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College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

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Introduction – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

This guide is grouped by (in-universe) days. This is mainly done for the convenience of organizing the possible conversations you will have.

Conversations are listed on the day they become available, but some text messages do not need to be answered on the same day (some messages do not need to be answered at all). The conversations are also numbered in this guide. This is only done for referencing purposes, as these numbers do not appear in the game.

Each day in this guide contains a list of possible achievements (note that some will require certain prior actions going a particular way). Afterwards, you will see a list of all possible conversations that day (again, some will only be visible if certain criteria are met).

Most (but not all) conversation options will grant you some combination of Boyfriend, Bro or Troublemaker points. You will start the game by default with 2 Boyfriend, 1 Bro and 1 Troublemaker points, and will accumulate more based on your actions. You are not told in-game how your choices affect these points, but this guide will detail them.

Ultimately, these points influence your KCT (Key Character Trait). There are three KCTs available (Confident, Loyal and Popular), and a specific KCT may be needed to unlock certain scenes or progress further with certain characters. Your KCT may also sometimes simply influence the dialogue in some scenes. As a general rule, your KCT will depend on whichever of your personality scores (Boyfriend, Bro or Troublemaker) is the lowest:

Confident (if your lowest score is Bro points)

Loyal (if your lowest score is Troublemaker)

Popular (if your lowest score is Boyfriend)

So for example, if you’ve accumulated 12 Bro, 9 Boyfriend but only 5 Troublemaker points, your KCT will be Loyal. From that point onwards, you can keep on increasing your Bro and Boyfriend scores and your KCT will remain at Loyal. But if you gather enough Troublemaker points that it surpasses your Boyfriend points, then your KCT would change to Popular.

This means that if you are looking to keep a specific trait, pay attention to which choices you need to avoid.

But if you want the freedom to change between KCTs quickly, this will require you to keep a tally of how many points you are getting, and specifically you would have to ensure to keep the three scores (Boyfriend, Bro, Troublemaker) fairly close together.

If you simply play the game at random, by the nature of the dialogues, you are more likely to end up with the Loyal trait if you follow the Wolves path, and more likely to end up with the Confident trait if you follow the Apes path. Either way, the Popular trait is the hardest to achieve and requires paying a lot more attention to your choices.

The following characters react best to each KCT. Consider this if you want to improve your relationships with them. For the characters not listed, it doesn’t fundamentally make a difference to the story what KCT you have.

Confident – Emmy, Grayson, Jenny, Josh, Lauren’s roommate, Penelope, Riley

Loyal – Autumn, Imre, Lauren, Nora

Popular – Amber, Aubrey, Candy, Chloe, Lindsey

This obviously affects how your playthroughs should go, if you’re focusing on a specific character. Take Chloe as an example. She prefers the Popular trait. But every Boyfriend point you collect through your choices moves you away from being Popular. So this means you should get just enough Boyfriend points during the interactions with her to get the scenes close to her, but avoid getting Boyfriend points with other girls. Basically Chloe is going to demand your full attention.

Special interactions that affect your relationships with the girls are highlighted in green.

The below section details the “conversation tree” structure of the guide.

Suppose you have two possible speech options: “Response A” and “Response B”. This is shown as follows:

• Response A

• Response B

Two actions on the same level are always mutually exclusive.

Now suppose that “Response A” leads to two further possible actions: “Response A1” and “Response A2”, while if you pick “Response B” the scene ends there. This is shown as ‘nested’ choices, like in the below example:

• Response A

◦ Response A1

◦ Response A2

• Response B

Some (not all) choices will award “Boyfriend”, “Bro” or “Troublemaker” points. You may see this as follows:

• Response A [+1 Bro]

• Response B [+1 Troublemaker]

You will see the points given by each individual choice. In the example below with nested choices, going for “Response A” will give you 1 Bro point, then going for “Response A2” will grant you 1 additional Boyfriend point:

• Response A [+1 Bro]

◦ Response A1

◦ Response A2 [+1 Boyfriend]

• Response B [+1 Troublemaker]

If a choice triggers an achievement, or an important action, this is also indicated:

• Response A [Achievement: example] [+1 Bro]

• Response B [+1 Troublemaker]

The list of choices may be preceded by a note in square brackets “[]”. This means a conversation will only be available if a certain action was performed before (e.g. you had to pick “R esponse X” in conversation 5). You may see this as follows: [If you chose “Response X” in conversation 5]

• Response A [Achievement: example] [+1 Bro]

• Response B [+1 Troublemaker]

As an added detail, the list of options will give the name of the character(s) in the conversation, to make it easier to find it in the guide. This is shown as:

[If you chose “Response X” in conversation 5] With Julia:

• Response A [Achievement: example] [+1 Bro]

• Response B [+1 Troublemaker]

A conversation may be prolonged, and give you multiple opportunities to make choices. This is shown as multiple sequences as follows:

With Julia:

• Response A [+1 Bro]

• Response B [+1 Troublemaker]

• Response C [+1 Boyfriend]

• Response D

This means you may freely choose “Response A” or “Response B”. Either option will allow the second dialogue, where you will have a free choice of “Response C” or “Response D”.

Day 1 – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

At home – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

You start the day by waking up to a dream sequence with Emily (we will learn soon she was your ex and she’s also going to be studying at San Vallejo). You can rename your character (or keep the default name Alex) as Julia is getting ready to drive you for the first day of college.

1. Texting Emily

• Yeah… I’ll see you there. [Achievement: No hard feelings]

• You cheated on me. Go to hell! [Achievement: Open wound] [+1 Troublemaker]

You don’t need to reply straight away, and neither answer fundamentally changes your relationship with Emily, but it’s the first indication she has cheated on you. It’s also an easy introduction to the phone mechanics and how to trigger achievements. Besides, if you pick the second option, you will earn your first Troublemaker point, and you will be on your way to moving Key Character Trait to Confident. More on that in a moment.

Driving with Julia

2. With Julia:

• Could be fun [+1 Troublemaker]

• No [+1 Boyfriend]

Here you are introduced in a bit more detail to the concept of Key Character Traits (KCT) with a tutorial. Individual choices that you make throughout the game will give you either Boyfriend, Bro or Troublemaker points (but you will never be told in-game how many you have or which choices grant which points). You will only be told if you’ve accumulated enough points to warrant a change in KCT. Moreover, during the ride you will have the chance to check your phone to look at the Stats app and see your current KCT.

At college entrance

3. With Autumn:

• Flirt

• Inquire

This is one of the few choices throughout the game that doesn’t come with a “points” consequence (only the dialogues will change), so feel free to explore either sequence. This will follow your first interaction with Cameron as you bump into him on the stairs.

In class

Here you meet a few of your fellow freshmen colleagues: Ryan, Riley and Lauren, as well as Elijah and your teacher Ms. Rose. Ryan introduces the two most popular fraternities: the Apes and the Wolves. At the end of the year there is a Summer Showdown fighting tournament between the two, and you will get a chance tojoin either one throughout Act 1. After class, Ryan will invite you to the Apes rush party.

4. In class:

• Make fun of Elijah [+1 Troublemaker]

• Stay quiet

Making fun of Elijah at this stage will alter his dialogues when/if you meet him afterwards, so choose which relationship you’d like to have with him.

5. With Lauren:

• Agree [+1 Boyfriend]

• Disagree [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t defend Autumn

• Defend Autumn [+1 Boyfriend]

• You’re cuter

• Yeah, kinda [+1 Boyfriend]

We learn that Lauren is Autumn’s sister, and Autumn is part of the Deer sorority. The Deer are not into fighting, and are one of the two main sororities (the other being the Chicks). Lauren will give you her number during this conversation.

Free roam (corridors)

This is the first free roam, a screen where you canjust explore through your environment. Point and click to interact with any character (most of these interactions will be entirely optional, but they can be used to improve your relationships with certain characters, or add points towards your desired KCT).

6. Texting Julia:

• Love you too. [+1 Boyfriend]

• Thanks, Julia 🙂 [+1 Bro]

You’ll get a text message from Julia; you don’t have to reply straight away.

7. With Riley:

• She’s hot. [+1 Bro]

• She seems nice.

You can introduce yourself to Riley, but you’ll meet her later in the day regardless. Only some of the dialogue will change depending on whether you talk to her now.

8. With Elijah:

• So… the nerds? [+1 Troublemaker]

• That’s cool. [+1 Boyfriend]

if you’ve made fun of Elijah previously, he’ll be upset at you but will still carry on the conversation. He will tell you about the Frogs fraternity, but you will not get tojoin them (because it’s “for the brightest minds” only).

9. With Nora:

• Flirt [Achievement: Keep it moving] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Leave

Turn right to progress through the corridors and you can click on Chris and Nora to reveal they are in a relationship. After seeing their interaction Chris will leave, and you can click on Nora again. This is an indication that sometimes you will be able to come back to a character you’ve already interacted with during a free roam. Flirt with her for an achievement, and she’ll remember you when you meet her later.

After going through the door into the dorm rooms, you can peek on the door to the left to watch a sex scene (between Aubrey and Adam, although we don’t know them yet), or turn right to finish the free roam and meet your roommate Imre.

In dorm – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

10. With Imre:

• So, they’re equally good? [+1 Troublemaker]

• The Wolves sound sick. [+1 Bro]

Meet Imre. His family moved in from Hungary, and his older brother also studied at San Vallejo. In fact, he used to be a Wolf, so Imre will be wanting tojoin them badly.

11. Texting Lauren:

• See you later, cutie [+1 Boyfriend]

• Cool

Imre has invited Riley to come and hang out, so you’ll invite Lauren as well. Finish your text conversation in one of two different ways if you want that Boyfriend point.

During the night you will play drink-or-dare, where Imre will slap Riley and you can choose to take Riley’s dare of taking your shirt off, but the game will end shortly afterwards when Lauren has to leave.

12. With Lauren:

• You’re missing out.

• Dodged a bullet there. [+1 Troublemaker]

13. With Riley:

• Take your shirt off [+1 Troublemaker]

• Drink instead

• Do it, or drink. [+1 Bro]

• You’re right. [+1 Boyfriend]

14. With Imre:

• Riley’s mine. [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ You’re right, sorry. [+1 Bro]

◦ She wants me. [+1 Troublemaker]

• They’re both hot. [+1 Bro]

Before sleeping, Imre and you will reflect on the night. Imre is into Riley, and you can defy him by saying you are too, but you’ll end Day 1 with a good relationship with him regardless of your choice here.

In bed

15. Dream sequence with Riley:

• Keep dreaming [Sex scene with Riley]

• Wake up

The first sex scene, keep dreaming to experience it, or wake up to skip it.

Day 2 – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

During Economics class, Riley will reveal herself to be the more bookish and studious type, while Ryan isn’t into any of that stuff. Lauren will arrive late, which you will use to start up a conversation with her.

In class / In the park

16. With Lauren:

• Move in with me? [+1 Boyfriend]

• Bad roommates suck. [+1 Bro]

At the park, Lauren will open up a bit about herself. She hasn’t dated anyone since 10th grade, and in fact she’s a virgin. To get the Romeo achievement, follow the answers below to gather both responses Lauren likes in the conversation and then kiss her.

Lauren path: To be able to start a relationship with Lauren, you will need either the Romeo achievement, or have the KCT Loyal when you meet her in Day 3. You might as well go for this routejust to keep your options open, or do things differently if you already know you’re not interested.

• You could get any guy.

• Yet, you’re here with me. [Lauren likes]

• I’m still in love with my ex.

• I’ve broken into an Ikea. [Lauren likes]

• You’re really beautiful. [+1 Boyfriend]

• You’re not ugly. [+1 Bro]

• Kiss her [Achievement: Romeo (if both “Lauren likes” options selected)]

• Don’t kiss her

Either option here will make awkward temporarily between you and Lauren, but you can meet the next day to work things out

Back at the dorm, Imre invites you to go out, but you’ll answer Ryan’s text and meet him at the Apes frat house instead. Imre will be a bit upset for the night, but this cannot be avoided.

Free roam (party)

Another free roam, where you have the choice to interact with various people at the party. You can check on Sam and Karen at the front porch. Once inside, you will have to chat with Josh to progress, who is an old friend from middle school. This will lead to meeting Aubrey (you may recognize her from the free roam on Day 1)

17. With Aubrey:

• Flirt

◦ Say you’re a fighter [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Say you’re not a fighter

• Ask if she likes fighters [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ I’ll be the next Fight King. [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ No, that’s not for me.

Aubrey will introduce herself as ajunior and vice-president of the Chicks sorority, and she’ll let you know that Grayson (the president of the Apes) is also at the party

Meanwhile, feel free to explore the free roam. Courtney is waiting for the “bathroom” to become vacant. You can also visit upstairs and check on a conversation between Cameron and Grayson planning the Apes’ recruitment.

Back downstairs, you can turn right into the pool room to meet Katy and Sarah, or talk to Mason and Jeremy for an achievement if you threaten Cameron (don’t worry, Cameron won’t hear that)

18. With Mason/Jeremy:

• Yeah, he better watch out. [Achievement: Big mouth] [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• I didn’t wanna fight him.

19. Texting Lauren:

• Yeah, sure. [+1 Boyfriend]

• What is there to talk about? [+1 Troublemaker]

Going into the room on the left of the screen, you’ll notice you have a text message from Lauren. You don’t need to answer it at this moment (she will message again in the morning). Regardless of how/if you answer, you’ll be able to meet her the next day.

At any moment, click on Chloe and Tom to end the free roam.


20. With Ryan:

• You’re right, I’ll talk to her. [+1 Bro]

• She’s occupied.

Whether you go on your own initiative, or need a nudge from Ryan, Chloe will thank you for interrupting the conversation over Tom’s rock collection and introduce herself as the president of the Chicks. Your reward will be a flirting session with her outside.

21. With Chloe:

• Apologize [+1 Boyfriend]

• Make fun of him [+1 Bro]

• Empathize [+1 Boyfriend]

• Poke fun [+1 Troublemaker]

The day will end when you come back inside with Chloe. Grayson will come to you and punch you, knocking you out and giving you a black eye. Ryan takes you back to your dorm room, and the game continues when you wake up on Day 3.

Day 3 – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

Day 3 brings the first fight scene (optional), and the choice of how you want to proceed with your ex Emily. More importantly, you can start a relationship with Lauren. But beware: you may be “locking” yourself to a specific ending too soon.


22. With Imre:

• Hmm… maybe. [+1 Bro]

• I’m not fighting. [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ I’ll think about it. [+1 Bro]

◦ I won’t fight. [+1 Boyfriend]

The day starts with you back at the dorm room, and Imre berating you for having attended the Apes party and goading you to take on fighting. After he leaves, Ryan will text you to check on you. He was the one who brought you back to your room, but you can let him know you don’t like him siding with Grayson on this one.

23. Texting Ryan:

• I’m fine [+1 Bro]

• No, wtf was that?! Fuck Grayson and fuck the Apes [+1 Troublemaker]

• Whatever [+1 Bro]

• Don’t you dare defend that guy [+1 Troublemaker]

24. Texting Lauren:

• Yeah, SV cafe in 20 mins? [Meet with Lauren] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Sorry, I can’t [Achievement: Mixed feelings] [+1 Troublemaker]

Lauren will also text you to follow up on the previous day’s conversation. if you want to go down the path of a relationship with Lauren, you will need to accept her meeting invitation (and also you will need to have picked up the Romeo achievement, or otherwise have a KCT Loyal). Or reject Lauren, and you’ll have an achievement waiting.

Walking outside

25. With Tom:

• Shout back [Fight]

• Keep walking

◦ Shout back [Fight]

◦ Walk away

Tom will tease you as you walk outside, still angry from the night before. Ignore him and walk away, or react to him to start a fight.

Fighting will be an important part of the game, so if you want you can take this opportunity to go through the fighting tutorial. Afterwards, you will have one of three choices: have the fight simulated with an automatic win for you, have it simulated with a realistic outcome (in some cases this can mean you’re more likely to lose), or actually test yourself and go through the fight.

Fights are essentially reaction challenges, where you’ll need to respond to your opponent’s stance with the correct defense or attack. if you choose to control the fight yourself, at higher difficulty levels you will have shorter amounts of time in which to make your decisions. There’s an achievement to be won if you beat Tom in Hard difficulty mode, but this can be frustratingly difficult.

During the game you may learn new moves, which can help during fights.

26. [If you fight and beat Tom in conversation 25] With Tom: [Achievement: The notorious (if Hard mode)]

• Kick him [+1 Troublemaker]

• Walk away [+1 Bro]


27. [If you decided to meet in conversation 24] With Lauren:

• There was something there. [Start relationship with Lauren (if you have KCT Loyal or gathered the Romeo achievement through conversation 16)] [Achievement: A new beginning (if you have KCT Loyal or gathered the Romeo achievement)] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Let’s forget about it. [+1 Bro]

Lauren path: The first decision with a long-term impact, and almost a point-of-no-return. if you picked up the Romeo achievement the day before (or if by now you have the KCT Loyal), tell Lauren you feel there was something there at the park to start a relationship.

if you start a relationship, you cannot break it off amicably, and ultimately you are locking yourself to a situation where you’ll have no choice but to take her as your homecoming date at the end ofAct 1. You’ll actually have to cheat on Lauren to end the relationship if you’d like a chance with taking other girls instead.

This is the easiest chance to start a relationship with Lauren, and it either ends up being a long-term thing or a messy break-up. So choose your adventure carefully. But even if you don’t start something now, there will be future interactions that you can escalate with her. In any case, it will help if you have the Loyal trait.

28. [If you told Lauren there was something there in conversation 27, but didn’t have KCT Loyal or the Romeo achievement] With Lauren:

• Give me a chance.

• You’re right.

Without the Romeo achievement or KCT Loyal, there will be no convincing Lauren.

29. Texting Josh:

• Sorry, man. She doesn’t know what she’s missing. [+1 Bro]

• Sooo, did you give it to her? [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Yeah, I guess you’re right. [+1 Bro]

◦ Dude, what the fuck?! [+1 Troublemaker]

Just before class you will get a quick text chat with Josh (or you can message him later). He will deliver you the good news that Aubrey has asked for your number (so we’ll be hearing more from her).

You will also be introduced to History professor Mr. Lee, who is rather passionate about his subject. After Cameron heckles during class, Mr. Lee will demand that everyone comes dressed with a historical costume for the next lecture. You’ll have fun shopping later, but not with Imre (he’s going to check on the girls’ volleyball team and buy his costume later).

Corridor – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

30. With Emily:

• Okay, I guess. [Forgive Emily] [+1 Boyfriend]

• No, sorry. [+1 Troublemaker]

After class, Nora may recognize you from Day 1, but the second important decision of the day comes with your interaction with Emily. She wants to apologize for her cheating, and taking her at her word will reveal a little bit more about your past history with her in a follow-up conversation. Emily path: This will not be the only opportunity to forgive Emily, but you will need to do so at some point to be able to get back with her. Forgiving her now is also the only way of triggering the following Doctor’s office sequence (though it doesn’t actually affect your healing)

(On the way to) Doctor

31. [If you forgave Emily in conversation 30] With Emily / Benjamin:

• Yeah, of course. (joke) [+1 Troublemaker]

• I’m still single. [+1 Boyfriend]

• It was adorable. [+1 Boyfriend]

• It was so funny. [+1 Bro]

• Sure, knock yourself out. [Achievement: Over it] [+1 Bro]

• Stay away from her. [+1 Boyfriend]

• Tell Emily about Benjamin [+1 Boyfriend] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t tell Emily [+1 Bro]

At Dr. Ehrmantraut’s office, you will meet Benjamin, who went to school with Emily’s sister Hannah. Benjamin is into Emily, and will ask your “permission” to go after her. There’s an achievement to be picked up if you let him, but either way this only slightly affects the dialogues and doesn’t impact your (potential) relationship with Emily (or hers with Benjamin, whom we don’t hear of anymore)

Dr. Ehrmantraut will check your eye, and it turns out it’s nothing too serious. Though you will be left wishing it were, if that meant having to visit her office again…

On the way to clothing store

32. Texting Aubrey:

• Wait they’re not dating? [+1 Bro]

◦ My day tomorrow is quite full, but how about today? I need to buy a costume. [+1 Boyfriend]

• My day tomorrow is quite full, but how about today? I need to buy a costume. [+1 Boyfriend]

Having gotten your number from Josh, Aubrey will text you to hang out. Your schedules can’t quite match but you can go costume shopping with her. Also you can probe her a bit to find out Chloe and Grayson used to date, but they broke it off. Grayson did some shady stuff, or this mightjust be Aubrey going with Chloe’s side of the story.

You’ll meet Penelope, who was also in your History class, and she’s got quite the quirky personality. For now we’ll learn she’s actually ajuniorjust arriving at San Vallejo after being expelled from her previous college, but you still get to make a choice: carry on with the initial plan and meet with Aubrey, or go with Penelope instead. Whichever option you choose, you’ll get to see the girl trying different outfits, but you’ll need to go with Penelope and mess things up for the Keen eye achievement.

33. Texting Aubrey:

• Yeah, I’m just on my way, I’ll be right there. [Shop with Aubrey] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Sorry, something came up and I can’t make it. [Shop with Penelope] [+1 Troublemaker]

At the costume shop, which has now been converted to a regular clothing store (after a surprising increase of in-store injuries in January) you’ll also meet the clerk Evelyn. You’ll have a chance at her later, but for now it’s time to try some costumes.

You can buy any of the three costumes available (viking, knight or cowboy) at any time, but you can also try them on multiple times. As you do, Aubrey/Penelope will be trying a matching outfit on the other booth. Peek at your own risk, because there’s a chance you’ll get caught, which can upset the girl and have her leave the store.

Whatever happens, if you end up buying the Viking costume, there will be an extra scene in History class the following week as Mr. Lee will call you out for having a costume that is inaccurate.

Clothing store – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

34. [If you went shopping with Aubrey in conversation 33] With Aubrey: Trying the viking costume

• Peek [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Risk it [Random chance of getting caught]

◦ Stop peeking

• Don’t peek [+1 Boyfriend]

• It’s kinda hot. [+1 Boyfriend]

• It’s definitely something. [+1 Bro] Trying the knight costume

• Peek [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Risk it [Random chance of getting caught]

◦ Stop peeking

• Don’t peek [+1 Boyfriend]

• looking might fine. [+1 Boyfriend]

• certainly practical. [+1 Bro]

Trying the cowboy costume

• Peek [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Risk it [Random chance of getting caught]

◦ Stop peeking

• Don’t peek [+1 Boyfriend]

When you try on the cowboy outfit, Aubrey will initially not want to show you hers. But if you have KCT Popular, she can be persuaded.

• Oh come on. [Aubrey costume reveal (with KCT Popular)] [+1 Troublemaker]

• [+1 Boyfriend]

if you do get caught peeking Aubrey at any moment, she’ll accept your apology. But if you try to deny it without having KCT Confident, that will upset her. You will have a chance to talk it over the following day, so this does not prevent the development of any relationship with her.

35. [If you were caught peeking in conversation 34] With Aubrey:

• Apologize [+1 Boyfriend]

• Deny it [Aubrey will leave the store (unless KCT Confident)] [+1 Troublemaker]

You can try the same outfits with Penelope instead, if you chose to go with her. But she will never show you what the cowboy outfit looks on her. Also, if you get caught peeking she’s much more likely to leave the store angrily.

36. [If you went shopping with Penelope in conversation 33] With Penelope: Trying the viking costume

• Peek [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Risk it [Random chance of getting caught]

◦ Stop peeking

• Don’t peek [+1 Boyfriend]

• You look beautiful. [+1 Boyfriend]

• I guess it’s nice. [+1 Bro]

Trying the knight costume

• Peek [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Risk it [Random chance of getting caught]

◦ Stop peeking

• Don’t peek [+1 Boyfriend]

• Flirt [+1 Boyfriend]

• Agree [+1 Bro]

Trying the cowboy costume

• Peek [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Risk it [Random chance of getting caught]

◦ Stop peeking

• Don’t peek [+1 Boyfriend]

• Oh come on. [+1 Troublemaker]

• [+1 Boyfriend]

37. [If you were caught peeking in conversation 36] With Penelope:

• Apologize [Penelope will leave the store] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Deny it [Penelope will leave the store (unless KCT Confident)] [+1 Troublemaker]

Getting caught by Penelope and having her leave the store is the only way to the Keen eye achievement (provided you successfully apologize later). if you do want to get caught, you may have to try outfits and peek multiple times (beware you’ll be adding Troublemaker points each time). When she does catch you, the only way to keep her happy is to deny the peeking while having KCT Confident

Evelyn path: At any rate, if either girl caught you peeking, you’ll be on your own to pay for your chosen outfit (otherwise you’ll be leaving together), which means you’ll have a chance with the clerk Evelyn. if you don’t (or can’t) make a move now, you’ll still meet her at the gym the following day. But it’s your first opportunity to get her number. She’s a grown-up though, so you’ll need to be smart in your approach.

38. [If either Aubrey in conversation 34 or Penelope in conversation 36 caught you peeking] With Evelyn:

• Make a move. [+1 Bro]

◦ Be smart [Get Evelyn’s number]

◦ Be funny

• Leave [+1 Boyfriend]

On the way back to the dorm, you’ll find Chris and Aaron sticking Wolves posters, and they’ll casually mention you shouldjoin them. Imre will then tell you all about his escapades inside the volleyball team’s locker room, and will even knock you offyour moral high horse if you’ve acted improperly at the clothing store.


39. With Imre:

• You’re crazy. [+1 Bro]

• That’s not cool. [+1 Boyfriend]

• Hell yeah. [+1 Bro]

• She’s alright.

By this time Chloe has also come into your dorm. She feels responsible for you having been punched by Grayson (after all they did have a thing together before) and will invite you to the gym later that night.

Meeting Chloe – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

40. With Chloe:

• Ask her about it [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t question it [+1 Boyfriend]

• Win the game [+1 Troublemaker]

• Let her win [+1 Boyfriend]

You’ll end the night meeting Chloe and breaking into the gym to play some volleyball, but the security guard will notice you before you can get closer to her.

During sleep, you will get a flashback sequence, going back to the moment Emily confessed to having cheated on you: she got drunk at a birthday party but came back to your place in the middle of the night to apologize, but you broke up with her there and then. Can’t spend too much time dwelling on that though, tomorrow is going to be an eventful day.

Day 4 – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

This day can bring your first date with Lauren (if you went down that road) and your first (real) sex scene, with Aubrey. It’s even possible to go through both (but then it’s up to you to deal with the consequences). You can also set yourself up for something to develop with Riley later, and Imre will get himself into a fight that will put him in hospital.


41. With Imre:

• Show off [+1 Bro]

• Stick to what you know

Imre takes you to the Sports X gym, which happens to be the cheapest around. When you pledge to a frat later you will get to use their facilities, but for now this will have to do. After making a move on receptionist Lindsey, Imre will teach you a new fighting skill you can use, the body hook. Evelyn path: This will also be your last chance to approach Evelyn, if you couldn’t already do so at the clothing shop the day before. Again, treat her as a grown-up and you’ll do fine here, or feel free to skip if you’re not into her.

42. [If you didn’t make a move on Evelyn in conversation 38] With Evelyn:

• Approach her [+1 Bro]

◦ Be smart [Get Evelyn’s number]

◦ Be funny

• Leave it [+1 Boyfriend]

Chicks house

43. [If Aubrey left the store in conversation 35] With Aubrey:

• Take off your clothes [+1 Boyfriend] [+1 Bro]

• Refuse [+1 Troublemaker]

44. [If you didn’t cause Aubrey to leave the store on her own in conversation 35] With Aubrey:

• Truth [+1 Boyfriend]

• Dare [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

Depending on how things went on the day before, you may get to a short game of truth or dare with Aubrey (where we’ll learn there’s another ex-girlfriend you’ve slept with in the past, besides Emily).

Aubrey path: But whatever happens, you’ll be placed in a situation where you take offyour clothes in front ofAubrey. Kiss her and there’s no turning back, this will lead to a sex scene. This one is more interactive than the dream sequence with Riley on Day 1, so go ahead exploring the different positions on the left panel.

if you’re worried about Lauren, she won’t find out unless you tell her, if you’re okay with that arrangement.

45. With Aubrey:

• Kiss her [Sex with Aubrey]

• Stop it

Outside dorm room

46. [If you didn’t start a relationship with Lauren in conversation 27] With Lauren:

• I’d love to. [+1 Boyfriend]

• I don’t know… [+1 Troublemaker]

Lauren will come by your dorm as a friend, if you don’t have a date scheduled for later, and you’ll agree to help her with a Psychology assignment she’s got.

if you do have a date with her (and don’t mess it up too much afterwards), she’ll ask your help at a later moment.


47. With Julia:

• Answer [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Shopping sounds great. [Meet with Julia] [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ I can’t, sorry. [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t answer [Achievement: Not now, mom] [+1 Troublemaker]

Chloe path: Julia will call you and invite you to go shopping. This seems innocent enough, and there’s an achievement for refusing to even pick up the phone. But agree to meet and this can massively boost your chances of taking Chloe into homecoming (we’ll see why the following day).

Riley and Ryan will come knocking next, inviting you out for a picnic (it’s such a beautiful day after all). You’ll end up talking about Grayson punching you, and you’ll take offense to Ryan siding with him instead of encouraging you to get closer with Chloe. A fallout happens (it will be resolved later), but at this point Riley will follow you to talk it out.

Going for a picnic

48. With Riley/Ryan:

• Compliment Riley [+1 Boyfriend]

• Agree with Ryan [+1 Bro]

• Insult Ryan [+1 Troublemaker]

• Walk away [+1 Bro]

Riley path: Say you’re into Chloe and you’ll put Riley slightly off when she comes to talk to you. Or play it cool for a kiss. Kissing her now is the easiest way to ultimately create a relationship, otherwise you’ll have to build up a KCT Confident to pursue her later.

49. With Riley:

• I like her [+1 Boyfriend]

• She’s into me. [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Kiss her [Achievement: Lips don’t lie] [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Don’t kiss her [+1 Boyfriend]

Lauren path: if you’ve played your cards right with Lauren, up next is a movie date. Go through it successfully and you’ll be locked in to taking her to homecoming (unless you cheat on her with Emily later). But beware of the pitfalls that can ruin your date.

Date with Lauren

50. [If you started a relationship with Lauren in conversation 27 and had sex with Aubrey in conversation 45] With Lauren:

• Tell her what happened. [Achievement: Truth hurts] [Breaks relationship with Lauren (told Lauren about Aubrey)] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t tell her. [+1 Troublemaker]

Lauren may value honesty, but she’ll value loyalty even higher. if you mess around with Aubrey and then tell Lauren, she’ll dump you on the spot.

Make it past this stage and lock eyes inside the theatre for a kiss or something more. But if you keep your hands frisky after she’s asked you to stop, that’s also going to result in an early shower.

if you do mess up the date and would like to apologize later, you better be on your way to a KCT Loyal.

51. [If you started a relationship with Lauren in conversation 27 and either didn’t have sex with Aubrey in conversation 45 or didn’t tell Lauren about it in conversation 50] With Lauren:

• Kiss her

◦ Reach under her skirt [+1 Troublemaker]

▪ Keep going [Breaks relationship with Lauren (went too far)] [+1 Troublemaker]

▪ Stop [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Keep hands to yourself [+1 Boyfriend]

• Continue watching

The day ends when we learn Imre has been taking into the hospital. Adam (a former Ape) bust him up for hitting on her sister. You may get your chance at avenging him later, but Imre will have to stay at the hospital for a couple nights. Riley will come over to your dorm later to comfort you, and even though we learn she’s not fancying Imre, she’s also not going to spend the night with youjust yet.


52. With Imre:

• You should be more careful. [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Let me help. [+1 Bro]

◦ That’s a dumb idea. [+1 Boyfriend]

• Let’s fuck him up. [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]


53. With Riley:

• Take responsibility [+1 Bro] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Blame Ryan [+1 Troublemaker]

• Ask her to sleep here

• Don’t ask

There’s another dream sequence at night. Ryan’s talk will bring up your insecurities surrounding Chloe, and this can end up hurting you the following day…

Day 5 – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

The theme for today will be centered around reconciliation, as you can move to patch things up with other characters if you’ve done them wrong. It’s also the day you’ll (possibly) learn more about Chloe and where you can take the first meaningful steps towards a relationship with her. You’ll be able

to ask Penelope out on a date and meet two new girls at a party (Amber and Kim), but don’t get so drunk you’ll regret it later.

Overall, there will be a lot more to lose than to gain during the course of this day, so tread carefully.

Start off the weekend with a trip to the mall with Julia if you’ve agreed to meet up. She can’t help noticing your black eye, so feel free to appease her with a white lie. The subject will then turn to the girls you’ve been meeting. Mention Emily or Chloe to set yourself up for an achievement, or anyone elsejust to gauge Julia’s reaction.

Shopping with Julia

54. [If you agreed to meet Julia in conversation 47] With Julia:

• Someone punched me. [+1 Boyfriend]

• It was an accident. [+1 Troublemaker]

Tell Julia about:

• Chloe

• Aubrey

• Lauren

• Riley

• Emily [Achievement: Relight the fire]

• Penelope

Here comes a chance to buy a volleyball, and you might as well go ahead and get it. This is going to be very helpful to get Chloe to be your homecoming date as you’ll gift it to her (otherwise you’ll need to have KCT Popular later on). But you’ll still need to keep a good relationship with her (she’s that finicky).

• Buy it [Achievement: Rematch (if you told Julia about Chloe)] [Can gift to Chloe]

• Don’t buy it


55. [If you broke the relationship with Lauren in conversation 50 or 51] With Autumn: [+1 Troublemaker] regardless

• Apologize [Makes Autumn mad unless KCT Loyal]

• Sit somewhere else [Makes Autumn mad]

There’s only time for a quick chat with Chloe for a meet later that night, before you’ll find Autumn (Lauren’s sister) at the library. Unless you upset her, Autumn will let you know about her political science essay on feminism she’s writing. She also volunteers at the local dog shelter, where you may find her later.

Lauren path: if you did ruin your date with Lauren, apologizing to Autumn while having KCT Loyal can help you make amends, as she’ll put on a good word about you to her younger sister.

56. [If you didn’t break the relationship with Lauren in conversation 50 or 51] [+1 Boyfriend]


57. With Ryan:

• Talk to him [+1 Bro]

• Ignore him [+1 Troublemaker]

You can’t actually avoid Ryan here, so you’ll take this chance to talk it over with him after what transpired at the picnic. He’sjust concerned about you, that’s all…

Up next is a trip to the cafe, to get a fix of caffeine, where you’ll come across Penelope.


58. [If you caused Penelope to leave the store in conversation 37] With Penelope:

• Buy Penelope a muffin [Achievement: Keen eye] [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Grab her hand [+1 Boyfriend]

▪ Kiss her [Penelope leaves cafe] [+1 Troublemaker]

▪ Don’t kiss her

◦ Leave it

• Buy Penelope a coffee [Penelope leaves cafe]

Penelope path: If you look carefully, you’ll notice she’s already gotten herself a coffee. Just in case you went costume shopping with Penelope and she caught you peeking, buy her a muffin to go with her coffee to be able to make things right. She’ll forgive you, but don’t go for the kissjust yet, or you’ll come across as too forward. She won’t stay mad for too long even if you mess things up here again, but you’ll need her happy to invite her to a bowling date injust a minute.

59. [If you didn’t cause Penelope to leave the store in conversation 37, or if you did but grabbed her hand without kissing her in conversation 58] With Penelope:

• Magic Powers. [+1 Bro]

• I didn’t. [+1 Boyfriend]

60. [If you didn’t cause Penelope to leave the cafe in conversation 58] With Penelope:

• We should watch some. [+1 Troublemaker]

• You should try it. [+1 Bro]

You’ll carry on the conversation, and while she may be acting slightly suspicious, what she’s looking at in her laptop definitely isn’t anything she shouldn’t be doing. She’s not even into porn and she’s got a lot of studying to do. At any rate, encourage her to go bowling and you’ve got yourself a date lined up. You’ll need this to capture the Strike achievement. But setting up this date will also make Penelope grow slightlyjealous if she learns of any of your adventures with other girls.

• You wanna go bowling?

◦ Encourage her [Bowling date] [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Tease her [+1 Bro]

• Yeah, it was nice.

61. Texting Josh:

• Uhh, sure. [+1 Bro]

• I’m meeting a friend at 11, so I can’t really

◦ Alright, I’ll come. [+1 Bro]

◦ Josh, I don’t know, man. I don’t wanna be late.

▪ Fine, I’ll come. But I need to go before 11.

▪ I can’t, sorry. [+1 Boyfriend]

Your friend Josh will come texting next, and he’s got a party planned for tonight. He’ll be very insistent, and will use a picture ofAmber (a girl who will be there) if you resist at first. There’s no harm in simply going, and you’ll get to meet Amber and Kim. But stay for too long and it will not end up well with Chloe. Or simply decline the invitation and go straight to the Chicks’ place

Josh’s party

62. [If you agreed to go to Josh’s party in conversation 61] With Josh:

• I can move. [+1 Boyfriend] [+1 Bro]

• It’s my spot now. [+1 Troublemaker]

• I’ll join the Wolves. [+1 Bro]

• I don’t know yet. [+1 Boyfriend]

if you do make it to Josh’s party, you’ll start mingling with Amber and Kim, and the topic will turn to fraternities. You’rejust making conversation, so you’re not committing to anythingjust yet, but sporting a black eye Amber will see you as more of a fighter.

Josh will introduce the ‘bangolo’ drinking game now, and this is the moment for a very important decision. Carry on playing and you’ll get to see Amber and Kim kiss, as well as trying to have a tequila shot off the body of either of them (Amber will even return a kiss if you go for it at this time). Chloe path: But playing this game will also mean you’ll get drunk and upset Chloe, which will close off some avenues with her. You’ll miss the chance tojoin her at the swimming pool later, and you’ll need to get KCT Popular to regain her trust afterwards.

• Sounds good. [Play bangolo] [+1 Bro]

• I should stop here. [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Alright, just for a bit. [Play bangolo]

◦ Sorry, I really can’t.

63. [If you carried on playing in conversation 62] With Josh/Kim/Amber:

• Do a handstand [+1 Bro]

• Drink three sips [+1 Boyfriend]

• Amber [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Kiss her

◦ Don’t kiss her

• Kim [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Kiss her [she’ll reject]

◦ Don’t kiss her

Chloe path: What happens next with Chloe depends on how far you went at Josh’s party. You’ll ask her if she’sjust playing you, but you’re only going off what you heard from Ryan. if you got drunk you’lljust end up making a scene regardless and make her upset. Even if you don’t get drunk, accusing Chloe of lying will not go down well with her either.

But staying sober and trusting her when she says these are all Grayson’s games is the way to keep a good relationship with Chloe. if you fail to trust her during this encounter, Chloe willjust barge back into the house and Nora will come by and ask you what you’re doing outside. Decide how much you want to share, but Nora won’t be in a position to help much anyway.

Chicks’ place

64. [If you carried on playing in conversation 62] With Chloe:

• Accuse her of lying [+1 Troublemaker]

• Ask about the punch

65. [If you didn’t join Josh’s party in conversation 61, or you did but you didn’t play bangolo in conversation 62] With Chloe:

• I believe you. [Pleases Chloe] [+1 Boyfriend]

• You’re lying. [+1 Troublemaker]

66. [If you played bangolo in conversation 62, or accused Chloe of lying in conversation 65] With Nora:

• It’s Chloe

◦ Tell her

◦ Say you gotta go

• It’s nothing

Time to go to sleep reflecting on whatjust happened today. You might have kept it nice and friendly with Autumn, Penelope and Chloe, or you might have soured those relationships to the point of only a KCT change being able to salvage them in the future.

Day 6 – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

Imre is getting out of the hospital today, and he’s still out for revenge against Adam. You can try to takejustice into your own hands, but your Hungarian roommate is too proud to take that in good spirits. Meanwhile, you can go and meet Lauren (either to apologize or for her psychology assignment), as well as Chloe if you didn’t upset her the night before. As always with Chloe, trust will be key.


67. [If you kissed Amber in conversation 63] Texting Amber:

• We did, I’ll make it up to you.

◦ I give some world-class massages [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ I’ll stay longer next time

• Sorry, something came up.

68. [If you didn’t kiss Amber in conversation 63] Texting Amber:

• Wow, you really wanted to see me, huh? [+1 Bro]

◦ Don’t worry, you’ll see me soon [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Haha, I’m fine.

• Sorry, something came up.

You’ll start the day with a text from Amber, checking on you and equally flirty regardless of if you’ve even attended the party or not the day before.

Lauren path: if your date with Lauren broke down, you’ll have another decision to make. You can stand back and give her time, but this will keep her upset and it’ll be awkward when you meet later in class.

if you do decide to apologize, by now it’s out of your hand how Lauren will react. You may need KCT Confident to dupe her roommate into letting you know she’s at the Economics classroom, but having KCT Loyal or having convinced Autumn at the library will help rekindle the relationship.

69. [If you broke the relationship with Lauren in conversation 50 or 51] With Lauren:

• I should go apologize

• I’ll give her time [Angers Lauren]

Lauren’s room

70. [If you decided to apologize to Lauren in conversation 69 because you went too far in conversation 51] With Unknown person:

• I’m someone else [Leads to bus ride with Riley unless KCT Confident] [+1 Troublemaker]

• I didn’t mean to [Leads to bus ride with Riley] [+1 Boyfriend]

71. [If you decided to apologize to Lauren in conversation 69 and didn’t trigger the bus ride scene in conversation 70] With Lauren:

• [If you told Lauren about Aubrey in conversation 50, and either (didn’t make Autumn mad in conversation 55, or you have KCT Loyal)] [Restarts relationship with Lauren]

• [If you went too far with Lauren in conversation 51, made Autumn mad in conversation 55, and do not have KCT Loyal] [Angers Lauren] [Leads to bus ride with Riley]

At any rate, unless you’re avoiding Lauren or failed to apologize, you’ll be seeing her for the psychological tests she needs for her assignment. if you have started (orjust restarted) a relationship with Lauren, she’ll be kissing you. She’ll take your word if you say you’re not comfortable with kissing in public, even if deep down you’rejust afraid of other girls spotting you.

In classroom

72. [If you kissed Lauren and didn’t cause her to break the relationship in conversation 51, or you restarted the relationship in conversation 71] With Lauren:

• Complaints? I love it. [+1 Boyfriend]

• I don’t like kissing in public. [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Sorry, not in public. [Achievement: On the low] [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Actually, a kiss is fine.

Time for the actual personality test. It starts off with three questions on how you view yourself. There aren’t right or wrong answers here, but Lauren will speak her mind after asking you if you see yourself as a relationship person.

73. [If you didn’t cause Lauren to break the relationship in conversation 51, or you didn’t trigger the bus ride scene in conversation 71] With Lauren: I struggle making difficult decisions.

• Agree [+1 Boyfriend]

• Disagree [+1 Troublemaker]

I consider myself an animal lover.

• Agree [+1 Boyfriend] [+1 Bro]

• Disagree [+1 Troublemaker]

I consider myself a relationship person.

• Agree [+1 Boyfriend]

• Disagree [+1 Bro]

The second part of the test is the “trolley problem”. This is a famous thought experiment, where you’ll face decisions involving a train hypothetically running over people and animals. You can skip this part of the game if this is uncomfortable, and move on to the next section in this guide. You will miss out on one achievement, however.

Have you heard of the trolley problem?

• Yes

• No

• Skip

• Continue [Play trolley problem]

In the first situation, you’ll test whether you actually struggle making difficult decisions (matching the first question). In this thought exercise, a train is going down a track where it is about to run over five people. However, you have the choice to pull a lever and send the train down a different track,

where it will run over a single person. The moral dilemma is that if you do pull the lever, you’ve made a conscious decision to save the five, but also made a conscious decision to kill the one. Whereas if youjust let the train run its path, you might not see yourself as responsible for what happens. You’ll have a few seconds to click on the lever if you want to make that choice.

74. [If you decide to play the trolley problem in conversation 73] With Lauren:

Situation 1

• Press the lever [+1 Bro]

• Don’t press the lever [+1 Boyfriend]

You can stop the exercise after this first situation, or you can carry on. In the second situation you’ll have to decide between letting the train run over a person, or diverting it to kill a dog. if you kill the dog after having said you were an animal lover, congratulations: you get the PETA public enemy achievement. You’ll also get flashbacks later though, so be sure you’re happy with your decision.

• Yeah, let’s do it.

• I’d rather not. [Ends this conversation]

Situation 2

• Press the lever [Achievement: PETA public enemy (if you said you were an animal lover in conversation 73)]

• Don’t press the lever [+1 Troublemaker]

• Yeah, okay.

• I’d rather not. [Ends this conversation]

In the third and final situation, if you choose to go through with it, the choice to be made will be between letting the train run over five people, or sparing those in exchange for Emily, who is on the other track. If it’s any consolation, Emily won’t find out what your decision was.

Situation 3

• Press the lever [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t press the lever [+1 Bro]

• At least we’re done now. [+1 Boyfriend]

• That was too far. [+1 Troublemaker]

Time to go pick up Imre from the hospital. You’ll bejoined by Riley on the bus ride there. Imre is still hurting a bit, and on the ride back you’ll see someone resembling Emily. Which will trigger a flashback scene from your times dating. But it turns out there was someone else in the bus after all.

As soon as you’re back, Imre will be looking for Adam to try and fight him. Obviously he’s putting himself up in a very dangerous position, so you’ll call Aubrey to see ifshe happens to know Adam. She’ll hesitate for a bit (you may have noticed her having sex with him on your very first free roam) but she’ll confirm his room is indeedjust across from yours (turns out Imre didn’t know this).

So now it’s up to you: you can confront Adam, which can escalate into a fight. Or you bring it to the attention of the school counsellor. Or you canjust stay away from all this mess.

Imre path: if you do fight and beat Adam, this will anger Imre (you spoiled his fun), but he won’t be too upset if you end up losing. In the same token, if you raise this with the school, the Snitch achievement will be on your way, but Imre will also be enraged. Angering Imre here will need the Loyal KCT to resolve, at the expense of progressing your relationship with another girl (either Amber or Chloe). Basically letting the guys figure it out between themselves while you chase the girls is the win-win scenario here.

Outside Adam’s

75. With Adam:

• Confront Adam [+1 Bro]

◦ Punch him [Fight] [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Talk to him [+1 Boyfriend]

▪ Punch him [Fight] [+1 Troublemaker]

▪ Threaten to tell school [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Leave it [+1 Boyfriend]

76. [If you didn’t fight Adam in conversation 75] With Adam:

• Tell the school [Angers Imre] [Achievement: Snitch] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Keep it to yourself [+1 Bro]

Fighting Adam (whether you win or lose) will bring up an additional scene with Chris (president of the Wolves). He’ll either save you from further punishment or congratulate you on having beaten Adam.

77. [If you fight and beat Adam in conversation 75] With Chris: [Angers Imre]

• Yeah, I’m interested [+1 Bro]

• Not really [+1 Boyfriend]

You’ll always meet Imre at the cafeteria. He hasn’t found Adam yet, but you’ll tell him you found out where his room is. if you already beat Adam (or went to the school counsellor), Imre will be upset at you. Otherwise, he will go and try to find Adam by himself. Either way, this will be a good time to go and have a walk outside to clear your head and think about your next move.

Your next move will depend on how you behaved with Chloe the night before. She will text you unless you got drunk or mistrusted her (in which case you’ll get a message from Amber instead). But you can’t stop thinking about Imre and how me might be getting beaten up by Adam right now.


78. [If you angered Imre through conversation 76 or 77, and you trusted Chloe in conversation 65] In the park:

• Find Imre [+1 Bro]

• Meet Chloe [+1 Boyfriend]

79. [If you angered Imre through conversation 76 or 77, and didn’t say you trusted Chloe in conversation 65] In the park:

• Find Imre [+1 Bro]

• Keep talking to Amber [+1 Troublemaker]

80. [If you didn’t anger Imre through conversation 76 or 77, and you trusted Chloe in conversation 65] In the park:

• Help Imre [Achievement: Bros before…] [+1 Bro]

• Meet Chloe [+1 Boyfriend]

81. [If you didn’t anger Imre through conversation 76 or 77, and didn’t say you trusted Chloe in conversation 65] In the park:

• Help Imre [Achievement: Bros before…] [+1 Bro]

• Keep talking to Amber [+1 Troublemaker]

Imre path: So based on your past options, your choices now are to side with Imre or the girl you got a text from. If Imre is mad at you, go and Find him for your only chance at an apology (but it will only work if you have KCT Loyal). Or you can Help him, but it turns out by the time Imre gets to Adam’s room, Adam is no longer there, so your help wasn’t really needed.

Amber or Chloe path: if you Keep talking to Amber she’ll end up sending you a picture of herself, but if you decide to Meet Chloe there’s a swimming pool session coming up next.


82. [If you went looking for Imre in conversation 78 or 79] With Imre:

• Explain yourself [Imre forgives you (with KCT Loyal)] [+1 Bro]

• Apologize [+1 Boyfriend]

Check on Imre after you’ve angered him to find him packing and ready to move out of your dorm. He’ll go on and on about you’re messing up with his fight and have no loyalty. The only way to make him stay is to prove him wrong: explain yourself while having KCT Loyal, or you’ll lose this friendship (and he won’t be there to teach you how to perform an uppercut, which might come in handy later).


83. [If you decided to meet with Chloe in conversation 78 or 80] With Chloe:

• Just let it ring. [+1 Boyfriend] [+1 Troublemaker]

• You should get that. [+1 Bro]

• Ask about the call [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t ask [+1 Bro]

Time go go swimming with the hottest girl in school, if you so chose. You’ll get in the water with her at the school’s swimming pool, and you’ll have some light-hearted fun, but phones always seem to ring at the most inappropriate time. Chloe is that important, so she’ll have to pick up and promptly leave to meet “a friend”. Do you trust her?

• Follow her [+1 Troublemaker]

• Trust her [Achievement: Credulous] [+1 Boyfriend]

Chloe path: Stay behind for the Credulous achievement, or follow her to find out she was actually only going to meet Aubrey after all. They have some nice things to say about you, but if you eavesdrop on their conversation Chloe will feel really betrayed. The only way to salvage this at that point will be to have KCT Popular when you meet her at the Wolves party in a couple days.

Following Chloe

84. [If you followed Chloe in conversation 83] With Chloe/Amber:

• Stay and listen [Angers Chloe] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Leave [+1 Bro]


if you haven’t texted Amber yet during the day, she’ll send you a nice picture (the same that she would if you were to keep talking to her before, so you’re not missing much here). She’ll play it cool even if you’re not the most receptive to her advances. But at least now you’re more sure she’s fancying you.

85. [If you went looking for Imre in conversation 78 or 79, and didn’t say you trusted Chloe in conversation 65] Texting Amber:

• I’m alone now, if the surprise is still on 😉 [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• I’ll make it up to you tho [+1 Boyfriend]

86. [If you kept talking to Amber in conversation 79 or 81] OR [If you trusted Chloe in conversation 65] OR [You listened in to Chloe’s talk in conversation 84] Texting Amber:

• Woah, what was that for? [+1 Bro]

◦ And you chose me, huh? [+1 Bro]

◦ Feel free to do so anytime 🙂 [+1 Boyfriend]

• Oh wow, you’re so fucking hot [+1 Boyfriend]

Day 7 – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

Definitely the most intense day so far. You’ll be back in class seeing Riley, Ryan and perhaps most importantly Lauren. There’s also a possible date with Evelyn and two sex scenes (with Emily and Aubrey). You’ll also have a chance to see a side of Grayson you haven’t seen before this will be your only opportunity tojoin the Apes, but not everyone will support you if you do.

In class

87. [If you decided to apologize to Lauren in conversation 69 and didn’t trigger the bus ride scene in conversation 70] With Lauren:

• Call after her [+1 Bro]

• Leave her be [+1 Boyfriend]

Monday starts with Economics class, and this is going to reflect how your relationship with Lauren is going. She’ll kiss you if you said you were fine with it during the personality tests, but now Riley will know you two are a thing. If she’s still upset at you she’ll be ignoring you, or otherwise she’lljust be her friendly self.

Ryan will come talking to you afterwards, and he’ll take you to Grayson of all people. Grayson is willing to make amends and he already sees in you a charismatic leader. He’s even willing to train you himself. We may hear more from him later in the day. Finally you’ll overhear Ms. Rose crying in the classroom. She’s having a rough patch, but we won’t learn many details here. You can choose to skip this conversation for an achievement.

Meeting Grayson

88. With Grayson

• What do you want? [+1 Bro]

• I guess we are. [+1 Troublemaker]

Outside class

89. With Ms. Rose

• Check it out [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t disturb [Achievement: Not my business] [+1 Troublemaker]

You’ll notice a flyer next to your dorm room for the homecoming this Friday. You may already have an idea who to ask, but otherwise it’s time to have a think. Perhaps going out for a run will help clear your mind with everything that’s been happening lately.


90. With Nora:

• Run after her

• Stay on your route

While going for a run outside you notice Nora, who’s also in the middle of her routine. It’s probably not the nicest thing to do to interrupt her, and all we’ll learn is that she’s going to be at the Wolves party on Wednesday. But we pretty much knew she’d be with Chris anyway.

Evelyn path: Take this moment to call Evelyn if you got her number at the gym or at the store. It’s a do-or-die moment now, promise her a nice dinner to secure a date, or you can forget this story arc. In any case you can’t help feeling you’re still a bit out of your depth treading with someone who’s already an “adult”.

Oh, and a nasty flashback will appear if you dared hurt a dog during Lauren’s psychology tests.

91. [If you got Evelyn’s number in conversation 38 or 42] With Evelyn:

• It’ll be an adventure [+1 Bro]

• It’ll be a nice dinner [Date with Evelyn] [+1 Boyfriend]


Up next, an important decision that will redefine your relationship with Emily. She’ll call you, sobbing, asking you to come over. You can refuse to even pick up the call, and avoid all that drama. But if you meet up, it will either end in a falling off or in sexy time.

92. With Emily

• Accept call [Meets with Emily if you had forgiven her by the hallway in conversation 30] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Reject call [+1 Troublemaker]

93. [If you accept the call in conversation 92 but didn’t forgive Emily by the hallway in conversation 30] With Emily:

• Fine, I’ll come. [Meets with Emily] [+1 Boyfriend]

• (Hang up) [+1 Troublemaker]

Emily path: if you do go and meet Emily, we find out all that hullaballoo was because a friend of her cut her out of a picture on social media. You may or may not find this perfectly reasonable, and we may find that you have been (still are?) undergoing therapy. But more importantly, things will escalate to the point Emily kisses you. Make it sour by pushing her away, but a sex scene awaits if you kiss her back (you won’t be able to keep this relationship secret from other girls for much longer though)

At Emily’s

94. [If you agreed to meet Emily in conversation 92 or 93] With Emily:

• Be understanding [+1 Boyfriend]

• Be baffled [+1 Troublemaker]

• Kiss her back [Sex with Emily] [Forgive Emily] [Achievement: Reignition]

• Push her away [Doesn’t forgive Emily]

Evelyn path: Time for a date with Evelyn, if you’ve made it this far. It will start off in quite the awkward fashion, and she isn’t really excited about her currentjob, so you shouldn’t be directing the conversation in that direction. But ask about her dreams to lighten up the mood as she reveals she’d actually much rather be a pediatrician, and this is what will allow you to kiss her goodbye at the end of the dinner.

Date with Evelyn

95. [If you secured a date with Evelyn at the park in conversation 91] With Evelyn:

• Hot [+1 Bro]

• Stunning [+1 Boyfriend]

• Make a joke [+1 Bro]

• Say something smart [+1 Boyfriend]

• Ask about her job [+1 Bro]

• Ask about her dreams [Relationship with Evelyn] [+1 Boyfriend]

As an interesting aside, we’ll start seeing some new dynamics in terms of how choices impact your personality points. Normally kissing Evelyn here will grant you +1 Boyfriend point. But if you’re in a relationship with Lauren, then you’ll get +1 Troublemaker point instead, which pushes you away from the Loyal KCT.

96. [If you started a relationship with Evelyn in conversation 95] With Evelyn:

• Kiss her [+1 Troublemaker (if you’re in a relationship with Lauren] [+1 Boyfriend (otherwise)]

• Don’t kiss her [+1 Boyfriend (if you’re in a relationship with Lauren)] [+1 Bro (otherwise)]

Another booty call from Aubrey (she must be bored because all of the other girls at the Chicks house are out), and you’ll still get a saucy text if you say you can’t make it.

Aubrey path: if you meet her she’ll try to probe how your relationships are going with other girls, but if you’ve had sex with her before you’ll end up having it again. Otherwise here is another chance,just say you’ve been eyeing a few different girls and that Aubrey is one of them for another sex



97. Texting Aubrey

• Yeah, sure. [Meet with Aubrey]

• Sorry, I can’t tonight.

Chicks house

98. [If you chose to meet with Aubrey in conversation 97] With Aubrey [Triggers sex with Aubrey if you also had it in conversation 45]:

• A few different girls. [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• No one, really. [+1 Boyfriend]

99. [If you said you’d been seducing a few different girls in conversation 98 and didn’t have sex with Aubrey in conversation 45] With Aubrey:

• I think you know [Sex with Aubrey] [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• We’re just friends [+1 Boyfriend] [+1 Troublemaker]

100. [If you said you hadn’t been seducing a few different girls in conversation 98, didn’t have sex with Aubrey in conversation 45, and KCT is Popular] With Aubrey:

• You got me. [Sex with Aubrey] [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• I’m not seducing you. [+1 Boyfriend] [+1 Troublemaker]

Before a night’s sleep the mind goes back to Grayson, and whether or not you should go and see him. It can be really hard to trust him at this time, but hearing him out will be the only chance you’ll have ofjoining the Apes.

Meeting Grayson reveals he had been drinking during the party (though if you checked on him and Cameron, he seemed sober at the time) and we learn a bit of his backstory (or maybe we don’t, and he’s still playing you). Anyway, his sales pitch is that Apes are relentless, ruthless winners, that do everything to win. You may or may not have upset Imre by now, but you’ll still get a flashback about how he’s all into the Wolves.

You’ll have to tell Grayson something now. Not to worry, because you can still change your mind later. But side with him to please him and gather an achievement, or he’lljust go away leaving you behind.


101. In room:

• Meet Grayson [+1 Troublemaker]

• Stay home [Achievement: Seems fishy] [Achievement: Wolfpack (granted on Day 9)] [+1 Bro]

Meeting Grayson

102. [If you met with Grayson in conversation 101] With Grayson:

• Empathize [+1 Boyfriend]

• Question [+1 Troublemaker]

• I’m in [Achievement: Monkey business] [+1 Troublemaker]

• I’m not in [+1 Bro]

Back (or still) at the dorm, a strange nightmare is the last scene for the night. A masked figure is chasing you, Lauren and Riley through a forest. You’ll only be able to save one (if you react quickly enough to stop the timer).


103. Nightmare:

• Save Lauren [+1 Boyfriend]

• Save Riley [+1 Bro]

Day 8 – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

Today is the day for the Wolves party, and we’ll learn a lot about their members and what they stand for. Riley will be there as well, and this will be another key moment to developing a relationship with her. But before that she’ll take you to a poetry slam, where you’ll get the chance to impress not only her but the rest of the crowd. And Penelope will be waiting for that bowling date.

The day starts with a trip to the gym, and Imre will teach you how to perform an uppercut (unless he’s moved out after the Adam situation). Sadly yours isn’t the gym Amber goes to, but maybe you two can schedule a home workout someday. This is also the moment to confirm the bowling date with Penelope (if things worked out on Saturday).


104. Texting Amber:

• Maybe we should do a home workout together sometime 😉 [+1 Bro]

• Yeah, that’s too bad :/ [+1 Boyfriend]

Riley will come calling with a last-minute invitation to a poetry slam after her friend bailed on her. Three candidates will come on stage, and feel free to give out your honest opinion, but Lisa is the only one Riley enjoyed. Riley then dares you to go on stage yourself. if you happen to have KCT Popular the crowd will cheer at your lullaby, otherwise you’ll get a bit of a cold reaction.

Poetry slam

105. With Riley:

• Praise her [+1 Boyfriend]

• Mock her [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Praise him [+1 Boyfriend]

• Mock him [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Praise her [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Mock her [+1 Boyfriend]

• Okay, I’ll do it. [+1 Bro]

◦ Act out a lullaby [+1 Bro]

◦ Make something up [+1 Troublemaker]

• No way I’m doing that. [+1 Boyfriend]

Bowling time with Penelope, if you’ve set it up. Choose your bowling name (she’ll go with “Kim Possible”), and it turns out she can actually play, but she’ll let you win at first. We also learn why she got expelled from her previous college: she hacked into the college website to abuse the principal after the school acted unfairly towards her best friend Jenny. But that should be best kept in the past. Kiss her at the end of the date for the Strike achievement.


106. [If you encouraged Penelope to play bowling in conversation 60] With Penelope:

• Kiss her [Achievement: Strike] [+1 Boyfriend (if you’re not in a relationship with Lauren)] [+1 Bro (otherwise)] [+1 Troublemaker (otherwise)]

• Say Goodbye [+1 Boyfriend (if you’re in a relationship with Lauren)]

The Wolves party is up next, in the largest free roam so far, so be careful not to get lost between all the rooms. It does start off simply enough, though. Josh and Kim are sitting outside, and invite you to take a shot. Don’t worry, there’s no risk of getting drunk here.

Free roam (Wolves party)

107. With Josh/Kim:

• Take the shot [+1 Bro]

• Decline [+1 Boyfriend]

You can go inside and through the door and into the living room. Peter and Harry are having a lovely discussion about the Kardashians

108. With Peter/Harry:

• Kylie [+1 Bro]

• Kourtney [+1 Boyfriend]

Emily and Aubrey are having a chat, and if you’ve ended up forgiving Emily you’ll get to reminisce over your past relationship. But don’t come out as a simp in Aubrey’s eyes, as this can harm your future prospects with her.

109. [If you forgave Emily in conversation 30 or 94 and didn’t have sex with Aubrey (neither in conversation 45 nor 99 through 100)] With Emily/Aubrey:

• Anything for a girl like that. [Simp] [+1 Boyfriend]

• What people do for pussy… [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

110. [If you forgave Emily in conversation 30 or 94 and had sex with Aubrey (either in conversation 45 or 99 through 100)] With Emily/Aubrey:

• I was in love. [Simp] [+1 Boyfriend]

• It was nothing. [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

Turn right into the kitchen to talk to Chris. He’ll tell you all about the value of the Wolves, and how being a tight-knit group has improved the confidence and spirits of everyone who’sjoined. You may or may not be sure about pledgingjust yet, depending on how things with Grayson went, or if you’ve been in any fights. But we’ll leave Chris for the time being and explore the rest of the party, and you can return to him when you’re ready to end the free roam.

111. With Riley/Finn:

• Ask Riley something [+1 Boyfriend]

• Ask Finn something [+1 Bro]

Riley path: Riley is chatting with Finn, another Wolf. He’ll tell you about Imre’s brother Bence, a previous Fight King. But talk to Riley instead and you’ll learn she’s going to walk home alone after the party, so you might have a chance to keep her company later. Back on the ground floor, through a door next to a cupboard and then to the right you’ll find the Wolves gym, where Amber is looking at Perry and Sebastian fighting. I suppose you can’t blame her for enjoying the view.

112. With Amber

• You’re such a tease. [+1 Bro]

• Not gonna happen. [+1 Boyfriend]

Upstairs you will find three rooms. The one on the right is Chris’ office. Click on all four items (the trophies, the encyclopedia, the certificate and the picture on the wall to learn more about the Wolves. Once you do that, you’ll realize this might be a great place for some alone time with a girl. We’ll see that in a moment,just two more rooms to explore.

In the room in the middle you can go out the window to find Nora on the rooftop. She’s a bit overwhelmed with this being a busy party and Chris being talking to everyone else instead of her. if you don’t want to upset her further, don’t whiteknight Chloe, andjust take into advisement that she may just not be as genuine as you think.

113. With Nora

• Defend Chloe [Makes Nora angry] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t defend Chloe [+1 Bro]

Chloe path: The final room available to explore is the one on the left (from the three upstairs) turns out it’s the bathroom. Chloe will be in there, but if she’s upset at you, you’ll need KCT Popular to get her to open the door. Then she’ll give you her side of the story, how Nora suggested Chloe should step down as president during the Chicks’ meeting. As with Norajust before, you probably don’t want to stir any more drama, sojust go with what Chloe has to say or she’ll be really mad.

114. [If you trusted Chloe in conversation 65, or you didn’t but have KCT Popular] With Chloe:

• Maybe you should step down. [Angers Chloe] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Nora’s being stupid [Pleases Chloe] [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

After you’ve checked out the office completely, you can take any one of Emily, Aubrey, Amber or Riley upstairs by clicking on them again in the free roam. You’ll get to chat with the girl you pick, but nothing much will happen. In fact, you can risk making things worse, so let’s deal with this in order:

• You can take Aubrey as long as you’ve had sex with her already, or at least if you didn’t come out as a simp in the talk with Emily just prior at the party.

• You can take Emily as long as you’ve forgiven her (this is done by either going with her to the doctor or by meeting her in her dorm room and not refusing her advances).

• You can take Amber if you have KCT Popular.

• And you can always take Riley, but if you’ve met Grayson and agreed to join the Apes, this will come up in conversation and upset her, and you’ll miss a chance at a sex scene later.

• Any other girl will decline or be unavailable.

Free roam, pick girl to take upstairs (can only take one)

115. Choose Emily/Aubrey:

• Ask Aubrey [Takes Aubrey upstairs if you had sex with her (either in conversation 45 or 99 through 100), or if you didn’t but also didn’t simp in conversation 109 or 110]

• Ask Emily [Takes Emily upstairs if you forgave her in conversation 30 or 94]

116. Choose Amber:

[Takes Amber upstairs (if KCT Popular)]

117. Choose Riley

[Takes Riley upstairs]

As for what you discuss when you do take the girls upstairs, Aubrey’s adventurous past will come up. She’s gone off with her ex at her high school’s football field, but he couldn’t handle how wild Aubrey was. He even turned down a threesome at one point. Act shocked (or genuinely be shocked) when Aubrey tells you this or she’ll be very unimpressed (and you’ll miss out on fun with her afterwards). You don’t manage more than a kiss before she goes back down to meet Emily.

Speaking of Emily, she’s already starting to get tipsy, but pick her and she’ll let you know she’s into anal. Just in case you were wondering.

When you take Amber, she’ll let you know Josh hasn’t actually pursued her (he’s more into Kim, as perhaps you found outjust outside the Wolves house). But Kim will start throwing up from all those shots, so Amber will have to go outside and help her friend. Riley will encourage you if you’re thinking ofjoining the Wolves, but if you met Grayson and told him you were “in”, she’s not going to stand behind you.

Free roam, upstairs

118. [If you picked Aubrey in conversation 115, and had had sex with her before] With Aubrey:

• He turned down a threesome?! [+1 Bro]

◦ We could lock the door. [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ At least we got to talk. [+1 Boyfriend]

• I kinda get what he means. [Simp] [Breaks relationship with Aubrey]

119. [If you picked Aubrey in conversation 115, bud hadn’t had sex with her before] With Aubrey:

• We could lock the door [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• It was nice talking [+1 Boyfriend]

When all is said and done, go back to Chris to end the free roam and he’ll take you to a room that was previously locked. It’s somewhat of a hall of fame, with portraits of previous Wolves who ended up as Fight Kings. You’ll go through a brief history of the frat, and basically you’ll learn that if you’re Wolf enough, you’re good enough. And who knows, maybe one day it’ll be your picture on this wall.

Wolves secret room – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

120. With Chris:

• Why aren’t you on here? [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• That’s really impressive. [+1 Boyfriend]

Riley path: Imre has already left the party by this moment, and Nora isjust about to. if you’ve asked Riley a question during the free roam and didn’t upset her by taking her upstairs and mentioning the Apes, she’ll ask you to walk her home. So you may have to choose between Riley and Nora at this stage. Not much will happen with Nora, and following Riley here is the only way to get to a sex scene before homecoming. But maybe you’re already in a happy relationship with someone else, so your mileage may vary here.

End of the party

121. [If you asked Riley a question in conversation 111. This scene is not triggered if you agreed to join the Apes in conversation 102 and took Riley upstairs in conversation 117] With Riley:

• Walk Riley home [Achievement: True to self] [+1 Bro]

• Go after Nora [+1 Troublemaker]

122. [If you didn’t trigger conversation 121] With Nora:

• Go after Nora [+1 Boyfriend]

• Leave her alone [+1 Bro]

Going with Nora willjust expand with what you might have learned when meeting her at the rooftop: that Chris isn’t giving her enough time and attention. if you happen to have KCT Confident there’s an extra scene in here where you’ll get to play Never Have I Ever, where she’ll reveal she stole her parent’s car when she was 13 (unless she’sjust saying this for thejokes).

if you end up accompanying Riley, you can keep things friendly and you’ll only discuss your upcoming economics assignment, but she seems she was expecting you to start flirting instead.

Go down that road instead and she’ll invite you in to her dorm room at the end. Nothing will happenjust yet for fear of awaking her roommate, but you’ll agree to meet some other day.

123. [If you chose to walk Riley home in conversation 121] With Riley:

• Keep it friendly [+1 Boyfriend (if in a relationship with Lauren)]

• Start flirting [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker (if in a relationship with Lauren)]

Riley’s dorm – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

124. [If you flirted with Riley in conversation 123, and either kissed her in conversation 49, or have KCT Confident] With Riley:

• Yeah, I’d like that. [Relationship with Riley] [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker] (if in a relationship with Lauren or Emily)]

• .. I shouldn’t. [+1 Boyfriend (if in a relationship with Lauren or Emily)]

Day 9 – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

Today introduces a new social media app on your phone, which can make itjust that extra bit harder to keep multiple relationships at the same time in secret, so there may be some cleaning up to do in the morning. There may also be a beach trip/date (depending on how you’ve defined the relationship) with Lauren before pledging to your frat of choice.

You’ll unlock the social media app Kiwii at the start of the day, where everybody can post pictures and comments (like a low-key Instagram). You can change your username in the app, as well as the profile picture, and check the posts that are already up (you can even comment on them). The “fun” will begin if you’ve been to Emily’s dorm and had sex, and she’ll make a post of the two ofyou together. Riley will immediately text you about it, as will Penelope (if you went on a bowling date) and Lauren (if you are in a relationship).

Dorm, checking Kiwii

125. [If you started a relationship with Emily in conversation 94, she will make a post on Kiwii, which you may comment on] Emily’s post:

• No we’re not [+1 Troublemaker]

126. [If you started a relationship with Emily in conversation 94, Penelope will text you about it] Texting Penelope:

• We’re not a thing [+1 Bro]

• It was a one time thing

127. Chloe’s post:

• You’re so beautiful! [+1 Boyfriend]

• I got some sun in my room… [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

128. Lauren’s post:

• You’re a cutie! [+1 Boyfriend]

• Winter vacations are the best

129. Aubrey’s post:

• I’ll destroy you in Air hockey! [+1 Bro]

If Emily did make a post celebrating the restart of your relationship, you’ll be calling her straight away. It doesn’t actually matter how you react, she’ll agree to remove the picture.


130. [If you started a relationship with Emily in conversation 94] With Emily:

• Be calm [+1 Boyfriend]

• Get angry [+1 Troublemaker]

At this time you may have some explaining to do to Lauren, if you misbehaved during the movie date and haven’t apologized properly yet. You must have KCT Loyal or convinced Autumn at the library to put in a good word for you, and she’ll invite you for a beach date.

Lauren’s room – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

131. [If Lauren is still mad at you because you messed up the date in conversation 50 or 51, but you either mended it with Autumn in conversation 55 or have KCT Loyal] With Lauren:

• Sounds great! [Beach date]

• I can’t today.

Alternatively, Lauren may be upset because of Emily’s Kiwii post. She’s a bit gullible, so she will believe you if you deny anything happened with Emily. This will be the last chance to keep Lauren in a happy relationship in Act 1. if you come clean, Lauren will be upset at your lack of loyalty.

132. [If you’re in a relationship with Lauren, and she’s upset because of Emily’s post] With Lauren:

• Come clean about Emily [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ This won’t happen again. [Angers Lauren (and Autumn), but saves relationship if KCT Loyal] [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Open relationship? [Angers Lauren (and Autumn), breaks relationship] [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Deny the cheating [Appeases Lauren, saves relationship, beach date] [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

It’s time for a walk outside to reflect on what’s been happening since starting college, and how you’ve decided tojoin a frat. You may come across the dog shelter where Autumn works, but it’s not a good idea to visit if it’s awkward (or worse) between you and her and/or Lauren.

Autumn path: if you do go inside, you’ll get to talk to Autumn about her plight for women’s rights. if you convince her you’re into politics, you canjoin a protest she’s attending on the weekend (and you’ll get to go her place to make some signs). It will also put her on track for the Political Strategist achievement.

Dog shelter

133. [If Autumn is not mad at you (for messing up the relationship with Lauren)] With Autumn:

• Almost as cute as you. [+1 Troublemaker (if in a relationship with Lauren)] [+1 Boyfriend (otherwise)]

• Yeah, he really is.

• Yes, of course. [Into politics] [+1 Troublemaker]

• No, not really. [+1 Bro]

• Can I join? [Attends protest during Day 12] [Make signs with Autumn if you said you were into politics, or if KCT Loyal] [+1 Boyfriend]

• That’s really cool. [+1 Bro]

By this moment you’ll be back to your dorm, and you may have a beach date lined up with Lauren (or she mayjust text you to confirm if you haven’t), unless you’ve made her upset. Use this opportunity to catch up on the news between you two: how things are going with Imre, or that Lauren’s going to pledge to the Deers later tonight.


134. [If you’re not in a relationship with Lauren, and didn’t go see her (conversation 131)] Texting Lauren:

• Sounds good, when were you thinking? [Beach date]

• Sorry, I can’t I’m really busy today

Beach date with Lauren – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

135. [If you agreed to go on the beach date, and Imre is still upset with you] With Lauren:

• Tell her it’s fine [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Tell her he moved out [+1 Boyfriend]

136. [If you’re not in a relationship with Lauren but still agreed with the beach date in conversation 134] With Lauren:

• You’re cute. [+1 Troublemaker]

• I won’t. [+1 Boyfriend]

Lauren path: If Lauren invited you to the beach as friends (so if you’re not in a relationship), you can start to get flirty, and tell her you find her cute when she worries about you. if you have KCT Loyal you can use this moment to kiss her, which is going to be of great help to improve your relationship and be able to take her to homecoming.

137. [If you told Lauren she was cute in conversation 136, and have KCT Loyal] With Lauren:

• Kiss her

• Don’t risk it [+1 Boyfriend]

You’ll come back to your room to find a handwritten note from Emily on the floor. She wants to make it up to you by inviting you to her dorm for a surprise, if you forgive her…

But before that it’s the time for the fraternity pledge. if you met with Grayson before you’ll still have a chance tojoin the Apes. Otherwise the story continues at the Wolves’ house.


138. [If you decided to meet Grayson in conversation 101] In room:

• Pledge to the Apes [+3 Troublemaker] [Achievement: Silverback]

• Pledge to the Wolves [+1 Bro] [Achievement: Wolfpack]

if you went with the Wolves, you’ll return to their house, and you’ll be one of five candidates for a spot. Imre is excited to be pledging, more than anything, and we begin with a pep talk from Chris. A good Wolf is trustworthy, honest, and looks out for the other bros. But more importantly you have to be a winner. To test this all the candidates will be put through some challenges.

Pledging the Wolves – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

[If you picked the Wolves in conversation 138, or didn’t even meet Grayson in conversation 101]

There will be four challenges, and you will need to complete them all successfully to be the overall winner. But even if you fail all challenges you will still be accepted into the frat.

The first challenge will test your determination: are you willing to eliminate Imre to secure a spot for yourself? Plot twist: this isn’t a determination challenge at all, it was only a test of your loyalty. So the correct option is to not backstab Imre.

139. Determination Challenge

• Eliminate Imre [+1 Troublemaker]

• Decline [Win task] [+1 Bro]

In the “real” determination challenge, all five candidates will be placed in ice water bathtubs, and the last one to get out wins. But phones always seem to ring at the most inappropriate time, although she quickly realizes it’s bad timing and hangs up without anything transpiring, so staying in the water might be the best option.

140. Real Determination Challenge

• Get the call [+1 Boyfriend] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Continue the challenge [Win task] [+1 Bro]

In the honesty challenge, you’ll be faced with an embarrassing fact, which you’ll have to either admit or deny. Depending on how you’ve been playing, they’ll ask you about cheating on Lauren, or how you’ve never been in a fight before starting college. The Wolves already know that this is true, so you might as well admit it.

141. Honesty Challenge

• [Win task]

• List

In the honor challenge, you’ll be asked whether it’s acceptable to seduce a teacher to improve a grade. But psyche! It’s another trap, and the real challenge is to reject Nora when she leans over for a kiss.

142. Honor Challenge

• Do it [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Of course not [+1 Boyfriend]

• Kiss her back [+1 Boyfriend (unless you’re in a relationship with Lauren)] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Pull away [Win task] [+1 Boyfriend (if you’re in a relationship with Lauren)] [+1 Bro]

It’s finally time to announce the results, and you’ll always get accepted alongside Imre and Perry. Only how well you did throughout the tests will change the final ranking.

Pledging the Apes – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

[If you picked the Apes in conversation 138]

Alternatively you may have gone with the Apes, and Ryan will be a familiar face among the candidates at the Apes’ house. To prove you’re the fearless winner they’re looking for, Cameroon will be following you and filming you as you show your worth to the cause. But he’s not very excited about this arrangement, so if you defy him straight away he’ll just take you to the ring and teach you a lesson there.

143. With Cameron:

• Stand up to him [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Punch him [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Retreat [+1 Boyfriend] [+1 Bro]

• Hold yourself back [+1 Bro]

Grayson however will be a little bit more on your side, and he’s willing to give you some leverage on Cameron. You can take a piece of paper with the phone number of Samantha (Cameron’s sister). This is not particularly usefuljust yet, as you’ll end up meeting Samantha anyway.

144. With Grayson:

• Take the slip [+1 Troublemaker]

• Decline [+1 Bro]

At this moment Cameron will take you outside for your first video challenge, he’ll be filming you while you ring Chloe and tell her you’re an Ape now. Grayson will only review the videos on Saturday, and there will be an additional scene if you fail all of the Apes tasks, but you’ll still get accepted regardless.

145. With Cameron:

• Call her [Win task] [+1 Boyfriend] [+1 Bro]

• Refuse to do it [+1 Troublemaker]

Emily path: Anyway, at the end of the day it’s late and you’ve forgotten to see Emily. Best to send her a quick text here anyway, or she’ll think you’re not forgiving her (and you wouldn’t be able to take her into homecoming)

Walking home – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

146. [If you called Emily about her post in conversation 130] With Emily:

• Text her [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t text her [Doesn’t forgive Emily] [+1 Troublemaker]

From now on and unless otherwise noted, paths that have a heading like “Apes path” or “Wolves house” are exclusive to that respective frat, based on your choices up to this moment.

Day 10 – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

From now on you’ll be living at the Wolves house instead of your dorm, if you’ve pledged with them. Then it will be time for History class and asking a girl out for homecoming. Riley is ready for a sex scene if you’ve been pursuing her. And just in case you’re an Ape, there will be more video challenges awaiting.

A couple things to check on your phone to start the day: Emily will acknowledge your text from the previous night, and if you’vejoined the Wolves Chris will be making it Kiwii-official for all to see.

You’ll then finally get to put on your historical costume. Imre is going as some sort of Hungarian prince presumably, but things may be a little bit awkward if he’s moved out or if you didn’t pledge for the Wolves.

if you happened to buy the Viking costume, Mr. Lee will call you up on stage, and call you out for wearing a helmet with horns, which vikings didn’t actually do. You’ll be able to save face, but only at the expense of making fun of Mr. Lee.

History class – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

147. [If you purchased the Viking costume during Day 3] With Mr. Lee:

• Defend yourself [+1 Troublemaker]

• Stay silent [+1 Boyfriend]

You’ll have a quick word with Penelope at the end of class. if you went on a bowling date with her but she later saw Emily’s post on Kiwii she will be feeling betrayed. But otherwise you’ll have a light conversation about her maiden costume.

148. [If you pledged to the Apes] With Cameron:

• Make fun of his costume [+1 Troublemaker]

• Just say hello [+1 Bro]

Cameron came dressed as Elvis, possibly missing the point of the exercise. if youjoined the Apes, he will present you with your next challenge, which will be to pull down Mr. Lee’s pants. if you choose to do it, it will be a timed challenge, so you’ll have to be quick (and it’s worth an achievement).

• Do it [+1 Troublemaker]

Pull it [timed response] [Achievement: Lee-way] [Win task] [+1 Troublemaker]

• That’s stupid and risky [+1 Boyfriend]

Anyway, it’s now time for the big decision of who you’ll end up asking for Homecoming. Depending on how you’ve been maintaining your relationships with everyone else, you may or may not have many choices left. Aubrey and Autumn will always decline, so feel free to check their cutscene first.

Dorm, choose a girl for homecoming

149. Note: If you are in a relationship with Lauren, it will only be possible to ask her (and she will always accept). Otherwise, here are the possible outcomes:

Amber – she will not go to the homecoming, but if you have KCT Popular she will invite you to spend the night at her place instead

Aubrey – you can ask, but she will always decline

Autumn – you can ask, if you have not upset her (see conversations 55 and 132), but she will always decline

Chloe – you can ask, if you have not upset her (either trust her in conversation 65 and don’t eavesdrop on her in conversation 84, or side with her in conversation 114). She will accept if you bought the volleyball in conversation 54 or have K CT Popular

Emily – you can ask, if you are forgiving of Emily (see conversations 30, 94 and 146), and she will always accept

Lauren – you can ask, as long as you have not suggested an open relationship in conversation 132. She will accept if you are already/still in a relationship with her, or if you kissed her at the beach (conversation 137), or have K CT Loyal [Start relationship with Lauren if she accepts]

Penelope – she will always accept, unless you went bowling with her (conversation 60) and she got jealous because of Emily’s post (triggered in conversation 94)

Riley – she will accept if you started a relationship with her in conversation 124. She will also accept if you have KCT Confident [Start relationship with Riley if she accepts]

Go alone – always possible, you’ll always end the night with Riley

Asking Amber – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

150. [If you picked Amber in conversation 149, and have KCT Popular] With Amber:

• Alright, I’m in. [Start relationship with Amber] [Achievement: Ecstatic (granted when you actually meet her on Friday)] [+1 Troublemaker]

• I’d rather go to the dance. [+1 Boyfriend]

Cameron will be guiding you through two more video challenges if you’re on the Apes route. After the small issue of stopping Adam from stabbing you, he’ll want you to glue the school’s doors shut, and later to drop some crickets on some girls (this will be another timed challenge).

Cameron’s challenges (Apes path)

151. With Cameron

Glue challenge:

• Do it [Win task] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t do it [+1 Boyfriend]

Crickets challenge:

• Do it [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Drop the crickets [Win task] [timed response] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t do it [+1 Boyfriend]

But meanwhile Cameron will have to attend to his sister Samantha (we’ve seen her at the poetry slam) who is relapsing on her heroin addiction. Cameron can get a bit aggressive during his confrontation, but you can choose to tell Samantha that this isjust his way of showing that he cares.

Finding Samantha (Apes path)

152. With Samantha:

• Console Samantha [+1 Boyfriend]

• Leave her be [+1 Bro]

Riley path: To wrap up the night, if you’ve visited Riley’s room after the Wolves party she will text you inviting you in again. Agree to resolve the unfinished business and you’ve got yourself a sex scene.

Dorm – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

153. [If you started a relationship with Riley in conversation 124] Texting Riley:

• Sure, on my way 🙂 [Sex with Riley]

• Sorry I’m really exhausted. Another time

Day 11 – College Kings 1 ACT I Walkthrough & Guide

Today will be entirely dedicated to the homecoming night (with a possible detour to meet Autumn), which will conclude Act 1. Yesterday you made a choice of who to go with, today you will make the choice of who you leave with (yes, there can be a difference). if you’ve agreed to go sign-making with Autumn at the dog shelter she’ll invite you over to the Deer’s house. As someone who stands up for those who deserve it you couldn’t refuse to join in to a protest on women’s rights.

Autumn’s place

154. [If you asked to join Autumn’s protest in conversation 133, and either told her you were into politics or had KCT Loyal] With Autumn:

• Say something witty

• Say something direct [+1 Boyfriend]

It’s now time to pick up your date. if you go with Chloe, you’ll meet her at the Chicks house, where she’s already joined by Aubrey, Lindsey and Aaron (who you may recognize as a Wolf), so join in on a game of beer pong or ‘would-you-rather’ to pass the time until the limo arrives to take you to the dance.

Chicks’ place [If Chloe is your homecoming date]

155. With Chloe:

• Aubrey [+1 Bro]

• Lindsey [+1 Troublemaker]

156. With Aubrey:

• Ask something sexual [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Ask something funny [+1 Boyfriend]

157. With Chloe

• Joke around [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Keep it romantic [+1 Boyfriend]

if you’re taking Emily, meet her for some reminiscing over your prom date (mixed with some white rum) and a quick peck on her favorite spot.

Emily’s room [if Emily is your homecoming date]

158. With Emily

• Of course. [+1 Bro]

• I’m not sure. [+1 Boyfriend]

• Kiss her lips

• Kiss her neck

Lauren will be waiting for you to pick her up if she’s your date, and there’s only time for a sip of wine beforejoining the homecoming, where you’ll briefly meet Ms. Rose, who’s been chaperoning the event.

Lauren’s room [if Lauren is your homecoming date]

159. With Lauren

• Keep it light [+1 Bro]

• Reassure her [+1 Boyfriend]

Alternatively, it may be time to meet Penelope. She’s not quite ready when you appear by her door, so you might catch her off-guard if you barge in regardless. You might learn a couple more of her quirks with a game of one-truth-one-lie.

Penelope’s room [if Penelope is your homecoming date]

160. With Penelope

• Enter her room [+1 Troublemaker]

• Knock again [+1 Boyfriend]

• Ask about sex toys [+1 Troublemaker]

• Ask about drugs [+1 Bro]

• You didn’t have four cats

• You didn’t have six lizards

• You didn’t lose your virginity.

• You didn’t learn to drive.

Off we go to the final free roam of the Act, the college gym for the homecoming. Almost all of the characters you’ve encountered over the past couple of weeks will be there, so there’s another chance to catch up with them. And maybe (just maybe) you’ll find someone that you can sneak out of the ball with instead of your date.

The homecoming free roam has quite a few sections to explore. The first one is the dancefloor, where you’ll find your date (if you didn’t go alone). Click on her at any time to end the free roam. If this is Lauren you will trigger [Achievement: Slow and steady]. If this is Penelope you will still trigger [Achievement: Playing with fire]

Here is also where you can check on Chris and Nora (but she’s not having the best of time), and even Elijah managed score a date (but if you’ve been teasing him throughout your encounters he’ll react angrily).

Homecoming Dancefloor

161. [If you pledged to the Wolves] Chat to Chris/Nora:

• Give Chris advice [+1 Boyfriend]

• Agree [+1 Bro]

162. Chat to Elijah/Lisa:

• Say hi to Elijah [+1 Boyfriend]

• Make fun of Elijah [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

163. [If Chloe was your homecoming date] Click on Chloe [Ends free roam with Chloe] [Achievement: Homecoming queen]:

• Ask Nora to dance

• Leave her be

164. [If Emily was your homecoming date] Click on Emily [Ends free roam (with Riley!)] [Achievement: Playing with fire]:

• Apologize

• Get upset [Breaks relationship with Emily] [Does not forgive Emily]

Homecoming Gym entrance

165. Chat to Aaron/Lindsey:

• Back up Aaron [+1 Bro]

• Side with Lindsey [+1 Boyfriend]

166. [If your homecoming date is someone other than Riley] With Riley (after taking pictures with her and Aubrey):

• Alright, let’s go. [Ends free roam with Riley] [Achievement: Playing with fire] [+1 Troublemaker]

• I can’t ditch my date. [+1 Boyfriend]

167. [If you checked on Nora during the Wolves party and didn’t defend Chloe at the Wolves rush party (conversation 113)] With Nora (after checking on her and Chris):

• Agree with Nora [+1 Boyfriend]

• Defend Chris [+1 Bro]

Homecoming Hallway corner

168. [If you haven’t chatted with Chloe/Ryan yet (conversation 170)] with Grayson:

• Don’t do that [Stops Grayson from spraying Chloe’s number if you pledged to join the Apes in conversation 138 or have KCT Confident] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Alright, enjoy [+1 Troublemaker]

Chloe path: Grayson is about to spray Chloe’s number on the wall, and (unless she is your date) when she sees it she’s going to get all upset and run for the locker room, and that means you can only get her out of there to finish the night with you with KCT Popular. But you can stop Grayson as long as you’re Confident or you’ve joined the Apes. Then you’ll find Chloe in the hallway. Just make sure you stop Grayson before talking to Chloe.

Homecoming Gym left side

169. [If you’ve had sex with Aubrey at least once (conversation 44 or 100) and didn’t simp in conversation 118] With Aubrey (after taking pictures):

• Alright, let’s go. [Bathroom sex with Aubrey] [+1 Bro]

• I’m not really feeling it [+1 Troublemaker]

Aubrey/Riley path: Take a look at the left side of the Gym and check on Aubrey having her picture taken (she might be with Riley). Talk to her again and if you’ve been pursuing her she’ll invite you to a quick scene in the bathroom. If Riley is not your date, you would also need to find her here if you’d like to finish the night with her instead.

Chloe path: If Chloe is not your date you will find her in this area, next to Ryan DJ’ing. When an argument ensues, side with Chloe to stay on her good side. Depending on how (or if) you’ve interacted with Grayson, you will next find Chloe in the locker room (you’ll need KCT Popular to get her out) or in the hallway.

170. [If Chloe is not your homecoming date] With Chloe/Ryan:

• Defend Chloe [Appeases Chloe] [+1 Boyfriend] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Say nothing [+1 Bro]

Homecoming Gym right side

171. [If Lauren is not your homecoming date] With Lauren/Ms. Rose:

• Focus on Lauren

• Focus on Ms. Rose

Homecoming Hallway bathroom

172. [If you pledged to the Wolves] With Imre/Unknown:

• Say something to Imre [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Leave them alone [+1 Boyfriend]

Homecoming Hallway

173. [If Penelope isn’t your homecoming date] With Penelope:

• I like your dress [+1 Bro]

• I’ll let you get back [+1 Boyfriend]

174. [If you’ve stopped Grayson in conversation 168, chatted with Chloe/Ryan in conversation 170 and she’s not angry at you] With Chloe:

• You got this [Ends free roam with your date (or Riley)] [Achievement depending on who you leave with] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Or we could just leave [Ends free roam with Chloe] [Achievement: Homecoming queen] [+1 Troublemaker]

Chloe path: Last chance to get the Chloe ending to Act 1. if you were able to stop Grayson before, then you’ll find her in the hallway and you can convince her to leave the ball. Otherwise she’ll be in the locker room and you can still get her out, but you’ll need to have KCT Popular.

Homecoming Locker room

175. [If you’ve didn’t stop Grayson in conversation 168, chatted with Chloe/Ryan in conversation 170 and she’s not angry at you] With Chloe:

• Of course you can. [Ends free roam with your date (or Riley)] [Achievement depending on who you leave with] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Let’s get out of here. [Ends free roam with Chloe (if KCT Popular)] [Achievement: Homecoming queen (if KCT Popular)] [+1 Troublemaker]

Homecoming Outside

176. With Samantha/Sebastian:

• Play along

• Tell them truth

After you’ve made your choice of who you want to leave homecoming with:

• End free roam with Chloe: [Sex scene with Chloe (and the only way of getting her Act 2 scenes)]

• End free roam with Emily: she will stay behind in the bathroom, you will walk Riley home [Sex scene with Riley if you started a relationship in conversation 124]

• End free roam with Lauren: you will sleep over with her

• End free roam with Penelope: you will kiss her goodbye and you will walk Riley home [Sex scene with Riley if you started a relationship in conversation 124]

End free roam with Riley

[Sex scene with Riley if she was your homecoming date or if you started a relationship in conversation 124]

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