Stray Incubus

Stray Incubus Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to Stray Incubus Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

[CharL]: Character’s Lust Points

[CharA]: Character’s Affection Points

[CharT]: Character’s Trust Points

[CharR]: Character’s Respect Points

[Variable]: Sets variable to true unless otherwise noted.

[Misc]: Miscellaneous Variables

Chapter 1 – Stray Incubus Walkthrough & Guide

Note: Will get [SeiraL++] [YumiT++] [YumiA++] [StephR++] by default.

1. Narrator: “Accept her help?”

a. Yes. [VenusA++]

b. No.

Note: Will get [CentR++] [Wins+=3] [CandyR++] [StephR++] [TorrR++] by default.

Chapter 2 – Stray Incubus Walkthrough & Guide

Note: Will get [YumiL++] by default.

1. Gabbie: “But you’re a strong man, right? You can escort me there.”

a. Accept. [GabA+=2] [GabT++] [GabR++] [GabL++]

i. Peeking does not matter.

b. Refuse.

2. MC: “(Shit! Which one do I follow?)”

a. Right Candy. [DidntGetChoiceBDSM] [Wins–]

b. Left Candy. [Wins++]

i. Brush

1. Electric [Wins–] [CandyL++]

2. Ice [Wins–]

3. No Tool [Wins++] [CandyL++]

ii. Electric [Wins–] [CandyL++]

iii. Ice Wand

1. Brush [Wins–]

2. Electric [Wins–] [CandyL++]

3. No Tool [Wins++] [CandyL++]

iv. No Tool [Wins++] [CandyL++]

v. No Torture [BDSM = False]

3. MC: z “(If I tell them a bit about this, I might get some information from them. … .)”

a. Tell them. [TorrA++] [TorrT++] [CandyA++]


b. Don’t tell them.

Note: Will get [Wins+=2] by default.

4. Steph: “Okay, guys. You are all dismissed.”

a. Sleep here. [TorrL++] [CandyL++]


b. Go home. [SuccubusIncountered] [SeiraL++]

i. MC: “*Gulp. Uhm…”

1. Join them.

2. Don’t. [DidntJoinWaterfall]

ii. Seira: “I’ll not ask you to forgive me for lying to you. … .”

1. Tell her you forgive her. [SeiraA+=2]

2. Just accept her help escaping.

5. MC: “Fair enough.”

a. Centoria[PickedCent] [Wins–]

b. Torr[PickedTorr] [Wins++] [TorrA++]

c. Stephanie?[PickedStep] [Wins–]

Chapter 3 – Stray Incubus Walkthrough & Guide

Note: There are a bunch of single menu choices. They do not matter when there is only one. When you get to multiple choices, it goes as follows: Right -> Forward -> Right -> Forward -> Forward; More single choices; Right -> Forward. The other choices just add flavor text. Can try them if you want as you must follow this path either way.

Note: Choice 7 only if not [SuccubusIncountered].

1. MC: “(Heh. I already know it’s her. But I could embarrass her further…)”

a. Ask her what the debate was. [CandyL++]

b. Don’t.

Note: You will get choices a, b, c if [CandyT] >=1 and not [BDSM]; else if, you will get d, c if [CandyT] >=1 and [BDSM]; else, you will get b, c if only not [BDSM]. If no choice, get [CandyA++].

2. MC: “(Shit! She’s panicking! That’s not good! I have to calm her down!)”

a. Remind her how you told her and Torr your story.[CandyA+=2]

b. Remind her how you didn’t torture her.[CandyA++]

c. Remind her how she recommended the potato chips.[CandyA++]

d. Remind her how you told her and Torr your story.[CandyA+=2]

3. Seira: “So? Do I get a hug?”

a. Hug her. [HuggedSeira] [SeiraA++] [SeiraT++]

b. Don’t.

Note: Will get [TorrL++] [CandyL++] [TorrAndCandySaw] if [SuccubusIncountered].

4. MC: “(I suppose I could offer to teach her how to swim…)”

a. Offer to help her.[HelpingTorr] [TorrA+=2] [TorrR++] [TorrT++] [CandyR++] [CandyT++]

b. Don’t

5. MC: “(I had a feeling it’d be something like that…)”

a. Tell her you have other things to do.

b. Tell her you’ll help.[VenusA+=3] [VenusL++] [VenusT+=2] [VenusR++]

Note: Will get [GabA++] by default.

6. Gab: “O-Only if y-you want…”

a. Tell her you’ll do it yourself.

b. Let her ‘assist’



Note: Will get [FransL+=2] by default.

Note: Will get [TorrA++] [TorrR++] if [HelpingTorr].

Note: Will get [YumiR++] [YumiA+=2] [StephR+=2] by default.

7. MC: “Is that so… (I guess she really needs help after all…)”

a. Tell her you’re busy.

b. Help her. [WentWithHailey] [HaileyL++]

i. Hometown.

ii. Tamara and herself. [HaileyA++]

iii. Don’t pry.

Note: Will get [TorrL++] [TorrA++] if [HelpingTorr].

Note: Choice 8 only if [HelpingTorr].

8. MC: “(Great… And now I’m horny…)”

a. Go masturbate in the locker room.

b. Don’t.


9. Axius: “Yes… You must be very confused, … .”

a. Does not matter.

Note: Choice 10 only if [SuccubusIncountered].

10. Succubus: “You can… h-help… Ugh… You can give me … .”

a. Leave her here.

b. Help her. [NixieMet] [NixieA+=2] [NixieT+=2]

Chapter 4 – Stray Incubus Walkthrough & Guide

1. MC: “Got it.”

a. Ask her about Torr and Candy.

b. Ask her about Venus. [AskedAboutVenus]

c. Ask her about herself. [GabA++]

d. Enough.

Note: Will get [CandyR+=2] [TorrR+=2] by default.

2. MC: “(And this sitting position of hers… It’s a bit… distracting…)”

a. Fantasize. [TamL++]

b. Don’t.

Note: Will get [CandyA+=2] [CandyT+=2] [TorrA+=2] [TorrT+=2] [TamA++] by default. Note: Will get [VenusA++] if [AskedAboutVenus].

3. MC: “(It’s because she couldn’t conjure anything useful, huh?)”

a. Try to cheer her up. [TorrA+=2] [TorrT++] [CandyT++]

b. Just leave.

4. Torr: “Sorry for b-barging in here. I’m just gonna go, okay?”

a. Tell her you’ll finish in a few minutes, she can take a bath after you.

b. Tell her to just get in. [TorrHJ] only if [TorrA] > 8

i. Let her have her fun. [TorrL+=2] [TorrA+=2]

ii. Take control. [TorrCunnilingus] [TorrL+=2]


Sandbox time: Few single choices at first; Left -> Other Bed -> Door -> Right -> Down -> Continue -> Right -> Investigate.

5. MC: “W-Who’s there?!”

a. Turn to the hallway.{Repeat Choice}

b. Just open the door.[TalkedToHungryGirl]

i. Take her in/away does not matter.

c. Look outside from the small window.

6. MC: “(I’m nearly there…)”

a. Does not matter.

7. MC: “(I guess it couldn’t hurt to tell her…)”

a. Tell her about it.[TorrT++]

b. Don’t

8. Quiz Answers in Order (Need at least 2 of the first 3 correct)

a. None of them, you are a human turned into a fury.

b. Athena.

c. They all turned away a hungry cold girl.

d. Last question does not matter.

Note: Right -> Forward Twice -> Staircase -> Down Twice -> Left -> Wait -> Investigate -> Door -> Right.

9. MC: “(It’s time to choose…)”

a. Fight[AgainstAthena] [AnaA+=2] [AnaR+=5]


b. Leave[ObeyedAthena]

Chapter 5 – Stray Incubus Walkthrough & Guide

1. MC: “(I suppose a tea shop keeper where people … .)”

a. Ask her a few questions.

i. Ask all.

b. Don’t

2. MC: “(Ugh…)”

a. Tip him.[TippedFrankie]

b. Don’t.

Note: Choice 3 only if [BDSM].

3. MC: “*Gulps. (What’s going on in there…)”

a. Have a look.

b. Go to your room.

i. Turn off BDSM for good. [BDSM = False]

ii. Don’t

4. Irena: “And even those who have tails or horns … .”

a. Ask all.

5. Thomas: “Very well, then. I’ll give you whatever information I can. Ask away.”

a. Ask all.

6. Toni: “Of course! Ask Toni anything!”

a. Ask all.

7. Erwin: “Of course.”

a. Ask all.

8. Frankie: “Questions? Sure thing!”

a. Ask all.

9. Misty: “Oh… Uhm… Sure. What would you like to know?”

a. Ask all.

10. Irena: “Heh. Is this your brain or your dick talking? … .”

a. Tell her to be careful at night. [IrenaA++]

b. Don’t.

Note: Will get [JenA++] by default.

11. MC: “(Damn… I recall Gabbie telling me that Jenny was more … .)”

a. Tell her you’ll escort her back.

b. Tell her to wait for Jamie to escort her back.

[EscortingJenny] [JenA++] [JenT++]


12. Serena: “Maybe you are shy, after all. Should I leave?”

a. Ask her to leave.

b. Tell her she can stay. [AffairWithSerena]

i. Yes, mommy. [CallingSerenaMommy]

1. Does not matter where you cum.

2. Next choice does not matter.

ii. Yes, ma’am.

1. Does not matter where you cum.

13. MC: “… I think…”

a. I believe her.

b. I don’t believe her.[DontBelieveIrena]

14. MC: “(I have to think of something else quick!)”

a. Think about something gross.

i. I guess it was kinda exciting… [IrenaA++]

ii. Let’s not do this again…

b. Don’t think about something specific. [IrenaHJ] [IrenaL++]

i. I guess it was kinda exciting… [IrenaA++] [LikedIrenasHJ]

ii. Let’s not do this again…

Note: Choice 15 only if [EscortingJenny].

15. MC: “(Fucker!)” [JenA+=2]

a. Does not matter.

16. MC: “(Platinum level? I don’t really know what that is…)”

a. Claim to be a platinum-level guest. [Claimed]

b. Ask her how you can become … .

Note: Choice 17 only if [AffairWithSerena].

17. Serena: “So… Let’s just forget it ever happened. Okay?”

a. Call her out on her act.

i. Does not matter where you cum.

b. Tell her you understand. [EndedSerena]

18. MC: “(Seems the conventional method won’t work … .)”

a. Cover her mouth.

b. Close her nose.

c. Shout REALLY loud. [CandyWake1]

19. MC: “(Whoa… She looks really nice…)”

a. Tell her she looks pretty.[CandyA+=4]

b. Tell her the rich girl look suits her.[CandyA+=2]

c. Focus on the mission.

Note: [Viktor] if [VenusT] >= 2.

20. MC: “(I guess Candy is on the other side…)”

a. Do not put your PP in.

b. Put your PP in.[CandyL+=4] [CandyBJ]

Note: From here on out, each choice will have an associated variable. I will put the variable name on the choices that I feel are important. I do not want to add endless clutter, so hopefully this reduces it. If a variable becomes important and I do not have it listed, I will add it and try to make a note of it.


Chapter 6 – Stray Incubus Walkthrough & Guide

1. MC: “Err…”

a. An old friend of mine.[IrenaA++] [C6.1]

b. Axius’s daughter.[C6.2]

Note: [TorrA+=2] by default.

2. Ana: “MC?”

a. Ask all.[Ch6AskA1 through A3]

3. Irena: “So? Wanna come?”

a. Sure.[C6.3]

b. I think I need to prepare for tonight.[LikeDress3 = 2] [C6.4]

{Skip Choices 4-7}

4. Irena: “Thoughts?”[LikeDress1 = 1]

a. Looks nice!

b. I don’t think the color agrees with

5. MC: “(Heh… Totally worth coming here seeing her all … .)”

a. Looks great! [LikeDress2 = 1]

b. A bit too… flowery for you, I’d say.

6. MC: “Hm… (Seems she likes this one…)”

a. Yep. You look great! [IrenaA++] [LikeDress3 = 1]

b. Hm… Not sure….

7. Irena: “So? Which one do you think I should get?”

a. The red one. [LikeDress1 = 2]

b. The black one. [LikeDress2 = 2]

c. The white one. [LikeDress3 = 2]

Note: [TorrA++] [TorrT++] [CandyT++] [CandyA++] by default.

8. MC: “(Hm? Is she flirting with me here? Never can tell with her, can you?)”

a. Flirt back.[IrenaL++] [C6.14]

b. Nope.[C6.15]

9. Misty: “S-Sorry! I’m t-talking too much, aren’t I?”

a. Tell her you’d love to dance with her. [DancedWithMisty] [MistyA+=2]

b. Avoid the subject.

10. MC: “(What can I even say at this point…)”

a. Try to say something… Anything… [AnaA+=2] [AnaT++] [C6.18]

b. Say nothing. [C6.19]

Note: [CandyR+=7] [CandyT+=4] [CandyA+=5] [AnaR+=5] by default.

Note: Choice 11 only if [DancedWithMisty].

11. MC: “(I guess I could offer my help without an official mission though…)”

a. Offer to help her. [C6.20]

i. Tell her she could come back with you. [InvitedMisty] [MistyA+=3]

[MistyT+=2] [MistyR+=2]

ii. Don’t say anything.

b. Don’t offer. [C6.23]

Note: Choice 12 only if [HelpingTorr] AND [TorrA] >= 9 AND [TorrT] >=4.

12. MC: “(Hmm… She’s acting a bit… weird….”

a. Give Torr a swimming lesson. [C6.21]

i. Hide under the table. [TorrL+=3] [C6.25]

ii. Push’ Torr under the table. [C6.26]

Note: Choice 1 if [CandyT] > 4 OR [CandyA] > 6. Else, [TorrL++].

1. Make a move on Candy.[CandyL+=3] [TorrL+=3]


2. Don’t.[CandyL++] [TorrL+=3]


b. Look for a float for her instead.[C6.29]

13. MC: “Please find me in my room. -Serena.”

a. Go.[C6.30]

i. Choices do not matter.

b. Don’t go.[C6.31]

Note: [MistyA++] if [InvitedMisty].

14. Clair: “Drink up, stud.”

a. Drink. [C6.34]

i. Accept her ‘offer.’ [C6.35]

1. Pull out.

2. Creampie her. [ClairCreampie]

ii. Politely decline. [C6.39]

b. Politely refuse. [C6.40]

Note: Choices 15-17 only if [SeiraA] >= 6 OR [HuggedSeira].

15. Seira: “Tell me what’s been worrying you. Let it out.”

a. Ask if she thinks you can be a good ninja.[AskSeiraCh6.1]

i. I want to be able to protect you.[C6.41]

ii. Maybe you’re right.[C6.42]

b. Ask what she thinks of your choice … .”[AskSeiraCh6.2]

16. Seira: “How about you tell me more about your adventures?”

a. Tell her you’re too tired for that.{Go to next chapter} [C6.46]

b. Indulge her.[C6.47]

17. MC: “(I can’t believe Seira is basically giving me a ….)”[SeiraL+=2]

a. Ask to suck on her boobs while she does it.[C6.43]

b. Don’t ask[Ch6.44]

Chapter 7 – Stray Incubus Walkthrough & Guide

Note: Choices 1 only if [SeiraA] >= 6 OR [HuggedSeira].

1. MC: “Hmmm…”

a. Join Seira. [C7.1] [SeiraL+=3]

i. Let her ‘help’ you. [C7.2]

1. Not really. [C7.3]

2. A bit. [C7.4]

ii. ‘Help’ her instead. [C7.5]

b. Don’t. [C7.7]

2. Anabelle: “So? What do you say?”

a. Spar with Anabelle. [C7.8]

i. User your powers. [C7.9] [AnaL++]

ii. Don’t. [C7.10]

b. Don’t. [C7.11]

Note: Choice 3 only if [InvitedMisty].

3. Misty: “Th-Thanks…”

a. Uniform.


b. Tattoo.


c. She finds it here.


d. Extra eyes.


e. Enough questions.


Note: Will get [CandyR+=5], [TorrR+=5], [SeiraR+=3], [CandyT+=5], [TorrT+=5], [CandyA+=5], and [TorrA+=5] by default.

4. Yumi: “Don’t you want to meet her?”

a. No, Seira is all I need.[C7.12] [SeiraA+=5]

b. I suppose…[C7.13]

Note: Choice 5 only if [InvitedMisty] AND [WentWithHailey].

5. MC: “That’s so…”

a. …cool![C7.14] [MistyA+=2]

b. …weird.[C7.15]

Note: Choice 6 if [TorrT] >= 10.

6. Torr: “But?”

a. Why do you even need to prove that?[C7.16]

b. No buts. I think it’s a solid goal to pursue.[C7.17]

Note: If [AnnaA] >= 2, then [AnnaL++] and [AnnaA++].

7. Jennifer: “Err… Sorry about him, MC. He can be a bit of an… ass sometimes…”

a. Why are you even with this prick?

b. Don’t worry about it.

[C7.18] [JxJ–] [JenA+=2]


Sandbox time: Cannot follow this one as well as the others, so here is a list of variables set:

[C7_UpstairsJumpscare], [C7_UpstairsRoom1Done], [C7_UpstairsRoom2Done], [C7_FirstFloorKitchenDone], [C7_FirstFloorKitchenKnifeDone], [C7_FirstFloorKitchenFoodDone], [C7_FirstFloorKitchenVialsDone], [C7_FirstFloorMasterBedRroomDone], [C7_FirstFloorDoctorBedRroomDone], and [C7_FirstFloorDoctorBedRroomBedsideDone]. These should not be used in the future, but I listed them just in case.

Note: [SawDiary] by default.

Note: [SeiraL++] if [SeiraL] >= 5.

Note: Choice 8 only if [JenA] >= 4.

8. Jen: “Unless YOU think it’s weird, of course!”

a. Tell her it’s not weird.[C7.20] [JenL+=2]

b. Tell her it’s weird.[C7.21]

9. Margot: “Just nod if you did.”

a. Nod.[C7.22]

i. Nod.[C7.23]

1. Let her take her notes.[C7.24]

2. Interrupt her.[C7.25]

a. Fill her up.[C7.26] [CameInMargot]

b. Pull out.[C7.27]

ii. Shake your head.[C7.28]

b. Kick her out of the room.[C7.29]

Note: Choice 9 only if [GabL] >= 2.

10. Gabby: “I-Is it okay, if I…”

a. Kiss her.[C7.30] [GabL+=2] [GabA+=2]

b. Ask what she means.[C7.31]

11. Fransisca: “I better go clean myself up from this mess.”

a. Stop her.[C7.32] [FransL+=3]

i. Shoot it down her throat.[C7.33]

ii. Pull out and cum on her face.[C7.34]

b. Don’t[C7.35]

Chapter 8 – Stray Incubus Walkthrough & Guide

1. MC: “(It’s like that time in the fury’s memories…)”

a. Hide under the table.[C8.2]

b. Hide under the alchemy table.[C8.3]

c. Hide under the stairs.[C8.4]

d. Hide behind the accordion … .[C8.5]

2. Specter: “And you haven’t?”

a. No.[C8.6]

b. I might have …[C8.7]

3. Specter: “D-Don’t…”

a. Kill[KilledSpecter]

b. Spare

Note: If NOT [KilledSpecter], then choice 4; else, [VenusA+=2] [VenusT+=2].

4. Venus: “Thank you…”

a. Hug her.

b. Just tell her she’s welcome.

[C8.8] [VenusA+=4] [VenusT+=4] [C8.9] [VenusA+=2] [VenusT+=2]

Note: Will get [SeiraR+=4] [YumiR+=4] [YumiA+=2] by default.

5. MC: “(She’s not complaining, though…)”

a. Stop. [C8.10] [TamL+=2]

b. Take it further. [C8.11] [TamL+=4]

6. Fransisca: “Think about what I said, Gabriella.”

a. Step out and say something. [C8.12] [GabA+=2] [GabT+=3]

b. Stay hidden. [C8.13]

7. Jenny: “Why are you poking in Jamie’s stuff?”

a. I’m looking out for you. [C8.14] [JenA+=2]

Note: Sub-choices only if [C7.20].

i. Punish Jenny for last night. [C8.15] [JenL+=3]

1. Spank her. [C8_SpankingJen]

2. Resist the urge …

ii. Bad idea. [C8.16]

b. Because he’s an asshole! [C8.17]

Note: Choice 8 only if [SeiraL] >= 5.

8. MC: “(Today is gonna be quite eventful, isn’t it?)”

a. Indulge in the ‘activities’ . [C8_IndulgedInActivities]

i. Put it in her pussy. [C8.18]

1. Creampie Tesha. [C8.19] [SeiraL+=4]

2. Pull out … . [C8.20] [SeiraL+=4]

ii. Put it in her ass. [C8.21]

1. Shoot it inside … . [C8.22] [SeiraL+=4]

2. Pull out … . [C8.23] [SeiraL+=4]

b. Tell her you’re too tired for that.

9. MC: “(Or I could go see Torr and Candy first…)”

a. Go straight to bed. [C8.24]

b. Go visit Torr and Candy. [C8.25]

Note: Sub-choices only if [TorrL] >= 4 AND [CandyL] >= 5.

i. ‘Accidentally’ spill the cups.[C8.26]

1. Sub-Choice 1

a. Candy was better.[C8.27] [CandyA++]

b. Torr was better.[C8.28] [TorrA++]

c. You both could use … .[C8.29]

2. Sub-Choice 2

a. Come down Candy’s … .[C8.30]

b. Come down Torr’s … .[C8.31]

c. Come on both … .[C8.32]

3. Sub-Choice 3[TorrA+=3] [TorrL+=4] [CandyA+=3] [CandyL+=4]

a. Tell them to kiss … .[C8.33]

b. Nah.[C8.34]

ii. Just see how it goes if you don’t … .[C8.35]

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