Hillside Walkthrough

Hillside Walkthrough

Welcome to Hillside Walkthrough, which guides you through all the choices and routes to unlock all the scenes in the game.

Stat Points

[Event Trigger] Triggers that affect dialogues, scenes and choices.

Episode 1 Prologue – Hillside Walkthrough

Phone Call

  • Click magazine on table. {Unique Image#1}


Choose all:

    1. Shopping.
    2. Beach.
    3. Hike.


Choose one:

    1. Agree to meet aunt. [Lucy+1]
    2. Decline.

Choose all:

    1. Modeling.
    2. Daughter.
    3. Personal life.

Episode 2 – Hillside Walkthrough

{Unique Image#2}


Choose one:

    1. Look at her legs. [Charlotte-1] [MomChoice=1] {Go to #3}
    2. Stop staring at her.

Choose one:

    1. Yes
    2. No {Go to #3}


  • First photo from the left. {Unique Image#3} [Charlotte-1]
    • Apologize
    • Ask who the girl is. [Charlotte-1]
  • First photo from the right. [Emma+1]


Choose one:

    1. Reassure her. [Charlotte+1]
    2. Don’t bother.
  1. Choose All (In Order) (Choose “Not Now” on last choice)

Choose one:

    1. Absolutely [Charlotte+1]
    2. Probably.

Choose one:

    1. You can trust me. [Charlotte+1]
    2. Err…
  1. Have another drink


Choose one:

    1. That’s ok.
    2. Sure, you were. [Charlotte-1]

Episode 3 – Hillside Walkthrough

House Tour

  • {Unique Image#4}

Choose one:

    1. Shake her hand. [Emma+1]
    2. Just greet her.

Choose one:

    1. Say something.
      • I like your jumper [Emma+1]
      • Show me around.
    2. Wait for her to speak. [Emma-1]
  1. Who uses the hot tub? (Your Choice)

Choose one:

    1. You can stay here. [Emma+1]
    2. It’s just a basement. [Emma-1]

Choose one:

    1. Offer to go first. [Emma+1]
    2. Tell her you’ll go first. [Emma-1]


Choose one:

  1. Give her a hug. [Emma+1]

Note: A will only succeed if [Emma] >3, [Emma+1] & {Unique Image#5}, else [Emma-1]

  1. Talk to her. [Emma+1]
  2. Ask about her father. (Your Choice)

Choose one:

    1. Agree with her. [Emma-1]
    2. It’s not silly. [Emma+1] [EmmaChoice=1]

Emma’s Room

Choose one:

    1. It can wait.
    2. Let’s see it. [Emma-1]

Choose one:

    1. I love it. [Emma+1]
    2. I hate it. [Emma-1]
  1. Praise her. [Emma+1]


•Click on photos from left to right.


Choose one:

    1. Ask who the boy is. [Emma-1]
    2. Go and unpack your things.

Choose one:

    1. Mention her hair. [Emma+1]
    2. Don’t say anything.

Choose one:

    1. It was delicious. [Emma+1]
    2. It was okay.

Emma and Charlotte

Choose one:

    1. Tell the truth. [Emma-1]
    2. Lie. [Charlotte+1]


  1. Look at her.
  • Let her know you are here.
  • {Unique Image#6}

Lucy Hot Tub

  1. CUM.

House Night Time

Choose one:

    1. Yes [Emma+1] [EmmaChoice1=1]
    2. No.

Episode 4 – Hillside Walkthrough


Choose one:

    1. Knock on door. [Charlotte+1]
    2. Don’t bother.
  1. I protect people. (Your Choice)

Outside Car

  1. Answer your phone.

Choose one:

    1. Not a good idea.
      • No. [Lucy+1]
      • What is this about.

C) Agree to meet.

Lucy Cafe

  1. Pretend nothing is happening. (Your Choice)

Choose one:

    1. Tell her something.
    2. Don’t tell her anything. [Lucy-1]
  1. Very well. (Your Choice)


Choose one:

    1. Much better.
    2. Beautiful. [Emma+1]

Shoe Shopping

  • Choose Pink Shoe. [Emma+1]
  • {Unique Image#7}

Choose one:

    1. Try to reason with her.
    2. Provoke her. [Suzi-1] [SuziChoice=1]

House Night

Choose one:

    1. Hold her. [Charlotte-1] [MomChoice1=1]
    2. Reassure her. [Charlotte+1]

Episode 5


Note: #1 is only for those who obtained [Emma] >10.

  1. Offer her a hug. [Emma+1] [EmmaChoice2=1]


Note: #2 is only for those who obtained [Emma] >10.

Choose one:

    1. Lift her over. (Seems the better choice) [EmmaChoice3=1]
    2. Refuse.

Note: #3 is only for those who obtained [Emma] >12.

Choose one:

    1. Apply the ointment. [Emma+1] [EmmaChoice4=1]
    2. Don’t apply it.

Choose one:

    1. Be honest.
    2. Lie. [Emma+1] [EmmaChoice5=1]

Choose one:

    1. That’s not true. [Lucy+1] [LucyChoice=1]
    2. I can’t get involved.


Note: #1-2 are only for those who obtained [LucyChoice=1].

  1. Kiss Lucy. [Lucy+1]
  2. I’ll be ready. [Lucy+1]


  1. Apologize. [Charlotte+1]


Note: #4 is only for those who did NOT obtain [EmmaChoice2=1].

  1. Lift her over. [Emma+1]

Note: If you obtained [EmmaChoice5=1], then [Emma+1].

Episode 7

Choose one:

    1. Emma. [EmmaChoice00=1] [Emma+1]
    2. Kaylah.

Note: #2 is only for those who did obtained [LucyChoice=1].

Choose one:

    1. Feels good. [Lucy+1]
    2. Little odd.

Choose one:

    1. Just doing my job.
    2. It was my pleasure. [Charlotte+1]


Choose one:

    1. Flirt. [KayChoice00=1]
    2. Be professional. [KayChoice00=0]


Choose one:

    1. Tell Emma the truth. [EmmaChoice08=1]
      • Tickle Emma. [EmmaChoice09=1]
      • Don’t tickle her. [EmmaChoice09=0]
    2. Don’t interfere. [EmmaChoice08=0]
  1. You look beautiful. (Your Choice)

Choose one:

    1. Because I have feelings for her. [MomChoice03=1]
    2. Because she is my client. [MomChoice03=0]

Episode 9

  1. Look. [Lucy+1]

Note: If [LucyChoice=1], then [KayChoice01=0].

Note: #2 is only for those who did NOT obtain [LucyChoice=1].

Choose one:

    1. I’m interested. [KayChoice01=1]
    2. I’m not interested. [KayChoice01=0]

Episode 10

Note: #1 is only for those who obtained [KayChoice01=1].

  1. Let her continue.
  2. Great legs. [Emma+1]
  3. I love you. [Emma+1]


Note: #1 is only for those who obtained [MomChoice03=1].

Choose one:

    1. Look at her. [Charlotte+1]
    2. Don’t look.

Note: #2 is only for those who obtained [LucyChoice=1].

Choose one:

    1. Yes. [LucyChoice02=1]
    2. No.

Choose one:

    1. Send a reply. [Suzi-1] [SuziChoice01=1]
    2. Don’t reply.

Choose one:

    1. Be patient. [Charlotte+1]
    2. Ask about Emma’s…

Episode 12

Note: #1 is only for those who obtained [LucyChoice=1] & [MomChoice03=1].

  1. A) I only want Lucy. [LucyChoice=1]

B) Reject Lucy. [MomChoice04=1]

Note: #2 is only for those who obtained [MomChoice04=1].

  1. A) Ask Charlotte how her day is going. [Charlotte+1]

B) Say goodbye.

Episode 13

Note: #1 is only for those who obtained [MomChoice04=1].

  1. A) Hold Charlotte. [Charlotte+1] [CharlotteReturnHug]

Note: #2 is only for those who obtained [LucyChoice03=1].

  1. Ask her what she’s wearing.

You look amazing.[Lucy+1]

Note: #3 is only for those who obtained [KayChoice01=1].

  1. Your choice.
  2. A) Absolutely.[Charlotte+1]

B) Not sure.

5. A) What is this place like?

  • I want to know more about you.[Charlotte+1]
  • Just curious.
    • o Your Choice.

B) Why shouldn’t I tell Lucy?

C) Why did you need to unwind?

  • Not anymore.[Charlotte+1]
  • Sounds awful.

6. A) Look at Suzi.[Suzi+1]

B) Don’t risk it!

7. A) Tell her the truth.[Emma+1]

B) Lie to her.

Note: If you did not obtain [MomChoice04=1] & [Emma] >=15, then [EmmaDreamMC]

Note: #8-11 is only for those who obtained [MomChoice04=1]. {No} {Go to#12}

  1. A) Compliment her.[Charlotte+1]

B) Sit down.

9. A) Is that a trick question?

B) Tell her she looks amazing.[Charlotte+1]

  1. A) Look.[Charlotte+1]

B) Don’t look.

11. A) Do you want me to stop?[Charlotte+1]

B) Just keep going.

12. A) Lie.

B) Tell the truth.[Emma+1]


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