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Tail of Desire Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Tail of Desire Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Tail of Desire Walkthrough & Guide

Pick up your sword

Equip your sword

Talk to the Elder and go harvest the crops outside

Put them in the empty crates in the storehouse (the one just next to the elder’s house) and report back to the Elder

Now go talk to 3 elves, 1st is in the hotel and needs u to kill 3 slimes, the 2nd is in the potion

shop and needs 2 boar meat and the 3rd is in the far-right house and need 5 yams Now go left and leave the village and into the cave, talk to the elf for a quest and a pickaxe

In the cave you can find some iron on the wall, mine it and report back to the elf to finish her quest

Now leave the cave and go north, there should be a small body of water, and with slimes around, kill 3 of them

This should trigger a cutscene with a goblin merchant being harassed by a pink dragon, go save him and get ur pink buddy

Now you can press “E” for a dragon vision, use it to find 5 yams

Now go east and fight the boar for its meat

Now its time to report to the elves but you might notice some strange herbs around, they are vanilla, and you should grab a few (Same for iron and copper which is found in a cave east of the 1st one’s exit)

Once ur back in the village, u can talk to a purple haired woman next to the hotel, this unlocks a scene with her at night if you sleep there

Also, there is a side quest you can pick from one of the elves at the barn south, just go kill some seed monster for 10 seeds

Anyway, talk to the elder and go back to the mountains, get 10 seed and then go east Once ur far east u should see some dead boar and some shit, go inspect it

Now go back and report to the elf at the barn and while ur there, talk to the other elf and buy her recipe and then report to the elder

At night go back where the dead boars were, and the elder is about to get raped by a werewolf, u can stop it or let it happen for a scene

Now talk to the elder and go kill the werewolf in the cave

Optional but at night in the mountain, you can ask the goblin merchant for a quest which involves stealing the elder’s pantie and leads to a kinda ntr’ish scene

Now go north to the fishing village, go to the fishing shop and buy some bluefish, bait and a fishing rod blueprint, talk to the elf in the boat for a quest and talk again to complete it assuming u bought enough fish

Now, go to the south most house and talk to the white-haired elf the go to the eastern house, talk to the teal haired girl and to the “milk” elf. Now go and clear her garden of the monsters

Now go report to the teal elf and go back to the potion shop of the elven village and buy some glass bottles and some wood and give it to the milk elf

Go and report to the white-haired elf, now the milk elf is gone, and you will need to go to the white-haired elf’s house at night with some lockpicks. For the lockpicks you will need to help the goblin merchant which leads to a ntr’ish scene, or you can wait for later, i will explain how to avoid the goblin merchant later but if you don’t care about that scene, go at night and steal the elder’s panties and give them to the goblin. Once that is done, you will be able to buy picks and components from him and you should buy a few. Go to the Elder’s house at night, she will be missing, use the dragon vision to follow her track (she is in the cave next to the goblin merchant), find her and question the goblin for an orb that you can use to see the scene.

Now use the lockpicks to go to the white-haired elf’s house, once inside use Dragon vision to spot a secret basement and go inside

Now you have the choice of saving the milk elf or let her be raped which grants a scene and some potions.

Assuming you save her, she will be romanceable (note that no scenes or romance shit currently exist as of now), you can also talk to her granddaughter, and she will offer you to get some stuff in the mountains north for some milk but the area north and this quest aren’t implemented yet so that’s all for this character.

Now let’s go to the eastern forest and talk to the elf, she will ask you to go to a cave that at the far east of the forest, then go south and go in.

Kill all the monsters and grab the 2 glowing plants at the end of the cave and report back. Now she will give you a saw that you can use to unlock the exit

Now enter the elven town which will unlock a wagon that can be used to skip the forest and go back to the elven village and vice versa back to town.

Now go to the guild (southwest), once inside talk to the drunk elf at the bar, the blond elf next to the entrance, the eye patched elf and Renia for some quests

Now go north and there should be 3 tree houses, go to the middle one and talk to the elf and go back outside and go west clear the zone from mushrooms, now report back to the drunk and the blond elf

Now go north to the dark forest at NIGHT and kill 5 bees and a couple of plants (the yellow ones only spawn at night) until you have like 15 roots and 10 fangs, in the forest, go north to find an elf hermit that lives above the trees, talk to her, now go back to the forest and go east to find a mushroom filled zone, kill em all and then interact with the purple mushroom south, this will

spawn a mushroom boss, run away from it and void being trampled, colored mushroom will spawn in the zone, destroy them all then you will be able to fight the mushroom boss. Once defeated this will unlock a cave east of the mushroom zone, go inside and grab the rubies, then report to the hermit elf, elf scientist in the tree house and eye patch elf and go to sleep in the tent.

Now go talk to the scientist elf and then go to the elven hq (northwest building), go up the left stairs and talk to the commander elf. Now go talk to Renia, she will be next to your tent and then sleep. Now go kill the boss by using a smoke bomb to stop its regen and finish it off with your ultimate skills.

Now talk to the elf commander and the scientist, then go see Renia in the next room. Leave the HQ and the elf smith will give you a quest, assuming you have 5 components from the goblin merchant you can go meet her at the southeast of the town for a new sword.

Now go meet Madame Butterfly at the guild and talk to her, then go to the dungeon at night (its the stairs that go down) and go back to Butterfly’s tent (next to the guild).

Now go to you tent and then to the elf hq and talk to Renia and the commander. Now go in the dungeon and kill all monsters in the 1st room, on the 2nd floor, press all the buttons to open the room and kill all monsters, for the 3rd floor just grab the 2 keys, for the 4th kill everyone

Now go to the 5th floor and kill the boss then go to the 3rd floor southeast and open the door to get the elven sword

then you can leave this place. Go to the guild and talk to the elder, then talk to her and Butterfly again and go upstairs to talk to Luda (elf queen) and then go sleep in your tent. In the morning, read the letter on your desk and go west, talk to Luda and go to the balloon. Once inside the balloon, talk to Luda for a scene.

Now that the balloon is crashed just go south and be careful to not touch any enemy or its a game over.

Once Kirist is done showing you her manor go outside and she will give you a letter to deliver to Polina who lives north in Sunshine town (west of the manor), then go talk to the elf with glasses in the groceries store, she will ask for 1 octopus and 6 bug meat, leave sunshine town and go south to Coast town and talk to the merchant for a fishing rod and some bait, go to the beach and fish some octopuses (grab some extras for later), then leave and go to the eastern forest, go in a hole and mine some mana ore and kill some worms for bug meat, while you are in the forest, grab all the red herbs you can and go kill some boars for special meat and some snakes. Report back to the elf and go back to the manor, at the entrance a demon is waiting, give him some snake meat and talk to Kirist

Now go to Coast town and go to the hotel, talk to the kid and the maid

Now go sleep and talk to Kirist this unlocks a scene and some lore stuff that you can skip, this leads to a new scene with the kid and the maid

Once you wake up, go talk to the chef, he will ask for some special boar meat so give him. Next go to the maid’s house (next to the manor) and talk to her

Now go talk to Polina and then back to the eastern forest to kill 10 purple snakes

Report to Polina and go place some posters in sunshine town and talk to all the miners in the houses, once that’s done go get some grilled fish and some beer from the coast town’s bar

Now report to Polina, then leave her house. At night go to the maid’s house. and go to sleep

go talk to polina then go in the mines, talk to her again. While in the mines you might want to mine some silver, emeralds and rubies, and kill some of the golems with blue gems in their chest (there is tnt around and its super effective and you can buy some from one of the shops) . Also don’t falls in the holes cause that’s a game over

Now Luda wakes up, go talk to the dragon and the leave to Kirits’ room to spy on her and go back to your bed, here you can accept a deal with the red demon for some scenes (ntr) or just decline

Now, back to the MC, go east and beat the golem guarding the door, then kill the bug, kill more bugs and talk to the bug queen you can kill her or let her live

Once u made ur choice leave by going northwest of her nest and exit the caves and find Polina in the mines, talk to her

Outside the mines, there should be a new miner with a rainbow pickaxe, talk to her and give her some cooked octopus and lemonade (bought from the bar at coast town)

Bring her all that stuff and go to the blacksmith and you can find a crafting station to make the rainbow pickaxe, you can mine some stone of desire now and the rocks at the secret beach near the fishing village

talk to the rainbow miner again for a quest, you just need some stone of desires, rubies, emeralds and magic ore

then talk to the blacksmith while she is outside her shop, she will offer you to make different

weapons for your dragons if you give her special materials

Now report to Kirist and go sleep, once you wake up talk to Luda

Kirist will task you to get the mayor, go to her house (west of sunshine town) and talk to her maid, she will tell you that she left for coast town

In coast town, go talk to the elf in the northwest house, then go ask at the hotel, then bar and finally at the southwest house

This unlocks the secret passage and a safe (1804 to open it for an item)

Now you have access to the secret passage to go back to the other side of the map, go talk to the mayor and she will ask for some food, all can be bought at the groceries store

Now, remember what I said earlier about getting components and lockpicks without selling the Elder’s panties? The small goblin will sell you those now so you can go back and free the milk elf and craft the rainbow pickaxe now

Anyway, report to Kilist

Now go back to the secret passage and give the goblins the item from the safe for an extra scene

Now go to the northern forest and save some ninja girl from the goblins, then talk to her

Now this unlocks the Shadow Forest, talk to Mikiko (the geisha) inside the house and talk to her again

Now you unlocked the grappling hook so go to the mines, once you are in, go northeast and use ur hook to climb up, go east, this should lead to the witch’s house

talk to her, then go north of her house and kill 30 purple slimes and report back, she will send you back north, wolves should appear now, kill 10 of em and report back

Now she should give you medicine for Mikiko so go back and give it to her. Then talk to the ninja girl in the dojo (the zone east of Mikiko’s house)

Once the 1st training finished, go back to the dojo to do the 2nd one

Now Mikiko is captured by the goblins, so you need to go back to the northern forest at night to sneak in. To access the secret entrance to the castle ur gonna need a key so just kill all the goblins for it. Now inside the dungeon, free all the women and then pull both levers and talk to the small goblin in prison

Once all that is done go upstairs and clear all the goblins. Once ur free from Catherine, grab your stuff in the chest then go south to the dungeon to pick up Luda and the dragon, then go outside from the main exist and beat the boar king. Now you can go outside and decide the goblin’s fate, then head back to Mikiko’s house

OK now once you wake up, go back to the castle and talk to the elf at the entrance for a quest, go kill 10 goblin and report back

then go inside and go northwest to find an animated card and a safe (code is 5783)

Now go to the dungeon and talk to the skinny goblin he will ask for 2 refreshing juice, you got the recipe from the barn remember? you can buy all the ingredients from the groceries store and make it by talking to the demon cook at Kirist’s house, report back to the goblin for a scene

Then go talk to the mayor outside her house then go inside to finish talking to hear and head back to Kirist’s house

Once you wake up, go talk to Luda and then go to Sunshine town and talk to the demon outside Polina’s house and head to Coast town

Go to the bar and talk to the barmaid, then go eavesdrop to Polina in the bar and report back to Kirist

Now go to coast town and take the boat, go south, then west and dive underwater and sneak on the boat, once inside first go west, realize there is too many demons and then go north and spy on Polina and report back to Kirist, go sleep, go to Polina’s house, go back to the farm and defeat the all the wandering pirates, 2 of em are inside the Demon’s house

then you can go in the manor and defeat the boss, then after the demon gives you, the syringe, go back to the manor and talk to Luda and go to the new restaurant that opened (east of the manor)

Once inside, talk to the woman in a red dress, after that go and talk to Kirist, this will open her basement, go in and talk to her again, once she is gone interact with the red monitor

Go to Kirist’s room and talk to the head maid, go back to her room and talk to Kirist, go to the Chinese restaurant and talk to the owner, you will have a choice to fuck her or not

Once that is done the entrance to the wild boar clan should be open on the world map, its just south of the shadow forest, the zone is filled with tree stumps

Once inside the woods there should be some crocs and plants, gather a few and kill some crocs for later and go visit the tribe

go south and talk to the leader, then go northwest and talk to the prince and go outside the tribe and bring back 20 tokens by defeating the wild boar clansmen who spawned, report to the prince and go talk to the leader, this will unlock a tent you can use to sleep, now go talk to the pig pharmacist (just east of the leader)

He will ask you to grab 5 healing plants from the crocodile zone, but you should’ve already collected them so report back. Now go speak to the pig knight next to the pig blacksmith, he will ask for 10 crocodile scales, go get em and then go sleep in your tent. Wake up and win the tournament then go south of the tribe

Now go west of the tribe and talk to the prince and then go talk to the pharmacist. You can now go north to see the Chinese woman get punished in a scene

Once that is done you need to go talk to the witch, she will need 20 purple crystals, but you should already have them, now she will give you a recipe and ask you to make it, luckily, there is a cooking station in her house, and you should already have all the ingredients so make it and report back

Now go talk to the boar leader, now you can go see a new scene with the old Chinese lady. Now go west and talk to the boar guarding the cave, he will ask for 10 axes that you get by defeating wild boar tribesmen. Go get em and report back. Now you can enter the cave, go in and destroy all the stone of desires using your rainbow pickaxe, the sperm will awaken, go interact with the sparkly spot near it and go talk to Kirist in her basement (you will need to talk twice), now go cut the tree stumps.

Once u wake up, go back to the basement and talk to Kirist again, this will open the secret basement, talk to all the maids so they can give you exposition there is 6 of em, 3 in the main room, 1 to the far left and 2 to the right, the 2 to the right wont give you info unless you do a quest for each, one needs 10 component, the other needs 10 red herbs(Red herbs are found in the eastern forest but in the patched 0.7 you can only find 8 but it still seems enough to complete her quest, in the non patched 0.7 some of the red herbs have a green appearance before you pick em up so be mindful of that)

Report to the maids and you can finally go south and talk to Kirist, go talk to the witch north of the sunshine town’s mines

She asks you to go kill some werewolf north of her house, go do it and come back. Once that’s done, she will give you 3 choices, the top 2 are just lore stuff, if you don’t care you can just choose the bottom one and be done with it. Then go back to Kirist. Finally go to the cave that’s just north of you and that’s the end

Now this ends the main story but there are still a few missing things, such as a few Elder scenes, a Mikiko scene and both Banal scenes

First let’s go fish a fluorescent fish from the lake in the eastern forest, then ask for a quest from Mikiko, then go visit the witch, then back to Mikiko, ur gonna need 3 hairs now, u find em with dragon vision, 1st is in her house, 2nd is in the waterfall cave in the dojo and 3rd is in the dungeon.

Now go talk to the witch and watch her crystal ball for the final Mikiko scene. Now report back to her to finish the quest

Now let’s do Bobby’s questline (warning its kinda ntr so skip if ur not into that), he is the pigman wearing blue who stands in front of the guild’s building in Sunshine town. First go to the smuggler’s house in coast town (the one with the secret passage), talk to the blond one, she will ask for some wolf skin and some oil, u should have enough wolf skin, but u can get more northeast in the northern woods, oil can be bought at the groceries store. She will give you forged papers, bring them back to bob. Now go talk to him at the guild and eavesdrop on him. Go outside, and he will send you kill some jellyfish in Coast town, so do that and report back

Now bob will ask you to make a ring and a necklace, u should have everything except shells that you can find on the beach and maybe some jellyfish eye which are rare drops from them (they spawn at night in coast town’s beach) so head to the blacksmith and use her crafting table to make those and report back. Next, eavesdrop on them at the groceries store and finally go to the guild at night. Next pass another day and talk to him again, he will ask for some stone of desire, croc eyes, rubies and sapphires, u might need more sapphires so go kill some golems in the mines and report back. Now go in the guild at night and hide in Banal’s closet.

Now you should have all her scenes.

Now only a few scenes for Elder Nitt are left and its at this moment I realize that finishing the game unlocks all the scenes so that’s it ill be very quick for Nitt’s stuff

Buy gift like refreshing juices to increase affection and do her quests for some scenes. Some scenes will need special gift, go to the gift shop at the elven town (where the balloons were) and trade tickets with fish and mucus and use em to buy special gifts and outfits for her.

Also, now u have a treasure map, just search the jar in the house in eastern forest

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