Loser Game Walkthrough & Guide

Loser Game Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Loser Game Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Starting a New Game – Loser Game Walkthrough & Guide

Each of the builds has two skills at Rank 1 and two other skills unlocked. All of them have Trivia unlocked.

Athlete: Fitness 1, Demonstration 1, Dancing Unlocked, Healthy Unlocked, +1 Physique Persuader: Charisma 1, Communication 1, Tidiness Unlocked, Civility Unlocked, +1 Charm Gamer: Videogames 1, Concentration 1, Social Media Unlocked, Entertainment Unlocked, +1 Smarts

It is still true that the Gamer start is generally an easier start, giving a head start on the Job: Streamer at Videogames 3 (101xp to begin). However, all builds have access to the Drug Dealer job more or less equally, so it is not as critical anymore, and if you work on Trivia to start with (which you should anyway), Trivia 1 will unlock Videogames, which can then be raised to get the Job for the other two starts.

Dancing can be hard to unlock and raise in the current build. Starting as Athlete will give you the newbie boost on Dancing from 0xp rather than waiting until it unlocks at 50xp for everyone else.

Basic gameplay tips – Loser Game Walkthrough & Guide


The basic structure of the game is you explore the activities available to you to see what topics they generate, then use those topics to increase skills, either your own (by burning the topic) or of a target person (by using it in a positive conversation with them). Once enough skills in the target person are 100%, you can encourage a secondary interest in them. Once the appropriate secondary interests are applied, you can then promote that person to a new Archetype, which will then change their interests, bans, conversation topics, and unlock a new schedule with lewder content. Exploration is fundamental. Ideally you should be able to interleave performing actions (which grant topics and give Nathan skill xp), conversations with people to increase their skills, and managing your resources of focus, stamina, health, arousal, money, topics, and so on. If you can’t find an activity that grants a topic tag that you need, look at getting Nathan some more skills, explore other areas (the bar, the party), or promote another person to a new AT to see if their conversation topics can help.

If your hotbar is empty, you can click on a topic and search your topic list for one of the topics tags. The game will then add all of the topics with that tag to your hotbar, up to your maximum.

The game will also attempt to refill the bar with the previous set of topics whenever you enter a place that allows you to do so (your room, typically). You can reset this behavior by going to inventory, and clickon on the arrow that returns all topics to the inventory.

Saving and then loading a game will cause people to disappear from locations, rooms to appear unlocked, and so on. This is because the scheduler hasn’t updated, and is a behavior that isn’t considered a bug. Changing that behavior is not planned at this time. Advance time to trigger the scheduler if needed. With this in mind DO NOT save right when an important event triggers … save the hour before. The party is particularly notorious for this, either save once you are at the party, or at 17:00 before dinner.

Saving takes time. This is a Unity thing. Wait until the green “Game Saved” message goes away before mucking about loading or doing something else to the save file. Failure to do so can corrupt the save file. The latest build will prevent you from pressing the save or load buttons until Unity is done with updating (all the messages are timed out) in order to mitigate accidental save corruption.

Order of precedence of tags is Interest > Banned > Neutral. Example someone likes Laziness but bans Videogames, the topic (FPS games talking to Older Sister Gina in this case) is liked and counts as a positive to the conversation because the Interest of Laziness overrides the Ban of Videogames. Likewise, if any Banned tag is combined with only neutral tags, the topic will be a negative interaction. There are also “Primary Tags” . They have a visually distinct look, give a boost in conversations if they are an interest and override the precedence above if they are a ban, in addition to adding all the associated tags to the ban list if the primary tag is listed in a characters bans. This has consequences for some items, such as the cumdump choker from Sparkles, which used to be a way to bypass the Sexual ban due to having a Vanity tag, but now that no longer works.

You (Nathan) will always gain XP during a conversation for any topic you use or that the other person brings up. The other person will only gain XP if the overall conversation grants a positive relationship. This makes gifts useful, as they have a large number of tags, which can potentially trigger multiple interests for significant relationship boosts. There is a baseline indicator of how the conversation is going. Green means you will get xp, red means you won’t. This does not take into account skill modifiers (+ interest for a topic granted by higher level skills). The math is: tags in the interested category add a base of +2 interest to the conversation, tags that are neither interested or bans are -3, and tags that are in the bans category are -5. Thus, without high level skills you can use two interested conversation topics (+2 and +2) and one neutral topic (-3) to have a net positive interaction (+1) and give xp to the other person. That is the basic tactic to use when trying to get the other person’s skills up. Skills that grant bonus interest to a particular tag only grant that bonus if the tag is in the other person’s interests. Thus, the positive bonus from an interested tag conversation topic can be +2, +3, +4 or even more depending on your skills, but neutral and banned tags will always be -3 and -5.

Secondary interests DO add their tags to the list of positive interests the girl has. Give them Good Humored and deluge them with Puns!

When someone moves to a new AT, they will lose skills from their old AT. This is intended behavior.

There is a maximum Transient Topics you that can have stored. If you have too many Transient Topics, you will get a Transient Topic full message and lose the topic. Burn, use, or discard unneeded topics to keep this from happening.

Right Clicking on the screen will hide the conversation bar so you can see the nice renders.

Managing your Focus, Stamina, and Health.

You start with a pool of Focus, Stamina, and Health (30 max in each). Skills will increase or DECREASE these pools as you rank them up. Videogames 1, for example, gives +5 Focus, while skills like Unhealthy and Laziness will decrease them. Note arousal is tracked and has a maximum like the other three, however its game play effects are minimal- determining if you cum while masturbating to porn (which can increase Mom’s relationship penalty), and being needed to unlock some ATs. It is also important during the sex mini game. Otherwise it can be ignored, there is no harm or benefit to having it at max or min. Various activities with the girls will increase it (or occasionally decrease it).

Some specifics:

1) playing video games on your computer in your room. Gain 4-18 focus, lose 2-6 stamina, for 1 to 3 hours. 1 per day, unlimited with Videogames Rank 2, shared limit with mobile games in the living room. +Videogames xp, +Laziness xp

2) Resting in your bedroom with your bed

a) napping 1 focus 4 stamina 1 health for 1 hour, limit 1 per day, + x at Laziness 1,

b) Resting 3 focus 12 stamina 3 health for 3 hours, once per day

c) Sleeping 6 focus 24 stamina 6 health for 6 hours, no limit (prevents you from being locked in a day with nothing to do)

3) Watch TV in the living room. Gain 5 focus, lose 4 stamina, for 2 hours, limit 1 per day, +1 at Entertainment 1. +Entertainment xp, +random (Perverted, Trivia)

4) Play mobile games in the living room. Gain 6 focus, lose 2 stamina, for 1 hour, limit 1 per day, unlimited with Videogames Rank 2, shared limit with videogames in your room. +Videogames xp. +Socialmedia xp

5) Grab a snack in the Kitchen.

a) Nuke an Empanada – gain 5 stamina, 3 health, 1 focus. +Laziness xp

b) Grab Some Fruit – 1 stamina, 5 health, 3 focus, +Healthy and Laziness xp

c) Grab A Coke – 3 stamina, 1 health, 5 focus, +Unhealthy and Laziness xp

6) Eat dinner with family at 18:00. 5 focus, 5 stamina, 5 health, +1 relationship (Gina, Becky, Diane). Only costs an hour.

7) Watching porn on your computer in your room: Gain arousal (or lose it if you ejaculate).

8) Sitting on the couch at the party. 2 Stamina, 1 hour. (really just there to keep you from being locked in the party unable to do anything, don’t use otherwise).

Raising your Core Attributes:

You get 1 point of Physique, Charm, or Smarts based on your starting build. Certain skills will then raise these when you get sufficient rank. Notably Trivia 3 (a skill everyone has unlocked and is easy (even trivial!) to raise) gives +1 Smarts, +1 Charm, and +5 Focus.

Raising your Skills

Each activity gives a varying amount of XP based on its skill tags. As your core attributes (Physique, Charm, Smarts) increase, you will get more xp from an activity. If a skill is UNLOCKED and BELOW RANK 1, you will get a ‘Beginners Luck’ bonus as well.

You gain Ranks at 101 xp (Rank 1), and then it varies based on how difficult the skill is. Simple and Normal skills gain Rank 2 at 201 xp, Difficult skills gain Rank 2 at 301 xp. Simple skills gain Rank 3 at 301 xp, Normal gain Rank 3 at 401xp, and Difficult skills gain Rank 3 at 601 xp. A skill becomes UNLOCKED at 50 xp, at which point it will be displayed in your skills menu and you will garner the beginners luck bonus. Some skills will unlock other skills earlier than this, which is advantageous as it gives you the beginners luck bonus earlier.

You can ‘ burn’ a temporary topic to gain xp in the tags of that topic. Early on this is an excellent way to unlock or gain Rank in a skill. Do this by clicking on the topic and then click on the thinking statue.

Just because a skill mostly or exclusively gives penalties to your stats, doesn’t mean it is to be avoided entirely. They usually unlock activities that can generate hard to get topics, or give other benefits to somewhat balance out the pain. Some skills are barely or not at all implemented. Dominance / Submission for example will show up as xp but do nothing right now. Hacking exists, but has no way to gain xp in it.

There are three passive skills- Concentration, Communication, and Demonstration. They grant +1 xp per Rank to the other person for the appropriate tags used in the conversation, accelerating how quickly the other person gains % in a skill. Each starting archetype starts with level 1 in one of the passive skills, old saves will not have any unlocked. Each time you gain xp in a tag, you will also gain 1 xp in an appropriate passive skill. Thus, they will naturally increase over time, so grinding them is not really necessary nor is it very easy to do.

Some skills give bonuses. Most are self explanatory but see below:

Workout Actions Unlocked: Like it says, unlocks a new action you can perform.

+1 Daily Nap: Increases how many times a day you can perform a given action. Very useful for Focus/Stamina/Health management.

Incivility Unlocked: Unlocks a skill, which can be helpful in granting the Beginners Luck bonus early (normally skills unlock at 50xp).

+1 Relationship to Y topic: when a topic that has tag Y is used in a conversation, gives a bonus relationship. This boosts the end of conversation relationship gain with the other person if the overall conversation has positive interest.

+1 Lust for X Topic: when the topic has a tag X is used in a conversation, gives a bonus to the other person’s Lust. Very useful as few actions grant Lust normally.

+1 Interest X Topic: Increases the positive interest bonus for a tag that is the other person’s interest category. This can make tactics such as two interested + one banned topic work (+3, +3, -5 is a positive overall interest so xp, relationship, etc will be granted for the conversation). Psychology level 3 is particularly powerful as a result of this, as it grants +1 interest for every topic tag.

+ max Dominance / Submission: increases the limit for these IN OTHERS. Not currently fully implemented.

Topic: ZZZZ: Gives you a permanent topic. Permanent topics are removed from your hotbar when used, but return to the permanent topic inventory so they can be used again. They are an excellent resource, once you have a good set of them.

Shop: Currently unlocks new stores in the buy menu of your computer in your room. Later may or may not unlock new areas of the game, but that is not implemented yet.

Unlocked Research: Unlocks a topic of research you can perform at your computer in your room. Research activities have very high topic generation rates for specific topic tags, for a high cost of focus, stamina, and time.

Incest Unlocked: Unlocks new actions with members of your family, for example. Other non-vanilla fetishes in the future will look similar, for example Unlocks Sensual Massage lets you perform a more risque version of massage (a new button will appear during the activity).

Increases XP for Disorder: Increases the xp gain for another skill, above and beyond your Core or Beginners Luck. Useful for rare skills.

List of skills and how to get them (incomplete, needs further research):

The Skills menu, when you hover over a skill, it will list the topic tags that apply to that skill. There are currently over 110 topics available in the game, I have not attempted to list them all here. Explore your actions, note what other people talk about during conversations, and plot out how to get desired topics that way.

1) Aggression: Aka Competitive. Stocks Topic, Sports Topic (from YS Becky), Bookface topic (from YS Becky), Director Topic (from taking photos), Research Finance

2) Charisma:Aka Charming. Practice Charm in your bathroom, Compliment Topic, My Awesomeness Topic, Witty Banter Topic,

3) Civility: Aka Good Manners. Research Finance activity, Financial Advice Topic, Shutterbug topic, Compliments topic, Romance Novel item

4) Dancing: Party Hard Topic, Dancing with Becky or Tilley during the Party, Dancing with Gina at her bartender job.

5) Disorder: Aka Party, Illegal. Party Hard Topic, Criminal Activity Topic

6) Dominance: Bondage Porn, easy.

7) Entertainment: Aka Music, Movies. Sleight of Hand Topic

8) Fashion: Fashion magazine, Research Fashion (once unlocked), lots of items at Sparkles once Fashion 1 is achieved. Lots of items at Congos once Shopping 1 is achieved.

9) Fitness: Jogging, Working out in your room, Fitness Magazine

10) Hacking: None known.

11) Healthy: Jogging, Working out in your room, Fitness Magazines, Grab Some Fruit, Make a Veggie Sandwich, Healthy Food topic, Work Out Topic

12) Humor: The various types of jokes. Research Jokes (humor rank 1). Note that most ATs are specific about their humor. Almost no one likes Puns (a permanent topic you get) for example. Diane likes Clean Jokes, but not Dirty Jokes or Raunchy Jokes. Charlie will like Dirty Jokes but is only Neutral to Clean Jokes. And so on.

13) Incest: Easy, get Perverted to Rank 1, then watch Incest Porn at your computer till your eyes bleed.

14) Incivility: Aka Rudeness, Silly. Pepper Mint Gum item

15) Laziness: Watch porn, play videogames, grab a snack, FPS Games topic

16) Massage: Give massages, Massage topics, Research Massage (once unlocked)

17) Money: Stocks Topic, Marketing Topic, Famous People Topic, Finance permanent Topic, Research Finance.

18) Order: aka Uptight. Clean Rooms activity, Clean Joke Topic, House Rules Topic

19) Perverted: Aka Nudity. Watch porn on your computer, any type will do.

20) Photography: Aka Modeling. Amateur Nudes porn on your computer is actually the easiest way to get this. Research Photo Editing once unlocked

21) Politics: Economics Magazine,

22) Psychology: None known.

23) Romance: Aka Fantasy. Watch TV with Mom Diane, Romance novel item

24) Selfishness: Aka Vanity. Practice Charm in Mirror, My Awesomness Topic, Online Profile Topic, Me, Myself, and I permanent Topics.

25) Seduction: Pearl Necklace item, putting suntan lotion on Charlie activity

26) Sexual: Porn Topic, Lewd Joke Topic,

27) Shopping: use Gifts in conversation (Cheap, normal, or Expensive), Style Topic,

28) Socialmedia: Post about your Day,

29) Stealth: Aka Sneaky. Sleight of Hand Topic, Criminal Activity Topic, Art of Lying Topic. Watching Becky Dance at 21:00. Peeping activity when incest is Rank 1. At Rank 2 you can research Subterfuge at your computer. Those first 50xp are VERY SLOW, get

incest to rank 1 first and take the relationship hit peeping on Older Sister Gina, along with Becky.

30) Submission: Pegging porn, easy.

31) Technology: Aka Tech. Publish Photos activity, Research Photo Editing activity, Pueblo Photoshop Topic,

32) Tidyness: Clean rooms

33) Trivia: Watch Education Videos Online activity, Television Topic, Favorite Foods Topic

34) Unhealthy: Aka Alchohol. Grab a Coke activity, Cook Baconx4 activity, Bacon wrapped Bacon item, Rot Gut Whiskey item, Candy item, Definit Vodka item, Penis Pop item, Drinking Topic,

35) Videogames. Play Videogames, Play Mobile Games, FPS Games topic, Mobile Games topic, Livestreaming Topic,

Archetypes (in work, needs research):

The tutorial covers the basics of how to do this- raise the other person’s skills to 100% to unlock interests, encourage those interests as secondary interests, then change their AT. The new AT will take effect the next day.

Secondary interests max at two. If you add a third secondary interest you are given the option to remove one of the two currently present. This is the only way (currently) to remove a secondary interest.

There is a pdf of ATs for each person included in the download.

Charlie is intended to be the first character Nathan has lewd interactions with, while his family is intended for later game interactions after you develop your skills more. Charlie is relatively easy to develop and has several porn interactions as your skills increase, including the only character with the sex mini game currently. Gina is probably the next easiest and has a lot of content, Diane is relatively easy but doesn’t have much content, Becky is hardest primarily due to her very limited window of interaction, but later has some interesting content at the party. I will only mention important times for each AT (scenes, interaction times). So far all ATs of Diane, Gina, and Becky meet for dinner at 18:00 every day.

Diane – Loser Game Walkthrough & Guide


Starting AT. AT Change Options: Relaxed Mother

Gain relationship (clean the living room, watch tv with her, dinner). She will interrupt you during Videogames in the afternoon (-5 relationship) or if you

watch porn (-15 relationship, -25 relationship and +6 incest xp (for Diane) if you ejaculate).

Weekdays: Watch TV from 13:00 to 15:00 (can interact). Nap at 16:00 if Kitchen and Living room are ‘ messy’ or better, otherwise she cleans those locations (you lose relationship if it is the living room she is cleaning, as that is your chore.)

Friday at 23:00 is an animated scene in her bedroom with Richard. A early source of stealth and incest.

Weekends: 14:00-15:00 in bedroom reading. You can talk 16:00 cleaning the kitchen if it is dirty.

Relaxed Mother:

At Change Options: Mother (backwards), Health Nut

Needs Active (Fitness, Order) and Braggart (Socialmedia, Money) and minimum of 50 relationship. She starts with Order and Money already. Fitness is gained from fitness magazines, Younger Sister Becky will also occasionally give you Workout Selfies which are Fitness Photography. If you can workout or jog, those will grant Workout Routine topics. Perhaps best is to get Fitness to Rank 2 for the Reps permanent topic. Socialmedia topics are easily gained from Posting about your day activity, Mobile game activity (mobile game topic), or randomly from watching Entertaining videos (Livestreaming topic). Or you can get Socialmedia Rank 2 for the Online Drama permanent topic.

Note, Relaxed Mother Diane is too busy to barge in on your playing video games or jerking off. Yay!

Weekdays: 10:00 goes for a jog around the block (brief meeting in the Living room, then outside and you can jog with her for +5 relationship). 11:00 parents bathroom, door is now unlocked, can peep if Incest is Rank 1 (different sceen for stealth 0, 1, and 2/3). 12:00-15:00 living room watching TV (can interact) if the living room is messy or cleaner, cleaning otherwise (and -10 relationship if she does). You can help her clean to get +10 relationship. 16:00 If the kitchen is dirty or worse, she will yell at Becky, you can help instead for a +5 relationship with both Diane and Becky (says it takes 2 hours, actually only takes 1 hour). If the kitchen is messy or better, will nap in her room instead. 17:00 cooking in the kitchen, you can talk to her.

Friday: 23:00 same scene with Richard.

Weekend: 10:00 goes for jog as usual. 11:00 parents bathroom same as above. 14:00 -15:00 in bedroom reading can talk, panty / top scene. 16:00- taking a nap if the kitchen is messy or better, otherwise cleaning the kitchen.

Health Nut:

At Change options: Relaxed Mother, Immediagram Mother, Cosmopolitan Mother

Needs Healthconscious (Fitness, Healthy), Critical (Civility, Selfishness) and 75 relationship. Already has Civility and Fitness. Healthy is much the same as Fitness, except that a Veggie Sandwhich is very good for Healthy xp, cook it in the kitchen if you have Healthy 1. Selfishness aka Vanity from the My Awesomeness topic, the Online Profile topic (especially good, she likes social media), the Me, Myself, and I permanent topics if you have Selfishness rank 1, 2, or 3. Unlike Becky, Relaxed Mother Diane bans Expensive Gifts so most of the vanity gift items are not useful. Silver ring and Diamond Earrings are neutral at best.

Weekdays: 10:00 jogs as usual, you can join her. 11:00 in the bathroom, has moved to the shower with new images. 12:00- 13:00 in the living room working out, can’t interact. 14:00-15:00 in the living room, working out while watching TV. Can interact, watch TV with her (not soaps anymore). 16:00 Napping if kitchen is messy+ (new, topless but through sheer covers scene), cleaning kitchen otherwise.

Immediagram Mother:

Needs Amateur Model (Social Media, Photography),Superficial (Civility, Charisma), Relationship 80 and ePhone. She already has Social Media and Civility. Photography can be gained from watching Amateur Porn at your computer (despite her many sex related bans, Nudity is not one of them), Fashion Magazine item, Stage Makeup item, as well as Research: Photography action at your computer if you have the skill and taking pictures of Charlie on the weekends. Charisma Aka Charming. Practice Charm in your bathroom, Compliment Topic, My Awesomeness Topic, Witty Banter Topic, Romance Novel Item, and Big Rock item. Once you have qualified, visit her at 17:00 when she is cooking dinner, and the promote to Immediagram Mother button will appear.

Cosmopolitan Mother:

Needs Dancer (Healthy, Dancing) and Artsy (Entertainment, Photography). Relationship 80, and a Lifestyle Magazine. She already has Healthy. Dancing is best gotten by unlocking the Bar using Gina and dancing with Gina there or conversing with Lisa. Alternately, you can get some topics by dancing or conversing at the Party. Photography is first acquired by watching Amateur Porn at your computer, as well as using the Research: Photography action once unlocked. Entertainment comes from watching tv, playing mobile games, random topics at the computer, and so on. Once the requirements are met, a promote button will be available 14:00- 15:00 in the living room during the week.

CM Diane no longer cares about the messiness of the house, which means you can relax on cleaning if you have more important things to do.

Some somewhat hard to get interactions: If you have Cheap Champagne in your inventory (Congo, $12), you can make mimosas for CM Diane from 12 to

15 during the week. If she gets drunk enough, she will pass out while napping and you can play around or take half naked pictures of her. If she is not passed out, you can catch her dancing in her room in her underwear and can choose to dance with her. If she is only midway drunk, she will dance in the living room (dressed). Monday nights (23) she will be in the living room, and you can take her to the bar to dance and drink. This will unlock the bar if you have not already unlocked it through Gina’s paths.

Restrained Mother:

Needs Celebrant (Unhealthy, Entertainment) and Rolemodel (Order, Civility). She already has Civility and mine had Entertainment. Order comes from cleaning the house. Unhealthy from Candy (Chepos, $2) is the easiest. Once you have the necessary interests, get her lust, interest, and relationship up, then take her to the bar on Monday night at 23:00.

Gina – Loser Game Walkthrough & Guide

Older Sister:

Starting AT. AT Change Options: Cool Sister

Sunday through Tuesday- 12:00 in kitchen (can’t interact). On her laptop 19:00 (available to talk). Bathroom 20:00 (can be peeped if Incest Rank 1. Different pictures for Stealth rank 0, 1, and 2/3). On her laptop 21:00-23:00 (Can interact)

Wednesday Through Friday: 19:00 on her laptop (can interact). 20:00 in the bathroom and can be peeped as above. 21:00 in the bathroom getting ready for work. If the bathroom is Dirty or worse, can clean for a scene. Scene is enhanced with Humor Rank 1 and Incest Rank 1. 22:00 to 02:00 if you have unlocked the bar location (through Cosmopolitan Diane for example) she will be working there and you can interact.

Saturday: 19:00 on her laptop (can interact). 20:00 bathroom can be peeped as above. 21:00 in the bathroom getting ready for work as above. 00:00 (midnight saturday night) special scene if you watch tv in the living room. (Fitness 1, Incest unlocked, and incest 2 all provide options)

Cool Sister:

AT Change Options: Older Sister (backwards), Bartender Sister

Needs Abrupt (Invicility, Humor) and Celebrant (Unhealthy, Entertainment). She already has Humor and Unhealthy. Entertainment is normally easy to get from a variety of sources, but she bans trivia and video games so that makes things trickier. $5 gift cards are neutral and grant entertainment (not expensive ones! Those have her banned video games). Might be better to rank up Entertainment first to get the permanent topics TV (Rank 1)

and Pop Music (Rank 3). Older Sister Gina will also occasionally give you Famous People topic, which is Money Entertainment, and she likes it, so you can mirror it right back to her. Incivility is harder to find early.

Monday- Tuesday: 12:00 in kitchen (new picture, can’t interact). 19:00 in her room on her laptop (can interact). 20:00 in the bathroom, can peep as before with the same picture. 21:00 to 23:00 in her room on her laptop (can interact).

Wednesday-Friday: 21:00 in the bathroom getting ready for work. Humor 1, Incest 1 gives a new scene, different from Older Sister scene.

22:00- 02:00 if you have unlocked the bar (through Cosmopolitan Diane for example) she will be working at the bar. You can buy her drinks and talk to her during this time.

Friday 00:00 (midnight)- new scene with her coming home drunk if you watch tv in the living room. Fitness 1, Incest 1, and Stealth 1/2 + Incest 2 give differing options. WARNING she isn’t in a state to consent, some people might object, avoid if that isn’t your thing.

Saturday: 19:00 in room (can interact). 00:00 (midnight) same as Friday midnight.

Bartender Sister:

At Change Options: Cool Sister, Over Affectionate Sister.

Needs Mischievous (Humor, Stealth),Playful (Incivility, Charisma), Relationship 50, Rot Gut Whiskey item, and $50. I had already gotten Gina Humor, Incivility, and Charisma at this point, leaving only Stealth. Stealth is stupid hard. Your only real option is to get to Stealth Rank 2 yourself to unlock Research: Subterfuge, then grind away at topics from that. Even though it is expensive in terms of time, focus, and stamina, it very reliably gives topics which is nice. She is neutral to all the topics it gives (Art of Lying, Criminal Activity, and Sleight of Hand). On the plus side getting her to 100 stealth will likely get you to Rank 3 Stealth.

Monday-Tuesday: 12:00 in the kitchen getting coffee. 19:00 in her room, can interact. NEW OPTION- Massage! Different things happen at Massage Rank 1 and 2. 20:00 in the bathroom. Peeking has new consequences depending on BT Gina’s lust.

Wednesday – Friday 19:00 in her room, can interact. 20:00 in the bathroom. 21:00 Getting ready for work in the bathroom, new scene, she gains lust.

Over Affectionate Sister:

Needs Brother Complex (Unhealthy, Incest), Quixotic (Romance, Stealth), Relationship 80, Lust 50, and Nathan’s Arousal 25+ . She already has Unhealthy and Stealth. There is only one way, at this point in the game, to give incest to the girls during conversation and that is the Familial Love permanent topic from

Incest Rank 2. The other source is to peek on Bartender Sister at 20:00 and get caught, then stay, which gives her lust and incest xp, both of which you will need. Romance is easiest from Romance Novels at Cheapos. You can also get Soaps topic watching TV with Mom or Relaxed Mom Diane, and if you have Reawakened Widow Charlie, some of the topics she talks about are Romantic. Finally there is the Flirt permanent topic from Romance Rank 3. Once you meet the requirements, you need to meet while watching TV with a bottle of Rot Gut Whiskey. When you go to bed, an option to promote her will appear.

Sister with Benefits:

Needs Suggestive (Sneaky, Seductive), Deviant (Disorder, Charming), Relationship 80, interest 50, lust 50, Nathan’s Arousal 25+. Disorder includes the Party and Illegal tags, so Party Hard topic that Becky can drop (as Less Bitchy or Influencer). Illegal topics can be gotten from LIsa at the bar, including the joint gift item which can be purchased from her when her relationship is high enough and you choose to buy yourself a drink. Seductive is trickier, topics such as Kissing Methods, French Kiss (Kissing OAS Gina 12- 13 during the week can grant these topics), and the Sweet Nothings permatopic are your best bets. Once you have the requirements, when OAS Gina has a sleep over in your bed the promote option will appear.

Hot and Bothered Sister:

Needs Creeper (Incesst, Stealth) and Sensual (Sexual, Seduction)

My Gina had Incest, Stealth and Seduction already. Sexual comes from many topics that you can get from watching porn or having sex with Casual Fling Charlie, or in a pinch Raunchy Jokes from researching humor. Cumdump Chokers are also good, if you have a ready source of cash. Once you have the interests, get her relationship, interest, and lust up and then give her a massage in her room to promote to HaB. Note, do not get her lust TOO high or she will cum before proceeding to the part where you promote her. 50 to 70 or so seems to be the sweet spot.

Becky – Loser Game Walkthrough & Guide

Younger Sister:

Starting AT. AT Change Options: Trendy Sister

Weekdays: 19:00 kitchen doing homework (Can clean for a scene and relationship boost). 20:00 in her room (can interact). 21:00 dances in her room (early source of Stealth xp!).

Weekends: 10:00-14:00 in room (can interact)

21:00 dancing in room

Trendy Sister:

AT Change options: Younger Sister (backwards), Popular Sister

Needs Healthconscious (Fitness, Healthy), and Fashionista (Fashion, Selfishness). YS Becky already has Fitness and Healthy, so need Fashion and Selfishness. Fashion is tough, as she Bans cheap gifts so fashion magazines won’t work. I used fashion magazines with Mother Diane (who likes cheap gifts) to raise my Fashion to Rank 2 to get the Clothing permanent topic. This gets Photography and Money xp for you (and Diane) as well, both useful, even if this is expensive at the beginning of the game with limited funds. Don’t bother with Fashion 3 High Society permatopic, as YS Becky bans Good Manners aka Civility. If you have Shopping 1 and lots of cash Lip Gloss and Stage Makeup (from Congos) can work. If you have Fashion 1, Pearl Necklace, Big Rock, and Cumdump Choker can also work. Becky is not cheap. Selfishness aka Vanity can be gotten from the above gifts, the My Awesomeness topic, the Online Profile topic, the Me, Myself, and I permanent topics if you have Selfishness rank 1, 2, or 3.

Once she is Trendy, she starts caring about your Appearance. This right now is easy to satisfy by getting Trivia 3 which grants Charm +1 which grants Appearance +1. Otherwise shower before talking to her you filthy animal. If you have charisma 2, you can use lint roller and / or high tech iron in the wardrobe to give yourself a wardrobe bonus as well (click on the big button in the upper left) of your wardrobe.

Weekdays: 19:00 kitchen doing homework, different scene if you clean then. 20:00 in her room (can be interacted with). 21:00 trying on a new outfit (still gives stealth).

Weekend: 10:00 – 11:00 in room (can interact). 12:00 in the living room with her friend Tilley (first appearance, hi Tilley!). (note not in the room at 20:00 as before!) 21:00 in the living room posting on bookface (can’t interact. Nice ass).

Popular Sister:

At Change options: Trendy Sister, Queen Bee Sister, Less Bitch Sister. First Fork in the road folks!

Needs Self Absorbed (Healthy, Incviility), Arrogant (Money, Selfishness) and 100 Relationship. She already has Healthy and Selfishness. For Incivility, Pepper Mint (not peppermint) Gum and Cumdump Choker. Money is economy magazine items, Marketing (from educational videos or talking with Relaxed Mom Diane, especially nice since it’s social media which she likes), Stocks topic (from educational videos), and Big Rock items are all good. She reveals something about her character and why she is such a bitch when you promote her. Also costs you -25 relationship with her.

Weekdays: 09:00 finally unlocks the bathroom door! You can peep (similar to Gina and Diane), or wait for Becky to finish (gives you incest xp, and Becky perverted xp, which is normally a Ban for her, costs an hour). 19:00 in the

kitchen doing homework, different scenes if you clean. 20:00 in her room, can be interacted with. 21:00 …twerking … in her room. (stealth).

Friday Night: 18:00 you will be invited to a Party with Popular Becky and Tilley. See the Party section below.

Queen Bee Sister:

Needs Manipulative (Deceptive, Order), Entitled (Selfishness, Incivility), Relationship 70, Intoxication 30%, Followers 10, Sally needs to invite (Sally Relationship 25 +). She already has Entitled unlocked, so Deceptive and Order. Deceptive is stealth, basically, your only real option is to get to Stealth Rank 2 yourself to unlock Research: Subterfuge, then grind away at topics from that. Occasionally BT Gina will give topics in conversation with stealth as well. Order can be gained by Clean Joke Topic, House Rules Topic, so forth. For followers and Sally, see the Party below.

Less Bitchy Sister:

At Change options: Influencer Sister

Needs Dancer (Healthy, Dancing) and Basic Bitch (Selfishness, Unhealthy) Relationship 80, Intoxication 40%, Follower 10, Sally needs to invite (Sally Relationship 25 +). She already has Healthy and Selfishness. Unhealthy can be from alcohol in general, Bartender Gina often gives Topics with Unhealthy in conversation. The Candy Item, Candy Ring Item, Rotgut Whisky Item, and Definit Vodka item. Cooking Baconx4 to get Bacon wrapped Bacon Item WONT work as she bans Humor. Dancing can be tricky. Easiest is to unlock the bar and dance with OAS Gina or Cosmopolitan Diane while there. Dancing with Becky at the party gives some xp (to her and you)- requires you to get her drunk enough (Unhealthy Rank 2 to mix up something, or bring Definit Vodka item with you. The Jungle Juice requires too many applications to be worthwhile) With Definit Vodka you can dance with her twice per Party, or get her to dance with Morgan and London once (two vodka’s in a row). For followers and Sally, see the Party below.

Influencer Sister:

Needs Conceited (Social Media, Vanity) and Party Girl (Alcohol, Party), Relationship 80, Intoxication 50%, Followers 50, Lust 25+. For me she already had social media, vanity, and alcohol at 100% from getting her to Less Bitchy Sister. Party is part of the Disorder family tree, so joints (purchased from Lisa at the bar), the Party Hard topic, and so on. The Criminal Activity topic drops from the Research: Subterfuge action as well. Once you have the prerequisites, go to the Party on Friday night as usual. You will need three definit vodkas and one joint. Give Becky three mixed drinks, followed by smoking a joint with Jay. The promote button will then appear.

Once she is influencer sister, you will unlock Morgan and Jay as character cards in the menu, as well as unlock more activities at the party. However, Tilley will refuse to stay for the afterparty. Try giving Influencer Becky 4 vodka at the party for a very hot new scene. As a warning, if you get her drunk enough to dance with Jay, you will be given the option to grab Jay’s ass. If you are not into that kind of thing, choose ‘Nah’ , there are no negative consequences to doing so other than not progressing Jay’s lust values.

Clueless Sister

Needs Primadonna (Dancing, Selfishness) and Amateur Model (Social Media, Photography). At this point in the game just the natural progression of talking to Becky has given her abundant skills. Dancing she should have retained, along with Social Media. Selfishness comes from mirror action topics in the bathroom or the Me, Myself, and I permanent topics. Photography can be researched or gained by taking photos of Charlie, Diane, or Becky.

Again, at the party, you need to get Becky to 80% intoxication. Easiest is to share a joint with her on the 2nd and 3rd hour of the party. Then smoke with Jay in the last hour to trigger the transition. The event involves Jay, but you are given the option on the level of interaction you wish to have with her.

Charlie: Aka Charlene. – Loser Game Walkthrough & Guide


Starting AT. AT Options: Reawakened Widow.

You can wave at her at 15:00 on weekdays. Unlocked by going to your front yard at 16:00 on weekdays and going through the scene.

Weekdays: 17:00 to 19:00 can knock on her door with an $5 e-card from Oldegg

Weekends: 12:00 your front yard, if you mow the lawn and Charlie has sufficient interest, a scene where she watches you occurs. 12:00-13:00 sunbathing (with Suntan lotion item from Cheapos, you can put suntan lotion on her. Charlie will gain Interest and Lust. Once your relationship is 30+, you can take photos if you have the e-phone). 14:00 – can knock on her door with an $5 e-card

Reawakened Widow:

Needs Inviting (Charming, Seduction) and Gutterminded (Sexual, Humor). Relationship 60, Interest 20. She has Seduction and Humor already. Charming can be gathered from mirror actions or Posting about your day (My Awesomeness Topic), or talking to Mother Diane who will give Compliments and Witty Banter. If you grind to Charisma 3 you can get Charming Banter permanent topic. Sexual is primarily from watching porn, but Raunchy Jokes from Older Sister Gina are good too. You will need a $5 gift card from OldEgg every time

you wish to interact with her as Widow Charlie. Once you have the prerequisites, the promote button should appear

Casual Fling:

Needs Floozy (Seduction, Unhealthy) and Homebody (Entertainment, Laziness) Relationship 60, Interest 40, Lust 75.. She already had Seduction and Unhealthy for me. Entertainment is common, Laziness from the new Lifestyle magazine at Cheapo’s is probably easiest to use. Working on getting her lust and interest up will likely be the longest, but also the most fun. Once you have the prerequisites, you need to go over to her house when Jessie is not there, which is currently 17:00 on Friday. The promote button will then be available.

This will unlock a new location in Charlies house (Charlies bedroom) and the new sex minigame with Charlie.

Richard: aka Dad – Loser Game Walkthrough & Guide


Starting AT. AT options: Career Father

Watches TV at 22:00 before bed, which is one of the few times you can talk to him, important for switching Diane into Restrained Mother by getting him to Career Father.

Career Father:

Needs Critical (Civility, Selfishness) and Workhorse (Aggression, Money). Already has Money. Researching Finance at your computer is going to be your best friend, as it drops topics that grant civility and aggression while also having Money tags. The lifestyle magazine is also very good, as it has laziness which he likes. Selfishness from mirror actions or the Me, Myself, and I permanent Topics.

Morgan, Tilley, Jay – Loser Game Walkthrough & Guide

They all have their first ATs unlocked in the character menu once you get to Influencer Sister Becky. Tilley will have expanded interactions on Saturday and Sunday at noon, Morgan and Jay will have expanded interactions at the party. All three are alternate sources for various conversation topics currently.

Lisa – Loser Game Walkthrough & Guide

Lisa is unlocked when the bar is unlocked, regardless of how you do so (through Unhealthy 1, OAS Gina action, or Cosmopolitan Diane action). She works nights when Gina is not working. Increase her relationship score by buying her drinks (different interactions as she gets drunker) and having positive conversations with her as usual. Once she likes you enough, if you buy yourself

a drink she will offer to sell you a joint, which is used in promoting Becky as well as being an excellent source of Disorder skill. Joints and dime bags can als be sold through the Drug dealer job late nights in the park.

Locations – Loser Game Walkthrough & Guide


The party is it’s own little mini scene that lasts from 19:00 to 23:00 on Friday night. To go to the party you first need to be invited by Popular Sister Becky, then you have to have the Modern style (either get a Nice Shirt Item and put it in your inventory, or the Modern Outfit item). Prepare carefully for the party, you only get 4 actions and many things have prerequisites! This is the first instance where managing your hotbar and your inventory are very important. Make a plan on what you are going to do for every party, and load your hotbar and inventory appropriately to execute that plan, or you will waste weeks of time.

Every hour, everyone at the party loses 10% Drunkenness. So if you give Becky Jungle Juice, the next hour she will be at 10% Drunkenness (20% – 10% for the hour that passes giving her the drink). Drunkenness shows up on character portraits as yellow bubbles with a % number. It can be seen in the Character screen. For the party guests just look at their portrait during conversation with them. The main scene changes as people get more drunk.


Relax: Gain 2 stamina Costs 1 hour. This is if you somehow have shown up already exhausted, so you don’t get locked in the scene with no escape. Ignore it otherwise.

Get A Drink for Becky: Three options, all cost 1 hour. Jungle Juice is free and requires no skill, gives 20% Drunkenness, and -5 Lust to Becky. Daiquiri requires Unhealthy Rank 2, gives 25% Drunkenness, and +5 Lust to Becky. Fancy Mixed Drink requires you have the Definit Vodka Item, gives 30% Drunkenness, and +5 Lust to Becky. All will give Becky some Unhealthy Skill as well.

Dance with Becky: Three variations. If she has less than 20% drunkenness she will refuse. If she is less than 50% drunk she will stay with you, be neutral on Relationship, gain +1 Lust, and gain some Dance and Incest skill. If she is greater than 50% drunk, she will go dance with Morgan, lose -5 relationship, gain +1 follower, gain +2 interest, gain +2 lust, and gain Dance and Incest skill. Later ATs will cause this to vary as well.

Dance with Tilley: Requires Dance 1. Gives you and Tilley Dance xp, and gives +5 Tilley Relationship. The Dance Rank 2 version will gain Relationship, Interest, Lust and Dancing Skill for Tilley, but will cost you Relationship, Followers, and Lust with Becky.

Get a Drink for Sally: Jungle Juice is +5 Sally Relationship, +15 Drunkenness. Daiquiri is +5 Sally Relationship, +25 Drunkenness, Fancy Mixed Drink is +5 Sally Relationship, +30 Drunkenness. If she is drunk enough she will take off her shirt. Need to do this 5 times over the course of any number of parties in order for her to begin inviting you to stay for 7 minutes in heaven during the afterparty.

Socialize with Jay and Jack: Requires one of the topics listed in the tooltip to be in your hotbar. Gives +4 Jack relationship and +1 follower to Becky. Easiest way to get followers for Popular Sister Becky so she can qualify for Queen Bee or Less Bitchy.

If Sally has enough Relationship (25+, bring her 5 drinks over the course of several parties), she will ask you to stay for more fun! This is the option that lets you promote Popular Becky to either Queen Bee or Less Bitchy. After Becky is in either AT, repeat visits to the Party have a different scene play out at the end if Becky is drunk enough to stay when Sally asks. Additionally, there are different outcomes for some of the other actions for Queen Bee and Less Bitch Becky.

Once Becky becomes Influencer Sister, Tilley will begin to refuse to stay for the 7 minutes in heaven portion, but other after party fun can be had instead at home.


The bar is another location available from 22:00 to 02:00. All of Gina’s ATs can be found there when she is working, and when Gina is not working Lisa will be there. Gina and Lisa both can grant hard to get Dancing and Disorder tagged topics here. Unlike the party, you can return home, stock up your topic bar, and go back without penalty or time cost.

Earning Money – Loser Game Walkthrough & Guide

1) You can mow the lawn on Saturday or Sunday once per week for $10.

2) You can ask people for money (the hand sign) which will give a small amount of money

for a large hit in Relationship. Necessary in the early game to get key items like the e-phone, can be ignored once you have other sources of income.

3) You can sell any photos you get to Vector Stock (later, DIY Porn) at your computer in your room. Money will vary based on your skills and the spiciness of the photo. You need an e-phone to take photos, and only certain characters with certain ATs will let you take pictures of them.

4) You can work a job. Livestreaming, which is unlocked at Videogames Rank 3 costs 10 focus and 15 stamina base, and takes 4 hours. Livestreaming gives money based on the following formula: (20 + (1 + Money Skill Rank + Socialmedia Skill Rank)*Camera Mod) + Reputation. Camera mods are 1 for no camera, 2 for cheap camera, 4 for High Definition Cam, and 6 for 4K Cam. Cameras are sold in Oldegg electronics store, unlocked by Shopping Rank X. Energy Drinks can be purchased in Cheapo’s Online Shopaganza for $10, and reduce the Focus cost of Livestreaming to 5, but are consumed. A gamer throne can be purchased from Congo’s for $175 and reduces the Stamina cost of Livestreaming to 10, and is not consumed.


You will see a “Messy” etc word in your status in the lower left. That is the current state of the room in your homes ‘cleanliness’ . Rooms get messier over time, and using the Clean Room action will clean them. How quickly they get messy, and how much you clean them depends on your skills (primarily). Late game ATs of the girls will also modify how quickly the rooms get messy, or let the girls clean the room for you / instead of you. Nathan’s ‘chore’ is to clean the living room, if you let it get messy many Diane ATs will clean for you and you will lose Relationship with her. Gina’s chore is to clean your bathroom. Becky’s chore is to clean the kitchen. Currently the Garage, your parents room, your parents bathroom, Becky’s room, and Gina’s room do not get dirty. It is up to you to clean your room, there is no current consequence to failing to do so, this may change in the future.

Some scenes or activities depend on the state the room is in, clean vs dirty.



Jogging: unlocked with Fitness. Some interactions possible, see ATs for more.

Mow the Lawn: Only available from 12:00 to 15:00 Saturday and Sunday. Gives money. Some interactions possible, see ATs for more.

Go Next Door to Charlies Yard:

Knock on Door. Summons either Charlie or Jessie depending on time of day and day of week and AT of Charlie. See ATs for more.

Charlie will sunbathe on weekends, see ATs for more.


No current activities. Richard will putter around here, but has no interactions.

Your Room:

Currently the only location where Wardrobe can be accessed.

Sleep (nap / rest / sleep).

Clean Room. +Tidyness xp, +Cleanliness xp, cleans the room, generates Topic Computer: see below

Do a Workout: varies based on skills, generally costs Health and Stamina for middle to large increases in Healthy and Fitness xp and related Topics

Post about your day: gives Socialmedia and Vanity xp and related topics Job: Livestream: Works that job, if available.


Play Videogames: if unlocked, grants Videogame and Laziness xp, and topics, as well as recover Focus, at the cost of Stamina and Time. Limited by Videogames skill.

Watch Porn: Increases Perverted, Laziness, and potentially Incest, Dominance, Submission, and Photography xp. Gives topics based on what kind of porn you watch.

Watch Videos Online: easy way to get topics early on, but is random

Entertaining Video: Entertainment xp, Random Topic generation (Music, Livestreaming, Clean Joke, Mobile Gaming)

Educational Video: Trivia xp, Random Topic generation (Stocks, Favorite Foods, Marketing)

Online Shopping: various stores. Most items are “gifts” which can be used in conversation like topics. Generally they have many or hard to find Tags, but obviously cost money. Some are “ key” items (gift card, suntan lotion, rot gut whiskey, nice shirt, definit vodka, modern outfit) which unlock certain activities with other people.

Research Online: Lots of XP and very high Topic Generation in a specific tag, once unlocked.

Edit and Publish Photos (photography 1 to unlock). Uses ALL available photos of that girl when selected.

Immediagram: Increases the followers of that particular person Vectorstock: sell for cash.

DIY Porn: Sell for more cash, if the pictures are naked (currently only Cosmopolitan Diane)

Living Room:

If someone is in the room, your options may be limited or non-existent, depending on the person and their AT.

Watch TV: gives Entertainment XP and related topics, gains Focus. Limited by Entertainment Skill.

Clean Room. +Tidyness xp, +Cleanliness xp, cleans the room, generates topic, + relation with Diane

Play Mobile Game: gives Videogame Xp and related topics, gains Focus. Shares a limit with the post about your day action in your room.


Clean the Kitchen: +Tidyness xp, +Cleanliness xp, cleans the room, generates Tidyness Topic, + relation with Becky.

Grab a Snack: Various bonuses to Focus, Stamina, and Health. Grab a Fruit is unlocked with Healthy Rank 1, Grab a Coke is unlocked with Unhealthy Rank 1

Cook: Only available if you have something unlocked. Creates an inventory item you can gift to others or burn for xp, costs time, stamina, focus, and money. Make a Veggie Sandwich unlocks with Healthy Rank 1, Baconx4 unlocks with Unhealthy Rank 1.

Your Bathroom:

Actually shared with Becky and Gina. You can access your Inventory but not your wardrobe here.

Clean Bathroom: +Tidyness xp, +Cleanliness xp, cleans the room, generates topic, + relation with Gina

Shower: grants Temporary Appearance. Can be upgraded to cost less time and grant more appearance.

Practice Charm: Charming, Civility, Selfishness XP, high topic generation. Unlocked with Charisma 1. Has a limit based on charisma skill level.

Your Parents Bedroom:

Typically no activities unless Diane is present. See Diane ATs for more.

Your Parents Bathroom:

Typically no activities unless Diane is present. See Diane ATs for more.

Beckys Bedroom:

Typically no activities unless Becky is present. See Becky ATs for more.

Gina’s Bedroom:

Typically no activities unless Gina is present. See Gina ATs for more.

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