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College Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to College Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

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Day 12 [Act 2 Starts] – College Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide

Act 2 will begin just where Act 1 left off on Homecoming night. There were essentially five endings that you could have reached, and so five different opening scenes that you could get by this time:

Sex scene with Chloe (which gets sadly cut short due to the tragic demise of Lindsey’s mother)

Sex and drugs scene with Amber

Sex scene with Riley

Non-lewd scene with Riley (where she reveals she’s bisexual)

Non-lewd scene with Lauren


177. [If you asked to join the protest in conversation 133] With Aubrey/Autumn:

• Go to the protest [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t go to the protest

Regardless of how you ended homecoming, the next day will start with a trip to the cafe to have breakfast, and you’ll happen to meet Nora. If you visited Autumn at the dog shelter during Day 9 and asked to join her protest, she’ll be calling you at this moment to get you to attend.

If you do go to the protest, Autumn will simply be happy just to have a male voice shouting things. As long as it has a purpose, it’s all good. But even If you don’t know what you’re shouting about, she’ll still fill you in that it’s a fight for abortion rights. And If you’ve had a good date with Evelyn you’ll also be seeing her at the protest and your political stances will impress her.


178. [If you decided to go to the protest in conversation 177] With Autumn:

• Pretend you know what you’re doing [+1 Troublemaker]

• Ask what you need to do [+1 Boyfriend]

• Pretend you know about it

• Admit you don’t know

Wolves gym

179. With Sebastian:

• Open up to Sebastian [+1 Bro]

• Play it cool

Back at the frat house, Sebastian will come get you for a training session at the improvised gym.

On the other hand, If you’re with the Apes there will be a bit more action with the induction ceremony. Ryan and Caleb are in, but Kai and Cooper failed all of their challenges, so as long as you passed one of Cameron’s tasks you’ll also be accepted in. Otherwise there’s an extra scene where you’ll get an additional challenge from Grayson (and you will always succeed). In any case, welcome to the Apes.

Apes ceremony

180. [If you failed all of Cameron’s challenges (see conversations 145, 148 and 151)] With Cooper/Kai:

• Wish them good luck [+1 Bro]

• just get to the task [+1 Troublemaker]

The party will be another moment to relax and have fun and you’ll even get a visit from Chloe on official Chicks duty (bonus points If you can spot Jill in the crowd). But you can’t help notice Cameron being distracted. And with good reason: last night he found Samantha passed out, so we know her problem is serious.

181. Texting Chloe:

• Exactly how much is a lot? 😉

• Hope so. I like talking to you.

182. With Grayson:

• Party [+1 Troublemaker]

• Stay back and study [+1 Boyfriend]

183. With Cameron:

• Press it [+1 Bro]

• Let it go [+1 Boyfriend]

Day 13College Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide

Today will introduce two major drama points (with long-lasting ramifications). Penelope hacked San Vallejo’s registry to enroll her friend Jenny but got caught, and Ms. Rose is moving to a new place to get away from her husband.

Penelope’s room

184. With Penelope:

• Offer to help Penelope [Achievement: Thick and thin] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Offer to support Penelope

Penelope will call you over and tell you what her predicament is, and she’s been told she has a $15,000 penalty to pay. You can offer to help her by putting in a good word with the Dean. She will be most grateful and you’ll earn an achievement in the process.

Helping Ms. Rose (Wolves path)

185. With Ms. Rose

• Stay to console her [+1 Boyfriend]

• Focus on moving the boxes [+1 Bro]

The next scene you see depends on which frat you’ve joined. If you’re with the Wolves, Chris will come pick you up to help Ms. Rose move out. Mr. Rose has suffered an accident causing him to break both his legs, and that has put too much of a strain in the relationship.

On the Apes path, Cameron will drag Samantha into the house against her will, just so he can keep an eye on her. Grayson isn’t at all happy with this arrangement either, and when this causes a beef with Cameron. Take a moment to choose If you want to get closer to Cameron or suck up to Grayson, but either way Samantha will get to stay, at least temporarily.

Apes house

186. With Cameron/Grayson

• Side with Grayson [+1 Troublemaker]

• Side with Cameron [+1 Bro]


Amber path: Up next you’ll get one or two texts. The first one is from Lauren (If you’re in a relationship with her), she’s just saying she misses you. Otherwise it will come from Amber, and If you’re into it you’ll start sexting.

Then unless you’ve been avoiding Emily or making her upset, she’ll invite you to meet up at the arcade.

187. [If you’re not in a relationship with Lauren (see conversations 27, 50-51, 71, 132 and 149)] Texting Amber:

• Wanna see what thinking about you has done to me? [Achievement: Text with an S] [Sexting with Amber]

• I look at your pic all the time…when I’m thinking about things

188. [If you’re currently forgiving of Emily (see conversations 30, 95, 146 and 164) Texting Emily:

• Sure! Sounds like fun. I can be there in a few minutes [Arcade with Emily]

• I would but it’s getting late and I haven’t even started Mr. Lee’s project


189. [If you accepted the invitation in conversation 188 and you’re in a relationship with Emily (must have gone through her sex scene in conversation 94)]

• Take the bet [+1 Boyfriend]

• Make it more interesting [+1 Troublemaker]

How the arcade scene plays out depends on your relationship with Emily. She’ll propose the loser pays for the next game, but you can choose to make it more interesting by making the prize a kiss (If you’ve started a relationship already) or turn it into a dare (If you’re just friends). In the latter case, however, things will escalate until she loses a game and has to flash her boobs in front of the cameras, at which point you’ll get an achievement.

190. [If you accepted the invitation in conversation 188 but you’re not in a relationship with Emily]

• Take the bet [+1 Bro]

• Make it more fun [Achievement: Lucky 7] [+1 Troublemaker]

Day 14College Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide

Monday morning, and the first thing to do will be to walk up to the Dean’s office to put in a good word for Penelope. There’s some hope that it helped a bit, but for sure we haven’t seen the last of it.

Josh will then come calling, he needs some backup for a drug deal he’s involved in. It’s always going to end up poorly for him, but you will have a choice to join him and take part in a fight scene. Luckily you and Amber can both support him afterwards.

Meeting Josh

191. With Josh

• Agree to help [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Say no [+1 Boyfriend]

Riley informs you she is going to require glasses from now on, and you and Aubrey will help her choose some stylish ones. If you’ve been building relationships with both of them you might be overthinking how you manage this whole situation and how much you praise their styles, but not to worry, they’ll still be flirty and suggestive nonetheless.


192. With Aubrey/Riley

• Take the glasses [+1 Boyfriend]

• Find a better pair

193. [If you’re in a relationship with either Riley or Aubrey (for Aubrey must have gone through at least one of her sex scenes in conversation 44 or 100 and not simped in conversation 118; for Riley must have joined her in her room in conversation 124 or taken her as your homecoming date in conversation 149)] With Aubrey/Riley:

• Riley’s glasses

• Both glasses

If you’re helping Josh we now see the both of you in an alley where he’s ready to deliver the cocaine, but it turns out it’s a setup and the two thugs have no intention of playing nice. You can choose to intervene and start a fight scene (Lars will be your strongest opponent yet), and If you do win you’ll have a few seconds to react and duck Joe’s pipe attack in order to scare off the thugs and attend to Josh, who got messed up pretty badly in the meantime.

Drug deal

194. [If you agreed to help Josh in conversation 191] With Josh

• Intervene [Fight scene] [+1 Bro]

• Don’t intervene

195. [If you intervened in conversation 194] With Lars/Joe

• Win fight

◦ Duck [Achievement: Ip man] [timed response]

▪ Kick Joe [+1 Troublemaker]

▪ Walk away

◦ …

• Lose fight

If you’ve helped Josh with the drug deal you’ll walk him home to rest and recover for a bit. Otherwise he will text you simply telling you the deal went south. Either way you’ll be at his place, and you’ll call Amber to come check on him as well. Even If you win the fight and Josh got to keep the bag of drugs, Amber will do the responsible thing and flush them down the toilet just to avoid anyone else getting any further ideas.

Amber path: Later in the night, with Josh already asleep, and after you and Amber cuddled watching a movie, she might want to bring you up upstairs for a sex scene. But she’s only going to ask If you spent Homecoming night with her or If you currently have KCT Popular.

Josh’s place

196. [If you spent homecoming night with Amber in conversation 150 or have KCT Popular] With Amber

• Go with her [Achievement: Get a room] [Sex scene with Amber] [Relationship with Amber] [+1 Troublemaker (if in a relationship with Lauren)] [+1 Boyfriend (otherwise)]

• Reject her advances [Breaks relationship with Amber] [+1 Boyfriend (if in a relationship with Lauren)]

Day 15College Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide

After waking up at Josh’s and fixing breakfast in the company of Amber, we move on to an early Economics class with Ms. Rose. Who you can chat with during class depends on how your relationships have been progressing: Ryan (If you’ve pledged to the Apes), or Lauren and Riley (If you have a thing with them).

At the end, another scene can come up If you’re on the Wolves storyline, where Ms. Rose will thank you for having been there helping to move during the weekend.

Economics class

197. [If you’re an Ape] With Ryan

• Confide in Ryan [+1 Bro]

• Play it cool

198. [If you’re in a relationship with Lauren] With Lauren

• Flirt with Lauren [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t flirt with Lauren

◦ Play it off

◦ Go with it

199. [If you’re a Wolf] With Ms. Rose

• Ask more questions [+1 Boyfriend]

• Leave

Straight afterward you’ll meet Nora in the hallway, she’s very excited about the school’s upcoming trip to Europe. In fact, she’s in charge of signing people up, so help her out sharing some fliers, so help her out for an easy achievement. In fact, the school is paying half the cost, so let’s hope this is a good enough incentive to attract people.


200. With Nora

• Act excited [+1 Boyfriend]

• Act nervous

• Accept invitation [+1 Boyfriend]

• Consider it

• Help Nora [Achievement: Helping hand] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t help Nora


201. [If you ended homecoming with Chloe] Texting Chloe

• I was thinking about your lips :* [+2 Boyfriend]

• Whatcha been up to? [+1 Boyfriend]

Chloe path: Chloe will text you next, if there’s no foul mood between you, and you can get a restaurant date at the new Japanese place (this happens automatically If you’ve finished homecoming with her).

202. [If you didn’t end homecoming with Chloe, but she’s not upset at you (see conversations 65, 84, 114 and 170)] Texting Chloe

• I’m actually getting hungry. Wanna go grab a bite? [Restaurant date] [+1 Boyfriend]

• I better get back to it. I have so much work to get done. just wanted to check on you and see how you’re doing.

Japanese restaurant date

[If you got the date with Chloe (either through conversation 202 or by having her homecoming ending]

During the restaurant date you can be impressed with Chloe’s muscles (must be all that sushi protein) and flirt around a bit, or keep things a bit more serious. If you got her homecoming ending you will automatically flirt with her and capture the Up for more achievement.

203. [If you didn’t end homecoming with Chloe] With Chloe

• Flirt with Chloe [Achievement: Up for more] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t flirt with Chloe

204. With Chloe

• Ask to see Chloe’s muscles [+1 Boyfriend]

• Turn the conversation serious

205. [If you ended homecoming with Chloe] With Chloe

• Say a dirty joke [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t say a joke

Back (or “still”, If you didn’t go out with Chloe) at your room you’ll just have a quick chat with Julia to let her know about the upcoming Europe trip, and some banter texts with either Lauren or Riley. Depending on how you’re progressing your relationships with them, these will be more or less flirty in nature, but you can’t choose how they go on.


206. With Julia

• Excited reply

• Chill reply

just when you couldn’t be more bored of studying, something actually exciting happens, when (depending on your frat) either Grayson or Sebastian will invite you out on a trip.

Forest (Apes path)

Grayson will come very sternly, and take you to a forest. Maybe he does this to all the pledges separately to knock some sense into them, maybe only to you, but right now he sees something in you, the potential to be a Great Ape. His faith might have waned a bit If you didn’t do too well on the video challenges so now is the time to show him If you really want to be an Ape.

207. With Grayson

• Ask questions [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t say anything [+1 Boyfriend]

• Go along with it [+1 Bro]

• Stay quiet [+1 Boyfriend]

208. [If you got just one of Cameron’s challenges right] With Grayson

• I definitely want to be an Ape [+1 Bro]

• I think I want to be an Ape

209. With Grayson

• Agree with Grayson [+1 Bro]

• Tell Grayson you joined for the fights [+1 Troublemaker]

• Agree with Grayson [+1 Bro]

• Hesitate

Hospital (Wolves path)

On the Wolves path, you’ll get the visit of a somewhat coy Sebastian. He usually goes out to climb the walls of the hospital, but Marcus can’t come today and Seb isn’t quite sure how to ask. He does get you intrigued, and you have one last chance to pull out, but it’s going to be a bit boring now if you don’t follow him. It’s still a bit disappointing If you do climb, because he forgot the binoculars he was going to use to spy on some of the girls’ dorms. But in any case you’re going to use this opportunity to figure out part of what it means to be a Wolf.

210. With Sebastian

• Climb the hospital [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t climb the hospital

At any rate, you’ll be back to your room now and notice a bunch of strange posts on Kiwii. Contrary to popular belief, that’s actually a well thought out plot point, where everyone just posts single-colored squares to promote the upcoming Freshman Brawl (like the Fyre Festival or #blackouttuesday, remember when those were a thing?). But you don’t know what it means, of course, so you’ll rush to Chris or Cameron and they’ll tell you all about it.

Chris’s room (Wolves path)

211. With Chris

• Excited reply [+1 Troublemaker]

• Hesitant reply [+1 Boyfriend]

• Try to back out [+1 Boyfriend]

• Go with it [+1 Troublemaker]

Cameron’s room (Apes path)

212. With Cameron

• Not a pledge anymore [+1 Troublemaker]

• Let it slide [+1 Bro]

• Defend your honor [+1 Troublemaker]

• just ask him about the red square [+1 Bro]

• Excited reply [+1 Troublemaker]

• Hesitant reply [+1 Boyfriend]


So what you learn from Chris or Cameron is that there’s this upcoming Freshman Brawl on Saturday, which is going to show which frat has the best newcomers this year. This might all feel a bit overwhelming at this stage, as you’ll have another weird dream that night, where you’re in the ring facing another freshman, but nothing goes right and everyone ridicules you for it. Let’s just hope it’s not a bad omen.

213. [If you’re a Wolf] Texting Imre

• Hell no! But we need to get ready!

• I think so, actually. You and Sebastian really helped

214. [If you’re a Wolf] Dream sequence

• Ryan

• Caleb

215. [If you’re an Ape] Texting Ryan

• Hell no! But we need to get ready!

• I think so, actually. You and Cameron really helped

216. [If you’re an Ape] Dream sequence

• Imre

• Perry

Day 16College Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide

Today will be a relaxing day as you join Ryan, Riley and Aubrey for a trip to the lake. Play some “I spy” on the way in, share some horror stories on the way back, but otherwise explore the free roam, where you can tease or confide in Ryan or see a familiar face in Oscar (the dog you may have met at the shelter).

Aubrey path: More importantly, join Aubrey for some hand action, If you’re doing her route.

Driving to the lake

217. With Riley

• Flirt [+1 Boyfriend]

• Serious

Free roam (lake)

218. [If you’re a Wolf] With Ryan

• Mention the Wolves

• Play it cool

219. [If you’re an Ape] With Ryan

• Talk about your dream [+1 Boyfriend]

• Talk about the brawl [+1 Bro]

220. [If you’re in a relationship with Riley] With Riley

• Kiss her [+1 Troublemaker]

• Blow air at her

221. With Aubrey

• Don’t join her [+1 Troublemaker]

join her

[Sex scene with Aubrey (if in a relationship with her, see conversations 44, 100 and 118)]

[+1 Boyfriend]

Day 17College Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide

History class

Thursday begins with a special History class, Mr. Lee brought some Viking props so you can do some re-enacting. Penelope is excited to take part, Cameron doesn’t think his wig is doing him any favors, but If you recognize the King through her long beard and guide her through a pillage of the Northern territories you collect another achievement. And hopefully in the process the King can find a nicer-looking bride.

222. With Mr. Lee

• Heckle [+1 Troublemaker]

• Stay quiet

223. With Cameron/Penelope

• Grumble with Cameron [+1 Bro]

• Be happy with Penelope

• Be scared

• Be ready [+1 Bro]

• Recognize the King

• Don’t recognize the King [+1 Troublemaker]

• Discuss war [+1 Bro]

• Discuss riches

• North [Achievement: King of the North (if you recognized the King previously)]

• West


After class you’re lost in your thoughts (i.e. a hot girl passed by) and you bump into an angry-looking guy. You have two timed decisions to make here; the first one is just to get your reflexes in the mood. The second one is going to be fairly consequential, so react quickly to punch this guy to the floor.

Whichever way it plays out, this scene is going to be shared all over Kiwii, so your opponents in the Brawl will be taking notes. But be it through admiration or pity, you’re also going to end up with Lindsey’s number, so at least there’s that.

224. With an angry guy [timed responses]

• Apologize [+1 Bro]

• Tell him to calm down [+1 Troublemaker]

• Punch the guy [Achievement: Back down] [+1 Bro]

• Don’t punch the guy [+1 Troublemaker]

Back in your room you’ll be confronted by your frat mates on the result of your altercation in the hallway. If you didn’t know it already, you’ll learn now that you should be always ready for everything, and never let your guard down.

Apes house

225. [If you punched the guy in conversation 224] With Cameron

• Brag [+1 Troublemaker]

• Be humble

• Drink [+1 Bro]

• Don’t drink

226. [If you didn’t punch the guy in conversation 224] With Cameron

• Shrug it off

• Get defensive [+1 Troublemaker]

• Protest [+1 Troublemaker]

• Follow orders


227. [If you’re in a relationship with Emily (see conversations 94 and 164)] Texting Emily

• Sure! Gimme a sec.

• It’s kinda late

Emily path: Emily will ask you on a booty call If you’ve gone through her sex scene prior. What you talk about depends on whether you’ve joined her at the arcade and whether you’ve beat up that angry guy, but more importantly you can make a move on her to start another sex scene. By this point you’ll have picked up a couple of tricks that will impress her.

Emily’s dorm

228. [If you joined Emily in conversation 227 and went to the arcade in conversation 188] With Emily:

• Let Emily gloat [+1 Boyfriend]

• Say you were winning [+1 Troublemaker]

229. [If you joined Emily in conversation 227] With Emily:

• Make a move on Emily [Sex scene with Emily]

• Head home

230. [If you made a move on Emily in conversation 229 and had punched the guy in the hallway in conversation 224] With Emily

• Brag [+1 Troublemaker]

• Play it off [+1 Bro]

231. [If you made a move on Emily in conversation 229 but didn’t punch the guy in the hallway in conversation 224] With Emily

• Be macho [+1 Bro]

• Be dismissive


Lindsey couldn’t finish the day without letting you know she’s still thinking about you and just wanted to check out on how you were doing, which is nice of her.

232. [If you punched the guy in the hallway in conversation 224] Texting Lindsey

• Better now that I’m talking to you

• You getting ready for bed?

233. [If you didn’t punch the guy in the hallway in conversation 224] Texting Lindsey

• Better now that I’m talking to you

• I’m ok, it’s really not that bad

Day 18College Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide

Lauren’s room

The Deers sorority charity event is coming up in a few days (in fact it will be another high point ofAct 2), but Lauren needs some help figuring out how to contribute. You’ll be glad to give her a hand (or a full back rub If you’re close with her).

234. [If you’re in a relationship with Lauren or kissed her during the beach date in conversation 137] With Lauren [+1 Boyfriend regardless]

• Offer Lauren a back rub

• Offer Lauren a hug

235. [If you’re not in a relationship with Lauren and didn’t kiss her during the beach date in conversation 137] With Lauren

• Offer guidance [+1 Bro]

• just listen [+1 Boyfriend]

Autumn is going to host a mud wrestling event, so that spikes up the bar tremendously. Lauren is torn between a bake sale or going as a living statue, and will go with the latter for now. But she’s never been one to take risks, so we may still see her struggle with this decision in the coming days.

236. With Lauren

• Be impressed

• Support Lauren [+1 Boyfriend]

• Bake cakes

• Living statue

237. [If you’re in a relationship with Lauren or kissed her during the beach date in conversation 137] With Lauren [+1 Boyfriend regardless]

• Flirt

• Be romantic

238. [If you’re not in a relationship with Lauren, but kissed her during the beach date in conversation 137 and have KCT Loyal] With Lauren

• Kiss Lauren [+1 Boyfriend]

• Leave

239. [If you’re not in a relationship with Lauren and have not kissed her during the beach date in conversation 137] With Lauren

• Credit Lauren [+1 Boyfriend]

• Take some credit

Apes house

On the Apes path Samantha will come knocking next, and If you’ve defended her in front of Grayson she’ll be thankful (it wasn’t right that you should be involved in all this drama anyway). But she’s also at a moment where she’s needing company, so you’ll talk it over in a trip to the park.

240. [If you sided with Grayson in conversation 186] With Samantha

• Understand Samantha

• Console Samantha [+1 Boyfriend]

241. [If you sided with Cameron in conversation 186] With Samantha

• Play it off [+1 Bro]

• Accept the thanks [+1 Boyfriend]

Park (Apes path)

It’s your first chance at really getting to know Samantha, but she’s not really sure about herself either, or what the future holds. She’s happy enough living in the present do you want to be a part of hers?

242. With Samantha

• Joke around [+1 Boyfriend]

• Be serious

• Ask to go out again [+1 Boyfriend]

• Say goodbye

Dinner with Ms. Rose (Wolves path)

On the Wolves path, Ms. Rose has just finished setting up her new place, and to celebrate she’s hosting a dinner to all the great guys who’ve helped her move. In between servings of lasagna and caramel pie you can take advantage of a few moments to help out Ms. Rose and get a little bit closer to her.

243. With Ms. Rose

• Offer to help

• Stay with the Wolves

244. With Imre

• Talk about working out [+1 Bro]

• Talk about Viking assignment

245. With Ms. Rose

• Try helping out again [+1 Boyfriend]

• Wait

Room (Wolves path)

Chris wants to have all you new guys ready for the Brawl, but being mentally prepared is just as important as being physically prepared. The tournament won’t be easy, so don’t overthink what happened in the hallway. And he will encourage you to get some rest, but you don’t have to keep away from all “distractions”.

246. With Chris

• Answer [+1 Bro]

• Keep quiet [+1 Troublemaker]

• Make joke [+1 Troublemaker]

• Agree [+1 Bro]

247. [If you punched the guy in the hallway in conversation 224] With Chris

• Be cocky [+1 Troublemaker]

• Agree [+1 Bro]

• Hit first [+1 Bro]

• Run [+1 Troublemaker]

248. [If you didn’t punch the guy in the hallway in conversation 224] With Chris

• Act cool [+1 Troublemaker]

• Ask for help [+1 Bro]

• Agree [+1 Bro]

• Defend yourself [+1 Troublemaker]

Room (Apes path)

Time for a training session on the Apes side as well, and Cameron is going to knock some fighting sense into you freshmen maggots. But even If you got lucky in the hallway and floored that guy, that’s no reason to be cocky. You need to think strategy, and how to surprise them Wolves.

249. [If you punched the guy in the hallway in conversation 224] With Cameron

• Be confident [+1 Bro]

• Be humble [+1 Boyfriend]

• Be pumped [+1 Bro]

• Be concerned

250. [If you didn’t punch the guy in the hallway in conversation 224] With Cameron

• Ask for help

• Stay quiet [+1 Boyfriend]

Day 19College Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide


An action-packed day should start with a hearty breakfast. You won’t say no to having the company of Nora, she won’t say no to just having anyone around (Chris really hasn’t been there for her). And the two of you are starting to look like a couple anyway at this stage. But only If you acted excited about Europe, otherwise a random will come over and ask you about the fight in the hallway the other day.

251. [If you acted excited about the Europe trip on conversation 200] With Nora

• Correct waiter [+1 Bro]

• Don’t correct waiter [+1 Boyfriend]


Riley/Evelyn path: Yes, it’s the Brawl today, and you should hit the gym (plus bonus points If you’re on the Evelyn path as she’s getting her exercising fix as well and you can convince her to have a second date if the first one ended nicely). But If you skip it you’ll find time to go to Riley’s instead for another sex scene.

252. Outside gym

• Hit the gym

• Skip the gym

253. [If you hit the gym in conversation 252 and started a relationship with Evelyn in conversation 95] With Evelyn

• Convince her [Achievement: Second date] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Forget It

254. [If you skipped the gym in conversation 252 and are in a relationship with Riley (either through conversation 124 or inviting her to homecoming in conversation 149)] Texting Riley

• Well you shoulda led with that! [Sex scene with Riley] [Achievement: Cheat day]

• Man, I’d really love to but…

Riley’s room

255. [If you agreed to meet with Riley in conversation 254] With Riley

• Greet Riley

• Joke [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]


256. [If you ended homecoming with Chloe] Texting Chloe

• I miss you too. [+1 Boyfriend]

• That’s better haha

• Yeah, of course

• You need to ask? 🙂 [+1 Bro]

• OMG! I miss those!

• OMG! You are magnificent!

• Goodnight, gorgeous. [+1 Boyfriend]

• Goodnight, Chloe.

257. [If you didn’t end homecoming with Chloe] Texting Chloe

• Don’t be a stranger.

• Yeah, it was nice to hear from you.

Chloe path: If you’ve ended homecoming with her, there’s an extra sexting scene you can go through, otherwise you may still try to be a bit flirty but it’s not going to work out this time.

Speaking of working out, there’s still time for a quickjog in the park to get loosened up. Good thing you’re there to stop anything more serious happening when Imre and Ryan come across each other though.

Lindsey path: You’ll get a text from Lindsey asking you to come hang out with her at the Chicks house. She wants to see you in person before cheering for you at the brawl. You get to make out with her If you want (and you’ll find she tastes of caramel), but there’s no way you can be late for the big event.


258. Texting Lindsey

• Hell yeah! Be right there, Linds!

• Aww, I wish I could, but I gotta get ready for the brawl

Chicks’ house

259. [If you chose to hang out with Lindsey in conversation 258 and punched the guy in the hallway in conversation 224] With Lindsey

• Play it cool [+1 Bro]

• Get real [+1 Boyfriend]

260. [If you agreed to hang out with Lindsey in conversation 258] With Lindsey

• Let Lindsey grab your hand [+1 Troublemaker (if in a relationship with Chloe)] [+1 Boyfriend (otherwise)]

◦ Make out with Lindsey [Lindsey make out scene] [+1 Troublemaker (if in a relationship with Chloe)] [+1 Boyfriend (otherwise)]

◦ Pull away [Achievement: The wrong time] [+1 Boyfriend (if in a relationship with Chloe)]

• Pull away

The Brawl is turning into a very mysterious event, you’ll be blindfolded by your frat mates and taken to the secret warehouse where everything is taking place. You might be feeling thejitters, so it’s your choice to cause some distractions or stay quiet and keep everyone focused .

Warehouse (Wolves path)

261. With Sebastian

• Be upset [+1 Boyfriend]

• Be excited [+1 Bro]

262. With Imre

• Talk about Ryan [+1 Troublemaker]

• Keep quiet

263. With Chris

• Tell Chris about Ryan [+1 Troublemaker]

• Keep quiet [+1 Bro]

Warehouse (Apes path)

264. With Cameron

• Complain [+1 Troublemaker]

• Deal with it [+1 Bro]

265. With Grayson

• Say something [+1 Troublemaker]

• Keep quiet

266. With Cameron

• Get pumped [+1 Bro]

• Ask Cameron what’s up


A quick look around the attendance sees Amber and Kim next to Josh. Somehow everyone agrees he was the most entertaining option to be the night’s announcer. just when he’s ready to introduce the lineup you will bump into Lindsey, but a huge commotion is happening, so let’s check what that is.

267. [If you didn’t go hang out with Lindsey in conversation 258] With Lindsey

• Stop her [+1 Boyfriend]

• Let her go

268. [If you want to hang out with Lindsey in conversation 258 but didn’t kiss her in conversation 260] With Lindsey

• Let her go

• Stop her [+1 Boyfriend]

269. [If you kissed Lindsey in conversation 260] With Lindsey

• It was a joke [+1 Bro]

• Be serious [+1 Boyfriend]

Freshman Brawl

Imre and Ryan arejumping the gun here and came into blows even before the tournament started, so you break the up and we resume our scheduled programming with the first fight of the evening. We see Ryan defeating Perry, or Imre beating Caleb, then depending on your side you get to fight the winner.

But a difficult choice is upon you when you actually step into the ring and for the first time you’re facing someone you know and are close to. Sure he’s in a rival frat now but maybe at some point he was even your friend. But then again, winners never quit and quitters never win.

270. [If you’re a Wolf] Fighting Ryan

• Fight Ryan [Achievement: Lights out (if you win on Hard difficulty)]

• Don’t fight [Achievement: Fright club]

271. [If you’re an Ape] Fighting Imre

• Fight Imre [Achievement: Golden boy (if you win on Hard difficulty)]

• Don’t fight [Achievement: Bros before blows]

There will be time for some celebration If you win, but you’re really going to let your frat down If you don’t after all the hope everyone had placed on you. Chris might try to be diplomatic if that’s the case, but Grayson will just turn nasty.

Room (Wolves path)

272. [If you fought Ryan in conversation 270] In room

• Act like you’re asleep

• Answer the door

273. [If you didn’t fight Ryan] With Chris

• Apologize [+1 Bro]

• Stand your ground

Room (Apes path)

274. [If you beat Imre] With Cameron

• Act like you’re asleep

• Answer the door

Day 20College Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide


If you did go through the fight last night (win or lose) then today Riley will be the first to reach out to you via text, otherwise Josh will tease you for chickening out. Then Lindsey will text you, she’s got a lot going on her mind right now (you may or may not already be aware of that) and just needs someone to talk to, If you’d like to be a listening shoulder.

275. Texting Lindsey

• If you need someone to talk I’ll come over right now!

• Uhm okay. No worries, let me know if you need anything

Lindsey’s place

You may or may not have already heard that Lindsey’s mother passed away recently (in a car crash), and now it seems that the whole world is finally crumbling on her. It’s a very sensitive moment for her, so If you try to take advantage of this by makingjokes or flirting, she’ll react poorly to this (unless you can pull it off with KCT Confident).

276. [If you agreed to meet Lindsey in conversation 275] With Lindsey

• Yeah, I heard

• No, I had no clue

• Keep listening

◦ ◦

Talk about her mother

Talk about her

▪ Speak on her mother

▪ Speak on her

Make a joke

• I like it

• I understand

Wolves house

277. With Perry

• Accept help [+1 Bro]

• Decline help

If you’re back at the Wolves house then you’ll find everyone redecorating the place. You can get a little bit closer to Perry by accepting his help, or you can do things on your own, but the end result will always be some shades of grey.

Otherwise it’s a chance to have a chat with Samantha. She’s used to seeing her hothead brother fighting around, so it makes sense that he’s joined the Apes frat, so what gives? You can let her know that there’s more to you she hasn’t seen, and If you really must, you can show a dangerous side if someone does you wrong.

Apes house

278. With Samantha

• I can be a hothead [+1 Troublemaker]

• What’s that supposed to mean? [+1 Bro]

279. With Cameron

• Maybe [+1 Troublemaker]

• I don’t know


Lauren is on a long train ride back from visiting her family for her mother’s birthday, and she’s so bored she just had to call you. This may or may not be a compliment, but you’ll entertain her for a little while. You an play two-truths-one-lie and reveal you once starred in a children’s show, or play favorites to learn Lauren’s birthday falls on Halloween.

280. With Lauren

• Two truths one lie

• Favorites

281. [If you play Two truths one lie] With Lauren

• I could play

• Joke around

282. [If you play Favorites] With Lauren

• Orange

• Blue

• Gecko

• Lion [Achievement: Rawr I’m a lion]

• Spring

• Fall

283. With Aubrey

• Walk her home

• Don’t walk her home

Aubrey path: You’ll be interrupted by Aubrey, she’s on her way back from the gym and you can walk her home, out of the kindness of your heart (If you’re following her path and you have one or two ulterior motives, you won’t be disappointed either). Or stick with Lauren, and the conversation will move to a couple more serious topics, like her being nervous about the upcoming charity event, or even If you see yourself as a family man one day.

284. [If you didn’t walk Aubrey home in conversation 283] With Lauren

• Joke

• Be serious

• Agree

• Disagree

• Yes

• No

Chicks house

[If you walked Aubrey home in conversation 283]

Outside the Chicks house Aubrey will talk a little bit about her past. Her older sister is coming to visit soon (she’s a Kiwii model, so that’s nice), and she was the one that encouraged Aubrey to embrace her adventurous side.

Aubrey path: She’s going to change for a quick shower after that sweaty gym session, so there’s another chance for a sex scene with her awaiting, but Nora will have some choice words if she finds you walking around naked.

285. [If you are in a relationship with Aubrey (see conversations 44, 100 and 118)] With Aubrey

• Maybe [+1 Troublemaker]

• just a walk

286. With Aubrey

• Compliment her [+1 Boyfriend]

• Make a joke [+1 Troublemaker]

• Ask about her [+1 Boyfriend]

• Ask about her sister [+1 Troublemaker]

• Ask to watch [Sex scene with Aubrey (if in a relationship)] [Achievement: Getting clean (if in a relationship)] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Say you’ll wait

287. [If you’re in a relationship with Aubrey and asked to watch in conversation 286] With Aubrey

• Top

• Bottom

288. [If you’re in a relationship with Aubrey and asked to watch in conversation 286] With Nora

• Apologize

• Make a joke [+1 Troublemaker]

289. [If you didn’t go through Aubrey’s sex scene in conversation 286] With Aubrey

• Compliment [+1 Boyfriend]

• Complain

We then learn a little bit more about the dynamics inside the Chicks house. Aubrey seems to be the only one not taking things too seriously, but that means she’s able to see the lighter side in everything and just keep a good rapport with everyone instead of absorbing all the drama.

290. With Aubrey

• Defend them

• Don’t defend them

Walking outside

You’ll get a surprisingly random text from Jenny at this point. If you remember, that’s the friend that Penelope hacked the school for, to get her enrolled. She’s noticed Penelope is acting a bit weird lately (she hasn’t told Jenny yet about all the trouble she’s in), so now Jenny is reaching out to Penelope’s new friends at San Vallejo to figure out what’s up, and you’ll make a date to meet her the next morning.

You can go meet this Jenny alone, or you can invite Penelope so she has a chance to explain things herself. And even though you can’t tell, this is when we start having the nuanced relationship points mechanic working. You can invite Penelope, but you could potentially earn even more with Jenny If you spend some one-on-one time with her.

The same principle will apply when you come across Mr. Lee just coming out of a dinner with a friend, you can use this to start getting a little bit on his side. All of this just before Josh tells you about the new Simplr dating app. That might become interesting at some point in the future.

291. With Penelope

• Invite Penelope [+1 Boyfriend]

• Go alone

292. With Mr. Lee

• Make a joke

• Don’t make a joke


293. Texting Josh

• Oh yeah, I heard.

• I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Day 21College Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide


The days starts at the cafe, where you get to meet Jenny. If you did invite Penelope it’s going to be a small surprise for both of them that the other one is there as well. This only affects who Jenny hears this from, but she then learns the full story that she’s only at San Vallejo because of Penelope’s shenanigans.

To make matters worse, there’s a school hearing in three days to decide on the case, and whether Penelope has to pay the $15,000. There’s still a fighting chance, so you’ll quicklyjump to her aid and offer to be her defense counsel, and Jenny can serve as a character witness.

294. [If you didn’t invite Penelope in conversation 291] With Jenny

• Reassure her [+1 Boyfriend]

• Stay positive

• Flirt [+1 Boyfriend]

• Stay friendly

• Be helpful [+1 Bro]

• Be supportive [+1 Boyfriend]

295. [If you invited Penelope in conversation 291] With Penelope

• Be helpful

• Be supportive

AlleyCollege Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide

As you walk outside Josh seems to be involved in some shady deal (again). He doesn’t really want to talk about it, and maybe you feel it isn’t yourjob to go around babysitting him, but If you press him he’ll tell you his dad cut him off because he didn’t join the military. So Josh is in need of money and this was just the easy fix. Also you’ll introduce the idea of the Europe trip to him If you meet him.

296. With Josh

• Check it out [+1 Bro]

• Keep walking [+1 Troublemaker]

297. [If you chose to check it out in conversation 296] With Josh

• Yes

• Let it go

• I don’t know

• Hot girls

Lauren’s room

298. With Lauren

• Agree [+1 Boyfriend]

• Push back [Lauren does a living statue if you have KCT Loyal]

• Encourage her [+1 Troublemaker]

• Let her decide

Lauren texts you to come to her place, she’s decided that she’s going to do the bake sale after all. You have one last chance to change her mind If you have KCT Loyal If you really want to see her covered in silver paint. But for all you want you won’t convince her to join the mud wrestling. 7Dn】an dD}V: You can do some play-wrestling though, If you’ve been following her path, which can quickly turn into a makeout session

299. [If you’re in a relationship with Lauren or at least kissed her once at the beach or at the park] With Lauren

• Suck on her tits [Making out with Lauren (must have KCT Loyal if not already in a relationship)] [Relationship with Lauren]

• Kiss her

Meeting Ms. Rose (Wolves path)

You’ll have to leave Lauren for now to attend to Ms. Rose. She calls you as her husband found out where she moved to and is causing a scene outside her place. You can speak up and help Ms. Rose (we learn her first name is Lorraine now) throw out her husband.

This doesn’t seem like it’s over for good (after all Mr. Rose knows a lot of people and is involved in a lot of stuff), but for now you’ve made a positive mark on Lorraine. So much so that you can make a move and kiss her. You’ll get the “Forbidden romance” achievement the name sounds about right, the relationship sounds wrong and there will be an awkward feeling in the air.

Speaking of awkward, on your way out you overhear Nora on the phone as she’s just arrived at her stepmother’s home. Could it really be? There’s an economics class tomorrow and for sure there will be some explaining to do.

300. With Ms. Rose

• Speak up [+1 Boyfriend]

• Stay quiet

• Insult him [+1 Troublemaker]

• Comfort her

• Make a move [Achievement: Forbidden romance] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t make a move

Apes house

On the Apes path, Samantha urges you to come back home, it’s pretty important. Plot twist: it wasn’t. She just wanted someone to make her a cocktail and drink with her.

If you do make her a drink, you’ll find out she’s a lightweight and will get very drunk very easily, which won’t go down very well with Cameron when he arrives.

301. With Samantha

• Make her a cocktail [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Drink with her [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Pass

• Get mad [+1 Troublemaker]

• Tease her [+1 Boyfriend]

• No

• Lion

• Eagle


Before the day is done Amber will invite you to come hang out by the skate park. It’s right by the library where Riley was just working on an assignment, and Amber is quite happy to welcome her into the fun and drinking games.

302. Texting Amber

• Condoms or beer?

• Alright sure

You’ll get into some never-have-I-ever, which can turn interesting. Amber has experimented having sex with another girl, and both her and Riley have already stripped and got caught masturbating. Finding this out might make them grow closer. One hopes.

303. With Amber/Riley

• Yeah, you should

• I’m sure she’s busy

• Drink

• Pass

• Stripped

• Got caught masturbating

Riley will leave you to go back into her studying, but Amber got really tipsy and horny in that interval (an explosive combination). If you’ve gone through a sex scene with her before (or If you’re currently Popular) and you don’t mind doing it out in the open, she’s game.

304. [If you’ve not gone through a sex scene with Amber] With Amber

• Yes

• No

• Place hand on her leg

• Make a joke

305. [If you’ve gone through a sex scene with Amber, or you haven’t but have KCT Popular and placed your hand on her leg in conversation 304] With Amber

• Let her [Sex scene with Amber] [Achievement: Rough rider]

• Shut her down [Awkward with Amber]

◦ Okay

◦ Your place?

Day 22College Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide

In class

306. [If you’re a Wolf] With Ms. Rose

• Ask about Nora [Achievement: Family secrets]

• Don’t ask

After a slightly unusual but enthusiastic Economics class with Ms. Rose (where she’ll be speaking more from experience than from the textbook), she’ll call you over for a small chat. You can ask her about Nora to confirm those family secrets and yes, Lorraine really is Nora’s stepmother. Nora’s not going to open up on that topic If you press her though. But she will ask you to invite some people around for the Europe trip (you’ll get a chance to do this when you meet everyone during the Deers event).


307. [If you’re a Wolf] With Nora

• Mention last night

• Leave it alone

308. With Nora

• Help Nora

• Don’t help

You’re not done out of the hallway just yet. There’s an argument brewing because Aubrey called Chloe “cute” instead of “sexy”. Sometimes it looks like you can’t really win.

Chloe path: If Chloe is (still) upset at you at this stage she’ll crack a smile If you do find her sexy, otherwise feel free to pick a side. You’ll then have a chance to get a long-overdue volleyball rematch (and an achievement to match).

309. [If Chloe is upset with you (see conversations 65, 84, 114 and 170)] With Aubrey/Chloe

• Cute [+1 Boyfriend]

• Sexy

310. [If you called Chloe sexy in conversation 309 and have KCT Popular] With Chloe

• Ask Chloe how she is [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Have a Rematch [Achievement: On the court] [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Decline a Rematch

• Leave

311. [If Chloe is not upset at you] With Aubrey/Chloe

• Cute

• Sexy [+1 Boyfriend]

312. [If Chloe is not upset at you] With Chloe

• Have a Rematch [Achievement: On the court] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Decline a Rematch


Chloe path: join Chloe at the gym for your rematch where you’ll show offsome pro moves. And there’s no point in a rematch without a reward, so check her out at the end of the match. If you got her homecoming ending, she’ll treat you to some more oral in the locker rooms.

313. [If you got a rematch with Chloe and she isn’t upset at you] With Chloe

• Look closer [Sex scene with Chloe (if you finished homecoming with her)]

• Don’t risk it

First responders course

Emily path: You’ll walk into a first responders course demonstration, just when Emily is practicing some CPR. This will be (another) chance to make amends If you’re on rocky ground with her, and you’ll learn this is something she’s actually into, she might even see herself as a nurse one day.

314. With Emily

• Leave

• Watch

◦ join Emily [+1 Boyfriend] [Forgives Emily]

◦ Leave [+1 Troublemaker]

315. [If you joined Emily in conversation 314] With Emily

• Save Emily [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t save Emily [+1 Troublemaker]

• Agree with Emily [+1 Boyfriend]

• Disagree with Emily


Walking home you find Josh dealing again, but he’s hoping that’s something he can stop soon. Some hotshot that he just met might just be able to help him get a scholarship. But this guy is having some issues with his wife, which is causing problems. Wonder who that could be… In lighter news, a nice reward awaits at the end of the day If you’re on the Lauren path as she’ll be sending you her first nude. Not everything is all that bad after all.

316. With Josh

• Support him

• Don’t support [Angers Josh, unless you have KCT Confident]

Day 23College Kings 1 ACT II Walkthrough & Guide

Today will be entirely dedicated to the Deers charity event, a huge free roam. Have fun exploring and chatting with different people (use the four edges of the screen to navigate around). Whether or not you can have some conversations depends on your frat, or If you’ve made some people upset before.

Some interesting nuggets of information are there for the taking, like Autumn being very proud of her sister for overcoming her shyness and pledging to the Deers. Ryan reveals to you that he’s getting feelings for Emily and asks for your blessing. And Nora is sick of all the sorority drama that Chloe is bringing (and you can stir the pot even further by then telling Chloe what Nora said).

Feel free to invite people to the Europe trip If you’ve agreed to help Nora with that task, and if by chance you’ve convinced Lauren to play a living statue, she’s going to regret having listened to you.

Free roam (Deers event, start)

317. With Autumn

• Ask why [+1 Boyfriend]

• Leave it be [+1 Bro]

• That’s the main reason [+1 Bro]

• I’d be here without it [+1 Boyfriend]

Deers event – Toilet area (turn left from start)

318. [If you started a relationship with Evelyn in conversation 95] With Evelyn

• Let’s do it right now [+1 Boyfriend]

• I’ll think about it [+1 Troublemaker]

Deers event – Lauren’s stand (turn right from start)

319. [If you’re not in a relationship with Lauren] With Lauren

• Invite her to Europe [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t invite her [+1 Bro]

320. [If you convinced Lauren to play a living statue in conversation 298] With Lauren

• Say you’re sorry [+1 Boyfriend]

• Joke around [+1 Troublemaker]

Deers event – Lake (turn left from Lauren’s stand)

320. [If you agreed to help Nora in conversation 308 and you’re forgiving of Emily (see conversations 30, 94, 146, 164 and 314)] With Emily

• Invite her to Europe

• Don’t invite her

Emily path: If you do not invite Emily here, she will not go on the Europe trip.

Deers event – Entrance (go up from start)

321. With Ryan

• It’s okay [+1 Bro] [Let Ryan have Emily]

• It’s not okay [+1 Troublemaker]

If you give Ryan your blessing here, he will start pursuing a relationship with Emily.

322. With Karen

• Get a lottery ticket [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t get a ticket [+1 Troublemaker]

323. [If Chloe is not upset at you (see conversations 65, 84, 114 and 170)] With Chloe

• Date with Chloe

• Who would you date?

324. [If Chloe is not upset at you (see conversations 65, 84, 114 and 170) and you’ve talked to Nora about sorority (in conversation 334)] With Chloe

• Tell Chloe about Nora [Achievement: Hard decisions]

• Don’t tell Chloe

325. [If you agreed to help Nora in conversation 308 and you didn’t tell Chloe about Nora in conversation 325] With Chloe

• Invite to Europe

◦ Convince her

◦ Let her decide

• Don’t invite

Deers event – Stage (go up from entrance)

326. With Rachel

• Arm Arm Pose [+1 Boyfriend]

• Pose Pose Arm [+1 Troublemaker]

327. [If you’re a Wolf] With Perry

• Make fun of Perry

• Encourage Perry

328. [If you haven’t talked to Riley in conversation 339] With Aubrey

• Sure [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Twirl her

◦ Dip her

• No way [+1 Bro]

• [Chloe] Hot [+1 Bro]

• [Chloe] Not [+1 Troublemaker]

• [Nora] Hot [+1 Troublemaker]

• [Nora] Not [+1 Bro]

• [Lindsey] Hot [+1 Bro]

• [Lindsey] Not [+1 Troublemaker]

• [Lauren] Hot [+1 Boyfriend]

• [Lauren] Not [+1 Bro]

• [Riley] Hot [+1 Bro]

• [Riley] Not [+1 Troublemaker]

329. [If you’re an Ape and haven’t talked to Riley in conversation 339] With Aubrey

• [Ms. Rose] Hot [+1 Bro]

• [Ms. Rose] Not [+1 Boyfriend]

330. [If you agreed to help Nora in conversation 308 and haven’t talked to Riley in conversation 339] With Aubrey

• Invite her to Europe [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t invite her [+1 Troublemaker]

331. [If you’ve talked to Riley in conversation 339] With Riley/Aubrey

• [Who’s first] Riley

• [Who’s first] Aubrey

• [Who won] Riley

• [Who won] Aubrey

Deers event – Sack game (turn right from stage)

330. With Eleanor

• Make a joke [+1 Bro]

• Play the game [+1 Boyfriend]

331. With Nora

• Show me what you got [+1 Bro]

• Ask about sorority life [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ What do you mean? [+1 Bro]

◦ Defend Chloe [+1 Boyfriend]

332. [If you’re a Wolf] With Chris/Aaron

• Play

• Don’t play

Deers event – Body painting (turn right from toilet area)

333. With Mr. Lee/Ms. Rose

• Side with Mr. Lee

◦ Encourage her

◦ Let it go

• Side with Ms. Rose

334. [If you agreed to help Nora in conversation 308 and you sided with Mr. Lee in conversation 336] With Mr. Lee/Ms. Rose

• Invite Ms. Rose to Europe

• Don’t invite her

335. With Lindsey

• Compliment [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Paint Lindsey

◦ Don’t paint Lindsey

• Ask how she’s doing

Deers event – Thrift shop (go up from body painting area)

336. With Riley

• Joke

• Confess

• It sucks

• Don’t believe rumors

• It looks good

• No way

Deers event – Ring (turn right from entrance)

337. [If you didn’t make it awkward with Amber in conversation 305] With Amber

• Witty retort [+1 Troublemaker]

• Flirt [+1 Boyfriend]

338. [If you agreed to help Nora in conversation 308] With Amber

• Invite her to Europe

• Don’t invite her

Mud wrestling

When you’re ready, click on Autumn to end the free roam as we move on to the main event of the day, and there’s three mud wrestling matches lined up: Chloe vs Nora, Aubrey vs Emily and Riley vs Amber. You can cheer on your favorites, but some of the girls will take it personally If you don’t.

339. Ring

• Root for Chloe [+1 Boyfriend]

• Root for Nora

• Root for Aubrey

• Root for Emily [+1 Boyfriend]

• Root for Riley [+1 Boyfriend]

• Root for Amber

340. With Chloe/Nora

• Talk to Chloe

• Talk to Nora

341. [If you chose to talk to Chloe in conversation 343 and she’s upset at you (see conversations 65, 84, 114 and 170)] With Chloe

• Make a joke

• Leave

Riley’s room

Lauren had to help out on Deer duty so you’ll take Riley back to her dorm. She’ll have a shower to take off all that mud, and when she comes back wearing nothing but a towel that will be your cue to make a move. As long as you’ve gone through a sex scene with her before she will welcome your advances. If you haven’t, you can still start a sexual relationship with her If you have KCT Confident, but otherwise she’ll just shoot you down.

342. With Riley

• Make a move [Sex scene with Riley (if in a relationship or have KCT Confident)] [Relationship with Riley]

• Offer to turn around

343. [If you offered to turn around in conversation 345 and either have a relationship with Riley or KCT Confident] With Riley

• Don’t peek

• Peek [Sex scene with Riley] [Relationship with Riley]

344. With Riley

• Myself

• Others

Tomorrow morning is Penelope’s school hearing, which will kick offAct 3. It would be a shame If you overslept and couldn’t be there on time…

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