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Freshwomen Walkthrough & Guide Episode 1-3


This freshwomen walkthrough is intended to help you make the optimal choices and let you know how a girl reacts to them. We recommend that you use the walkthrough after one initial playthrough to find collectibles and unlock scenes.

That said, how you choose to use this walkthrough is entirely up to you. What you will find here:

  • Hints on recommended actions.
  • Show how girls react to your actions.
  • Warnings about the consequences of your actions.

This walkthrough is a work in progress, until FreshWomen is fully developed.

Character List


Fresh Ladys:

Side characters


Freshwomen Walkthrough & Guide Episode 1 – A Fresh Start

Scene location: Your bedroom

Name your character.

Meeting Lily

You: “Maybe I should change clothes first.”

Nah this is fine: <Nothing>

Change clothes: <New scene later>

Lily “I don’t like using my husband’s name.

Ask about her husband: <New scene later>

Ask her about her last name: <New scene later>

Better not ask anything: <Nothing>

Lily “But you may call me just Lily.”

Call her Mrs. Alderson: <Nothing>

Call her Lily: RP Lily (Relationship Points) + 1

Scene location: Bus stop

You “What should I do?”

Wait and talk to the girl: <New scene>

Take the bus: <Nothing>

Scene location: Mall


Chloe “And that one.”

Get the book: RP Chloe + 1

Let her get it: <Fan service>

Chloe “Are you into books?”

Of course: RP Chloe + 1 and opens a new dialogue option:

Chloe “Do you have a favorite literary genre?”

Fiction: RP Chloe + 1

Non-fiction: <Nothing>

Nah: <Nothing>

Dylan “Are you joining the Book Club then?”

Sure: FP Dylan (Friendship Points) + 1

Maybe: <Nothing>

Dylan “Will you help me, bro?”

Okay: FP Dylan + 1

Not sure: <Nothing>


Alyssa “Please tell me you didn’t see that.”

See what?: RP Alyssa + 1

Do you mean you dancing?: <Nothing>

Alyssa “How about we get you an Americano, so you don’t get scared off too quickly, huh?”

<These answers do not affect any stats>

Alyssa “I like to practice some dance moves when there’s no one around.”

Sorry for ruining your moment: RP Alyssa + 1

I’m glad I got a glimpse: <Nothing>

Alyssa “I am used to dancing in public.”

Comment on her great shape: <Fan service>

Don’t say anything: <Nothing>

Alyssa “I could… If you say yes to at least trying one dance lesson at my school.”

<Both choices here affect later dialogues with her. You will have another opportunity to answer this question>


You “How should I play it?”

Fair game: <You win and find out how old Julia is>

Let’s crush her: <You win but do not find out how old Julia is>

Maybe I should just let her win: <You lose and unlock a new dialogue option>

You “This little brat!”

Ask for a rematch: <You win but do not find out how old Julia is>

Don’t say anything: <You lose and do not find out how old Julia is>

Susan’s store

<Saying hi to Sue or not does not affect any stats>

<Ask any questions to Susan, they do not affect any stats>

Scene location: Backhome

First impressions

You will think about the girls you have met, deciding your first impression of them. This is supposed to guide you towards your favorite girl(s).

Picking the first option: RP + 2 with the girl

Picking the second option: RP + 1 with the girl

Picking the third option: <Nothing>

The neighbor

You “There’s a light on down there.”

Knock on door: <Continues the scene>

Look closer: <You learn the neighbor’s name>

You “She didn’t close the door all the way.”

Peek: <Renders>

Leave: <Nothing>

Scene location: Lily’s house

You “And I was wondering if I could borrow one from you.”

Joke: RP Lily + 1

Don’t joke: <Nothing>

Lily “Would you care for a cup of tea?”

<These answers do not affect any stats>

Scene location: College

On your way to the library

Dylan “I can talk to her if you want me to.”

<Dylan will remember this choice>


Chloe “Are you here to see our club?”

If you agreed to join the book club: <New dialogue options>

<These answers do not affect any stats, but if you have accepted Dylan’s help, he will say something and then RP Chloe + 1>

Chloe “This section is filled with old books that no one cares about.”

Not even you?: RP Chloe + 1

What are they about?: <Nothing>

Dylan ” So, do you want Chloe to investigate it?”

Do it: RP Chloe + 1

Don’t do it: <Nothing>

Scene location: Susan’s store

The delivery

You “I’m still on time to meet Susan, thanks to him.”

Hello, Susan: <Nothing>

Hey, boss: RP Susan +  1

Susan “Do you have any questions?”

<These answers do not affect any stats>

Scene location: Client’s house

The client

You “I think I know where this is going…”

Take the jeans off: <Scene with Mae>

Don’t take them off: <Nothing>

Scene location: The streets 

Meeting Alyssa

You “I think she saw me.”

<These answers do not affect any stats>

Alyssa “Oh, really?!”

Take shirt off: <Alyssa will remember this choice>

Don’t take it off: <Nothing>

Alyssa “I’m not making any promises!”

Check her out: <Fan service>

Don’t check her out: <Nothing>

Scene location: Home 

Waking up

You “(What the fuck?!)”

<These answers do not affect any stats>

Sue “C’mon, auntie has a job for you.”

Think a joke about ‘auntie’: <Nothing>

Ignore it: RP Sue + 1

Call from Chloe

Chloe “Did I wake you up?”

No: RP Chloe + 1

No, but another girl did: <Nothing>

Scene location: Road trip with Sue

in the car

Sue “Here, I went ahead and got you some coffee.”

Thanks: RP Sue + 1

Say nothing: <Nothing>

Sue “Auntie isn’t an open book.”

Tell her about the magazine: RP Sue + 1

Don’t tell her: <Nothing>

Scene location: The Beach House

Here are listed the locations of special renders and the key needed to complete this segment.

Storage room:

Inside the box to the left.


Behind the sink.

Piano room:

Click on the piano to see the reward.


On the stool to the left.


The key can be found here (marked in red), while the render is under the mattress.


On the couch.

Suitcase room:

On the floor.

Scene location: Beach with Sue 

In the car

You “No fucking  way.”

Check her out: <Fan service>

Compliment: <Nothing>

Don’t do anything: <Nothing>

Sue “Will you keep an eye on her for me?”

<Sue will remember your choice>

Scene location: Home 

Call from Julia

You “Should I be hanging out with a schoolgirl though?”

Sure: RP Julia + 1

Nope: <Nothing>

Scene location: Lily’s house

Lily “Hey.”

<These answers do not affect any stats>

Lily “Should I pour you some?”

<These answers do not affect any stats>

Lily “Did you use to do that a lot?”

Check her out: <Fan  service>

Don’t check her out: <Nothing>

You “Our sink used to get clogged all the time.” If you said yes to drinking wine

<These answers do not affect any stats>

Lily “Fine. What do you want to see?”

<These answers do not affect any stats, but each will grant you a different scene>

Enjoy the last scenes of the episode.

Thank you for playing, above is the Freshwomen Episode 1 choices, hope you enjoy the game!

Freshwomen Walkthrough & Guide Episode 2 – Raw Experience

Scene location: The Station 

Meeting Dylan

You: “Pick yours and I’ll drink the other one”

<These answers do not affect any stats>

Scene location: Home

Phone call with Chloe

Chloe “Maybe Dylan is right, and I should become a P.I.”

Compliment her: RP Chloe + 1

Don’t say anything: <Nothing>

You “But when it comes to me, I…”

Get mad: <Nothing>

Joke: RP Chloe + 1

You “Tell me everything!”

Tell her: <RP Chloe + 1, and she will remember it>

Get mad: <Nothing>

Scene location: Dance Studio 

Meeting Alyssa

You “Well…”

Join them: RP Alyssa + 1

Not sure: <Nothing>

You “Yeah, she is pretty.”

Lean in for a kiss: RP Alyssa + 2

Don’t do anything: <Nothing>

Scene location: Home 

Thinking about Julia

You “Maybe more than just friends?” – only if you were okay with hanging out with her.

Best friends: <Nothing>

Friends with benefits: RP Julia + 1

Possible relationship: RP Julia + 2

Playing with Julia

You “What should I do?”

Exploit the glitch in the controller: <New options>

You “What should I do?”

Use the glitch again: <Nothing>

Don’t use it a second time: RP Julia + 1

You “Fine”

Look: <Fan service>

Don’t look: <Nothing>

Don’t do anything: <Nothing>

You “Should I be doing this?”

Kiss her: <RP Julia + 1 and new options>

Julia “I have to run home soon!”

Ask her to stay: RP Julia + 1

Let her go: <Nothing>

Don’t kiss her: RP Julia – 1

Scene location: Storage room

Helping Sue

Sue “Are you sure?” – only if you hadn’t agreed to helping her in episode 1.

Help Sue: RP Sue + 1

Yes, I’m sure: <Nothing>

Sue “No need to stare at me like that…”

Hug her: RP Sue + 1

Do not hug her: <Nothing>

Sue “I think I can do something for you.”

Ask her to stop: <Nothing>

I want to see where this goes: <RP Sue + 1 and new options>

Sue “I want you on my hand.”

Take it easy, Sue: RP Sue + 1

How about you in my hand: RP Sue + 2


Enjoy the last scenes of the episode.

Thank you for playing, above is the Freshwomen Episode 2 choices, hope you enjoy the game!

Freshwomen Walkthrough & Guide Episode 3 – Spy Novel

Scene location: Susan’s car

Talking to Susan

Susan: “What did you remember?”

<Susan will remember your  choice>

Scene location: The Station

Dylan’s trial

You: “I might have told you that Dylan pretends to be Russian, and now you’re offended.” Defend Dylan: FP Dylan + 1

Blame Dylan: <Nothing>

The test

You: “I should resist… right?”

Surrender to Devilla: <You fail the test and Dylan must deal with the consequences alone> Resist some more: <Moves to phase two of the test>

Angela: “You can spend the whole day here with me if you want to. “

Surrender to Angela: <You fail the test and Dylan must deal with the consequences alone>

Hold on a little longer: <Moves to the final phase of the test>

Devilla: “So, what is your choice?”

Stay: <Pass the test and have a threesome – Dylan and the girls will mention it later>

Leave: <Pass the test>

Scene location: The Café

Chloe & Alyssa

Alyssa: “What do you say, MC?”

Accept: RP Alyssa + 1 and RP Chloe + 1

Refuse: <They will remember this choice>


Just Chloe

Chloe: “Did something happen?”

Tell the truth: RP Chloe + 1

Make up a story: <Nothing>

Just Alyssa

You: “Pleeease?”

Agree to help her: RP Alyssa + 1

You “This must be a big deal for her.” – only if you kissed her in episode 2

Hug her tighter: <She will remember that>

Leave it like that: <Nothing>

Don’t help: <Nothing, and she will remember your choice>

Scene location: Bookstore

Meeting Chloe again

Chloe: “What do you think, MC?”

Good idea: RP Chloe + 1

Bad idea: <Dylan will remember this choice>

Scene location: Dylan’s van

Holding hands with Chloe

You: “Did this hand holding mean something more?”

<This choice will be brought up again in future dialogue>

Holding hands with Chloe

Chloe: “You’re right, this is none of our business.”

Open the lid: <A scene involving Lily and Susan>

Close the lid: <Nothing>


Scene location: Chloe’s house

Getting intimate with Chloe

You: “(What do I do?)”

Keep going: – only available if you have 8 or more RP with Chloe <Moves to the next scene>

Remove clothes: <Scene with Chloe>

Stop that: <You don’t have fun with Chloe>

Stop her: <The scene ends, and you don’t have fun with Chloe>

Enjoy the last scenes of the episode.

Thank you for playing,  hope you enjoy the game!

Thanks for watching this freshwomen walkthrough, for more walkthrough or guide, search in our website!

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