Never Saint Walkthrough

Never Saint Walkthrough

Welcome to Never Saint Walkthrough, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Intro – Never Saint Walkthrough

-You can make money selling items to the shop

-Those items could be obtain by fighting the monsters

-By fighting monster (once you do till step 22 in this guide) you will get


-Items (To make more money)


-Souls are the “exchange coin” for your skills

V.0.0.1 – Never Saint Walkthrough

1 – Use the front door of Marjorie’s House

2 – Go upstairs to Alexa’s room, use the door.

3 – Take the bus and go to the park – talk to the girl in the bench – Maria

3.1- Go to sleep – come the next day and talk to her again.

4 – Go to menu and use the skill of concentration to see where is the keys of Alexa.

5 – Now you can replay the stretching event with Alexa every time you want in the morning.

v.0.0.2 – Never Saint Walkthrough

6- Wait for the evening and go to the kitchen talk to Marjorie and ask her “where is the milk?”

7- Go to sleep and select the “Set the alarm off” – Sometimes you need to select them again to get the scene 1.1 – Do it 5 more times to get all scenes – Alexa – hand job, blowjob and Dream sex

8-Go to the park in the Morning and talk to the girl “Angie” in the sandbox

8.1 – Do it 2 times more to get all the scenes

8.2- Play in the “turtle” next to the Sand box – there will be some shining stars

9- Go to the church and speak to the nun – Ashley

10- Go to your room and get the diploma in your closet

11- Go to the church again and speak to Ashley

12- Wait till Night and go outside your house, you will see a cat standing next to the bus station

13- Go to your room – a scene will appear close to the stairs go to sleep –

13.1- Try to sleep and then go again outside

14- Mescary will scare the shit out of you and the next day go to the church and tell your problem to Ashley 14.1- Ask about the “Holy Water”

15- Get some holy water from the water than surround Ashley

15.1 – You will need an empty bottle, get it from the store in front of the park and buy the empty bottle

16- Go to sleep then go outside

16.01- Face Mescary with the holy water in the late night again.

v.0.0.3 – Never Saint Walkthrough

17- Go to the first floor and a scene will happen.

18- Talk to “cat” Sucky- then go to the church and talk to Ashley in the church

18.1 Ask Ashley about “Papyrus”

19- Go to the left side of the church in a tiny entrance

20- Clean all the mess inside or you can’t go out- Then activate “concentration” skill and look for the papyrus 21- Wait until late night and talk to “sucky”

21.1- You will be teleported to the world of Mescary, do the intro.

21.2- Go to the portal and select “OLD TEMPLE”

21.3- In the desert go down the map, you will find a tiny temple. Talk to the Tablet of Stone next to the black ball 22.3.1 Watch out for the violet lakes, they will hurt you.

22- Now you can kill monsters and collect the souls of them, you can buy new skills to use in battle and in some scenes.

22.1- You could go to Mescary’s house in the Altar to buy her skills or go to the Church’s Altar to buy their


23- Talk to Maria in bench in front of the park

24- The next day Talk to Maria in in front bench of the park again

25- Talk to Maria in front of the Church in the morning

26- Wait until evening – Talk to Marjorie in the kitchen and select “Do you need help with the cleaning?” 27- Go to sleep and then go talk to Maria in front of the church at the morning

28- In the weekend morning at 8:00 Hours Maria will appear in the first floor of your home – speak to her ” skill Concentration Lv. 2 required”

29- In the weekend at the evening 14:00 to 17:00, go to the second floor and Maria will be in the bathroom – talk to her 29.01 – To complete the scenes you will need the skills “The desire of the heart Lv 1” or “Lust Lv 1. ” And $80

30- In the weekend at the evening 17:00 to 18:00, go to the first floor and Maria will be over there – talk to her

30.01 To complete the scene you need the skill Concentration Lv. 2

31- Talk to Ashley in the church and select “stare”-

31.01 Repeat 2 times the “stare” option and you will pull your dick out.

32- In the Church – If you visit the shining spot in the morning or evening you could see a picture about Angie and Angie’s Mom Ass.

33. Go to your home at 19:00 Hours and talk to Marjorie on the couch.

33.1- To complete the scenes you will need the skills “The desire of the heart Lv 1” or “Lust Lv 1. ”

Concentration Lv.2

v.0.0.4 – Never Saint Walkthrough

34. Go to the school – Take the bus-

34.01. Enter the school, then in the hallway go to the left and enter the door with stars

35. After finishing the intro for school you should go to the bathroom

36. Talk to Ashley and ask her about confession

37. Go to the right in the church map and enter the confessionary booth by the left door 38.1 The confessionary booth its only open the weekend in the evening

39. In the morning to talk to Angie in the church, then go to the bench and start the dance

40. Return to the confessionary booth

41. Go to the park in the Morning to confess with Angie your problem about erections

42. Go back to church and confess

43. You should go to your house and spy on Alexa in the morning at 6 o’clock

43.01 This scene can be repeated as many times as you want at the same time in the morning until 11:00

44.Then you should go in the night from 21:00 to 22:00 to the room of Alexa

45. Then you will have to go to the store to buy the shady camera

45.01 if you buy the VR you get an additional Marjorie scene

46. Wait for it to be 22:00 and you will enter the room and install the Shady camera

47. Then you can enter the computer – select cam and enjoy the show

Always the hour should be 21:00 to 23:00

47.01 If you check the computer again you should see a new option – “Porn” select this and if you have the The VR you get the scene with Marjorie.

48. Then go to the confessionary booth and talk to Ashley

v.0.0.5 – Never Saint Walkthrough


49. Go to your house – Evening – Speak with “Alexa”

50. Go to the shop and buy “The cute dress” and then go again with Alexa once you buy the dress

51. Go to your house – Evening – Speak with “Alexa” Again

52. Go to the shop and buy “The string” and then go again with Alexa once you buy the string.

53. Once you finish with those little quest you could go to your room and sleep.

53.01 Select not to switch the alarm, and then select “Dream sex”


54. Go to the school in the morning- Go to the classroom

54.01 You will hear the guys speaking about a ritual.

54.02 Follow the ritual as they say.

55. Make sure that you bought Condemn or Purify skill first from Mescary’s skill shop or Church’s Altar Shop before doing this quest

56. Go to the entrance of the park in the late night (around 00:00 to 05:00)

57. Speak to the first white guy and SAVE or CONDEM him.

58. Go to the fire pillar and select “Holy Water”

59. Do the same to all the other white guys and then the fire pillars

60. Finally touch the Banshee and you will be teleported to the park

61. Speak to her and “SAVE OR CONDEM” her

62. Once you finish with that and the scene go the school and talk to martin.

63. Deliver his phone to him.

64. Go to the bathrooms of the park and select the shinning spot

64.01 Select “Summon Banshee”

65. Assist 3 Days to the school in the morning, use your desk and spend the day in class 63.01 Kiyoko (The teacher) will start a fight with his husband

66. The next day go in the evening to the school’s gym and talk to Kiyoko.

66.01 You will need to have The desire of the heart or Lust Lv. 1. To finish the scene 66.02. The next day go in the evening to the school’s gym and talk to Kiyoko. Again

67. At 06:00 MONDAY to FRIDAY in the second floor of your house, go to the bathroom when Marjorie (step-mom) is using it

67.01. To complete the quest, you will need Lust Lv. 1 or The desire of the heart 67.02 Repeat the action at the same time the next day to complete the quest.

v.0.0.7 – Never Saint Walkthrough

68. If you have The skill “The Desire of the Heart” Go to the church in the evening and talk to the red s Soul in the front row

69. If you have The skill “Lust Lv. 1” Go to Mescary’s house at night and talk to her.

v.0.0.8 – Never Saint Walkthrough

69. Go to the park at evening and look for Angie, talk to the shining stars.

70. Next day go to school and spend the day at it, once you finish go out and go through the gate of the School

71. Go to the church in the evening and talk to Isabelle.

72. Go to Isabelle’s House at evening

73. Repeat – Go to Isabelle’s House at evening

74. Repeat again – Go to Isabelle’s House at evening

You can repeat the event for Isabelle every evening by talking to her in the couch

v.0.0.9 – Never Saint Walkthrough

75. Go to the bathroom and repeat the event in the shower with Marjorie (step mom) at 06:00 Mon to Fri

76. Go to sleep and the event will happen.

77. Go and talk to Marjorie in her room at 23:00 to repeat the event (or to get an explanation of her new more relax Behavior with MC.

78. Go to the shop – and ask about any job available. Repeat the event as much as you want

v.0.0.10 – Never Saint Walkthrough

79. Go to the Tower/ Old temple/ ruins, fight your way through the dungeon and find a portal.

– If you have chosen the path of lust you will see Mescary’s Story

– If you have chosen the path of Desire of the heart you will see Ashley’s Story

Latest Version

After that, the game has an ingame “questline” just follow each quest description.

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