My Bully Is My Lover Walkthrough

My Bully Is My Lover Walkthrough

Welcome to My Bully Is My Lover Walkthrough, best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Prologue – Episode 1 – My Bully Is My Lover Walkthrough

1. Thought: “Now, what do I do?”

a. Help her [LilyHelp] [Lily++]

b. Let her deal with it

2. Thought: “However, should I even let them enter?”

a. Let them in

b. Close the fucking door{bad ending}

3. Sky: “Recognize my feelings for you.”

a. Accept her feelings[SkyRoute]

b. Reject her

4. Thought: “Should I talk to her?”

a. Talk to her[AineComfort] [Aine++]

b. Ignore her

5. Gwen: “By the way, do you want some?”

a. Sure[Gwen++]

b. No, thanks

6. Thought: “”I guess Gwen will be Gwen. …”

a. Does not matter

7. Sky: “You need to really hurry now or you’ll be late!”

a. Thank her [Sky++]

b. Just rush!

8. MC: “We missed our chance for me to coach you too. *sighs*”

a. Apologize[Lily++]

b. Don’t say anything

9. Thought: “What should I do?”

a. Do it now[LilyTutor]

i. Does not matter

b. Not right now

10. Thought: “Should I try and comfort her?”

a. Comfort her[Aine++] [AineHeadpat]

b. Don’t do it

11. Thought: “What should I tell her?”

a. Tell her to celebrate[SkyCelebrate]

b. Don’t tell her

Prologue – Episode 2 – My Bully Is My Lover Walkthrough

1. Thought: “Her door seems open, though. Should I enter to check on her?”

a. Enter [Sky++]

b. Just go to work

2. Thought: “But, I’m still worried about her. Should I go and give her a quick visit later?”

a. Pay her a visit[LilyVisit]

b. Give her time to rest

3. Thought: “Partner?”

a. Greet her back[Freya++]

b. Give her a hand shake[Freya++]

c. Don’t do anything

Note: Choice 4 is only for those who obtained [LilyVisit].

4. Thought: “Should I hug her back?”

a. Don’t do it

b. Hug her back[LilyHug] [Lily++]

5. Thought: “I have to say something.”

a. Take Sky’s side[Sky++]

b. Take Freya’s side[Freya++]

c. Agree with both[Sky++] [Freya++]

6. Aine: “Thank you for bringing her here, MC. I appreciate it, really…”

a. You’re welcome [Aine++]

b. Keep quiet

7. Thought: “What should I do?”

a. Does not matter

8. MC: “I see…”

a. Compliment Sky[Sky++]

b. Compliment Aine[Aine++]

c. Compliment them both[Sky++] [Aine++]

9. Aine: “She can be mature enough to think about things most of the time, …”

a. I will [Aine++]

b. I can’t promise

10. Lily: “I’m not sure if I can survive the first day without you, MC! …”

a. Be positive [Lily++]

b. Be negative

Note: Choices 11-16 are only for those who obtained [SkyCelebrate].

11. Gwen: “And take your time checking out the guide. …”

a. Thanks for the heads up [Gwen++]

b. Don’t worry

12. Thought: “She looks awesome in it! But I should give her my honest opinion.”

a. It looks good on you [Sky++]

b. Too plain

13. Thought: “What should I tell her?”

a. It looks alright

b. You look hot[Sky++]

14. Thought: “But, if I really have to choose…”

a. The first one[SkyWear]

b. This one

15. Sky: “Although, sometimes I wish I could be a little bit taller,… .”

a. Does not matter

16. Thought: “Or should I deny her and end this once and for all?”

a. Pursue your feelings [SkyRoute]

b. Deny her

Prologue – Episode 3 – My Bully Is My Lover Walkthrough

1. MC: “…I can see why you got used to it.”

a. Compliment [Emma++]

b. Don’t mind it

2. MC: “No, never mind. Something just caught my mind for a moment.”

a. Does not matter

3. Aine: “Of course. Just go and talk to your Landlady. Don’t worry about me.”

a. Just go

b. Thank her [Aine++]

4. Klara: “That is why I couldn’t come home just yet. But I will,… .”

a. That’s great news [Klara++]

b. Don’t say anything

Note: Choice 5 is only for those who obtained [SkyRoute].

5. Thought: “For now, I should…”

a. Reassure her [Sky++]

b. Act nervous

6. Thought: “…Well, I guess she’s just going outside. Should I talk to her?”

a. Talk to her [GwenOutsideTalk]

i. Hug her [Gwen++]

ii. Refuse

b. Go to sleep

7. Thought: “Does she usually wake up this early?”

a. Invite her to breakfast [AineInviteBreakfast] [Aine++]

b. Let her be

Note: Choices 8-9 are only for those who obtained [AineInviteBreakfast].

8. Aine: “Yep! You know what they say …”

a. Does not matter

9. Thought: “Should I talk to her?”

a. Talk to her[AineTeachHelp]

b. Continue eating

10. Sky: “So was that why you were crying? …”

a. Does not matter

11. Thought: “If I remember it correctly, Naomi means ‘pleasant’, …”

a. Give her a handshake[Naomi++]

b. Don’t do it

12. Thought: “I don’t think I’m missing anything but…”

a. Think harder[TurnWaterOff] [Naomi++]

b. Let it be

13. Naomi: “Why don’t ya just come with me? I’ll drop ya off, instead.”

a. Reject

b. Accept [NaomiRide]

Note: Choices 14-15 are only for those who obtained [NaomiRide].

14. MC: “Though I must say…”

a. Does not matter.

15. Naomi: “I gotcha!”

a. Ask questions

i. Ask about her job and herself.[Naomi++]

b. End the conversation

16. Jess: “You think you can do it?”

a. Does not matter.

17. Thought: “Should I do it?”

a. Let them focus

b. Remind them[Lily++] [Freya++]

18. Lily: “*slips* Whaaa~!”

a. Does not matter.

19. MC: “Now, let’s go with individual performances. …”

a. Good job[Freya++]

b. Needs improvement

20. MC: “Now onto Lily’s performance…”

a. Good job[Lily++]

b. Needs improvement

21. Emma: “Do I look stupid?”

a. You look good[Emma++]

b. Yes

Note: Choice 22 is only for those who got [GwenOutsideTalk].

22. Thought: “Should I buy one for her?”

a. Buy [GwenBuyWine]

b. Don’t Buy

Note: If [AineTeachHelp], then [Aine++].

Note: Choice 23 is only for those who obtained [GwenBuyWine].

23. Gwen: “It’s a surprise! Haha! So, what do you think?”

a. Agree[GwenRoomAccess]

i. Let her continue[GwenRoute]

ii. Stop it

b. Go to sleep

Prologue – Episode 4 – My Bully Is My Lover Walkthrough

Note: Will receive [AineBreakfastService] by default (may be a mistake in the code).

Note: Choice 1 is only for those who obtained [Aine] == 8.

1. Thought: “But what do I say to her?”

a. Thank her[Aine++]

b. Don’t say anything

2. Naomi: “Easy, yeah?”

a. Thank her[Naomi++]

b. Don’t do it

Note: Choice 3 is only for those who obtained [GwenRoute].

3. Thought: “Should I go and talk to her?”

a. Talk to her [GwenMorningTalk] [Gwen++]

b. Play the game instead

Note: Choice 4-5 are only for those who obtained [GwenMorningTalk].

4. Gwen: “So, how did I play?”

a. Beautiful [Gwen++]

b. Good

5. Gwen: “Nope! Now he works full-time as my dad’s bodyguard. …”

a. Go with her [GwenFatherMeetUp]

b. Reject her

Note: Choices 6-8 is only for those who obtained [GwenRoute] and [Gwen] == 5.

6. Thought: “I’m at the point where I’m not shocked about this anymore. Haha.”

a. Let her be

b. Kiss her back[Gwen++]

7. Gwen’s Father: “And who’s this

a. Introduce yourself[Gwen++]

b. Let her handle it

8. Thought: “What should I do?”

a. Formally ask her out[GwenStartDate] [Gwen++]

b. Don’t bother



Note: If [GwenStartDate] and [Gwen] == 8, then will get Choices 9-10 and [GwenRoute].

9. Gwen: “I like you so much, [mc]. I… want to give you my all.”

a. I like you too [Gwen++]

b. Say nothing

10. MC: “A-alright!”

a. Does not matter.

Prologue – Episode 5 – My Bully Is My Lover Walkthrough

No choices this chapter.

Prologue – Episode 6 – My Bully Is My Lover Walkthrough

1. Emma: “…Nevermind.”

a. Make her smile[Emma++]

b. Don’t bother

2. Emma: “Unless… I’m the one who starts a conversation first.”

a. Does not matter

3. Emma: “Hm?”

a. Nevermind

b. Greet her[Emma++]

4. Freya: “Heed… You like it?”

a. I like it[Freya++]

b. I guess so …

5. Thought: “This girl is leaving me speechless. Like… literally.”

a. Check her out [FreyaCheckPanties]

b. Do not risk it

6. MC: “That’s one way to advertise a product for sure. Haha!”

a. I’ll take it [NaomiTakeCoffee] [Emma++]

b. No, thank you

Note: Choice 7 is only for those who obtained [GwenStartDate].

7. Thought: “I could never get bored being with her.”

a. Does not matter

8. Thought: “Should I give it a Like?”

a. Give it a Like [FreyaSelfieLike]

b. No, don’t bother

9. Freya: “Yeah, I don’t like asking for money from anybody. …”

a. I’m starting to like… [Freya++]

b. It’s good…

10. Aine: “I still have my old PC, so I can just use that for later classes instead.”

a. Get ready for work

b. Help her now [AineHelpBuildPc] [Aine++]

i. Does not matter for money guess.

Note: If [Lily] == 6, then [LilyTrackSory].

Note: Choices 11-12 is only for those who obtained [GwenStartDate] and [SkyRoute].

11. Gwen: “Were you rubbing your meat stick on me, huh? …”

a. Does not matter.

12. Thought: “Oh, boy…”

a. Thank you for the breakfast [GwenSkyHarem]

i. Does not matter where you cum.

b. Let’s eat breakfast

Note: Choice 13 is only for those who obtained [Freya] == 6.

13. MC: “*sighs*”

a. Compliment her pictures [Freya++]

b. Don’t mention it

Note: Choice 14 is only for those who obtained [Aine] == 10.

14. MC: “Oh, right…”

a. Give her a headpat[AineBreakfastHeadpat] [Aine++]

b. Do it later

Prologue – Episode 7 – My Bully Is My Lover Walkthrough

1. Moon: “If this is a rabbit hole, then leave that problem to us, … .”

a. Alright

b. Thanks [Moon++]

2. MC: “As for you…”

a. Harsh answer

b. Think logically[HeraOutcome]

3. Hera: “It’s been a while…”

a. Let her slap you[HeraSlap]

b. Catch her hand

Note: Choice 4 if [Aine] == 11.

4. MC: “Hey, you’re the one staring at me like you’re about to kill me.”

a. Are you jealous?[Aine++]

b. Are you angry?

5. Moon: “A lollipop, of course.”

a. Take it[MoonLollipop] [Moon++]

b. Reject it

Note: Choice 6 if [Emma] == 5.

6. Thought: “Not until just now did I realize that… I absolutely fucking missed her…”

a. Take her to your room [EmmaRoute]

i. Tell her to say it [LewdEmma]

ii. Don’t force her

b. End it here

Note: Choices 7-8 if [EmmaRoute].

7. MC: “I’m gonna go too, Em.”

a. Does not matter

8. Thought: “Shit, what should I choose here?”

a. Pursue your promise[EmmaSolo] {Emma Solo Ending}

b. Stand for the current situation

Note: Choice 9 if [Aine] == 12.

9. Aine: “Especially me, as long as we stick together, that is.”

a. Make it officially official [AineRoute]

b. Just let her be

Chapter 1 – Episode 1 – Part 1 – My Bully Is My Lover Walkthrough

Note: Choice 1 only if [AineRoute].

1. Aine: “Hm? Where are we going?”

a. Tease her[Aine++]

b. Straight answer

2. Gwen: “*whistles* Mamma Mia~!”

a. Mesmerizing[Klara++]

b. Fine

3. Aine: “Right?”

a. You’re welcome[Aine++]

b. You got a point

Note: Choice 2 if [Freya] == 7.

4. Thought: “Now is the perfect moment to unleash my inner evil!”

a. Leave her alone

b. Squeeze her ass[Freya++]

5. MC: “But…”

a. Sky[Sky++]

b. Freya[Freya++]

c. I can’t choose[SkyFreyABet] [Sky++] [Freya++]

Note: Choice 6 if [Freya] == 9.

6. Freya: “Pfft! Ahahahahahaha!”

a. Apologize profusely[FreyaRoute = False]

b. Two can play that game[FreyaRoute]

Note: Choice 7 if [AineRoute] AND [Aine] == 14; else, [AineRoute = False].

7. Aine: “So once you reach your goal, let’s call it-“

a. Till death do us part[Aine++]

b. Agree with her[AineRoute = False]

Chapter 1 – Episode 1 – Part 2 – My Bully Is My Lover Walkthrough

1. Thought: “Does she really need to let her hair down like that? Because fucking hell … !”

a. Leave her be[MoonRoute = False]

b. Talk to her[MoonRoute] [Moon++]

2. Klara: “Me? Oh god… I’m too old to dance, MC.”

a. Is that even a thing?[Klara++]

b. If you say so

Note: Choice 3 only if [GwenSkyHarem].

3. MC: “I won’t, I promise.”

a. Invite her to sleep

b. Invite her to sit down [SkyBeachSex]

i. Sub-choices do not matter.

4. Lily: “Yeah, I already told her about my resignation…”

a. Back her up [Lily++]

b. Just reassure her

5. MC: “I’ll come with you if you want to, though.”

a. Compliment her hair [Freya++]

b. Don’t mention it

6. MC: “You’re making me regret all the effort I put in back in college. Do you know that?”

a. Does not matter

Note: Choice 7 only if [AineRoute].

7. Aine: “Try me~!”

a. Does not matter

Chapter 1 – Episode 2 – Part 1

1. Thought: “But instead, my pride tells me I must put this guy in his place.”

a. Act of confusion[PauseStopWatch]

b. Outsmart him[PauseStopWatch]

c. Be aggressive[PauseStopWatch]

Note: Choice 2 if [MoonRoute].

2. Thought: “… I’m not sure if she intended that to sound sexual, … .”

a. Really?

b. I’ m not that weak [Moon++]

Note: Choice 3 if [MoonRoute] AND [Moon] == 4.

3. Moon: “Maybe you won’t get to unlock all of my secrets, … .”

a. Choices (and where to cum) do not matter

4. MC: “Ugh…”

a. Talk to her[KlaraRoute]

i. Yeah, you’ re right …[Klara Route = False]

ii. How about …[KlaraRoute]

b. Leave her be

5. Naomi: “Plus, with the repainting job, it looks much better than before.”

a. It could use more work

b. It’s perfect [Namoi++]

6. Gwen: “Sure, will do!”

a. Let me walk you out[NaomiRoute]

b. See you later

Note: Choice 7 only if [KlaraRoute].

7. Klara: “You are aiming to impress, aren’t you? … .”

a. Raise her curiosity

b. Reassure her [Klara++]

Note: Choice 8 if [KlaraRoute] AND [Klara] == 4.

8. Klara: “Anyway, that’s enough excitement for one night… Off to bed with you…”

a. Kiss her goodnight [Klara++]

b. Try to copa feel

Note: Choices 9- if [GwenRoute] AND [Gwen] == 9.

9. Emilda: “It is because of this insolent, uncultured… boy, I assume?”

a. Try to answer Emilda [GwenRoute = False]

b. Don’t meddle with them [ReconicleStep1]

10. Emilda: “So it’s just Gwen’s boyfriend.”

a. Good evening … [ReconcileStep2]

b. We are not a couple yet …

11. Emilda: “Alright, you’ve got yourself a deal, young man.”

a. Let her sit down on her own

b. Offer he a seat [ReconcileStep3]

Note: If [ReconcileStep2] and [ReconcileStep3],then choices 12 and 13; else, [GwenRoute = False].

12. Gwen: “P-pill! It’s ok!”

a. Does not matter.

13. Gwen: “What do you say, MC: are you up for it?”

a. Does not matter

Emma Ending – My Bully Is My Lover Walkthrough

1. Thoughts: “A wife of many talents – I’m simply the luckiest guy on the planet…”

a. Does not matter

2. MC: “Em, did you hear me?”

a. Does not matter

3. Emma: “Heahhh… mmhhh! Ahhh!”

a. Cum inside[EmmaPreggo]

b. Cum outside

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