Lust is stranger Walkthrough & Guide

Lust is stranger Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Lust is stranger Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

General tips – Lust is stranger Walkthrough & Guide

-Treasure finder isn’t required. Save the $ and just use the guide.

– You don’t need to be full paragon/renegade. More of 1 than the other just has flavor dialogue differences so to keep more options open choose a balance of the two.

– During free roam events can mostly be completed in any order. I present the choices in the order in which you encounter them but if you need more points for a given encounter move on and come back.

– I have highlighted the major branch points or choices that have unclear consequences.

Short and dirty guide for Kate

The decision for Love/Corruption is locked in on Wednesday when you deliver her package to her dorm. To get her corruption route her score needs to be 4 or more by then and get her to do drugs. To get her love route her score needs to be 14 or more by then and no drugs.

Possible paths for Kate are: Kate Solo Love, Kate + Max throuple (implied based on achievements), Kate solo corruption, Kate sharing corruption.

Short and dirty guide for Max

Her route is a little more complex. Mostly make sure you have at least 5 affinity by the time

you invite her to your dorm on Tuesday. Then you are locked into the Love or corruption route

depending on what type of photo you take (either together -> love, or her in undies –

>corruption). But There is also the option to have Max get together with Warren and it’s implied you will steal her away from him later on but this path hasn’t been developed yet. Possible Paths for Mac are: Max solo Love, Max + Kate throuple, Max solo corruption, Max sharing corruption.

Major changes from 0.14 guide

If you are on Kate corruption path just make sure you have a happy pill in inventory by end of day 4. Obtained for free by whoring out Chloe or can buy for $10 from Nathan/Frank.

Day 1 – Lust is stranger Walkthrough & Guide

Intro (Classroom)

Talking to Kate

‘Nice to meet you Kate’ – Kate Affinity +1

‘You won’t tell on me to the principal or anything, right?’

Magnifying Glass On Victoria booty -> Tap twice then photo (option MOAR! Gets you caught and no photo)

Talking to Victoria

‘Hello there’ – Paragon +1

‘Nice Ass!’ – Renegade +1, Victoria Dominance +1

Talking to Jefferson

‘Sorry about that’ – Paragon +1

‘Your lecture is like a sedative’ – Renegade +1

Picking up trash

4 pieces 1 much crouch on the floor

Victoria Interrupt (when leaving class after returning trash)

Paragon – Paragon +2

Renegade – Renegade +2, Victoria Dominance +1

Talking to Jefferson:

‘Victoria is really into you’

‘Victoria is too young for you’ – Paragon +1

‘Just do Victoria and keep quiet about it’ – Renegade +1

Give photo of Victoria to Jefferson or not (unknown consequences so far)

Hallway (cash on floor)

Taylor interrupt

Paragon – Paragon +2, Kate Affinity +1

Talk to Kate -> search for key (in a random trashcan)

Room 103 -> peep through keyhole -> take picture of Juliet’s ass

Talking to Kate (again)

Return key -> Kate Affinity +2

Persuade Kate to take a better picture

‘Feel comfortable like this?’ (requires 2 paragon)

‘No wonder your bullied..’ (requires 2 renegade)

‘you look cute’ – Paragon +1

‘You look sexy’ – renegade +1

Main Hall (cash on floor)

Talking to Brooke

‘I didn’t mean to downplay your accomplishments’ – Paragon +1

‘Yeah after all that mansplaining’ – Renegade +1

Admin & restrooms

(no important choices)


Talking to Justin

Persuading to help

Paragon choice (5 paragon required)

Renegade choice (5 renegade required)

Same outcome either one. +1/3 clues

Shop – > buy 2 lockpicks

Investigate -> Back cabinets – > file folders -> + 1/3 clues

Investigate -> drawer cabinets -> drawers on the left -> use lockpick -> +1/3 clues

Talking to principle

‘Sorry to interrupt’ – Paragon +1

‘Whistle tune’ – Renegade +1

Admin & restrooms/ Main hall

Talking to Brooke

‘I have a plan’ -> recovers drone

‘ I have your memory card’

‘no need to explain’ – Paragon +1

‘make a trendy tik-tok?’ – Renegade +1

Men’s restroom

Talking to Samuel

‘The wise mystical Janitor’ – Paragon +1

‘Are you baked?’ – Renegade +1

Women’s restroom

Talking to Taylor (Major Branch Point)

‘Making friends isn’t easy’ – Paragon +1, Taylor stays submissive to Victoria ‘She made you her lapdog’ – Renegade +1, Taylor rebels against Victoria

(Don’t waste rift energy. Return to main hall to find Courtneys bracelet and give it to Taylor)

Max Interrupt

Paragon choice – Paragon +1, Max affinity +2

Renegade choice – renegade +1 (don’t choose this you monster!)

Talking to Max

‘Ghosting that dude is not cool’ – Max affinity +1

‘ get rid of that stalker’

Max interrupt

Renegade choice – renegade +1

Nothing (don’t laugh) – Max affinity +1

Talking to Max (Major Branch point)

‘No need to hide’ – Max affinity +2, Max Corruption +1

‘You can change’ – Starts Max corruption route

*Note * Choice above can be reversed later by using rift energy so my recommendation is to choose the top option since it gives you more points

Finish collecting trash -> men’s restroom -> talk to Samuel ($5 for finishing cleaning quest) ->hallway – >Brooke -> ‘Women’s restroom is empty’

Brooke Sexy Scene (only 5 heat is required for full scene)

Look right -> water faucet (increases heat)

Look right again -> door -> lie & lock the door (increases heat) (requires 4 renegade)

‘Hey are you sure about this?’ (increases heat) (requires 4 paragon) – Paragon +1 ‘Quit stalling!’ – Renegade +1

‘Start with the glasses’ (increases heat)

‘Glasses get in the way of deepfakes’ (increases heat)

Don’t take the interrupt (increases heat)

If heat is maxed -> continue scene


Talking to Chloe

‘Life must’ve been hard for you here’ – Paragon +1

‘Then you’ll run away like a chicken’ – Renegade +1

Talking to Kate (Major Branch Point)

‘Sad to see you’re still upset’ – Paragon +1

‘Still feeling sorry for yourself? – Renegade +1, Kate affinity +1

‘Do those girls never give you a break?’

‘Those bitches will pay’ – Kate affinity +1

‘Can I sit with you?’

[sit by her side] – Kate affinity +1

[hold her hand] – Kate affinity +5, starts her love path but can switch later

[put hand on her leg] – Kate corruption +1, starts her corruption path but can switch later

Talking to Daniel

‘Chill out dude’ (requires 8 paragon) – Perception bands (highlights items on floor) ‘Yeah and I’m here to collect!’ (requires 8 renegade) – +$3

Boys Dorm

Warren Interrupt

Paragon choice – Paragon +1

Renegade choice – Renegade +1

Hallway -> your dorm -> laptop -> intranet -> Prescott Dormitory -> hallway -> Dorm 111 -> use lockpick

Bag by door -> crouch -> steal it? -> yes (+1 renegade, +$5) -> investigate -> drawers (free lockpick) -> investigate computer -> porno mags -> exit

Talking to Nathan

‘No violence against girls, right?’ – Paragon +1

‘Why not? Looks like an easy target.’ – Renegade +1

Your dorm -> cellphone -> call Kate -> Kate Diner scene

Kate Diner Scene

[Break the ice] (increases heat)

‘I like you the way you are’ – Kate affinity +2

‘You’re on the right track’ (increases heat)

[Sit next to her] (increases heat)

**If on corruption route**

‘Sorry if that was too much’ – Paragon + 1

‘I know you liked it’ – Renegade +1

**If on Love Route**

‘Felt like I care about you?’ – Kate Affinity +1

‘Like I’m willing to help’

Only Requires 2 heat to continue scene

‘Believe in yourself’ (requires 6 Paragon), Makeout scene

‘We can stop here’ – Kate affinity +1, Scene ends

‘Let’s try and see’ – Kate Corruption +1, finger Kate in diner

‘You need a shock treatment’ (requires 6 renegade), Handjob scene – Kate Corruption +3

Sleep -> End of day 1

Day 2 – Lust is stranger Walkthrough & Guide


Victoria Interrupt

Paragon choice – Paragon +1

Renegade choice – Renegade +1, Victoria dominance +1

**consequences/benefits of turning in photos to Mr Jefferson unknown still but I would hold off for now because you can turn in all photos at once potentially later on**


Talking to Max (Major branch point)

‘That’s a big red flag’ – Max will date/get corrupted by MC

‘He’s just worried about you’ – Max will date Warren

**The above choice can be changed later. If you are uncertain, I would choose ‘he’sjust worried’ because to reverse that decision all you must do is cockblock Warren later. To reverse the other decision to force her to go out with him later on requires you to use rift magic**

Restrooms & admin

Talk to Samuel in men’s restroom to get daily quest -> go to admin -> ask Justin about polaroid film -> find firecrackers on ground in courtyard -> return to Justin -> return to Justin again -> return to Max


Talking to max (again)

‘Making you happy is worth it’ (Paragon gated) – Max affinity +1

‘Breaking rules is rewarding’ (Renegade gated) – Max Corruption +1


Talk to Chloe no important choices otherwise

Restrooms & admin (after talking to Chloe in Courtyard)

Talking to Juliet

‘I don’t wanna cause you any trouble – Paragon +1

‘You let him keep you on a leash?’ – Renegade +1

Getting Zachs Phone

Scare him off (uses 2 rift energy)

Bribe Daniel (costs $4)

Trick Daniel (renegade gated – potential future consequences)

**Considering 1 joint costs $5 to replace 1 rift energy my recommendation would be to bribe Daniel**

Science Classroom (After giving Zachs phone to Juliet) (Cash on floor)

Juliet Sexy Scene

Click on Phone (increases heat)

Look right ->click on counter (increases heat)

Look right again -> lock door (increases heat)

Talk to her -> ‘are you sure about this?’ (Increases heat)

Talk to her again -> ‘I’m not dating anyone’ (increases heat)

3 heat to continue scene -> ‘Didn’t you want to teach Zach a lesson?’ (for BJ scene otherwise ends here)

Tell Her it’s coming – Facial scene

Take control and go rough (renegade gated) – facefucking/swallow scene

Girls Dorm

Talking to Victoria

‘You should treat your friends better’ – Paragon +1

‘Taylor put you in your place’ (Depends on earlier choice) – Renegade +1, Victoria Dominance +1

Kate Interrupt

Paragon option – Paragon +1, Kate affinity +1

Renegade option – Renegade +1, Kate corruption +1

Finish collecting trash -> return to Samuel to collect $ -> Mr Jeffersons Class


Talking to Mr Jefferson (Major Branch point)

Bait him to follow Victoria’s plan – Victoria Blows/Fuck Mr Jefferson. Victoria may win contest (can be changed later using rift energy)

Betray Victoria and tell him her plan – Victoria blows/Fucks you or whole diners worth of people

Boys Dorm

Call Max -> Talking to Max (Affinity >5 required for full scene) (Major Branch point Save recommended)

‘You should avoid Warren for sometime’ Max dates MC

‘Warren cares about you’ Max dates Warren

‘Selfies express your loneliness’ – Max affinity +8, Corruption +2, Commits you to love route ‘Selfies are about self-exposure’ – Max affinity +3, Max corruption +3, commits you to

corruption route

Call Victoria -> Gloryhole Scene

Click on condom dispenser (Increases heat)

Click on soap dispenser (increases heat)

Enter stall -> click on toilet paper dispenser

‘Put camera in the ceiling’ (increases heat)

**If You betray her**

‘Sell Victoria’s services’ (renegade gated) – she blows everyone, +$12, +4 Victoria Dominance ‘Play Mr Jeffersons part’ – She sucks/fucks you only

‘Collect DNA now’ – ends scene

‘demand the full service (requires 3 heat) – she fucks you/ the trucker

**If you help her**

‘Collect DNA now’ – ends scene

‘Provide the full service (requires 3 heat) – she fucks Mr Jefferson and you get $5

Sleep -> end of day 2

Day 3 – Lust is stranger Walkthrough & Guide


Give Jefferson videos/photos or not.

**If you helped Victoria and DON’T turn in the video then Victoria will successfully blackmail him and win the contest over Max (you can use rift energy to change this though)**

Science Classroom

Talking to Max (Major branch point save recommended)

Raise heat (If you spoke poorly of Warren) (costs rift energy) – she dates Warren Let it Happen (if you spoke well of Warren) – she dates Warren

Interrupt them – she dates MC

**Keep in mind Max has to be dating Warren for Victoria’s quest**

Get daily quest from Samuel in men’s restroom -> admin -> ask Justin about package -> get razor wire from hallway -> get flask from science classroom ->return to Justin -> head to courtyard


Talking to Max

Reassure her (Paragon gated) – dialogue changes only

Surprise finger her (Renegade gated) – dialogue changes only

Deploy drone -> recover package -> talk to Taylor -> head to girls dorm

Girls Dorm

Deliver package to Kates dorm (Major Branch point. Save recommended)

‘It’s not worth it’ – Kate affinity +3. Option for Love route if affinity is >13

‘It’s a small price for your freedom’ (requires Kate corruption of 4) – Kate corruption +1. Locks you onto her corruption path.

Paragon interrupt – Paragon +2

Renegade interrupt – Renegade +1

‘Wear whatever you feel comfortable with’ – Kate affinity +1

‘Wear the skirt and top (requires Kate corruption of 4)

**If Kate didn’t take drugs**

‘Not quite the same thing’

‘I’m proud of you Kate’ – Kate Affinity +1

If Kate Affinity >13 -> ‘I like the idea of being with you’ -> Kate Love route and anal sex.

**If you are on Kate’s love route and enter Max’s love route later there will be a confrontation and you will be forced to break up with one or use rift energy**

**If Kate took Drugs**

Let him do it and record it – Renegade +2 Kate corruption +1, can blackmail principle later Let him continue – Kate corruption +1. (Implied future consequences) Interrupt his fun

Lure him out

If you get a blowjob you are on her corruption route.

Girls Dorm Showers

Clean showers (don’t forget to return to Samuel after to collect $) and put sign on the stall

Courtney Sexy Scene (Major Branch point save recommended)

Send the signal to Taylor – Paragon +2, Courtney and Taylor path (Also pipe as reward later) Impersonate the admirer (Renegade gated), Courtney and MC path

‘My enhanced armor changes my voice’ (increases heat)

‘There are other senses besides sight and sound’ (increases heat)

If heat is maxed either MC/Taylor fucks Courtney or scene ends

Boys Dorm

Call Chloe -> safe is in living room. 4 possible combinations are license plate (repair bill on table), phone number (phone in hallway), discharge date (requires lockpick in kitchen), and anniversary (photo frame)

Talking to Chloe (Major branch point. Save recommended)

Give her the stash – Paragon +2

‘Keep up the boyfriend act’ – Chloe sex scene (not sure if Cumming inside her

has consequences)

Lie and keep the stash (gets you the military grade joint later)

‘I have another idea’

‘Keep up the boyfriend act’ – Chloe sex scene (not sure if Cumming inside her has consequences)

‘Seducing David is your only option’ – Renegade +2. She blows David.

**Keep in mind giving her the stash will fail the quest given by Nathan. **

Sleep -> end of day 3

Day 4 – Lust is stranger Walkthrough & Guide



Talking to Mr Jefferson & choosing contest winner (Major branch point. Save recommended)

If you helped Victoria blackmail Mr Jefferson (both by getting him to use the gloryhole and then not turning in the video after) she will win unless you use 3 rift energy to change the outcome If you corrupted Max she will win unless you use right energy to change the outcome

If you didn’t corrupt max and didn’t help Victoria you choose whomever you want

**Not sure the long term consequences but Max winning subjectively is better for her romance arc but her losing is better for her corruption arc. Also if Max wins you get an optional sex scene later with

Brooke. If Victoria wins you get a scene with Juliet**


Talk to Samuel -> Talk to Taylor (collect reward of Pipe if you helped her hook-up with Courtney and didn’t betray her)-> Talk to Max

Admin Office

**If you kept the weed**

Talk to Justin -> collect military grade joint


Chatting with Max

**If Max wins contest**

Proceed to cliff scene

**if Max loses contest**

‘It’s just a silly contest’

‘You just need to remember my ‘advice’’ – Max corruption +1

Proceed to cliff scene

Cliff Scene with Max

**If on Max romance path** (Affinity >8)

Reject her feelings – ends romance path/stay friends

Encourage her feelings – starts official relationship (consequences later if also in relationship with Kate but can be mediated with lots of rift energy)

See below for how to escape -> proceed to sex scene in dorm (option to creampie unknown consequences yet)

**If on Max corruption path** (Corruption >3)

If Max is not sufficiently corrupted can use rift energy otherwise encourage her -> Blowjob scene

How to escape (Nathan or Frank)

**If weed returned to Chloe then Nathan appears. To escape go to benches then use phone as

distraction when you go to the hut.**

**If weed was not returned to Chloe Frank appears. To escape go to tree then use soda can as distraction when you go to the hut.**

Boys dorm

**After completing all side quests head to boys dorm to smoke any joint rewards (Pipe if you helped

Taylor and/or military grade joint if you kept the weed stash from Chloe) Min. of 5 rift energy is required to complete main quest (or Kate corruption path)**


Go to fountain -> complete quest

Use rift energy to stop the leaves (5 rift energy required)

Overload the rift (uses all rift energy in your bank and cannot use again rest of the day) Blackmail the principle (requires Kate corruption + allowed him to molest Kate)

Boys dorm

**If you are on both Kate romance + Max romance paths you must return to the dorm and smoke weed to get rift energy back up to 6 to avoid breaking up with one of them**


Talking to Chloe – Major branch point. Save recommended

Suggest an alternative – Paragon +2. Chloe camgirl route.

Deliver her to Frank/Nathan (depends if you gave back weed or not). Chloe corruption route.

Truck Scene with Chloe – camgirl route

Help Chloe film -> follow on screen prompts to raise heat (3 prompts and can miss 1)

‘Let’s just wait’ – scene ends

‘Let’s record Timmy’s video’ (requires 2 heat) – Road-head scene

Franks Van/Nathans Dorm – corruption route

Frank/Nathan give you 1 free ‘happy pill’ (value $10 need 1 happy pill if on Kate Corruption path by the end of the day) -> Frank/Nathan anally fuck Chloe

Girls dorm

Talking with Brooke/Juliet

Place 3 cameras ->Computer shelves ->bookshelves -> closet

Find 4 passwords ->post it on table ->vortex poster ->dildo -> plushie

‘Her life may not be easy’/’Wasn’t this a journalistic endeavor?’– Paragon +2 ‘Bitch deserves to suffer’/’She surely deserves some payback’ – Renegade +2

‘Sorry but I have a girlfriend’ – Paragon +3, ends scene

‘That’s not a good idea’ – ends scene

‘Always happy to help out’

**Option ‘sorry but I have a girlfriend’ only appears if you are on Kate/Max romance paths. Unclear if there will be consequences to cheating on them at this time. If you’re on corruption path go wild**

Paragon interrupt – Paragon +1

Renegade interrupt – Renegade +1

Option to creampie (dunno if any consequences)

Boys dorm

**If on Kate or Max romance path only**

**If on Corruption paths for either**

Kate asks for Happy Pill (+2 Kate corruption) -> end of day 4

**If on Kate + Max romance paths**

Stay with Kate (break up with Max)

Stay with Max (break up with Kate)

Use rift energy (requires 6) – stay on both their paths +2 Renegade

**Note – not sure what will happen to Max/Kate if you break up with them at this point**

Day 5 – Lust is stranger Walkthrough & Guide

At the Gallery with Victoria


‘Whatever… .’

‘You’re literally the loser here’ (Victoria lost contest) – +1 renegade +4 Victoria dominanace

**Victoria Dominance Checkpoint. If >8 then Victoria becomes submissive to you. If <8 Victoria stays bitchy to you**

*Gallery walkthrough*

Up stairs -> top right -> talk to gallery manager -> right again -> talk to Charlie -> down -> click

champagne -> click newspaper -> far left -> give champagne to Charlie -> click on man-purse -> Left ->

talk to gallery manager

‘It’s a seduce and blackmail double operation’

Victoria Has threesome with Charlie and gallery manager

‘Have you heard about the ‘amersterdam performance’?’

Path not implemented yet

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