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Freshwomen Walkthrough & Guide Episode 4-5

Freshwomen Walkthrough & Guide Episode 1-3


This freshwomen walkthrough is intended to help you make the optimal choices and let you know how a girl reacts to them. We recommend that you use the walkthrough after one initial playthrough to find collectibles and unlock scenes.

That said, how you choose to use this walkthrough is entirely up to you. What you will find here:

  • Hints on recommended actions.
  • Show how girls react to your actions.
  • Warnings about the consequences of your actions.

This walkthrough is a work in progress, until FreshWomen is fully developed.

Character List


Fresh Ladys:

Side characters


Freshwomen Walkthrough & Guide Episode 4 – Refresh

Scene location: Lily’s house

Meeting Sam

Sam: “You can call me Sam.”

Shake his hand: RP  Lily +  1

Don’t shake his hand: <Nothing>

Sam’s barbecue

You: “You know what, Sam…”

I fxxked your wife: RP Lily – 1

You’re the shitty one: RP Lily + 1

Scene location: MC’s house

Calling Mom

Mother: “Are you excited?”

Yes, but…: <MC’s Mother will remember this choice>

No: <MC’s Mother will remember this choice>

Scene location: Restaurant

Lunch with Julia

Only available if you have kissed Julia in episode 2

MC: “Oh…”

Kiss Julia: RP Julia + 1

Hug Julia: <MC’s Mother will remember this choice>

Scene location: MC’s house

Emily visits you

Emily: “And you will fxxk me.”

Agree with Emily: RP Emily + 1 <And a scene with Emily>

Disagree with Emily: <Emily gets disappointed, and will remember this choice>


Scene location: The Beach House

Talking to Susan

Susan: “Is that it?”

Agree with her: <Opens new dialogue options>

Susan: “Was it with you?” – only available if you tried telling the truth to Susan in episode 3

Yes: <Nothing>

No (lie): RP Susan – 1

Tell the truth: < Opens new dialogue options>

Susan: “What truth, MC?”

I was spying on you:

Sue: “I… I hm…”:

No, I did it myself: RP Sue + 1  

She knew all about it!: RP Sue – 1

Sue sent me to spy on you: RP Sue – 1

Talking to Susan and Sue

Sue: “I just wanted to know what happened to my uncle!” – only available if Susan knows that Sue was spying on her

Tell what happened: <Sue will remember this choice>

Don’t say anything: <Sue will remember this choice>

Talking to Susan outside

You: “(What to do?)” – only available if you tell Susan the truth. Also, if you tell her about Sue spying, you need to tell what happened to Charlie

Take the job: <This choice will affect your future in episode 5>   Don’t take the job: <This choice will affect your future in episode 5>

Scene location: The Beach House

Talking to Sue outside

Sue: “So?” only available if you had sex with Sue in episode 2, and didn’t tell Susan she was spying on her

Drive: RP Sue + 1

Don’t drive: <Nothing>


Scene location: The Beach House

Talking to Sue outside

Sue: “Why? Do you need a place to stay or something?” only available after talking to Sue outside of Susan’s house

Ask to stay at her house: <You will be able to choose to stay at Sue’s house at the end of the episode> – only available if you have 7 or more RP with Sue

Scene location: The Beach

The beach

Sue “You became my roommate not even a minute ago and you’re already thinking about fxxking me?”

Yeah: <You have fun with Sue>

No: <Nothing>

Do not ask: <Nothing>

Scene location: The Beach

The beach

Sue “Where does your mind go?”

90% (Sex): <You have fun with Sue>

10% (Other matters): <Nothing>

Scene location: MC’s house

Emily’s key

You: “(I wonder if…?)”

Try the key: <Nothing>

Don’t try it: <Nothing>

On the phone with Dylan

Dylan: “Or do you not want to arrive in style?”

I want style: FP Dylan + 1

I want normalcy: <Nothing>

<This choice changes how MC arrives at college>


Scene location: College Library

Chloe’s apology

Chloe: “Maybe I took things too far.” only available if you didn’t have sex with Chloe in episode 3

It was too much: <Nothing>

It’s fine: RP Chloe + 1

Scene location: Dance Studio

The step

Alyssa: “Would you like to take the next step with me, MC?” – only available if you kissed Alyssa in episode 2

Take the step: <You have fun with Alyssa>

Don’t take the step: <Nothing>

Living situation

MC: “(Yeah, I think it’s time to decide that definitively.)”

Here: <You’ll spend the night with Alyssa> – only available if you were invited by her

Julia: <You’ll spend the night with Julia > – only available if you were invited by her

Chloe: <You’ll spend the night with Chloe > – only available if you were invited by her

Sue: <You’ll spend the night with Sue> – only available if you were invited by her

Dylan: <You’ll spend the night with Dylan >

Enjoy the last scenes of the episode.

Thank you for playing, we hope you enjoy the game!

Freshwomen Walkthrough & Guide Episode 5 – Fresh Parties

After the introductory scene, the episode starts in a different place, according to your last choice of episode 4

Scene location: Julia’s room Escaping Julia’s Bedroom

You: “God damn it!” only available if you kissed Julia in episode 2

Window: <You escape without Julia’s mother seeing you>

Under the bed: <You escape, but Julia’s mother  sees you>

Scene location: College

Economy 101

Professor: “So, what was the subject of today’s class?”

Stock market: <Wrong answer>

International politics: <Wrong answer>

World economy: <Correct  answer>

Ask Dylan: <Wrong answer>

Talking about Dylan

Professor: “So, what do you say?”

Defend Dylan: FP Dylan + 1

Apologize: FP Dylan – 1


Gabby: “So, what’s going on  in  your  life?”

Talk to Gabby: <Opens new dialogue options>

Gabby: “Are you ready?”

I’m ready: <You have fun with Gabby>

Not now: <Nothing>

Don’t talk to her: <Nothing>


A deal with Devilla

Devilla: “Where are you going with this?”

Ask Devilla for help: <Devilla will agree to help you if you’ve finished The Test, or she will give you other options>

Devilla: “So, what do you say?”

Accept Devilla’s job: <Devilla will need your help later in the game>

Don’t accept the job: <Nothing>

Don’t ask Devilla for help: <Nothing>

Scene location: Lily’s house

Lily wants to party

Lily: “Unless you want to…”

Stay: <New dialogue options, RP Lily + 1>

You: “Then let’s have a party”

Put on some upbeat music: <Nothing>

Put on some calm music: <Nothing>

Lily: “…no, I hope you want me too.”

I want you: <Scene with Lily> Not now: <Nothing>

Leave: <You leave Lily’s house>

Scene location: Fraternity Party 

Beer pong

MC: “(But actually, I would also like to win.)”

Miss on purpose: FP Dylan + 1

Try to win: <Nothing>

Julia on the balcony

Julia: “Shall we?” – only available if you kissed Julia in episode 2

We shall: <Scene with Julia>

Better not: <Nothing>


Scene location: The Ball 

Storage room

Emily: “Are you really going to let him go?”

Release Sam: <Choice will affect the beginning of Season 2>

Interrogate Sam: < Choice will affect the beginning of Season 2>

Enjoy the last scenes of the episode.

Thank you for playing,  hope you enjoy the game!

Thanks for watching this freshwomen walkthrough Episode 4-5, for more walkthrough or guide, search in our website!

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