NTR Legend Walkthrough

NTR Legend Walkthrough

Welcome to NTR Legend Walkthrough , best choices to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Goal 1: Buy all the items to make corrupting the Yuzuki easier

– Always have at least 40 stresses below the max so no risk of dying.

– Work morning and afternoon

– Go home and eat the two bentos in the fridge.

– Work at night

– Go to adazon app on phone and buy 5 Cat Food, Male Cosmetics, Maneki-neko, and maybe a Premium Bento

– Go to Suspicious Store and buy the following items:

o Magical App

o Human trash

o Peculiar Ornament 1

o Peculiar Ornament 2

o Suspicious Candle

o Suspicious Perfume

o Adult Toys

– Now you will do the following activities everyday until you have enough money to buy all the items listed above.

o Eat bento if stress is 60 or more

o In the morning, go to your balcony and talk to the cat. Give the cat food for 5 days. On the 6th day the cat will disappear. On the 7th day the cat will give you key to neighbor’s home. If you still need money after getting key then work.

o In the afternoon, work

o At night, go to balcony and talk to husband. If husband is not on balcony, click your tv to change their position and try again. Do this for TWO nights only. After talking to husband twice, just work.

o Midnight, buy things at Suspicious Store and sleep.

Goal 2: Get Yuzuki’s lust to max

– You are now trying to max out the Yuzuki’s lust while getting more money to buy other items from Suspicious Store. You will now spend your time Hing the Yuzuki or working. Remember to use “Let’s Create Trash!” app on your phone if your home is clean. She won’t work on a clean home.

– Buy the following items in any order:

o Hypnosis App Ver.1 – gives you sex alternative during cleaning.

o Camcorder – needed to give you a particular ending and make the husband a cuck boy.

o Spy Camera – Allows you to watch the neighbors home. Fun but not necessary. You install it by calling Yuzuki to your home then go to her home if you have the neighbor’s key and click the icon on your phone. Now you can see what the neighbors are doing.

o Sedative – allows you to have sex with Yuzuki at night in her home while husband is asleep.

o Clone Hammer – Allows you skip work minigame and get the money but still need to spend time. I never found this to be useful. I skipped it.

– Call the Yuzuki over to work. Choose Cleaning or Dish Washing. The only difference is when you hypnotize her, Cleaning you can work on her clit, pussy, and anus. Dish Washing can work on month, tits, and nipples.

– While cleaning you can harass her. Make sure you keep the blue bar from reaching top while increasing the pink bar. She will run away when she climaxes when her lust level is at 0. At lust level 1 you have H with her.

– When Hing with the Yuzuki pick a position slide the bar below the position left or right until you find the spot that increases the pink bar the fastest. After she climaxes enough times, she will run away.

– Once you reach Lust Level 3 then you can H with her for free. Also, at night talk to the husband and you will be invited to their home if you have bought the Sedative. Do the same harassment game and then put the husband to sleep to have H with Yuzuki.

– WARNING do not climax with the last position on page 4 or any position that does not have a condom. If you do you will impregnate the Yuzuki and lock you into an particular ending.

– After maxing out her lust, check “H Status” app on phone. On Ability page, you should be able to activate “Erotomania”. You will get Invitation to SM club. Also you can have H with her in her home if you have the home key from the cat. During H you can now select the heart button below the slider to view alternative sex position.

Goal 3: Get all available scenes.

– Now you will get the “Personal Bitch”, “Masochist”, “Exhibitionist” abilities

– To get Personal Bitch, you need to max out her physical parts experience. The easiest way to have H with her. Pick a position, you should notice a interface on bottom that tells you what parts are being worked on, leave the game running while you do other things, it will slowly fill up that parts experience circle. Do the same for all parts to get Personal Bitch unlocked. With that unlocked you can call her and now there is a right arrow near to H to let her service you in the bath, toilet, and if at night on balcony.

– To get Exhibitionist, at night go to park. Call Yuzuki and play the Exposed Play minigame. Get Exhibitionist to level 3 and you can unlock the ability. You can now have sex in the park and Yuzuki can pee at the park too.

– To get Masochist, go to Suspicious Store at midnight. Go to door on left. Talk to the queen to either play a minigame to get Coins, use the SM room, or get serviced by her. Use the SM room, keep making Yuzuki climax enough times in there to get BDSM level 3 to unlock ability. Now you have leave Yuzuki in Park toilet at night.

Optional goals

– There is sports girl in the park in the afternoon on weekdays. Click on the cat the roof of the toilet. You will find the girl’s phone on where she was afterwards. Talk to her next day to sex with her. Nothing special but another pussy to bang.

– The driving minigame.

o Buy the Driver License from Suspicious Store.

o Go to park in Morning during weekdays to find the legendary truck driver. Buy all the upgrades to make the game easier.

o Go to Suspicious Store and click on portal to start minigame. Try to fill the picture in top right by playing long enough once to get footjob from owner, twice to get deepthroat.

o Use the Coins from driving and SM club minigames to buy costumes and add ons for Yuzuki using the vending machine next to the SM club door.

o Talk to the man in Park toliet at night if you need to exchange Coins for money or vice versa.

– Some fun details I found in the game.

o When you climax using a postion with a condom during H the used condom will be left on the bed. There is a limit of condoms you can see but I don’t know what it is.

o In the SM room if Yuzuki climaxes using the last postion, she will pee and wet the bed. As she climaxes more, the wetter the bed gets.

o When you spy on the couple at night they sometimes have sex, before max lust Yuzuki will keep eyes closed and smile, after max lust Yuzuki will have eyes open and smirk.

o One of the people in the SM club on weekends, the man with yellow towel around neck, is Shusaku from “Shusaku the Letch”. The others might be from other hentai works I don’t recognize.

o In the park during the weekend in the morning, there is a person in the tent on that top right corner. “GB” is on the arm. Is it the author’s avatar? Crashing after finishing this game?

Endings – NTR Legend Walkthrough

– Bad ending: do not max out lust after 30 days. No one should get this!

– Good ending 1: Max out lust and do not send video to husband using Camcorder before 31 days.

– Good ending 2: Same as Good ending 1 but do send video using Camcorder

– True ending: Impregnate Yuzuki by climaxing using the last position on page 4 during H. You should do this a few days before day 30. Check Yuzuki’s H Status and her egg condition should be “Fertilized”. One more day after, the egg condition should be “Conception” with a heart symbol on it. End day 30 with Conception condition and you should get the ending. You might also need to have “Personal Bitch”, “Masochist”, and “Exhibitionist” abilities. I am not sure.

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