Orange Trainer Walkthrough

Orange Trainer Walkthrough

Welcome to Orange Trainer Walkthrough, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Prologue – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

Let’s start this off at the very start of the game. You’ll be given the option to skip the intro or to go through it. Depending on what you value more (your free time, or ingame skills), I would greatly encourage you to play the intro for the following benefits:

• Getting the story background

• Permantent Gunslinger skill point

• Extra line of dialogue in the finale of the game.

As you escape the medbay, you’ll be allowed to the different sections of the station. These can be found via the menu at the top of the screen. Simply visit all of these to get a bit of dialogue.

When visiting the detention area, you’ll be introduced to Ahsoka for the first time.

You’ll be given the option to go through her bag or leave it be. Going through the bag will give you Ahsoka’s Lightsaber and an additional 10 hypermatter. Though it also reduces Ahsoka’s mood a tiny bit. You can ignore the bag if you like, and you’ll be given the Lightsaber later on during the tutorial.

When you’ve explored all the areas, you can click on the “EXPLORE” button to begin exploring the station. Doing this will continue the story. Simply follow along until you run into a droid.

You’ll first be given the option to HIDE or GO TOWARDS THE NOISE. You can pick either of these.

When you run into the droid, choose to shoot him straight away. You will miss, but the game will give you a permanent 1 gunslinger skill. After that, the story guides itself. You may make any choise when one is presented.

Eventually you’ll be taken to your sleepingquarters. You can check out your minotor to see what it does or head to bed straight away to finish the tutorial.

The UI explained – Orange Trainer Walkthrough


After finishing the tutorial, you’ll be given full access to the station. Mr. Jason will prompt you to talk to Ahsoka however. From here on out it’s a good idea to chat to Ahsoka once a day. This doesn’t progress time and will further your relation with her. Eventually opening up more story and unlockables.

Simply click on “CELLS” at the top of the screen to visit Ahsoka in her cell.


After you’ve spoken to Ahsoka, you can go around exploring the different sections of the station.

Visiting the MEDBAY will reveal two things. A SURGERY TABLE and a KOLTO TANK. By this point you don’t have enough Hypermatter yet to fix them. Regardless, you will want to wait with repairing the station until you have at least 1 point in your Repair Skill. This will reduce the cost of repairing stations.


Next up is the FOUNDRY. Clicking it will reveal three things:




Same as before, you are prompted to repair the Forge or your Ship, but hang off on those until you have your repair skill up by at least 1 point. This will greatly reduce the cost.

Finally there is the “REPAIR STATION” button. In the future, you’ll be able to donate Hypermatter for the repair of the station. This will opening up new zones in the future.


Up next is the EXPLORE Button. This will give you two options. The Explore button, which allows you to roam the station looking for loot. At the start of the game, it’s encourage to Explore around for some extra Hypermatter. Exploring will progress time and will afterwards send you to your sleeping quarters.

You also get the VISIT button. This one is used to visit your unlocked sectors on the station. Right now you will not have any of these yet. You will also notice that Sector #6 is RESTRICTED ACCESS. You can click it to get some short dialogue from Mr. Jason.


Use the STATUS menu and you’ll be shown 3 options:




Items will bring up your inventory screen. You can cycle through your inventory by either pressing the big LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS at the bottom of the screen or clicking the Items / Accessories / Clothes buttons near the top.

A small frame on the side show display Ahsoka. Above her head you can click left and right to cycle through your future unlockable companions. However these remain greyed out for the time being.

When you want to exit the inventory system, simply click the big X in the top right corner.

Status will bring up your status screen. This will show your important information like Ahsoka’s mood, her Slut level (which we’ll talk about more later) and how close she is with you via her Social level.

It also shows you for how many ingame days you’ve been playing, how much Hypermatter you’ve got and how much Influence you’ve learned. We’ll discuss Influence later.

Tucked away in the bottom right corner you’ll find a “FORCE SUPPRESSORS” button. Clicking it will trigger a bit of dialogue with Mr. Jason, but will remain unimportant for now. Keep it in mind for the future though!

Similar to the inventory screen, the Status screen also has an Exit button at the top right.

Missions will allow you to check up on the missions you’ve accepted up until now. Clicking one will give you a quick rundown on what’s happened and potentiall some clues on how to progress.


At the very top right corner of your screen, you will see an icon with a circle and half a moon. If you simply wish to skip straight to night time, you can click on this.


Above your holomap, you’ll see a see-through bar with two symbols on either side. This is the war effort between The Republic and the Separatists. You can click on it, but this system remains broken for the time being. We’ll talk about it more later.


Here you can select different planets. As time progresses, you’ll have more options, but for now, you can only do the EXPLORE option. To not overwhelm the player this early on, this too will be locked off until you’ve spoken at least five times to Ahsoka.

Getting into the groove – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

The best way to play is to get into a set rhythm of things. Every day you can chat with Ahsoka and send her out to work in return for Hypermatter. You yourself will occasionally also be able to do small missions to boost your resources.

Getting a job

Now that you know the basics of the game, you get to progress the story. Simply continue exploring the station and talking to Ahsoka. In a few days you’ll be prompted by Mr. Jason to reach out to one of your former contacts.

Contact the Stomache Queen by selecting Coruscant on the Holomap. Once you’ve done that and have spoken to her, it’s time to convince Ahsoka. To progress the quest, you’ll have to talk to Ahsoka f ew more times.

During one of the chats, you’ll be prompted to tell Ahsoka to let her go, or lie about letting her go. Either option works, but know that this will come back in some future scenarios.

After two or three more chats with her, a new option will open up after you visit her cell. Talk through the dialogue and Ahsoka will agree to work on Coruscant for you. Now just click on Coruscant on your holomap and talk to the Stomache Queen.

Once that’s done, Ahsoka can start her first job by being a waitress on Coruscant.

This is a good early game way to making Hypermatter. Note that Ahsoka will be unavailable if she’s working, so if you want to chat with her, make sure you do so before sending her out to work.

After sending her to work, she’ll return each evening. You can then chat with her to talk about her day or send her to bed. Talking to her may open up small bonuses.

Learning to smuggle

In a few more days, Mr. Jason will let you know about a smuggler mission that has appeared. Just like sending Ahsoka out, you too can make some extra Hypermatter by smuggling goods.

To smuggle, simply select the planet the mission is on. Note that smuggling missions will take a full day, so you may wish to get other things out of the way before taking it on. You can improve your chances of succeeding by upgrading your ship via the FORGE menu.

You can choose to invest Hypermatter into your ship now or wait a while until the first Shop opens up. This shop will offer you a Repair Training Manual which reduces the cost of all repairs to the station. More on this later.

Exploring to your hearts content

So you’ve explored the station a few times now, the Holomap planets should’ve opened up to you by this point. If not, talk to Ahsoka a few more times until you get the message that the Holomap is now available.

Exploring a planet is much like exploring the station. However every planet is different and will offer different rewards for you to collect. This is usually items that can later be given to Ahsoka.


The above three options are useful for passing the time in between missions. As you progress through the day, eventually you’ll be prompted to undertake a new mission to move the story onward. You can always keep track of these missions by clicking on

STATUS → Missions.

Doing missions will progress the story and will open up more features in the future.

Making repairs

The station isn’t going to fix itself, luckily you can assist the droids with their repairs by doing the following:

• Donate hypermatter clicking on FOUNDRY → REPAIR STATION. A minimum donation is 50 hypermatter.

• Assist with the repairs yourself by going to FOUNDRY → ASSIST WITH REPAIRS. Which requires you to have at least 1 point in your repair skill.

• Exploration. A random event on Tatooine will help a little bit with the repairs of the station. However the amount is very small and not really worth it.

Mission: ‘The Stomache Queen’ – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

The Stomache Queen is the introduction quest

for getting your first job. Simply wait for a few

days and Mr. Jason will prompt you to get in

contact with one of your old contacs.

Once he’s done that, click on the Holomap on

Coruscant and call with the Stomache Queen.

She agrees to give Ahsoka a job, working as a

waitress in the Lekka Lekku. All there’s left to

do now is to convince Ahsoka.

To progress the quest, you’ll need to make

sure that your social level with Ahsoka is high

enough. Visit her in her cell to see if a new

option is available. If not, then talk to her a

few more times until it is.

Ahsoka will agree to working at the diner. After which you can call the Stomache Queen again to finish the first mission. You willl unlock Ahsoka’s waitress outfit and she’ll now be able to work at the Lekka Lekku on Coruscant to earn some Hypermatter.

Mission: ‘Orange Flirt’ – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

Bonus rewards:

• +1 Repair Skill (optional)

After having sent Ahsoka out to work on Coruscant for a few times, she’ll return upset at having been groped. Which kicks off the mission: ‘Orange Flirt’.

Visit Ahsoka in her cell. You’ll suggest to start flirting and she hesitantly accepts. However you’re going to have to find a better way to train her. Simply finish the day in whatever way you wish for now and head to your sleeping quarters.

You’ll notice that you’ve received 1 new message. Click on your console and read: ‘Is that a Lightsaber in your pocket?’. In it a girl tells you that she’s selling training manuals in her shop on Tatooine. Head to bed for now and begin the next day.

Now when selecting Tatooine on your Holomap, a new option has opened up. Namely the option to visit Kit’s shop. This doesn’t progress time, so feel free to visit the shop. Here you can shop, chat or return to the station.

Chat with Kit to begin her social story and afterwards click on ‘Shop’. You’ll notice that she sells two manuals. The training manual and one called ‘Duct Tape and Bubblegum’. Purchase both of these if possible. The first manual allows you to continue the Orange Flirt quest and the second manual gives you a +1 Repair skill.

The +1 repair skill greatly reduces the cost of repairs around the station. Repairing your ship will not even cost any hypermatter.

When you return to the station, go visit Ahsoka in her cell. The option to “Train Ahsoka” will have opened up. Click it to begin Ahsoka’s training. You’ll be given three options for which chapter to begin with, but Ahsoka will refuse all three of them.

After the first lesson, send her to Coruscant to try out her new skills and then spend the day however you like.

At night, Ahsoka will return and tell you about her day. You find out that she’s made extra hypermatter by being more flirty and reluctantly admits that it wasn’t as bad as she thought it would be.

From here on out you can train Ahsoka once a day. Keep in mind that she’ll be too busy for anything else. So you might want to chat with her ‘before’ telling her to go train. Training will increase the amount of Hypermatter she’ll bring back from jobs, but will also lower her mood slightly.

Mission: ‘The Menacing Phantom’ – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

While exploring, you may have come across the event where the lights go red and you see a mysterious figure at the end of the hallway. This is the first stage of the Menacing Phantom mission which will run throughout the game.

For now, ignore this chapter until later in the game where we’ll progress it further.

The Menacing Phantom: Stage II.

After playing the game for a while, you’ll start getting plagued by nightmares. Just follow the story as it goes and you’ll progress to stage II of the mission. After this, it will take some time before the quest picks up again, so feel free to check back here later.

The Menacing Phantom: Stage III.

You won’t make any real progress on this mission until you finished the mission Crazy Eyes. After Ahsoka has fallen to corruption and you helped her get back to her senses a new event will trigger.

Lady Nemthak has expressed her desire to set up a no-limits orgy on the station. But she’ll need some things:

• Deathsticks x1

• Potency Potion x3

• Zelosian Wine x5

• Togruta art x4

Some of these can be bought from Hondo at his black market, however the Potency Potions are a bit more tricky. If you’ve explored around the galaxy, you might have already come across one or two of these, but just for this quest a new event has been added to Christophsis where you can buy 3 of them for 300 hypermatter.

Once you’ve collected all these items, select Zygerria on your Holomap and report to Lady Nemthak. What follows is a new sex scene, enjoy! After 1 or 2 good fucks (depending on how many potions you have left) your character goes looking for more wine. Simply continue the story in whichever way you like.

Regardless if you picked to go left or right, you will end up getting knocked out and awaken the next morning. Time to find last night’s area!

The best way of finding it, would be to explore the station. Do that a few times until you get a message where you realize you’re looking in the wrong place. You’ll realize that the only place you could have visited after that night was… SECTOR #6.

Go to sleep and the next day, try visiting Sector #6. You’ll be confronted by Mr. Jason who convinces you to leave… or does he? After finding the blaster you dropped after the party, you realize that Mr. Jason might be lying to you and attempts to keep you out of Sector


To continue, gather up 1000 hypermatter and then talk to Hondo in the Black Market. He’ll offer to sell you explosives which can be set-off to cause a distraction. Wait until the next day and then visit Mr. Jason again at Sector #6.

You now have the option to set off the explosives and distract him. IMPORTANT WARNING: This is the end of the game, and there’s no turning back after this. If you have anymore missions or things you wanted to do, it’s a good idea to do them now.

Set off the explosions and the finale will begin. Now just sit back and watch how the story unfolds.

Mission: ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

Bonus rewards:

• New nickname for Ahsoka

• Lightsaber missions

• Free gunslinger practise

Warning: Beforestartingthis mission,youcanonlygetthe bonus reward ifAhsokaisat least slutlevel 35 orhigher. Thoughstorywise, itmakes moresensetodo thismission ‘before’ themission: “Crazy Eyes” .

This mission is unlocked by raising Ahsoka’s social level with you. Just chat with her until you offer to return her Lightsaber to her (for whatever favor you want in return). She’ll try turning the saber on, but it’s missing its power crystal.

To find it, you’re going to need Shin’na on board of your station. So make sure you finish the “A New Face” mission first.

If Shin’na is on the station, you can choose to explore the station and a new event will happen. You explore the darkness and hear a noise. You can choose to either hide or startle the source and find out that it’s Shin’na.

What follows is another encounter with the spirit on the station. You pass out and wake up sometime later. Before turning in for the night, you find Ahsoka’s missing Lightsaber crystal on the floor. It will be added to your inventory and can be gifted to Ahsoka to continue the story.

The story continues. Ahsoka flees and runs into the station and you decide to give chase. Choose to either keep searching for her or give up the search. Either way the story will continue and you’ll be able to finish the mission.

Mission: ‘Relics of the Past’ – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

Bonus rewards:

• Astromech action figure

Another event that you might’ve come across while exploring will be the Relics of the Past kickoff. In it, you manage to find a Vibroblade inside of a lockbox, just before the room tears itself apart and you escape in the nick of time.

Progressing this quest is a little difficult if you don’t know what it is, but it used to belong to Mandalore, leader of the Mandalorians.

If you spend some time exploring the Mandalore planet, you will run into a group of protestors talking about how the old times were better. A man in the crowd will tell you about a museum that has opened up. You can choose to visit the Museum now or wait until another time. I suggest visiting it straight away, seeing as you’ll have to hope the event triggers for a second time otherwise.

Talking to the proprietor of the museum, you find out that what you’re holding is the


… .

What? You find the a generic and uninspired name? Well don’t look at me, it’s actually in the show.

You can hand over the saber, but you’ll have to make an offer. In the list, choose the middle option, stating that you want 100 Hypermatter for it. The proprietor will tell you that it’s a bit too much, but will offer you 60 Hypermatter instead. On top of that, whatever option you pick, you will also be given a Astromech action figure, which can be given to Ahsoka as a gift.

Keep in mind that she’ll only accept gifts from you if your social level is high enough with her.

Mission: ‘Togruta for Hire’ – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

To unlock the next mission, you will have to send Ahsoka out to work at the Lekka Lekku a few more times. It takes about 12 times to trigger, but by this point you will have already done most of those.

Ahsoka hesitantly remarks that she’s afraid that you’re never going to let her go. She’s unhappy with how long it will take to get the station repaired and misses her friends. You in return promise to look for a new job she can do.

Figuring out what to do next might not be apparent at first. Simply continue playing the game. A few days after this event has triggered, you will receive a new mail from somebody called Lady Nemthak. She finds out that you’ve enslaved Ahsoka and wishes to buy her off you.

Stage II:

To continue the quest, make sure Ahsoka is available. Then go to your Holomap and select Zygerria. A new option will have appeared. “Mission: ‘Togruta for Hire (Stage II)’” click on it.

As the story progresses, Ahsoka will remark not wanting to work for a slaver. You can choose to scold of sympathise with her. Pick either option you prefer.

On the planet you will be introduced to Lady Nemthak who agrees to employing Ahsoka as an entertainer, but does demand that you train and dress her like one. After the meeting is over, Ahsoka agrees to work for her and you can continue training her.

Back on the station you’ll notice that a new option has opened up on Zygerria. You can now send Ahsoka to work there, on the condition that you’ve trained her enough and that she owns a slave outfit. The latter can be purchased from a tailor, located on Geonosis.

Mission: ‘Orange Booty’ – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

The Orange Booty quest is unlocked by repairing the station. Donate roughly 500 hypermatter to unlock Sector #2. Once sector 2 has been unlocked and Ahsoka is available, an event will trigger where pirates attack the station.

You can choose to rush to Ahsoka’s side or hide, there’s no real difference between the two. When arriving at her cell you’ll find Mr. Jason who informs you that she’s been kidnapped by a man named Hondo.

Hondo has a base on Geonosis. Use your holomap to visit the planet. If you have enough influence, you can spend some of it to unlock her location straight away, else, spend a few times exploring the planet until you find it.

Once you have found his base, go and confront him. Just let the story play out and at the end of the quest, you will have received blueprints for a Black Market on your station! Don’t forget to click VISIT → Sector #2 to give the order to construct it.

The black market opens up expensive items to purchase. I suggest unlocking the exlusive stash by spending some influence and then buying the bugspray straight away, seeing as it will give you a discount with the tailor on Geonosis.

Mission: ‘Grease Monkey’ – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

Time to make some money! By now you’ll probably have send Ahsoka out to work for Lady Nemthak a few times. Get her slut level up a bit by continue to train her and after a while, she’s come home from working at Zygerria and asks you if you’ve ever been to


This is the kickoff point for the next quest: Grease Monkey.

Grease monkey puts Ahsoka on the path of becoming a pitgirl on the Tatooine race track. The first thing you should do is pick her up a Pitgirl uniform from the tailor on Geonosis. After that, select Tatooine on your holomap and choose to send Ahsoka out to work.

Spend the rest of the day doing whatever you feel like. At night Ahsoka will return from her first race empty handed. Keep repeating this process and Ahsoka will end up coming home without Hypermatter. She’ll even spend some of your Hypermatter!

Don’t worry though, after a few more times, the player will inform her what her new duties as a Pitgirl entail. She gets upset at you, but send her out to work on Tatooine and when she comes home, she’ll admit that you were right. Not only that, but she’ll share her new skills with you, making your repair skill go up by 1!

The next day, head over to Tatooine and visit Kit’s shop. She’ll have a new training manual available for you called: “Pleased to Please”, purchase it and it’ll allow you to continue Ahsoka’s training.

Tip: While you’re at it, also pick up “Here’s Sum Fancy Shooting’”, which will gives a permanent boost to your gunslinger skill.

Train Ahsoka and then send her out to Tatooine to work. She’ll remark that she’s started applying her training and made a wopping 150 Hypermatter! From here on out, she’ll be able to work at the Tatooine race track.

Mission: ‘A New Face’ – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

A New Face is the mission to unlock the second girl for the station, Shin’na. Simply get Ahsoka to slut level 30 and you will receive a new mail in the evening.

The girl claim to know Ahsoka and forces you two to visit her on Naboo. Visit the planet while Ahsoka isn’t out or doing other things and the both of you will meet up with her.

After a short encounter, you’ll bring her with you back to the station.

To finish the quest, simply visit the Cells and talk to Shin’na.

Mission: ‘Slug Love’ – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

Talking to Kit, you will eventually be presented with the mission Slug Love, where she tries to get her starship back from a local Hutt. After talking to Kit, she will give you something called an Exile Autopilot and asks you to sneak into the Hutt’s palace to place it on the ship.

Return to the station and select Tatooine on your holomap. Seeing as you’re going to lie your way in there, you’ll have to do some preparations.

Fake name: Thanisson

Company : Megacorp Manufacturing and Mining

When you are greeted by a droid, he will refuse you an audience. Reasoning and hurling insults will have no effect, so instead choose to react OFFENDED. You’ll get to talk to Lord Jomba and you agree to set up a meeting, but you’ll first have to collect 1000 hypermatter.

If you’ve done some upgrading and forging, you’re probably not that wealthy at this point. So here are some tips to get hypermatter:

• Make sure you have at least 3 starships and send them out to scavange space graveyards via the holomap. You can build more starships via the Forge menu.

• Send Ahsoka out to work on Tatooine and at night ask her how her day was. Sometimes she’ll give bonus credits.

• Do smuggle missions if they’re available, else make sure you buy the ‘Fancy shootin’ book from Kit to raise your gunslinger skill to 6 and then go grind hypermatter on Taris by hunting Rakghoul.

• You will have gathered some Influence by now. If you have the Black Market unlocked, you can trade Influence for Hypermatter with Hondo.

• While exploring planets, you might occasionally get the prompt that there’s a hidden cache available. You can spend 50 influence in return for 100 hypermatter, which is double what you’d get from Hondo, so you’re encouraged to do this.

Once you’ve made enough hypermatter, set up the meeting via your holomap on Tatooine. At the front door, you’ll be greeted by the droid who asks you which company you work for again. Hope you paid attention before!

You get a list of options. Pick the 4th one and you’ll be able to continue. After talking to Lord Jomba, you get another option. You can make a demand in return for this gift. Pick whichever one you like, he’s just going to steal it from you regardlessly.

The next day, visit Kit on Tatooine and discuss the mission with her. You find out that the autopilot has been found and cannot be used. You leave a grumpy Kit behind and don’t get a clear follow-up quest.

To unlock the rest of this mission, you’re going to have to do some scouting around. Return to the station and then choose to explore CORUSCANT. This should trigger an event where you’re captured and brought before The Stomache Queen.

Simply finish the story after this and Slug Love updates for Stage IV and you’re taken back to the station. The next day, click on Tatooine to continue the mission. Finish the story and you’ll unlock Kit on your station! Whoohoo!

Mission: ‘Red Buttcheeks’ – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

Bonus rewards:

• Blueprints for Harem room

• Hypermatter

• Health Stim.

To start Red Buttcheeks, just donate to the repair of the station. Eventually a new room will open up and you decide to build a harem room in it. However, you need the blueprints for it.

After talking to Mr. Jason about it, click on Zygerria on your holomap and contact Lady Nemthak. She’ll be willing to help out, but only if you offer something in return.

She wants you to bring Ahsoka. Make sure she’s available and head over to Zygerria. There Nemthak wants you to spank Ahsoka until she’s satisfied. You’ll be prompted with a menu:

• Softly

• Hard

• Very hard

You’ll be asked how hard you wish to spank her a few times in a row. Being too soft will disappoint Lady Nemthak, asking you to re-do it. Being in the middle will be enough to please her without hurting Ahsoka too much. Being very rough with Ahsoka will hurt her mood, but Lady Nemthak will be pleased. Giving you an extra 100 Hypermatter!

You’ll find out that the architect who can give you the blueprints has fled Zygerria and is now hiding out on Mandalore. Which should be your next stop.

Select Mandalore on the holomap and choose to search for the architect. You can choose to search for the man or use influence to figure out the location. In this case, exploring would be more beneficial, because you can earn a free Medstim from it.

Although there’s only a tiny difference, I suggest exploring the outskirts. There’s a chance that a junkie will give you the location of the architect for free and throw in a free health stim.

Continue the story. As you arrive to the silo, you’ll notice thugs attacking the place! It looks like it’s taking a turn for the worse and you’ll be given an option:

• Ambush: Ambushing the Mandalorians now will safe everyone inside, but risks you getting hurt from the attack.

• Wait: Avoid getting hurt, but everyone inside the silo will be killed. You will still be able to receive the blueprints however. If you pick this option, the quest ends there.

If you chose to ambush the Mandalorians and you have at least 1 health stim on you, you’ll be prompted with another question. You can choose the following:

• Heal the wounded Rodian girl

• Heal yourself (if you’ve taken damage)

• Do nothing (can use it on yourself or Ahsoka later to heal)

Regardless of which one you pick, you’ll get the blueprints. Continue the story until you return to the station. There Mr. Jason will greet you. You can now VISIT sector 3 and give the order to construct the Harem room.

Mission: ‘Naboolicious’ – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

Bonus rewards:

• Outfits

• New blueprint for Station

Following A New Face is the mission Naboolicious. After talking to Shin’na a few times, she’ll mention having contacts with a secret high class brothel on Naboo. However Ahsoka firmly rejects the offer to start working as a prostitute.

However it’s still worth checking up on things. So on the holomap select Naboo and continue the mission. You’ll find out that you need a password to enter the brother and Shin’na suggest talking to Lady Nemthak on Zygerria.

Once you’ve contacted Lady Nemthak, she tells you that she’s willing to trade part of the password to you on the condition that Ahsoka joins one of her parties. Make sure Ahsoka isn’t busy and then send her away to Zygerria using the Holomap.

Ahsoka won’t be available for a couple of days from here on out, but you get to spend your time wisely. The second part of the password can be found on Christophsis. Simply explore the planet until you find somebody willing to give you the password. Alternatively, you can exchange some of your influence to get the second part of the password straight away.

Wait until Ahsoka returns from her party. She will have been given a new dress which you can equip at any time via the items menu. More importantly, she’s returned with the first part of the password. Leaving you with only the last part to search for.

Luckily, you won’t have to do much. Once you got the first 2 parts of the password, you will receive a new mail in a couple of days. A girl called Marieke is reaching out to you with the third part of the password. You also find out that Mandora has been spying on you and she invites you to come meet with him on Naboo.

Explore Naboo and then choose to visit the brothel. The story will guide you from here. Returning to the station, you can talk to Shin’na to discuss what you’ve learned. When Ahsoka later joins you, your group agrees to try and infiltrate the brothel.

The girls will need to get hired and to do that, you need to figure out what Mandora likes in his girls. Luckily for you, the best way to find that out is by sleeping with the prostitutes in the brothel! Visit the Naboo brothel and sleep with some of the girls.

After sleeping around roughly 4+/- times, you should be greeted by Marieke instead. She’ll take you aside to discuss what you’ve learned. She will also give you some additional clues. After that, return to the station and discuss what you’ve learned with Shin’na again.

Now it’s time to get your girls hired! You will need a certain amount of things, luckily, most of them are easy to get:

• Orange Skin: Mandora seems to hate the color orange for some reason. You can repair the station’s medbay to turn Ahsoka’s skin pale.

• Bigger breasts: Just like the skincolor, you can change Ahsoka’s breastsize at the medbay.

• Silent: How to get girls quiet? Ballgags of course! Buy some from Kit if you haven’t already.

• Helpless: What’s an easy way to get someone vulnerable? Blind them! You can buy some blindfolds from the tailor on Geonosis.

• Tail: This is a special item you get from exploring the station. It’s a buttplug with an Aurin tail attached. It’s a bit harder and more random to get, but it will give you bonus points.

• Halloween: Halloween outfits were only available during the beta of the game and have since then been removed! Sorry!

If you’ve gathered all of the required items, talk to Shin. Once everything is ready, talk to her again to send the girls out on their mission. Click on Naboo on your holomap and send them out.

The girls will now spend some time on Naboo. Each day you can visit them to progress the story. You also get the chance to cause distractions at the Brothel, which allow working girls to slip away unnoticed. These can then be send to your station and if you have the Nightclub blueprints unlocked, will work for you there.

You can send 1 distraction per day. The distraction in order are:

1. Hondo: Ask Hondo the Black Market dealer to cause a distraction on the first day. When he asks you when to strike, choose to strike in the evening.

2. Nemthak: Ask Lady Nemthak from Zygerria to cause a distraction on the second day. When she asks when to strike, tell her to strike in the morning.

3. Jason: On the third day, click on Naboo on your holomap. You’ll see another distraction available. This time from Mr. Jason. Ask him to strike at Noon.

From there on simply continue the story. Eventually you’ll defeat Mandora and escort the girls back to the station. Marieke will even hand you a new blueprint. This time for the Nightclub.

Mission: ‘Crazy Eyes’ – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

Bonus rewards:

• New skin

• New outfit

• Animations

With Naboolicious done, you can move on to bigger things! Visit Ahsoka in her cell to begin the mission Crazy Eyes.

You’ll discuss a new way to helping the Republic and Mr. Jason suggests building a Cruiser. However… it’s a bit expensive. Ahsoka, determined to do anything to safe the Republic suggests raiding relief convoys for their Hypermatter. And although Shin’na objects, it does seem to be a valid way of making a lot of Hypermatter, very quickly.

From here on out, a new mission will be added to your Warscreen every day. It will be displayed as red. Send ships out to raid relief transport ships and watch how your Hypermatter bankaccount swells! Don’t worry about saving it up, you can spend it on anything you like.

After repeating this process a few times, you’ll notice that the people on your station are beginning to show concerns with taking down the automated transport ships meant to help the victims of war, however Ahsoka won’t have any of it and keeps mentioning how it’s for the greater good.

Eventually Shin’na will start avoiding her and she asks if she’s raised any objections. You can choose to lie or tell her the truth at this point. Send your ships out once more and raid the ships for a 4th time.

At the start of a new day. Shin’na will confront Ahsoka about what she’s doing and you all agree to check out the carnage that you’ve caused. Use your holomap to travel to Taris. Ahsoka will be confronted with what she’s done and it appears as if she’s learned her lesson.

However as soon as you arrive back on the station, she voices her distate for the CIS and still blames them. In fact, she begins suggesting more dark ideas…

The next day you’ll run into Shin’na and you two discuss what happened yesterday. With the Cruiser idea out of the way, you’re trying to figure out a new idea of making hypermatter and you suggest having the girls star in a porno, and who better to direct a porno than… KIT!

If you haven’t unlocked Kit yet at this point, then you’ll have to travel to Tatooine, else, visit her in her cell to continue the mission. This allows you to continue the girls’ training. Head to Ahsoka’s cell and click to train the girls.

Congratulations! You’ll be treated to the anal sex scene of the game! Hell yeah! From here on out, simply continue the game like normal. Train, do jobs, build, etc. You’ll receive a new mail in your quarters talking about the transport ships you raided, which greatly upsets Ahsoka, but other than that, she doesn’t appear to be taking any action.

The more you train, the more you’ll progress the story. Plus you get to see some neat new sex scenes. After training a few more times, Kit manages to finish the Holovid and even gives you a copy to watch from your quarters! Special shoutout to Lucid Lemon Love for the awesome animations.

The mission continues at night when the girls come charging into your sleeping quarters to share how much Hypermatter the new Holovid has made. Enough to buy a Cruiser! Things couldn’t get any better, right?!

Well until Mr. Jason shows up and informs you that an unknown ship has been spotted. The Separatists have found your base and they’re going to attack. You now have three days to prepare! The best thing to do is have at least one Health Stim available and train your gunslinger ability.

If you haven’t already, visit Kit’s shop and purchase “Fastest Gun in the West” from her to permanently raise your gunslinger skill to 10. Might as well purchase the optional Buttplug item from her while you’re at it.

After a few days, the Separatists attack! Fight your way through the station, clearing the cells, medbay, forge and unexplored regions. Regardless of what you do, the Droids will always detonate their bomb and you get knocked out.

You wake up, weak and wounded and hear the soft sobbing of Ahsoka. When she tries to talk to you, pick any of the three options. Afterwards you’ll be given another change. Do you promise to let Ahsoka go after the station has been repaired, or do you lie? Be warned that without the Force suppressors on, she will know if you’re lying or not.

Continue the story (and enjoy another sex scene!). Eventuall you’ll find your way to a tied up Shin’na and Kit. Free them and let the story play out until the next day. The next morning talk to Shin in her cell and form a plan on tracking Ahsoka down.

To find Ahsoka, you’re going to have to explore the station. Each time you explore, you’ll run into an event. This is how you progress through them:

First you get distracted by a noise. Ignore it and turn around the corner. You will run into a small puzzle. This is the correct combination: FEAR > ANGER > HATE > SUFFERING. You don’t manage to track her down just yet, so check back tomorrow.

The next day you continue your search. This time you are given 3 options. Choose to go straight. The light will turn red and you’ll have a run-in with our friend the spirit. You’ll skip to night time, so return the next day.

This time you’ll be promted with 3 choices. Choose to climb down the rusty hatch. You’ll bump into the metal jaw from the start of the game again! Not only that, but finally manage to catch Ahsoka.

Continue the story. When you returned to your quarters, you’ll be given an option. If your social skill is high enough with Ahsoka, you can invite her to stay in your bed for the night. Else you can ask Shin to take her back to her cell.

The next morning you’ll talk to Ahsoka and will have to option to keep her Sith or turn her color back to orange.

Tips – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

If Ahsoka’s mood is getting low, try forging some chocolate for her at the Forge. It’s a nice early game boost to improve her mood and is more effective than chips. If you have already unlocked the war console, then make sure to order pizza if the target is available. They’re cheap and boost Ahsoka’s mood as much as chocolate will.

The CIS will be gaining the upperhand over The Republic as time goes on. You won’t have to worry about the warmeter too much for the first 135 days, but after that, the Republic will slowly begin losing more and more land. First slow, but after 160 days it begins to pick up. By the time you’ve played 200 days, you need to take some serious messures to keep the Separatists at bay. You can do this by sending your ships out to haress the Separatist fleet, building and upgrading bases on planets and spreading Republic propagenda.

Raising your social level with Ahsoka will not only unlock new dialogue, but other useful things as well. If you’ve returned her Lightsaber and crystal to her, you’ll be able to practise your gunslinger skill without having to pay for it. Just visit Ahsoka in her cell.

When you’ve unlocked the Black Market on your station, gain access to Hondo’s exlusive stock. Then buy the bugspray. This will give you a discount on all items with the Geonosian tailor.

Secrets – Orange Trainer Walkthrough

Gift 5 Astromech Droids to Ahsoka as a small scene will play where they light up and begin playing music.

A cheat menu can be activated by going to your sleeping quarters and checking the console. Choose to watch the Static Screen 3 times in a row. After that, it’s replaced with a cheat console.

Although the holiday items can no longer be unlocked, there are a few things that are still available ingame. After unlocking your war console, you will, every now and then, get a rare mission to send a ship out to Unexplore Space. You have a chance of getting holiday items from these.

When exploring Christophsis, you may come across an event where there are medkits lying on the floor. You can try and steal one, or turn to leave. If you choose to leave, there’s a very small chance that you’ll be approached by a dealer who’s willing to sell you a potency potion for only 50 hypermatter.

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