The Shrink RR

The Shrink R&R Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to The Shrink R&R Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Shrink R&R Walkthrough & Guide

Defining Relationships- Just leave the first option blank on each to stick with the default name or change them to whatever you like.

1st choice Do you want to see trans content?

Straightforward yes/no option here

2 of the characters currently have trans and non trans versions available

Simply – Hit yes and they have penises

Hit no and they don’t

2nd choice Alice morning

This is where earning points starts to come into effect. It’s best to pick a route for each girl and stick to it.

Grab her ass: perv points +1

Pat her head and joke: affection points +1, Alice points +1

3rd choice Alice pool

Can’t wait for the French version! : perv pts +1

I have never tasted anything sweeter than your lips: affection pts +1 Alice points +1(2 total)

4th choice Mel poolside

Be aggressive: dom points +1

Beg for mercy: femdom points +1, Mel points +1

***There will be an optional scene with the trans or female version of Karishma after returning from the bar***

5th choice Melissa or Alice

This is the first choice between girls and can lead to earning extra points with whichever one you choose.

I choose blurple! : Leads to Mel bedroom scene

Mel points +1 (2 total)

Must unload now! : dom points +1

Nah, I’ll wait here and get caught: femdom points +1 Mel points +1(3 total) (One choice sends you further down the dom route and 1 down the femdom route) Femdom route includes watersports

I choose the angel! : Leads to Alice shower scene

Alice points +1(3 total)

I came to see if you wanted me to wash your back: perv points +1

(Leads to a shower scene with Alice)

I’m sorry! I thought I heard you shout on me: affection points +1, Alice points +1(4 total) (Leads to a bedroom scene with Alice)

Define Relationship choice When meeting Brenda at the gym you have the chance to define the relationship as you do with others in the game. She’s a friend from school that was called Brandon back then so the default setting works but change it if you like.

Scene currently skipped with trans off.

6th choice Aiko couch

I laugh in the face of death! : punching bag +1

(leads to an ass kicking from an angry little demon with an option to pussy out half way or antagonize her further)

I think I’ll go up to her room instead: panty sniffer +1

(panty sniffer choice leads to the option of a scene at the end of the day)

Define Relationship choice When meeting Vanessa you get another chance to define a relationship.

4 girl choice To end the day you can choose only one of them

I choose team Angel! (Alice 10 requires affection 3)

Alice pts +1(5 total)

Alice will only stay with max affection points


I choose team MILF! (Leliana 10):

Leliana pts +1

1st chance to earn points with Leliana


I choose team BLURPLE! (Melissa 10 Requires dom-p or femdom-p at 2)”:

Melissa points +1(4 total)

Different scene depending on route choice (dom/femdom)


I choose team EVIL SPAWN! (Aiko 10 requires ps1)”:

Aiko points +1

Only available on the panty sniffer route

With trans on you get the option to meet up with Karishma later in the day (scene not yet available at this time)

You now get to visit everyone in the house

1st – Leliana workout

If you are interested then choose

-Sit and watch dat ass move

If you’re not interested choose

– I’m getting the fuck outta here!

And it moves on to Vanessa with trans on or Mel with it off

2nd Vanessa poolside (with trans on)

Go talk to Vanessa for a chance to earn points with her

The routes for Vanessa are Dom or Love

You bet your sweet little ass I am: Vanessa dom pts +1

Yes, but not today. Can you please do it again? : Vanessa love pts +1

Vanessa choice 2

Lead on. I’ll show you the error of your ways: VDP +1

My balls and I will follow that ass anywhere: VLP +1

The scene will play out a little differently depending which route you choose

3rd Mel laundryroom

How about you make me?: dom pts +1

As you wish: femdom pts +1

4th Aiko couch 2

How would you like to go shopping today?: ps +1

Would you be willing to teach me some self defense?: pb +1

5th After going to see a movie with Alice, if trans is on, you get the option to go see Brenda. If not you stay with Alice

This can lead to multiple sex scenes with Brenda and the option to bite the pillow and go trans on male if you input the trifecta password (iaskedforthis)

The Brenda scene is a pretty major one and lasts to the end of the update

****end of 0.4****

If you stay with Alice you get a bonus scene if you have 3 affection points (plus she swallows )

After a quick nap you join the girls downstairs and the pizza arrives

Pizza arrives and with it new girl Morgana

Be stingy: Ends things before they begin and locks off Morgana Keep the change: Gets your first Morgana point (mop +1)

I’ll give you the tip if you want it. (Just the tip?): Sets the variable ‘MorganaKnowsYouAPerv’ and gets you 1 Morgana perv point (mprv +1)

For the second choice with her

I would skip the pizza if I could have the dessert: mop +1 (2 total) No points for the other answer

Next is a scene with Karishma

‘Stay’ for your first Karishma point (kp +1)

Major choice – Stay for the girls, or follow Karishma


Option1- I’m going to take the easy route. (Follow)

Following leads to shower sex with Karishma

Then later leads to another scene in your room with her

You get the option to get the female version pregnant here

Option 2- Hmm. I’d love to but my girls matter more.(Stay)

Alice pts +1 (6 total)

Aiko pts +1 (2 total)

Mel points +1 (5 total)

Leliana points +1 (2 total)

Vanessa points +1

Skip Karishma for these bonus points

You can still get a bonus Karishma scene on the Aiko route

You then get to pick a… roomie. Either Alice, Mel or Aiko-

There is only one choice here! (Alice)

If you’re at maximum points with her (6) the next line will be:

(The sweetest of them all should be my first.)

Which sets Alice as your main girl

If not you get an extra Alice point

This leads to a series of scenes with Alice with the chance to get her pregnant


Team Blurple all the way! (Mel)

If you’re at maximum points with her (5) the next line will be:

(I’ve decided. She will be my first.)

Which sets Mel as your main girl

If not you get an extra Mel point

This leads to 2 scenes with Mel and a chance to get her pregnant if you accept her as the dom

The route with MC as the dom will be added next update


The tiny demon is my one true love (Aiko)

If you’re at maximum points with her (2) the next line will be:

(This is going to be a risky move, but she is worth it.)

This just gets you an extra point with her and sets Aiko points at a max of 3 You get the bonus point whether you’re at 2 or not

This leads to a scene with Aiko followed by an optional scene with Karishma

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