club. If you met with Freddy every week, you should be through all of Derek’s scenes. Tamara requires 20-21 tutoring sessions before she’ll join. See details in the footnotes.

Once Derek and Tamara are on board, get the principal to sign off. This replaces your Monday afternoon meetings with Freddy with a Tuesday afternoon meeting with all 3. Occasionally, you will receive a mission. Completing the mission grants school influence and other small rewards. Some of the missions have choices that can lower your alignment. Be mindful about choosing Tamara or Derek to help. Working with you reduces their Favor which has limited means of being rebuilt. Continued tutoring and lunch dates can rebuild favor. Tamara is harder to rebuild since the basic lunch date is insufficient — you need to skip school with her and buy a gift or tutor her. Skipping school seems to be an opportunity that appears during a lunch date with her when she has sufficient lust.

December — Winter Break; use Mind Control / acquire SymPathic Link or Psychosism

This month is Winter Break! If you hadn’t selected Good Brother, you’d finally see your sister! Look back at all the willpower, cash, and potentially energy gained so far from her. Yes, it was a good choice! There is no school! Well, that’s an overstatement. Currently, it’s school with a different name. Your grades do not shift. You can still attend classes if you wish even if this guide doesn’t rely on classes for, well, anything at this point. The women still walk the halls. You can tutor and be tutored. The principal is in her office. You can still work a job at school, so keep collecting your Teacher’s Aide pay. Note you will NOT receive a report card or school influence on the last Saturday of the month!

Mind control makes cash easier to acquire once your will is established, but it’ll take a few weeks of disruption as mind control is used across the harem.

The good news is with mind control turning the women into drones/workers, your weekly income will begin to soar making further purchases far less work intensive.

Use mind control/mindcraft to convert people to drones. Drones refresh 100 Control daily which makes further use of mindcraft much easier. Start collecting all the cash a drone has with the mind control option for a cost of 10 Control and 1 Charm. As the drone count rises, start converting drones to workers ?this doubles the weekly cash carried at the expense of only 50 Control recovered daily. Convert Principal Larson to a worker as quickly as possible since her weekly cash reserve quadruples. With 13 women requiring 2 multi-day conversions, it’ll likely take over a month to get the cash engine fully ramped up.

Effective Mind Control technique

Assuming you have a Concentration + natural mental around 10-11, completely taking over a person requires 110 energy. (40 to remove Willpower, 30 to Dominate > 90 points, 40 for mind craft to convert to Drone).

Since Billy has at most 100 energy, this is a problem. Either you can delay the mindcraft portion until a later day (use the Meet at School text to guarantee appearance next period / next day) , use x-ray vision and get at least 10 additional energy, or spend charm to recover energy from drones/high Lust girls present.

Note that the conversion is not instant! It is based upon the Control remaining after the Mindcraft cost is paid. Each night the control level is tallied. Once this tally equals or exceeds 100 points, the mindcraft is complete. So if you have 10 Control remaining, it will take 10 nights. If you have 34 Control remaining, it will take 3 nights. Be careful not to use the remaining control a girl has on cash withdrawal or other services until the mindcraft is complete. If she drops to 0 Control remaining, the mindcraft will never finish. While converting between drone and worker, the girl is neither and she receives no Control refreshes! Her Control is at best 20 after issuing the conversion so do not use that control unless you plan to use Break Will/Dominate to rebuild!

Convert mom and sister’s personality to give you access to new training opportunities. A good one to start with is Gold Digger for Persuasion/Personality. Soon you are going to want high Reflex to qualify for security guard so Social Climber (Reflex/Persuasion) and Celebrant (Personality/Reflex) are valuable.

Once you have 4 levels of Reflex (you can either train 70 xp worth or purchase one of the physical powers (Armor of Terra or Mercurial Speed) and save some training time; Mercurial Speed gives Reflex at a lower rank, but Armor of Terra is more useful) , then buy a level of physical attribute. It will cost 1,050 global or 420 Initiative influence and three trips to the Initiative, but it really helps with health recovery and punching damage. You are now ready to get the security job. Regular successes can involve combat. Critical successes give you the option to fight or end peacefully. Additionally, normal successes grant additional school influence.

Power Acquisition

Of the cheaper powers, two offer the most advantage: SymPathic Link and Psychosism. Which one to pick up depends on personal preference. Both give an additional charm. SymPathic Link gives extra Persuasion; Psychosism gives extra Social Attribute. SymPathic Link allows the construction of permanent effects, and an easy way to reduce inhibition. Psychosism offers a slow increase in Corruption and fear as a new energy source. SymPathic Link makes younger looking girls more attractive and sexually available. This includes Billy’s sister, Allie, and Chelsea. Pick whichever suits you better. It won’t be long before you pick up the second anyway. My personal suggestion is SymPathic Link just to gain sexual interest in younger appearances including your sister. Turn the sister into a drone ASAP and then apply the suppression (Family Ties). The evening TV sessions eventually end up providing large amounts of both energy and willpower without time or charm cost. Just be prepared! With both mom and sister eroding willpower, you are going to need frequent booty calls to stay positive until more Discipline shots are earned and family love/lust can be raised.

January — acquire Polymorphism

Requires a 4th shot of Discipline.] This is starting to get relatively expensive. Start trying to clear every operation location every day. Skip periods at school.

Polymorphism provides a boost to Social attribute, persuasion, charm and 2 more style. Generally I choose 2 mental and one social increase, but any and all of the choices can be useful. Like much the rest of the game, physical seems to be the weakest choice. The third rank also provides 2 more Style which increases influence gain from most actions.

Start working the security job at least once a week day. The cash, school influence, and global influence go a long way to pay for the remaining powers. Winning combats is also key to opening the 4 faction missions at school

February — acquire SymPathic Link or Psychosism

Get another Discipline shot and whichever power you are missing. By now, cash inflow should have ramped up and the Initiative influence cost for further Discipline shots is the new bottleneck. Consider shifting extra global and school influence into Initiative.

March-April — acquire Armor of Terra, Mercurial Speed, Kinesis

April is Spring Break. It works just like Winter Break; i.e. all activities are normal but no school influence award at end of the month and grades remain stable. These acquired powers are almost exclusively combat-oriented.

Of the three, Armor of Terra is the most valuable. Once you got Flight, you could only be defeated on your own terms — you could always retreat. Once you get Armor of Terra finished, the opponents you face literally can’t beat you.

By now, money should be flowing in and after these purchases, mostly useless. The biggest difficulty in these three purchases is the 2,100 Initiative influence necessary to buy 3 more shots of Discipline. Keep clearing Ops and working as security. Shift school and general influence to Initiative.

As you can engage more freely in combat, look to get 15 wins, alignment to 60, and trigger missions from Kelly and Sandra. Both sets of missions gives you a new lunchroom option and grants a small amount of extra influence when gossiping with 3 specific girls.

Now that the last power has been purchased, you can turn your attention to rounding out Billy with Attribute increases and talent training!

Some events that are difficult/non-intuitive

Unlocking Fetishes -Superpowered Walkthrough

Unlocking a target’s fetish gives a new third option for full-session sex. The pattern for unlocking a fetish is identical with every woman. Some steps are gated by Corruption; the step completes, but the next one is not made available. Typically Corruption needs to be about 40 by the end of the sequence.

Use Small Favor to ask personal questions until the option vanishes.

If the target doesn’t have the option to ask personal questions, then the woman doesn’t have a fetish yet.

This has the same requirements and costs for any Small Favor (minimum Favor to access, consuming 2 Charm and 20 Favor) and only has a chance of success. Failures are typically telegraphed through noticing the target almost said something else. At least three successes are necessary to reach the next stage. Some successes require a minimum Corruption level. If it appears you were successful, but no advancement occurs, try raising Corruption a few points before trying again.

There are two possible responses to your question. A successful response which will cause Corruption to rise unless it is already 100, and a failure which won’t. Success depends on Natural Social, Persuasion, and lowered Inhibition (if you want math, the probability for success = 5 * (Natural Social + Persuasion ) + (100 ?Inhibition) / 4).

A score of about 10+ Corruption is necessary to complete the minor questions.

Use Major Favor to ask personal questions until the option vanishes.

Much like the previous stage, this has the same requirements and costs for any Large Favor (minimum Favor, consuming 3 Charm and 25 Favor) and only has a chance of success. Note the question may not change on successful attempts and determining which whether a response is a success or failure is a bit harder. At least three successes are necessary to reach the next stage. Some successes require a minimum Corruption level. If it appears you were successful, but no advancement occurs, try raising Corruption a few points before trying again.

There are two possible responses to your question. A successful response which will cause Corruption to rise unless it is already 100, and a failure which won’t. Success depends on Natural Social, Leadership, and lowered Inhibition (if you want math, the probability for success = 5 * (Natural Social + Leadership ) + (100 ?Inhibition) / 4); at least that’s what the wiki says ?I suspect the formula is incorrect as I experience more failures than expected).

A score of about 25+ Corruption is necessary to complete the major questions.

Perform a specific set of other interactions with the target 3 times.

Each woman has a particular set of action that plays towards her fetish. A Corruption of about 40+ is necessary to complete the chain.


Mom (sadist): 3x Go for coffee

Sister (cross dressing): 3x Shop Online


Allie (anal) : 3x Discuss News

Chelsea (voyeurism): A bit of a special case, Chelsea requires Denise and Mary fetishes unlocked first. 3x Discuss Philosophy. Pick between Sandra, Denise, and Mary (their lust/love needs to be high enough for normal sex). Once all three girls have been chosen, the fetish completes. She does not get a fetish option during sex; she can be invited over to watch another girl you invite over at night.

Denise (forced sex): Kiss, Grope, Blow job (you’re given a choice of approach — always choose the forceful option) — you need to go somewhere private to make the physical interactions available.

Kelly (anonymous sex): 3x Skip class + Workout

Mary (exhibitionism): 3x Discuss News

Nikki (young partners): 3x go jogging

Samantha (oral): meet at lunch and offer gum

Sandra (surrender submission): 3x Skip class + Go Shopping. Fetish sex requires her to wear her special outfit (small favor). Warning! Fetish sex costs a demerit.

Terri (Mary incest): 3x Go for coffee. Bring Mary.


Principal Larson (spanking submission): 3x Insult

SuLynn (bondage): 3x Go Shopping

Nurse Anne (going on   a normal date) 3x Invite Over via phone. When you click on Zzz to start the booty call, take her on a real date.   She does not get a fetish option during sex. The normal date with a sleepover is the fetish.

Derek joining your club

Have Freddy follow Derek every week. You’ll get an amusing incident each week. You should probably get Kelly’s phone # before pursuing the line. You will lose 30 Favor with Kelly at her incident.

The incidents are talking to him a lunch, Allie avoiding Derek, Kelly slapping him hard (and partially blaming you: lose 30 Favour), creep hanging around the pool. Once Freddy reports Derek hanging around the pool, Take a swimming class and confront Derek.

He’ll ask you to set him up with Sandra. Persuade/bribe her as you see fit. After the next weekend, take swimming again and get a rundown on the date from Sandra and later Derek in the hall. He’ll agree to join. Meet with Freddy again on Monday to complete this chain. You may wish to delay that meeting until after Tamara has already agreed to join to prevent potential interference with her chain.

Note neither swimming action actually gives you experience in Stoicism nor an opportunity to interact with Sandra.

For those dead-set against having Derek date Sandra, there is another route to have him join. After talking with him at lunch, meet with the principal and discuss letting Derek join the soccer team. It requires a large favor on her part. This route is less optimal in that the methods to gain future favor with Derek are more limited.

Tamara joining your club

Tutor Tamara until her Favor is about 40. You’ll start to get opportunities to impress her with your wit.

Keep tutoring Tamara until her love is near 25, but skip seeing Freddy until he approaches you in the hall with a notice that Tamara goes downtown every Monday. Have Freddy follow her once. Choose ‘red herring’ when thinking about how to distract Freddy.

Start tutoring Tamara only on Mondays (I choose 2nd period, I’ve heard morning works as well). When her love > 24, she’ll invite you home. Stay in school the whole day. Take the new option after school to go with Tamara. She’ll abandon you downtown and apologize the next day or so. Part of the apology is her agreeing to join your club.

Completing the NCHDL story-line

Note that this process takes about 6 months end-to-end once the club is active.

Step 1: Get the NCHDL up and running.

Get Derek and Tamara to agree to join or get the principal to assign proxies to act in their stead. Getting Derek takes 4-6 weeks. Getting Tamara is variable depending on Billy’s natural Mental and how many school actions are dedicated to tutoring her each week. Both activities can run in parallel. I typically complete Tamara mid-November / early December and try to get the club established before year-end.

Step 2: Attend its meeting every Tuesday afternoon and run missions when offered.

There are two different sets of missions: “quick missions” that are offered more frequently and may repeat and “longer” missions that are offered about every 5 weeks and shouldn’t repeat. You need to complete the 3 “longer” missions. The missions are Stolen Chemicals, Stolen Exam, and Locker room investigations. The order presented is random.

Step 3: 5 weeks after completing the last of the “longer missions”, you should run into Karma and Terrorstrike on the way to the club meeting.

Step 4: Run through several weeks of further game play. The next set of Tuesday afternoon events are entirely scripted. Eventually, something will happen that gives you opportunities to make choices. When you have choices, do not choose to do ‘nothing’ when confronting the guard with a gun. That loop is bugged and locks you into a static event every Tuesday afternoon without any obvious way to advance. If you do get stuck in the repeating Tuesday event, you can break out Friday at lunch by choosing the generic ‘friends’ option — there’s no indication in-game that this does something different this time, but it should.

Current problems with the story-line.

There are a couple of bugs inside the story-line right now detailed in the steps above. In addition to those, some game-play elements are disabled once you hit step 3. They are NOT fixed once the story-line completes. First, “bathroom break” vignettes stop. Second, Billy no longer goes to club meetings and no longer receives NCHDL missions. Third, this is unconfirmed, but Billy may not be able to receive Sandra’s and Kelly’s personal missions if they weren’t completed already. The final Pixie mission is repeated every Friday if you meet with generic friends at lunch rather than any other lunch option even though it should be a singular event.

Kelly’s mission (Cheerleaders)

Requirements: some combat experience (15 wins at most), alignment > =60. Starts when Kelly approaches you as you head towards a class with no active superhero club missions or other faction mission.

Step 1: Notice the guy in the hall.

Step 2: Notice the guy again at lunch.

Step 3 Be patient and manually go sleep at night (i.e. don’t run missions or patrol at night — click on the Zzz button). Kelly will call you and arrange an after school ambush.

Choose the selfie option.

Sandra’s mission (Rebels)

Requirements: some combat experience (15 wins at most), alignment > =60?, Starts when Sandra approaches you as you head towards a class when you have no active superhero club missions or other faction mission.

Step 1: Go the school library and pay for tutoring.

Step 2: Go see the principal. You’ll end up talking to Chrissy about registered phone numbers. Bribe/persuade her as you see fit. Talk about locker assignments.

Step 3: The next morning when you arrive at school, you should be prompted to stake out the locker in question. Stay at school for both periods and as you head home, you should meet Sandra at the pool to debrief.

Choose the option to return your relationship to the way it was before (this does not in fact reset the relationship).

Allie’s mission (Nerds)

Requirements: some combat experience (15 wins at most), alignment > =60. Starts when Allie approaches you as you head towards a class with no active superhero club missions or other faction mission.

There are a set of vignettes that occur over several days and are weekday-gated (some only happen Tues or Thurs, for example). There are no choices or specific places Billy has to go. The vignettes may only trigger as you attend class. Since class is a pretty terrible option for spending your time at school, save the game attend a class and if it doesn’t trigger a vignette, load and carry on normally.

Step 1: Meet with Mrs. Jackson.

Step 2: Meet with nurse.

Step 3 Meet with Allie.

Choose the lab partners option.

Chelsea’s mission (Jocks)

Requirements: some combat experience (15 wins at most), alignment > =60.   Starts when Chelsea charges at you   as you head towards a class with no active superhero club missions or other faction mission.

Chelsea (and later Nikki) has a mean wallop. Expect to take a fair amount of Health damage (I took 45 Health between them and that’s with Armor of Terra rank 2 — I have no idea if there is randomization or power checks involved).   Best to do this part when mostly healed. Someone (else) stole all the jock’s panties and you are the scapegoat.   No choices per se, but there are a variety of stat-checks (reasoning, awareness, and reflex) over a minimum of 3 days. The vignettes occur between class and don’t steal much (any?) time from Billy. In addition to giving Billy a serious ass-kicking, both Chelsea and Nikki gain 70 Anger when you talk to them.

Step 1: Meet with Nikki. Get your ass kicked AGAIN.

Step 2: <Reasoning check> Meet with Sandra and discover what happened — and why you are the one being blamed.

Step 3: Find the culprit <awareness check>, catch her <reflex check>, and confront her.   Luckily she is stupid enough to gloatingly confess in front of her victims.

Choose the help pass PT assessment option. Nikki and Chelsea apologize and lose their Anger.


Alignment is a general track of how ‘noble’ or ‘mischievous’ Billy is. High Alignment means Billy acts to help others. Low Alignment means Billy acts to entertain himself.

Alignment is only changed through specific actions and responses. In general, Billy can do a lot of actions one would think would affect alignment that don’t affect alignment at all.

In game, Alignment acts as a test to see if Billy will be offered certain options of action. A low Alignment is needed to play pranks at school and to make some choices Wednesday and Saturday nights when mom comes home. A high Alignment is needed for Kelly and Sandra to ask for help with their personal problems.

Reducing Alignment

Specific events, both the Wed/Sat evening and NCHDL missions, give choices that reduce alignment. Demanding a bribe while on patrol or working security lowers alignment.

Increasing Alignment

There are two main ways to gain alignment.

The first depends on Wednesday/Saturday night random events. If your mom brings Sophie home, you can gain +1 alignment by letting her use your bed to a maximum of 60. When sharing the bed with her, you can gain another +1 alignment by waking her up when she becomes sexually aggressive in her sleep to a maximum of 65.

The other way to gain alignment is to get the Maintenance Worker job (requires Fitness + Physical >= 6), One result of working the job is witnessing a bank of lockers fall on a student. Protect him for +1 alignment, +1 more if you fail and take the hit yourself. Alignment can reach 100 from this route.

Globex jobs and tallies

The three Globex jobs are interesting and can provide different scenery and situations. The jobs consume two time periods (Day and Afternoon) and base pay per time period is commensurate with school jobs one rank higher. Success and critical success gain small amounts of Globex and Logistics influence in addition to Global influence.

You require Mental + Awareness >= 7 for Logistics to offer the jobs.

Clerk must be purchased first. Awareness helps achieve critical successes.

Lab tech an be purchased immediately after clerk. Concentration helps achieve critical successes.

Admin assistant requires 40+ Maid Manners’ approval. Reasoning helps with critical successes as an admin assistant.

Counters and how to maximize gain:

There are three separate counters: Maid Manners’ approval, corruption, and control. All three depend critical successes in a job. In other words, they are uncommon to gain.

A critical success increases Maid Manners’ approval. +2 if Billy makes no attempt to fiddle with Alice’s mind (just thank her), +1 otherwise.

Control: gain control depending on mind control rank maxing at 5 for rank 3.

Flirt: gain 1 corruption

Insert chaos: this affects corruption in a random way. It tends to gain +0.6667 corruption though it looks like other effects are expected in the future. There is a 1/6 chance of +3, 3/6 + 1, and 2/6 -1.

Best to just use flirt currently.

All the counters need decent double-digit amounts to have any effect so without cheat mods you are looking at many months of working the jobs to achieve the effects.

Maid Manners’ approval leads to being able to get the admin assistant job.

Control leads to mind-controlled sex, changed attire, and whoring out the nurse.

Corruption leads to after-work sex.


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