Seaside Mystery Walkthrough & Guide

Seaside Mystery Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Seaside Mystery Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

First of all HUD.There are a lot of icons on the top of the screen.Some of them may be confusing.

Phone:Story-wise used one time,and you can watch MC specs there.

Map:Move between locations.

A female icon.Characters level and Location(very important)


Backpack:No use currently

Door icon:Teleport between locations in the house,very usefull,saves a lot of time walking.

Skip button skips an hour.Small icon on the right with the moon:Skips directly to the night.

Also, on my several playthroughs,and the one I did to write this guide,I’ve never ecnountered any bugs.

TIPS:Tasks do not have time of completion,you can skip as many time as you want before completing anything.

You cand rewatch the scenes and change characters appearance on the computer.

Wake up

-Skip till 8 o clock,go to the Living room,talk to emily staying by the shelves on the right of entrance(if she’s not there,skip till she appears).

-Go to the pool,look around to find a table with an umbrella near it.Take the book from the table.

-Go back,and return the book to Emily.

-Stay in the living room,facing the kitchen.Skip time till you seen Brenda cleaning the table.Interact with her,and choose Do you need help?The dialogue should increase her Score.

-Now you can do anything this day,just walk around the house.The girls,especially Brenda,are doing a lot of small things every hour.Watching TV,cleaning,reading,drinking coffe,sexy mirror cleaning,showering.

Just watch their location on the character specs

-Wake up,go to living room,and skip time till Brenda appears again cleaning.Choose Do you need my help(it should have NEW! icon near it).

-Collect the dishes(one on the big table,one on the smaller one) and go to the sink(behind Brenda).

-Go to sleep again

-Go to living room,skip time till Brenda cleaning again.Offer your help,she will ask you about the lamp in the bedroom.

-Go to Bedroom,and interact with the white lamp on the table.

-Go Outside to the garage(on the right of the entrance).

-In the garage there will be 2 blue Crates on the shelves,interact with the second one.

-Go back to bedroom and interact with the lamp.Go to sleep.

-Interact with the bar? in your room.Interact once.Skip an hour,intearct again.Total 3 times till appears Your strenght reached a new level message.

-Go to the pool and skip time till you see Brenda struggling with the Chair she is sitting ussually.

-Aproach her,it will trigger a cutscene.

-Go to the living room,near the big table,and skip till 20:00.

-It’ll trigger a cutscene with Emily.

-Go to sleep.

-The next day,go straight to the pool,and skip time till you see Brenda in the hot Tub(small pool near the big one).

-Talk to her,she says she wants something to drink

-Go to the kitchen.You need to find Emily making a drink a the kitchen.Go near the fridge.If you are lucky she will be standing near the sink

making a drink.If shes not there,skip time till she appears.Ussually between 12:00 to 18:00.Talk to her.

-Skip time till she leaves,and interact with the fridge.Now you’ve made a Cocktail!

-Sleep,go to the pool,and interact with her while she is in the hot tub.

-Offer her a drink(Relationship with Brenda should reach level 1 after this interaction).

-The beach location is unlocked

-Go to sleep,when you wake up immediatly go outside.Interact with the woman near your house.Shes Janice.

-Go to Living room.skip till Brenda is cleaning,interact,Any help nedeed?.Go outside and check the mailbox

-Give the mail to Brenda.

-Go to sleep,Watch the dream.Press C for POV.

-Go to the bathroom.Triggers a cutcene.

-After waking up go to bathroom and intearct with the mirror(Practice Speech).

-Go to the Beach,skip till you see Janice at the deck chairs(10:00 to 18:00).Talk to her.

-Go back home to Your Room.Take the ball from the Shelves.

-Go to garage,interact with the pump.On the left near shleves.

-Go back to the Beach,talk to Janice.Triggers a Volleyball minigame.Is not that hard,but you’ll need more then 8 fps to play it.The ball flyes to you.The red square

is moving with your mouse.Try to move the red square to the place where the ball is falling.Just continuesly click from the beggining of the minigame.It will be succesful when you click when the square turns green.

It is really not that hard,just keep trying.

-Go to sleep,triggers a Dream.

-Go to the bathroom,interact with the Toilet.

-Go to living room(Scene with Brenda)

-Wake up,do anything you want,skip time,till you recieve a message.Open your phone,read the conversation.(Click on the phone screen a few times)

-Go to Bedroom at 22:00

-Triggers a scene which opens a Character editor.Choose Clothes,and change her outfit however you want.(Changes can be done Daily and Night Wear).

-Go to sleep.Triggers a Scene with Brenda.

-Go to the living room at 8:00.

-Go to your Room and pick up the glass between your bed and Table.

-Return it to Brenda.

-Go to the pool,and skip till Brenda will be at the Hot Tub.Interact,Get In,Sit Closer.

-Now,you need to find Emilly sitting at the table in the Living Room(7:00,or after 18:00)Talk to her.Old Town location unlocked

-Go to the Old Town,and to the Farmacy.As you appear go to the Caffe(Lots of chairs in front of it).Then take a right,till road Turns left.Cross

the crosswalk and buy Painkillers and 8 sun lotions(We’ll need them later).

-Go Home,give the painkillers to Emilly.

-Wait till you find Brenda watching Tv.Ask her to go to the Beach with You.Go to the beach,offer the suntan lotion.

-Press Talk,and go to the Lighthouse.After the scene it will teleport you back home.Go to sleep

-You need to Spend time with Brenda in the hot tub(Usually from 13:00 to 16:00 you can find her there.Choose Sit Closer,Massage Her shoulders.Repeat this 2 times.

-Ask her to go to beach again.

-Press Actions,apply the lotion.Then choose wait 1 hour till you skip to 19:00.

-Choose Talk,and go to the Lighthouse.There,try to hug her.

-The next day,again spend time with her at the Hot tub.Massage her shoulders.Go to sleep.

-You’ll recieve a message at night.Find Brenda sometime in the morning in the Living Room and ask her about the message

-Also,some time in the morning between 9:00 and 12:00 you can find Emilly near the coffe machine.She’ll ask you to repair it.Go to the Old Town

and buy some coffee from the Cafe.There is a chance a woman will be sitting on chair nearby.Pick up the credit card behind her chiar,it will trigger a cutscene.

-Get back to Emilly and interact with her.This actions will help us later.

-Go to sleep a few night in a row.There is a cutscene that triggers randomly with Brenda coming in your room at night,but it can trigger in 2 sleeps,or after 6 sleeps,the number is random.

If you skip to many nights,and it still doesn’t trigger,Complete next 2 points of this guide and it will trigger right after.

-Now,go to the college in the morning.Enter it.On your left or behind you will be some Wending Machines,and a woman next ot them,interact with her.This is Weil Linn.

-Go to the classroom 205.Talk to Lynn and ask for the Homework book.Go back home To your room.There will be a notebook near the computer.Interact with it,sleep,interact again till its a 100%.

-Sleeping with brenda scene should have triggered by now.After that go talk to Brenda in the living room,go to sleep again.The MC will comment the next morning about wanting to sleep with

BRenda again and going to the bathroom to peek on her.

-Go peek on Brenda in the Bathroom.Find out when she’s bathing in the Character Specs.Go to the bathroom then,and choose Peeking.Peeking minigame

is really easy,just don’t let danger go to max level,and never lean out to much.There will be 6 poses of her washing herself.After the 4 pose

the game givese you a choice,choose Peek More,2 more poses,a cutscene triggers.She catches you.Skip an hour,go to the living room and apologize.It’s ok.

-She’ll ask you to go trim the Hedge.

-Go to the Garage.On the table you’ll find a scissor thing.Pressing it will trigger an intelligence check.

-To improve intelligence,you need to do homework.

-After completed the first stage of homework(described earlier).Go to Lynn’s classroom,talk to her,she’ll give you another one.Do the same with it.

-Hand it over,and she will give you the third one.Interact with it at home and MC will comment that is too hard to complete.

-Go to the pool.Skip hours till you see Emilly standing in the pool.Interact with her and teach her swimming.

-Sleep,and try to find her sitting by the table in Living Room in the morning.Sleep and try again till she appears.ask her to help you with homework.

-Complete all 3 stages again,till appears a message Intelligence Improved.

-Go back to garage,and MC will assemble the scissors thingy.

-Then there will be a long,and super sexy scene.

-End of 0,13 so far.I didnt include more of Wey Lin,Janice,And Michelle,because their story doesn’t have anything remotely sexy or interesting at this moment.

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