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College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

Welcome to College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes with all the available characters.

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Day 24 [Act 3 Starts] – College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

School hearing

You start Act 3 waking up just in time to meet Penelope (and Jenny) for her school hearing, and you’ll defend her against the panel consisting of the Dean, Mr. Lee and the Art Director. Side-note: we learn that Penelope’s surname is Cross. Bonus points If you get the joke. Remember, this hearing is about Penelope, not you. Tell the truth and speak well about her. If you give at least four correct answers out of five, then the board will decide in Penelope’s favor, as you find out that she didn’t actually do any hacking, she asked for the help of someone in the admissions office.

Penelope path: If you win the case, Penelope is acquitted and goes on the Europe trip (as assistant chaperone). She will be very grateful and this will allow you to start a relationship with her. Plus, you earn [Achievement: Perry Mason]. If you lose, however, she’ll stay behind and she still has to pay the $15,000 fine.

348. Hearing

• Speak about Penelope [point]

• Introduce yourself

• Agree

• Disagree [point]

• Lie

• Truth [point]

• Agree [point]

• Disagree

• Who hacked? [point]

• Blame the school

• Do what’s right

• I won

349. With Riley (free roam)

• It went well

• I’m not sure

In between you making your case and the result of the deliberation, there’s a small free roam where you can check in on Penelope (she’s very nervous), but also Mr. Rose who seems to be interested in this case for some reason.

Regardless of the decision in the hearing, you’ll see Nora in the hallway, looking at the bulletin board and checking the list of people who’ve signed up for the Europe trip. She’s a bit upset because she’s been having issues with Chris, so try not to bother her too much. She will introduce you to Charli, an exchange student who’s new on campus. He seems nice. For now.


350. With Nora

• I’ll be there [+1 Boyfriend]

• Have a good time [+1 Bro]

• Defend Chloe [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t defend Chloe

351. With Charli

• Mellow [+1 Boyfriend]

• Wild

• Hanging with the girls [+1 Boyfriend]

• Sleeping

352. With Chloe

• Leave her alone

• Say something

Chloe path: If Chloe is still upset at you, then you’ll meet her in the hallway and will have a chance to resolve that, just apologize to her then. Turns out she wasn’t that mad anymore and got carried away keeping up appearances. Which is a refreshingly honest thing to say. You can also choose to go outside and have a quick chat about the upcoming trip.

353. [If Chloe is upset at you, and you chose to say something in conversation 352] With Chloe:

• Apologize [+1 Boyfriend] [Pleases Chloe]

• Give up

354. [If you chose to say something in conversation 352] With Chloe

• Yes [+1 Boyfriend]

• No

Apes House

355. With Samantha

• Invite her [+1 Boyfriend] [Samantha goes to Europe]

• Don’t invite her

Samantha path: While you’re packing, Samantha will hear about the Europe trip. Invite her to join to be able to start a relationship, or don’t, which is going to upset her. This should be an easy decision.

Wolves house

356. With Chris

• Let him [+1 Bro]

◦ Of course [+1 Bro]

◦ I don’t know

◦ Talk to her

◦ Her or the frat [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t let him

If you’re at the Wolves house, then Chris will tell you his side of the story about the relationship with Nora. They’ve been dating since high school, of course he’s still got feelings for her, but the Wolves presidency is just too demanding. Let him vent on your shoulder to pick up a couple Bro points.


357. With Riley/Charli

• Scare her [+1 Troublemaker]

• Reassure her [+1 Boyfriend]

• Not yet

• Of course [+1 Bro]

Riley will invite you to meet at the cafe on Stevenson, she’s a bit apprehensive about flying, feel free to calm her down or to mess with her for a while. Either way you’ll be interrupted by Charli. Immediately he and Riley hit it off, and they’re looking forward to getting to know each other. just try not to let that affect you for now.


358. Texting Emily

• I’m pretty busy right now

• What’s up?


359. With Emily

• That’s fine [+1 Troublemaker]

• Be friends [+1 Boyfriend]

You’ll be going back into your room, when Emily texts you. She won’t say what’s up, she just wants to meet at the park. Turns out that “a friend” has been giving her some advice (could that be Ryan?), and she just can’t stand you being around other girls. Call her jealous or whatever, but she wants nothing to do with you anymore, and she dragged you out of bed just to say that face to face.

Whatever, now that you’re outside you might want to meet with Josh. He’s arranged some very convincing fake IDs so you can go get wasted at a bar. You’re going to get one last chance to invite him on the trip If you haven’t convinced him yet.

Candy path: Accept Josh’s invitation and play your cards right to meet a new girl, Candy, and get a one-night stand. If you listen to her and say you’re available, she’ll invite you over to her house. just avoid her brother on the way out.

360. Texting Josh

• I can’t be staying up anyway, I still have a ton of stuff to do tonight.

• LET’S FUCKING GOOOOO! OMW NOW! [Meet with Josh at the Club]


361. With Josh

• Cool [+1 Bro]

• Basic

362. [If you haven’t invited Josh to Europe already in conversation 296 or angered him in conversation 316] With Josh:

• Invite to Europe [+1 Bro]

• Don’t invite

363. With Josh

• Henny [+1 Bro]

• Vodka

364. With Candy

• Whatever you want [Candy likes]

• Something cheap [+1 Troublemaker]

• Not really

• Sure [Candy likes]

• Yes

• No [Candy likes]

365. [If you got 3 choices right in conversation 364, or have KCT Popular] With Candy/Dennis:

• No

• Yes

◦ Yell back [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Act like family [Sex with Candy] [Achievement: Candy crusher]

Candy’s house

366. With Dennis

• Dodge

• Run

You’d like to finish the day on a nice note and invite Riley to the indoor skydiving place to get her mind off the dangers of flying, but she’s made plans with Charli already. This guy again. Seriously?

Day 25College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

join Aubrey as she goes out shopping for some new clothes today. She’s fancying something fancy, so you’ll be going to Lew’s (and she may or may not also need someone to carry her bags at the end). Interestingly, you’ll see Amber working at the store she had chosen thisjob because she thought she wouldn’t come across anyone from college, but there you go.

Amber path: You’ll come across several moments where you can tease Amber. If you do this too often and don’t have KCT Popular she will “explode” later on (at the sauna in Paris).


367. With Aubrey

• The white one

• The blue one

• Get something

• Don’t get anything

368. With Amber

• Of course [+1 Boyfriend]

• Tease [+1 Troublemaker] [Teases Amber]

369. With Aubrey

• Agree

• Disagree

Coming back from shopping you’ll meet Lindsey at the Chicks’ place. She’ll tell you she’s considering running against Chloe for president of the sorority. She’s still a bit unsure, and she’s friends with Chloe, but at the same time she recognizes there are many people unhappy with the current president.

Chicks House

370. With Lindsey

• You should run [+1 Boyfriend (if you kissed Lindsey in conversation 260)] [+1 Troublemaker (if in a relationship with Chloe)]

• I don’t know

If you’re with the Apes the whole gang will be reunited when you’re back, you’ll be taken to a manhunt out in the woods, a proud tradition in the frat. The new pledges (you, Ryan and Caleb) have to run and hide, and if Grayson and Cameron find you they’ll body slam you to the ground with no mercy. The last man standing is the winner. You can’t actually win, but the punishment for the loser is to go balance a horse. There’s an achievement waiting at the end depending on whether you manage that or not.

Manhunt [Apes path]

371. With Grayson

• Ready [+1 Bro]

• One last question [+1 Troublemaker]

372. Escaping

• Left

• Right

373. With Ryan

• Hide [Caleb wins]

• Keep running

◦ Hide

▪ Stay [Caleb wins]

• Run [+1 Troublemaker]

• Warn him [+1 Bro]

▪ Leave [Ryan wins]

◦ Keep running [Ryan wins]

374. Balancing the horse

• Balance [timed decision]

◦ Good horse [Achievement: Hold your horses]

◦ Pet horse [Achievement: Off your high horse]

• Fall [Achievement: Off your high horse]

Pranking Sebastian [Wolves path]

375. With Imre

• Not for me [+1 Boyfriend]

• Sure

On the Wolves side you can choose to join your mates in pranking Sebastian. He’s a very heavy sleeper, so it’s going to be hilarious when you drag him across campus in his sleeping bag. You’ll still get to see the outcome go viral on Kiwii (a naked picture of Sebastian outside) even If you don’t join in on the prank.

Day 26 College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide


It’s time to get to the airport, and Mr. Lee tells you about the itinerary and what to expect. You’ll be visiting London, Paris and then Amsterdam, and there will be some group activities, but also some time to explore those cities on your own.

He’ll then approach you and Riley specifically. When he was in college he made a similar trip to Asia and took part in a treasure hunt, and now he’s giving you, his trusted students, another treasure map. Use the clues in the three locations to solve the puzzle. She’s already excited.

376. With Riley

• Be hesitant

• Be excited [+1 Boyfriend]

That Charli guy is starting to get annoying, now he’s with the girls pointing and laughing at you and making jokes at your expense? Anyway, Amber wants a quick word, she’s a bit embarrassed that you found out about her newjob, she’d really appreciate If you didn’t mention it in the future.

377. With Amber

• Tease her [+1 Troublemaker] [Tease Amber]

• Don’t tease her

• Tease her [Tease Amber]

• Don’t tease her

• Of course

• No

Penelope path: If you won the case for Penelope she will be going to Europe, and she’ll take this moment to thank you for all your brilliant lawyering. Kiss her to let her know you’re interested in being more than friends.

378. [If Penelope won her case in conversation 348] With Penelope

• Kiss her [+1 Boyfriend] [Relationship with Penelope]

• Don’t kiss her


379. [If you told Ryan he could have Emily at the Deers event (conversation 322)] With Ryan:

• No thanks

• Like what? [+1 Bro]

380. [If you didn’t speak to Ryan at the Deers event] With Ryan:

• Give blessing [+1 Bro]

• Don’t give blessing

381. [If you spoke to Ryan but didn’t give him your blessing] With Ryan:

• Be a dick [+1 Troublemaker]

• Let him [+1 Bro]

On the plane, Ryan will be sitting next to you. Depending on how your conversation went at the Deers event, when he told you he was interested in Emily, he will be more or less friendly towards you.

Aubrey path / Lauren path: If you’ve been having sex with Aubrey, she’ll drop you a note asking you to come to the airplane bathroom. Go after her to join the Mile High Club. But beware, Lauren will spot you. If you were in a relationship with Lauren at this point, you can forget it, it will be over.

382. [If you’re in a relationship with Aubrey] With Aubrey

• Go after her [Sex with Aubrey] [Breaks relationship with Lauren]

◦ No, not really [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Kinda hot [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t go after her


383. With Nora

• Chase after Nora

• Leave her alone

During the flight you’ve also noticed Nora and Chris beefing further. You can try to chase after her, but Charli will get there first. He’s starting to piss you off by now, but Riley lets you know he’s gay and just asks that you try to get to know him.

You’ll catch up with Lauren after landing. If she caught you with Aubrey, she’ll either be pissed at you If you broke her trust by cheating on her. Or she’ll simply be curious and wonder If you’re interested in Aubrey (and maybe a little bit disheartened if she thought she still had a chance with you).

384. [If you’re not in a relationship with Lauren and had sex with Aubrey in conversation 382] With Lauren:

• Yes

◦ Yes [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Why so many questions?

• Not really

385. [If you had sex with Aubrey in conversation 382 and are not in a relationship with Lauren but had kiss her at the park, the movie date or at the beach (conversations 16, 51 or 137)] With Lauren:

• Play it cool [+1 Bro]

• Act clueless [+1 Boyfriend]


386. With Ms. Rose

• Chloe

• Riley

Chloe path / Riley path: \on、(( :\\「^6 :在 在p6 po在6(「\ 在p6 6:\(入 pon\2 o\ 在p6 山o\\「\?、2o 仍6、(( 山:卜6 在p「2 dn「c卜. \p6\6、2 在仍o b6ob(6 在p:在 qo\、在 p:^6 :\oo山山:在6 入6在、2o cpoo26「\入on 仍:\在 在o b:「\ 仍「在p Cp(o6 o\ 匕「(6入. \p6\6、2 o\6 26x 2c6\6「\ 军o\qo\ \o\ 6:cp ?「\( 在p:在 入on c:\ o\(入 ?6在「\入on、\6 \oo山「\? 在p6山.

Ms. Rose path: \\入on、\6 o\ 在p6 小o(^62 b:在p、N2. 匕o26 仍「(( bn(( 入on :2「q6. \p「\?2 山「?p在 p:^6 62c:(:在6q 在oo 山ncp 仍p6\ 2p6 c:((6q 入on o^6\ 在o q6:( 仍「在p N\. 匕o26、2o 2p6 仍:\在2 在o :bo(o?「之6. K「22 p6\ \o仍 在o ob6\ 在p6 qoo\ \o\ :\6(:在「o\2p「b.

387. [If on the Wolves path] With Ms. Rose

• Kiss her [Relationship with Ms. Rose]

• Don’t kiss her


388. With Riley [if riley roommate]

• just tell her [+1 Boyfriend]

• Ease into it [+1 Bro]

;\「\:( 2c6\6 :在 在p6 6\q o\ 在p6 q:入、「\入on、\6 \oo山「\? 仍「在p 匕「(6入 2p6、(( ob6\ nb 在o 入on :\q (6在 入on 卜\o仍 2p6、2 p「26xn:(. N:入p6 2p6 p:q:(\6:q入 在o(q 入on 在p「2「\入on ?o在 o\6 o\ p6\ po山6co山「\? 6\q「\?2、pn在:\在6\ 2b6\q「\? :(o在 o\ 在「山6 仍「在p ;np\6入 2p6、2 2在:\在「\? 在o ?6在 在6山b在6q. ;\q 入on 山「?p在:(\6:q入 卜\o仍 \\o山 在p6 小o(^62 \n2p b:\在入 在p:在 ;np\6入「2「\在6\62在6q「\ 6xb6\「山6\在「\?. ?o 在p「2 2on\q2 b\o山「2「\?.

Day 27College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

\p6 \「\2在 q:入 o\:c在「^「在「62 卜「c卜2 o\\、:\q 入on、\6 o\\ 在o 2o(^6 在p6 \「\2在 \「qq(6 \o\ N\. 军66、2 在\6:2n\6 山:b. \\ 6「在p6\ 入on o\ 匕「(6入 b\o^6 入on\ 仍o\在p p入 p「在在「\? :pn((26入6 :在 在p6 2poo在「\? \:\?6、Dn\c:\ 在p6 o仍\6\ 仍「(( ?「^6 入on 在p6 \6x在 c(n6. \on c:\、在:c在n:((入 \:「( 在p「2 在:2卜、「在 c:\?n2在 ^:\入 仍po 仍「\2「在. \\入on b\o^o卜6 匕「(6入:\q 2:入 2p6 c:\、在 山:卜6「在、2p6、(( b\o^6 入on 仍\o\?、2o p6 co\\「q6\在「\ p6\「\2在6:q :\q 6:\\ :\ :cp「6^6山6\在 :(o\? 在p6 仍:入.

Treasure hunt

389. With Duncan/Riley

• She will miss [+1 Troublemaker]

• She won’t miss [+1 Bro] [Achievement: On target]


390. With Nora/Riley

• Real

• Not real [Achievement: just a theory]

;(「在在(6 p「在:?:「\2在 入on\ 仍「((、N\. 军66 仍「(( 在:卜6 :\6仍 2在nq6\在2 在o ^「2「在 :山n26n山. 匕「(6入:\q 叭o\:仍「(( q6p:在6 仍p6在p6\ q「\o2:n\2 :c在n:((入 6x「2在6q. ?「q6 仍「在p p6\ \o\:\ :cp「6^6山6\在、pn在 在p:在、2 \o在 ?o「\? 在o 在:卜6 :仍:入 \\o山 p6\ p6:q 在p6 \:c在 在p:在 Cp\「2 p:2 p66\ o\ 在p6 bpo\6 :\q「?\o\「\? p6\ 在p6 仍po(6 在「山6.

;2山:(( \\66 \o:山 \o((o仍2、仍p6\6 仍6、(( (6:\\ :(「在在(6 p「在 山o\6 :pon在 N\. 军66、2 p:c卜2在o\入. H6 n26q 在o (「^6「\ 军o\qo\ :\q q:在6q:\ ;山6\「c:\ 2cn(b在o\ 仍po 山o^6q 在o En\ob6 \o\ p「山、pn在 在p6入 q「q\、在 (:2在 (o\? n\在「( 2p6 (6\在 \o\ ?ooq. ;\q o\6 o\ p6\ 2在:在n62「2 2在「(( o\ q「2b(:入:在 在p6 山n26n山 在oq:入.

Museum free roam

391. With Chris

• Mention Nora

• Don’t mention Nora

392. With Mr. Lee

• Laugh [+1 Troublemaker]

• Feel bad [+1 Bro]

393. With Riley

• Seek revenge [+1 Troublemaker]

• Laugh it off

• Snitch on Riley

• Don’t snitch on Riley

394. [If you kissed Penelope at the airport in conversation 378] With Penelope:

• Flirt [+1 Boyfriend]

• just being me

395. [If Penelope is in Europe but you didn’t kiss her at the airport] With Penelope:

• just being me

• Make a joke


396. With Nora

• Agree

• Sneak out [+1 Troublemaker]

Nora path: C(「c卜 o\ 叭o\:在o 6\q 在p6 \\66 \o:山 仍p6\ 入on、\6 \6:q入. ?p6、2 2o po\6q 2p6?n2在 仍:\在2 在o 2\6:卜 on在 :\q ?o 266 在p6 c「在入. Bn在 2p6 2在「(( qo62\、在 仍:\在 入on 在o 在:卜6 :q^:\在:?6 o\ p6\. Do \o在 山:卜6 :山o^6 p入 在p6 B「? B6\ o\ 在p「2 仍「(( \n「\ 入on\ cp:\c62 (:在6\.

Big Ben

397. [If you snuck out in conversation 396] With Nora

• Agree

• Make a move [Upsets Nora]

Hotel bar

398. With Bartender

• Beer

• Something fruity [Achievement: Fruity]

B:c卜:在 在p6 po在6( 入on、(( 山66在 :\「c6 p:\在6\q6\ :\q 2在:\在 :dn「c卜「\在6\:c在「o\、仍p6\6 入on c:\ p:^6 :\\n「在入 coc卜在:「(. ?b6:卜「\? o\ coc卜2、Cp:\(「 仍「(( co山6 :(o\? :\q 在\入 在o b\o^o卜6 入on. ;\q 在p6 山o\6 入on ?6在「\卜6q nb 在p6 山o\6 p6 仍「(( \66( ^「\q「c:在6q.

399. [If you’re in a relationship with Ms. Rose] With Ms. Rose:

• Go to her room [+1 Troublemaker] [Sex scene with Ms. Rose]

• Don’t go [Chat with Bartender]

Ms. Rose path / Samantha path: D6b6\q「\? o\ 入on\ \\:在、入on、(( p:^6 :在:(卜 仍「在p N2. 匕o26 (「\入on、^6 卜「226q p6\:在 在p6 po在6( (opp入) o\ ?:山:\在p:. ;\q n\q6\ 在p6 (o?「c o\ 仍p:在 p:bb6\2「\ 军o\qo\ 2在:入2「\ 军o\qo\ 入on c:\ q6c「q6 在o p:^6 :(「在在(6 \n\ 仍「在p 在p6山. ?:山:\在p:仍「(( 在:卜6 :(「在在(6 (o\?6\ 在o 山:卜6 p6\26(\ \n((入:^:「(:p(6 在o 入on 在pon?p、2o山6 山:22:?「\? :在 在p6 2b:仍「(( p:^6 在o qo \o\ \o仍.

400. [If Samantha is in Europe (conversation 355)] With Samantha:

• Put them back [Chat with Bartender]

• Now what? [Spa scene with Samantha]

401. [If you preferred to chat with the Bartender in conversations 399 and 400] With Bartender:

• Yeah

• No

• Yes

• No

Ms. Rose’s room

402. With Ms. Rose

• Open the door [+1 Troublemaker]

• Knock [+1 Boyfriend]

Going with Samantha to the Spa will finally give her a few moments to relax, she’s been feeling the pressure of her brother behind her for so long. Make up a story about your previous relationship to make conversation and she’ll allow you some fondling at the end.


403. With Samantha

• Check her out [+1 Bro]

• Look away

• • • • • • •



Did drugs

Didn’t do drugs

Her father


Massage her boob [+1 Troublemaker]

Don’t massage her boob [+1 Boyfriend]


404. Nightmare [timed decision]

• Save Lauren [+1 Boyfriend]

• Save Riley [+1 Bro]

The day must have been exhausting, just as you’re trying to get a night’s sleep you get another of those terrible nightmares. It’s a scene we’ve seen before, Lauren and Riley are being held at gunpoint and you have to save one of them. But this time it’s you holding the guns at their heads? And you have to save them from yourself? What does this all mean? And suddenly Charli’s in your dreams as well? This is all very confusing.

Day 28 College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide


405. [If rooming with Riley (conversation 386)] With Riley

• Tease [+1 Troublemaker]

• Flirt [+1 Boyfriend]

Your roommate (Riley or Chloe) will be there when you suddenly awake from your nightmare. If this is Chloe you’ll go on to help her unpack properly, but you’ll notice she brought along a teddy bear, very cute. If it’s Riley she’ll show her jealousy a bit because she didn’t see you last night. Hopefully you were out having fun.

Lauren’s room

406. [If you had a relationship with Lauren but cheated on her with Aubrey on the plane in conversation 382] With Lauren

• Leave

• Make a move

If you cheated on Lauren by getting caught on the airplane with Aubrey, you’ll go to her room apologize (we’ve seen this scene before). But she saw everything with her own eyes, so there’s no excuse, and there’s nothing you can do to salvage the relationship.

But If you’re still in good terms, Lauren will invite you to a Hotter Parry quiz event (apologies, we couldn’t afford the licensed names). Turns out she’s a huge Hotterhead but unfortunately she didn’t get admitted to Hogwash School so she had to enroll at San Vallejo. It’s a fun little quiz, but there’s only a few seconds to give out each answer, so be quick. Lauren will get you covered as she really knows her stuff, even If you need to go through a tie-breaker bonus round. In any case, three correct answers earn [Achievement: Earn your owl]

Lauren path: More importantly, if you’ve been following the Lauren route, here is another chance to officially start a relationship if you haven’t already. With KCT Loyal, and if you’ve shown your interest by kissing her before, you’ll trade “I love yous” .

Hotel lobby and Hotter Parry event

407. With Lauren

• Of course

• Not really

408. With Lauren [timed choice]

• Friggindoor [correct]

• Theremin

• 13

• 29 [correct]

• 12 Someold Place [correct]

• Ministry of Fisheries

409. With Lauren

• 7

• 8

410. [If you’re in a relationship with Lauren, or if you’re not but have KCT Loyal and have kissed her before at the park (conversation 16) or at the beach (conversation 137)] With Lauren

• I love you too [Relationship with Lauren] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Play it off [+1 Bro]


411. With Lindsey

• Defend Chloe

• Don’t defend Chloe

• Support Chloe

• Support Lindsey [Achievement: Political Strategist (if told Autumn you were into politics at the dog shelter in conversation 133)]

• Lindsey, Returning The Promise

• Lindsey, Say Bye To The Bullshit

• Imre

• Ryan

You’ll come to meet Lindsey at a park next. She starts off by reminiscing about her mother, and speaking of serious moments, she’s decided to run for president of the Chicks. Chloe is still her friend, but she’s got to do the right thing. The Chicks have never really had multiple candidates, so Lindsey is determined to run a full campaign. We’ll see how that develops once everyone is back on campus.

Hotel bar

412. With Aubrey/Chloe

• Something dark

• just water

413. [If Chloe is still angry at you (can solve it in conversation 353 at the latest)] With Chloe

• Round

• Square

Speaking of the devil, Chloe is enjoying some drinks at the hotel bar when you return. Did you know she’s into sports cars? She sure would love going for a test drive at the dealership nearby, and if she’s not upset at you, you’ll be lucky enough to share a ride with her.

Car dealership

414. [If you’re in a relationship with Chloe (conversations 163 or 313)] With Chloe

• Talk about “us”

• Talk about cars

• Kiss her

◦ Be my girlfriend [Chloe girlfriend (see below)]

◦ Let’s get the car back

• joke

Play along and pretend to be a couple with Chloe to impress the salesman and take the keys to the latest German model. Once you’re accelerating away, an important moment comes up. If you’re in a physical relationship with Chloe, and you’d like to get closer and actually date, you can start talking about “us”.

Chloe path: Chloe will accept to be your girlfriend after you ask if the following three things have happened: you met her at the pool instead of helping Imre (conversation 78 or 80), you took her to homecoming (conversation 149) AND left homecoming with her. If at the same time, you have a relationship with Lauren (by sucking her tits at her room before the Deers event in conversation 299), you will earn [Achievement: Two timer]

By an unfortunate coincidence as you’re returning to the dealership Chloe gets a call from her “sister” and you have to leave immediately, no time to actually purchase the car. Back to the hotel it is then (although Mr. Lee will be there to check If you’re actually supposed to be rooming with Riley instead). So annoying.


415. [If rooming with Riley (conversation 386) but you’re not in a relationship] With Riley

• Ladies love me [+1 Bro]

• Wasn’t a ladies man [+1 Boyfriend]

416. [If rooming with Riley (conversation 386) and you’re in a relationship with Riley] With Riley

• Not tonight

• Do something about it [Sex with Riley]

Day 29 College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

Hotel corridor

417. With Ryan/Imre

• Intervene [Achievement: Don’t just stand there]

• Don’t intervene

The very next morning starts with Imre and Ryan grappling by the corridor. Mr. Lee is trying to break them apart, and he’ll expect you to not just stand there. What were they fighting about? One of them called the other one smelly or something. Really kid stuff. So Mr. Lee will treat you as kids, and will take you outside to a lake. He’s just going to let you guys know he’s been through rivalries in college, he understands that happens, but you could still try and get along.

When he’s about to leave, get a ride back with him and he’ll reveal some insightful knowledge about Ryan and Imre. Imre can’t tolerate being betrayed or disrespected, though at times even he betrays or disrespects others. Ryan is a reactor, he watches the world move and then decides what he’ll do. This might be useful later.

Otherwise stay behind with the two guys, and they’ll still tease each other plus you’ll have to find a rideshare to return to the hotel.


418. With Mr. Lee

• Ride with Mr. Lee

• Stay with Imre and Ryan

419. [If you chose to ride in conversation 418] With Mr. Lee

• Imre

• Ryan

• Having responsibility

• Acting mature

• Brotherhood

• Excitement

420. [If you chose to stay in conversation 418] With Imre/Ryan

• Side with Imre [+1 Bro (if Wolves)]

• Side with Ryan [+1 Bro (if Apes)]

Whichever way that you choose to go back to the hotel, you’ll meet Amber. She’s posting some pictures on Kiwii about living the London life, and she was just waiting for you to take you go-karting. But why not spice it up beforehand? You two race, and the loser has to post a naked picture on Kiwii.


421. With Amber

• Say nothing

• Be excited [+1 Bro]

• Agree [+1 Troublemaker]

• Disagree [+1 Boyfriend]

422. With Amber [timed decision]

• Overtake Amber [race point]

• See what’s wrong

• Riley’s here [race point]

• There’s something in your hair

• Sharp turn [race point]

• Steady

The clerk is a bit creepy, so don’t focus on him while he’s hitting on Amber. just pick up at least two out of the three possible race points to win the race. If you lose, you will earn the [Achievement: A bet is a bet] during Day 32 when Amber comes take your naked picture. Of course, If you win, you see hers.

423. With Amber

• Stand up for Amber

• Let her handle it

• Tease [tease point] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t tease

Mr. Lee has organized a historical carriage ride through the streets of London. Lindsey is tremendously enthusiastic about the horses and pretending she’s a princess and all that stuff. You’re leaving in groups, and you and Lindsey are riding together. Unfortunately you’re paired with Nora and Chloe, so that’s going to be awkward.

Nora is already feeling a bit sick from the ride, and when Lindsey proposes an idea for the Chicks to adopt nicknames and Chloe shuts it down, that’s the final straw and they’ll start beefing stronger than ever. Aubrey is waiting to join the next carriage when you return, you can choose to tell her what’s been happening and about Lindsey’s run.

Carriage ride

424. With Lindsey

• Tease [+1 Troublemaker]

• Relax her

425. With Lindsey/Chloe/Nora

• Side with Chloe

• Side with Nora

426. With Aubrey

• Tell her about Lindsey [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ I know

◦ Don’t

• Don’t tell her about Lindsey

Chloe path: If rooming with Chloe, by the time you’re back in the room she’s crying in the bathroom. Get her out and don’t pull back, this will unlock her sex scene. But you’ll need to have had sex with her before, or KCT Popular.

Otherwise, If you’re pairing with Riley, you’ll find her vaping with Amber. Those two are growing together a lot, and Amber is becoming quite the influence. It can be fun to join them, but you really don’t have to smoke If you don’t want to.


427. [If rooming with Chloe (conversation 386)] With Chloe

• Pull back

• Continue [Sex scene with Chloe (if gone through one of hers before or have KCT Popular)]

428. [If rooming with Riley (conversation 386)] With Riley/Amber

• join them

◦ High School

◦ Never smoked before

• Don’t join

Day 30College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

You can’t stay in bed all day today, there’s another group event. A guided tour at the bank to learn more about Economics. But everyone is getting bored so they do what they can to make things interesting. Riley puts on a Southern accent, Amber starts whispering about robbing the place. But this last bit does it, the guide takes it too seriously and stops the tour to keep you in an office until Ms. Rose arrives. Looks like the learning is delayed to another day.


429. With Bank clerk

• just tired

• A little [+1 Troublemaker]

430. With Amber/Riley

• Stealth

• Chaos [+1 Troublemaker]

• Amber

• Riley

• Yep [+1 Troublemaker]

• Stop playing

At the end of the tour, you can walk back with Mr. Lee, and this will lead to a detour where you go lingerie shopping with Nora. Or ride the underground with Ms. Rose, and If you’ve been getting close to her she’ll reveal she’s got some big plans for Paris. just make sure she’s not scared too much when the train breaks down momentarily.

431. With Mr. Lee / Ms. Rose

• Go with Mr. Lee

• Go with Ms. Rose

Lingerie store

432. [If you went with Mr. Lee in conversation 431] With Nora

• Pink [Achievement: Pretty in pink]

• White


433. [If you went with Ms. Rose in conversation 431] With Ms. Rose

• Leave her be

• Comfort her

Mr. Lee has organized a fancy dinner to commemorate the end of the London leg of the trip. You may have a choice to sit with either Lauren or Aubrey. If you’re in a healthy relationship with Lauren, you’ll always be with her, if she’s pissed because you cheated on her, then you’ll always be with Aubrey. Otherwise you get to choose.

Hotel lobby

434. [If you didn’t have a relationship with Lauren] With Aubrey/Lauren

• Lauren

• Aubrey


435. [If you didn’t have a relationship with Lauren but chose to dine with her in conversation 434] With Lauren

• Yes

• No

If you go with Lauren she’ll appreciate everything you’ve been doing for her, even if just as a friend. But she may be wanting something more by the time you get to Paris. With Aubrey you can talk about starting an actual relationship. She’s not open to the idea at the moment, but you may just have turned on a switch in her mind.

436. [If you don’t have a relationship with Aubrey but chose to dine with her in conversation 434] With Aubrey

• Yes

• No

437. If you have a relationship with Aubrey and chose to dine with her in conversation 434] With Aubrey

• Be More than friends

• Stay FWB

Walking back

438. With Charli

• Apologize

• Tell him off

Charli is being his annoying usual self as you walk outside after the dinner, but suddenly Nora is assaulted and robbed. You can chase after the robber and this may lead to a confrontation. Either way, If you don’t manage to recover Nora’s purse, Amber will kick the guy’s behind. So you can stay with Nora, and this will show her you’re the one who cares for her, not Chris.

439. With Nora

• Go to Nora [+1 Boyfriend]

• Chase after robber [+1 Troublemaker]


440. With Robber

• Left

• Right

◦ Dodge [timed decision, win fight] [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Huh

441. [If you win the fight in conversation 440] With Robber

• Kick him [+1 Troublemaker]

• Walk off

Hotel room

Penelope will come calling or texting next. If she’s in Europe, the robbery has made her a bit nervous, she would like to get away for a while and just stargaze in the rooftop with some company. If she’s not in Europe, she’ll call you from campus just wondering how you are. She’s met a good guy from a loan place that can solve the problem of the fine she has to pay to the school. Let’s hope that’s sorted.

442. [If Penelope is not in Europe (conversation 348)] With Penelope

• Reply [+1 Boyfriend (if in a relationship with Penelope)]

• Don’t reply


443. [If you replied in conversation 442] With Penelope

• Sure is [+1 Bro]

• You sure are [+1 Boyfriend]

join Penelope at the rooftop, and If you had a relationship with Lauren and cheated on her with Aubrey on the plane you will trigger a special dialogue and earn the [Achievement: Good vs evil] as Penelope will understand your moral struggles. If you’ve kissed her at the airport she’ll hint she’d be interesting in something long-term with you.

444. [If you replied in conversation 442 and kissed Penelope at the airport (conversation 378)] With Penelope

• Be shocked [+1 Bro]

• Be bold [+1 Boyfriend] [Achievement: A person like me]


445. [If Penelope is not in Europe (conversation 348)] With Penelope

• Answer [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Never mind [+1 Bro]

◦ I miss you [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t answer [+1 Bro]

446. [If rooming with Chloe (conversation 386)] With Chloe

• Yes [+1 Boyfriend]

• No [+1 Bro]

• He is [+1 Bro]

• Nope [+1 Troublemaker]

447. [If rooming with Riley (conversation 386)] With Riley

• A little [+1 Boyfriend]

• Not really [+1 Bro]

• I know [+1 Troublemaker]

• Really?

After dealing with Penelope the last conversation of the day will be back with your roommate. Chloe is curious about the guys’ fighting skills (and yours If you managed to recover Nora’s purse). Riley was struggling deciding whether to join a sorority; the Chicks have a lot of drama but Lindsey winning the presidency might be a way to change that.

Day 31College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

Today will be filled with the ferry trip to France. It’s a long voyage, so Mr. Lee has come up with a game to keep everyone occupied. A murder mystery game, where everyone plays a character, and you’re the role of the murderer. Yourjob is to go around the ferry and kill everyone with your finger gun. But be careful, ifsomeone’s watching and you get caught in the act, it’s game over.

Simple tips apply: check the top of the screen to see if anyone is watching you when you talk to people. If two people are together or watching each other, you’ll need to chat with them and make them split up. If you pick the wrong choice this will not be possible anymore, and you will be stuck with some people not wanting to move. At that point you’ll have no choice but to try to kill someone and get caught, for the game to end.

Fully explore the edges of the screen to advance to all the locations on the ferry (you can also keep track of where you’ve been on the mini-map), and some people move around after you’ve talked to them.

Some optional characters may or may not be on the trip, depending on your choices previously, but these are everybody’s locations. Also some people will have different traits and will react differently to how (or when) you kill them.

Amber: Can kill her at the Middle Deck, Front Gallery, as long as you have spoken to Imre/Ryan already. But if Riley is with her, talk to them first to send Riley back to the left viewpoint. Amber is Competitive, she will dislike if she’s within your first three kills. She is also Vindictive, she wants you to kill Riley before her. And she is Talkative, she wants you to finish the conversation first before killing her.

Aubrey: Find her at the Middle Deck, Balcony. Talk to her and tell her your injuries “hurt pretty bad”. Then you can kill her at the Middle Deck, Bathroom. Aubrey is Competitive, she will dislike if she’s within your first three kills.

Charli: Can kill him at the Upper Deck, Captain’s Room. Need to take Lindsey to the rear first. Charli is Competitive, he will dislike if he’s within your first three kills. He is also Untalkative, he wants you to kill him in the middle of the conversation.

Chloe: Find her at the Middle Deck, Left Viewpoint. Go through her conversation and “make Riley leave”. After that, you can kill Chloe ifJosh is not on the right viewpoint (anymore). Chloe is Competitive, she will dislike if she’s within your first three kills. She is also Vindictive, she wants you to kill Nora before her.

Chris: Can kill him at the Lower Deck, Kitchen. Chris is Uncompetitive, he will appreciate if he’s within your first three kills. He is also Untalkative, he wants you to kill him in the middle of the conversation.

Emily (optional character): Find her at the Lower Deck, Seating. Go through her conversation, then you can kill her at the Lower Deck, Bow. Emily is Untalkative, she wants you to kill her in the middle of the conversation (at the Bow)

Imre: Find him at the Middle Deck, Right Gallery. Go through his conversation, then you can kill him at the Lower Deck, Foyer. Imre is Uncompetitive, he will appreciate if he’s within your first three kills. He is also Vindictive, he wants you to kill Ryan before him.

Josh (optional character): Find him at the Middle Deck, Right Viewpoint. Go through his conversation, then you can kill him at the Middle Deck, Utility. Josh is Competitive, he will dislike if he’s within your first three kills.

Lauren: Can kill her at the Lower Deck, Seating. Need to send Emily to the bow first (if she’s around).

Lindsey: Find her at the Upper Deck, Captain’s Room. Talk to her and tell her you need “more investigators”. Then you can kill her at the Lower Deck, Rear. Lindsey is Competitive, she will dislike if she’s within your first three kills. She is also Vindictive, she wants you to kill Chloe before her. And she is Talkative, she wants you to finish the conversation first before killing her.

Rose: Can kill her at the Lower Deck, Seating. Need to send Samantha to the right hallway first (if she’s around).

Nora: Can kill her at the Middle Deck, Balcony. Need to take Aubrey to the bathroom first. Nora is Vindictive, she wants you to kill Chloe and Chris before her. She is also Talkative, she wants you to finish the conversation first before killing her.

Penelope (optional character): Can kill her at the Lower Deck, Left Walkway.

Riley: Find her at the Middle Deck, Left Viewpoint. Go through her conversation and “make Riley leave”. She will then go to the Middle Deck, Front Gallery. If you have killed Amber already, you can kill Riley there too. Be careful, if the conversation ends before you kill her, she will move back to the left viewpoint. And by the time she returns to the left viewpoint, you need to have killed Chloe and talked to Josh (if he’s around), in order to eliminate Riley. Riley is Competitive, she will dislike if she’s within your first three kills. She is also Talkative, she wants you to finish the conversation first before killing her.

Ryan: Find him at the Middle Deck, Right Gallery, next to Imre. Chat with them to make Imre leave. You cannot kill Ryan ifAmber is staring at him, so eliminate her first. Ryan is Vindictive, he wants you to kill Imre before him.

Samantha (optional character): Find her at the Lower Deck, Seating. Go through her conversation, then you can kill her at the Lower Deck, Right Hallway.

When everyone is killed, you can end the free roam by chatting to Mr. Lee at the Middle Deck, Rear Gallery. If you have invited Samantha on the Europe trip, you will also find Cameron on the rear gallery. But he’s not part of the murder mystery, so he cannot be killed.

Depending on how well you did, you will get a reward in Amsterdam If you manage at least five kills. It was supposed to be something else, but Mr. Lee will gift you concert tickets (which can be upgraded to backstage and after party tickets If you really impressed him with a higher number of victims) at a later stage.

There’s quite a few achievements to be earned along the way, If you’re going for the 100% completeness.

Nora path: One final note, If you need to make amends with Nora, find her at the balcony and keep her company. Tell her you’d choose her over the frat, this improves your relationship with her.


448. With Riley

• Not much [+1 Troublemaker]

• No [+1 Boyfriend]

Ferry murder mystery – Lower Deck, Seating, front

449. [If Samantha is in Europe (conversation 355)] With Samantha/Cameron

• Laugh [+1 Bro]

• Don’t laugh [+1 Boyfriend]

450. With Ms. Rose

• Not really [+1 Bro]

• Who wouldn’t be [+1 Boyfriend]

Ferry murder mystery – Lower Deck, Seating, back

451. [If you had a relationship with Lauren but had sex with Aubrey on the plane (conversation 382)] With Lauren:

• Apologize [+1 Boyfriend]

• Kill her [+1 Troublemaker]

Ferry murder mystery – Lower Deck, Right Walkway

452. [If you’ve gone through Samantha’s conversation at the Lower Deck seating] With Samantha

• Focus on the game [+1 Bro]

• Go for the kiss [+1 Boyfriend]

Ferry murder mystery – Lower Deck, Left Walkway

453. [If Penelope is in Europe (conversation 348)] With Penelope:

• Let her work [+1 Bro]

• Help her out [+1 Boyfriend]

454. [If you kissed Penelope at the airport (conversation 378) and helped her out in conversation 453] With Penelope:

• John Paris

• Chase Lysol

Ferry murder mystery – Lower Deck, Rear

455. [If you told Lindsey you need more investigators in conversation 465] With Lindsey:

• Me [+1 Boyfriend]

• Charli [+1 Troublemaker]

Ferry murder mystery – Middle Deck, Left Viewpoint

456. With Riley/Chloe:

• I’m poor [Achievement: Zero to hero]

• I’m rich

• Leave

• Make Riley leave [Riley moves]

457. [If you made Riley leave in conversation 456 and she’s not back yet] With Chloe:

• Plan for it

• Enjoy Europe [+1 Troublemaker]

458. [If Riley is back from the chat with Amber and Chloe isn’t around anymore] With Riley:

• Me [+1 Bro]

• You [+1 Troublemaker]

Ferry murder mystery – Middle Deck, Right Viewpoint

459. [If Josh is in Europe (conversations 296, 316, 360, 362)] With Josh:

• Really care about cats, huh? [+1 Troublemaker]

• You’re the best actor here [+1 Bro]

Ferry murder mystery – Middle Deck, Right Gallery

460. With Ryan/Imre:

• Tease Imre [+1 Troublemaker]

• Tell Ryan to cool it [+1 Bro]

Ferry murder mystery – Middle Deck, Front Gallery

461. [If Amber is not with Riley] With Amber:

• A little [+1 Bro]

• No [+1 Boyfriend]

Ferry murder mystery – Middle Deck, Balcony

462. With Nora:

• See you later [+1 Bro]

• Want some company? [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Chris cares about you [+1 Bro] [Defend Chris]

◦ Of course I care [+1 Boyfriend]

◦ Sounds like you’re dumping him [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ I’d choose you [+1 Boyfriend] [Nora likes you]

463. With Aubrey

• Major fight [+1 Bro]

• Light work [+1 Troublemaker]

• It does hurt pretty bad [+1 Boyfriend] [Aubrey moves away]

• Didn’t even feel it [+1 Bro]

Ferry murder mystery – Middle Deck, Bathroom

464. [If you got Aubrey to move in conversation 463] With Aubrey

• Let her [+1 Boyfriend] [Achievement: Doctor’s orders]

• Kill her [+1 Troublemaker]

Ferry murder mystery – Upper Deck, Captain’s Room

465. With Lindsey/Charli

• Ryan is suspicious [+1 Troublemaker]

• No, nothing

• Smarter to say here

• More investigators [Lindsey moves away]


466. With Nora

• Let Chris help her [+1 Bro] [Defend Chris]

• Hurry to help her [+1 Boyfriend] [Nora likes you]

Nora gets seasick after the game, you can let Chris help her and this will build up to an achievement If you constantly side with him, but maybe you’d prefer getting closer to Nora instead 😉

After arriving in France and taking a bus to the hotel in Paris, Amber will be conflicted about telling you something she’s been thinking about. She won’t spit it out, so you risk aggravating her for nothing If you tease her about it.

Bus to the hotel

467. With Amber

• Tease her [+1 Troublemaker] [tease point]

• Convince her [+1 Boyfriend]

• Stay out of it

• Say something [+1 Bro]

You’re staying at a Peace Hotel, the same chain you were in London. And the rooming arrangements are also the same, so you’ll stick with either Chloe or Riley depending on your choice in London, you can’t change that now.

But you can spot Nora a bit dejected in the lobby. You can try to cheer her up or stick up to Chris If you’re bros with him. But Charli has been feeding her some bad intel about you, and If you took advantage of her by the Big Ben by making a move, she’ll be a bit suspicious. Not for too long though.


468. With Nora

• Support her choice [+1 Boyfriend]

• Help Chris [+1 Bro] [Defend Chris]

• Yes [+1 Troublemaker]

• No [+1 Boyfriend]


469. [If rooming with Chloe (conversation 386)] With Chloe

• Truth [+1 Boyfriend]

• Lie [+1 Troublemaker]

There’s only time for one last chat tonight, you’ll laugh about the murder mystery with your roommate, although if this is Chloe she can’t help venting she felt real uncomfortable playing the role of a poor woman. Riley’s more cheerful, but she’s kicking herself she didn’t twig it was you. You’re really good at deceiving people, and she can’t tell if that’s a good thing or not.

Day 32 College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

Let’s start the day with a Parisian breakfast with your roommate. Luckily the waiter speaks English, and Riley is really keen on trying a freshly baked croissant. It tastes better if it’s French, you know?

If you’re with Chloe you can break the news that Lindsey is planning to run to lead the sorority. For sure Chloe is going to hear about it from someone else, so no need for you to be the one who opens that can of worms, unless you want an achievement for going behind Lindsey’s back.


470. [If rooming with Chloe (conversation 386) and she’s not your girlfriend (conversation 414)] With Chloe

• It’d be nice [+1 Boyfriend]

• Not really [+1 Bro]

471. [If rooming with Chloe (conversation 386)] With Chloe

• Tell her about Lindsey [Achievement: Throw her to the lions (if you encouraged Lindsey to run in conversation 411 and told Aubrey about it in conversation 426)] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t tell her about Lindsey

472. [If rooming with Riley (conversation 386)] With Riley

• I’d be able to tell [+1 Troublemaker]

• I don’t think I’d be able to tell

• Oh yeah, good idea

• Ugh, do we have to? [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

Either way, after breakfast it’s time to solve the second part of the mystery map. The next clue takes you to the Catacombs of Paris. It’s really hard to find but you’ll pick a piece of paper out of a column. just at that time the lights start flickering and things turn a bit scary. Best to get out of it while you can. But in all the rush Riley trips and messes up her ankle. A cute scene comes up If you carry her in your arms where you’ll be made to look like her prince charming.


473. With Riley

• Keep looking [+1 Boyfriend]

• Give up [+1 Bro]

• Left

• Right

• Help her walk [+1 Bro]

• Carry her [+1 Boyfriend]

474. [If you carry Riley in conversation 473] With Riley:

• Kiss her [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t kiss her

• Hold her hand [+1 Boyfriend]

• Scratch your face [+1 Bro]

Mr. Lee will be happy to see you being productive with the riddles when you’re back at the hotel, and just in time you did make it to the next group event, a visit to a church. The bishop will teach you the story of Saint Valentine, and you’ll finish off with a reenactment of a wedding. Nora volunteers quickly, but Chris has to leave her to take a phone call while they’re at the altar.

Imre makes sure you take his place, and you’ll start exchanging vows. If Chloe is your girlfriend at this point, she’ll start getting really jealous. After all, you’re supposed to be keeping that sweet talk to her only. But If you don’t have that sort of relationship, you’ll be able to kiss Nora (on the cheek) to celebrate your “wedding”.


475. With Nora

• Leave her be [+1 Bro]

• Comfort her [+1 Boyfriend]

• joke [+1 Bro]

• Be serious [+1 Boyfriend]

476. [If Chloe isn’t your girlfriend (conversation 414)] With Nora

• Fist bump [+1 Bro]

• Kiss her cheek [+1 Boyfriend] [Achievement: You may kiss the bride]

Did you know it’s Lindsey’s birthday today? She hadn’t had time to focus on herself with all the things happening in her life as of late, but she wants to do an escape room to celebrate. join her, Imre, Charli and Aubrey and be thankful to Mr. Lee for making up the booking.

Lindsey path: It has to be said, the escape room looks like some sort of prison, and the game master gives off massive creepy vibes. It’s like he’s sending the other guys away so you stay with Lindsey while he watches through the CCTV. You don’t have to reject that idea, you can say you want her when she comes closer and kiss her for a sex scene. Although for this to happen at least one of these three points must be true: you made out with her before the Freshman Brawl (conversation 260), you got at least 5 kills in the ferry murder mystery, or have KCT Popular.

Escape room

477. [If Chloe is your girlfriend (conversation 414)] With Lindsey

• You’re right, we shouldn’t do this [+1 Boyfriend]

• Is it? I want this… [+1 Troublemaker]

478. [If you tell Lindsey “is it” or Chloe isn’t your girlfriend (conversation 414)] With Lindsey

• Kiss her [+1 Boyfriend] [Sex with Lindsey]

• Don’t kiss her [+1 Bro]

It wasn’t the best of birthday celebrations, so Aubrey prepared something else with the other girls and is organizing a slumber party in Riley’s room. Keep it hush hush so the teachers don’t hear about it, but you’ll have a small free roam to explore. Play a few rounds of Spin the Bottle (some crazy kissing combinations happen) or Fuck Marry Kill. Even Amber agrees Nora would be the best wife. Or at least the only one you could last with.

Slumber party – bottle spin

479. With Ryan

• Kiss him [+1 Troublemaker]

• Get slapped [+1 Bro]

Slumber party – Fuck Marry Kill

480. With Amber

• Marry Nora

• Marry Amber [+1 Bro]

481. With Amber

• Cuddle [+1 Boyfriend]

• Stay away [+1 Bro]

After the end of the free roam, it’s time for the conclusion of the go-karting bet. You either won or lost, so there will be a naked picture of either Amber or you making the rounds on Kiwii. Imre will spot it but you will delete it quickly in a little while.

Day 33 College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

Imre wakes up weirded out by all the face painting the girls did on him while he was drunk (you might as well call him a raccoon instead of a wolf for now). The night certainly put a smile on Nora, and even Chris was behaving, so that’s cheered her up. She’s in the mood to go out and see something French, so let’s go do some urban exploring.

Side note, if Chloe didn’t know yet, she finds out now about Lindsey’s running and things get heated.

Urban exploring

It would have been a nice trip to the baguette factory, it’s a shame the factory is abandoned and not producing anything anymore, so you’re left in a pretty desolate part of town. At least you can talk about your agility, turns out Aubrey used to be a cheerleader and Nora did gymnastics, so they happen to be quite flexible. You just have to make sure you have a quick reaction to catch Nora and not let her fall when she tries a move.

482. With Nora

• Of course [+1 Troublemaker]

• just watch

483. With Nora [timed decision]

• Catch her

• Move [+1 Troublemaker]

Aubrey does get hurt when she tries a roundoff. It’s nothing too serious, just a sprained ankle, but she needs to get some rest at the hotel. Up to you who you stay with. Walk Aubrey back to the hotel to nurse her with some massages, or let Imre do it while you stay behind and enjoy some drinks with Nora. If you stay you’ll be interrupted by a crazy lady screaming in French and telling you to get off her lawn or something so you’ll go back to the hotel anyway.

484. With Aubrey/Nora

• Walk Aubrey back to the hotel [+1 Boyfriend]

• Share a drink with Nora [+1 Troublemaker]

485. [If you drink with Nora in conversation 484] With Nora

• Not at all [+1 Troublemaker]

• A little surprising [+1 Bro]

• Speak her language [+1 Troublemaker]

• Tell her off [+1 Bro]


486. [If you went with Aubrey in conversation 484] With Aubrey

• If I was your boyfriend… [+1 Boyfriend]

• That’s what friends are for

Riley is cleaning up her room (yours too?) after the slumber party. She’s had a great time, especially with Aubrey. But even with Aubrey there’s some secrets she hasn’t told yet, but she’s ready to share them with you. She used to be really insecure about how she used to look, especially because she had to use braces as a kid. She keeps an unflattering picture of herself in her wallet to remind her of how far she’s come, but she would be embarrassed if someone else knew about it.

It just so happens, however, that the door was open. Could someone be listening in to your conversation? Charli?

Ms. Rose path: Ms. Rose is also on the hallway, and If you’ve on her relationship path she’ll invite you over, she’s got something special planned, and she does mean special. join her for a sex scene at an apartment she rented just for the night. Your performance will surprise even yourself, turns out Ms. Rose spiked your drinks to give you an extra boost.

487. [If in a relationship with Ms. Rose (conversation 387)] With Ms. Rose

• Not tonight

• Let’s go [+1 Troublemaker] [Ms. Rose sex scene]

If you’re on the Apes route you’ll either have a call or a chat with Samantha (either way she sounds drunk). Entertain her for a little while, you can choose to say what she wants to hear or be brutal, either way she’ll probably forget about it when she sobers up in the morning. You can call Cameron afterwards, he would definitely want to know, but that can mean he’s also going to tighten the leash around Samantha.

Room [Apes path]

488. [If you invited Samantha in conversation 355] With Samantha

• What? [+1 Troublemaker]

• Yes [+1 Boyfriend]

• Yes

• No [+1 Troublemaker]

• I can beat Cameron [+1 Troublemaker]

• Not fighting your brother [+1 Bro]

• Call Cameron [+1 Bro]

• Don’t call Cameron [+1 Boyfriend]

489. [If you joined the Apes but didn’t invite Samantha in conversation 355] With Samantha

• Yes, I miss you

• No, I don’t miss you ( joke) [+1 Troublemaker]

• Call Cameron [+1 Bro]

• Don’t call Cameron [+1 Boyfriend]

Emmy path: Don’t forget to check Simplr, If you have matched with Emmy before going back to your hotel room she’ll start a conversation. She’s from Amsterdam and there’s a Simplr event happening regularly, she’d love to see you there.

Day 34 College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

Julia doesn’t do a goodjob at calculating time zone differences, so she wakes you up just to get an idea of how you’re hanging, and If you’ve found your field trip romance yet. It’s not really an impactful decision in terms of future paths, but it can be worth a moment to think about how the trip is going and where you see it heading.


490. Calling Julia

• Pick one of nine choices to talk to Julia.

Amber, Aubrey, Lindsey, Nora and Riley are always available as options. Also Penelope, even if she’s not in Europe. Chloe will be available if she’s not angry (can resolve it at the latest in conversation 353), Lauren will be available If you didn’t cheat on her with Aubrey on the plane (conversation 382), Samantha is available if she’s in Europe (conversation 355).


Chris and Nora are starting an argument again, now that finally Chris has some free time he’s hanging out with the boys instead of giving attention to her. Eventually it escalates to the point where Chris shoves Nora to the ground Chris is angry, but mostly angry at himself for letting things get to him that hard, he punches a wall and hurts himself.

Take Chris to the hospital to continue on your way to a bro achievement, or If you feel that’s his problem, stay with Nora instead as she vents with Lindsey.

491. With Chris/Nora

• Go to Nora [+1 Boyfriend]

• Go to Chris [+1 Bro] [Defend Chris]

492. [If you went to Nora in conversation 491] With Nora

• Support Nora

• Support Chris [+1 Bro]


493. [If you went to Chris in conversation 491] With Chris

• She wasn’t overreacting [+1 Boyfriend] [+1 Troublemaker]

• You’re right [+1 Bro] [Defend Chris] [Achievement: Best frenemies (if Ape and you’ve defended Chris at least three other times before)] [Achievement: Brotherhood of men (if Wolf and you’ve defended Chris at least three other times before)]

A split in action happens here depending on your frat. If you’re a Wolf Imre wants to go out and do something memorable, so you’ll go to a tattoo place. Apparently he hasn’t learned from having a raccoon face drawn on himself, and he suggests the artist just surprise him. Well he’s surprised alright, he gets a cupcake on his chest.

If you’re an Ape then Ryan will arrange a bet with you, she’s sure Amber hasn’t had sex with another girl. Surprise: he loses, and the punishment is to go dye his hair.

Tattoo [Wolves path]

494. With Imre

• It’s not that bad [+1 Bro]

• Sorry, man

Barber [Apes path]

495. With Ryan

• It’s not a bad look [+1 Bro]

• It’s not your best look [+1 Troublemaker]

Riley is livid when you return, you hung up her ugly picture for everyone to see. Well, it wasn’t you, but Riley is convinced it was you, because you’re the only one she told. It must have been Charli, but how can you convince her of that? just let her stew for a while for now, you’ve got more important things to deal with.

Lauren’s first time

This scene is triggered If you are in a relationship with Lauren, or at least kissed her at the park when you first met (conversation 16). Must not have been caught on the plane having sex with Aubrey.

Lauren has been preparing something special for tonight, she might be finally ready. A beautiful dress is just the first step, and a fancy dinner would have been the second, but she messed up with the scheduling and made the booking for the wrong time zone. You can still go to the park, but the gates are closed already.

496. With Lauren

• Let her vent [+1 Bro]

• Comfort her [+1 Boyfriend] [Lauren point]

• Talk to her [+1 Bro]

• Hold her [+1 Boyfriend] [Lauren point]

• We’ll do this another day [+1 Bro]

• A little extra effort [+1 Boyfriend] [Lauren point]

Lauren path: You try to go stargazing at the rooftop, but the door seems shut. Going with “a little extra effort” opens the door and is the first piece of good news in a while. If you’ve also picked up the other two right answers that please Lauren during the date (or have KCT Loyal), you’ll unlock her wholesome first sex scene. You’ll also unlock the [Achievement: Worth the wait] If you’re going exclusive with her and you’re not in a relationship with anyone else.


If you do not go through with Lauren’s date, you’ll meet Lindsey at the gym instead for a late-night workout. Follow her instructions to breathe, stretch down and hold, but do it quickly and in the right order or you’ll have to repeat things until she’s happy. In other news, she does look like she packs a powerful kick, even though she doesn’t attend the gym that often.

497. With Lindsey [timed decision]

• Stretch

• Breathe [correct]

• Stretch [correct]

• Lean

• Hold [correct]

• Breathe

498. With Lindsey

• Show off [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ It’s fine

◦ Best spot ever [+1 Troublemaker]

• Basics

• Hard [+1 Troublemaker]

• Steady

Day 35 College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

Aubrey is going out to a Lew’s store photoshoot to meet her modeling sister Naomi. If you’re rooming with Riley, she’ll tell Aubrey about the picture, but Aubrey isn’t buying that you did it, so props to her for standing by you.

Naomi is almost done with her shoot when you arrive, which is great because you’ll get to experience what it’s like and have your pictures taken as well. Aubrey is feeling really insecure and a bit jealous of her sister, so you can give her an extra boost.


499. With Photographer

• Turn your back to Aubrey [+1 Bro]

• Put your arms around Aubrey [+1 Boyfriend]

500. With Aubrey

• Boost Aubrey [+1 Troublemaker]

• Leave it alone [+1 Bro]

• Get Aubrey flowers [+1 Boyfriend]

• Don’t get her flowers

Aubrey path: At the end of the shoot your pictures will be available on Kiwii for everyone to see, and as Aubrey starts walking away you have the chance to offer her some flowers. Do so to make the first crack in her defenses en route to starting a more dating relationship.

Nice and helpful as always, Mr. Lee and Ms. Rose booked a special with the hotel and have arranged for a spa session at the hotel for everyone including saunas and massages. It’s supposed to be boys separate from the girls, and you’ll start off with the massages, but you’ll have the option to sneak off. Don’t leave it too late or you’ll miss your chance, but you can go check on the various sauna rooms for some steamy looks.

When it’s your turn to have the sauna, you can do the same, and sneak off and check on the girls being massaged.


501. Sauna Door 2

• Not at all [+1 Bro]

• Yes, haha

502. Amber massage

• Crawl to the next table [+1 Troublemaker]

• Go back to the sauna

503. With Amber

• Tease Amber [+1 Troublemaker] [tease point]

• Nice towel

After going through the massages and the sauna you can’t help noticing Amber’s towel has the Lew’s logo on it. Tease her about the “employee merch” and one of two things will happen. She’ll take you back inside the sauna to tease you herself (If you have KCT Popular or have only teased her once before, at most), or she’ll punch some sense into you, literally.

504. [If you have teased Amber in conversation 503, and either have KCT Popular or have teased her only once before at most] With Amber

• Pull away [+1 Bro]

• Don’t pull away


505. With Nora

• Go to Nora [+1 Boyfriend]

• Leave her alone [+1 Bro]

You’re back at your room, and Nora and Chris are across yours. But they’re fighting again, and Chris leaves her slamming the door behind him.

Nora path: Go to her room, and If you haven’t upset her you can take her mind off Chris. Focus on her, and tell her time is key, that she would be everything to you. Yes, technically she still has a boyfriend, but kiss her at the end of the conversation to bring up her sex scene. Do it at your own risk as this will obviously change the group dynamics.

Nora room

506. [If Nora isn’t upset at you (see conversations 113, 462 and 466) and you did not kiss her by the Big Ben (conversation 397)] With Nora

• Chris is

• You are [Nora point]

• Communication is key

• Time is key [Nora point]

507. [If you earned 2 points through conversation 506, or have KCT Loyal] With Nora

• Be a friend

• Kiss her [Sex with Nora] [Achievement: All is fair in love and war (if Ape)] [Achievement: Inside job (if Wolf)] [Achievement: City of love (if you had sex with Lindsey, Ms. Rose and Lauren previously in Paris)]


508. [If rooming with Chloe (conversation 386) and didn’t go to Nora’s room (conversation 505)] With Chloe

• Kill parents for insurance [+1 Troublemaker]

• Sell your house [+1 Boyfriend]

If you didn’t go to Nora’s room (and we respect that decision), you’ll see either Riley, who is still furious about the whole picture situation, or a nice little easter egg If you’re rooming with Chloe. She’s playing a game on the phone where you build up a character and play with their life, but you have these milestones like get married, have kids, etc. It’s a very deep game by some guy named Undergrad Steve. Might be worth checking out.

Day 36College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide


509. With Riley

• Don’t let it happen again [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Apology accepted [+1 Boyfriend]

Meet Lindsey in the morning for breakfast, and look at what she saw, she spotted Charli with Lindsey’s wallet. So that solves the mystery of who took it, and now Riley knows it too. She’s so sorry that she’s been accusing you all this time, but now her mind is geared on revenge. Charli won’t know what hit him, Riley is planning to distract him while you go into his room and destroy his precious suitcase.

The rest of the day features only a long bus ride to Amsterdam. Not much to do except try to catch some sleep. Chloe couldn’t, so she’s really tired by the time you arrive. Riley less so, but she’s also not in the mood to do anything tonight.

Day 37College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide


510. With Luuk

• I am

• Yeah, probably not

You meet the Amsterdam bartender Luuk. He’s the kind of person that is aware of everything that’s happening, and for a price he can either hear or not hear anything, so it might be worth staying on his good side and checking on him later.

At this stage you get your reward If you did well on the ferry murder mystery. It was supposed to be a medallion, but Mr. Lee can’t find it at the moment, so he give you some tickets to a concert nearby. If Penelope is around, you’ll have a choice to go with her, otherwise you’ll take Aubrey. If you got at least 5 kills, you’ll get regular concert tickets (the “small reward”).

If you got at least 10 kills, you’ll get tickets to the backstage are as well (the “medium reward”).

If you got all kills without getting caught, you’ll also get access to the after party (the “big reward”).

Even If you got fewer than 5 kills, if Penelope is in Europe she will still give you regular tickets, so you have a chance to go.

Only If you got fewer than 5 kills and Penelope lost her hearing case, you don’t get to attend the concert, but Aubrey will ask you to try and listen to it from the rooftop later.


511. [If you got at least 5 victims in the murder mystery and Penelope is in Europe (conversation 348)] With Aubrey/Penelope

• Penelope

• Aubrey

Maybe now would be a good moment to go talk to Nora. If you actually went through and had sex with her in Paris, she’s feeling awful about it, she can’t square being a cheater. Right now she just needs time to figure things out.

There’s also another thing Nora just found out, Chloe has to be the President of Chicks in order to keep her scholarship. So that’s going to be adding another layer of pressure to the whole thing.

Nora room

512. [If you had sex with Nora in London (conversation 507)] With Nora

• Agree

• Disagree

513. With Nora

• Yeah [+1 Boyfriend]

• I haven’t decided yet [+1 Troublemaker]

Chloe was looking for stuff to do around Amsterdam and found a beach nearby, and it happens to have a nice pier where you can enjoy the view. And she’ll use this moment to discuss all that’s on her mind: First there’s Chris and Nora, but now also Lindsey running for president… There’s no point getting angry, right now Chloe just wants to know if she can count on your support. Don’t be a bad boyfriend and say you’ll help Lindsey unless you want to experience her wrath.

More importantly, she’ll tell you about her fantasies of being tied up and dominated by someone, Fifty Shades style. Maybe you could be that someone.


514. With Chloe

• Help Chloe

• Help Lindsey

• Help no one [Achievement: Indecisive]

Ryan calls you, something strange is happening. Imre’s scored a date, but Ryan thinks it’s a catfish and wants to go check it out. You may think you don’t have enough time to do that, If you have a concert to attend, so you can skip this scene, but it won’t harm you to go along with Ryan.

515. [Unless you didn’t get any concert tickets] With Ryan

• Go with Ryan [+1 Bro]

• Don’t go with Ryan

Outside bar

516. With Ryan [timed decision]

• Pretend to tie Ryan’s shoe [+1 Bro]

• Push Ryan in front of Imre [+1 Troublemaker]

Imre spots the two of you while he’s on the way to his date at a bar, and surprise surprise it really is a catfish. We know Imre can get angry, and he scares his “date” away. Two good things come out of this though, one is that the host of the bar was paying attention and invites you guys to a Simplr event that’s happening in a few days (the same one that Emmy told you about, If you matched with her). And the second one is that you’ve still got plenty of time to go back to the hotel and get ready for the concert.


517. With Imre

• Leave it alone

• Stick up for Ryan [+1 Troublemaker (if Wolves)] [+1 Bro (if Apes)]


Time for the concert, regardless of who you take, Aubrey or Penelope, they’re both excited to see this international star Polly. That’s not her real name, that’s a stage name she came up with because her actual name starts with P.

The concert goes slightly different depending on your date, If you’re with Aubrey then Polly will notice her taking loads of pictures. Defend Aubrey and Polly will be impressed with your sass and invite you to the backstage (If you didn’t have those tickets already) If you’re with Penelope, she can’t really see much, so have her climb on your shoulders and keep steady twice (react quickly to the timed decision) and when Polly sees Penelope is such a big fan you’ll also get invited backstage.

518. [If you went to the concert with Aubrey] With Aubrey:

• Say hell yeah

• Say nothing

• Say something

• Ignore him

• Defend her [unlocks backstage]

• Say nothing

519. [If you went to the concert with Penelope] With Penelope:

• Say hell yeah

• Say nothing

• Steady [timed decision]

◦ Steady [timed decision] [unlocks backstage]

◦ Damn

• Oops


The backstage scene is unlocked If you get at least 10 victims during the ferry murder mystery, or depending on your actions in the concert.

Again the scene develops a little bit differently depending on who you’re with. Polly will actually recognize Aubrey from the Kiwii modeling posts in Paris, or will share some weird coincidences. Turns out Polly is actually named Penelope, and Polly and Penelope share the same birthday. Anyway, If you say you’re into clubs then you’ve got yourself an invitation to the after party.

520. With Aubrey

• Defend her sister

• Laugh

• Not really

• Hell, yeah! [unlocks after party] [+1 Troublemaker]

521. With Penelope

• Encourage her [+1 Boyfriend]

• Leave her alone

• We’re not a couple

• Thanks [+1 Boyfriend]

• Not exactly

• Hell yeah! [unlocks after party] [+1 Troublemaker]

after party

The after party is unlocked If you killed all the victims at the murder mystery, or depending on your choices during the backstage area. Reaching this stage with Penelope will unlock [Achievement: Funny night]

522. With Aubrey

• Plead the fifth [+1 Troublemaker]

• I’m a one woman man [+1 Boyfriend]

• Killed the vibe

• Dance with Aubrey

523. With Penelope

• Impressive

• You should stop

• Be a gentleman [+1 Boyfriend]

• Have fun [+1 Troublemaker]

Alternatively, If you couldn’t get enough kills in the murder game for Mr. Lee to give you a ticket, and Penelope is also not in Europe, you’ll take Aubrey to the roof to try to listen to it from there, but turns out the arena is too far away. Fine, you don’t get the concert, but you do get some more insight into Aubrey’s state of mind. For example, she reveals that she already considers Riley to be her girlfriend, she just hasn’t told her yet. There might be something coming in that regard.


524. [If you didn’t get concert tickets (meaning Penelope is not in Europe and you got less than 5 kills in the murder mystery)] With Aubrey:

• Chloe

• Lindsey


525. [If you’re in a relationship with Lauren and didn’t cheat on her with Aubrey on the plane (conversation 382)] Texting Lauren:

• You don’t have to ask me twice, omw [Cuddling with Lauren]

• I’m already halfway asleep…

If you’re still in a healthy relationship with Lauren, she’ll text you as you make your way back into your room, wanting to get some cuddles. You can accept, but If you’re rooming with Chloe, she might feel a bit suspicious.

Riley path: Decision time ahead, if Riley is your roommate, this was the moment she was hoping to apologize for blaming you about the stolen photo. And she only knows one way to apologize properly, so here you get a free sex scene, If you’d like. If you stick with Lauren she reminisces about how far you two have come. She see a long-term future with you, are you in it for the long term as well? Even with her difficult religious family?

526. [If rooming with Chloe (conversation 386) and she’s your girlfriend (conversation 414) and you accepted Lauren’s text (conversation 525)] With Chloe:

• Grabbing a snack

• Imre needs me

527. [If rooming with Riley (conversation 386) and you accepted Lauren’s text (conversation 525)] With Riley:

• Stay with Riley [Achievement: Gentlemen prefer gingers] [Sex with Riley] [No cuddling with Lauren]

• Cuddle with Lauren

528. [If rooming with Riley (conversation 386) and didn’t accept Lauren’s text (conversation 525)] With Riley:

• Let Riley do it [Sex with Riley]

• Go to sleep

Lauren’s room

529. [If you accepted Lauren’s cuddles (conversation 525) and didn’t bail out (conversation 527)] With Lauren:

• Of course [+1 Boyfriend]

• One day at a time

• I don’t see why not [+1 Boyfriend]

• Might be an issue

• I love you too

• Kiss her head

Day 38College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide


530. With Nora

• Text Nora

• Don’t text Nora

Kick off the day with breakfast at the hotel, where you’ll see Nora and Chris talking. Have they reconciled? It’s hard to hear from a distance. You can text Nora, but she’ll tell you she’s still trying to figure things out.

In the meantime, Riley comes to enact her revenge on Charli. She’s sent him away to meet her somewhere else, so the coast is clear. And you got a little help in procuring a working keycard (did that come from Luuk? Or perhaps Penelope?) . You can look inside the closet and the bathroom, and do all kinds of nasty things to his items. There’s an achievement for using his toothbrush as a toilet brush, but perhaps you didn’t even need that incentive.

Charli’s room

531. Closet

• Soak that shit [+1 Troublemaker]

• That’s too far

532. Bathroom

• Bleach his suitcase [+1 Troublemaker]

• That’s too far

• Flush, flush, motherfucker! [Achievement: Flush flush] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Too much

533. Checking the computer

• Expose him [Achievement: He is done!]

• Confront him

You end the free roam by checking his computer, and you find out that Charli has been getting paid for taking exams on behalf of other people and helping them cheat that way. You can confront him about it, and he’ll agree to leave you alone when you get back on campus. Or send an email to Mr. Lee about it, and he’ll make sure the situation’s dealt with accordingly.

Time to join the Simplr speed dating event, where you, Ryan and Imre will meet three local girls, Emmy (who you may have matched with already), Kourtney and Aryssa. Pick all the answers that they like, and at the end of the event you’ll have a choice to take any of them for a date.

Simplr Event

534. With Host

• I already have a girl [+1 Boyfriend]

• Fuck yeah, let’s mingle [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker (if in a relationship with Lauren or Chloe]

535. With Emmy

• No kids for me [+1 Bro] [Emmy likes you]

• I’m a family man [+1 Boyfriend]

• City [Emmy likes you]

• Rural

536. With Kourtney:

• Yes, I’m a romantic [+1 Boyfriend] [Kourtney likes you]

• No, that’s old school [+1 Troublemaker]

537. With Aryssa:

• Work [+1 Boyfriend] [Aryssa likes you]

• Retired life [+1 Bro] [+1 Troublemaker]

538. Pick a girl:

• Emmy [she’s available if she likes both of your answers]

• Kourtney [she’s available if she likes your answer] [Achievement: Romantic heart]

• Aryssa [she’s available if she likes your answer]

• No Date

Emmy path: Pick Emmy as your date, tell her you like fighting and accept her advances for a sex scene in the heat of the moment, right there and then at the bar. Make sure you have matched her before, or have KCT Confident.

539. [If you picked Emmy in conversation 538] With Emmy:

• Yes [+1 Troublemaker]

• No [+1 Boyfriend]

540. [If you told Emmy that yes, you like fights, in conversation 539, and either have KCT Confident or matched her before the Simplr event] With Emmy:

• Let her [+1 Troublemaker] [Sex with Emmy]

• Stop her [+1 Boyfriend]

541. [If you picked Kourtney in conversation 538] With Kourtney:

• Maybe [+1 Troublemaker]

• No [+1 Boyfriend]

542. [If you picked Aryssa in conversation 538] With Aryssa:

• Might look into it

• Not really

At the end of the Simplr event, Amber texts you. She won’t say straight away what’s up, she just wants you to join her at the bus stop. She’s got tickets for a weed bus tour, not surprisingly that’s something she had been looking forward to for a long time. If Samantha is around she’ll ask to join. She doesn’t have money on her, so you can choose to pay for her ticket. Or decline, and Cameron will come thank you later.

Bus stop

543. [If you invited Samantha to Europe (conversation 355)] With Samantha:

• Not a good idea, Sam [Achievement: Bro moment] [+1 Bro]

• Fine, I’ll pay for you

Weed bus

544. With Gary:

• Nope

• Okay [+1 Bro]

• Yes

• No

Amber doesn’t enjoy the bus tour that much, she thought there would be more getting high and less talking about politics. So she just takes some of the pot and runs away from the bus to go smoke some. It’s your choice to join her, but she’s invited Lauren to come meet by the canals.

She ends up smoking If you leave the decision up to her, or If you just say it’s relaxing but have KCT Loyal. However, If you do so, she develops a negative reaction and will have to stay the night at the hospital to recover

That’s also where Cameron will come find you, If you stopped Samantha from joining the weed bus. He has a hard time trusting that people actually have pure intentions, but he sees them in you.


545. With Amber

• I’m good

• Why not!?

546. With Lauren

• It’s relaxing

• It’s up to you

Day 39College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

The final piece of the treasure hunt is to be found at the Amsterdam Dungeons. Clipps is the guy that seems to be in charge, but this seems fishy. You and Riley are separated, and someone places bags over your heads. Riley is really scared at this point, but then we see Duncan (from London) and Mr. Lee also coming into scene. This was all a ruse to get Riley to confess to cheating during Mr. Lee’s tests and there isn’t any treasure to be earned at the end. You do get some reward, Mr. Lee will give you an A in his class for putting up with this charade.


547. With Clipps

• Threaten him

• Push him

• I’m a liar [Achievement: An honest liar]

• I’m honest

• Stop this [+1 Bro]

• Let them scare her [+1 Troublemaker]

After all of this you will make a detour when Aubrey invites you to a sex shop. If Chloe insinuated that you might be the one to explore her fantasies with her, you’ll see a screen, you’ll see a screen with a few items you can purchase. Choose whatever you like, you’ll get to use that stuff in a short while. just leave some budget for the handcuffs at the end.

Chris is finally done with his frat stuff and is dedicated to being a good boyfriend again, he takes a few of you onto a garden for a small free roam. Some more information is revealed when you have chats with people. Nora comes out and tells you Ms. Rose is her stepmom, If you didn’t know already, and that’s why the Wolves are so close to her. Also, even with Chris being back to treating Nora right, that doesn’t excuse what he did before, so that’s still causing a lot of internal conflict for her. If at this point you kiss her in the lips, Imre will find out. just trust that he won’t say anything to Chris.

Speaking of Chris, you can get his side of the story. He recognizes that all that he’s doing is still a long way into restoring the trust that Nora lost in their relationship. If you actually had sex with Nora, Chris will sense that something’s wrong, but he doesn’t really suspect you specifically.

Check on Lindsey to end the free roam. Chicks stick together (usually), and she’ll give you her two cents, that being a good boyfriend for two days doesn’t make up for months of trash. Imre has a view on all of this as well, he sees Chris trying to make amends and Nora not helping the situation. It’s amazing how everyone is looking at the same thing and seeing something else.

Garden free roam

548. [If you had sex with Nora in London (conversation 507)] With Nora:

• Kiss her forehead

• Kiss her lips

Once back at the hotel, shoot a game of pool with Ryan. He’ll have a favor to ask though. If you invited Emily to Europe during the Deers Event and you told Ryan he could have her, he’s setting up a double date. He’ll take Emily and you take, let’s say, Riley. Don’t need to make a final decision just yet, but Ryan is keen on this. Emily does pass by you while you’re at the pool table. Is she waving at you or him? Why is she making things awkward?

If Emily is not on the Europe trip, she’ll simply phone Ryan, cutting the game short.

Hotel pool table

549. [If Emily is in Europe and Ryan has your blessing (conversations 321 and 322)] With Ryan:

• Shoot left pocket

• Shoot right pocket

• Sure

• Sorry, but no

• Stare

• Look away

550. [If you didn’t go through conversation 549] With Ryan:

• Not a sports car fan

• I love sports cars

• Shoot left pocket

• Shoot right pocket

After the pool game, If you’re in a relationship with Chloe, it’s time to put those sex shop items to good use. Take her to your room, get the blindfolds and the handcuffs ready, then start exploring this free roam with the items you’ve bought and by kissing or choking or massaging various body parts. You can repeat all actions any number of times, and click the Continue option at the bottom to end things.

As long as you choke the neck and massage the other body parts, you will unlock the full blown sex scene and earn the [Achievement: We like them wild]


551. [If you’re in a relationship with Chloe – go through one of her sex scenes at the end of homecoming (Day 11), or the locker room (conversation 313), or in London (conversation 427)] With Chloe:

• [Neck] Choke [Excites Chloe]

• Kiss

• [Chest] Kiss

• Massage [Excites Chloe]

• [Back] Massage [Excites Chloe]

• Kiss

• [Shoulder] Massage [Excites Chloe]

• Kiss

If you were not in a relationship with Chloe then you’ll be going with Lindsey visiting that ferris wheel that she talked about a little while back at the garden. If you choose all the options that Lindsey likes during the ride, she’ll cap it off with a romantic kiss.

Ferris wheel

552. [If you’re not in any relationship with Chloe] With Lindsey:

• What about you [Lindsey likes] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Agree [+1 Bro]

• They should [Lindsey likes] [+1 Troublemaker]

• They shouldn’t

• Then back out the race [+1 Bro]

• You did right [Lindsey likes] [+1 Boyfriend]

• You’re beautiful [Lindsey likes] [+1 Boyfriend]

• Of course [+1 Bro]

Day 40College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

Jenny calls you at the start of the day, just wanting to catch up on how Penelope (and you) are doing. If she hasn’t heard from Penelope in a while, she’ll get worried, but that’s all going to be a false alarm.

Some closure with Lauren follows, If you’ve cheated on her with Aubrey, she’s decided that she isn’t going to hold a grudge anymore, she’s not in the mood for that, but a relationship is still definitely off. In any case, you can still go for a bike ride out on a trail. just be careful about deer, they bite hard.

If you’re still in a relationship, however, she’s going to try to keep push it to something long-lasting.

Bike trail

553. With Lauren

• I love the outdoor

• I’m a city man [Achievement: Urbanizer Womanizer (if you told Emmy you’re a city man in conversation 535)]

554. [If you’re in a relationship with Lauren] With Lauren

• Keep the spark

• We’ll get tired

At some point, you’ll come across a naked couple in the woods. Are they having sex in the wild? Lauren wants to go have a look (this must be Amber’s influencing, no doubt). Pick up an achievement If you decide to peek on them.

555. With Lauren

• What?! No way

• Haha, okay [Achievement: Voyeur] [+1 Troublemaker]

You and Lauren leave your bikes at the drop-off point at the beach, and interestingly that’s where Aubrey is right now. She starts off by asking your help in taking some pictures. But you’ll want to get to know her a bit better. Maybe because you want to stay good friends, maybe because you really like her.

Aubrey path: There’s a chocolate stand where you can get a box for Aubrey. If you’ve also gotten her flowers after the Lew’s photoshoot in Paris, she will really warm up to you. And when she proposes that you go out canoeing, you can turn a physical relationship into a romantic one, by saying you’d like to treat it as a date.


556. With Aubrey:

• Stay quiet [+1 Bro]

• DAMNNN…! [+1 Boyfriend]

• Because we’re friends [+1 Bro]

• Because I like you [+1 Boyfriend]

• Get her chocolates [+1 Boyfriend]

• (That’s too much…)

557. [If you’re had sex with Aubrey, and gotten her both flowers in Paris (conversation 500) and chocolate at the beach (conversation 556)] With Aubrey:

• I meant as friends [+1 Bro]

• I meant as a date [+1 Boyfriend]

Ryan will come calling to confirm If you want to join in on the double date (if he’s asked you before during the pool game, that is). If you say yes he’ll arrange for everything by the time you’re back.

558. [If you invited Emily to Europe at the Deers event and gave Ryan your blessing (conversations 321 and 322)] Calling Ryan:

• Go on the date [+1 Bro] [Double date]

• Don’t go on the date [+1 Boyfriend]

Double Date

559. [If you accepted the double date in conversation 558] With Emily:

• He knows more [+1 Bro]

• I know more

The double date is simply at the hotel restaurant, Riley and Emily get along really well. But Emily seems to be paying more attention to you and to her supposed date. You’ll make your excuses as you go to the bathroom for a moment as things are getting awkward.


Emily path: Regardless of whether you attended the double date or not, the dialogues will be a bit different, but as you go to the bathroom, Emily follows you. She’s sounding not quite like her usual self (or is that her real self?), there’s quite a rollercoaster of emotions going on in her head for the time being, for sure. But you know what? If she really wants to have you, you can give her something of what you have, and unlock an angry sex scene in a public place.

560. [If you accepted the double date in conversation 558] With Emily:

• Kick her out

• Fuck her [Sex with Emily] [Achievement: Dammit Emily!]

561. [If you invited Emily to Europe (conversation 321) but did not accept the double date (conversation 558)] With Emily:

• Tell Emily to fuck off!

• Fuck Emily [Sex with Emily] [Achievement: Dammit Emily!]

Day 41College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

The start of the final day in Act 3 is with Nora, she’s thinking of giving them a gift for chaperoning the trip. You still have a bit of money left over, so you can help out as you go to a gift shop. But you’ve only got enough for one present, so pick either a perfume for Ms. Rose, or a bonsai tree for Mr. Lee, and you’ll hand them the gift shortly afterwards when you return.

No need to be ajerk and grind up against her in the meantime, unless you’re wanting that troublemaker point.


562. With Nora

• *Accidentally* bump against her [+1 Troublemaker]

• Be respectful [Achievement: Calm down big fella] [+1 Bro]

• Perfume

• Bonsai

Time to go out canoeing. This is where you’ll see Aubrey starting to entertain the idea of romance with you, If you meant this as a date, you’ll see little gestures like her holding hands with you and laughing more around you.


563. With Aubrey

• Agree [+1 Boyfriend]

• Disagree [+1 Troublemaker]

• Teach her [+1 Boyfriend]

• Let her figure it out [+1 Bro]

As you go back, however, Aubrey can’t resist having her picture taken once again for her Kiwii, and she found a great vantage point from where you can stand, it’s a giant boulder. She’s asking pretty please, so of course you’ll climb it, but you can’t quite keep your footing and you’ll suffer a nasty fall.

She’ll take you back to the hotel room, but your vision is getting blurry. Then one of two things will happen, based on your whole history until this moment.

Riley and Aubrey come into your room and start fondling for some threesome action (for this ending you will need to have had sex with both of them at some point), or Lindsey will tie herself to the sink and dare you to do anything you want (in all other playthroughs). Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Did you hurt yourself more than you thought? The answers to all these questions will be revealed (maybe) in Act 4.

Riley and Aubrey come into your room and start fondling for some threesome action (for this ending you will need to have had sex with both of them at some point), or Lindsey will tie herself to the sink and dare you to do anything you want (in all other playthroughs). Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Did you hurt yourself more than you thought?

Hotel room

564. [If you are in a relationship with Aubrey and Riley] With Aubrey/Riley

• We’re doing this [Achievement: Ready player three] [Sex with Riley and Aubrey] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Stop them [+1 Boyfriend]

Turns out that Lindsey sequence was just a dream, but the threesome is about to happen.

Riley and Aubrey path: All that hinting from both Aubrey and Riley had some truth behind it, and they’re finally ready to explore things with you. Whatever you decide, this can change how they both view relationships (and each other).

By the way, you can try our voice acting here, If you do go ahead with this scene.

Hotel lobbyCollege Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

565. With Imre:

• A little bit [+1 Boyfriend]

• Not at all [+1 Troublemaker]

You wake up in the middle of the night (regardless of what happened). As you walk around the lobby, Imre and Ryan are just about to head out to the Red Light District (and it’s nice to see them getting along for a change). There’s a sketchy-looking guy with some cup-and-ball game (no, not like that).

You can try to find the ball If you play his little game, but you should never trust a street hustler, and you can never win because he cheats. You can get his wallet as revenge, and that’s kind of okay because he earned his money dishonestly. Two wrongs make a right, right?

Red light district

566. With gambler

• Yes, of course [+1 Troublemaker]

• Never heard of it [+1 Boyfriend]

• I’ll pass [+1 Boyfriend]

• Give it a try [+1 Troublemaker]

◦ Left cup

◦ Right cup

• Take the wallet [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t take the wallet [+1 Boyfriend]

After all that commotion you walk inside a brothel. Ryan will confide to you that he’s actually a virgin (so at least we know that it really didn’t go anywhere with Emily). Maybe you don’t believe him, but that’s the truth. Doing it in a brothel would be the easy way out, but the first time is supposed to be really special, so he’s a bit conflicted.

BrothelCollege Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

567. With Ryan

• Take him seriously [+1 Bro]

• Take it as a joke [+1 Troublemaker]

• Go for it [+1 Troublemaker]

• Don’t ruin your first time [+1 Bro]

You met Satin, one of the girls at the brothel. She’s quite well mannered, and likes that you treated her with respect, so you’re building a connection. She’ll then warn you that Ryan is chatting up a girl that might have an STD.

568. With Satin

• Good genes [+1 Bro]

• My friends dragged me here [+1 Boyfriend]

• Yes, kinda [+1 Bro]

• No, not really [+1 Boyfriend]

• Go with her [Sex with Satin] [+1 Troublemaker]

• Help Ryan [Achievement: Saving Ryan’s Privates] [+1 Bro]

Satin path: A tricky decision comes up, do you get a private session from Satin and let Ryan have unsafe sex, or you send Satin away to save Ryan? If you do stay with Satin, remember that she appreciated when you respected her earlier. She’s going to feel very self-conscious If you suddenly that she’s just for hire, and will stop the action.

569. [If chose to have sex with Satin in conversation 568] With Satin:

• You get what you pay for [stops sex scene]

• Yes I do

No harm done to Ryan in any case, he either did it with Satin, or decided to wait a little bit longer. And he’s back to his shenanigans, he just pranked Imre by sending him to a booth with Ashley. Plot twist: Ashley is a man, and Imre is furious right now. He’ll storm off before you can say anything. You may find him tomorrow If you really want to have a word.

570. [If chose to have sex with Satin in conversation 568] With Ryan:

• I’m glad you waited [+1 Bro]

• You should’ve done it [+1 Troublemaker]

571. [If chose not to have sex with Satin in conversation 568] With Ryan:

• Good to hear [+1 Bro]

• Oof, poor Satin [+1 Troublemaker]

572. With Ryan:

• Laugh [+1 Troublemaker]

• Get mad [+1 Bro]

• Tell Imre

• Don’t tell Imre

• That was hilarious [+1 Troublemaker]

• Not cool, Ryan [+1 Boyfriend]

Hotel lobby

573. Looking for Imre

• I’ll talk to him later [+1 Bro]

• It’s not that important [+1 Troublemaker]

A final thought for the night comes If you’re rooming with Riley. She’s thinking of joining the Chicks, or at least is showing some interest in the upcoming campaign. You can give her some advice for how she should handle this.

Hotel room College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

574. [If rooming with Riley and did not have threesome in conversation 564] With Riley:

• I think you should [+1 Bro]

• You sure it’s for you? [+1 Boyfriend]

• Help Chloe [+1 Boyfriend (if Chloe is your girlfriend)] [+1 Troublemaker (if in a relationship with Lindsey)]

Help Lindsey [+1 Boyfriend (if in a relationship with Lindsey)] [+1 Troublemaker (if Chloe is your girlfriend)]

Day 42College Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

Wakey-wakey. What an eventful night it was last night, let’s hope you feel energized. You’ll have a chance to catch up with Imre If you really wanted to talk to him, but he doesn’t want to hear it, and it looks like he’ll be mad at Imre for a while now.

Luuk, ever helpful, will exchange any money you took from the gambler (no point bringing that European currency back home) and before you know it everyone hops on the bus to get to the airport. You’ll notice Amber is quite upset, but you probably don’t want to be nosey (she doesn’t want to talk about it).

Bus to airport

575. With Amber:

• Ask her what’s wrong [+1 Boyfriend]

• Leave her alone [+1 Bro]

AirportCollege Kings 1 ACT III Walkthrough & Guide

576. [If did not expose Charli] With Charli:

• Scare him [+1 Troublemaker]

• I’ve done enough [+1 Boyfriend]

We’re almost at the end of the trip. As Mr. Lee and Ms. Rose round up everyone and check if everyone’s around, it’s time to look back on such an exciting adventure. What do you think was everyone’s favorite part of Europe? Try to have a guess. Depending on your choices and how the trip went, you may unlock extra possibilities. It’s all for fun, though.

577. Aubrey’s favorite part:

• Canoeing

• Becoming a model

• [If you went to Polly’s concert with Aubrey in conversation 511] Going to the concert

578. Amber’s favorite part:

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