Lust Affect Walkthrough & Guide

Lust Affect Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Lust Affect Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Day 1

Liara – Let’s Have sex +1

Tali – Who do they think they are? +1 (2)

Day 2

Miranda – Unbutton the suit +1 (3)

Garrus – Speak! But fast! +1 (4)

Medical Bay +74$

Day 3

Joker – Why the fuck you are not on duty? +1 (5)

Ashley – Stop whining! +1 (6)

Briefing room +32$

Day 4

Ashley – Great tits! +1 (7)

*In the Garrus mission, you must fuck the main marauder asari. +2 (9)

Day 6

Port Hold + 41$

Advice: For the first 6 days you need to buy anal balls.

Day 7

Miranda – “This is my ship!…” or “So you liked it!” +3 (12)

Miranda – Lie +2 (14)

Advice: For the first 8 days you need to buy anal plug.

Day 8

Advice: Don’t forget to sometimes receive money from admiral Hackett.

Day 9

Jack – (Bonus) Then you do something for me

Day 10

*night* Samara – One day you pay me back +2 (16)

Day 11

Samara – Nice tits! +1 (17)

Glyph +1 (18)

Advice: At night, go to bed only if you have nothing else to do.

Day 13

Briefing room +182$

Advice: Raise your influence on Aria to at least 17.

When she comes to visit, tell her: “We play to undress, by the way.”

Port Hold +141$

Advice: Now you can buy all available goods in both stores. Buy everything except magazines.

Advice: Night walk. First visit the Crew Quarters, after – the Lavatory

Day 14

Advice: To fuck Liara, jerk off at night using virtual reality glasses. Advice: Call Jack. To fuck her, you need at least 15 renegade points and 12 influence points.

Day 15

Advice: Make friends with Garrus. And talk to him about Tali more often.

Day 16

Advice: Buy new things to educate Liara and do not forget to go and see her.

Advice: Don’t fool Tali. It will end badly.

Day 24

After the salvation of Legion – Let’s take our changes! +1 (19)

Day 26

Garrus – Give her a good fuck! (Need more than 18 renegade points.) Ashley – The choice does not matter

Advice: If you did everything right, in the Port Hold you will find the anal plug.

*night* Mission “Sex Emulator for an AI”

Ashley – Watch –> Masturbate +2 (21)

Day 27 – Lust Affect Walkthrough & Guide

Advice: If you have previously picked up the anal plug, go to the Starbord Hold

Day 28 – Lust Affect Walkthrough & Guide

Advice: Fuck Samantha: Raise Influence on Grunt to 6. To do this, take him once on a mission. Come to visit him. Score at least 20 renegade points.

During the dialogue with Samantha we get +5 (26)

*Mission of Gerhard Rivas:

Gerhard – I will bring Kasumi

Siri – You are different from him

*Mission “Omega”

Aria and Samara will leave Normandy. It does not depend on your choice. But sex scenes will be different. Choose for yourself.


At about day 38 you can get a threesome with Liara and Miranda. In dialogue with them, choose “Missing Tali” (“Missing Garrus” for FemShep).

You can get a harem ending for 41 days already. But on the passing of game you have 55 days. If you want to get the second ending, you can skip Samantha’s

mission. Or, for example, do not return Tali (Garrus).

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