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College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

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November 13 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Frat room (Scene 1)

At the darkened front steps of SVC, the moon shines overhead, and the steps are darkened and empty, save for a sole figure: Amber, wearing her detective’s hat, standing, leaning against the far left pillar, lit by little more than a joint being lit in her hand. A good mystery is a lot like a beautiful dame, and it looks like we’re about to meet both.

It may have been a premonitory dream of sorts, but Amber is putting on her detective hat again – Chris has asked her to investigate something about the frats? We’ll find out more in due course, because right now is just too late in the night for this stuff.

Some choices during the text conversation accrue reputation points, you may want to be on the lookout for those. If you tell her you’re not feeling this detective stuff right now she’ll make some snarky comments later, but no biggy.

1. Texting Amber

a. Amber… it’s 2 a.m., too many exclamation marks [+1 TM]

b. I am excited, but I’m also asleep [+1 Bro]

2. Texting Amber

a. I am once again reminding you it is 2am, which is too early for this shit [+1 TM] [not in the mood for detective stuff]

b. Yes, so excited [+1 Bro]

Amber’s detective room at SVC (Scene 2)

Alright, time to actually meet Amber. She’s in very deep in this romance noir style, and her intuition is that the “client” aka “The Big Wolf” aka Chris is worried about the administration looking into the frats business. But Chris might know something more than he is conveying, so it might be worth having a chat with him later.

Detective path: Meanwhile you can choose to change your detective type, between Professional, Psychologist and Loose Cannon. The Psychologist choice can be the best to help reveal some background information on people. But any option will allow you to ultimately solve the case, they’ll just provide different dialogue options during the interrogations.

Ms. Rose path: However, picking the Loose Cannon is required to unlock a sex scene with Ms. Rose later on (but will prevent earning a clue from Mr. Lee).

3. With Amber

1. Ugh, more frat shit? [+1 TM]

2. All right, let’s hear it [+1 BF]

4. With Amber

1. I’ll do it for the frats [+1 Bro]

2. I’ve got enough on my plate [+1 TM]

a. Chill out, I’ll help

b. I mean, I wouldn’t say no

Amber path: Amber will get a bit physical with you to convince you to join these detective shenanigans. This happens in conversation path 4.b.ii above when you initially get reluctant.

November 14 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

SVC Hallway (Scene 3)

A new day begins, and we find Nora in the hallways with a new character. That’s Mr. Sean Matthews, from the Psychology department. He’s not teaching a course at the moment, but we might find him again if we take on a psych elective next semester. Although you don’t even really know what you’re majoring in at the moment.

5. With Nora / Mr. Matthews

a. I haven’t seen you around

b. How do you two know each other?

6. With Nora / Mr. Matthews

a. I guess I have a few ideas?

b. I’m trying not to think about it

Like Amber, Nora can’t help noticing that the mood has been weird lately, ever since the Europe trip at least, with the college being weird with the sororities, and also not creating a lot of social activities. So why not restore the old social committee? You might either think it’s a great idea straight up, or you might think it’s going to be boring but Mr. Matthews might even throw in some free course credit if you take part.

7. With Nora / Mr. Matthews

a. Yeah, things kinda suck [+1 TM]

b. At least we have the frats? [+1 Bro]

Nora path: If aren’t dating Nora at this point, but would like to, another path opens around this stage. Start by collecting the Nora points in the choices that are flattering to her.


8. With Nora / Mr. Matthews

a. Yeah, sounds like a cool idea [+1 Bro]

b. Only for you, Nora [+1 BF] [+1 Nora point]

c. What’s the point? [+1 TM]

i. The admin are being dicks [+1 TM]

ii. Let’s do something cooler [+1 Bro]

9. With Nora (if you collected the Nora point from conversation 8, and don’t have Girlfriend status with Nora)

a. Don’t act so surprised [+1 Boyfriend] [+1 Nora point]

b. Didn’t mean anything [+1 Bro]

SVC Cafeteria (Scene 4)

We’ll deal with the social committee later in the day, now’s the time to head to the cafeteria and grab some of Aubrey’s pizza. She’s too excited to eat anyway. She’s got her first professional modelling gig! You can choose how supportive you want to be (or how suspicious of the motives of the photographer) but you’re not taking away her excitement.

10. With Aubrey

a. Gimme your pizza, I’m starving [+1 TM]

b. May I have pizza, please?

11. With Aubrey

a. Out with it!

b. Are you teasing me deliberately?

12. With Aubrey

a. Cam-girl style? [+1 TM]

b. Great pick [+1 Bro]

13. With Aubrey [if you’re dating her and picked the cam-girl choice in conversation 12)

a. I’m into that [+1 TM]

b. No [+1 Bro]

14. With Aubrey

a. Sounds like a pervert [+1 TM]

b. I bet he is [+1 Bro]

15. With Aubrey [if you’re not dating her]

a. You got this

b. Are you doing this for you?

SVC Cafeteria (Scene 5)

We need to start being careful with the multiple-girlfriends-path, Lauren was sitting by the cafeteria as well and could have seen you and Aubrey. Luckily she seems to be occupied showing Riley some of her sketches. She’s been doing clothing design mockups for a long time, and now she’s doing lingerie fashion.

16. With Lauren/Riley

a. These are more than doodles [+1 Bro]

b. That’s an accurate label

Lauren is thinking of actually producing these items for real, and you can choose to be supportive of her at this early stage. Even if you don’t support her, you’ll still follow her along in that journey, but she’ll be a bit upset and call you a “critic” when you next meet her.

Lauren path: You’ll have several opportunities to support and help Lauren, and the choices with great impact will earn you “Lingerie points” . Collect enough of those and it will help you unlock a sex scene later.

17. With Lauren/Riley

a. I agree with Riley [+1 Bro] [support Lauren] [+1 Lingerie point]

b. Let’s not get carried away

18. With Riley [if you didn’t support Lauren in conversation 17]

a. Don’t get hopes up [+1 Bro]

b. They’re bad designs [+1 TM]

SVC Room (Scene 6)

Finally time to get back with Nora (and Mr. Matthews) as the social committee meeting is about to start, and you’ll be joined by Lindsey, Riley and Faris, who is a member of the Frogs.

During the introductions round, you can just go for a normal introduction with some basic details, like everyone else, or go completely over the top (but Faris will mock you and your weird story at every opportunity).

19. During meeting

a. Normal introduction [+1 Bro]

b. Really spice things up [+1 TM]

Anyway, back into the important topic that we’re here to discuss, how to raise money for the committee? Please nobody suggest a bake sale. A water jetpack is going to be something too expensive. But we could organize a pool party.

Mrs. Woods path: You can try to convince either Elijah or his mother to grant use of their house pool. You’ll need to meet his mom to have an opportunity to charm her. And because she’ll be around at the party as well, that’s when you can benefit from your investment to have a chance at some MILF action.

20. During meeting

a. Charge cover to a party?

b. Rent a water jetpack?

21. During meeting

a. I’ll talk to Elijah

b. Actually, Elijah’s mom…

22. With Faris [if you did the weird introduction and suggested a water jetpack in conversations 19-20]

a. Dude, I’m not royalty

b. You may speak, peasant [Achievement: Long may he reign]

There is a path where you go into a conversation with Faris, and just in case you need Elijah’s help, he’ll let you know you just have to mention Chloe’s coming and Elijah is bound to roll over at her being mentioned.

23. With Faris [if you suggested a water jetpack]

a. Uh, sorry. I gotta go

b. Oh yeah, that last one [learn about Elijah’s obsession with Chloe]

At the end of the day you really just want to get to bed and sleep, but Penelope’s text won’t let you. She’s freaking out over something, but we’ll leave that for tomorrow.

November 15 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Penelope’s Dorm (Scene 7)

Alright, so turns out Penelope is having some sort of midlife crisis (maybe quarterlife crisis?). She’s been scared off of doing some major tech project after that whole debacle with the Dean, but that’s not healthy, because the passion and the urges are still there. Help her clean up the room in this free roam and that might just help clear her head a bit.

For each item that you find, you can either put them away quickly or make a comment. You can use these opportunities to learn a bit more about Penelope, but if you start a conversation about three or more objects, she’ll make a snide remark about how she’s the one doing the work and you’re just talking.

24. Click the video game case

a. Put away

b. You’re a gamer?

25. Click the robot

a. Put away

b. Does the robot speak?

26. Click the smartphone

a. Put away

b. New phone?

27. Click the motherboard

a. Put away

b. What’s with the PC parts?

28. Click the notebook

a. Put away

b. Wanna go get ice cream?

When that’s done, Penelope can now try to focus on the next project idea to work at. It needs to be something big, but also something creative. You’ve found some erotica in her notebook, so why not build on that and create a game based on that story? The whole process is like assembling a kid’s toy at this point, it couldn’t possibly go wrong.

29. With Penelope

a. My bad [+1 Bro]

b. Typical artist mindset [+1 TM]

Penelope’s Erotica

Penelope path: If you’re on Loyal status with Penelope she’ll feel comfortable sharing her writings with you. There’s some self-inserts and meta-references in there, which blurs the line between fantasy and reality. Speaking of which, if you ask to roleplay the story as the main character is about to lose her virginity to her boyfriend, you’ll get an actual sex scene out of it. We have to do this more often.

30. With Penelope

a. Let’s roleplay it [Sex scene with Penelope]

b. Stay quiet

Riley’s Dorm (Scene 8)

Since yesterday, Lauren’s really gotten herself into the lingerie business. She’s got the drawings, she’s got the expenditure projections, but she’s missing the confidence to actually go through and share something lewd with the outside world. Luckily Riley’s there to help, and by help we mean stripping to her own lingerie to show Lauren that she’d just be encouraging people to feel comfortable with their own body.

31. With Lauren/Riley

a. Wait, what?

b. Tits out for Lauren! [+1 TM]

Lauren path: Lauren’s not fully convinced to strip for you both just yet, she might need a gentle nudge. Or you can respect her wishes. But she’ll only really do it if you’re dating Lauren (or have Loyal reputation)

32. With Lauren

a. Do it! [+1 TM] [+1 Lingerie point (if dating Lauren)]

b. You don’t have to [+1 Bro]

33. With Lauren [if you encouraged her to strip in conversation 32, and you’re dating her (or have Loyal reputation)]

a. You look incredible

b. Goddamn

Even if Lauren’s not ready to expose herself that way, she’s still interested in the proper business planning, and the next step is going to be a field visit to check what other products already exist in the market. You wouldn’t say no to a trip to a lingerie store.

Amber’s Detective Room (Scene 9)

During this conversation and others in the detective scenes, depending on the archetype you chose earlier, you’ll see three options at each dialogue menu. The first two are always available, plus the one corresponding to your detective type. The first opportunity for this to happen is when discussing which approach you’ll have when talking to Chris.

34. With Amber/Chris

a. Let’s go in together [+1 Bro]

b. Good cop, bad cop [+1 TM]

c. I can establish things [if professional]

d. Time for mind games [if psychologist]

e. I’m going in [if loose cannon]

Chris will start to spill the beans with any approach. As you know, the college has been coming down hard on the frats, and the Apes even got an official warning.

35. With Amber/Chris

a. Is that unusual?

b. Did the Wolves get one? [+1 Bro]

c. What, exactly, did she say? [if professional]

d. (Push him a little) [if psychologist]

e. I’ve had enough of this shit [if loose cannon]

Amber path: The reward (or one of the rewards) for solving the detective case in this episode will be a sex scene with Amber. You don’t need all the clues to solve the case, but you should collect them when possible.

Detective path: If you put a little bit of pressure on Chris at this moment he’ll confess that the Wolves also got a warning from college, and that there will be major consequences if he fails to control the frat. He didn’t want to admit it, but these past few weeks have been tough on Chris. Not just with losing Nora but now also seeing the Wolves under threat.

36. With Amber/Chris

a. Cool it, detective [+1 Bro]

b. I don’t buy it either [+1 TM] [Chris clue]

Apes House (Scene 10)

Now we’ve learned the college is specifically calling out Chris, maybe the same also happened with the Apes? You get to see Grayson and Cameron, but they’re really not forthcoming. Maybe they’re being defensive, maybe they’re being their usual dick selves. Regardless, that investigative door seems to be closed for now.

37. With Grayson/Cameron

a. Is she right?

b. We’re here to help

Economics Classroom (Scene 11)

The next move in our detective adventure is going to be to find some faculty and try to get answers that way. Ms. Rose is by her classroom, so this seems like the perfect opportunity.

38. With Ms. Rose

a. What’s happening with the frats? [+1 Bro]

b. College is being dicks [+1 TM]

Ms. Rose path: If you’re following the Ms. Rose path (have FWB status) and picked the Loose Cannon detective type at the start of the episode, use it to your advantage. Take Amber out of the room and seduce her to start a high-stakes sex scene at a public place. She’s not actually revealing anything worthy for the case though.

Just beware that if you reach this stage and you blackmail her instead by threatening to expose your relationship, you’ll lose your FWB status.

39. With Ms. Rose [if you have FWB status with her]

a. We can keep a secret

b. Wejust need a name

c. We understand, ma’am [if professional]

d. Is there more to this? [if psychologist]

e. Leave the room [if loose cannon]

40. With Ms. Rose [if you told Amber to leave the room]

a. Seduce her [+1 Bro] [Sex scene with Ms. Rose]

i. Finish her off [+1 TM]

ii. Leave

b. Blackmail her [+1 TM] [loses FWB status with Ms. Rose]


You’ll have a different set of options available to get Ms. Rose to talk even without a personal relationship, but likewise there’s nothing she can say. Can’t or won’t? Anyway, she might not talk to you, but maybe she’s talked to Nora? That could be your next interviewee. But if she senses you’re just using her for information she’ll likely get upset, so better to be subtle.

41. With Ms. Rose [if you don’t have FWB status]

a. You’ve got nothing?

b. How about a favor?

c. You’re in a tight spot [if professional]

d. (Who is Ms. Rose?) [if psychologist]

e. We can be persuasive [if loose cannon]

42. With Amber

a. Crossing a line

b. Genius!

SVC (Scene 12)

You’re on your own as Amber lets you deal with Nora. She’s more preoccupied with the serious stuff of the social committee and the business of the Chicks, but you want to solve this detective case. Probably.

Nora path: You can try some distraction like asking her to hang out but there’s no way you’ll be able to interrogate her without her figuring out you’re just using her for information. At which point she will lecture you about the importance of being open and honest (especially if you’re in a relationship). If you double down on your lies, Nora will actually break up with you on the spot.

43. With Nora

a. Ask to hang out [+1 TM]

b. Just be honest [+1 Bro] [Achievement: Honesty’s the best policy]

44. With Nora [if you asked to hang out]

a. Come clean [+1 Bro]

b. Play it cool [+1 TM]

i. Be honest [+1 Bro]

ii. Double down [+1 TM] [Breaks up with Nora]

Detective path: You can earn the Ms. Rose clue from Nora, when she tells you her stepmom really is anxious about the frats, and how the other faculty members are seeing the frats as a liability for the college. You will collect this one unless you upset Nora (don’t reach the “double down” path). And collecting both clues until now will unlock something special in a little bit… 😉

Nora path: You will also earn +1 Nora point for this episode if you collect the clue from this interaction.

Amber’s Detective Room (Scene 13)

Time to return to Detective HQ to tell Amber what you’ve learned from Nora (although if she’s just dumped you then you really won’t be feeling like it). Still, a quick look at our detective board and if you’ve collected the first two clues we may have some theories flying about. But Amber will continue to investigate on her own and we’ll meet her again next week.

45. With Amber [if you’re FWB with her and just broke up with Nora]

a. It’s a recent thing [+1 Bro]

b. Does it matter? [+1 TM]

46. With Amber [if you earned the Ms. Rose clue]

a. I wouldn’t say “no”

b. I know, I rock

Night falls with some texts from Penelope, turns out she’s having so much fun working on her very own game. Do you want to come by and try out her first version?

November 18 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Time to finally get your hands on some University Queens. The game, at least. It is a bit cartoonishly-looking, and it might have some scenes that you could possibly recognize from somewhere else. You can play bits and pieces, but it’s still crashing quite a bit, which is frustrating (and in case you’re wondering about the meadow scene, it was taking too long to properly render).

When she asks you for feedback you still have the option to support her and optimize the game mechanics, so that it works properly (and she will reward you by featuring you in the game more).

Penelope’s Dorm (Scene 14)

47. In the AVN

a. Me too

b. “???” [Achievement: Who wrote this shit?]

48. With Penelope

a. Focus on optimization [+1 BF] [Support Penelope]

b. Take the easy way out [+1 TM]

Nothing else interesting happens during this day (maybe a bit of pretend study) as we move on to more important things.

November 19 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Lingerie Shop (Scene 15)

Field trip day with Lauren as you head over to the fancy Italian-brand lingerie store. But that one just seems to promote unrealistic body shapes with their designs, so there’s nothing useful to be learned there. What about Lew’s? No, it’s too boring, how can anyone express themselves in those? You’ll try a boutique store next. Yes, that’s more to her liking. And speaking of her liking, you’re not really on a budget, so you can get her one extra pair of panties at this stage. For research purposes, of course. The fact that she might wear them later just for you is entirely incidental.

49. With Lauren

a. Only unrealistic if she’s ugly [-2 Lingerie points] [Achievement: Get canceled (if not dating Lauren)]

b. That’s modern media in general [+1 Lingerie point]

50. With Lauren

a. Budgeting is hard

b. I’ll buy you a second pair [Buy Lauren panties]

Park (Scene 17)

51. With Lauren

a. I don’t know what to ask

b. Sure, I got this

Cafeteria (Scene 17b)

The next step is to do some in-depth surveying on lingerie preferences. Lindsey’s around at the cafeteria, and depending on your reputation, you may get some useful tidbits from her. If you’re currently Loyal then you’ll also need a FWB status to make her answer, otherwise see below for which question to ask.

52. With Lindsey

a. What price range do you buy in? [+1 Lingerie point and Lindsey survey success (if Confident)]

b. Do you consider your partner when buying lingerie? [+1 Lingerie point and Lindsey survey success (if Popular or FWB with Lindsey)]

SVC Hallway (Scene 17c)

While at the hallway you notice Amber passing by, and she is in a bit of a hurry. But if you have done well in the detective investigation so far and collected the Wolves and Ms. Rose clue she’ll stop by and answer your question (and you can earn +1 Lingerie point, and Amber survey success)

Chicks House (Scene 17d)

What’s next? Riley wants to hang out tonight? Sure. But let’s quickly finish our survey at the Chicks house with Aubrey. Just be sure to ask the intelligent questions about lingerie fabric.

53. With Aubrey

a. Do you prefer flashy or plain panties?

b. Ideal lingerie fabric? [+1 Lingerie point, and Aubrey survey success]

Park (Scene 17e)

Meet back with Lauren to tell her how the surveying has been going, she’ll be pleased if you got something from at least two of the surveys (out of Lindsey, Amber and Aubrey), so that will give her something to use.

Lauren path: Kind of related, but all of this lingerie talk has gotten Lauren in the mood. And she’s been watching anal videos for weeks and can’t get the thought out of her mind. Feel free to follow her and give her a helping hand (or something else)

54. With Lauren [with Girlfriend status]

a. Hear her out [Sex scene with Lauren]

b. Too tired

Riley’s Dorm (Scene 17g)

Meet up with Riley, she wants to learn how to fight for self-defense because even you can’t be around all the time that she will need.

55. With Riley

a. It’s great

b. It’s a lot of work

Riley path: The more interesting dialogue can happen if you’re dating Lauren, because Riley has started putting the pieces together. You can deny it, but she doesn’t necessarily have a problem with that. However, you have to keep pursuing Riley too for her to be happy. If you make it seem like you’re only interested in Lauren, then Riley will call off any relationship she had with you. And if you admit you’re dating Lauren and also can keep Riley on the side, there can be something special coming.

56. With Riley [if you’re dating Lauren]

a. Yeah, we’re dating [admit you are dating Lauren]

b. No, what gave you that idea?

57. With Riley [if you have FWB status with her and are dating Lauren]

a. Does it?

i. She doesn’t need to know

ii. She’ll understand

b. You’re right

58. With Riley [if you have FWB status with her and you picked “No, what gave you that idea?”]

a. No she wouldn’t

b. It would, cause she’s into me

59. With Riley

a. I’ll teach you

b. I’ll protect you

60. With Riley

a. Kiss her [Sex scene with Riley (if you have FWB status), unless you can counter it in the next dialogue]

b. I need to go soon [Loses FWB with Riley if you admitted you were dating Lauren]

61. With Riley [if you kissed her after admitting to be dating Lauren and are more than Friends with her]

a. I want you [Sex scene with Riley]

b. You’re right, we shouldn’t [Loses FWB with Riley]

Riley path: Navigate the questions about Lauren if you have to, or just finish the training and kiss Riley for a sex scene right there in her room. The only way it could be any better would be if it were a threesome, and maybe Lauren would be interested? You’ll never know if you don’t ask.

62. With Riley [after having sex, and if you admitted to be dating Lauren]

a. I can ask her [+1 TM] [unlocks Threesome potential]

b. Not a good idea [+1 BF]

November 21 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

SVC Hallway (Scene 18)

Who doesn’t love Mondays? Well, Chloe isn’t having the greatest of times, and the Chicks election has taken a toll on her (even if she won, the fact that there was a challenge to her leadership was something unheard of).

63. With Chloe/Aubrey

a. Offer to help

b. Just listen for now

64. With Chloe/Aubrey

a. What can we do?

b. Just give her space

Amber’s Detective Room (Scene 19)

Now, we know the Apes and the Wolves are under the watchful eye of the college. But what about the other frat? Yes, the Frogs. Where even is their House anyway? We haven’t heard almost anything about those nerds.

65. With Amber

a. We’re hunting frogs? [+1 TM]

b. Who, Elijah? [+1 Bro]

66. With Amber

a. (Too bad)

b. (Fuckin’ nerds)

Autumn path: At this stage, if you’re following Autumn’s path, you’ll get a text from her, she’s finally ready. To make sure you get it, you must have accepted her every advance, like kissing her after Lindsey’s event and progressing the chat on the lawn outside of campus (back in Episode 1) and you can’t be dating Lauren (of course 😉 ). With this text you can agree to meet her and we’ll see where things go.

67. Texting Autumn [if you’re on her path]

a. Yes, can’t wait [Meet Autumn]

b. I’m sorry

Frogs House (Scene 20a)

Amber’s traced the location of the Frogs, but someone else seems to have traced the both of you and they’re not ready to let you in. Turns out it’s Faris, and just to impress you he may reveal all he’s learned about you from their Frog spy software if you’re being belligerent.

68. With Faris

a. Can we come in?

b. Open the door right now, nerd [+1 TM]

c. Here on official business [if professional]

d. (Take this one slow) [if psychologist]

e. (Kick the door down) [+1 TM] [if loose cannon]

Now, how to convince Faris to help out with the investigation? Amber might need to take a card out of her sleeve (or something else out of somewhere else) in order to get somewhere.

69. With Faris

a. I’ll owe you [+1 Bro]

b. If we forced our way? [+1 TM]

c. This affects the Frogs [+1 Bro] [if professional]

d. You’re going to help us [+1 Bro] [if psychologist]

e. Do this the hard way [+1 TM] [if loose cannon]

Frogs Office (Scene 20b)

Finally you are allowed into the office of the Frogs President. But, wait, that’s Elijah. And he’s doing his best impression of a Bond villain, just with a pet duck instead of a cat. Anyway, let’s deal with him first and we might see this mysterious President Deshaun later. One nerd is enough for now.

70. With Elijah

a. We’re here to help [+1 Bro]

i. No, you idiot [Elijah clue]

ii. Yup

b. Get fucked, buddy [+1 TM]

c. Here in good faith [if professional] [Elijah clue]

d. (Elijah’s big ego) [if psychologist] [Elijah clue]

e. Picked the wrong taco to mess with [if loose cannon]

Detective path: Don’t bully Elijah and he’ll let you in on what he knows. As part of his newspaper role, he himself has been investigating the college-frat stuff. Turns out even Deshaun has been called up to a meeting with the Dean regarding the code of conduct.

If you fail to get this clue, you will have a chance at getting revenge on Lord Duckington III (we wonder what happened to the previous two). But that will make your relationship with Elijah a bit worse, especially if you need him to get to the pool.

71. With Elijah [if you didn’t earn the clue]

a. Go apeshit [Achievement: RIP Lord Duckington III]

b. Amber, hit him

Frogs House (Scene 20c)

Speaking of the pool, and now that you’re here, if you thought about asking Elijah for the pool during the first social committee meeting, you can go right ahead and do that, or you’ll have another chance at changing your mind and going with Elijah’s


72. [If you were thinking to talk to Elijah about the pool, back in conversation 21]

a. Talk to Elijah

b. Talk to Elijah’s hot mom

Frogs Office (Scene 20d)

You can talk to Elijah and see if he’ll let you have the pool. Not a big deal if you can’t, because then you will definitely have a go at her mom.

73. With Elijah

a. Agree [+1 Bro]

b. Tell him off [+1 TM] [Elijah refuses pool]

74. With Elijah [if you didn’t tell him off]

a. Hot girls [Elijah agrees to the pool if you learned about his Chloe obsession in conversation 23, or if you hit im in conversation 71]

b. More popular [Elijah agrees to the pool if you have Popular reputation]

c. We’re poor [+1 TM] [Elijah agrees to the pool + Achievement: We are the 99 percent (if you don’t have a poor relationship with Elijah)]

Deers House (Scene 20e)


For someone who’s asexual, Autumn sure knows how to dress sexy. As you talk to her and go through her expectations, you learn that she’s researched this in some depth, and you’ll have an opportunity to impress her at various points in the dialogue. What will impress her is that you’re respectful and empathetic, not so much that you be a sappy romantic trying to woo her.

75. With Autumn

a. Compliment her [+1 BF]

b. Keep it cool [+1 Autumn point]

76. With Autumn

a. It’s cool that you prepared [+1 BF]

b. Sexy [+1 TM] [+1 Autumn point]

77. With Autumn

a. You’ll benefit from my experience [+1 TM] [+1 Autumn point]

b. I’ve slept with very few people [+1 BF]

78. With Autumn

a. Doesn’t sound like an asexual [+1 TM]

b. Shrek? [+1 Bro] [+1 Autumn point]

79. With Autumn

a. You [-1 Autumn point]

b. Dominating someone

c. Being dominated [+1 Autumn point]

80. With Autumn [if you earned at least 2 points]

a. I’d like that [Sex scene]

b. Maybe we shouldn’t do this

81. With Autumn [if you didn’t earn at least 2 points]

a. It’s normal to be nervous [Sex scene (if Loyal)]

b. Let’s not do it then

Autumn path: Collect at least two points throughout this conversation (or have Loyal reputation) and she’ll be ready to go upstairs. She may be a bit nervous, she may need to work on her dirty talk somewhat, so how about she just lays on her back and get her nicely turned on? By this point you’ll turn her into FWB status and collect the Achievement: First day of fall

Dorm room (Scene 21)

At the end of the night Aubrey will send you a text with just wanting to know if you’re joining her at her photoshoot – although if she’s your girlfriend then you don’t really have a choice… No real downside to just be there and be her support, in any case.

82. Texting Aubrey [if you’re not dating her]

a. sure I’m in! Text deets plz [Attend Aubrey’s shoot]

b. No thanks, but I appreciate invite. Don’t wanna make things awkward @ shoot

November 22 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Running with Nora (Scene 22)

Early morning is the best time to go jogging, especially if you’re Nora and are trying to kick the smoking habit.

Nora path: Pick up +1 Nora point when she checks you out (if you’re more than Friends with her but not yet dating). And another one if you’ve already gotten permission from Elijah to use the pool house.

83. With Nora

a. Your family? [+1 Bro]

b. Why this route?

Nora path: As long as you’ve been impressing her this episode, you’ll have another chance at starting to date Nora. Just need to have earned 3 points up to this stage, and you can’t have mentioned that you wanted to keep everything platonic (like friendzoning her during the cabin scene).

But on the other hand, if you are already dating her, she wants to move the relationship further. Yes, she was initially quiet and wanting to keep everything hush hush, but now she’s wanting to go public. It’s up to you to decide if that’s going to be risky around your other girlfriend(s)…

84. With Nora [if you’re dating her]

a. Of course

b. Just not ready [Breaks up with Nora]

85. With Nora [if you’re not dating her and you didn’t friendzone her during the cabin scene]

a. Of course I want to date! [+1 BF] [Girlfriend status with Nora]

b. Let’s be friends [Friend status with Nora]

Penelope’s Dorm (Scene 23)

Penelope has produced another chapter of her game to test. Let’s see how that’s coming along.

Nora path: Just before that though, if you’re dating Nora you’ll be able to confirm a cabin date. You may have some very fond memories of that place…

86. Texting Nora [if you’re dating her]

a. Sounds great [Date with Nora]

b. Sorry gotta study

It’s a bit of a weird setting as the main character is talking about suicide but then is perfectly cheerful in the next scene (who wrote this shit anyway?). At least there’s no coding errors this time round. But the game could benefit from more people testing it and giving feedback. Maybe a frat mate, or Elijah. Actually, Elijah will probably come up with some weird ideas, but he’ll be worth an achievement later.

87. Penelope’s game

a. I am a failure and I’m doomed [Achievement: Suicide is not badass]

b. You’re right

88. With Penelope

a. Imre [if Wolves] or Ryan [if Apes]

b. Elijah

Mr. Lee’s Classroom (Scene 24)

What’s next on our detective saga then? Well, a trip to Mr. Lee’s office. He’s someone that really goes by the book, but he’s also fair. Let’s see what he thinks of you and Amber finally dropping by for an office visit.

89. With Mr. Lee

a. What’s new? [+1 TM]

b. Concerned students [+1 Bro]

90. With Mr. Lee

a. Help us?

b. No use

c. Official investigation [if professional] [Mr. Lee clue]

d. (Who is Mr. Lee?) [if psychologist] [Mr. Lee clue]

e. Internal investigation [if loose cannon]

91. With Mr. Lee [if you picked the Psychologist option above]

a. Deep thinker

b. Classical teacher

c. Eccentric

Detective path: You’ll have to make use of the third dialogue option, the special one that depends on your detective archetype, to progress on this case (but only if you’ve picked the Professional or Psychologist one). That is going to sway him to reveal that the investigation is going through the Dean (so we know who’s next on the interrogation list), and also to suggest a master’s in criminology as you’re so skilled at this.

Lauren’s Dorm (Scene 25)

Lauren’s been busy sewing and bringing her creations to life, but do they look any good in the flesh? She’ll put one of them on just to check. You don’t have to peek just yet as she changes, she’ll keep it on for a while, until the cup snaps and we’ve got a wardrobe malfunction. And if you tease her at this moment you risk getting a slap.

92. With Lauren

a. Sneak a peek [+1 TM]

b. Respect Lauren’s request [+1 Bro] [Achievement: Good samaritan] [+1 Lingerie point]

93. With Lauren

a. You look fantastic

b. Sexy picnic blanket?

94. With Lauren

a. Toss her a shirt [+1 Bro] [+1 Lingerie point]

b. Tease her [+1 TM] [-1 Lingerie point]

You can bring the cavalry to help Lauren with her sewing problems (i.e. either Lindsey or Autumn). It’s a small interlude where they’ll do a quick fix and bring everyone back on track.

95. With Lauren

a. Lindsey it is

b. Autumn’s the way to go

Woods house (Scene 26)

If you didn’t get permission from Elijah (or didn’t try) to use the pool house for the social committee party, let’s try charming her mother.

Mrs. Woods path: Throughout this exchange you will have plenty of opportunity to flirt and charm her. After all, you are a stud and her husband is away on business. Collect the points that will excite her (even if that means going along with the story Elijah’s been telling her, that he’s dating Chloe) and you’ll be able to capitalize on that during the party itself. Keep track of the points you’re earning, you’ll need at least two by the pool party.

96. With Mrs. Woods

a. Be polite [+1 Bro]

b. Charm her [+1 TM] [+1 Mrs. Woods point]

97. With Mrs. Woods

a. Go along with it [+1 Bro] [+1 Mrs. Woods point]

b. Blab the truth [+1 TM]

98. With Mrs. Woods

a. A good cause

b. How are you?

i. Hitting on you [+1 Mrs. Woods point]

ii. I was just asking

99. With Mrs. Woods

a. We’re organizing a party

b. You’re right, Mrs. Woods [+1 Mrs. Woods point]

c. I’d like to come in [+1 Mrs. Woods point]

100. With Mrs. Woods

a. You and I could “swim” [+1 Mrs. Woods point]

b. Do it for Elijah

c. It would help the school

Nora’s Cabin (Scene 26a)

Goddess of beauty Nora is awaiting you by the cabin, if you picked up what she was putting down. And she’s come prepared to make it a proper date night, with some great questions she’s found online for you to discuss and get to know each other better.

Nora path: During this cabin scene your answers can earn some good mood points with Nora. Pick up at least three cabin points to get into a sex scene at the end of it all (and get to know what really turns her on in the meantime with these questions).

101. With Nora

a. Setting up the social committee [+1 cabin point]

b. How good you were with the baby doll [+2 cabin points] [if you did the sex ed project with Nora]

c. Organizing the Europe trip [+1 cabin point]

d. How good you are in bed [if you’ve had sex with Nora before]

102. With Nora

a. Patience [+2 cabin points]

b. Sexual prowess [if you’ve had sex with Nora before]

c. Determination [+1 cabin point]

103. With Nora

a. Threesome with another girl [+1 cabin point]

i. Chloe [-1 cabin point]

ii. Aubrey [+1 cabin point]

iii. Riley

iv. Ms. Rose [Lose all your cabin points] [Achievement: You watch too much porn]

v. Lindsey [+1 cabin point]

vi. Jenny [+1 cabin point]

vii. No, no one particular

b. Threesome with another guy (DP) [+2 cabin points]

c. Anal [+1 cabin point]

d. I can’t think of anything

You’ll also get a bonus of +2 cabin points if you had sex with her in Paris. Even if you didn’t, you can earn +1 cabin point if your current reputation is Loyal.

From here, based on how well you did, progress to the bedroom loft or just quietly return to your dorm room.


November 23 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Penelope’s Dorm (Scene 27)

Penelope has received some initial feedback from her beta tester, and we’ll see if your recommendation on who to pick was a good one. Elijah suggested that the main character should get sexually involved with her stepmom (where have we seen that before? Big no-no). Ryan and Imre suggested a gay romance (projecting much?).

104. With Penelope [if Elijah was the tester]

a. You bet I can [+1 TM] [Achievement: Family matters]

b. What a sicko

105. With Penelope [if Ryan was the tester]

a. Sounds sus to me

b. Representation is cool

106. With Penelope [if Imre was the tester]

a. You’re making that up

b. Is Imre…

The problem is, Penelope has already incorporated those suggestions in her game. Do you want to see them play out? We won’t blame you if you don’t, in fact there’s an extra achievement if you sit out this round. Turns out even Penelope isn’t feeling too confident after all, these changes don’t fit in with her creative vision.

107. With Penelope

a. No fuckin’ way [Achievement: You coward]

b. .. sure! [+1 Bro]

108. With Penelope [if you wanted to see the game changes]

a. ..

b. Throw it all out [+1 BF]

Hey, remember all those lingerie surveys you did? Now here’s your reward if they went well. For each girl that you succeeded in getting useful information, you’ll get a selfie of them wearing some nice models. And if you bought some panties for your girlfriend Lauren, she’ll also send you one such reward. Four pictures in this round earns you the Achievement: Quattro angeli.

Riley’s Dorm (Scene 28)

Even if you didn’t succeed with the lingerie surveys you’ll still join Riley and Lauren as the redhead is going to try some of Lauren’s creations.

109. With Lauren and Riley

a. Nah [+1 Bro] [+1 Lingerie point]

b. Go for it [+1 TM] [Gets Lauren drunk, prevents Lauren poly phase]

110. With Riley

a. Sneak a peek [+1 TM]

b. Respect Riley’s request

Lauren path: If you’re dating Lauren and have accumulated at least 3 lingerie points throughout this episode, she’ll seize the opportunity when Riley goes away momentarily to take a phone call, and offer you a blowjob. In Riley’s room. Can’t believe how much of a fish she’s become since the start of this semester!

If you have at least 7 lingerie points, when Riley comes back and just about notices a cum stain or two, Lauren will be comfortable enough and suggest that she may be into this polyamory thing that Riley talks about so much. Only if she’s not drunk with all the wine, of course.

111. With Lauren [if you’re dating her and got at least 3 lingerie points]

a. I’m in [+1 TM] [Sex scene with Lauren]

b. No way [+1 Bro]

Lauren path: Another door that opens in the Lauren path at this stage is if you’re not dating her yet, but you have been successful in supporting this new career of hers. With 5 lingerie points in this episode she’ll open up and want to make it romantic, proper boyfriend-girlfriend.

112. With Lauren [If you’re not dating her, but have earned over 5 lingerie points]

a. Sign me up [Start dating Lauren]

b. Let’s keep it platonic

November 24 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Lauren’s Dorm (Scene 29)

Sticking with Lauren for the time being, all the pieces are falling into the right places and she’s ready to write up her first ad on iBuy, so spend a bit of time writing the text and choosing the pricing for that page. Focusing on value will be better than going premium, at least because nobody knows the brand for now so you can’t get away with a high price.

113. With Lauren

a. Go premium

b. Focus on value

114. With Lauren

a. in front of a mirror

b. in front of your partner

115. With Lauren

a. be proud of your unique shape

b. dominate the bedroom

116. With Lauren

a. sophisticated

b. sexy

Economics class (Scene 30a)

117. Texting Penelope

a. woof woof! (FINE)

i. Grrr (into it) [Happy about puppy play]

ii. No thank you

b. Am I a dog now?

Dean’s Office (Scene 30b)

A welcome distraction from your Economics class follows, Penelope’s again at the Dean’s office taking care of Oscar the dog.

118. With Penelope

a. Pet the dog [+1 Bro]

b. Don’t pet the dog [Achievement: If you lie with dogs]

119. With Penelope [if you were happy about the puppy play in the text]

a. Yeah, I’m a good boy [+1 Bro]

i. Woof woof! [+1 TM] [Achievement: Puppy play]

ii. Buy me dinner first [+1 Bro]

b. Not for me

120. With Penelope

a. Want to snoop [+1 TM]

b. Nah, I’ll hang [+1 Bro]

121. With Penelope [If you want to snoop but don’t have Confident reputation or Loyal status with Penelope]

a. Snoop anyways

b. Play with Oscar

Detective path: We can’t forget that the Dean is the all-important piece in the frats investigation chessboard, there must be something in the office you can use. Look into her recent emails and you’ll find that the board of trustees are going to enlist external help to deal with the frats problem, and this may mean “uncomfortable changes” ahead. Changes that have to do with everything.

If you decided not to snoop and played with Oscar for a while, you’ll have a chance at earning the same clue later, but only if you already have the clue from Mr. Lee, and have the Psychologist or Professional detective type.

122. If you decided to snoop

a. Computer

i. Try “password” [Dean clue]

ii. Try “guest”

b. Desk papers

123. With Dean Harrison

a. Talk to Dean [+1 Bro]

b. Meet with Amber

124. With Dean Harrison [if you stayed to talk]

a. Problem with frats

b. Our investigation

c. Some concerns [if professional] [Dean clue]

d. (Trick her) [if psychologist] [Dean clue]

e. WHAT’S HAPPENING?! [if loose cannon]

Amber’s Detective Room (Scene 31)

Detective path: You’ve done all the investigating you could, let’s meet up with Amber to discuss what you’ve found so far. If you’ve been following this guide then you’ve collected all five possible clues. Now you just need to connect two of them that solve the case. These pairs all work:

Dean clue and Wolves clue

Elijah clue and Rose clue

Dean clue and Rose clue

All the clues are pointing to problems with the Apes and the Wolves. Sure, the other frats, even the sororities, got scrutinized by the college… Meanwhile, the college is telling teachers with connections to the frats to watch out – specifically the Wolves, in the case of Ms. Rose… Now what to do with all this info…?

125. With Amber

a. Yeah, that’s it


Nah, let’s look again

November 29 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Restaurant (Scene 31a)

We’ll leave all of that detective stuff for another day. For now, if you chose to attend Aubrey’s photoshoot, there’s a small celebratory dinner in anticipation of it all. Naomi came along for moral (?) support, and she’s brought her douchebag new boyfriend Raúl, so I guess that makes it a double date.

The night however turns into a show of passive (or not so passive) aggression as Naomi tries to annoy Aubrey as much as possible until she snaps. You can stop the conversation there (annoys Naomi) or stay silent (annoys Aubrey).

Naomi path: Defend Aubrey at this stage and stop Naomi on her tracks. In fact you’ll be very forceful and she’ll run away for the bathroom so nobody sees her tear up. Turns out Naomi’s just insecure and jealous of all that Aubrey’s getting. But she could get… you. Just don’t say anything and you’ll get a blowjob there and then (have we seen this before?).

126. With Naomi

a. Defend Aubrey

b. Stay silent

127. With Naomi [if you defended Aubrey]

a. Go after Naomi to apologize

b. She’ll be fine

128. With Naomi [If you went after her]

a. Don’t say anything [Sex scene with Naomi]

b. Tell her to stop

i. Tell Aubrey what happened

ii. Don’t tell her

129. With Aubrey [if you stayed silent / didn’t defend Aubrey]

a. Don’t go

b. Follow suit

December 1 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Café (Scene 33)

It’s been a week since Lauren’s had her iBuy ad up, but sales aren’t good. At least if the price is low then she’s getting some views, so hopefully that will build up to something in the future.

130. With Lauren and Riley

a. Vegan

i. I care about animals

ii. Don’t make it weird

b. Mediterranean [Achievement: Lauren likes it Greek (if you’ve watch porn with her earlier)]

Do you know what’s one thing that could improve the listing? An actual model posing with the items. Something that showcases the designs’ potential. And lucky you, you know two people with modelling experience. Would you like to see Aubrey or Naomi posing? You don’t have to let that night at the restaurant influence you.

131. With Lauren and Riley

a. I’m leaning Naomi [+1 TM]

b. I’m leaning Aubrey [+1 Bro]

December 2 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Photoshoot Studio (Scene 34a)

You’ve made your decision and shooting time it is. Naomi doesn’t look like she’s in the least bit motivated or interested in knowing what Lauren’s vision is, so tell her to tone it down to have a great photoshoot. If it’s Aubrey on the spot, just make it sultry, no need to go too sexy.

132. With Lauren [if Naomi is the model]

a. You got this

b. Don’t fuck up

133. With Lauren [if Naomi is the model]

a. Intervene [+1 Bro] [Good photoshoot]

b. Stay out of it

134. With Lauren [if Aubrey is the model]

a. You got this [+1 Bro]

b. It’s amateur hour [+1 TM]

135. With Lauren [if Aubrey is the model]

a. Go sexy or go home [+1 TM]

b. Reel it in [+1 Bro] [Good photoshoot]

Bus Station exterior (Scene 34b)

This next scene only plays out if you’re an Ape, because who is it that you recognize there by the bus stop? It’s Samantha.

Samantha path: Depending on how she’s doing (if you’ve encouraged her to do drugs or not in the past) you’ll have a quick chance to catch up before her bus comes and agree to hang out later. It’s a date (wait, what?), she’ll text you the details later.


And of course the night couldn’t be complete without running into Imre and Ryan bickering, half-drunk.

136. With Samantha

a. You look great [+1 BF]

b. How have you been?

137. With Samantha [if you encouraged her to stay clean in Episode 1]

a. It was good seeing you

i. You’re right, let’s hang out again [Hang out with Samantha]

ii. Sorry, I’m just too busy

b. I miss hanging out with you [Hang out with Samantha]

138. With Samantha [if you let her use drugs in Episode 1]

a. Are you still using?

b. I miss hanging out with you [Hang out with Samantha (if you’re FWB with her)]

Sidewalk (Scene 34c)

139. With Imre/Ryan

a. Lighten up

b. I agree with Ryan

December 3 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Pool deck (Scene 35)

Here we go, the day of the pool party is among us, and the first few members of the committee are arriving to help organize everything. Faris is setting up the drinks station, Lindsey is helping set everything in place, and Riley’s just brought her DJ cousin to crank up the party’s volume. Although you can’t help wondering how is it that we can afford all this stuff. Just don’t bother Nora too much with all the money questions.

140. With Nora

a. What kind of deal? [Annoys Nora]

b. Thanks Nora

From now on everything you do will affect the outcome of the party. Keep an eye on the three icons on the screen that tell you how much you’re enjoying it, how much fun everyone else is having, and how much time you have left.

You won’t be able to see/do everything that is available, so you’ll have to be systematic. To see more of the party in one go, focus first on the events that don’t cost “Time” (the afternoon portion will end when five “Time” events pass). Then try to go for the stuff that brings extra “Party success” . More fun means more donations by the guests which means the committee will be able to do more events like this in the future.

Nora path: If you’re dating Nora, make sure you distribute shots in the drinks station, and pick up three Party success points. For example, helping Nora at the very start, delivering the sunscreen to Aubrey and Lindsey, then mixing drinks (and getting Elijah’s drink right).

Pool party guide Afternoon section





Party success


Help Nora




Greet guests




Deliver sunscreen to Aubrey and Lindsey





Click on the boys after changing the music and distributing shots





Play chicken



Just watch



Change music




Don’t change music



Flirt with Mrs. Woods



Get back to party



Mix drinks


Serve Penelope water



Mix Elijah’s drink correctly





Distribute shots




Chat to Faris and Elijah



Whenever 5 “Time” events happen, Nora checks up on you and this part of the party will end (go to Scene 37f)



Bonus if at least 3 “Party success” points




If you distributed shots and got at least 3 “Party success” points, unlocks Sex scene with Nora


Pairs of interactions that are shaded are choices (you have to pick either one or the other)

Pick up a total of 5 or more Party Success points (throughout the whole day) to earn the Achievement: Epic pool party (will be granted during the next social committee meeting, in Scene 47).

Greeting guests (Scene 36)

141. With Nora

a. Help Nora [+1 BF]

b. Greet guests [+1 Bro]

i. Looking good, ladies! [+1 Bro]

ii. Excited for the pool? [+1 BF]

Pool Party Afternoon (Scene 37)

Aubrey and Lindsey by the deckchairs (Scene 37a)

This is the start of the free roam, right in the foreground you’ll see Aubrey and Lindsey. They didn’t bring their sunscreen so they’ll have to cover up for now. We can’t let that happen, so turn right (click on the right of the screen) and go indoors and grab the bottle by the stove. Then return to the girls to apply the sunscreen.

142. With Aubrey and Lindsey [after finding the sunscreen indoors]

a. Grab the bottle

i. Hand me the bottle [+1 Bro]

ii. Make Lindsey [+1 TM]

b. Hand bottle to Lindsey

Frat boys by the pool (Scene 37b)

Also from the starting position you’ll see the boys bumming out by the pool. They’ll have more fun after you’ve distributed some shots and convinced the DJ to change the awful noisecore music he’s playing. So let’s do that first and then return.

When you do return, if you’re dating Nora at the moment Chris will have some words about it. Not to worry too much, he knows his ship has sailed, but he’s still not over her and is feeling overly protective. And you can play a game of underwater chicken with the rest of the gang.

143. With Chris [after the shots and music, if you’re dating Nora]

a. Long term [+1 Bro]

b. Casual thing [+1 Bro]

c. None of your business [+1 TM]

144. With the frat boys [after the shots and music]

a. Play chicken

i. Sebastian’s nuts [+1 TM]

ii. Imre’s tiddy [+1 Bro]

b. Just watch

DJ Biggest Philly (Scene 37c)

DJ Something is in the house. Do you even remember his name? The game will hide it momentarily so you can’t cheat by looking at his dialogue (sneaky, sneaky). More important than his name is that his choice of music is just horrible. And awful. It’s horrawful. But if you convince him to put some good music on, everyone will be in a better mood thanks to it. Collect the Achievement: Don’t hang the DJ if you succeed.

145. With DJ Biggest Philly

a. Bigger Philly

b. Biggest Philly

c. Biggy Philly

146. With DJ Biggest Philly

a. Know your crowd [+1 Bro]

b. This music sucks [+1 TM]

c. I love this shit [+1 Bro]

147. With DJ Biggest Philly

a. Be yourself [+1 Bro] [Good music]

b. Be better than him [+1 Bro] [Bad music]

c. Just change the music [+1 TM] [Good music (if you told him to “know your crowd”)]

Donations bucket (Scene 37c)

In between the DJ and Nora you’ll find a small (empty) donations bucket. At any point during the party you can come here and collect some donations.

148. With Nora

a. Collect donations

b. Maybe later

Mrs. Woods and Mr. Matthews (Scene 37d)

Inside the house, Mrs. Woods and Mr. Matthews are in the kitchen.

Mrs. Woods path: If you’ve met her before to ask for the pool, this is your chance to flirt with her when Mr. Matthews sneaks out. Stay on topic and maybe we’ll have the chance to… talk… later.

149. With Mrs. Woods [if you had talked to her about the pool]

a. Flirt with Mrs. Woods [+1 TM]

b. Get back to party [+1 Bro]

150. With Mrs. Woods [if you just flirted with her]

a. We could swim [+1 Bro] [+1 Mrs. Woods point]

b. We could fuck [+1 TM] [+1 Mrs. Woods point]

c. Perfect weather [+1 Bro] [Loses all Mrs. Woods points]

Right side of kitchen (Scene 37e)

You can turn right to the other side of the kitchen, a.k.a. the drinks station. Make one for Penelope and before you know it everyone wants one. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it, and those folks certainly aren’t going to.

151. With Elijah [if you asked her mom for the pool]

a. “Sex with your mom” joke” [+1 TM]

b. Be polite [+1 Bro]

152. With Elijah [if you promised Chloe would be there]

a. Running late [+1 TM]

b. I lied [+1 Bro]

153. With Penelope

a. Make her a drink [Make drinks for her, Cameron and Elijah]

b. Stick to water [Don’t serve further drinks]

154. Penelope’s drink

a. Cherries

b. Food coloring

c. Grenadine [Correct]

155. Cameron’s drink

a. Vodka [Correct]

b. Rum

156. Cameron’s drink

a. Orange slice? [Correct]

b. Salt?

c. Lime?

157. Elijah’s drink

a. Vodka

i. Raspberry liqueur

ii. Peach schnapps [Correct]

b. Rum

i. Try to salvage

ii. Piss in it [+1 TM] [Achievement: I call it a golden shower]

Mix all three drinks correctly and you’ve got yourself the Achievement: Master mixologist.

Just like the donations bucket, you can always return to distribute shots (alongside with the change of music this will greatly improve the mood of everyone around).

158. With tray of shots

a. Shots! Shots! Shots!

b. Maybe later

End of afternoon section (Scene 37f)

At some point you’ll run out of time to do more activities in this stage, and we’ll quickly transition to the evening portion.

Nora path: First things first, and if Nora’s particularly impressed with how the party’s going, she’ll reward you with a sex scene. Just try not to be so loud that Ryan comes checking by (this might not be easier said than done).

159. With Nora [if you’re dating her, distributed shots and got 3 or more Party Success points]

a. Let’s go [Sex scene with Nora]

b. They’d miss us

160. With Nora

a. Tell Ryan to shut up [+1 TM]

b. Stay quiet

Pool Party Evening (Scene 38)

Pool party guide Evening section






Drink donkey juice

You pass out immediately (ends pool party)



Jump off roof




Chat to Faris



Jump into pool (with Nora, Aubrey, Lindsey)




Collect donations



Pants Elijah


Tell about spiked drink



Steal Riley’s bikini




Yeah, I’m in (drink first shot)

– 1


No way

Stops drinking contest


Hit me (second shot)

– 1



Stops drinking contest


For glory (third shot)

– 1


I’m done



Whenever 3 “Time” events happen, the pool party ends and


you either pass out (if you have less than 2 Enjoyment points) or help clean up



Whenever your Enjoyment points go negative, you pass out and the pool party ends automatically


Time goes by but the party doesn’t stop, you can still squeeze in some more fun.

Pool deck (Scene 38a)

Cameron’s up to no good, and he’s daring you to do something to make the party more exciting. Like jumping off the roof and into the pool. Seems easy enough. Just don’t go drinking that “donkey juice” he’s got laying around, it’s a trap and will knock you out of your senses immediately. But there’s another option for your dare, maybe you’d like to steal Riley’s bikini?

161. With Cameron [if you haven’t accepted a dare yet]

a. Hell yeah [+1 TM]

b. Horrible idea [+1 Bro]

162. With Cameron [if you haven’t accepted a dare yet]

a. I’ll do a dare

b. No way

163. Click on the donkey juice

a. All right [+1 TM] [Ends pool party and you pass out]

b. No fucking way

164. Click on the pool house roof

a. Jump off roof [+1 TM] [Achievement: The man, the myth, the legend]

b. No way

165. With Faris

a. I could help Ryan

b. Don’t drink?

In the pool (Scene 38b)

Nora, Lindsey and Aubrey (and Penelope) are trying to have a relaxing end to their day, but you almost can’t resist cannonballing into the pool. Chat again to Nora if you’re feeling tired and want to finish the party, or continue exploring.

166. Click on the donations bucket

a. Collect donations

b. Maybe later

167. Click on Aubrey

a. You’ll make it

b. Lots of work

168. Click on Nora

a. Yeah, let’s go [ends pool party]

b. Not yet

Pool house (Scene 38c)

If you haven’t yet completed Cameron’s dare yet one idea is to steal Riley’s bikini. But Elijah is kind of in the way. How do we get rid of him. You can pants him, or reveal that you’ve pissed in his drink. Either option will make him run embarrassed like hell.

169. With Elijah

a. Pants Elijah [+1 TM]

b. Don’t pants Elijah

c. Tell about drink [+1 TM] [if you pissed in his drink]

Kitchen (Scene 38d)


Back in the kitchen you can find Imre with just about half his senses, in a drinking competition with Sebastian. Seb does seem to know how to handle a drink. Do you care to join in? Staying until the end will persuade him to make a donation, but if you drink too much you’ll just fall flat down on the floor.

170. With Imre/Sebastian

a. Yeah, I’m in [+1 TM]

i. Hit me

1. For glory!

2. I’m done

ii. Nope

b. No way

End of Pool party (Scene 38e)

At this point you will have gone through three “Time” events (or called it a day with Nora), unless you passed out in between. Do a little cleaning up at the house and you’ll be ready to return to your dorm. Except…

Mrs. Woods path: You didn’t think that MILF of a woman would let you sneak out without pleasuring her, did you? Oh no, she wants that nasty boy to pound her into oblivion. Can you give her everything her husband can’t?

171. With Mrs. Woods [if you have at least 2 Mrs. Woods points]

a. Fuck Mrs. Woods [Sex scene with Mrs. Woods]

b. End it now

Mrs. Woods’ bedroom (Scene 39)

We will admit, it is a bit of a weird dynamic. If she didn’t taste so good you might even call it quits, but maybe you’re too horny to stop now. If you go all the way she’ll reward you by throwing a few dollars in your direction. Is that what you’ve become? Is that what you’re worth? That crazy woman doesn’t know who she’s dealing with.

172. With Mrs. Woods

a. Let’s stop here

b. Yes, please, Mommy [+1 TM]

i. Too horny to stop now

1. Refuse the money

2. Take the money [Achievement: The brave and the bold]

ii. Stop before it’s too late

Woods house (Scene 40) – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

As you prepare to leave, you find Elijah. Well, he lives there, that’s his excuse. What’s yours? Do you dare? Do you dare to tell him you’ve just fucked his mom? You can really fuck this shit up if you want to…

173. With Elijah

a. Hint at it [+1 TM]

b. Play innocent [+1 Bro]

174. With Elijah

a. I fucked your mom [+1 TM]

b. Fuck off, freak [+1 Bro]

Dorm room (Scene 41)

Such an epic pool party, almost made you forget about Chloe. Almost. That’s not like her, to miss an opportunity to show up in a bikini and pose for Kiwii.

Chloe path: Text her to arrange a meet, which can develop into sexy time if you have at least FWB status with her. If you’re already dating Chloe, you don’t get a choice and the texting happens automatically.

175. In the room [if you’re not dating Chloe]

a. Give her space

b. Text Chloe [Hang out with Chloe]

December 4 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

SVC Computer Lab (Scene 42)

If there’s one more thing that can help Penelope’s AVN is the feedback from female players – they’re probably going to be an important demographic. Autumn doesn’t really like the story, or the art, or the characters. But maybe that’s a bit harsh.

176. With Autumn

a. Weird scene transition

b. Meaningless choice [Achievement: Great question]

177. With Autumn

a. Static renders?

b. Is it the sexism?

Lindsey path: Lindsey doesn’t fully get the sexual tone of the game. Are you supposed to masturbate to fully get immersed in the experience? Feel free to help her out and enjoy the game to that extent.

178. With Lindsey

a. It’s to whack off to

b. It’s there to add realism

179. With Lindsey

a. Worth a try [+1 TM] [Sex scene with Lindsey (if FWB status)]

b. I never said that

180. With Lindsey [If going through the sex scene]

a. Take off the leggings

b. Leave the leggings on

Penelope’s Dorm (Scene 42c)

Bring both of their feedbacks back to Penelope. You can try to spare her feelings and sugarcoat everything, but what you don’t know is that Autumn has already texted Penelope, so if you lie you will be found out. Probably best to be honest from the start.

181. With Penelope

a. You want the truth? [+1 Bro]

b. Not at all

Aubrey’s photoshoot (Scene 43a)

Are you joining Aubrey for her shoot? This is the moment of her big break (we hope). The anxiety is through the roof with all of this professional environment. There’s a sinister Mallard in the studio (not to be mistaken for the receptionist), you may want to get her number.

182. With Mallard

a. Can I get your number?

b. …

Laslo is a weird character, and by now you’re more than advised to reject any drinks he may offer. He may also offer you a role as street meat for his urban collection shoots while Aubrey goes to change. She didn’t sign off on any nude poses but Laslo pressures her to go topless anyway.

Aubrey path: And when she gets into another outfit and Laslo starts wrapping himself around her you have a chance to stop everything, but apparently you’re overreacting because that’s just par for the course in the modelling world. If you’re dating Aubrey and you let the shoot continue, you’ll reach a much more wholesome ending, and you’ll have your first “I love you” moment.

183. With Laslo

a. Interject [+1 Bro]

b. Stay silent

184. With Laslo

a. I don’t like this

b. She’s scrumptious

185. With Laslo

a. Get your hands off her [ruins shoot]

b. Stay silent

Picnic with Aubrey (Scene 43c)

You can either celebrate the shoot or make up for your interruption with a picnic at the park. She’ll be a little bit late but that’s totally worth it because she went on to put on a fashionable new dress.

186. With Aubrey

a. Nice dress [+1 Bro]

b. Reminisce about Lauren’s underwear

Aubrey path: That new dress will go completely out the metaphorical window if you’re on Aubrey’s dating path. Start to make out and this picnic will quickly develop from kisses to a handjob to doggystyle. All while outdoors. What a wild stud.

187. With Aubrey [if you’re dating her]

a. Make out [Aubrey sex scene and Achievement: Starry night]

b. Not tonight, Aubs

188. With Aubrey [if you’re only FWB with her]

a. Make it sexy

b. Keep it friendly

Apes House (Scene 43d) – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

As an Ape, and if you’ve asked Samantha to hang out back at the bus stop, this is when things happen. Although you didn’t expect her to just drop by unannounced. Cameron and Grayson would probably kill you if they knew she was coming by your room, so let’s make sure they don’t find out.

Samantha path: The good thing about Samantha is that it doesn’t matter if she’s still on drugs or not. If she isn’t then she’ll reward you with a sex scene because you inspired her to change. And if she’s still using, then she just gets drunk and horny every now and then so you still get your sex.

189. With Samantha [if you’ve encouraged her to stay clean in Episode 1]

a. I’m down [Sex scene with Samantha]

b. We shouldn’t [Achievement: You missed the bus]

190. With Samantha [if you’ve enabled her to use drugs]

a. I think I can help [Sex scene with Samantha]

b. I don’t think it’s a good idea

i. Fine, we can have sex

ii. I’m sorry. I’m not in the mood

December 5 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

SVC Cafeteria (Scene 44) – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

After getting Aubrey’s or Naomi’s contribution to the iBuy listing, Lauren is seeing increased views and sales. In fact, if the shoot went well, you get to see the outcome all over Kiwii.

This inspires her to do another shoot, the only question is, do we use Lindsey or does Lauren model herself?

191. Texting Lauren

a. Hit up Lindsey, Lauren, it’s obvious

b. You should model yourself

Chicks House (Scene 45)

Did you text Chloe to hang out? Let’s come round to the Chicks house. She seems alright, maybe just a bit blah, definitely not the usual upbeat Chloe. But she invited you to have fun, not for a freaking therapy session, so don’t waste time talking about elections and stuff.

192. With Chloe

a. Strippergram! [+1 TM]

b. How are you? [+1 Bro]

193. With Chloe

a. Ask about election

b. Keep it light

194. With Chloe

a. Ever raced yourself?

b. You’re really cute like this

Having a few moments like this to relax is what Chloe’s been needing for a while, and she does recognize the election has been hard on her. Just don’t pretend you know what’s best for her, listen to what she has to say for now, and you’ll learn she never really wanted to become the President in the first place.

Chloe path: As we go into her introspection, keep listening respectfully. If this real life stuff doesn’t bother you, you’ll start to recognize Chloe’s getting closer to you, and if you’re not dating her yet but have FWB status, you can ask to make it official.

195. With Chloe

a. I can help

b. I can listen

196. With Chloe [if you said you can listen]

a. What do you want?

b. Why run?

197. With Chloe [if you said you can listen]

a. Not for me!

b. Meh, it’s chill

198. With Chloe [if you said it’s not for you and have FWB status with her]

a. Make it official? [Girlfriend status with Chloe]

b. Leave it

Meanwhile, we’ve seen that Chloe really is intro retro games, and how she used to play a lot back with her father. Maybe you knew this already if you had broken into her room in the previous episode…? Anyway.

Chloe path: She’s really feeling confident with her gaming skills now, let’s make the next round interesting? If you win you’ll get a kiss (or a full sex scene if you’re in a relationship with her). If you lose you’ll have to go running streak naked around the Chicks house. Deal? Just make sure you distract Chloe to ensure the win.

199. With Chloe

a. Make it interesting [+1 TM]

i. You’re on [Accept dare]

ii. Nah

b. Let’s do this [+1 Bro]

200. With Chloe [if you accepted the dare]

a. Distract Chloe [+1 TM] [Sex scene with Chloe (with FWB or Girlfriend status)]

b. Just play [+1 Bro] [Achievement: We’re going streaking]

201. With random grandpa [if you’re going streaking]

a. Give him a show [+1 TM]

b. Get inside

December 6 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Social committee meeting (Scene 47)

Wrap up on the pool party with a social committee meeting where you’ll do a quick debrief and go over how the financing went. Depending on how many “party success” points you’ve earned then you may have earned between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars. That still doesn’t explain how you had the money to pay the DJ and the alcohol all in advance. If you ask Nora, and you’re dating her (or have Confident reputation) she’ll let you know she fronted with the money herself, which may explain why she was feeling a bit jittery during the party itself.

202. With Nora

a. Ask Nora

b. Leave it be

Art class (Scene 48a)

Penelope wants to light up from the negative feedback on her game, but she still wants something that allows her to express her artistic vein and her creativity. Luckily there’s an art class going on. Meet Interpretative Art 201 teacher Ms. Cho and exchange student Niimi.

Niimi will be the vessel for your discoveries today, as she unrobes and takes center stage fully naked for everyone to start drawing. That was a bit unexpected, and if you try to focus on Niimi you won’t be able to contain yourself and just blurt out the things you’d like to do to her naked body.

Penelope path: Be careful if you go down that road or your comments can risk losing your relationship with Penelope.

203. Art class

a. Focus on Ms. Cho

b. Focus on Niimi

204. Art class

a. REALLY focus on Ms. Cho

i. Self-doubt [+1 Bro]

ii. Biological imperative [+1 TM]

b. REALLY focus on Niimi

i. I said what I said [+1 Bro] [Achievement: Stunning and brave] [impresses class]

ii. Uh… [disgusts class]

Park (Scene 48b) – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Penelope path: Based on what you may have said and done during the art class, Penelope may have a choice of words to tell you. If you disgusted the class with your cowardice after commenting on Niimi, and you were in a more or less committed relationship with Penelope (Loyal status with her and gone through her scene at the Halloween party), then you will immediately lose that status as Penelope really doesn’t want to be with someone that fantasizes about other women like that.

205. With Penelope [if you impressed the class and are more than Friends with her]

a. It was just a reaction [+1 Bro]

b. She’s pretty attractive [+1 TM] [Penelope goes back to Friend]

Chicks House (Scene 48d)

Meanwhile, Chloe’s figured it out. Figured what out? Well, all of this taking sides and bickering and fighting within the Chicks is going to end. Chloe and Lindsey will make up, properly. And you and Imre will help by taking part in some truth or drink games.

206. With Chloe [if you’re dating her]

a. Kiss her [+1 BF]

b. Tell her to explain [+1 TM]

207. With Chloe

a. I’m really sorry [+1 BF]

b. Fuck Lindsey for doing this [+1 TM]

208. With Chloe

a. I have faith in you

b. This is a recipe for disaster [+1 Bro]

Lindsey path: After Lindsey arrives, keep an eye on how you treat her, some of these options will annoy her and she’ll be leaving the game earlier and go back to her room. Sometimes it’s a good thing that she’ll go to her room because you can follow her…

209. With Chloe and Lindsey

a. Interrupt them [+1 BF] [+1 annoy Lindsey (if Chloe’s President)]

b. Stay quiet [+1 annoy Lindsey (if she’s President)]


Imre doesn’t know (or pretends he doesn’t know) how these sorts of games work. Luckily Chloe has a useful example, like “Lindsey, do you have any regret for how much pain you caused me with this election?” . Quickly change the topic, or risk a shitshow.

210. Drinking game [timed response]

a. Shout out a different example

b. Let Lindsey respond

Chloe path / Lindsey path: If you did let Lindsey respond, and you had helped her campaign, don’t fall into the trap of saying some of the stuff we did was questionable. Chloe will pick up on that and break up with you, if you were dating. Although, now that you’re single, if you’re already FWB with Lindsey or are Popular, why don’t you follow her upstairs? Either way that option just kills the mood for drinking game.

211. Drinking game [if you let her respond, and you helped her campaign]

a. Some the stuff we did was questionable [Breaks up with Chloe]

b. The election was hard on everyone [+1 BF] [continues game as normal]

212. With Lindsey [if you just broke up with Chloe, and have either FWB with Lindsey or Popular reputation]

a. Alright [+1 TM] [Follow Lindsey upstairs]

b. Sorry, I’m gonna go [+1 BF] [ends game]

213. Drinking game [if you let her respond, and you didn’t help her campaign]

a. Lindsey did some questionable stuff [+1 TM] [+1 annoy Lindsey]

b. The election was hard on everyone [+1 BF]

Chloe path / Lindsey path: Phew, that was a doozy! But here comes another trap question: who would you rather sleep with, Chloe or Lindsey? Get it wrong and it’s another chance for Chloe to break up with you. But similarly, now that you’re single, that makes you more attractive in Lindsey’s eyes.

214. Drinking game

a. Chloe [+1 annoy Lindsey]

b. Lindsey [Breaks up with Chloe]

215. With Lindsey [if you just broke up with Chloe, and have either FWB with Lindsey or Popular reputation]

a. Alright [+1 TM] [Follow Lindsey upstairs]

b. Sorry, I’m gonna go [+1 BF]

Chloe path / Lindsey path: If the game has lasted this long, then congratulations. But if you got Lindsey annoyed twice then she’s had enough and is going to leave the room. If you’re FWB with her then she’ll extend you an invitation to follow her. Just know that if you do accept it then you break up with Chloe on the spot, obviously.

216. With Lindsey [if you picked up 2 Lindsey annoy points and you’re FWB with Lindsey]

a. I’m gonna go with Lindsey [Follow Lindsey upstairs (if you’re not dating Chloe)]

b. I’m staying down here

217. With Chloe [if you decided to go with Lindsey but are also dating Chloe]

a. Just kidding

b. It’s for the best [Breaks up with Chloe] [Follow Lindsey upstairs]

218. With Lindsey [if she wants to leave and you’re not FWB with her]

a. We’ll have fun without you

b. You should stay

Lindsey’s bedroom (Scene 48e)

You must really be into Lindsey if you’re willing to look over Chloe. And if there’s any doubt in your mind about your decision she’s literally going to suck all of those negative feelings right out of you. And maybe more.

219. With Lindsey

a. Take your own clothes off [Sex scene with Lindsey]

b. I didn’t know you meant sex

220. With Lindsey [if you took your clothes off]

a. Eat her pussy

b. Eat her ass

221. With Lindsey [continued]

a. Fuck her pussy

b. Fuck her ass

December 7 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Photoshoot studio (Scene 49)

222. With Lindsey [if you picked her as model]

a. Keep it classy [+1 TM]

b. Compliment Lindsey’s assets

223. With Lindsey [if you picked her as model]

a. See what Lindsey has in mind [Good photoshoot]

b. Reinforce Lauren

224. With Lauren [if you picked her as model]

a. Why not change here?

b. You go, girl

225. With Lauren [if you picked her as model]

a. Keep doing you

b. Let’s go sexier [Good photoshoot]

Getting a good photoshoot both here and also in the earlier one (with

Aubrey/Naomi) earns you the Achievement: Master photographer (it will unlock when you’re next at Lauren’s room).

Penelope’s AVN testing (Scene 50)

The big finale to Penelope’s University Queens, here already. She’s making it look like game development is so simple and quick… Maybe it can be if you just take the easy way out and incorporate elements from daily life, like putting a sorority election in the game after we’ve just had one with the Chicks. And then adding a plotline of a game within a game. Within a game. Gameception to the maxcore.

226. Inside Penelope’s AVN

a. Go easy on friend

b. Go for the jugular

227. Inside Penelope’s AVN

a. I’m pregnant

b. It’s over

228. With Penelope

a. If you have to ask that… [+1 Bro]

b. Hell yeah! [+1 BF]

c. Sure, why not? [+1 Bro]

December 8 – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Lauren’s Dorm (Scene 51)

So both you and Riley got the text, Lauren is going to reveal what’s come out of her lingerie listings. Sales were good, and they were even better if you helped her achieve great photoshoots with the two models. Where to apply those earnings though?


Lauren path: If you’re dating her and tell her to treat herself, she might indulge you with a surprise in the future…

229. With Lauren

a. Riley is wise

b. Treat yourself

Anyway, did you feel open to a possibility of a threesome with Lauren and Riley (way back after the Riley sex scene)? It’s a lot to take in for Lauren, do you push forward with it? We’re really spoiling Lauren now.

230. With Lauren and Riley

a. We should try it [Sex scene with Lauren and Riley] [Achievement: If at first you don’t succeed, tri again]

b. We should hold off

Cafeteria (Scene 52a)

Oh my, did we get a break in our detective investigation or what? Amber has skulked her way onto Grayson’s email and found some damning evidence. Let’s confront him with it.

231. With Amber

a. What’d you find? [+1 TM]

b. That’s too far [+1 Bro]

Amber’s Detective Room (Scene 52b)

All of the plot lines are drawing into neat conclusions, that’s quite refreshing. Grayson’s caught completely surprised by all this and the molly Amber’s promised him was just a ruse to get him in an isolated room. Grayson reacts much as we’d expect by sucker punching you across the face (we may have seen this happen before).

232. With Amber/Grayson

a. Intervene [+1 Bro]

b. Stand back

233. With Amber/Grayson

a. Yup [+1 TM]

b. Let’s just talk [+1 Bro]

Now, can you extract some information out of Grayson? You may have learned from Chris and the other clues that the Apes are also being targeted and being told to toe the line. If you’ve made a correct clue connection at the detective board, you will have more leverage to unlock the final clue from Grayson. Otherwise you’ll need to make use of your Psychologist or Loose Cannon role.

What’s that piece? That the frats have until the end of the semester to get their shit together, or there’s going to be huge consequences. Not that Grayson’s particularly scared about any of that.

234. With Grayson

a. Helping you [+1 Bro]

b. He doesn’t care [+1 TM] [Grayson clue (if Ape and if you had made a correct connection)]

c. Bigger than you [if professional] [Grayson clue (if you had made a correct connection)]

d. (Grayson’s insecurity) [if psychologist] [Grayson clue]

e. Hit him [if loose cannon] [Grayson clue]

Investigation Reveal (Scene 53)

Get all of the frat and sorority leaders together (except Grayson who doesn’t want anything to do with you guys anymore). If you connected a correct pair of clues and you got info out of Grayson, you can reveal the Wolves and the Apes are in trouble. That they were called to a meeting and have a probationary period until the end of the semester to get their houses in order. A storm is coming. But so is the Achievement: Elementary my dear Watson if you got this far.

But the Chicks, the Deers and the Frogs seem to be safe, as they haven’t been contacted by the college. Yet.

Amber’s Detective Room (Scene 54)

Amber path: One final mystery is the case of the blue-balled boy. Are you FWB with Amber? If you solved the frats investigation and got the achievement, she’ll reward you back at Detective HQ…

235. With Amber

a. Play along [Sex scene with Amber]

b. Not in the mood

Gallery scenes – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Game jamming (Penelope)

When Penelope first shows you her erotica after the free roam in her room, choose to roleplay it (need to have Loyal relationship status with her)

Tuesday November 15 Penelope’s Dorm (Scene 7, conversation 30):

• Let’s roleplay it

Hardboiled dick (Ms. Rose)

When you interrogate Ms. Rose in the classroom (with Amber), clear the room and seduce her (need to have FWB status with Ms. Rose and the Loose Cannon detective type)

Sunday November 13 Amber’s detective room (Scene 2):

• Loose Cannon detective type

Tuesday November 15 Economics classroom (Scene 11, conversations 39 and 40):

• Amber, leave the room

• Seduce her

Blue-sky thinking (Lauren)

After telling Lauren at the park how the lingerie surveys went, follow her to her room (need Girlfriend status with her)

Saturday November 19 Park (Scene 17e, conversation 54):

• Hear her out

Training gone sexual (Riley)

Need to have FWB status with Riley, then after she invites you over to learn about fighting, kiss her.

Saturday November 19 Riley’s dorm (Scene 17g, conversations 60 and 61):

• Kiss her

• I want you [if needed]

First time for everything (Autumn)

Accept Autumn’s text to meet up. To make sure you get it, you must have accepted her every advance, like kissing her after Lindsey’s event and progressing the chat on the lawn outside of campus (back in Episode 1) and you can’t be dating Lauren. Then impress her when you go see her after you go see Faris and Elijah at the Frogs House.

Monday November 21 Amber’s detective room (Scene 19, conversation 67):

• Yes, can’t wait

Monday November 21 Deers House (Scene 20e, conversations 75 through 80):

• Keep it cool

• Sexy

• You’ll benefit from my experience

• Shrek?

• Being dominated

• I’d like that

Nora takes over (Nora)

Need to have Girlfriend status with Nora so she invites you to a cabin date, then pick the right answers during the questions game. There’s many combinations of answers that are enough, the below one is one example.

Tuesday November 22 Penelope’s Dorm (Scene 23, conversation 86):

• Sounds great

Nora’s cabin (Scene 26a, conversations 101 through 103):

• Setting up the social committee

• Patience

For the third question, pick something and it may just happen in the future…? Just don’t suggest a threesome with Ms. Rose.

If you don’t have Girlfriend status with Nora at the start of the episode, you can still get it by earning enough Nora points. Collect at least 3 by Scene 22 (see the highlighted sections in the guide for Nora points or Nora path) and have that DTR talk.

Down to business BJ (Lauren)

Need to have Girlfriend status with Lauren, then earn at least 3 lingerie points by the time you go to Riley’s room. Because you will also need a total of 7 points to unlock Lauren’s poly phase, this section of the guide lists all possible points you can earn. For example, earning the Wolves and Ms. Rose clues in the detective investigation will grant you +1 Lingerie point via Amber.

Monday November 14 SVC Cafeteria (Scene 5, conversation 17):

• I agree with Riley [+1 Lingerie point]

Tuesday November 15 Riley’s Dorm (Scene 8, conversation 32):

• Do it! [+1 Lingerie point]

Tuesday November 15 Amber’s Detective Room (Scene 9, conversation 36):

• I don’t buy it either [earns the Wolves clue]

Tuesday November 15 SVC (Scene 12, conversation 43):

• Just be honest [earns the Ms. Rose clue, and +1 Lingerie point if you have the Wolves clue as well]

Saturday November 19 Lingerie Shop (Scene 15, conversation 49):

• That’s modern media in general [+1 Lingerie point]

Saturday November 19 Cafeteria (Scene 17b, conversation 52):

• What price range do you buy in? (if Confident)

• Do you consider your partner when buying lingerie? (if Popular or FWB with Lindsey)

Either option gives +1 Lingerie point

Saturday November 19 Chicks House (Scene 17d, conversation 53):

• Ideal lingerie fabric? [+1 Lingerie point]

Tuesday November 22 Lauren’s Dorm (Scene 25, conversations 92 and 94):

• Respect Lauren’s request [+1 Lingerie point]

• Toss her a shirt [+1 Lingerie point]

Wednesday November 23 Riley’s Dorm (Scene 28, conversation 109):

• Nah [+1 Lingerie point, you’ll need this one specifically to unlock Lauren’s poly phase]

Then you’ll be able to accept the blowjob

Wednesday November 23 Riley’s Dorm (Scene 28, conversation 111):

• I’m in


Bathroom blowjob (Naomi)

Accept Aubrey’s invitation to her photoshoot, and then during the restaurant dinner defend Aubrey but go after Naomi.

Monday November 21 Dorm room, texting Aubrey (Scene 21, conversation 82):

• sure I’m in! Text deets plz

This text is only required if you’re not dating Aubrey

Tuesday November 29 Restaurant (Scene 31a, conversations 126 through 128):

• Defend Aubrey

• Go after Naomi to apologize

• Don’t say anything

A quick dip (Nora)

Need to have Girlfriend status with Nora. If you don’t have Girlfriend status with Nora at the start of the episode, you can still get it by earning enough Nora points. Collect at least 3 by Scene 22 (see the highlighted sections in the guide for Nora points or Nora path) and have that DTR talk.

Then during the pool party pick up at least three “party success” points and distribute shots during the afternoon. Below is one example of activities you can do, for a complete guide see the relevant table around the description of Scene 36.

Saturday December 3 Pool Party (Scenes 36 and 37):

• Help Nora at the very start, instead of greeting guests

• Talk to Aubrey and Lindsey, find the sunscreen indoors, then return to the girls

• Collect donations with the bucket next to DJ Biggest Philly

• Distribute shots, next to the drinks station indoors

Mother may I? (Mrs. Woods)

You’ll need to ask Elijah’s mom, not him, for the pool and flirt with her enough (accumulate at least 2 Mrs. Woods points between that moment and the pool party itself). Then just survive until the end of the evening by not drinking too much.

For completeness, this section of the guide details all the Mrs. Woods points you can earn when you first go talk to her. With these you won’t need to flirt with her during the pool party.

Monday November 14 SVC room (Scene 6a, conversation 21):

• Actually, Elijah’s mom…

Tuesday November 22 Woods house (Scene 26, conversations 96 through 100):

• Go along with it

• How are you?

• Hitting on you

• You’re right, Mrs. Woods

• You and I could “swim”

Saturday December 3 End of Pool party (Scene 38e, conversation 171):

• Fuck Mrs. Woods

Player versus Player (Lindsey)

Suggest masturbation when Lindsey tries Penelope’s game (need to have FWB status with Lindsey).

Sunday December 4 SVC Computer Lab (Scene 42, conversation 179):

• Worth a try

Under the stars (Aubrey)

You need to be dating Aubrey, then go to her photoshoot and start making out during the picnic.

Sunday December 4 Picnic with Aubrey (Scene 43c, conversation 187):

• Make out

Sneaking around (Samantha)

Ask Samantha to hang out to hang out by the bus stop (you’ll need FWB status if she’s still on drugs) and then accept her advances when she comes to your room (Apes path only).

Friday December 2 Bus station exterior (Scene 34b, conversation 137 or 138):

• I miss hanging out with you

Sunday December 4 Apes House (Scene 43d, conversation 189 or 190):

• I’m down [if she’s clean]

• I think I can help [if she’s not]

SVC Hot Rods (Chloe)

You’ll need to have at least FWB status with Chloe. Text her after the pool party to hang out, then accept her dare (and win). If she’s your Girlfriend then the texting sequence happens by default.

Saturday December 3 Dorm room (Scene 41, conversation 175):

• Text Chloe

Monday December 5 Chicks House (Scene 45, conversations 198 and 199):

• Make it interesting

• You’re on

• Distract Chloe

No fucks given (Lindsey)

When Chloe organizes the drinking game with Lindsey, Imre and you, make it so Lindsey leaves to her room early. You can’t get this scene without breaking up with Chloe, though. Below is just one example of a quick path that leads there.

Tuesday December 6 Chicks House (Scene 48d, conversations 209 through 219):

• Interrupt them [only if Chloe won the election]

• Stay quiet [only if Lindsey won the election]

• Shout out a different example

• Chloe

• I’m gonna go with Lindsey

• Take your own clothes off

Riley & Lauren threesome (Riley/Lauren)

Need to be dating Lauren, then admit to it when you teach Riley to fight. Then after the Riley sex scene (need higher than Friend status with her) be open to the possibility of a threesome. It will happen at the end of the episode.

Saturday November 19 Riley’s dorm (Scene 17g, conversations 56 through 62):

• Yeah, we’re dating

• Kiss her

• I want you

• I can ask her

Thursday December 8 Lauren’s dorm (Scene 51, conversation 230):

• We should try it

The Fandango Finisher (Amber)

Follow the steps for the Elementary my dear Watson achievement. If you have FWB status with Amber you will unlock this scene after the end of the detective investigation.

Achievements – College Kings 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough & Guide

Don’t hang the DJ

“Noisecore has its time and place, which is not here”

Convince DJ Biggest Philly to change the music at the pool party

Saturday December 3 Pool Party, DJ Biggest Philly (Scene 37c, conversation 147):

• Be yourself

Elementary my dear Watson

“Collect the clues, make the connection, solve the case”

Find a valid connection in the detective board and collect Grayson’s clue.

To find a valid connection, you need to collect and link any of these pairs of clues:

Dean clue and Wolves clue

Elijah clue and Rose clue

Dean clue and Rose clue

As an example, the first pairing (Dean and Wolves) can be achieved in the following way.

Tuesday November 15 Amber’s Detective Room (Scene 9, conversation 36):

• I don’t buy it either [Wolves clue]

Thursday November 24 Dean’s Office (Scene 30b, conversations 120 through 122):

• Want to snoop

• Snoop anyways (if needed)

• Computer

• Try “password” [Dean clue]

If you’ve made a correct linkage at the detective board, you can use whatever dialogue option is specific to your detective archetype when you confront Grayson.

Thursday December 8 Amber’s Detective Room (Scene 52, conversation 234):

• Bigger than you [if professional]

• (Grayson’s insecurity) [if psychologist]

• Hit him [if loose cannon]

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