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Freshwomen Walkthrough & Guide Season 2 Episode 6

Welcome to Freshwomen Walkthrough & Guide, which helps you to unlock all the events and scenes in Episode 6.

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Scene location: Fred’s house – FreshWomen Episode 6


Fred: “But I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, son. “

I forgive you: <Fred will positively remember this choice>

I need more time: <Nothing>


MC: “It wasn’t what I had imagined.”

Check in on Sam: <Sam will positively remember this choice>

Don’t check in on Sam: <Nothing>

The nurse

MC: “(I should say something.)”

Flirt with her: <Sex scene with Carolyne>

Don’t flirt: <Nothing>

The return

MC: “(What Sam said, it was all a misunderstanding, right?)”

I talked to Sam: <Fred will remember this choice>

Don’t say anything: <Nothing>

Scene location: The motel – FreshWomen Ch6

Investigation with Chloe

Chloe : “Carlos Gonzalez…” – choices only available if you have 8 or more RP with Chloe

Give Chloe a massage: RP Chloe + 1

Don’t massage Chloe: <Nothing>

The news

MC: “(Maybe I should call Lily and let her know that Sam is fine.)”

Call Lily: <New dialogue options, RP Lily + 1>

MC: “(What will I tell her?)”

Just enough to calm her down: <Lily will remember this>

Tell her everything: <RP Lily + 1>

Don’t call Lily: <Nothing>

Scene location: The woods – FreshWomen Season2 CH6

Bike ride

Police Officer: “May I know what you two are doing here?”

Tell him about Fred’s wallet: <Will lead the police to Fred>

Don’t say anything: <Gives Fred a chance to escape the police>

Scene location: Chloe’s home

Chloe’s invitation

MC: “(An invitation to have sex?)”

Follow Chloe to her room: <Sex scene with Chloe> – choice only available if you have 8 or more RP with Chloe

Stay on the couch: <Nothing>

Thinking about a threesome

Chloe: “I don’t want to force you into anything.”

I’m on board: <RP Chloe + 1>

I have to think about it: <Nothing>

Better not: <Nothing>

Conversation about Julia

Chloe: “What would you do?”

Pretend nothing happened: <RP Chloe + 1>

Apologize: <Nothing>

Ask her to join us: < RP Chloe + 2>

Fred’s return

MC: “( I don’t know what she’s going to do with that information.)” – choices only available if you called Lily

Text her: <The police will come for Fred>

Don’t text her: <Nothing>

The police

Fred : “Don’t do this to me, son.”

Give back the key: <New scene>

If you forgave Fred and did not talk to the police about his wallet, he will stay and be arrested. Otherwise, Fred will escape the police and flee.

Keep the key: <New scene >

If you forgave Fred, he will be arrested, but he will go willingly.

Otherwise, he will be arrested and be mad at you.

Conversation with Dylan

Dylan: “Are you okay?”

Yes, I am: <Nothing>

No, I’m not: <Nothing>

Enjoy the last scenes of the episode.

Thank you for playing, we hope you enjoy the game!

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