SlutCraft Heat of the Sperm

SlutCraft : Heat of the Sperm Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to SlutCraft : Heat of the Sperm Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Hello, everybody, Yes, I have captured the control room and can now communicate with you directly. While the Shadow Portal Team is working on another update, I can tell you about the game and teach you how to play it. Give me a second, I just need to put on this weird beard and goggles and robe… Alright, once again, hello to everyone and we can start.

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A quick overview – SlutCraft : Heat of the Sperm Walkthrough & Guide

As many could guess from the name, SlutCraft is a game based on StarCraft with some plot similarities, but also with, *ahem*, huge differences. In our game, the main character is Sarah Kerrigan, the Ghost who was taken prisoner and has to suffer through some “interesting” challenges and obstacles to achieve her goal. And what exactly awaits her and what difficulties she will face you can find out by playing the game.

There are two types of game events: side quests and story quests.

Story quests, as the name implies, lead the player through the story, and make up the main plot.

Side quests are side stories mainly useful for gathering experience to progress the main story. But that is not, in fact, all they are for, and we guarantee you won’t be disappointed by them 🙂

First chapter – SlutCraft : Heat of the Sperm Walkthrough & Guide

Days 1 – 4

The beginning is linear and simple, to speed up the events the player shouldn’t resist the voice in the head in the first choice, and later agree to all of the old pervert’s demands.

After that, the player has freedom of choice and should examine the room their hero is in by clicking on the various objects in it and choosing “examine”. Sarah needs to look carefully at every noteworthy detail in the room such as: the bed, the food tentacle in the middle of the room, the button on the wall and the bunch of tentacles on the right.

The next few days should be spent making Sarah hungry however you can – the best way to do that are physical and mental exercises, which can be started via Sarah’s menu (click on Sarah and choose an action). I also advise trying to escape a couple of times, since Sarah is oh so eager for freedom right now – enough to fight to the death.

After Sarah becomes seriously hungry, you become able to use the food tentacle, which launches the “Feeding”, level: 0 scene.

Afterwards, heading to bed is the obvious choice, since Sarah’s full to the brim. Since there’s that saying, “Good food goes with good sleep”there is such a Terran saying, right?…

Important note, you don’t have to follow this walkthrough to the letter. It will sometimes mention a certain time or order of events, but it’s almost always possible to deviate from what’s described here.

You can trust your beloved , he will take care of you..

Days 5 – 8 – SlutCraft : Heat of the Sperm Walkthrough & Guide

At the beginning of the fifth day Stukov comes to the cell. The player should choose to “remove hands” at first, but in the following days you will have to call Stukov yourself via the button in the wall to start the “Body” scene.

From then on, every day you have to show off Sarah to Stukov, expend energy and feed off the tentacle until the “Show Body” scene is completely over. This can be tracked through the progression tree, which is accessed via the interface button in the lower left corner.

Days 9 – 11

After all levels of the “Body” scene have been successfully completed, Stukov will be away on business for a couple of days and Sarah will start having problems. Here you need to somehow make it through a few days before Stukov arrives before Sarah starves completely.

At this point, a new “Stuck in wall” scene will become available. In order to access it, you must first use the “Search for a way out” function, which is also triggered through the in-game menu of Sarah’s action selection. This action must be done repeatedly until Sarah finds the poster.

You may have found this poster before the inquisitive ones. Then you should get Sarah to hang it on the wall, as I discuss below.

After that, you need to once againSearch for a way out” several times, then the poster Sarah found will end up on the wall by the bed.


Sarah has to first find the poster, then hang it. Keep trying to get out of the room until Sarah finally puts the poster on the wall and you can interact with it.

Following this, when the poster is on the wall, the player needs to make a deep enough hole in the wall, to do this, hit the wall every day until it can fit Sarah’s body. And then, she can go through it, that’s where the “Stuck in wall” scene starts – what a fool she was, thinking she could get out, heh.


● If you don’t have enough strength to hit the wall, then exercise more often – in-game that is, ha ha.

● This will take you a few days, so don’t forget to check the wall every day.

At the beginning of the 11th day, Sarah will be very hungry and will go back to the tentacle for food, but a miracle happened – Stukov returned from his little business trip. Seeing Sarah’s inability to control the tentacle, he told her exactly how to handle it so that she could always get a good portion of “food”..

After this scene, Sarah herself will know when and what to do – she’s a fast learner.

Days 12 – 15

At the beginning of the 12th day Stukov will arrive and hand you a container, which you should open immediately. This is done through the interface icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, as well as other similar actions – remember this for later.

After you examine and open the container of underwear, Sarah should put it on – and you’ll have to do this every time before you run the “Fap Material” scene. It’s Stukov’s little demand.

After that, call Stukov via the same button in the wall. In the dialogue there will be different answers: choose to your liking.

Sarah’s body control returns to her, and while she was expressing her “positive” emotions, she got pretty hungry. Use the tentacle, and if everything went right, you now have enough experience for a new level.

In addition, you will have access to two levels of the “Tentacles” scene. This scene is a side-scene and is triggered by the same tentacles with which Sarah was tied to the wall at the beginning of the game, which are located on the right side of the room.


● In order for the “Tentacles” scene to start, Sarah must have three points (or more) of “psi ability training” or the scene will not start.

Now, I’m done talking about all the details that were worth talking about separately. Now just continue the “Fap Material” scene, doing “Stuck in wall” and “Tentacles” along the way, and don’t forget to talk to Stukov and me, . We can share tons of useful and not so much information.

Days 16 – 17

Sarah suddenly finds the door to her room open and the journey through the Leviathan begins. All of this happens after Sarah has completed the last level of “Fap Material” and waits a couple of days.

Here you have to get to the center of the labyrinth, the throne room. But do not hurry, because there is a secret in the labyrinth – a personal tentacle, which may come in handy in the future…

But I have more questions than answers regarding it. You know, even I do not know why Sarah needs it. And every time I askArthur about it, he just smirks. What does that mean?

Okay, back to the walkthrough. Look thoroughly through every corner before heading to the throne room to see the Mistress. And now a little hint: The tentacle itself is located in the southwest corridor called “location 17“, or just here.

Also, don’t be afraid to ask me about the local sights while you’re wandering – of course, I didn’t know much back then, that is pretty primitive, but you can still learn a

lot of useful information. Did you know that Arthur has the most beautiful kitty? How would I know that information? Don’t even ask.

After you get to the main room on the Leviathan, you will have a long dialogue with the Mistress. Choose your answers wisely and decide your future fate.

After much dialogue and bathing, the player is finally given free will, but that’s not the most important thing.

The most important thing is that Stukov comes the next game day with a test. Here you are free to choose whatever you want, but be vigilant, some of the answers in this test will affect your future playthrough.

Next, Sarah learns about the new stages of her training and gets a new level, from this moment a new chapter begins.

BANG, BOOM, *A lightshow of special effects*

Excuse me. But you imagined the confetti flying in different directions, didn’t you? No? All right, well…

Second chapter – SlutCraft : Heat of the Sperm Walkthrough & Guide

Here we choose the answer “I’m ready“, so as not to stall for time and go straight to action. And this is where we meet the first serious divergence in the game.

Next, I, , will write as things happened for me, but you, the players, may have a completely different order of things. In any case, you will see the full range of scenes.

However, this is a reference walkthrough I’m showing here. Try not to get lost, but if you do, you can always ask for my help!

In my case, Sarah chose the answer “Physical training,” and she and Stukov went straight to action.

Note: If you don’t have enough fitness points to start the “Sport is life” scene, it’s worth tiring Sarah out a bit and getting her to do physical activity. But now you might as well start another scene, “Love kiss,” for instance.

After this scene, I recommend talking to Stukov again, asking about the “Masturbation” scene and then asking about “Kissing” – this will start the scene of the same name.

Also, now you can talk to your faithful head mate (me, hehe), and ask me about the Swarm. A little later Sarah will meet “Abathur, the master of evolution of the whole Swarm, who works tirelessly for the good of the race” and the rest blah, blah, blah…

Actually… I don’t like him, he’s contrary to my principles and the way I act. We’re just not compatible, that’s all.

Day 18

At night, Abathur will look into Kerrigan’s cell. And while she sleeps, Abatur must “upgrade” the tentacle that supplies the food, but first he has to analyze all the other objects in the room, including: the bed with our beloved Sarah, the poster on the wall, the tentacle itself, the summoning button and the tentacles in the right corner, to begin the upgrade process. After you have analyzed everything, select the tentacle and improve it.

Now that you have the improved tentacle (heh, I won’t forget Sarah’s face when she saw it for the first time), an updated “Feeding 2” scene is available to you. Be warned, this is something rather different.

If you completed the “Stuck in wall” scene fully, you now also have access to another updated scene, called “Stuck in wall 2“, which you can start immediately after eating. If you didn’t, read the events of Days 9-11 carefully, I clearly described there what you need to do.

Here you get to choose which body part you want Stukov to play with – heh, the way she asks him to do it is so funny. Choose and enjoy, but don’t forget: Stukov is sure to remember your choice (hehe).

Next, Sarah heads to the bathroom. To do this, the player must call Stukov via the button and ask him to take Sarah to the bathroom.

After a relaxing bath, our “Mary Sue” decided to play a little and practice masturbation at the same time. Click on the bed and select the first item. I, , am very pleased with the way Sarah’s whole body responds to the torrents of pleasure, blissfully.

After that, Sarah decided not to hesitate to tell Stukov what had happened, so that she could complete her assignment. By the way, I recommend you listen to Stukov’s story – though it is vain, it may play into your hands one day.

● Regarding the progression of scenes: Don’t forget that they all go in parallel. If suddenly there is no continuation, just open the scene tree and see what you need to progress. Or you can write to the developers in Discord *link* – they will always help you.

Finally, after a hard day’s work, the redheaded beauty was just about to go to bed, as Stukov appeared in the cell abruptly, talk to him and successfully go to sleep.

Day 19

Sarah got out of bed and went straight to the tentacle, because yesterday’s experience had pleased her… You know, I understand that corrupting the hostage is my Queen’s and Stukov’s plan, but to have Sarah change her mind so quickly about her imprisonment… I couldn’t even dream of that.

After a good breakfast, Sarah began fondling herself on the soft bed. This time she has to do it as many as three times in a row! In this scene, you’ll get a “GAME OVER” – don’t worry, it’s just a joke, keep it up.

Report to Stukov about your little achievement and get another assignment from him.

● An important note on the “Masturbation” (or “Jerk-off week“) scene: Stukov’s next task is to repeat this scene for seven consecutive days. If you miss even one day, you’ll either have to start all over again, or… Sarah will have to “negotiate” with Stukov about forgiving one missed day.

This is not the end of Day 19. Call Stukoff and begin the “physical training” scene. For now Sarah is uncomfortable without clothes at all, but it will turn her on a lot.

Now, at the same time as the Stukov classes, you can choose to continue your mental training with me or with Abathur .

Important! This choice is very important, because when the player chooses one, the second will become unavailable, which means that you will not see some interesting scenes with Sarah, unless you replay this moment differently later, so I advise you to save before choosing. In any case, the scenes from the “Link to the Swarm“ event take several game days to complete.

Since Sarah is a good girl, she chose me in this reference walkthrough, and turned to me specifically for help. And I’m not reveling in it at all, it’s just that getting Abathur’s nose in is worth a lot.

As they say, “from the get-go“? Kerrigan immediately took the first steps, and tried to contact Stukov, although it is not really important who she contacted, but how.

Following my instructions, Sarah should spend the next three days completely naked, so go to bed and undress right away tomorrow.

Day 20

If you did everything right, you should now try to undress, as I pointed out to you. But you may not have had enough experience to start this scene. Then you should take care of the other events, and temporarily postpone the beginning of your exhibitionism. Eat and practice “love-kissing” with Stukov.

Now that the player is level 12, Sarah is ready for the Exhibitionism event. Strip naked and follow my instructions. Choose the answers to your liking, because you’re still going to be in the deep, *sneering chuckle*

Once in the cell, you are left to perform a physical workout alone, but naked if possible, and then go to bed.

Day 21

Choose where to go again, and after the scene, you will again find yourself with a naked Sarah in a holding cell. Repeat what you did the previous day.

Day 22

For the last day of naked walking in the vastness of the Leviathan, Stukov, for some reason, will not show up early in the morning to see Sarah. You will have to summon him yourself using the button in the wall.

Go to the last place not visited and after a most interesting walk, return to the cell. Now click on Sarah and talk to me by selecting “Link to the Swarm, ‘s path” . You shouldn’t refuse to continue the training, because Sarah is motivated to move on.

Sarah, get in the damn wall! – with these thoughts began her next training session. Choose a target for communication and enjoy the process.

Having successfully completed her workout with me, Sarah wanted to wash all the impurities off her (and all the protein), which has stuck to her over the past few days. Head for the bath and don’t deny yourself the pleasure of extra relaxation.

Afterwards, talk to Stukov and train Sarah’s tongue by selecting “love kiss“. After that, you should be level 13. Now you should talk to Alexei Stukov about physical training.

He will give you an assignment that will require you to practice completely naked again, but this time choose a separatenaked training” option on Sarah’s menu. You’ll need two more of these classes after that.

Day 23

Good morning! Today you will be visited by Stukov and given a surprise present, which is definitely not fresh – it’s crumpled and whoever wrapped it didn’t try too hard. Even though that confused Sarah a bit she didn’t wait long before using the present. Praise the Swarm for another very sexy scene – enjoy!

It’s time to continue my training! Climb into the wall and connect with the next target, then complete the scene. After that, Sarah decided to exercise alone, but to do it naked. Now she only had one naked workout left to do.

Call Stukov and practice your language skills one last time! Oh, I mean tongue skills, this is not about the languages of your “human” countries of antiquity.

Eat and then head back to the bathroom, where new friends are waiting for you! After the bath scene, Sarah will have a little dialogue with the Overlords, and she’ll go to bed a little later.

Day 24

In the morning Stukov will bring a new gift for Sarah – your favorite Zergling from now on. If you are experienced enough you can immediately help him with his “thingy“.

The Zergling will become a new character with his own features and a loyal companion for Sarah in the future – if you know what I mean.

He will need care in the future. You can tell by his activity if he wants help with his *ahem* tool. And if you forget about this little guy, he might take advantage of Sarah himself, for example, sneaking up at night and taking the initiative. Although there’s a point to this, and for this “Punishment” scene the player will also gain experience. It’s quite interesting, I suggest everyone at least try it – Sarah reacts so amusingly.

The short briefing has come to an end, and now you can finish Stukov’s assignment – take up naked training for the third and final time.

Eat and then go satiated to bed.

Day 25

That morning Sarah had a physical workout and was noticeably faster. Now she was determined to get through the hole and “escape” – but we know better. She received a severe punishment for that, but it was not at all undesirable.

After the scene, Sarah took a batch of delicious cum food and noticed something amiss. You could tell that Sarah’s new pet, the zergling, was acting quite active and extremely excited. To begin with we will need to give him a name, if the player has not already done so: choose your favorite, but in our case the Ghost called him “Spike”.

The still restless Zergling couldn’t sleep well, so Sarah decided to confirm her guess. Interact with Spike again and select “satisfy his needs” . Help the pet and watch Sarah’s cute face at this moment, how she wants to do it…

– That’s what I was talking about. The Zerling takes some serious courting, and at times he can be very demanding. At times, Sarah didn’t care for it, and paid for it with her sleep, but that’s me spoiling the plot.

Now Kerrigan doesn’t have as much experience to do the “Masturbation” and “Link to the Swarm” scenes, and she’s too tired to physically train with Stukov, so go to bed.

Day 26

Use the Tentacle to get some food again, and help Spike. This time you’ll have to subdue him to your will and make him cum profusely – Sarah clearly wanted to taste his secretions.

= The tentacle wasn’t even needed after all, haha

Move on to Sarah and Stukov’s favorite physical workouts. Be honest with him, Stukov will figure you out sooner or later anyway, so it’s better to confess your lustful desires right away, isn’t it? It’s quicker to get what you want! And yes, the scene depends on your choice – the dialogues and images can change.

If she’d had doubts about her new hobby before, after a couple of squats on a juicy tentacle, all her doubts fell away at once. Now it was definitely her favorite hobby on this ship.

Sarah has reached level 14 and is now exposed to new types of scenes. Start with “Masturbation“. To do this, click on the bed as before and select the corresponding menu item.

From now on, masturbate every day strictly on schedule. If a player forgets at least one day – they will have to deal with Stukov. Although you can always negotiate, is that a bad thing…?

I advise you to go to bed now, she will need her strength tomorrow..

Day 27

Don’t forget to eat at the beginning of the day and go straight to bed alone with the magazine

(Well there’s also me, yes, so you don’t get to be alone).

Days of masturbation left: 6

After that it’s time to do some experiments – go to Spike to satisfy him once again. But this time Sarah will act very differently than before. Just enjoy it.

*sneering chuckle*

If you think about it, Spike has been in the cell for a couple of days, isn’t it time to give him a bath? Select him and press “bathe” to go with him to the bathroom and rid the Zergling of the unpleasant smell of… cadavers. Ha ha, I hope he didn’t eat any of the relevant characters…

Now, whenever the player feels like it, he can bathe the Zergling. This is especially useful if you liked this scene.

Kerrigan is really looking forward to repeating yesterday’s practice with a tentacle from under the ground, so call Stukov and Sarah will do everything herself. But there’s just one little “but” that Stukov was tactfully silent about.

In this scene, you have to take control and try not to get an electric charge every time Sarah is involuntarily idle. Whether or not she does so involuntarily is up to you and your preference, though. I would recommend watching the different outcomes and choosing the one you like.

By the way, Stukov ended up with this postcard after the scene. Even with his line on it!

Now the Lieutenant’s tired body needs a good rest – go to bed until tomorrow morning.

Day 28

We start our day with a nice breakfast and then move on to the hole in the wall, where Sarah will try to “escape” again. You’ll need to hold back her screams, or not if you’re a whipping enthusiast! After that, “masturbation” awaits you, where you will update the counter by one more point.

Days of masturbation left: 5

Don’t forget about the little Zerg, who is already ready to fondle his thingy. You’re in for a racy scene where, by controlling Spike, he can literally have his was with Sarah in one of her holes – hehehe.

At the end of the scene you have the choice of holding back or letting some of the sperm out. Yes, there was so much of it that there was simply no room left in her stomach – what’s even the point of the food tentacle nowadays? I advise you to hold back, because you can’t “ruin all your work for today“, can you? And if you choose to “let it out,” Sarah might even get a little upset – I find that hard to believe, but so be it.

Do you still have energy left? I suppose so. Then let’s move on to training with Stukov, and this time it will be with a new piece of equipment: it’s a costume, and Sarah should wear it immediately after the end of the dialogue. And I’m not just rushing it, it’s just the perfect costume to match Sarah’s curves! Just look at how her delicate breasts stand out, and her labia are barely visible, which makes Stukov’s boner tense up even more – that’s my fantasy, but knowing him even a little, you can safely assume that!

By the way, I forgot to tell you that there will be a choice in the scene – and don’t even try to bite Stukov’s dick off, nothing good will come of it. And if you wanted to… at least make a save at this point – advice from your personal assistant.

Choose “lick” and move smoothly to push-ups. Up – down, up – down and that way you’ll soon get to the finish line!

It was a fabulous end to the day! Sarah gave it 110%, but she still didn’t have the energy to push herself off at the right moment. She got a lot of cum in her stomach today, so it’s time for a good rest, isn’t it?

Day 29

Yesterday was a hard day, so Sarah fell asleep quickly and was hungry in the morning – you should take a meal from the Tentacle and only then go about your business.

Immediately afterwards, masturbate while lying on the bed.

Days of masturbation left: 4

● Now some serious advice from Professor . At this point, you should have done all the “Satisfaction” scenes, and if everything is correct, you should NOT touch Spike for several days in a row now. Let’s pretend… that Sarah has forgotten about him, or just had enough fun with him, okay? We need to do this so that the Zergling himself will demand satisfaction on one of the next nights, which will lead us to another scene, “Punishment.” That’s exactly what we need.

Now you can somehow spend your energy – go to the bathroom and rest, or do extra exercise alone, and then fall into bed and go to sleep.

Day 29

Good morning! As usual, we start the day with a good breakfast and then try to climb through the hole in the wall!

In the last scene of “Stuck in wall: 1” it would have been more appropriate to listen to my advice, but for speed of passage this time I’ll let you ignore me – but only once, because I won’t advise bad things.

Don’t forget to grab the magazine to bed and masturbate.

Days of masturbation left: 3

Now work out on your own and switch to the next day.

Day 30

However, Sarah could not sleep well – she ignored the Zergling’s wishes for a long time and now he came to her himself: take the opportunity and seize control of the pet’s mind once again.

A little sleep-deprived Sarah began her training, but this time she decided to use an artifact from her personal inventory.

The workout turned out to be quite productive, after which Sarah was drawn to food. Masturbate after this, there’s only so much more to come!

Days of masturbation left: 2.

Now to sleep, for there is no more energy left.


Day 31

Sarah feels a burst of energy today, unlike yesterday, and before she gets her stomach full, she wants to try to climb through the wall again, but this time in a very different way – here we open the road to the “Stuck in wall 2” scene.

Once the Ghost has most of her body behind the wall – the wall will maliciously grow back and prevent Sarah from escaping. But she doesn’t need it at all, rightly pointed out. Sarah is here solely for pleasure, and she will certainly get it. In this scene, the game will offer you several choices, and they will influence what you do next. Oh, and also Stukov will remember your choices well. Choose with sincere desire!

A little while after the previous scene, Sarah had a satisfied smile on her face as she enjoyed her green slurry, but then came the advice from !

● I’ll just tell you a secret, but if you absolutely accidentally forget about masturbation for even one day, there’s an interesting mini-game with Stukov, if you agree to it. I advise you not to miss this event.

Once again, let’s pretend that Sarah has forgotten the important business and get the day over with quickly – expend your energy somehow and go to bed, not pleasuring yourself before going to bed.

Day 32

In the morning, Stukov arrives, who is unhappy with Sarah’s misconduct. In the dialogue, the player must offer to “negotiate” with the old pervert to ignore one day for


He’ll give out a brand-new outfit for Sarah to pose in for him and be “fap material” – just like the good old days, right?

In the minigame you control Stukov, and you have to hit strictly the most beautiful places of your material. When you start controlling, you will have a slider on the right: aim properly and hit the purple zones.

The green indicator on her body marks the places you’ve already hit, just like the green spots on the bar to the right of the screen – it’s better to use those to aim. The main goal of this task is to hit the panties, but you can also aim for the breasts or even the face. You will have a total of two tries. This isn’t the easiest of minigames, so imagine yourself to be a sniper: hold your breath and make two precise shots – there will be no other opportunities.

After the scene, it was as if Sarah hadn’t forgotten about her daily jerk off, so it’s definitely worth doing it the next day, but now get some refreshment and expend your energy. Then go to bed.

Days of masturbation left: 1

Day 33

You see the Zergling nervously asking to be satisfied, too, don’t you? That’s right – keep ignoring that fact and you’ll get “Punishment” the next night.

Now move on to the food, and then be sure to jerk off. This will be the last day, and tomorrow you’ll tell Stukov about it.

Day 34

Spike can’t hold back any longer and again climbs up to Sarah in the middle of the night. Tonight he is in a playful mood and the male wants to have a little fun. There will be a choice on which the whole scene depends. I suggest saving and watching both choices – they’re worth it, heh.

I can’t even imagine what would happen if Sarah found out exactly what baby Spike was doing while she was peacefully napping…

Sarah is cleansed of the cum and Stukov comes to her immediately to make sure of the quality of Sarah’s masturbation. This is followed by a racy scene where the former Terran will give a master class in jerking off. Sarah could hardly string words together, feeling waves of pleasure from Stukov’s manipulations.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Though Stukov’s manipulations on Sarah’s body doesn’t compare to her own jerking off, in a good way, but now she has to learn how to do it for another week – “Groundhog Day, but it’s nice“, thought Sarah.

Now Sarah had eaten and was climbing back into the wall, completely forgetting that I understood everything and that there was no need to make excuses to me. In the dialogues, don’t lie to Stukov about your intentions and be honest with him, for good girls are entitled to good rewards.

At the end of the scene, the old pervert promises to bring something special next time, so Sarah’s sense of curiosity makes itself known, but at this point the day comes to an end – the Ghost lays down on her bed and quickly falls asleep.

Day 35

Start the day with your usual breakfast and start the first masturbation of the second week. Sarah really liked Stukov’s hand technique and decided to do exactly as he did: she was able to satisfy herself, but to consolidate the result she needs to do a “behind the scenes” check before going to bed.

Yes, she still lacks the experience to practice self-satisfaction, but she is so motivated to surpass it that she will definitely learn this one in one more week.

Days of masturbation left: 6

There is nothing much to do today, so Sarah chatted with me and Stukov for a while, worked out, went to the bathroom for a relaxing nap, and quickly fell asleep.

Day 36

Kerrigan dreamed of revenge being exacted on Mengsk, and she loved it – she woke up pleased. Since she has been having only pleasant dreams lately, her stress level is at zero.

Sarah ate and began her daily masturbation routine. She correctly pointed out that she was getting better at it every time. Perhaps soon she would be a real pro.

Days of masturbation left: 5

The player can talk to me again and play with the Zergling for a while, and after that sleep, because there is nothing else to do, but tomorrow there will be a long-awaited

surprise from the “Stuck in wall 2” scene.

Day 37

The redheaded terran was anxious to find out what the old pervert had prepared, so still sleepy, she climbed into the wall to get stuck there.

– “Say hello to my little friend” – Stukov

Sarah, though she could not see it, felt the strokes of something between a tentacle and a strange tongue. It was an improvised whip, out of Stukov’s mutated hand.

Sarah spent the whole scene picking out which parts she liked spanked the most, and afterwards she took a restorative bath. After the scene she finally refreshed herself, chatted with me for a while, played with Spike, and jacked off, of course!

Days of masturbation left: 4

Day 38

There’s not much to do now, so all you have to do is jerk off, eat, and sleep every day – I guess you’re used to it. So yeah, let’s go for it!

Sarah got up and ate, then had a successful wank. Then she did some minor things during the day and, tired for a while, decided to sleep so she could do the same thing tomorrow.

Days of masturbation left: 3

Day 39

Sarah got up and ate, then had a successful wank. Then she did some minor things during the day and, tired for a while, decided to sleep so she could do the same thing tomorrow.

Days of masturbation left: 2

Day 40

Sarah got up and ate, then had a successful wank. Then she did some minor things during the day and, tired for a while, decided to sleep so she could do the same thing tomorrow.

Days of masturbation left: 1

Day 41

Sarah got up and ate, then had a successful wank.

Days of masturbation left: 0

Finally Sarah concluded her second week of fingering. What remained was Stukov’s final test, where he would find out how well she had been doing all these days without his expert fingers.

After the scene, she did minor things during the day and, a little tired, decided to get some sleep so she would have enough energy for tomorrow.

Day 42

The insatiable Sarah was already waiting for Stukov to arrive, but eventually it came to pass. And now, a little more dialogue and the much-anticipated second inspection will happen! Kerrigan really liked the last one, so she expects this one to be just as good, if not better.

The inspection ended successfully, and after Stukov left, Sarah realized abruptly that she had completed all the tasks that had been assigned to her. Now it’s all coming to the point where you’ll see a new scene. The gist is pretty clear, it will be some kind of sexual duel between Kerrigan and Stukov, where the player has to win the battle.

Before the battle starts, Stukov will give you a choice, where, if you win, there will be another choice with different costumes. And, if you lose, there’s just one less choice for


I’ll tell you this, in fact, this hand choice is a choice without a choice. So it doesn’t really matter what you choose, but I would still advise you to choose the right hand. You have nothing to lose anyway, so…

Choose a costume to your liking, although the piggy one suits Sarah better, she squeals so sexily. Stukov chose it personally.

The long grueling duel over, Sarah had won and was reveling in her superiority over Stukov. When he mentioned that there would be more than just one round of their battle, Sarah experienced emotions ranging from elation to anxiety, for the battle was not easy, and she would have to beat him again.

Whether or not you listen to Stukov’s story is not that important, the only thing that matters is that the player can start the next round of the duel right now.

All that is done through the Stukov call button, where you have to select “Training” and then “Start Duel” – the outfit is up to your choice again.

Here you’ll have to do a little bit of fighting. Work Sarah’s tongue better and more often, so that you won’t lose to the determined Stukoff, who is so eager to win.

However, the battle still ended in a resounding defeat for Sarah and she definitely needs a rest after that. She went to the bathroom and had a snack afterwards. Kerrigan still had some time left before the end of the day, so she decided to do one more physical workout – “Sport is life” level 5.

Another minigame awaits you here, where Sarah’s loss or victory depends on it – it’s another duel for the day. I advise you to save if you want to see the different outcomes.

● The player must carefully control their stamina and successfully bring Stukov to the release of his sperm – Sarah is a slutty girl, but when it comes to competition, she is unrivaled.

The training went well, and Sarah decided to do something she hadn’t done in a long time: psi training. She had done a good job today, so after the mental concentration it was time for bed…

Day 43

The day began slowly – the ex-Lieutenant began the morning with a meal from the tentacle. A little while later, she summoned Stukov to her office, and selected “Jerk-off week” in the training menu.

Sarah was waiting for another workout of her sensitive organ, and she was so pleased with what was happening that she moaned too sweetly. So loud was it that Sarah, unexpectedly, awakened baby Spike’s animal instincts.

Stukov was no less surprised by this turn of events, but decided to take advantage of it. He stepped aside and made room for the zergling, while he got on top of Sarah brazenly. She was against this sudden intrusion, but her pussy beckoned for something bigger than just her fingers, and so began a maddening act of passion for Sarah.

Toward the end, Sarah could barely stay on her feet, but still passed the test the jerk-off week was completed in just one day.

Day 44

After last day’s tumultuous events, Sarah had pleasant dreams again, so she was in a good mood. She ate and summoned Stukov for an unscheduled duel. She urgently needed a plan of action, because she didn’t want to lose in the slightest. Just before the fight, she took my advice and shlicked off on the bed, so that it would be harder for Stukov to make Sarah cum, and now the redhead was ready to meet Stukov. This time, perhaps against her will, she purposely chose the piggy costume that was more appropriate for this battle.

The battle still seemed hard to her, for Stukov was not giving up and was not going to. And during a little verbal altercation, it suddenly dawned on Sarah… “Tricks are never fair, hehe” – she focused on this phrase, running it through her head while she diligently caressed his cock with her tongue.

She has no choice at all, she’ll have to act right now finger of justice!

The finger strategy was even too effective; Sarah simply did not have time to swallow all of Stukov’s sperm that came into her mouth. This time, by trial and error, Sarah was able to win by a score of 13 1. They decided to stop, lest the old pervert pass out from pleasure altogether. It must be a painful, but also a pleasant defeat…

The mutated terran announced the end of the main part of the training, and smoothly brought up the fact that he wanted her as he did his wife – directly and unashamedly. You see, soon Sarah will change her appearance, and while she is still a pure virgin by Terran standards, he wants to seize the moment.

The ghost refused at first, but while Stukov was in the throne room, managed to change her mind and gently led to the fact that she did not mind a little impersonation of his wife.

Although, after the phrase “Kitty wants her sausage, she immediately began to doubt his honesty…

This is where the “Last Wish” scene begins.

This scene has its own minigame with two parameters: Speed and Depth. Watch them carefully and don’t let either of these two parameters drop too low.

Below I will describe in detail how to achieve success in this scene

The upper parameter is responsible for the depth of penetration

To achieve greater depth of penetration, the player must press the “down” arrow

The lower parameter is responsible for the penetration rate

To achieve a higher penetration rate, the player must press the “up” arrow

Pressing the “left” arrow returns Sarah to a neutral position where you can maintain

depth and penetration speed well and confidently.

Returning Sarah to a neutral position allows you to get the right amount of cum faster to complete the minigame. But don’t hurry to end the scene, because Stukov hasn’t fully enjoyed it yet (and neither has Sarah), so I advise you, as the player, to continue the scene until the last push.

After the bathtub scene, the player is back in the room and now he has to wait for Stukov to arrive, it’s literally a couple of days, but for today Sarah has had some exercise and wants to sleep.

Day 45

The Zergling visited the sleeping beauty at night, and she was up in the morning with nothing to do – no endless slutty workouts or anything like that. So she ate, did her typical chores, practiced using her psionic abilities a little, and decided to go back to sleep.

Day 46

At last Stukov arrived with happy news – Sarah is being summoned by the Mistress herself, who, lately, has not often appeared in the Ghost’s life.

Next, a final check from Abathur awaits Sarah, in which the player is asked to recline the chair to the resting position and to just enjoy the show.

We went back to the room and talked a little bit about the future mutation, when suddenly Sarah noticed the door open to the outside. After all she’d been through, she didn’t rush for the exit, and besides, Kerrigan had already taken the side of the Mistress, so there seemed to be no point in running…

In one of the thousands of corridors of the Leviathan our protagonist came across a representative of another race – a blue Protoss girl, a hostile race to Zerg. Lizzara, that was her name, was very surprised by Sarah’s psionic abilities. So Lizzara imbibed her feelings for the Earthern girl and offers to run away with her: to leave the Leviathan and leave her desire for revenge in the past.

It is indeed a hard choice for the soul of Sarah Kerrigan, who has only recently cast aside all doubts and passed many tests to become stronger and prove her strength.

She was indeed faced with a choice that would determine her future destiny.

I advise you to save before you choose any of the options, because they are both interesting, but only one of them moves the story in the right direction your

If you leave with the protoss, Sarah will leave this horrible place and become one of them, this leads us to the ??? ending. You’ll see an interesting scene and then an epilogue in which you learn the further story of Sarah.

At this point the game ends, load the last save and continue.

In the canon route, the player refuses the Protoss’ offer and takes her prisoner. Finally, she takes advantage of Stukov’s debt and appropriates our beautiful Lizzara. Sarah herself heads straight for the Chrysalis.

Here the player is greeted by an incredible scene, where they will see great art and what music! I got goosebumps…wait, only humans can have that, never mind!!!

Sarah enters the chrysalis and stays there for a few days until the mutation is fully completed. When she comes out of that room, she will definitely not be the person she was until that moment. Big changes are coming.

Second chapter finale

A few days later, Stukov stops by to check on Sarah and scrutinizes her. Here the player must examine Sarah’s body, selecting three main spots: her face, breasts, and vagina to continue.

Stukov catches one of the most interesting processes – pumping enzymes into the subject’s body, and as is usually the case with Zerg, it is done in a damned attractive and sloppy way.

After this point, the player will experience many scenes and dialogues where we once again relax into the chair! Enjoy the show. After which the second chapter comes to an end. *POOOOW* *dark visual effect* You can see it, right? And what music, mmmh!

Okay, I’m sorry, there’s not much left!

Third chapter – SlutCraft : Heat of the Sperm Walkthrough & Guide

Day 0 – SlutCraft : Heat of the Sperm Walkthrough & Guide

After so many exciting scenes and lots of dialogue, you finally get control of the character and find yourself in a new place, where Sarah has to spend the rest of her time before conquering the entire universe.

From now on you can see visual clues with the “New Dialogue” hint, which will help in mastering a new place. Also, with all this, the player has the ability to freely walk around Leviathan. For example, to a room called “The Lair” where Abathur and her loyal at the moment leaders are waiting for her.

Remember, previously, in order to successfully complete the day, the player had to interact with the bed? The bed is gone now, but the pattern has not changed. Beginning in chapter three, the player will need to click on Kerrigan sitting on the throne and press the “end day” button to update the game day. Nothing complicated, right?

By the way, you can see the day counter at the top of the screen if you hover your cursor there.

Day 1 – SlutCraft : Heat of the Sperm Walkthrough & Guide

The next day Sochus, as promised, gathered all the leaders at the order of the Ghost. There will be no need to interact with the game here — lean back and enjoy another cool battle scene – there’s been a bit too many of those lately. When the battle is over, you’ll have some fascinating dialogues with active characters with whom you’ll have to interact in the future for their essencethese are the Leaders.

Tired of all this fuss, Kerrigan returned to her room and defiantly jumped into her rightful place, sprawled out to her full length, but Lizzara won’t let her relax. From this point on, you begin a Protoss hostage scene that requires no interference from the player – your hands are completely free!

After all this, the player can safely end the day, because tomorrow a pleasant surprise awaits them…

Day 2 – SlutCraft : Heat of the Sperm Walkthrough & Guide

Unexpectedly for everyone, the power of the Queen of Blades inside Sarah Kerrigan began to increase dramatically, and the speed at which its happening is only increasing – obviously, something has to be done. Sarah quickly jumps into the notable Nydus Worm, who takes her as far away from her room as possible in a short time – just to mess with the Queen of Blades as much as possible, but she still manages to take control of her body and reincarnate. But it doesn’t end there… QoB picks up someone’s pleasant, but very powerful scent and rushes towards it – the feeling of hunger makes itself felt.

After another scene with our little friend, the player regains control and now you will be introduced to new mechanics, namely “transformation“. In the current version of the game the system is still not fully implemented, so for now there is its counterpart – the system of manual transformation. Using the “transformation” button, which is located in the upper right corner of the interface, the player can forcibly call the Queen of Blades and vice versa, changing back to Sarah. Each of the protagonists have their own dialogues and quests, be vigilant and make the most of the opportunities.

Note: If you can’t finish the day, then you haven’t done everything for one of the characters for that day transform and look for active dialogues.

Now that you’re aware of the temporary transformation system, being in “Queen of Blades mode” talk to Lizzara, this will start a new chain of events, where the main character will be our unsophisticated protoss. She has yet to taste the fruit of full pleasure, but I’m getting ahead of myself; you’ll see for yourself.

Switch back to Sarah and do the “Hunger” scene with Lizzara again. After that, you can end the day in peace.

Day 3 – SlutCraft : Heat of the Sperm Walkthrough & Guide

At the beginning of the third day, Sarah will again have a chat with the Queen of Blades in her subconscious – there she will learn about some of the mischief that was planned for her. After visiting her “mental chambers,” the player will have a dialogue with your faithful helper, , who has been keeping an eye on everything that’s going on. At this point I will tell you more about the lust points and how to interact with them. As the developers themselves say: “There are two kinds of actions in the game, safe and dangerous. Safe actions are those in which there is no chance of releasing the Queen of Blades. Dangerous ones, on the other hand, have a chance of releasing her. Each subsequent dangerous action increases the odds. Now Sarah needs to watch her lust and quench it with sex with the leaders in order to get safe action points. Each leader is different and will please Sarah differently, giving different numbers of safe action points.” This system is meant to be one with the ability to transform. You can take the light side – and overwhelm the will of the Queen of Blades, choosing the thorny path that will lead to Kerrigan’s success, or alternatively, choose the “dark path” and sow the fruit of chaos (not directly, though… or who knows, hehe) – you are now the one at the helm and entitled to choose your fate.

Note: The Lust system is still in debug mode and has not been fully implemented. We will collect your feedback, and we are going to release the final version of this feature in an upcoming update.

Let’s get back to the game, because I’m done with the theoretical part and it’s time to get to the really interesting part – because Sarah is already hungry for dicks.

Not finding anyone better, she decided to enlist the help of Spike, who at that second was sleeping peacefully in his warm seat without bothering anyone. From that second on, Sarah really stepped on the hard path of struggle with her lust, which would not give her peace in the future. The hunger caused by the Queen of Blades had indeed changed Sarah’s attitude toward sex, causing her to react extremely acutely to any

source of arousal – the satisfied zergling left Sarah alone and continued to doze off as if nothing had happened.

Don’t rush to end the day – the fun part starts!

Now you can start collecting your first essence. To do this, select Sochus and press “essence” to start the scene.

By the way, the Essence button is unusual! It knows how to shimmer and stands out from the others. So it will be easier to understand that this task is very important for Sarah’s future.

In this event, you have to satisfy all the needs of your partner (however, our Sarah doesn’t even mind hehe), by masturbating his penises. Yes, that’s right, because he has three of them! But it’s not that simple: you will have limited time to complete the task. Try to get your work done as quickly as possible, otherwise you’ll have to start all over again. If you find it difficult, use Sarah’s mouth, no one forbids it and this practice is even encouraged by additional progress in the task. That’s it – you come to the finish line and successfully “get” the essence of the first of the leaders on your journey.

Feeling tired in her shoulders and cheekbones after her hard work, Sarah took a deep breath and finished the day by sitting down on her broad throne.

Day 4 – SlutCraft : Heat of the Sperm Walkthrough & Guide

The next day is a milestone day! It’s time for the battle – how I’ve been waiting for this! The long-awaited battle between the Mistress and the Queen of Blades!

*hours later, covered in popcorn*

Yes, it was a very poignant sight. The first half hour… maybe… a little more? Okay, let’s not talk about that.

Next head to the Lair, there the player will have a dialogue with the leader of the Guardian pack as Sarah, and then a chat with Lizzara, our hostage on Leviathan, as the Queen of Blades on the bridge. Now you’re in for a sea of pleasure with the following

scenes featuring her. But don’t think that’s all – not at all! You must re-enter Kerrigan’s body and check on Lizzara for satiety. “Why is my friend in decline again, is she hungry again?” – was on Sarah’s mind now.

Also, the player has access to a sex scene with Sochus, which in the future will be replayable – the player can choose when to pay attention to the junior of the leaders. Aw, what a treat! – When Sarah bounces on the drone’s cock, I can feel it with every fiber of my being, sooooooo nice, oooh.

Remember that I said “Also, the player has access to a sex scene with Sochus”? Well, I actually lied to you… because there are actually two scenes with Sochus! Don’t forget the Queen of Blades, who also has her own plans for the poor worker.

Eh, Sochs, don’t die from so much pleasure they’ll need you more than once. You’ll be used and used and used… And you won’t even mind, which is the biggest problem of all.

Okay, where was I? Oh, that’s right, finish your day!

Day 5 – SlutCraft : Heat of the Sperm Walkthrough & Guide

In the morning, the Terran will have a strange dream and Sarah will be looking for someone to discuss it with. Here it is enough to talk to those whom Sarah herself points out to continue this storyline, that is, Stukov, Zergling, Abathur and Lizzara. The order is important.

After discussing the Selfcrest scene, come up to talk to Lizzara again, but this time as the Queen of Blades. Now the player is in for another vivid act of debauchery with the Protoss, which I’m crazy about, to be honest. After this scene, Sarah’s dialogue with Lizzara will be available, the last one for today.

Then go to the Zergling pack leader to get your second essence. Talk to him and choose one of three options: you can play the Labyrinth, watch the losing scene (it’s very nice) and then the victory scene where you get the essence, or just watch the victory scene.

If you’ve chosen to play the Labyrinth, you sure as hell could use my help – Find the right path in the Labyrinth minigame! On the way the player will meet a lot of enemies, which will be aggressive to Sarah – try to sneak unnoticed. If you do get trapped, I suggest you use the “play dead” option, this will give you a 50% chance of

being ignored by the zergling for one turn. “Sense show*” informs us if there is still an enemy or object within a small radius of Sarah. “Relieve tension” – allows to relieve 35% of accumulated lust, but wastes one turn.

Tips column: I recommend playing with the skip mode option, that way the moving animation will be suuuuuuuper fast.

Don’t be afraid to lose the minigame, because your progress is saved. If your Lieutenant Kerrigan was banged up pretty good, just keep going from the same level and you’ll eventually reach the finale. And one more thing, a gift from your faithful helper. I’ve got a map of all the levels of the minigame in my tentacles, and I’m sharing it with you so you can quickly find the right path to victory! You’re welcome to use it.

Zergling essence: level 1

Zergling essence: level 2

Zergling essence: level 3-1

Zergling essence: level 3-2

Zergling essence: level 4

Zergling essence: level 5

Zergling essence: final level

After completing all levels, you’ll have a scene with the Zerglings, which will officially end the hunt for the second essence.

Do the “Hunger” scene with Lizzara, as two characters at once and talk to her as QoB, and then an irreversible event for Lizzara will happen!

And lastly, pay attention to Spike! A new level of the scene with this little guy has become available to you – don’t miss the opportunity! After the end of this scene, the player can end the next game day with peace of mind.

Day 6

It’s time for the next prey – the Hydralisk essence waits for no one! Go to the Lair and talk to Shlus, the Spawn Guard, who has his own quirks and desires about Sarah, hehe. Unlike other Leaders, this creature wants something more, something more tangible and more voluminous, if you know what I mean. Talk to him and go to Abathur, for your goal. In the breast augmentation event, the player has a fork in the road – choose one to your liking. But from me I’ll add that the option with injectorlings is more to my liking, such funny little guys, huh.

Sarah has completed the Hydralisk pack leader’s errand and can now move on to the

main course, the stunningly tasty and powerful essence. Speak again to Shlus, the Spawn Guard, it’s time to get what we deserve!

It’s time for another minigame!

Here you need concentration and diligence, try to keep the slider in the green zone to successfully complete the task.

Work Sarah’s mouth and tits hard to speed up your reward! Get one step closer to your long-awaited revenge!

After extracting the essence from the Hydralisk’s body, Sarah will have a dialogue with the Hydralisk leader, and a second dialogue with him for today, but later. Next, you should perform the traditional routines such as “Hunger” with Lizzara and “Anal” with the Zergling. And lastly, you should talk to Lizzara a few times as both girls, because

it’s worth it – there’s an interesting event waiting. And definitely one last thing – end the day!

Day 7

Oooooh, is it time for the fight to continue?! Yes, that’s right – our purple warrior is once again challenging her long-time foe! Oooooh, and what awaits them, mmm, if you only knew… Just enjoy, you’ll love it.

The near-death struggle is over, and I can’t get enough! I wonder what they’ll come up with next time? We shall see!

Moving on to the fourth leader, I would say the most cunning and annoying one… Defiler – go to the Lair.

Yeah, he’s caused a lot of trouble for Sarah. But I’m getting ahead of myself; once you’ve talked to him, you should go back to the bridge and think to yourself. It’s not always easy to agree to impregnation, is it?

Once you’re alone with yourself, for some reason all further actions strangely disappear – well, I guess… that leaves you to finish the day?

While Sarah is passed out, the Queen of Blades took control of her body and went to deal with the Defiler, launching an event called “Pregnancy.”

● Hint. While this event lasts, all other scenes are blocked for a certain amount of time, until Sarah’s pregnancy is over.

Oh, you have no idea what I was experiencing when Sarah’s body under QoB’s control was being egged…

After the so-called “egg conception,” Sarah wakes up and slowly the truth comes to her – she’s pregnant. Of course, she’s angry and being driven by her emotions tries to end the Defiler right then, at least she can get to him, unlike her alter ego. However, the Ghost is held hostage by the situation, and realizing that she would have to agonize with the eggs for a few more days, she backed off.

And now a new day is coming, let’s move on to it!

Day 8

In the morning Sarah will feel a heaviness in her stomach and then you can talk to Lizzara, the Defiler and Mutalisk about the situation.

Afterwards, click on the Zergling on the left side of the screen. Select “First Day Sex” and launch the scene. Sarah’s stomach rumbled badly and unable to keep it down, she found salvation in her pet. This baby will not give any reason to doubt and will help the girl.

After a few dialogues and a scene with Spike, you can end the game day, because the next morning you’ll have more dialogues and another hot scene!

Day 9

At the beginning of the day, the girl has a brief dialogue with the Defiler, where he casually throws in a phrase about food for the eggs… and then Sarah suddenly realizes how things really are. She quickly whipped up a little room to make it easier to receive dicks (she made the hole bigger on purpose, that’s right). And so began the second day of the Terran pregnancy.

After the juicy scene, you’ll have some dialogues with the pack leaders and more – for some reason everyone wants to discuss it… – thought Sarah at this point.

And now, having swallowed her fill, she could go to bed with peace of mind. And although her heavy belly is making itself known, she was satisfied with the day.

Day 10

In the morning, Sarah will meet the Defiler, where she will finally get rid of her full belly, and experience more than 12 orgasms in a row, at a time. In the name of the Swarm, Sarah, you couldn’t take more than three before, but you can take more than a dozen at a time… Ah, well, forget it, just my thoughts.

Now you take control of Sarah again and head to the Lair, where Sochus is waiting for you and he has an interesting and tempting offer. Talk to him and take a seat in the strange-looking chair. It’s quite ordinary for us Zerg, though.

Behind the chair, Sarah is hooked up to control the Leviathan, where she is expected to “collect debris” in space. The player can choose to go with or without training. But, if this is your first time, I definitely recommend the tutorial. For convenience, I’ll duplicate it here.

● The tentacles are controlled by the WASD buttons

● The Shift button switches between tentacles (you can also do it with the mouse)

● A and D are responsible for moving the tentacles to the left and right

● The tentacles have two modes: attacking and capturing.

● Attack mode can be changed with the W and S keys. Attack mode is for destroying dangerous asteroids, Capture mode is for gathering useful resources – green and blue

● The SPACE key is to use the tentacle

The green bars on the sides of each tentacle are responsible for the health of each

tentacle. If the health drops to zero, the tentacle becomes inactive for a while. In time it

will recover, but be careful.

Also the Leviathan has its own health, which is marked with green dots at the bottom of

the screen. If you don’t want to lose, try not to bring your health to zero.

Various objects will appear on the screen. Valuable resources are crystals and clouds of

vespene. Asteroids are dangerous.

After the “Garbage Collection” scene in space, you find yourself back in the Lair.

Remember the naked training with the alien crystal? I do! How nice that the authors remember them too, and that the players liked it and decided to give them a good present… Approach Spike and begin the “Little Shenanigans” scene, which begins with a little dialogue about this device.

Next, Sarah faces a hard choice: whether to succumb to the voice coming straight from her mind or not and stay with a cool head. The choice is the player’s, as it always is. According to canon, Lieutenant Kerrigan chooses the path of least resistance, and succumbs to the beckoning voice.

You are left to watch the “Kiss” scene as Queen of Blades. Then play the “Hunger” and “Anal” scenes, then call it a day. And also, you have a dialog with Stukov – he offers to order some doll. Do it and see what happens…

The Queen of Blades goes on the hunt again… one of the most poignant scenes awaits you, a scene where the Queen of Blades shows her complete dominance over the Hydralisk. Ugh, poor guy… Although wait, why do I feel sorry for him when he feels so good! But seriously, even I can’t stand up to a Queen of Blades like that, and then I’d have to fall for her tricks.

Day 11

Kerrigan has decided not to sit idly by and take a walk on the Leviathan in the morning, but near the end of her walk, when she is almost back in her room, she hears quiet but rather familiar sounds from the Bridge. This is where the “Sarah Doll” scene begins.

It’s about time we were done with this slippery fellow, don’t you think? Go to the lair and talk to Defiler to start transferring the essence. This time Sarah will be taking the eggs herself, but the cunning bug will still find a way to annoy her.

Finally, the Ghost gets her deserved essence, even if it was a struggle. Bug eggs… Sarah’s body was clearly going crazy at this point.

If you liked the “Collecting space debris” scene, congratulations! Now you can do it again and see more sexual depravity

Ahem! I mean, what am I talking about? And yes, this scene will have less time devoted to the minigame, but for that there will be more hot content, which Sarah is always thinking about! He-he-he-he-he…

The last scene will be “The Fatal Climax” which again concentrates all attention on our Lizzara. This time the situation will get out of hand, but the Queen of Blades won’t just leave it at that.

Next you have to do the usual things – satisfy your hunger with your pet on the bridge, don’t forget your blue friend’s hunger, and satisfy yourself again, but this time with Sochus in the Lair. After these scenes, it is safe to fall asleep.

Day 12

Now you can start preparing for another essence – the essence of the Guardian. Talk to him, and find a helper for such an unusual task (hint it’s Lizzara) . Seemingly at last atypical debauchery and something more serious? Well, well… It’s SlutCraft, how could we do without the lewdness!

Go back to the Guardian with Lizzara and launch the new scene, the first part of the Essence of the Guardian. The scene will be very unusual, but as hot as ever! Shadow Portal Team promised me that, and they can be trusted.

After the escape scene from the Ursadon (but it’s actually a semblance of it), change the character to the Queen of Blades, you should talk to Lizzara a few times again, change back to Sarah, and after one more dialogue you can end the day.

Do the “Hunger” and ”Anal” scenes as Kerrigan and switch characters. Do the “Fatal climax” scene. Yes, this time Lizzara will perish again.

If you enjoyed the last scene, I’m happy to tell you that the next day will not disappoint, so hurry up and finish this one!

Day 13

Some fun, finally! Sarah decided to cheer up a little and take a walk in my company on the Leviathan. Unexpectedly, though, we find ourselves in a past room, where a vague… what is it, a memory…?

If you want to get to the bottom of it, don’t quit before you know it. Stay and investigate thoroughly. Here’s a little hint: Sarah needs to dig through the pile of trash on the left side of the screen, look at the broken scoreboard on the right, look again at the torn rags on the left side of the screen and the cake plate on the right side, under the scoreboard – and then, the “1000 Zerg” scene will begin, the fun part!

Honestly, I remember that scene. And I remember how much Sarah liked it, but I’d rather pretend I don’t remember either, because I was in her brain. You know, Sarah is scary when furious, remember that battle the first time she met the Leaders?

As the desert adventures are over, we can now move on to the Guardian essence gathering scene. This time Lizzara will help you in this difficult task. Sarah is really going to have a hard time, she will have to swim in the sperm tank that holds the coveted essence. You’ll have to fish it out like a fisherman sitting by the pond, won’t you?

After many attempts, the girl was able to understand the logic of the system and deftly get the strong essence of another pack Leader in her mouth. “There’s not much left, you can do it,” I encouraged her, at the precipice of her consciousness.


Do not repeat this at home. All tricks were performed by experts.

Day 14

As the day began, the girl had an obsessive urge to check something she had recently visited. People call it “self-interest”-right? Sarah was tossing and turning between “go” and “don’t do nonsense” but in the end she decided to visit the place.

After an impromptu upside-down rodeo, the girl received the essence of Ursadon, though not a real one, just a semblance of it, but still. However, it had no effect on her tattoo. Apparently… it’s too weak compared to the essences of the Leaders.

Is it even weaker than Sochus’s essence? Hmmm… I’ll have to check!

There’s almost nothing left to do, now you have to start preparing for the essence of Mutalisk – go to her and do as she says. Don’t take too long to think about the decision, because Sarah’s goal is worth it.

After the spicy scene with Carda, it’s time to do what has long been a tradition – “Anal” and “Hunger“, then lay back to sleep.

Day 15

At the beginning of the day, the player is again offered a choice between “go” and “stay” – yes, it’s about the Ursadon. This time I suggest you choose “go” too, because it’s worth it! I promise you haven’t seen what four of those cocks can do yet for sure!

Sarah can then have a little personal talk with Lizzara. You will be treated to a frank dialogue between two girlfriends who have been living together for more than a week and find salvation in helping each other.

It’s time for the action – Carda has been waiting for this. The essence is just calling out to Sarah, so she goes for it as soon as she can.

This is one hot scene. Enough for Sarah to experience unreal sensations, of someone entering her from behind while she’s trying to control her own cock.

Day 16

If you encounter “endless days” mode, then know that you missed the stage of collecting essences from the leaders – which are the most important parts of this chapter. Please pay attention to them. If you’ve done everything properly, you’ll come across a prompt saying that you’ve completely mastered the current update.

A little note from the authors, in their own words:

“, tell the guys that in one of the next patches we will implement a system of automatic repetition of scenes, in order to improve the game experience. Thank you.”

Hmmm… Sounds intriguing…

Afterword – SlutCraft : Heat of the Sperm Walkthrough & Guide

That’s all for today, but this walkthrough guide will be updated from update to update, helping you through this thorny path with Sarah !

Thank you for reading and to all those who are patient with the release of new versions. <3. More is coming later!

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