Spooky Milk Life Walkthrough & Cheat

Spooky Milk Life Walkthrough & Cheat

This Spooky Milk Life Walkthrough & Cheat will cover every aspect of the game. Including every lady’s scene unlocked, and every quest completed.

GENERAL INFORMATION – Spooky Milk Life Walkthrough & Cheat

BUG: There is a bug where the text will become Korean. When this happens, click on the gear for Settings, select the second option down (Save Game) and save the game. Exit the game (Closing the window, or using task manager to end the task works.) Restart the game, load the game, and that should fix the issue.


The day advances whenever you go to bed and sleep.

The day is broken into four parts.

Morning (9am)

Afternoon (1pm)

Evening (6pm)

Night (10pm)

A season is 28 days long.

Talking to people and moving locations does not advance time. Oddly, having sex with your toys in your room does not advance time.

Training and other actions (like Massage and Sex, or Gifting) advance day-time one increment.

Exploring the Dungeon always ends at 10pm, regardless of if you start at Morning, Afternoon, or Evening

Store locations close and kick you out at Night.

Very few activities are available at Night.

You can manually advance time one increment by clicking on the clock in the upper left corner of the game window

You can manually change the season by going to the calendar in your room (on the wall next to the bed) and clicking on it, then clicking on the arrows.

You can only advance forward in time.



My House (House silhouette)

Toy Store (Teddy bear silhouette)

Fitness Center (Barbell silhouette)

Library (Open book silhouette)

Playground (Slide silhouette) Not available at the start of the game. Must be opened through questing.

My House:

lF Bathroom: Exits to the Kitchen

1F Hallway: Exits to Basement, 2F Hallway, and Dining

2F Bathroom: Exits to 2F Hallway, and Commode

2F Hallway: Exits to 2F Bathroom, 1F Hallway, Loft, Ane’s room, Raury’s room, and My room

Ane’s room: Exits to 2F Hallway

Backyard: Exits to Missy’s room, Kitchen (x2), Frontyard (x2), and Treehouse

Basement: Exits to Frontyard and 1F Hallway

Closet: Exits to My Room

Commode (2F Bathroom): Exits to 2nd Floor Bathroom

Dining: Exits to Fronyard, Living room, Kitchen, and 1F Hallway

Frontyard: Exits to Map (x2), Backyard (x2), Basement, Garage, and Dining

Garage: Exits to Frontyard and Kitchen

Kitchen: Exits to 1F Bathroom, Missy’s room, Garage, Backyard (x2), Living room, and Dining

Living room: Exits to Kitchen and Dining

Loft: Exits to 2F Hallway

Missy’s room: Exits to Backyard and Kitchen

Raury’s room: Exits to 2F Hallway

Treehouse: Exits to Backyard

My room: Exits to 2F Hallway and Closet

Toy Store:

In Front of Store: Exits to Map (x2) and Toystore

Toystore: Exits to In Front of Store and Toystore warehouse (Back Room)

Toystore warehouse: Exits to Toystore and Factory/Dungeon

Factory/Dungeon: Exits by Defeat and available at Dungeon level exits

Fitness Center:

In front of Fitness Center: Exits to Map (x2) and Fitness Center Lobby.

Fitness Center Lobby: Exits to In front of Fitness Center, Gym, and Yoga Class

Gym: Exits to Fitness Center Lobby

Yoga Class: Exits to Fitness Center Lobby


In front of Library: Exits to Map (x2) and Library

Library: Exits to In front of Library


Playground: Exits to Map


The challenge bar appears towards the top of the screen when you are in combat for attacking, defending, and escaping. It also shows up when performing a Massage action.

The challenge bar is red in the middle, yellow towards the sides, and black to the ends. A white triangle cursor appears below the bar that swings back and forth along the bar. The cursor moves faster in the middle of the bar.

By left-clicking on the mouse, you stop the cursor. If the cursor is pointing at the black, it is a miss/failure. If it stops in the yellow, it is a hit/success. If it stops in the red, it is a critical hit/success.



When in combat, a button ribbon across the top of the screen. The button ribbon has three buttons, in order left to right: Attack, Item, Escape.

You go first in every combat.

** You cannot equip or change weapons in the middle of a fight. Make sure you equip them before the fight. **

The Item button:

Opens your inventory. You can click on items, and if the bottom right of the inventory has a button that says ‘Use’ you can click that to use it in combat. Weapons cannot be equipped or unequipped during combat.

Items useable from inventory during combat are:

Fix Kit: heal weapon, does not seem to take an action if used in combat. Initiative remains yours.

Milk: Heals you for 15, takes an action, and hands the initiative over to the enemy.

Big Milk: Heals you for 35, takes an action, and hands the initiative over to the enemy.

Rope: Does nothing. Probably a bug.

Map: Does nothing. Probably a bug.

Bomb: Damages the enemy (The bomb so far cannot be bought or made. It is a cheat item.)

Camping Kit: Using decreases the number you have, and nothing else. (Test Only Item.) Probably a bug.

Quest items show up in the inventory but do not generate a ‘Use’ button. Probably a bug.

The Attack button:

As weapons cannot be equipped before going into combat, equip them before you are in combat.

When you click on the Attack button, the challenge bar appears. If you stop the cursor in the black (a miss), no damage occurs, the yellow (a hit) base damage occurs, and if it is in the red (a critical) base damage is doubled.

After attacking, initiative goes to the enemy.

The Escape button:

Opens the challenge bar. The range of success and crit are much, much smaller than on attack, and the cursor is much faster.

If the cursor stops on red or yellow, you escape, and the enemy is removed from the room.

If the cursor stops on black, nothing happens and initiative goes to the enemy.

Enemy Actions:

When initiative goes to the enemies, they have two actions. Attack and Sex Attack.

If the enemy attacks, a challenge bar appears and rates your defense.

A red (critical) means the enemy missed and you take no damage.

A yellow (success) result and then enemy does base damage (varies from enemy to enemny and unlike yours, has a random range of values)

A black result is a critical hit for the enemy, doing more damage to you than a hit.

If the enemy Sex Attacks you, a Sex Scene is presented along with a image of a red button being mashed.

There is no mechanic for avoiding a Sex Attack when the enemy chooses to use it.

You have to repeatedly left-click the mouse button to throw off the enemy.

Their attacks raise your Arousal over time, so you need to throw them off quickly.

If your Arousal bar is filled, you take orgasm damage, which will clear the Arousal bar if you survive the attack.

If you win the combat, your Arousal remains elevated, bringing you closer to orgasm on the next Sex Attack.

Higher Stats allow you to throw the enemy off quicker, thus taking less Arousal damage.


You start the day with 50 HPs. There does not appear to be a way to improve that.

Arousal bar starts at 0 on when entering a Dungeon Floor. There is no way to reduce it, other than starting a new Dungeon Floor.

In combat, if your health bar is depleted you are defeated and expelled from the Toy Store.

If you are defeated, you loose 50% of your money.

If your Arousal bar is full, you orgasm taking extreme damage, which you are unlikely survive.


Arousal is healed by sleep, or clearing a Dungeon floor and advancing to the next.

Health is healed by sleep, drinking milk, drinking lemonade, or using a Raggedy Ann doll (Raggedy Anns are only available on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the Dungeon.)

Milk heals a bit (1 HP according to inventory info. 15 HP displayed when used it in combat.)

Large milk heals a fair bit more. (5 HP according to inventory info. 35 HP displayed when used in combat.)

Ragged Anne doll fills your health bar to the max, restoring you to 50 HP.

‘Lemonade with a strange smell’ heals like Large milk (Heals 15 HP according to inventory note. 15 HP displayed when used in combat.)


Every attack made (Miss/Hit/Crit) reduces the durability of the weapon by 10. When durability reaches 0, you resort to punching the enemy.

** Equip your weapons BEFORE going into combat! **

If you have a Fix Kit, you can repair the weapon during combat.

Weapon Max. Durability Damage (Miss/Hit/Crit)


Punch — 0/3/6

Bat 100 0/5/10

Light Saber 150 0/7/14

Light Sword 200 0/8/16

Water Gun 200 0/4/8

Power Gun 250 0/6/12

Super Gun 300 0/8/16

Bomb — 999 (Use Item button, click on Bomb in your inventory, click on Use)

(Bombs, like healing items, are a one use item)


(Attack damage not verified for v.0.30.8 and is imported from a v0.10.5 cheat sheet.)

ENEMY HP Damage (Miss/Hit/Crit) Orgasm from Sex Attack Possible Item Drops


Teddy 10 10-20/5-7/0 35-45 toy chip, cotton, string

Broken Doll 10 12-18/5-10/0 35-50 toy chip, winder

Toy Box (Jack) 10 12-20/5-9/0 35+ ? toy chip, spring

Toy Soldier 15 22-26/12-14/0 40+ ? toy chip, winder, gear

Dildo Tiger 20 34/12-16/0 >50 ? toy chip, PartsA, PartsB


When you select “Massage” from an NPC’s dialogue list, you get have raunchy scene, with the purpose of raising someone’s Love rating.

Selecting Massage brings the Massage Button Ribbon to the upper screen.

The first button with a heart is the one for actually engaging in a Massage.

The second button is an escape.

Choosing the Heart button brings up a challenge bar, and whether succesful or not, advances time one increment.

Stopping the cursor on black adds +0 Love to the NPC’s current rating, causing a comment about being more gentle.

Stopping on yellow adds +5 Love to the NPC’s current rating, leaving the massagee wanting more.

Stopping on red adds +10 Love to the NPC’s current rating, causing them to orgasm.

Choosing Escape brings you back to the interaction map with no time advancement.


Stats are viewable throught the Status App on your phone.

HPs (Health Points): 0 – 50. Displayed as Current HP/Max HP ( 35/50 ). Max HP is 50. Currently no way to improve max HP.

STR (Strength): 1 – 10 (Trainer: Galina in the Gym)

1. Higher STR expands the range of the “yellow bar” in the challenge bar, thus giving you a larger target.

2. Higher STR powers up your sex-fight & training bar (More effect per click) making both throwing off an opponent and completing Training faster.

3. STR does not affect your base melee damage.

DEX (Dexterity): 1- 10 (Trainer Manjula in the Yoga Class)

1. Expand the range of the “red bar” within the “yellow bar” on the challenge bar, thus creating a larger target.

2. Power up your sex-fight bar & train bar (same for STR)

INT (Intellect): 1 – 10 (Trainer Sue in the Library)

Higher INT slows down the challenge bar cursor, making red and yellow bars easier to hit. (You might need a bit of time to adapt to the slower movement.)

Higher Stats increase the effectiveness of each button click on training and throwing off an enemy during a Sex Attack.

MERCHANTS – Spooky Milk Life Walkthrough & Cheat

Dungeon Merchant: (Located at the top of the stairs at the end of each Dungeon Floor)

For Sale:

Bat ($100)

Battery ($50) (Crafting item)

Broken Doll ($200)

Dildo($100): +20 friendship for gift (Light Saber crafting needs 5 dildos)

Fix Kit ($25)

Map($25) (open floor full map) [Reveal all the rooms on the current floor.]

Milk ($20)

Rope ($150) it transfers you go to the floor shop zone(you can take 1 free upgrade token!)

Water Gun ($100)


Battery ($10)

Crafting items ($10 each)

Dildo ($50)

Fix Kit ($5)

Hand-made Doll ($50)

Love ($50) (Cheat item)

Toy Chips ($25)

Alyssa: (Located in the Toy Store, behind the counter)

For Sale:

Good Hooker Doll ($200) (This really does nothing other than repeat the cost you $200 and repeat the Alyssa Sex Scene.)

Teddy ($200)

Toy Box (Doll) ($200) (It’s the Jill in the Box sex toy, not to be confused with the Toy Box you craft)

Toy Soldier ($200)

Dildo Tiger ($200)

Bat ($100)

Fix Kit ($25)

Milk ($20)

Water Gun ($100)


Battery ($10)

Crafting items ($10 each)

Dildo ($50)

Fix Kit ($5)

Hand-made Doll ($50)

Love ($50) (Cheat item)

Toy Chips ($25)

Morphine: (Found randomly on the different Streets and the Playground at Night (10pm))

For Sale:

Spice ($200) only once. (Quest item.)



Handyman Brothers: (Phone call at 9am or 1pm, they show up on your Front Yard with you.) (Also unavailable while on a project)

For Sale:

Wood ($30)

Nail ($30)

Paint ($30)

Wood (DIY) ($30)

Paint (DIY) ($30)



MISCELLANEOUS – Spooky Milk Life Walkthrough & Cheat


When gifted, some gifts get a neutral face emoji and others get a drooly face emoji, and then a number in red indicating how much Love was gained. (The choice of red is odd to me, as I associate it with a loss value rather than a gain value.)

Below are the Love values shown when item is gifted. The entry will be (<emoji type> <number>), where emoji type is either NF (Neutral Face) or DF (Drooly Face) and the number is the amount of Love gained by the gift.

Currently you can only give gifts to Dolly, Linda and Raury

Dildo ==> Everyone (DF 20)

Love ==> Everyone (DF 50) (Cheat item)

Hand-made Doll ==> Linda (DF 20 Love), Dolly (NF 2), Raury (DF 30)

Fix Kit ==> Everyone (NF 2)

Toy Chip ==> Everyone (NF 2)

Battery ==> Everyone (NF 2)

Cotton ==> Everyone (NF 2)

Gear ==> Everyone (NF 2)

Paint DIY ==> Everyone (NF 2)

PartsA ==> Everyone (NF 2)

PartsB ==> Everyone (NF 2)

Spring ==> Everyone (NF 2)

String ==> Everyone (NF 2)

Winder ==> Everyone (NF 2)

Wood DIY ==> Everyone (NF 2)


Recipes you start with:

Big Milk ==> 3 Milk

Hand-made Doll ==> 2 cotton, 1 string

Light Saber ==> 1 bat, 5 dildoes

Light Sword ==> 1 Light Saber, 2 PartsA, 10 Fix Kits

Power Gun ==> 1 Water Gun, 5 Fix Kits

Super Gun ==> 1 Power Gun, 2 PartsB, 7 Fix Kits

Quest Recipies you are given:

Dolly’s Costume ==> 5 cotton, 5 string

Toy Box ==> 1 wood, 1 nail, 1 paint

Cockhorse ==> 3 wood DIY, 3 paint DIY

Lemonade Stand ==> 1 wood, 1 paint, 1 nail

Christmas Stocking ==> 5 string, 5 cotton


Teddy ==> 3 cotton, 3 string, 1 battery

Broken Doll ==> 3 winder, 3 Fix Kit, 1 battery

Toy Box (Jack) ==> 3 spring, 3 string, 1 battery

Toy Soldier ==> 3 winder, 3 gear, 1 battery

Dildo Tiger ==> 3 PartsA, 3 PartsB, 1 battery

Good Hooker (Sucky) ==> (None?)

Raggedy Ann ==> None Required

WALKTHROUGH – Spooky Milk Life

QUESTS – Spooky Milk Life Walkthrough & Cheat

All quests show up on the Quest App of your phone, showing active quests with the completed steps when it opens. Clickin on the ‘In Progress’ button switches you to the list of completed quests. Clicking on ‘Completed’ takes you back to the active quest list.

QUEST (Prologue): Reunion after 5 years

1. Talk with ‘Ane’ (or Annet)

– Exit your bedroom and get yelled at and threatened by Ane

2. Talk with ‘Raury’

– Go to the Dining Room. Talk to Raury (or Rori, Laurie, Loli, or Sis) and upset her accidently

3. Talk to ‘Missy’

– Go to the kitchen. You start the next day in your Bedroom after ‘spending the day with Missy’

End Prologue


1. Go to the garage, pick up the drill next to the crafting bench. Pick up paint, wood and nail from garage (these respawn a few times (3 or 4 I think), so check regularly)

2. Do the “Access the Loft” Sub-Quest to get the key to access the Loft.

3. If you haven’t done so, walk around the house and familiarize yourself with the locations and exits. The Contacts App on your phone tells you where your contacts are currently located. (??? means they are unavailable at that time.)

4. Go to the Library and look at the notice board. Click on the posters. You will get a phone number for Handyman Bros. and see a wanted poster for a Thief. The Handyman Brothers phone number will be added to your phone, and I believe this activates the Thief.

5. Once you have seen the Thief poster, check EVERY room of your house EVERY Night (10pm). There is a random chance she will appear in a random room and drop a loot bag full of money (give or take, an average of $100 per encounter). This happens fairly frequently for me during my runthroughs for verifying the walkthrough steps.

6. Once you have the Drill and the Loft Key, you can go to the Loft and drill holes in three different points to spy on Raury, Ane, and the 2nd Floor Bathroom. Raury’s room is at the top center. Bathroom is at the bottom center. Ane is far right center. (As of v0.30.8, the hole for Ane’s room is non-functional, and if Ane is in the bathroom, no scene is available for her.)

7. Try to talk to everyone you see. Some of then will get put into your contact list, where you can track their location and Love levels.

QUEST for Raury 1: Wanna get close to Raury

1. Talk about ‘Rori’ with ‘Missy’

– Go to the Kitchen.

– Talk with Missy.

– Opens Quest ‘Wanna get close to Raury’. You are asked to find a ‘Good – Hooker’ Doll.

– Receive $100.

– Opens up the Map App on your phone.

2. Investigate Toy store.

– Go to the Map App on your phone and click on the Toy Store locations

– Enter the Toy Store,

– Go to the back of the store and click on the boxes next to the right of the back door to the warehouse.

3. Talk with ‘Alyssa’

– Go to the woman behind the counter and talk to her.

– She will give you a Key to the warehouse, and an Analzizer battery (Quest Item. Cannot be used or sold).

– Buy a bat or water gun. The extra damage is well worth the initial cost, and if you lose in the Dungeon, you won’t have any money to lose. (You lose 50% of your cash when defeated in the Dungeon.)

– Go to the warehouse (back door of the store). Recommended that you save here. (There is a bug in the game where if you click on your phone or the settings gear your character can no longer move and no other actions can be taken.)

– Explore the Dungeon Floor.

– Combat the the malfunctioning toys and acquire Toy Chips and crafting materials. See combat section above

– You then sell the Toy Chips to either Alyssa, or the Dungeon Merchant (found at the end of the floor). Keep the Toy Chips as long as possible, and sell them when you need cash. That way you don’t loose a large amount of money if you are defeated in the Toy Factory

– Make sure to open the box and collect your Upgrade (Training Token) before leaving the floor.

– You can then exit the Dungeon or continue to the next floor.

– Buy Fix Kits to keep your weapon healthy. Otherwise you’ll be down to using your fists.

– It is worth it to invest in a Fitness Center Membership and a Library Membership before buying a ‘Good – Hooker’ doll to train your stats and make combat easier. Membership costs $100 each, and then you can train cash free after that. Training only costs Upgrade (Training) Tokens.

4. Acquire ‘Good – Hooker’

– Once you have 8 Toy Chips, you can sell them to Alyssa for $200. Then talk to Alyssa and buy the ‘Good – Hooker’ doll named Sucky.

– A Sex Scene (opens up the dialogue options “Blow reward”) with Alyssa occurs. This advances time to Night, regardless of when you buy the doll.

5. Put ‘Good – Hooker’ in the basement

– Go to the basement and click on the table next to the washing machine.

– You will automatically start the next morning.

6. Where is ‘Good – Hooker’?

– Go to the basement and click on the table next to the washing machine.

7. Ask Missy about it

– Check your Contact App for her location.

– You will get a shoe from the doll (Has no function as of v 0.30.8)

8. Ask Raury about it

– Check your Contact App for her location. If she is in the bathroom or her bedroom, wait for the next time period.

– Talk to Raury, and select “Good – Hooker is gone”

– Next morning Missy will intercept you as you leave your bedroom, informing you that a detective inspector wants to talk with you. This conversation will advance time to Afternoon (1pm)

– Wait until next day after talking to Raury, and Raury will have found it

9. Get close to ‘Raury’

– Raise Raury’s Love to 40 by Massage or Gifts

– Later that night, Raury will come to sleep with you because she is scared. Aborted hand-job scene occurs. Opens up the dialogue option “Sleep Together”.

– Raise Raury’s Love to 60 by Massage or Gifts

– Leave bedroom. Raury talks to you holding Sucky the ‘Good – Hooker’ doll. Raury ends conversation with “I will spread my legs for you anytime you want”. Unlocks Raury’s Bedroom.

10. Talk about ‘Rori’ with ‘Missy’ 2

– Talk to Missy

– She gives you a book to read to Raury

11. Read tale books to Rori

– Go to Raury’s room that night

12. Get new tail books

– You need a Library membership to leave the Library with the books. So make sure you already have a membership, or the $100 to buy a membership.

– Next morning go to the Library

– Search the book shelves for ‘Red Raping Hood’, ‘Sleeping Boobies’, ‘Jack-off and Beanstalk’

– Either talk to Willya for a hint, or go to all the shelves and look for the books.

Willya will give you three random numbers from 1 to 9 that are bookcase references. (This does not happen for Manjula’s quest, so you have to manually look at all shelves for her Kamasutra book.)

The ‘numbering’ system starts in the upper left of the library and travels to the right. The bookcases are grouped in lots of 4.

(In the numbering, ‘x’ denotes a bookcase that does not highlight and is skipped in the counting.)

In the upper left the 4 they are numbered: 1, 2, x, and 3.

In the upper right, the numbering is: 4, x, x, 5.

In the middle right, the numbering is: 6, x, 7, x, (Willya is next to the last bookcase).

In the lower right, the numbering is: x, 8, x, 9.

– So, if Willya gives you the numbers 3, 5, 8, you would got the the upper left of the library, and look at the last bookcase in the row (3). Then for 5 you would go the the upper right and got to the last bookcase in the row. For 8, would go the lower right and look at the second bookshelf from the left.

13. Read new books to Raury

– Go to Raury’s room that night.

– Raury asks you to teach her to masturbate, scene where you fondle Raury’s pussy.

– You automatcially wake up in your room the next day

14. Sucky is gone : Where’s hammer and ponds

(Quest step originally shows up as ‘???’)

– A morning or two later, Raury will talk to you when you exit your bedroom. (Quest Step given its title)

– Raury reports Sucky is missing after Sucky asked where the hammer and ponds are. Quest step given a title

– Go to the garage. Sucky will be in the lower left corner

– Click on (Talk to) Sucky

15. Sucky is gone : Get it back to Rori

– Talk to Raury. Select “I found Sucky”

– You tell Raury not to go to the Garage, and she replies she has never been in the Garage

16. Sucky is gone : Where’s the place Rori is scared of?

(Quest step originally shows up as ‘???’)

– Next morning, Raury talks to you after you exit your Bedroom. (Quest Step given its title)

– Earlier in the quest, you were informed by Missy that Raury is scared of the Basement. Go there.

– Sucky is on the far right of the screen.

– Click on Sucky

17. Sucky is gone : Get it back to Rori

– Talk to Raury. Select “I found Sucky”

– Find out that Raury never goes to the basement

– If you haven’t done it already, complete the “Access to the Loft” Sub-Quest. Then go to the loft and drill holes in the floor (upper center, lower center, and center right)

18. Sucky is gone : Where’s the place secretly watch other?

(Quest step originally shows up as ‘???’)

– Next morning, Raury talks to you after you exit your Bedroom. Sucky is gone again. (Quest Step given its title)

– If you haven’t done it, do the “Access to the Loft” Sub-Quest

– Go to the Loft

– Sucky is in the middle of the room.

– Click on Sucky

– You feel uncomfortable with they way Sucky is staring at you.

19. Sucky is gone : Get it back to Rori

– Talk to Raury. Select “I found Sucky”

– Raury asks if you are mad, and if she should suck your dick

20. Garbage day : What did I not throw out?

(Quest step originally shows up as ‘???’)

– Next morning, go to the Kitchen.

– Conversation with Missy starts. She will complaing about a missing kitchen knife.

– Missy asks if you have trash to go out because it is garbage day.

– You are given a bag to collect trash in. (Quest Step given its title)

– Go to the Basement. You will automatically walk to the laundry and pick up Sucky’s box.

– Discover batteries in the box and an instruction manual. Learn that the doll doesn’t work without batteries. But Sucky doesn’t have any batteries.

21. Investigate Good Hooker : Ask Rori

– Find and talk to Raury.

– Select “Let me see Sucky”

– Fight with Raury. Time advances to Night (10pm)

22. Investigate Good Hooker : Dig around Rori’s room

– Rory’s room is locked at Night (10pm).

– Next day, when Raury is not in her room, enter it.

– Click on desk and find Raury’s picture diary.

– Learn that Raury calls you ‘prince’

– She won’t go to the park because Cynthia (Girl with skates) scares her, and that Zoey (Girl with bat) hit her titty.

– Discover Sucky is molesting Raury at night.

23. Investigate Good Hooker : Watch Raury’s room

** If you have not already done so, I strongly suggest you grind your way through the dungeon for Upgrade Tokens so you can raise your stats to the max. **

– At Night (10pm) go to the Loft

– Peek on Raury (Top center hole). She will be bound up instead of masturbating.

– Sucky will try to harm Raury. You rush in and chase Sucky off. You spend the night with Raury to protect her in case Sucky came back

– In the morning, a Sex Scene where Raury gives a blow job.

– A promise is made to ‘make a baby’ with Raury after Sucky is dealt with.

24. Final Fight

– REMINDER: Each time you are defeated, you lose half your money. You may have a fair amount here, so it would be useful to spend it all with Alyssa, or at the first Dungeon Merchant. You can sell what you buy for half what you paid for it later, which is the same as being defeated once. It is unlikely you will defeat Sucky on the first try.

– TIP: If you have rope, it will allow you to skip directly to the end of the level to the Dungeon Merchant. Or the Map will tell you where everything is on th mini-map when you expand it so you can quickly find the Key, Raggedy Ann, and the Exit. Unfortunately, it does not show enemy locations.

– Go to the Toy Store, and save the game (Just in case a bug crashes the game). The only penatly for losing is loss of money and health which requires you to sleep before you can try again.

– Enter the Dungeon.

– You have to traverse the first two floors of the Dungeon.

– The third floor is where you have the Boss Fight mini-game with Sucky.


– SUGGESTION 1: If you are like me, and prefer to play games in Windowed mode, for this fight I suggest you go to settings and change that to Exclusive Fullscreen. You will need the detail for the third floor fights.

– SUGGESTION 2: During the actual mini-game on the third floor, I found it easier to identify Boss Sucky if I used a Magnifier App to zoom in on the combat area (200% will let you move in the room to center the Sucky’s so you can see them all) Even then I didn’t always get her on the first try.

– Regardless of what weapon you have equipped, you fight Boss Sucky with your fists. When defeated in that room in each room, Boss Sucky flees to the next room.

– To defeat Boss Sucky after finding her, you have to do 6 damage to Sucky to make her flee to the next room (which is where high stats help you). If you only ‘hit’ her, and not ‘crit’ you will do 3 points of damage and have to repeat the room.

– You will have to find Boss Sucky among the other Sucky’s in each of six rooms.

– You have a time limit to find the Boss Sucky.

– TIP: You can see Boss Sucky breathing by the small motions she makes (Primarily bust and head moving up and down by a pixel or two). I find this quite difficult because the avatars are so small and my eyesight is poor. Hence my earlier suggestions.

– If time expires, or you choose the wrong Sucky, Boss Sucky will run to you and Sex Attack you.

– If she successfully makes you orgasm, you are defeated. This is where having high stats is useful, because you can throw her off quicker.

– Each failure to find Boss Sucky makes makes the Sucky’s shuffle positions, and you have to repeat the search. Each time you search the same room, you have less time to find Boss Sucky.

– If you select Boss Sucky, a combat scene appears. Defeat Boss Sucky (as described above) and she runs away to the next room.

– First room: Find Boss Sucky among 9 orderly Suckys.

– Second room: Find Boss Sucky among 20 orderly Suckys. –

– Third room: Find Boss Sucky among 20 disorderly Suckys.

– Fourth room: Find Boss Sucky among 40 orderly Suckys.

– Fifth room: Find Boss Sucky amont 40 disorderly Suckys.

– Sixth room: Find Boss Sucky among 40? orderly Suckys.

– Finding Boss Sucky in the sixth room initiates the ‘Win the Fight’ Sex Scene. This is where the Analzizer battery gets used.

– Discover the connection to the sex offender that Inspector McCurly talked about.

– Ending dialogue says you give the defeated Sucky back to Raury.

– You are returned to your bedroom at Night (10pm).

– Save the game so you don’t have to go through that again if something happens later in the game.

25. Crossed the line

– Go to bed and sleep.

– Raury comes to you at night to make you fulfill your promise

Quest Complete. Opens up two sex scene options: Talk to Raury and select “Sex” or “Do it with mouth”. Also opens up the dialogue options of “Gonna make money”, “Hard to bath”, and “What Rori wants”. Places Sucky in your Toy Box (Chest).


I found that Alyssa no longer buys or sells things (if you have bought all the sex dolls). You’ll need to buy or sell to the Dungeon Merchant.

Entering the Dungeon after defeating Boss Sucky results in a repeat of the Final Sucky run. Just don’t go to the third floor and you can still farm the dolls for crafting materials without having to go through Sucky mayhem.

QUEST for Raury 2: Treehouse

– Talk to Raury

– Select “What Rori wants”. This starts the quest.

1. Consult with Handyman bros.

– If you haven’t done it already, go to the notice board in front of the Library. Click on the poster for Handyman Bros. Phone number will be put into your phone.

– During the Morning (9am) or Afternoon (1pm) open the Phone App on your phone.

– Click on Handyman bros.

– Select “Query for treehouse”

– Mariola and Lugiana initally ask for 200,000 Euros. They will request to be shown what is to be a man, by seeing your ‘pipe’

2. Call Handyman bros with materials

– Requires you to have 10 wood, 10 paint, 10 nails

– If you are talking to them and already have the materials, go ahead and select “Let’s create Treehouse”

– During the Morning (9am) or Afternoon (1pm) open the Phone App on your phone

– Click Handyman bros.

– You may need to click on “What can you do” in order for the correct dialogue choice to appear.

– Click on “Let’s create Treehouse”

– You are told it will take about a week.

3. Wait for the construction

– During this period if you go out and look at the tree in the back yard, you will see Mariola and Lugiana working on the treehouse

– 7 days later

Quest Completed. Opens up Treehouse location. Opens dialogue option for Raury of “Treehouse sex”

QUEST for Raury 3: Lemonade

-Talk to Raury and select “Gonna make money” to start quest

1. Let’s get lemon

– Go to the Kitchen

– Click on the refrigerator.

– Click on the lemons (Left side of the refrigerator)

2. Let’s create lemonade stand

– Receive Lemonade stand recipe

– Gather materials: 1 wood, 1 paint, 1 nail (quest materials, despite the dialogue saying DIY)

– Craft the Lemonade Stand

– Time advances to the next morning (9am)

– Click on Lemonade Stand. Raury’s Dialogue options are “Let’s do it”, “Ask for a lemonade”, and “Nothing”

– Select “Ask for a lemonade” and receive a ‘lemonade with a strange smell’. Inventory note says it will heal 15 HP.

– Select “Let’s do it” and have a sex scene.

– I don’t think either of the two choices above are required to move forward. I haven’t verified.

– Raury can now be found in two places. Inside the house and at the Lemonade Stand in the Morning and Afternoon.

3. [May not be implemented. If it is, I have not found how to clear Step 2]

QUEST for Linda: A new toy

– Talk to Linda, Opens the Quest ‘A new toy’

1. Get Close to Linda

– Raise Linda’s Love to 50 by Massage or Gifts. Opens up a new Massage scene. Adds dialogue option “Inexperienced toy”

– Talk to Linda. Choose the option “Inexperienced toy”

– Get request for an a riding toy

2. Ask Alyssa about a new toy

– Talk to Alyssa, choose dialogue “Inexperienced toy”

– Get crafting recipe for Cockhorse

3. Create a ridable toy

– Gather 3 wood (DIY), and 3 paint (DIY). You can buy them from the Handyman Brothers, $30 per item.

– Craft the Cockhorse

– Talk to Alyssa, select “I made a new toy!”

4. Tell Linda about the new toy

– Talk to Linda, select “Inexperienced Toy”

– She tells you she will play with it every day at lunch (1pm)

5. Get very close to Linda

– Wait for Afternoon (1pm) and go to the warehouse behind the Toy Store.

– Click on Linda bound to the Cockhorse

– Sex scene with Linda ensues (repeatable everyday at 1pm)

– Raise Linda’s Love to 100 by Massage or Gifts.

– Talk to Linda. Select “New ridable toy”

– Talk to Linda again. Select “Let’s do it.” New sex scene.

6. [May not be implemented. If it is, I have not found a way to clear Step 5.]

QUEST for Dolly 1: Need a new outfit

– Raise Dolly’s Love to 50+ by Massage or Gifts. Opens up a new Massage scene. Opens new Dialogue

– Talk to Dolly and select “Need a new outfit”. Opens Quest “Need a new outfit”. Given recipe for outfit

1. Create a new outfit for Dolly

– Gather the materials you need from the Dungeon. 5 cotton, 5 string

– Craft the outfit

– Talk to Dolly, select “Need a new outfit”

Quest Complete

QUEST for Dolly 2: A new part-time job

– Finish Dolly’s Quest “Need a new outfit”.

– Talk to Dolly. Select “New part-time job”. Opens Quest “A new part-time job”

– Opens playground.

– Receive 3 balloons

1. Offer a balloon

– Go to Playground

– Click on a girl (Cindy). Select “Offer a balloon”

2. Offer a balloon

– Still in Playground

– Click on the second girl (Cynthia). Select “Offer a balloon”

3 Offer a balloon

– Still in Playground

– Click on third girl (Zoey). Select “Offer a balloon”

– Go back and talk to Dolly. Select “A new part-time job (Done)”

– Open dialogue option “Tits reward”

Quest Complete (New Massage scene opened) (New sex sceen “Tits reward”)

QUEST for Dolly 3: A new part-time job 2

– Finish Dolly’s Quest 2

– Raise Dolly’s Love to 100 by Massage or Gifts

– Talk to Dolly. Select “A new part-time job 2”. Opens the quest.

– Receive 8 coupons

1. Offer a coupon

– Go to the Fitness Center.

– Talk to Ricarno

– Give her a coupon

2. Offer a coupon

– Still in Fitness Center

– Talk to Dani

– Give her a coupon

3. Offer a coupon

– Still in Fitness Center, go to Weight Room

– Talk to Ronie

– Give her a coupon

4. Offer a coupon

– Still in Weight Room,

– Talk to Galina

– Give her a coupon

5. Offer a coupon

– Still in Fitness Center, go to Yoga Studio

– Talk to Manjula

– Give her a coupon

6. Offer a coupon

– Go to Library

– Talk to Sue

– Give her a coupon

7. Offer a coupon

– Still in Library

– Talk to Willya

– Give her a coupon

8. Offer a coupon

– Still in Library

– Talk to Dolores

– Give her coupon

– Return to Dolly and select “A new part-time job 2”

Quest Complete. Opens up new Sex Scene. Talk to Dolly and select “Pussy Reward”. Opens up Massage option for Alyssa.

QUEST for Manjula 1: The food she would like

– Reach 50 Love by Massage. Opens 2nd Massage scene.

– Talk to Manjula. Select “Indian Gourmet” Opens Quest

(While this Quest is active, every time you return to the kitchen, Step 1 repeats)

1. Let’s head to the kitchen

– Go to the Kitchen

– Conversation with Missy starts

– Receive curry

(Step 1 repeats every time you enter the kitchen, until you complete Step 3.)

2. Give Manjula the curry

– Talk to Manjula

– Select “Curry”

3. The fantastic spice

– Make sure you have $200

– Wait for Night (10pm) and go find Morphine (She can be found on a random street or the playground if it is available).

– Talk to Morphine. Select “Buy the spice”

– Buy the ‘spice’

4. Give Manjula the upgraded curry

– The next day, talk to Manjula

– Select “Upgraded Curry”

Quest Complete. New Sex scene available by talking to Manjula and selecting “Dancing Cobra”

QUEST for Manjula 2: Reading is the food for the mind

– Raise Manjula’s Love to 100 by Massage

– Talk to Manjula and select “A new skill”

1. Find the yoga guidebook in the library

– Go to the Library

– Search shelves for ‘kama sutra’

– Conversation with Dolores

2. Give the yoga guidebook to Manjula

– Talk to Manjula

– Select “Kamasutra”

Quest Complete. New Sex scene available by talking to Manjula and selecting “Wet cat cobra”


** ONLY triggers if you have been a good boy and NOT used any cheat codes. **

QUEST for Santa:

QUEST: Hang the sock on the Fireplace (Does not appear in Quest App)

QUEST: Joy to the World, the Lord is come (Does not appear in Quest App)

– Go to the calendar, and move the day to Winter Day 1, if you are not already in Winter.

1. First thing in the Morning (9am) you will receive a recipe for cratting a Christmas Stocking

– Gather the materials (5 string and 5 cotton)

– Craft the Christmas Stocking

– Go to the Living Room and click on the Fireplace to hang the Christmas Stocking.

2 Quest complete notifications.

2. Go to bed and sleep.

– You will be woken up at night by some noise

– When you investigate you find Santa Fanta

– Talk to Santa and Select “Gift me with mouth” and get a Sex Scene

3. Wait until Night (10pm) and to the Living room

– Talk to Santa

– Select “Another gift”

– Then talk to Santa again

– Select “Gift Santa” and get a Sex Scene

Quest Complete (No notification)

– Santa Fanta is there every night afterward during Winter so you can repeat the scenes.

– Stocking remains hung throughout the year.

– Santa will appear next year. Cheat code use after you have completed the quest do not appear to prevent future appearances of Santa.


Sub-Quest for Me: Access to the Loft

1. Talk to Missy about the Loft.

2. Go to the Living Room. Click on the table in front of the TV and get the Loft Key

3. Go to second floor and click near the ceiling on the far left, left of Raury’s room. A stair ladder will drop, giving you access to the loft.

End Sub-Quest

Sub-Quest for Me: Build a Toy Box (Chest)

1. Talk to Alyssa

2. Purchase a doll for $200 (after purchasing Sucky for the “Wanna get close to Raury” quest doll. Do not purchase Sucky again until you have finished Raury’s Quest 1.) Each purchase adds 10 to her Love.

3. Money deducted for a doll, but you are not be given it.

4. Get recipe for Toy Box (Chest) (1 wood, 1 nail, 1 paint)

5. Go to Garage and get materials from the cabinet on the upper left, and the two piles of stuff at the bottom of the garage.

6. Craft the Toy Box

7. Go to your Bedroom, and the box is now in the lower right corner of the room. The dolls you have purchased are in the box (Including a Raggedy Ann (Though you might have to encounter/use her in the Dungeon first)).

8. Click on Toy Box (Chest), and you can play with Raggedy Ann, or upgrade the other toys (recipes are shown when you click on the toy). Upgrades occur at the Toy Box, rather than the Crafting Table in the Garage. After upgrading your toys (so you can fit inside the toy), you can play with them.

9. You can purchase the dolls Teddy, Toy Box (Jack), Toy Soldier, and Dildo Tiger from Alyssa. You can purchase the Broken Doll from the Dungeon Merchant.

End Sub-Quest

Sub-Quest for Raury: Sleep with Raury

1. Unlock the dialogue option “Sleep together” by completing Step 9 of Raury’s Quest 1.

2. Talk to Raury, select “Sleep together”

– Go to your bed and sleep.

– Rory will come into your room and the two of you get into bed.

– A titty fondling scene occurs.

2. Talk to Raury, select “Sleep together”

– Choose “Masturbate”

– ‘Masturbation’ Sex Scene occurs

3. Talk to Raury, select “Sleep together”

– May need to complete Raury’s Quest 1 first

– Select “Sex”

– New Sex Scene occurs.

End Sub-Quest.

SEX SCENE CHECK LIST – Spooky Milk Life Walkthrough & Cheat

(Might not include all scenes available if they initiating them is obscure)


Sex Attacks:

Teddy: 1 Sex Attack scene

Broken Doll: 1 Sex Attack scene

Toy Box (Jack): 1 Sex Attack scene

Toy Soldier: 1 Sex Attack scene

Dildo Tiger: 1 Sex Attack scene

Healing Sex:

Raggedy Ann: 1 Sex Healing scene (only available on floors 2 and 3 of Dungeon/Toy Factory)(Usable multiple times.)


Raggedy Ann: 2 Sex scenes (repeatable) (1 from the Dungeon, 1 new)

Upgraded Toys:

Teddy: 2 Sex scenes (repeatable) (1 from the Dungeon, 1 new)

Toy Box (Jack): 2 Sex scenes (repeatable) (1 from the Dungeon, 1 new)

Toy Soldier: 2 Sex scenes (repeatable) (1 from the Dungeon, 1 new)

Dildo Tiger: 2 Sex scenes (repeatable) (1 from the Dungeon, 1 new)

Broken Doll: 2 Sex scenes (repeatable) (1 from the Dungeon, 1 new)

Sucky: 2 Sex scenes (repeatable) (Both from the Dungeon)



Missy (The Mom):

?? (Not yet implemented?)

Ane (Also named Annet or Annie) (The Elder Sister):

?? (Not yet implemented?)

Raury (Also named Rori, Laurie, Loli, or Sis) (The Younger Sister):

12 Sex Scenes (3 non-repeatable) / 2 Massage Scene

1st Massage scene: Getting ‘Good – Hooker’ Doll in Raury’s Quest 1

2nd Massage scene: Love at 50+

Sex Scene 1: Peeping scene. Opened by drilling a hole in the Loft. Masturbation.

Sex Scene 2: Peeping scene. Raruy + Sucky. Quest related, non-repeatable.

Sex Scene 3: Masturbate Raury. Quest related, non-repeatable.

Sex Scene 4: Lust 50+, Quest related, non-repeatable. Aborted hand job.

Sex Scene 5: Complete Raury’s Quest 1. Talk to Raury and select “Sex”.

Sex Scene 6: Complete Raury’s Quest 1. Talk to Raury and select “Do it with mouth”.

Sex Scene 7: Complete Raury’s Quest 1. Talk to Raury and select “Hard bath”. Then go to 2nd Floor Bathroom when Raury is there.

Progressive Scenes: Available after Sex Scene 4 occurs. Talk to Raury before Night (10pm) and select “Sleep together”

Sex Scene 8: After Raury comes to bed, select “Do nothing”. Titty massage. Only option available first time.

Sex Scene 9: After Raury comes to bed, select “Maturbate”. Dick to thighs. Available after Sex Scene 8 is performed once.

Sex Scene 10: After Raury comes to bed, select “Sex”. Full on sex. Available after Sex Scene 9 is performed once.

Sex Scene 11: Complete Raury’s Quest 2. Talk to Raury and select “Treehouse Sex”.

Sex Scene 12: Complete building a lemonade stand. Click on Lemonade stand while Raury is there and select “Let’s do it”


Alyssa: 2 Sex scenes / 1 Massage scene

Sex Scene 1: Buy Good Hooker in Raury’s Quest 1: Opens dialogue option. Talk to Alyssa and select “Blow Reward”

Massage Scene 1: Love at 40. Complete Dolly’s Quest 3. To get Love to 40, buy all sex dolls (other than Sucky). Each doll increases Love by 10.

Sex Scene 2: Love at 100. Talk to Alyssa and select “New Toy”

Linda: 2 Sex scenes / 2 Massage scenes

Massage Scene 1: Love at 0

Massage Scene 2: Love at 50

Sex Scene 1: Complete the Cockhorse Step of Linda’s Quest. Repeat each day by going to the Toy Store Warehouse at Noon (1pm).

Sex Scene 2: {Unknown requirements, may not be implemented}

Dolly: 2 Sex scenes / 2 Massage scenes

Massage Scene 1: Love at 0

Massage Scene 2: Complete Dolly’s Quest 1, and Love at 50.

Sex Scene 1: Complete Dolly’s Quest 2. Talk to Dolly and select “Tits reward”

Sex Scene 2: Complete Dolly’s Quest 3 and Love at 100. Talk to Dolly and select “Pussy reward”


Galina – Strength Trainer: 2 workout scenes/?? Massage scenes (Not implemented.)

Strength 1: Opens first workout scene

Strengty 5: Opens second workout scene

Manjula – Dexterity Trainer: 2 workout scenes/ 2 Massage scenes

Dexterity 1: Opens first workout scene

Dexterity 5: Opens second workout scene

Love 0: Opens first massage scene

Love 50: Opens second massage scene

Manjula’s Quest 1 Complete: Opens first sex scene by talking and choosing “Cobra dance”

Love 100 and Manjula’s Quest 2 Complete: Opens second sex scene by talking and choosing “Wet cat cobra”

Sue – Intellect Trainer: 2 study scenes / ?? Massage scenes (Not implemented.)

Intellect 1: Opens first study scene

Intellect 2: Opens second study scene


Deli the FesEx Delivery Girl: ??

(Brings mail, only available in the morning (9am) daily in the Frontyard.)

Morphine: ??

(Merchant that shows up on random streets at Night (10pm) including the Playground)

Thief: ??

(Appears after 10 pm after finding her wanted poster in front of the library.)

(She runs when encountered and drops a loot bag with a random amount of cash. Can appear in any room of the house.)

McCurly, Detective Inspector: ??

(Arrives during quest. No location to go visit yet.)

Willya: ??

(Genderbent Where’s Wally) (In Library)

Dolores the Librarian: ??

(In the Library)

Ricarno the Fitness Center Manager: ??

(In the Fitness Center Lobby)

Dani: ??

(Chubby girl in Fitness Center Lobby eating fast food)

Roni: ??

(Dark skinned weight lifter) (in the Gym)

Cindy: ??

(At the Playground near the entrance)

Cynthia: ??

(Girl with inline skates at the Playground)

Zoey: ??

(Girl with bat at the Playground)


(Girl at Playground at Night wearing a bear/lion head) (Talking to her gets you molested without a scene and waking up in the Morning not knowing what happened.)

Mariola (Mariollra): ??

(Handyman Brother encountered in Frontyard when you call. Always with Luigiana)

Luigiana: ??

(Handyman Brother encountered in Frontyard when you call. Always with Mariola)


Santa Fanta (Winter Christmas Event): 2 Sex scenes


– MUST be the season of Winter.

Sex Scene 1: Be a good boy, hang stocking, and wait till midnight, talk to Santa and select “Gift me with mouth”

Sex Scene 2: Next night, talk to Santa, select “Gift Santa”

CHEAT CODES – Spooky Milk Life

Use computer in your Bedroom by clicking on desk. Click on Command Line icon to allow you to enter the codes. (No other desktop icons work at this time.)

**Codes are case sensitive.**

If the code is accepted, you will receive a response of ‘Cheat enabled’.


mangomango ==> Provides $10k and 50 of each of the following:

winder, cotton, string, spring, gear, paint, wood, nail, PartsA, PartsB, battery, rope, map, wood (DIY), paint (DIY), training token, bomb, Love (Cheat Item), Camping Kit (Test Only Item)

showmethemoney ==> provides an additional $500 each use.

Inventory codes

Code Format: item,<item name>,<quantity>

example: item,dildo,10

This example placed 10 dildos in your inventory

Known inventory item names:


dildo ==> Gifting item. Raises Love by 20.

love ==> Gifting item. Raises Love by 50.


token ==> Upgrade token. 1 needed to raise stats ranks from 1 to 5. After 5 you need 2 tokens each rank to 10


battery ==> Crafting item

Cotton ==> Crafting item

Gear ==> Crafting item

milk_small ==> Crafting item, Healing item.

Nail ==> Crafting item

paint ==> Crafting item, DIY paint

PartsA ==> Crafting item

PartsB ==> Crafting item

Spring ==> Crafting item

String ==> Crafting item

PartsA ==> Crafting item

PartsB ==> Crafting item

Winder ==> Crafting item

wood ==> Crafting item, DIY wood

[unknown code] ==> Crafting item, paint (Quest related. Only available in the Garage and from Handyman Brothers.)

[unknown code] ==> Crafting item, wood (Quest related. Only available in the Garage and from Handyman Brothers.)

** the DIY items are used for things like the Cockhorse. The Toy Box (Chest) and the Treehouse need the non-DIY wood and paint.**


bat ==> Baseball Bat, Weapon, equipable, durability. Adds 2 to base damage

gun ==> Water Gun, Weapon, equipable, durability.

bomb ==> Bomb. Weapon, Not durable, not equipable. Needs to be used from inventory.


fix ==> Fixing Kit. Used to repair items with durability.

Adds +70 to current durability of item. Durability can exceed 100.

map ==> Displays the map of the entire floor. You must be on the floor you wish to see.

milk_big ==> Crafted from milks. Healing item.

rope ==> Takes you to a dungeon Merchant for that floor.

camp ==> Camping Kit (Test Only Item)

Known quest item names


The game doesn’t need more than one of these items. Having more than one may break the game.

drill ==> Needed to craft things. The drill is on the shelf next to the crafting bench, so code is really unnecessary

key_toy ==> Key to Toy Factory (a.k.a. The Dungeon). Given by Alyssa

analzizer ==> Given by Alyssa

cockhorse ==> Quest toy for Linda

goodHooker ==> Quest doll for Raury

dolly ==> Quest clothing item for Dolly

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