Ntraholic Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Ntraholic Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

Following every choice in the guide step by step is not necessary but if you do it is possible to speed through the game. Please take your time enjoying the game!

Main Guide – Ntraholic Walkthrough & Guide

Day 1 – Ntraholic Walkthrough & Guide

Upon starting the game be sure to look through all the text messages and answer them any way you wish.

Immediately purchase Tear of sin from eday and 1 hangover soup.

Read magazines in the morning to skip time.

Go to work 2 times in a row trying to complete the mini game each time.

Go to sleep.

Day 2 – Ntraholic Walkthrough & Guide

Buy Dreamine!! This will make the game much easier! Buy 1 Wine and choc and 1-2 hangover soup. Try to leave 500 money for yourself.

Call Chiho, have her cook and play the initial minigame. Once complete it you should view scene 1.

Work again and then sleep.

Day 3 – Ntraholic Walkthrough & Guide

Call Chiho and use afternoon tea.

When playing the rock, paper scissors game, pick the glasses for double shots and then select hands.

Hover mouse over hand icon at top right to get hints.

Some solutions for choices presented are : Green Stone = Select Stone, Red Paper =

Select Scissors.

Use the hangover soup to lower your hearts if needed. Once you win, complete new h minigame.

Now buy a spy camera on eday. Go to Chiho’s home in the morning and install it. Work 2 times for money. Sleep.

It’s time for H! Sleep or work till you can H again if possible buy the ninja scroll. From here on we will no longer count days as you can do things in the order you wish.

Work, sleep and H until you can unlock your first skill. Also view each animation once, maxing the bar each time. Take pics when possible :3

Once Lilith shows up and talks to you about the bet we are in Phase 2

A few tips on phase 2.

Pay close attention to the suspicion meter. It drops by one level every morning and rises

when getting caught and sending texts to Shota. If it fills all the way it’s game over.

The cuck bar will rise with certain actions like balcony and alley H as well as some others. This bar later in the game is key and must be filled to complete the game. The arrow should be all the way past the kneeling body to know it’s full.

Once the first skill is unlocked, call Chiho to your home at night and enjoy a scene.

Continue to use your balcony at night viewing each animation once, maxing the bar each time.

*A tip for any mini game involving making noise is to click and hold on to the slider. This way when the bar maxes out you can still control the bar and move it away from the sweet spot so you don’t trigger an alert*

The doll should now say something about having fun in an alley… .

Let’s go to the Night market!

From this point we have some things to do on our first visit.

Talk to friend 1 then talk to friend 2. After talk to the cosplayer agree to help then talk to the dealer he will give and unlock love potions. These are used with Alice to make her mini games easier.

Do her mini games when you have free time they are non essential.

In order to get the H event in the alley we must do a few steps. First we must speak with Chiho and Shota 3 times at the restaurant. In order to do this we need to go inside when Shota is not with his boss. (Tuesday and Thursday he is there)

After speaking with them 3 times and hearing their story wait till Shota is with his boss and go to the alley then call Chiho. Repeat this to see all animations. (2 sets of 3)

Now purchase the BDSM horse. Use this to grind sub score and lust points; this is the fastest way to unlock all skills.

To use the horse, call Chiho to your house and click on the horse, not her.

*Side note on the horse!*

There are several secrets and details with the horse scenes! The camera is actually functional, try dragging the slider for zoom hd and light! Also using it a lot might produce som unique Chiho text nudes ;3

Now grind H mini games till you can unlock the exhibition skill (trench coat) if you don’t have it already.

Now head to the Night Market in the evening and speak with friends 1 and 2 again. Leave and return at midnight then call Chiho to exhibitionism events.

Watch every position once to completion. (3 sets) Final round may take up to 6 bar fills to complete it. Though the last one may be quit after filling it once, she will just not have fun 🙁 *SPOILER* There is a secret photo in the gallery if you do all six bar fills 😀

After that, return to the night market and eat dinner with Chiho and Shota again until you get invited to their house for dinner. (2 Times)

Go to the couples house in the evening when Shota is home. A new option to join them for dinner is now available.

A scene should play.

Now continue to visit them for dinner and play the new H mini game several times.(3 Times?)

You should get a message saying key event unlocked when you have done it enough. The doll should have new hints for you like visiting at a different time.

Go to the couples house in the afternoon and click on the key event (flashing yellow purple border)

There is a new app on the phone ;3…

not be returning in this version. So make a save here and do what you like for a bit if you wish.

Now visit Chiho at her house in the afternoon and play the H minigame. View each animation at least 1 time maxing the bar as usual.

*If the mini game gets interrupted this is a good thing! This is the shower H mini game. It is the fastest way to max the cuck bar.

Next the afternoon event should say f**k for a week and max cuck bar before day 80.

Play afternoon H mini game and shower mini game till cuck bar is full. You will recieve a

message saying almost there. Now wait till night, a scene will play

Next wait again the onsen prologue will begin.

Wait just a little more and were off for OUR magical trip ;P

Once the event begins and you go to the hot spring the game changes a bit.

The game still has 4 time phases. Morning, noon, afternoon and night.

Represented by Sun, Clouds, Stars and a Crescent Moon

There is also a pregnancy status and a sperm %.

To fill sperm percent sleep (20%) or rest in the hot spring (60%)

Any floating heart near a door that you might encounter in the inn can be clicked to peek in on those inside the room.

Day 1 is story and sleeping in your futon.

Once day 2 starts you can do as you wish.

Morning is sleep or hot spring soak.

Noon is H with Chiho in her room. Play 2 minigames, shoot for a high score! (lol) Evening is hot spring with Chiho 2 choices. The 2nd choice has 2 versions. Night go out of your room and call Chiho. 2 Choices. The 2nd choice also has 2 versions.

All mini games in the onsen are controlled with the mouse, no keyboard though some may look like it.

Once day 6 comes around night has a new 3rd option and you can now call Chiho while in the hot springs when the uncles are in there.

If everything goes well and you max out the pregnancy meter you will trigger the end event for the hot spring by day 10. Enjoy the end of the version scenes!

Once you see the black cat you have completed this version of the game.

Tips – Ntraholic Walkthrough & Guide

Most of this image is self explanatory though many people miss the inventory box. This is where your energy drinks and potions are stored.

As stated in the guide when playing any mini game with noise hold the slider bar at all times do not let it go. This way when the bar fills you wont get locked into having the sound rise and fail by accident.

Saving often is good just in case something goes wrong. The game also has an auto save so that may help if you encounter a bug.

What does each skill do?

Joker is automatic and is how Ryunosuke was remotely harassing Chiho while she cooked and tracking her status.

Bell is for calling her to you at all times of day. Used for balcony and alley. Wings is only usable on the balcony adds new positions there.

Trench coat unlocks the exhibition mini game at midnight in the market.

Man walking is used only in the onsen for rewinding time so you can play endlessly there.

Bugs – Ntraholic Walkthrough & Guide

Help! I am stuck in a text message after the cleaning scene!

This bug may occur if you miss the text message you get for buying the camera. Reloading and viewing that one first might resolve the issue

I am stuck having to do the balcony mini game and can’t progress!

This may occur because the mini game was failed in the background. Follow the tips on noise mini games to avoid this (potentially)

The onsen end is not triggering??? I am on day 10+

There is a bug that can skip time in the onsen. To avoid this do not watch the Shota perspective scenes. If you really wish to see all 4 of them be prepared to do at least 2 runs in the onsen. Also ensure that you have 100% pregnancy by day 9 morning. (Using the rewind time skill will not fix this once enough time has been skipped. Like if you skip past day 9)

FAQ – Ntraholic Walkthrough & Guide

Q: How do I translate the game?

A: The readme text in the game folder explains

Q: Is the game complete?

A: The initial story is nearly complete after stories and bonuses will come at a later time. This is an initial release not a complete release.

Q: Will there be an uncensor patch and when?

A: Yes and in a few weeks along with some bug fix patches.

Q: Does the game have more than one ending? Did I miss one?

A: At the moment there is only one and it is not truly complete, more will come in patches.

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