Lida's Adventures

Lida’s Adventures Walkthrough

Welcome to Lida`s Adventures Walkthrough, which guides you through all the choices and routes to unlock all the scenes in the game.

EP1 – Lida’s Adventures Walkthrough

The beginning of history

Desc: The first acquaintance with the characters, the beginning of this fascinating story …

Home (cleaning) – Center (talk with the worker) – Center (Find a dog) – Shop and Office (Grocery, buy a food) – Home (Scene with a detective, the loss of her husband) – (Sleep) – Home (Shower, acquaintance with Hobo) – Center (Clothing store, acquaintance with Tony) – Shopping area (Hide behind the store) – Westward (garage, acquaintance with Marcus) – Westward (post posters) – Westward (Red Admiral) – Clothing store (Tony) – Home (Hobo, conversation) – Home (Bathroom) – Westward (Red Admiral, find Tony) – Garage (Marcus) – Clothing store Home (Hobo) – Park (Hobo) – Lake (Hobo) – Home (cleaning) – Park Lake (Hobo) – Clothing store (Tony) – Westward (Photostudio) – Clothing store (Dressing room) – Westward (Red Admiral) – Clothing store Photostudio Clothing store Shopping area (Bar) – Clothing store (Tony) – Photostudio (Tony) – Bank Park Home – “Play for Hobo” – Home (Window) – Lake


Christmas party at the bar

Desc: You are waiting for a crazy Christmas party, but first to, Lida will have to prepare

Photostudio (Box) – Clothing store (Tony) – Red Admiral (Jacob) – Clothing store (Tony) – Red Admiral Bar (Lana) – Red Admiral (Quest “rabbit ears”) – Bar (Lana, give the rabbit ears) – Westward (Tara, hostel) – Lake (Santa) – Westward (Kate, parking) – Bar (Photosession) – Bar (A party) – Garage (Playing for Ray) – Park Westward (Take the battery) – Garage (Marcus) – Bar (By car).

Sequence of events


Home Sleep Clothing store Photostudio Red Admiral Garage Park (Marcus) : Toilet in the park or in the toilet at home Home (Document search) – Bank Bar Market (Find Hobo) – Quest “fishing” – Scene in the forest (Ellie) – Grocery store Home Westward (Chasing a photographer).


Police Station

Desc: The police turned out to be not as Lida imagined…

Scene of interrogation Scene in a cage 2nd floor of the prison 1 floor of the prison (Dress the prisoner’s clothes) – Cage (Ray) – Lunch (2nd floor of the prison)

Cage (1 floor of the prison) – 2nd floor of the prison (Shower) – Jail break

Prison, Cloud, Final Scene


Home Police Station Prison (Shower) – Prison (1 floor) – Home (Sleep) – Street (Cloud`s house) – Photostudio (Tony) – Westward (Bus) – Beach (Photoshoot) – Home Market (Find Hobo) – Bar Street (Cloud) – Quest “envelopes” Red Admiral (Jacob) – Red Light District Westward (Fat Joe`s house) – Bar (Lana) – Clothing store (Tony’s mom) – Police Station (Daisy) – Mama Rose Police Station (Daisy) – Home (Sleep) – Clothing store (Tony) – Home (Shower) – Bar (Kate) – Street (Cloud) – Home (Final scene).

Lida’s Adventures EP2 v0.1 – Walkthrough

Get a job

Desc: After abducting her husband, Lida tries to cope with the difficulties of life, she is trying to find a job. And of course she never forgets her beloved husband…

Home (start) – Bar (Tara) – Lake (Fat Joe) – Red Light District (Cloud, earnings for the passage to the lake) – Lake (Fat Joe) – Plant (by bus from the location “Westward”) – Office (location “Shopping area”, job placement for work) – Clothing store (Tony, clothing for office work) – (Sleep) – Office (Business Day) – Clothing store (Tony, another dress 30 $) – (Sleep) – Office (Business Day) – Next you need to see the final punishment of the boss at work (depends on the level of “whoredome”, the work of Rosa affects) – Home (Scene with Hobo) – (Sleep). “Possible actions in the game”:

*Work at Mom Rose – – Daily work

Lida’s Adventures EP2 v0.2 – Walkthrough

Lida find out news about her husband

Desc: Lida find out new about the loss of her husband, she needs to find out what happened, but everything turned out not so simple as she planned…

Office (Workday) – Home (Finds a letter at the entrance to the house) – Police station (Detective James) – House – (Ellie, flash card) – Lake (Ellie) – Westward (Electronics store, buy a flash card) – Home (Ellie) – (Sleep) – Office (Workday) – Park (Help to Ellie) – Home (Ellie, quest with dogs) – Home (Ellie) – (Sleep) – Office (Workday) – Home (Meets Ellie with Hobo) – ( Cleaning of the apartment) – Kitchen (Scene with Humper) – (Sleep) – Office (Workday) – Park (Found a thief) – Pursuit (runs into the forest through the lake) – Forester`s House Glade (Walking with a

dog, picking berries) – Forester`s House (return to town) – Office (Go to work) – Home (Talking with Ellie) – Westward (Hostel, go for a laptop with Ellie) – Beach (by bus) – Abandoned beach (Scene with Hobo).

Lida’s Adventures EP2 v0.3 – Walkthrough

A new job, an unusual acquaintance, new information about the loss of her husband

Desc: Because of the debt to Marcus, Lida is forced to work in a new sphere, Lida meets a stranger who is directly related to the loss of her husband Dima…

Scene near the house – (Sleep) – Office (Workday) – Garage (Marcus) – Electronics store (Buy shaver, shave) – Garage (Marcus)…

Car Showroom (Auto show, 3 days) – Scene in the alley with Costello Home (To wash) – Street (Eviction from home) – Bar (Tara) – Westward (Bus) – Farm (Kate) – Walter Farm (First visit) – Farmer’s house Walter Cellar (Cellar on Walter`s farm) – (Sleep) – Daily tasks Loud Hills Barn Loud Hills (Billy) – School (Billy) – School (School Director’s Office) – Farmer’s House Barn (Construction tools) – Farmer Lucas (Local lumberjack) – Cave (Grootas) – Lucas Grootas (Quest “Axe”)

Farmer (Nails) – Loud Hills Lucas Loud Hills Lucas Grootas Lucas Go with Grootas to the city (Photo studio) – Forest crossroad Farm (Grow 15 pumpkins) – Basement (Scene) – (Sleep) – Lucas Sex shop (Dick for Lucas) – Lucas – (Sleep) – Lucas Loud Hills (House of the widow, Courtney) – School (Director’s office).

Lida’s Adventures EP2 v0.4 – Walkthrough

School, Sam, Humper and much more

Desc: Lida is more and more immersed in school affairs, she simply has no choice, her

husband’s life depends on it, Sam finds compromising evidence on Lida and tries to manipulate her, and this is just the beginning…

Scene with Anna (School, Hall of Choreography) – Cabinet Director School – Clothing store (Tony).

Mom Rose:

  1. Glory Hole (Mama’s Mom Roses) – Scene in Glory Hole – Mama’s Mom Roses – Sleep
  2. Lake (Workers) – Scene with the workers (lake) – Sleep

Mom Rosa Clothes store (Tony).


  1. School – Work (Rose) – Clothing store – School (Director) – Sleep «Twice» – School 2 floor – End this version
  2. Sam (Park) – Abandoned beach – Clothing store – Rosa – Red Admiral (Jacob) – Rosa – Sleep – Rosa – Beach (Talking with people) – Abandoned beac – House in an abandoned forest – End this version
  3. Humper (farm) – Loud Hills (Find a vet) – Small Supermarket – Sex shop (toy for Humper) – Basement (Humper) – Vet – Basement – Home (farm) – End this version

Lida’s Adventures EP2 v0.5a – Walkthrough

New circumstances, new adventures, new work, new development in school and much more

Desc: The plot of the game became unpredictable, Lida faces new difficulties, she learns more information about the loss of her husband, all this and more awaits you in the game

  1. SAM – End of the scene in the house in the woods – Trip to the police station – Mini-scene with Hobo – Interrogation at the police station – Department of storing evidence (Camera) – Park (Sam) – Street (Call from Costello) – Casino (Talking with Costello) – Shopping area (Restaurant, work as a waitress) – Shopping area (Pussy Crazy, additional quest, circus) – Police Station (Conversation) – Red Light District (Sonya) – Rosa – Police, Westward (quest, post banners) – A scene from Rosa (A party with policeman) – End of this version
  2. School – School (The Director) – School 2 floor (Cleaning of a class) – Lucas’s House – Lake (Talk with the worker) – End of this version

“Possible actions in the game”:

Shopping area (Restaurant, work as a waitress) – Daily work Work at Mom Rose – Daily work

Lida’s Adventures EP2 v0.5 – Walkthrough

Work in school, new events, new acquaintances

Desc: Lida starts to work in school, new adventures begin.Dating with teachers, acquaintance with the medical staff of the school and much more …

School (2nd floor, class 101) – The principal’s office (conversation with the director) – School (2nd floor, go with the principal, mini-scene) – School (2nd floor, class 101, the work as a teacher).

*Quest in the police station: – Police station – evidence storage room – camera search – mini-scene with the officer Selina – end of quest (further on in development).

  1. School (class 101 the work as a teacher)
    1. The teacher of physics: “dream” – acquaintance – in development
    2. The IT-teacher: “dream” – acquaintance – in development
    3. Teacher of Art (Beotrice) – “dream” – acquaintance – stage 1 (Lida breaks the statue in the art class) – stage 2 (Lida peeks into the keyhole for an art teacher) – stage 3 (Lida poses for students) – in development.
    4. Scene in the school toilet – “dream” – Lida goes to the toilet, schoolgirls take pictures of Lida on the phone – in development
    5. Medical office – “dream” – stage 1 (Lida tries to find Amanda’s personal file, the first medical body check) – stage 2 (Second medical body check) – in development “Possible actions in the game”:

School (class 101 the work as a teacher)

Lida’s Adventures EP2 v0.6 – Walkthrough

Find out new events, Lida finds out new answers…

Sam (Park) – Farm (Walter`s House) – Police Station (Selina) -Selina as a seller of hot dogs (Beach) – Factory – Storyline in the underworld (entrance through the hatch)

New available scenes:

  1. Scene with Clown in the circus (Building in the “Westward”) – After work at school as a teacher
  2. Scene with Sam in the Cloud`s house (2 stages) – – After work at school as a teacher
  3. A new stage in the art class – – After work at school as a teacher

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