BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide

BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Defeating Contestants – BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide

One possible playstyle is to transform the other contestants to a degree where they are unable to function well. While this will not lead to the main story finale, it will lead to different endings on week 8, once that is implemented.

Also, you will gain votes a lot more quickly by defeating contestants, which will open the way to more items in a quicker fashion.

To defeat contestants, you will have to transform them three times. This will be replaced with transforming them five times in the future, once for each possible transformation syringe there are: Grow+, Dum+, Heat+, Skin+, and Elong+.

To transform a contestant you’ ll have to put them into a trance, by trapping an item that they are using with one of the three trance items from the shop: Powder, Hypno Sticker, and Electric Circuit. For example, the tutorial transformation of the game involves Abigail reading a magazine, which you can trap with a Hypno sticker before she picks it up.

Then, when she is reading the magazine you can swoop in and hit “Take control” on her, leaving her vulnerable to the usage of any TF syringe. This means you will also need one of the above-mentioned transformation syringes. You can only use each syringe once per contestant. Yes, the other contestants use the same transformations on you multiple times, but there will be a story explanation for this asynchronous behavior later on.

You need to be careful that no one else is watching you while you trap an item. For example, if you were to put the Hypno sticker on the magazine while Himari is watching TV, she would notice you doing this and in addition to decreasing her relationship with you force the magazine into your own face, resulting in you being transformed yourself.

In the following, I will describe all means of trapping contestants that are currently implemented.

Himari – BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide

As of v0.4.1, there are three ways to trap Himari. They don’t have to be used in a specific order, but you will need to disqualify Abigail (laterjust use Dum+ on her) in order to access the book in the kitchen in the morning.


At noon, while Himari is painting, there’s a paint bottle on the table. That’s the one she’s using. During other times of the day, you can go into the hobby room, open the side cupboard, and put the powder into the correct bottle.

In a future version, what bottle Himari is using is going to rotate, instead of it being just the one red bottle.

Electric Circuit

At night, Himari is in the living room watching TV. You can trap the TV with an electronic circuit.

Hypnotic Sticker

In the morning, Himari is in the kitchen, placing her anime book on the table. She will leave it in the kitchen during noon, and then bring it to the pool to read it in the afternoon. However, Abigail will stop you from trapping the book at noon, so you’ ll have to disqualify her (later use Dum+ on her) before.

Abigail – BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide

As of v0.4.1, there are four ways to trap Abigail. You will have to use Skin+ on her before the fourth option becomes available.

Hypnotic Sticker

As described by AI:Ison, you can put a hypnotic sticker on the living room magazines, and then take control of Abigail when she’s reading them in the evening.

Hypnotic Sticker 2

Same as in the living room, you can place a hypnotic sticker on the microscope in the hobby room, and then take control once she is at the lab table at night. If however, you give her a Dum+ at any time, she will no longer appear in the hobby room, and this transformation option will no longer be possible.


At noon, Abigail is cutting tomatoes in the kitchen. To trap them, you can find them in the fridge at other times.

Electric Circuit

After you give Abigail two transformations (only works with the tomatoes and the magazine for now will just be the Heat+ syringe later), she will become horny and carry a vibrator around wherever she goes. She will, however, forget it at the pool at noon. To open it up, you’ ll need a screwdriver. You can get that from the shed in the garden, but only after your character realizes that they need it. So go to the pool, look at the vibrator, then go to the garden, click on the pegboard, then go back to the pool, open up the vibrator by clicking on the screw, and then click on the batteries to add an electric circuit. Then take control of Abigail, when she is at the pool the next morning.

Katelyn – BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide

As of v0.4.1, there are three ways to trap Katelyn. They don’t have to be used in a specific order, but it’ ll be easier if you disqualify (later use DUM+) on somebody to open up the way into the kitchen with the ladder.

Electric Circuit

You can use an electric circuit on the oven and take control of Katelyn when she’s cooking in the afternoon. She will only appear cooking after the first end-of-week show.

Hypnotic Sticker

While Katelyn is in the gym, you can check what size dumbbell she’s using. Remember the spot on the shelf that’s empty. When she’s not in there, trap those dumbbells with a hypnotic sticker, then when she’s using them, take control. This will be slightly changed when Katelyn’s character graphics are implemented.


In the morning, Katelyn is on the ladder in the garden, feeding the birds. This hints at you using the ladder as well, which you can find at any other time in the hobby room. However, if you are seen by another contestant they will take it away and you’ ll have to start over. The other thing is that you’ re not actually trying to reach the garden with the ladder. Instead, you want to find the bird food in one of the upper cabinets in the kitchen. So grab the ladder, reach the kitchen, open the upper cabinet, and trap the bird food with the powder. Then you can take control of Abigail in the morning in the garden.

A safe way to the kitchen is open in the Afternoon. Go from the hobby room to your bedroom, then rest once, and then go to the kitchen in the evening. This is not the intended behavior and will be changed in a future update, where you will then have to use Dum+ on one of the contestants that are in your way to reach the kitchen.

Quests & Branches – BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide

Aside from the main storyline with Erica, each contestant will have two branches, that’ ll lead to different unique player transformations and each culminates in a bad ending. You can reach these branches by accepting the contestant’s unique quest, and then either fail the quest, or succeed in the quest, but be uncooperative.

Before you read about these in detail, I recommend buying the hourglass legacy item in the legacy shop to get an overview, and to maybe “solve” the game without having to read a walkthrough. It contains a flow chart of all the possible branches and endings.

Himari Hanko Stamp Quest – BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide

After just a couple of days, you’ ll find Himari walking up and down the hallway, looking for something. You can ask her what’s going on and then accept the quest. If you don’t accept the quest here, you have one more chance the next day, but after that, you will automatically FAIL the quest and enter the schoolgirl branch.

If you take on the quest, she will then ask you to look for her Hanko stamp. If you can’t find it after three days, the quest will fail, and the schoolgirl branch will be entered.

Right now, it is always in the same spot. In the cupboard that contains the paint bottles in the hobby room. It’ll only be there at noon when Himari is there as well though, having fallen behind the bottles Himari is using to paint. It is not very big on the screen, so if you don’t see if, use the question mark symbol in the corner of the screen.

I’m thinking of ways to make this quest a bit more replayable in the future, maybe adding several locations, but it is meant as a rather simple quest at the beginning of the game. We’ll see.

When you find the Hanko stamp, you can either show it to Himari or not. Not showing it will lead to the schoolgirl branch since for Himari it’ ll be the same as you not finding it. If however, you find it, you can then decide to give it to her or keep it for yourself publicly.

If you give it to her, she will become your ally. This will mean that from now on when she finds you during an attack, you can choose what you want to have transformed by her. There are also several “date” events with her after that, where you two get to know each other

better and can gain “ love affection” , that can lead to a voluntary blowjob by Himari, if the player has a penis and maximizes said affection score during the events.

Other content will follow, that’ll slowly lead to the true ending/pacifist ending of the game.

If you decide to not give it to her, and instead ask her into giving you a blowjob, you will enter the asian prostitute branch.

Asian Branches – BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide

Both branches, the Asian schoolgirl as well as the Asian prostitute branch, will lead to new transformations happening every day, slowly transforming the main character into the desired outcome. You can exit these branches by defeating Himari before the bad end happens.

If your wardrobe is already locked from the branch transformations, after exiting the branch, you can unlock it again, by finding the pliers in one of the drawers on the table in the hobby room, and then clicking on the wardrobe. The same goes for the vanity.

Magical Girl Miniquest – BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide

Please be aware that this is meant to be Easter Egg content, and therefore is not something that everyone should be able to achieve without a guide. That’s why the puzzles here are more arbitrary.

To start the Magical Girl Miniquest, you need to have been on either the Asian schoolgirl or the Asian prostitute branch and escaped it by giving Himari a DUM+-syringe.

From now on, if you go swimming, your character will sometimes see a shiny object at the bottom of the pool. To reach the object, you need a high fitness score, so if the message tells you that you can’t reach the object, you need to train more before trying again.

After you reach the object, you’ ll find out that it’s a magical girl staff, that will be put into your inventory. Interacting with it will, however, not do anything right away.

At night, the staff will start glowing blue. If you “Hold” the staff in your inventory from now on, it’ ll give you hints about stats that your character needs in order to unlock a staff threshold. There are four thresholds, which each give you a different colored version of the magical girl outfit.

BlueIQ > 100
RedHair Length > 4
PinkFemininity > 7
YellowBody 1-3, Height < 5

Once you have reached the desired stats, interact with the staff in your inventory and press “Hold” . An explosion will happen, that’ ll give you the outfit. It will also turn the staff back to

black. Two nights later, the corresponding next color should trigger.

Achieving the yellow goal will lead to a bad end.

Abigail Lab Quest

After the second end-of-week show, if you have not used Dum+ on Abigail, and your relationship with her is decent, she is going to approach you to help her with her lab experiment. If you meet her when she is in the hobby room at night after that and talk to her, she will explain the task to you.

Every day you will have to go to the lab and choose a combination of liquids. The liquid combination is different every time you play the game. The next day, you’ ll have to come back and see if it was the correct solution. If the color turns green, it is the correct liquid at the correct spot, if it turns yellow the liquid is in the solution, but at a different spot, and if it turns black, the liquid is not part of the solution. All your tries are saved in the notebook, but you can only look at it a certain amount of time every day, if your IQ is low.

Depending on the color of the liquid you poured in the first position, there’s a chance that an explosion will happen, when you step close to the table, and if you didn’t find the correct solution. The probability gets lowered with each correctly found liquid.

By default, that effect will be the same as a regular syringe. However, because experimenting with the liquids, disables the safeguard, the effects can be more extreme, leading to several different effects, as well as a few bad ends.

See the section Liquid Overdose for more information.

Right now, this is the only way to get those overdose effects, but there will be more ways to get them in the future, when continuing the story with Abigail as your ally. The story is planned to continue in v0. 7.0, which is quite some time away.

If you find the correct solution, Abigail will ask you to tell it to her.

If you tell Abigail the solution, she will become your ally, and from now on you’ ll be able to choose your transformation when she finds you during an attack. Other content will follow, that’ll slowly lead to the true ending/pacifist ending of the game.

If you decide against telling her the solution, her wrath will be upon you, and the next time you sleep the gynoid branch will start.

If instead, you don’t find the correct solution (you have 5 tries – this will need balancing to see what is a challenging amount of times), you will enter the cow branch.

Gynoid Branch

In this gameplay branch, you slowly get transformed into a robot with a chip in your brain. There are several different endings that can be reached through very different means.

Basic Gameplay

In the gynoid branch, you get a new mind- or body transformation every day, slowly advancing your full transformation after 12 days.

Also, except for on the final day, every day at Noon, you will be forced to visit Abigail in the community room (vending machine). There, the story will advance, and Abigail will basically play with you, and show you your new “features” .

On day 12 however, the event doesn’t happen at Noon, but in the Evening. This event in the Evening will inevitably lead to one of the two bad endings, depending on what type of robot you chose on day 1.

Hive Mind Ending

During the course of the branch, a mysterious robot lady will reach out to you repeatedly. At some point, she will tell you to “connect” to her. This will open up the ability to “Connect” to all electronic objects in the house. However, upon trying to do this, you will realize that a certain amount of “chip control” is needed for each object, the lowest one requiring a value of 7. One way to gain this chip control value is by simply proceeding through the branch. Every night where you don’t wake up to a new transformation will instead increase your

chip-control level. However, this way you will only gain a maximum of 5 points. For any extra points needed to connect to your first object, you will have to have a medium relationship with Katelyn (>40).

Tip: If you chose the metallic fembot body, you can gain relationship points quickly by having Katelyn react to your cool new body.

If you have acquired 7 chip control, you can now connect to the various devices across the house. By doing so, you gain more and more chip control. Below this, you’ ll find a list of all devices, their required chip control, as well as the chip control you gain from connecting to them.

DeviceRequired CCGained CC
Wheel of Unfortune1510
Streaming Camera3520
Streaming Computer7550

Vending Machine30020
Clothing Shop Display30020

You will notice that the Vibrator mentioned in this list is not something that you would easily be able to find in this branch because, in order to enter it, you need a good relationship with Abigail, and the vibrator will only show up if Abigail’s Libido is heightened.

This might change in the future though because contestants will attack each other, starting with an undefined update pretty soon.

However, the Vibrator is also not actually part of the gameplay chain, because connecting to it will only cause a bad ending.

In addition, when connecting to the Vending Machine, as well as the Clothing Shop Display you lower their prices by half indefinitely. However, this effect does not survive multidimensional travel, which means it is intentionally not saved.

If you connect to AI:Ison, the Hivemind ending will play. There are two possible outcomes, depending on your chip control level. One option will only be available if you have a chip control level of 250. These two different bad endings are just selectable by a dialog option.

Cow Branch – BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide

In this gameplay branch, you slowly get transformed into a hucow/cow. After Abigail tells you the rules, you’ ll have to find the milk pump in the kitchen.

Abigail will not immediately force you into those events, but as soon as you show any resistance, her demeanor will change to a more forceful approach.

After the initial explanation, there are two types of transformation events.

Genetic TFs

The first time every day that you use the milk pumps to produce milk, a genetic transformation will happen. After several days, this will lead to a bad ending.

Clothing TFs

After you miss a delivery deadline with Abigail, or if you choose it yourself in a delivery dialog, Abigail will give you cow pattern clothes. Wearing them will increase your milk production value, which will make it easier to complete further delivery deadlines.


In addition to the full transformation ending, there’s a bad ending, that’ ll play once you complete a milk delivery with 6 or more bottles.

Escaping Abigail’s Branches

Both branches, the gynoid as well as the cow branch, are escapable by giving Abigail a DUM+ syringe while taking control of her. However, entering the branches will lead to Abigail becoming completely immune to being taken control of, as well as her trappable objects becoming immune to tinkering. The only way around that is to have Himari as an ally. This can only be achieved by completing her Stamp quest beforehand.

If Himari is your ally, and you have already seen the scene where Abigail catches you in the act while trapping one of her objects, a dialog option to tell Himari about that unfortunate circumstance after she reacts to one of your gynoid transformations. She will then offer to help by trying to distract Abigail. You can then tell her at what time of the day to be in what room of the house. Here, you should choose a time of day when you can trap one of the objects leading to Abigail becoming susceptible to being taken control of again, due to her not witnessing the scene.

If you already trapped an item before the branch started, and want to use it for trapping her with Himari there, you’ ll have to try to attack Abigail to “ untrap” it first before asking Himari to be there when you re-trap it.

However, this event can randomly fail, and will always fail the first time you try, leading to an unsuccessful attempt. The chance of success is raised every time you try.

No matter the outcome of the event, it will always lead to Himari being trapped by Abigail, resulting in a random transformation to Himari. You can decide to interject this, leading to a typical minor transformation of the indicated nature. However you choose, this will not affect your relationship with Himari. She will stay your ally even if you ditch her because she will not assume that you had the chance to interject in the first place.

Katelyn Maid Quest – BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide

After week two when Katelyn receives the housewife trait, you‘ ll see her sometimes randomly cleaning the hallway. After a few of these events, she asks for your help (if she was not Dum-tfd before) and accepting this will start the maid quest.

If you instead make fun of her whenever you see her cleaning, you will start the Latina Maid Branch.

To solve the quest, however, you have two days to improve the state of the house. You‘ ll first have to ask Abigail for help and take her up on her offer to hypnotize you. She will only help

you, if she is your Ally though, so if she is not, then you will at this point fail the quest automatically and therefore enter the Catgirl Branch.

Once you got the maid outfit from Abigail, you can use it in your inventory to put it on and activate your dirt sense. It will show how much dirt is in the house.

By hovering over the screen you can unveil any dirt and objects lying around. If the object is out of reach, you’ ll need the ladder from the hobby room. (see Katelyn Powder in Chapter 2) If there are people in the room they might take away the ladder though. To avoid that, you need to be Allies with them. Sometimes it’s not possible to clean all objects in a room if you are not Allies with somebody. You don’t need to clean up everything in order for the house to be marked clean, however.

To mark the house cleaned for the day, the bar needs to be in the green area when you go to sleep. So if you go to Sleep at Night and the bar shows green, it will count towards the goal. Advancing the time at Night into the Late Night range often can lead to an unwanted jump out of the green range, which can then not be remedied, because you can’t leave the room late at night.

Once you improve the state of the house, Katelyn will pop up again and ask for the house to be kept cleaned for a few days. This means you’ ll have to do the same thing for another five days in a row.

If you fail this quest too many days, you’ ll fail the quest and therefore enter the Catgirl Branch.

If, however, you succeed in keeping the house clean, then there will be several other checks. If your fitness is at 75 or higher and if you are allies with Himari and Abigail, Katelyn will become your Ally.

Otherwise, if only your fitness level is not high enough, Katelyn will just leave you alone. If you don’t have both women on your side, however, you’ ll enter the French Maid Branch.

French/Latina Maid Branches

The Maid branches gameplay is mostly the same as the Maid Quest. However if the house is unclean, your mood will be drastically lowered. This effect will increase with each passing day.

You’ ll also get transformed more and more with each day into whatever stereotype branch you’ re on. The bad end for these branches are variations of the Week 10 Finale Show.

Sometimes Katelyn will pop up and give you a speed cleaning challenge. If this is in a room that needs the ladder, but you can’t use it in that moment, the challenge cannot be won. You should be able to get the ladder during the challenge though, if it’s currently possible to do so.

At some point, you’ ll get a second outfit choice that’ ll be maid-related. Wearing this while cleaning the house will give you a huge advantage. You’ ll be able to clean all objects in the room by just clicking on one object. This also cleans up things on the ceiling, so you won’t need the ladder anymore. It will also work during cleaning speed challenges, so consider equipping it if you haven’t had a speed challenge yet.

Catgirl Branch – BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide

Much like the other branches, the catgirl branch contains a few daily transformations. However, the main transformations happen when you give into your heat.

If your lust stays at 100, just running into Erica, Marco, or the Bathroom will lead to an unavoidable sex scene, because your character wants it too much.

Every time such a scene occurs, your character will transform further.

The final transformation leads to a bad end happening the morning after.

To avoid these events. you get a ball of wool in your inventory, to play with. Holding it will lower your lust. However, there’s a chance of it getting lost. When it does, you need a replacement as soon as possible. Luckily there are a few balls of wool laying around the house. There are a lot of different positions where they could be, however.

By finding them in the house, you can pick them up and hold them again. You can collect multiple of these to stack up, but at each daytime, there will only be one available to pick up.

If you hold out without fully transforming into a cat until the Week 10 Finale show, you’ ll get an alternative Catgirl ending (Ki-T Popstar).

Escaping Katelyn’s Branches

Even if you train a lot, Katelyn will always be stronger than you. And she expects you to come after her. So trapping her will not be easily possible. However, if Marco is your Ally, he can distract her.

To ask Marco to help you against Katelyn, you’ ll first have to try trapping Abigail once, so that you know of her immunity. Then you can ask Marco while he’s in the Gym.

If you trap Abigail after that, he should be stepping in automatically.

Erica Submission Quest

A few days after the first end-of-week show, AI:Ison will wake you up with a message about getting a chastity cage for male characters, or a clitoral piercing for female characters. This will start the Erica Sub Quests.

To escape this questline, you’ ll have to answer AI:Ison’s questions in a specific manner. When she asks you if you read the contract you’ ll have to say

“I read the contract, but I will not cooperate.

After that she tells you that you’ ll be removed from the house. When she asks you if you are sure that you don’t want to comply, you’ ll have to click

“Don’t comply.

Turns out this was just Erica hacking into the AI:Ison framework.

If you exit this path, there is currently no content on the Erica storyline planned though.

Marco Ally Quest

Marco is a male character that only enters the house a few weeks after the beginning. By having sex with Marco, you can improve your relationship with him. If it reaches 100, he’ ll be your Ally. You’ ll get a series of Date events that’ ll reward you with items and a “Love”-stat. However, if you miss these events, your relationship will fall quickly again.

Liquid Overdose (Asylum Endings) – BMO TV Walkthrough & Guide

Liquid Overdose effects happen when one of the stats, that can be changed with the liquids from the vending machine, is affected by a liquid with the safeguard disabled, for example during Abigail’s lab quest.



Leads to a bad end.


Will remove the penis on male characters.


Will change the hair color depending on the liquid it’s combined with, e.g. the second slot on the lab quest. This effect does not need the hair stat to be maxed.


Will give the character an addiction to the color “ pink” , which will lead to the character having to wear pink clothes. This effect can happen multiple times.


Leads to a bad end.


Extends the breast proportions above the default maximum. This effect can happen three times. All three states will disable being able to wear any clothes that would cover the breasts.


Leads to a bad end.

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