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A Town Uncovered Jane Question Guide

Welcome to A Town Uncovered Jane Question Guide, which gives you every correct answer to the Jane questions.

You need 11 points for the 20q, with each “honest” answer giving you 1 point, while the “wrong” answer minus 1 point. (which is stupid, because some of the answers are total bullshit)

Here’s a list of what is “true”

1:”Do you sexually fantasize about mom?”

2:”Have you ever touched another dude’s dick?”
“Yes.” (-1 if sis’ rp is less than 3)

3: “Are you happy with your dick size?”

4:”Do you jack off in the shower?”

5:”Have you gotten laid in the past 24 hours?”

6:”Is your addiction to porn excessive?”
“Yes.” (no points)
“No.” (+1 if you don’t have porn mag, else -1)

7:”Have you ever changed that nasty bedsheet of yours since we’ve moved here?”

8:”Did you know what you were doing when you poked me in the face with your dick when were in the tub as kids?”
“Yes.” (+1 if your int is 13 or above)
“No.” (+1 if your int is 6 or above)

9:”Do you consider yourself good with your tongue?”

10:”Have you ever sexually fantasized about me?”

11:”Is it uncomfortable having that thing between your legs when you walk?”

12:”Do you think we’ll make it through this year alive?”
-doesn’t matter-

13:”Have you purposely searched for incest porn before?”
“Yes.” (+1 if sis’s rp is 4 or above)

14:”Why are you such a cuck? Yes or no?”
-Doesn’t matter-

15:”Do you want to have kids in the future?”
-Doesn’t matter-

16:”Have you decided what you want to do with your life?”

17:”Are you going to keep in touch with me after all this is over?”
-Doesn’t matter-

18:”Do you even want to be an adult?”
“Yes.” (+1 if your int is 11 and above)
“No.” (+1 if your int is 4 or below)

19:”Have you ever fantasize about dad?”
-Doesn’t matter-

20:”Is it a curse that I’m your sister?”
“Yes.” (-1 if sis’ rp is 4 or below)
“No.” (-1 if sis’ rp is 2 or below)

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