Big Kuyash

Big Kuyash Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Big Kuyash Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

General tips – Big Kuyash Walkthrough & Guide

When starting the game, you should do a few things. You REALLY should use the cheat (copy-paste) version.

-First, choose the “romantic” and “normal” options for Sonia. This gives her appearance a boost.

-Second, click on the pink +1H button, then up all her personal stats to max. Note there is a treasure hunt related to intelligence that you need to read random books for, so you may wish to read at the library until you find that book, its very minor though. Also, don’t cheat appearance, it changes as time goes on so best bet is to boost it manually.

-Third, go on a shopping spree after clicking the money you have three times. You want multiple sunblock/toothpaste/shampoo/napkins at local store, then teleport to city, go to boutique, buy all elite and luxury stuff besides perfume, go to sex shop, buy everything but strapon (unless you like), go to TC (mall), buy…a lot of stuff here. Don’t buy lesser versions of the stuff you got from boutique, but do buy stuff like winter shoes, umbrella, sheepskin jacket, laptop, sexy underwear, sexy sports form, best swimsuit, all books, ambien, all alcohol especially wine and Jack Daniels, and if you want to risk a scene the lesbian tape (you can cheat for it). When in doubt, buy the most expensive thing for clothing and jewelery categories.

-Fourth, go home and equip stuff, use time cheats and teleports as needed. At hall entrance, click shoe rack and hanger, equip best bought stuff, go to my room, click jewelry box picture, choose best stuff in categories that pop-up, repeat for closet picture. If you did everything right, your base appearance should be at least 500 (click char, then me). This is plenty for all events I encountered.

For advancing all characters, one way to check progress is to click “char” then the character after an event. If a relationship number goes up, good, keep grinding. If not, then you need to find the “advancement” event. I don’t recommend cheating the values because it can actually cause bugs in a few cases.

Another point of advice is to make sure and use time, teleport, and “res day” (reset day) and “res week” (reset week) cheats. The reset cheats make it so you can do the days events all over, extremely useful. The time events are also great, just be aware that there is a “lust” stat [something like unique_npc_npcname[3] in qgen] for most characters that may be required for sex events that doesn’t advance if you use the time cheats, so if you are doing sexy times you may need to sleep/walk around/take baths etc. the long way to advance time. Clicking your tiredness stat in the bottom left right below hunger can make it drop really low, then you can sleep for like ten+ hours for an easy way to boost lust levels. Alternatively you can use qgen, find where lust is boosted each hour, then adjust as needed (don’t go over +300 per hour, +100 is usually fine) for more frequent events. You can also comment out (use !) the line that causes mood to drop each hour.

At this point you are ready to start the game proper. See below for specifics. You need to be aware however that there are a few paths that must be taken in order. First start working on Mom, talk to her at different spots, mainly in the morning in kitchen and in her bedroom at night. At some point she’ll mention getting a job at local store. Go there on weekdays, apply, and start work at 10:00. Work on Tamara, give her porn mags, and eventually you’ll be invited to come to her house at 19:00 and beyond. [Note the “DVD” in top right of Sonia’s face when outside her house, you can click that to get a copy so you can advance. That spot is useful for a number of little cheats, like clearing sperm.] Once you can start doing the basic threesomes, try NOT clicking the DVD, and see if you can still get in her house. Also make sure to talk to Tamara at work around this point, and you’ll unlock the more advanced threesomes. Once you do, do at least one of them, then STOP. Start following the brother path at this point, make absolutely sure you don’t keep doing the advanced threesomes or you’ll get a call from the husband which will lead to divorce. You do have some leeway though, it takes something like ten advanced threesomes to advance. Also go ahead and get the stepdad to move in after your brother comes to town, it might cause issues if you advance the brother too far before he comes.

Regarding the brother, his path is complicated. You will need to talk to your brother multiple times and Tamara multiple times to advance. Make sure you try different spots, you can talk to brother at his home during weekdays at 19:00, and at your home at 18:00 during weekends. Tamara can be talked to at store during work, and on rare occasions at her house at 19:00. Also keep doing the weekend event and choosing different options, then after a couple of weekend events try talking to both and repeat. This is where most people are probably going to mess up. See below for more detailed instructions.

All qsp games get their saves stored in folders inside Documents\Сохранения игр Quest Navigator

If you install the game in a new location on your harddrive or possible just rename the qsp file to something else, it will create a new save folder. So if you move location etc, and your save files appear to be gone, they are not. They just would be in the old save folder for the game. The folder name just a random string of numbers and letters. (example 7758e6bbf5ad5e3bc3142c467ece0f6a)

Finally, there are a lot of times where you will be given some kind of choice regarding continuing the relationship, usually making it more sexual. Best advice is to save often and in multiple slots, and when given a choice the positive/affirmitive/etc. option is usually best, see below for specifics though. Just be careful to not shutdown a relationship early, if you do it will be hard/impossible to fix (without qgen/console).

*Club – It’s the place where you read books and play chess but it’s only available after 20:00

MC Pregnancy Guide – Big Kuyash Walkthrough & Guide

1) MC may get pregnant by following persons according to game variables and get a special dialogue with the child father:

a) Grandfather

b) Vasya (Coworker shop)

c) Andrew (Tamara’s husband)

d) Gregory (Boss of shop) – Sveta may move in his house. Avoid meeting him if pregnant from another guy or he will break up.

e) Alex (Gregory’s son)

f) Stepfather (Let Sveta tell about to mom or stepdad in the evening (next room) not to mom in kitchen!)

2) Consequences:

a) If you are in a relationship with your boss in the shop (Gregory) and the child is not from him he will break up. You will not be able to work in the shop anymore or access his house (and his son).

b) Talk with your mother (depends on father)

Also Tamara can get pregnant, see her walkthrough.

3) Fertility

a) As far as I understand there is a red thermometer that indicates ovulation. Highest change afaik is on 3rd daay with thermometer.

b) It is possible to take “the morning-after pill” thanks to cheats you can take birth control automatically every day.

c) It is possible to get birth control coil in the city -> Leninsky district -> clinic

Character Walkthrough – Big Kuyash Walkthrough & Guide

Family – Big Kuyash Walkthrough & Guide

Mother – Big Kuyash Walkthrough & Guide

To get anywhere with mom, you have to raise your depravity. You can do that by buying and reading the books from the mall, running into her in the bathroom at 7:00, bathing with her in the sauna at 20:00, and watching her masturbate in her room starting at 19:00. After raising your depravity level to romantic nature, you can kiss her in the sauna. After doing that for a little bit, you can have sex with her in her room or in the Sauna. You need to have sex with mom about 16 times in the sauna for the flower scene to appear in the her room (Stepfather related).

– Continues with Stepfather’s path and mother / brother threesome

Stepfather – Big Kuyash Walkthrough & Guide

Have sex with your mother at least 16 times. Walk into her room and she’ll have some roses. Ask her who the lucky guy is. Then the next day go to the administration building, offer to pay the debt. After that, Talk to mother one day, she will tell you that he wants to see you at his office at the administration building in the area. He will talk to you about his stepson. Pick the last option. It says something along the line like as long she is happy or as long as mom is happy. After that, he will give you a dress. After a few days mom will ask you how you feel about him moving in with you all. Tell her you don’t mind or something like that. Once that happens you can invite him to the beach through the week but you need swim suit. When Saturday comes around at 10 in the hall, go pick out the swimsuit. Afterwards, invite him to the beach. For the following week, keep showing stepfather your panties. If you show him you have no panties it will decrease sexual relations. While showing him your panties, go into your mother room at 20:00, stepfather should be laying down on the bed. There should be a option about showing him your lingerie. Clarify what you’re talking about. After that, sit with him in the sauna at 19:00, it should be option to bathe naked, then invite him over to sit with you. He’ll ask you how many times you kissed had sex. Say just once. He says something about practicing kissing, then eventually it goes to jacking him off. After doing that eleven times he’ll ask for a BJ. One day after all of this, talk to him and he’ll invite you to on vacation. You’ll leave Saturday evening and that’s how you have sex with him.

This is how I started with him, start sharing breakfast with him in the mornings, you can also meet up with him on an evening & weekends in the hall (living room) wear something panties @ first, otherwise you get told off! Then you can progress to not wearing panties. Which starts to perk up his interest in you.

Continue with meal times also & at some point you can eat a banana more provocatively. You can also meet up in the steam room, his time is 7.00-8.00 pm, just before your mum.

There is also a point where he will go shopping with you, after that you can invite him to the river.

-Continues with Mother / stepfather threesome and brother / stepfather threesome

Mother/Stepfather threesome

The triggers to get the 1st threesome for Mom & SF goes: (Non rapey SF version)

– Lots of sex with SF, 30+ times

– Visit Mom in hall between 2100-2259 weekend, fool around, caught by SF

– Talk to SF about it

– Have SF come to your bed 0900-0959 weekday to invite you to eat in the morning (sex), do this about twice

– When mom visit you to have the weekly sex romp with you 2100-2259 in your bed, tie her eyes up & surprise SF joins

– Mom needs to have good relations with you to initiate the weekly activities and horny by letting sexual energy build up (time)

– After a while talking to mum morning in the kitchen she will tell about she can’t get pregnant. Sveta can agree to help by concieving the child instead of her mum. If Sveta agrees mom will show up randomly to fetch her for baby making. Since .24 it’s possible stepfather impregnates Sveta. It’s aadvised to avoid talking about stepfather’s baby with mum in the kitchen (Sveta will lie about a stranger). Better talk to mum or stepfather in mum’s room (happy end)

Brother/Stepfather threesome

To trigger 3some with the brother/stepdad you need to do the brother scene in your room until you catch stepdad spying. After that you need to talk to the stepdad about it and ask him to join. Next time with the brother, just invite stepdad in (might have to talk with bro first, forgot). After that you can fuck around like rabbits with both of them

Brother / Mother (Threesome)

– You need to have done threesomes with dad / brother and dad / mother (probably 5 times or more each).

– There is an event where mother see Sveta & brother having sex. Probably like with brother / stepfather path.

– Talk to mother

– Talk to brother

– Probably needed to repeat a few times

– After some talking mum seems interested but needs a bit a push

– Go to brother in the morning (7 am?) and “prepare him”

– Give the lovebirds some time to enjoy (skip some days)

– Threesome options will be open

Brother / Tamara


He’ll show up at your house a few weeks in during weekends. You can find him in his apartment in the city during the week. Talk, massage to him and eventually he’ll mention a weekend vacation with you and Tamara. Talk to her and afterwards at 19 on a Sat / Sun talk to your brother to go on that vacation. You and Tamara will have sex and he’ll fuck her after (may take multiple vacations). Then he’ll offer you 3 free laser hair removals if you get Tamara to join him again. Get the laser removal then at the shop you can talk to Tamara about what happened during the vacation. This will open up more vacations. Do those a bunch of times, you may need to be hairless and have some high appearance too. Then talk to her again. Then go to your brother and do a striptease dace for him. If your appearance is high enough, he’ll like it (tell you’re HOT or smth along those lines). Once that’s done keep doing vacations until you suck your brother your appearance still needs to be high. Once that happens you need to talk to Tamara (her house at 18-19) and then to your brother at his house. Then at your house on weekends, between 12 – 14 masturbate in your room twice, and the second time he’ll join in. Then, in the weekend at your house, at 8 am, in the hall, blow him. Once that’s done you can now blow our brother in many locations. Keep doing that then sometime on the weekend in the hall, you’ll have the chance to watch an ero film with brother, do that and you’ll start having sex (stepfather MUST have moved in before you can watch the ero film and advance to sex!!!!).

Sex scenes:

– on vacation you with Tamara (choose this option for most scenes / plot progression)

– on vacation you can spy on him and Tamara

– at your house (hall, tv, bathroom, beach, kitchen)

– at his house (hall, bath, bedroom)

– Kitchen on weekend: Talk to bro there and chose to go see tamara

Advance Tamara line (keep talking to tamara and visiting her house after each weekend session), go to weekend place at 18:00, talk to tamara/brother multiple times. Try again after divorce.

Well, on saturdays and sundays, after the breakfast, around 11-12, go into your room and masturbate, I got new scenes twice, so maybe that’ll help in progressing with the brother.

From what I can tell, masturbate on saturday and sunday when he’s there. You have to do it twice then talk to him about in the living room. Once that happens, lie down with him at 8 and should be able to progress

U must be very pretty, then u dance striptease in brothers apartments in city, he said u are hot, then u can suck his dick on the trip with tamara. Then u must talk about yhis, then masturbate in ur room, when brother home, then have sex with him in the morning, when he sleep in ur house.

Grandfather – Big Kuyash Walkthrough & Guide

Raise stats by helping (undress if possible), bath with him and take outdoor shower (or cheat).

Not exactly sure how I got to have sex with him but I ask to sleep with him and I played with his member. In the morning, I put viagra (for men, buy in city sex shop) in his tea, which you can get from the sex store in the city. Repeat 2 times. At night, when I asked to sleep with him, I helped him with his boner.

When watching TV he will offer you a drink, drink it and go to sleep where he will grope and rape you.

Tamara – Big Kuyash Walkthrough & Guide

(Coworker Shop)

When working at the store arrange the shelf with no panties a few days then talk to her about it. She will tell you that her and her husband sex life is not all that great and she wants you to give advice. Keep a porn magazine on you at all times cause after a few days she’ll need it. Give it to her, then after the fourth day of giving her the magazine, she’ll invite you to her house but only on Monday, Thursday, and Sunday. You have to bring a DVD with you that can be found in the video store in the mall. After going over her house a few times, her husband will want to get involve, tell him he can watch but don’t interfere. After that, you’re free to go over there whatever day you want to.


Keep having a threesome with them. Note that after you do the initial threesome scenes a few times, you need to talk to Tamara at the shop, then you can do the more advanced ones. Eventually you’ll get a call from her husband telling you that he wants to be with you and wants you to come visit after 18:00

Edit: So about an hour after posting this, I ended up finding Tamara’s phone in her bedroom about 19:00 in her house. The only real option on it was to pretend to be Tamara and flirt with her Dad several times while also talking to her dad in person as Sonia to convince him to flirt back and after a few more “steal the phone” events, Tamara mentions that her dad is looking at her oddly. After that, I’ve seen her dad jack off watching us in bed on a weekend but so far, I haven’t been able to progress to anything else. Hopefully, someone else knows what to do next.

* Tamara’s pregnancy:

– At least 5 times have threesome with her and her father

– At least 5 times have foursome with her, her father and your stepfather

– at least 5 times have foursome with her, her father and your brother

After passing all of above, go to Tamara house between 17:00 – 23:00 and she will tell you that she is pregnant.

* To get foursome with brother:

– Have at least 4 threesomes with Tamara and your brother in Tamara House on weekends (event starts in kitchen around 18:00 – 20:00)

– After that talk to Tamara father and ask what’s up (new dialogue option), then “just join”

– Then talk to brother when he is watching tv in your house and click “To talk about the Pope, Tamara”

– Next talk to brother during weekends between 9:00 – 12:00 to go to Tamara (“Call to Tamara and shaft”)

– Repeat few times and you will start doing foursomes

*Small secret, when you gat 5 or more foursomes with brother, Tamara and her father you can start a special New Year foursome event on 30.12 between 12:00 – 18:00

Gregory (Boss of shop)

Gregory): Keep flirting with customers at the cashier machine. He’ll eventually catch on to the fact that you’re stealing from customers. In order to keep your job, you have to do good deeds for him. After doing them for a while, he’ll invite you to a cafe. You fondle with him right there in the chair and then yall will go the bathroom. You take control then give him free reign. He’ll ask you to be his girlfriend.

Later you will meet his son Alex. Alex will offer you a way for extra money and also extra sex scenes. Sonja can get pregnent from father & son

Valentine (Tamaras father)

He appears on weekends after Tamara gets divorced, in her house. He’s at 10am in the bathroom then at 1-4am in the hall, then after 9pm in his bedroom on Saturday and Sunday

does someone knows how to trigger valentine start event?

Stay the night over Tamara’s house through the weekend and make sure it’s between 10:00 – 17:00

– You need to catch him in the bathroom a lot of times, and go on chatroullette on your laptop until you get an event

– Talk to Tamara, go on chatroulette again, meet him in the hall during the day, talk about it, then you can fuck him, he has events in all 3 places he shows up.

– at some point Tamara’s phone will appear in her bedroom around 10pm. You impersonate Tamara and send him nudes until he gets angry

– Talk to him, talk to Tamara again, buy ambien and lots of female Viagra in the city

– You can then send more nudes from Tamara’s phone, do it until the phone stops showing up. He will send you his dick picture.

-Show dick pic to Tamara in the shop, talk to her again in the shop on the next day, give her ambien

-At 11pm in Tamara’s bedroom there will be an event to sneak to his room, check bedroom once more for the phone. Then sneak into dad’s room once more. After that talk to Tamara in Shop about the incident.

-Afternoon (got it at 18:00 on Saturday) in the kitchen you can now spike Tamara’s drink with female Viagra, then you can go with him to the dads bedroom again, do it like six times, have sex with her after

-At some point the dad will join. All threesome events are unlocked now, you can also still keep giving her viagra and sneaking in at night.

If above doesn’t work

in case you haven’t actually gotten to the point where Tamara tells you about her dad sending her dick picks, you’ll need to speak to her dad in his room during the weekend, at night. There is one dialogue where you ask him what’s wrong.

1. Make sure you have sleeping pills and women’s viagra.

2. See if the command to spy on Tamara’s dad shows up at 23:00 on Saturday/Sunday.

3. If not, check the Kitchen at 18:00 on Saturday/Sunday to see if the option to spike Tamara with viagra is there.

4. If neither of those two options are there, try checking Tamara’s room at 19:00 during the weekday. That’s Monday – Friday.

5. If there is no option to spy on her phone/text her dad with her phone, then you need to try talking to Tamara AT WORK during the weekday. See if there is an extra option to “Discuss the incident” at all.

Repeating those 5 things ensured I made it through the chain. If I reached a dead end in the chain, repeating those 5 steps would ensure I trip over the next step. The exercise event at 18:00 during the weekday does not interfere with the chain. The brother event at 20:00 during the weekend does not interfere with the chain.

Stepfather’s Family (Artem, Misha & Rita)

Artem (Stepfather’s grandson)

Stepfather will ask you to tutor his grandson on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Go over to his house and the grandson will be playing video games. If you beat him, he has to do work. If you lose, you have to dance for him. When you beat him, he’ll go to his room. Go in there and help him out. After that, he’ll explain that a teacher is giving him problems with his work. The next day, go over to the kahlua and ask the accounting teacher for a favor. Go back to the stepson on whatever day you can and tell him that the professor will not be giving him anymore problems.

Meet him at 17:00, play games and lose over and over. When you occasionally win, check on him, if he’s jerking off and lets you help him, good. You will need certificate from econ teacher at school. Then talk to him after above steps and he will mention some trouble with professor. Go back to econ prof, sleep with them, then go back to Artem. Grind/have sex at various places from here.

When the brother (Artem) calls you on Sunday: “here is the theme, the ancestors of the dinner joint blabla, appointment between 1800 and 2000”

Where do you actually need to go?

You have to go to his home, you’ll get a dinner option at his door

Artem & Oleg threesome

Continue dinner with Artem (invitation by phone) and you will meet Oleg. Artem will get drunk and you may have sex with Oleg. Repeat that until you get a option “look for the topic” have sex in front of drunken Artem until he wakes up. Talk to Oleg in his house about Artem, talk with Artem in hall afternoon (if Misha is there come back next day), talk to Oleg again and you will have the option for a threesome with Artem and Oleg.

Oleg (Artems friend)

After having sex after dinner you may also visit Oleg at his house during the week after 16:00. There are multiple scenes

– when you sit on the couch with him / possible to have a threesome with Artem

– when you use the training bike.

– In weekend his father is home but he offers sex outside in the garden. 3rd scene in his room in the evening on his bed. Took me a while to get there not sure when it is open.

– there will be a call from Oleg, he invites Sveta to come and listen to music, there will be a sex scene there.

– Week evening 18-19 in kitchen Sveta can drink tea to get another scene (no sex before)

– Another scene on 2nd floor in Olegs room

– When you enter Olegs house he will ask you to help him study, giving a scene.

Misha (Stepfather’s son)

He needs to spy on you (random) and Artem having sex in bathroom 3 or 4 times, (I think it’s Tuesdays and Thursdays), Then have sex with Artem at 22:00 on the same day (Misha will substitute), then talk to Misha in the living room.

Rita (Mishas wife)

First finish Misha (be able to have sex with him)

1-Have sex with Artem on weedays (when Michas is not there) at 17-18h in lobby (play videogame)

2-Talk to artem next day same time

3-Have sex with Artem on weekdays in his room (21h pr 22:00 – when Micha is not there)

4-Have talk with Artem 17-18h next day. You can now talk/compliment Rita in various places.

5-On weekend, meet Rita’s assistant (may appear on Friday evening inside house)

6-Talk to Artem on weekday day again about the assistant.

7-Be at the vacation (recreation) house by the lake at 23h on weekend.

8-Meet her back at her house on weekday around 23h

9-Meet her at the cafe downtown (city) on Friday night 20-22h (repeat)

10-Talk to her in hall 21:00 (drinking tea) for me on Friday to discuss incident, choose “i for”

11- Talk again during tea “to conduct the ceremony”

12- After that scenes are open in Misha and Rita’s house

13- Speak to Misha on weekday about Rita, ask him to tell her about you and him

14- Later (21:00) talk to Rita about Misha, agree to open threesomes

15- Next Saturday between 16:00 and 18:00 go to her house for first threesome

16- Bedroom door will be locked now, go on spying another day and you can join the fun. Be aware that Artem will be sent away to school, closing his scenes (threesome with Oleg still avaible if done before)

Side Characters – Big Kuyash Walkthrough & Guide

Kate – Big Kuyash Walkthrough & Guide

(administration office)

You can meet Kate in the office (administration) and raise her stats, After a while you can meet her in her house in the evening and talk more. If stats are high enough you can drink wine with her around 21:00 in her house and talk about girl to girl stuff. Repeat until you get a scene, after that you can repeat the scene around 21:00 choosing “kiss”


– Follow Kate’s route until you have a sexual relationship with her

– Visit Kate weekend daytime to meet Tolya. Probably need to be repeated a few times to raise relationship

– Visit Kate during week to trigger next event (I got it Friday around 21:00

– Kate will ask what you think about “roof” (her brother) choose “like”

– Visit Kate’s house again on weekend and Tolya will ask Sonja out

– Come back weekend 20:00 in Kate’s house “to go on a date”

– Again weekend around 18:00 for 2nd date “drink”

– repeat until sex scene

– after that you may meet him in the club (not dancing)

– drink with him and let him have his way

– opens BJ 22:00 in his bedroom

– also possible scene 22:00 weekend in Katies house “can stay?”

– You may visit him at Kates house at weekend and his house during week.

– Scenes avaible if he is in mood at garage 2, bed and living room.

Romeo (Black dude met in club)

Devil’s house is Romeo’s house. In the club area after 21:00, dance to meet Romeo. After several days of meeting/fucking Romeo, he’ll invite you to his house during the weekends. During the weekend after 19:00 you can enter the house, and have more interactions with Romeo. Also in the kitchen you’ll get text about his roommate (Goblin).

Goblin (Romeos roommate)

After a few more interactions with Romeo, you’ll get the option to enter his house during the weekdays at 19:00. Romeo won’t be there, but his roommate Goblin will be in the kitchen, and you can talk to him to start building a relationship, in which he’ll start trying to have sex with you as well. After a lot sex you can refuse sex (blue ball him) and he will rape Sonya. After that there will another scene sleeping in bedroom.

Chief (chief / mayor of village)

If you want to do it over, just reset npc_unique_julia[8] to 1 and npc_unique_chief[6] to 0

1. Start a relationship with the mayor’s daughter, she’s in the park.

2. Have lesbian sex with her at her house.

3. Eventually a lesbian session will be cut short because you notice somebody was spying on you (it was her dad)

4. The next time you go to the offices, you’ll meet the mayor.

5. You’ll get 3 options (I think the 3rd option requires high intelligence); Refuse, Accept (Mayor will rape you), or a 3rd option “use mind”

6. Next day mayor will send flkowers and ask for a talk.

7. Talk to him and he will offer a job

8. After a while you can talk to him to improve your work and that will include calls on weekend to meet him

Julia (Daughter of chief)

You can meet Julia at the bank (Shop) in “Area”. Raise her stats (or cheat). After that you can meet her in her house (private – > “the house of the head of the village”) and proceed. This may draw the attention of her father (see spoiler “chief”) there are hints to scenes with Julia and her brother.

After a while (maybe needs to have job with mayor) you will meet her father (mayor) when entering her house, he will say he accepts your relationship. House will be open now and you can sleep over. Extra scenes with Julia eg in the morning and with mayor in house.

Denis (Son of chief / brother of Julia)

– You need to follow Julia’s path first. While having sex with Julia Denis will randomly show up. Repeat some time (afaik 3 times)

– Meet Denis at the pool in the week 10- 13 / Play Frisbee inn the week 13 – 14

– Go back from pool into the house afternoon at weekend, Dennis will invite Sveta to a picnicking. Repeat 2 times to unlock sex scenes.

* Sleep with Julia and wake her with dildo. Go for a jog. Julia will tell she doesnn’t want to, so go alone and Sveta will meet Denis.

* Play Frisbee as described above for another scene.

* Sunbath at pool inn week 10 – 12 and let him “butter” Sveta

* Meet Dennnis in his room at different times for different scenes

* There are clips for bathroom. Not sure how to trigger yet.

Julia & Tamara threesome

-When Julia’s house is open and you had more than 20 times sex with Julia you will have a conversation about Tamara.

– If you confess she is your lover Julia will ask to meet her.

– Talk to Tamara 22:00 in her bedroom about Julia

– Go back to Julia and talk to her about Tamara, after some screens you will be at Tamara’s house.


– after some visits at Tamara’s place mayor will forbid to go, then you can invite Tamara to Julia’s house


– To meet Emelyan follow chief / major guide and choose 3rd option (use mind).

– Work as Mayor’s secretary during the weekdays at 10:00 in administration. This opens up sex options with the mayor, and occasionally you’ll get scenes where you meet Emelyan.

– Seduce him some times until he asks you for a date, go to private -> page 2 -> 2nd house after work for a date

– repeat until scene

– accepting relationship with him will open more scenes

Pool/Swimming teacher

Make sure to keep your appearance higher than gray mole. Go to the Kahlua between 17:00 and 19:00 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Talk about swimming lessons. Keep going to swimming lesson until he wants to stay later for extra lessons. After doing that a few times, he’ll want you to strip down. and that’s how far I’ve gotten with him. Not sure if there is more

Accounting Professor (School)

Accounting Professor: Make sure depravity is high. After the reading the accounting book, go to the kahlua and ask about the econ professor. Go back inside of the kahlua to find him and pay him cash or in other ways to start your lesson. Keep going back until you receive your certificate.

Naebaiko (Kiosk owner)

Naebaiko: Give him vodka 10 times. He’ll tell you about his grandmother that stays over in the private sector. Go to her, she’ll ask you to bring back some weed plants. After that, she’ll reward with you some moonshine. Give that to Naebaiko, he’ll tell you that his grandmother has this dress for sale and he wants you have it. Go back to her and buy it. Wait a week or two, then go back to his lottery store and drink moon shine with the dress you got from his grandmother. You’ll waste some of the drink and have to go to the back of the store to clean it. You’ll have a option of having some fun back there. Choose the ” Well, why not then” option. After that you can have sex with him once a week.

Vasya (Coworker in shop)

Give him Jack Daniels until you get invited to drink with him on friday after work. Continue doing that and he’ll eventually give you a key to his place.

Jacob (gym trainer)

– Go to “Kaluha” -> inside -> gym (probably sport clothes are needed)

– Ask to do it, trainer will refuse, repeat next day, repeat another time and you may seduce the trainer

– World 62 becomes “House of Jacob” (trainer)

– Every day after 18:00 you can train at gym… sometimes trainer will want his “payment”

– After some sexy payments you may meet him during a walk in the village and he invites you to his house (couldn’t trigger that in winter, maybe it is only in summer? Not sure.)

– After that event you may visit him.

Daniel (YouTube-guy in forest)

– Meet Daniel (Danilo / Danila) in the forest (rng),

– repeat,

– walk through village (from home) until you meet him again

– wait until November to meet him on a sunny day (no rain) in Leninsky (take his offer and he drives you to the village)

– Next day go to Leninsky (barber worked best for me) again and use your phone (bag) to call him around 16:00 to get a lift again.

– Repeat and agree to visit his apartment

– If Sonia accepts to be his girlfriend you are free to fool around (not sure what will happen with bootycall option)


Complete chat roulette a few times (RNG) until Sam shows up

2) Chat (RNG) with Sam about 3 times till he gives to his address

3) Go to Indieworld metro Mon-Fri, Hour 12-16

4) Meet up with Sam in Metro (City -> Leninsky) between 12:00 – 16:00

Barber (Leninsky)/Gena

– After learning hair cutting in village and raising the stat over 300 you can apply for job at barber / Leninsky. Possible scenes with boss (seduce) and clients (flirt)

– After some work you can talk to Tamara 22:00 in her bedroom about it

– Tamara will visit barber randomly

– After a while working at this place and having fun with Gena he will invite Sveta to his apartment on weekends. Multiple scenes there.

Other events – Big Kuyash Walkthrough & Guide

Getting the bike (free/cheaper)

(Or you could just buy it at the store)

1) Be able to work at grocery store as a storekeeper (raise)

2) Talk to mom, mom will mention the bike

3) Go to 1st Garage

4) Negotiate with the old man

Treasure hunt – Big Kuyash Walkthrough & Guide

You need to raise your intelligence first (reading books, playing chess). Then you may find a hint for treasure (if I remember right it was on the blackboard in area). Not exactly sure about the order of actions but you need:

a) Speak to your mother in the morning (kitchen) she will send you to your grandfather (river)

b) Speak to Kate (administration), you might need to be her friend to get access to the archive.

– Grandfather will send you to the collector whom you may seduce for information and fun

– Next stop is to look in the forest (Moonshiner) and… do your thing

– They will send you to another location in the forest but you will fail first 2 times.

– Not sure if there was another event… but in the end you will find the right well and get a necklace.

– Decide if you want to wear it or sell it to collector

Maid job

You can apply as maid in the recreation center when your cleaning skill is high enough. Raise skill keeping your house clean. 1 or maybe 2 weeks of daily cleaning should be enough. After a while you may encounter randomly scenes during the maid job.

Random encounters / sex scenes

1) Wait in the club and let them come to you to get some random sex scenes.

2) Walking through village:

a) Meet brother at river (when brother is sexually active)

b) Watch brother and Tamara

c) Meet Tamara and walk with her

d) Meet Tamara and some Turkish guys (use always 1st answer to proceed)

e) Meet Vasya or Oleg or for sex scene

f) In winter you may meet your Boss (Shop)

3) In the city

a) Walking through city (from bus stop) meeting some stranger who give you a lift back to village (sexual encounter possible)

4) Check Laptop for work, get work at cafe Traveler, some groping and random sex events

5) Getting a taxi while sperm on face driver will offer you extra sex

6 Hitchhiking can lead to rape (usually rides will demand some money for gas, if not probably gonna rape MC)

7) Walking may lead to a rape

8) Lot of random encounters in the bus between locations

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