The Curse of Pleasure

Curse Of Pleasure Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Curse Of Pleasure Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Curse Of Pleasure Walkthrough & Guide

First of all i wanna give you a advice,better have talking with all NPC each time-line (i mark time-line second number in my walkthrough) but if you find it too boring for you,so here we go the Walkthrough:) It is includes

1.1 Game starts in the our house,now for the main quest we need keep moving east until we find location with bonfire, then,we need move north until we find mayor house,talk with him. 2.1 Go sourth from your own house and meet with Hiroshi’s father (Event) you can also talk with boy after that, have some funny dialogue Go to the first south house in the middle village location,find uncle Ron talk with him (Event) Go to north location from the middle of village and talk with boy (Event)

1.2 After visiting mayor of the village,go to the shop (located in middle of village,up-right house) there will be some (Event) also he give you “Iron Sword” and “Green Apple x5” now equip your new sword and go home talk with your little brother (Seita) (After that you can move to the INN talk with aunty with purple hair,she will give you some gift, and talk with the boy in the INN have some event)

Now go to the bonfire location,move north at once,and then go east again, now you in the location with bees,you can up some lvl and training the combat system to know how it works, by the way,now you need to move only EAST in next location you will find CERBERUS monsters, i recommend you up at least LEVEL 3 so you can easy live in future move East until Rain starts, and then keep moving north a little bit and you will find the LUST DEMON!!!!!!!!!

There’s dialogue and boss fight,don’t overdo yourself…YOU MUST LOSE, you don’t have a chance with the LUST DEMON…for now… Now we cursed by…LUST DEMON,AND NAME OF THIS CURSE,THE CURSE OF PLEASURE! Cough Cought…nevermind

After Yuuki wake up go back you will meet your little brother (he’s so cared about he’s onee-chan,how cute ^_^) After that day passed automatically and you will start from mayor house with your little brother, move to INN what located south from your house,talk with grandpa (doctor) in right-down room (Event) Quit from inn,and then you will now walk alone,try to from your home,you will meet Seita’s friends talking (Event)

Next we can control Yuuki in the morning on next day,go from your house and meet uncle (Togo-San) After that talk with Seita at once.

Go to the first south house in the middle village location,find uncle Ron talk with him (Updated Event) Go home and have some sleep,talk with Seita and go to the INN (Event) after inn automatically will be some (Event) too and YAAAAY WE GOT A NEW TITLE “Famous Adventurer” After this in the morning talk with Seita,tell him you need go to the shower at first (Event) Automatically you will go to the INN (Event)

Then you will have control both Yuuki and Seita,go to the West from your house location, there’s will be lake,talk with kids (hide and seek event) and after that you will have another (Event) ^_^ After that you will have control on Yuuki only,go to the middle village (Event) after that go to the West from lake location and find the bandit (He’s hiding under the tree what located in the center) talk with him

AND THERE’S BOSS FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Battle with Theif: If you are level 3,and equiped the Iron sword,just follow some rules

  • Keep up you defense so he can’t hit you more than 30 damage
  • Keep up your STR more than 117 damage for him by per hit or MAXIMUM.
  • Keep up your DEX to more than 75% chance to hit him So you will easily win.

After that you will start from the Mayor House,move SOUTH from middle of village, then WEST,you will find the piece of farm keep going,after you will find the tavern,keep going.

Now you find the solider’s camp,move to the middle tent. After that you will automatically talk with mayor,and moved home,sleep. In the morning go to shop and talk with Karmal (Show Owner)

2.2 Talk with Hiroshi, boy located south from your house (Event) Talk with boy in the INN (Event) Talk with boy around the first house located south in the middle of village (Event) Talk with uncle Ron (Event Updated)

Found the Blue-Haired middle-aged man in the centre of village,talk with him,you will go to the cave with him, crush the rocks by pressing action button,there’s some bat but you can ignoring them (i reccomend you beat them up a little bit and up Yuuki-Chan to LEVEL 5) and just move forward until you find the crystal location,move to the Stair (Event) at the end you will automatically move to the INN,talk with him and help him again.

Go north from the middle of village,and talk with the boy (Event) In the Evening (can be after previous Event,or just sleep in your bed until evening) go to the Tavern,talk with Bar-Keeper girl and you will work as waitress, there’s few events just talking with all persons,and clean the floor from trash.

1.3 Now you need talk to mayor,then go from your house west-west-west-NORTH! Go forward and beat up all Thugs Go to the cave,ignore the bats,and beat up the last Thug Meet Theff (that’s not mistake,name of this Theif is Theff,O-O-ORIGINALITY!!!) Go to the INN and talk with boy (Event without panties ^_^) Go home,and then back to the cave again…talk with Theff

After that you will automatically moved to homeless tent’s,move forward,and try to ignore the bee’s (they are easy to defeat,and have a very little EXP giving,just wasting your time) When you finished there’s will be a night you and Theff will decide to rest a little (Event) After that just read the dialogues and see what will happened

Now you joined the Bandit Camp as a Slave

2.3 There’s 2 works (helping on bandit farm,or working as maid in the prison) both of them have 3 stages,don’t worry,you have a plenty of time,you can get them all without choosing. Also after the work per day,you can go north from the prison location, then east,you will find a boy around the river,there’s also event with 3 stages. Hint (There’s can be bug with stuck at stage 2 prison-maid event, but i hope it fixed on the time you play it already,also you will find a guard man while working, and he will teach you a flash kick combat move)

1.4 After you works at least 3 times,theff at night will tell you that’s army is ready, so you decide will you start now or not,if you not,you can keep making events in bandit camp. After you ready,there’s the battle (you must be know 6-7 lvl at least if you follow my reccomends) and you will easily beat the Bandits,even thought you are now know how to fight:) Go away from the prison-cave to north,and then cleaned the west entarance from the bandits for soliders, keep going west and talk with Commander.

Go to Bandit Leader mansion now,and the BOSS FIGHT

That’s the fight you can really LOSE you are now at least 8-9 LVL after defeated a lot of bandits, and with eqiuped Steel Sword. BANDIT LEADER: If you are level 8

  • STR Hit him with ALL YOUR STRENGH
  • DEF keep it up until he will hit you 30 DAMAGE or less (i have 6 points in it)
  • DEX chance to hit 75% OR MORE (i have 4 points in it)
  • AGI don’t forget to look at the numbers! In this battle will be a moments while DEF is not helping even if you raised it up to 9, use the AGI to 80% or more chance to EVADE THE ATTACK

After your WIN,you didn’t lose,right? Will be scene with all soliders and Bandits, talk with boo-kun and Commander,after that talk with the Theff,you will go back to the village.

Go to the INN to doctor have a talk with Priest and meet the Demon inside your mind…FIGHT HIM! And lose again,because he’s still much stronger than you…

There’s the end of story-line for now,but…THERE’S STILL A LOT OF NEW EVENTS!

2.4 Talk with Hiroshi (blond boy around the inn) so there’s studying EVENT with 2 stages Talk with the Blue-Haired drunk middle-aged man in the INN,after that go to the cave and meet him talk with him, and go like in previous event of this to the CRYSTAL LOCATION (Updated Event) congratz! You found a Hot Spring

Talk with Takashi (boy located north from the middle village location) and get the hide and seek game! (Updated Event)

Talk with uncle Ron (First south house in the middle of village) there’s (Updated Event) Dinner with Boo-kun and Seita,talk with the Boo-kun at the evening (middle of village,south-right house around) so there’s will be a event,it have 3 stages,after you got 1,skip a few days and talk again with him at the evening, only in that case will be a stage 2 same with stage 3

After you finished all (Boo-Kun stages,studying stages,help the Blue-Haired man so founding Hot Springs) go to the INN south-middle room talk with a fatty man,so he will sell a book, go home and sleep until evening,have a dinner with Seita-Kun only so times passes to night, while laying on bed choose “Stay Awake” go to the bookshelf in your home (Right Side) and choose to read book about Flashing Swordswoman. Congratz! Now you can walk without Jacket all the time! After this you unlocked one event. This event at Night (sleep and have a dinner with Seita-Kun only) then go to the Tavern,meet Theff,talk with him and work as Waitress without Jacket, also while you go home after work at night, you meet guy in the middle of village talk with him,and around the INN you will find a drunk-dead man,talk with him (event)

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